• June 27, 2022

All The Signs Are Pointing Toward A 3-4 Defense For The Birds

I’ve heard from numerous NFL sources here in Mobile, Alabama at the Senior Bowl, that the Eagles assistant coaches and scouts are talking about getting players for a 3-4 defense.

Specifically they’ve been asking and talking a great deal about big defensive linemen, who will play in this weekend’s Senior Bowl game.

I’ve also learned that the Birds have hired long-time college coach Rick Minter as the team’s linebackers coach.  I’ve heard the name of San Francisco secondary coach Ed Donatell keep coming up as a serious candidate for the Eagles new defensive coordinator.  The Birds will have to wait until after the Super Bowl to finalize that deal.

You can look at the Eagles roster and see that they’re going to need a new group of bigger defensive linemen to play the 3-4.

I see two of their defensive linemen, Fletcher Cox and Cullen Jenkins, who will be able to make the move and play the defensive end position in the 3-4.  It’s not a coincidence that they also were the two, who could play both defensive tackle and defensive end in the 4-3.  The key is their size.

They’re both big enough to play the two-gap technique, which asks a defensive lineman to stand-up the opposing offensive lineman and be able to make the tackle on the running back to either side of that offensive lineman.  It takes a big strong player to do that.

I don’t see anybody with the ability to play the nose tackle position.  Antonio Dixon has the best chance.

I think the Eagles can plug DeMeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks into the inside linebacker positions.  I say that despite the fact that Houston was traded Ryans because he was more of a 4-3 middle linebacker, I believe he can be a good 3-4 inside linebacker, if he really wants to commit himself to doing it.

I think they have plenty of potential 3-4 outside linebackers.  Brandon Graham, Trent Cole, Darryl Tapp and Phillip Hunt are all smallish defensive ends who will all likely be changed into outside linebackers.  The secondary needs to be totally rebuilt regardless of what they do upfront.


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  • I would welcome the change.

  • Kendricks’ little body wore down in a 4-3 what do you think is going to happen in a 3-4 —

    Lurie letting Reid have one more year year — Howie drafted Kendrick, Curry, extended Trent Cole’s contract and traded a 4th round pick for Ryans ( none of these moves would have happened if Reid was fired last off- season ) & the team switched to a 3-4 D

    • Compare the sizes of Kendricks/ Ryans to Willis/ Bowman.Almost carbon copies. Size isn’t the issue, it’s making the switch, that is.

  • If they can get this draft right and free agency they have a chance to have “shoutoutabiliby”. Although it is the eagles we’re talking about here. Got to find a big NT and another MLB. Secondary will be a work in progress. Get a quality defense this year and make the O the weak point of the team.

  • Does Kelly know that Graham and Cole can’t be released and can’t play in a 3-4?

    • Graham played a hybrid 3-4 in college. It won’t be an issue. Look at what the Colts did with Freeney & Mathis. Both were 3-4 rush OLB’s this season. Cole will be traded at the draft.

  • Kendricks comes from a 3-4 def, won’t be a big change for him.

    Draft Jarvis Jones with #4. Get Jon Jenkins in the second for the NT position. Right there you will have the staple of your defense for the next 10 years. Secondary needs to be completely rebuilt however. I would mind dipping into free agency for our safety(s) and giving someone like Curtis Marsh a chance to show us what he has at one of the CB spots.

  • Eagles0 — Graham CAN play in the 3-4. Matter of fact, he was projected to be more of a 3-4 linebacker than a 4-3 defensive end coming out of college. Same with Cole.

  • Eagles could do the Following

    Draft 2 LB’s (Jarvis Jones or a Berkevious Mingo at #4 and then add a another 1 in the mid Rounds — a Jamie Collins from Southern Miss,or Nico Johnson from Alabama come to mind)

    Draft a DT (some real good DT/NT’s in this Draft with Star Lotuleile, J Hankins, J Jenkins, S WIlliams which will all be selected by the 2nd Round)

    Draft a Safety and CB

    Both Graham,Hunt & Curry could all rush the Passer from the Stand-up OLB Position in a 3-4 and could be moved all around the alignment or from a traditional 3 point Stance in obvious Pass-Rushing Situations where you are in a more 4-3 Line-up..

  • yep all the signs point that way except this:

    FOX Philadelphia’s Howard Eskin reports 49ers DBs coach Ed Donatell is “likely” to be hired as Chip Kelly’s defensive coordinator.
    Eskin’s report comes via “two NFL sources.” CSN Philly reported Monday that Donatell had “surfaced” as a candidate. Donatell has seven years of experience as an NFL coordinator, but hasn’t run a defense at the highest level since 2006. He served as the University of Washington’s DC in 2008. Kelly is believed to be interested in installing a 3-4 defense, but Donatell is known for using a 4-3.

    • I hope not Mhenski, his secondary has been an Achilles heel to that 49ers defense. I’d like to get the D-Coordinator from Georgia, and have the D-Coordinator from Alabama, Shorts, be his assistant.

  • mhenski — if you have not learned ANYTHING over the last month, learn this: do NOT believe what you hear until you either see it in writing or the owner comes out and says it.

    • birdo no shit bro. you think i was dumb enough to buy the jon gruden nonsense??????

      my point is the article says ALL signs yet ALL signs don’t point to that

      • And my point is, I don’t care what any article says anymore. Until I see it, it’s all speculation with the same amount of credibility the rest of us have.

        • I totally agree.

  • **Breaking Phillies NEws
    Phils annouce the signing of OF Delmon Young from the Tigers for a 1 Year
    $750,000 Contract which is a Steal in Today’s MLB world of crazy Salaries
    Dwelmon Young is only 27 and a career .284 HItter with some Power and a knack of clutch of situational hitting.. He batted .267 with 18 HR’s and 27 Doubles for the Tigers and had a productive Post-Season for them..
    He’s not a very good Fielder and needs to shed about 20 lbs and is a very good hitter verse Lefties and probably will play 3-4 Games a week as the Starting LF and then be lifted in the late innings by a Defensive replacement (When Phils are trying to protect a lead) but not a bad pick-up at all..
    The man can hit ..

    Back to your Regular Programming ..

    • word is they are going to use ruff in left and give him every chance with young in right. d. brown will somehow platoon with one or both. he has A LOT OF BAGGAGE but his raw potential is good. he made $6.3 million last year and has to salvage his career so if he gets his act together he will be a good signing, if he remains an A$$ he will be cut, released or traded…

      • Delmon cannot play RF, you need an athlete with a strong Arm out in RF An OF of D Young in RF and Ruf in LF would be MLB Worst Defensive OF and a horror show to watch.. Ruf probably starts at AAA to begin the Season and then gets called up to replace Young/Mayberry/D Brown depending on how they are playing,injurues,etc,etc..

        Phillie Opening Day Outfield
        LF D Young, CF Revere RF D Brown
        Reserves/Defensive Replacements will be L Nix & J Mayberry Jr

        • most likely Delmon will start the year on the DL. How does this look for D. Brown? What a disapointment so far.

      • You like the job your idol has done again, THIS off-season? Another injury ???? I’ve seen better outfields in beer leagues. Bunch of band-aids & duct tape. Absolutely embarrassing! Booben needs to be fired! He has ZERO CLUE, NOR PLAN of the direction of this franchise. The rebuild needed to start last off-season, & REALLY NEEDED to start this year! If anyone thinks we are going to win that trash truck juice of an OF, they’re delusional, imbeciles! The only given out there is Revere is fast, Brown & Kayberry SUCK!!!!

        • right he should have blown them up the winter after the 102… great move. what i will say is he didn’t over pay for a ross, victorino or even hamilton. didn’t pay bourne 80 million and got a similar player for $500K. he sured up the 8th and if we had an 8th inning guy last year we were in the playoffs.
          i agree there are some band aids… if the studs can still be studs they will be ok, if the studs aren’t the studs (halladay and utley mainly) then they are gone anyway. and paul i agree about rf but according to salisbury they want him in right and give ruff a chance in left….

          • HAC, Boobens inept, inability, to infuse good, young talent on this team, & last off-seasons moves, have paralysed this franchise. How can you not see this?!? He has made MANY horrid decisions! Since he took over, he let Burrell & Werth leave, with no viable replacements! He ill-advised signed/ resigned horrid contracts, to Ibanez, Polanco, Blanton, Moyer, Lidge, Rollins, Thome, Wiggington, Willis, Romero, Baez, Martinez, Contreras, & hanging onto stiffs like Kayberry, Brown, Francisco, Herndon, letting Lee go in the 1st place. NO WAY he should have let him go, when we got Halladay, only to get him back, at much more than he said he wanted at the time. Then we wouldn’t have had to waste a trade for a failed Oswalt. I was pissed then, & still am! The BS $$$, prospect, excuse he made, was LAME BS! FACT he’s taken a WS series champ, declined it every year, with an open checkbook, has made an already ancient, declining skills, injury prone team, full of ???’s, into an even older, more injury prone team, with more ???’s, all the while, keeping stiffs! We better hope Ruf, Galvis, & Joseph, are the real deals, because this organization is devoid of good, legit MLB future players, & will struggle for years!

            • you truly believe that a team that wins 102 should have been blown up? I’m not saying every move he made is perfect– some of the ones you mention were legit bad moves others… and i’m not going to go thru each one but come ibanez didn’t help thiem? lidge didn’t have a perfect season? hmmm

              • Lidges perfect season was the WS year, on Gillicks contract. My bad. Stop mentioning the meaningless 102 Wins! It’s a hollow stat, when you get knocked out of the 1st round, as the odds on favorite, & Ibanez was a rollercoaster, waste of a roster spot. He didn’t have to blowup the team, last off-season. All he had to do, is be proactive, & not resign Rollins, overpay for Paps, outbiding himself, & signing ALL the slop he did! He shouldn’t have resigned Rollins, Galvis, was ready. Aramis Ramirez & Cuddyer, who both wanted to be here, would have been cheaper than all the SLOP, he signed, & by over-anxiously, overpaying Paps, he neglected the rest of the BP!!!!

            • I am looking forward to see this Ruf Play.. He needs to be out there everyday if he’s going to make an impact.. maybe the 1B of the Future in 2 3 Years when Howard is about done..
              The Phils have a chance to be a Wild-Card Team in 2013 but will need 5-6 Players to all play close to their Career Numbers..
              Utley,Howard, Halladay,Young,Lee & Adams need to all remain Healthy and be somewhat Consistent
              If 2 or 3 of these guys struggle, or are injured for any length of time, then they are a 3rd Place Team in the NL East and out of Playoff Picture in my opinion..

              The Nats are stacked but the Phils can overtake the Braves is they play well and get off to a good Start and compete for a WIldcard Spot

              • i agree paul — they actually have gotten younger by like 1.2 years. and i’m glad they didn’t over pay for ross… its good to get younger but the those young ones better be able to play- revere, asche, galvis and joseph better be players. the young BP has potential as well.. but to be young with no skills means nothing.

              • I don’t know how true this is, but my Uncle lives in Pompano Beach, Fl, he called me & said he heard Phillies tried to trade for Stanton over the weekend, with Ruf, Brown, Morgan, & Franco as part of the package. I can’t find it anywhere. Can someone help me verify this?!? Interesting, since Young is a LF, & Florida could use a young 1B, IF, OF & young pitchers.

  • Graham, and Cole, both can be released,{ It would be a hard cap hit but they can be released} but should be traded because, – And I can’t believe I’m saying this but- I agree with E0S. They can’t play in a 3-4. Graham came on later in the year but he is, what he is an undersized 4-3 DE.

    The Eagles should be targeting potential impact 3-4 Linebackers in the draft, trading down for talent like DeMontre Moore, and Ezekiel Ansah, if Star Lotululei is off the Board in the 1st Round. Perhaps using Graham, Cole, and future #1’s as bargaining chips

    They should continue to trade down into the second, and, or make trades for extra picks in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Rounds using players like Evan Mathis, Daryll Tapp, Jeremy Maclin, and Todd Herramanns.

    2nd Round
    2a. Xavier Rhodes – Florida State – 6-2 215 4.47
    2b. Tony Jefferson – Oklahoma – S – 5’11 212lbs 4.48
    2c DJ Fluker – Alabama – OG/OT – 6’5 335lbs
    2d Larry Warford – Kentucky – 6-3 344lbs 4.85
    2e Margus Hunt – SMU – 6’7 273lbs 4.75

    Any combination of these players especially with Jefferson, Rhodes, Fluker, and Warford. What about more CB’s?

    Here are some names:
    1 Bhidi Wreh- Wilson – Connecticut – 6’0 193 4.43 Late 2nd-3rd Round
    2.Desmond Trufant – Washington – 6’0 188 4.45 3rd Round

    I also like FA’s like:
    1. Ladarius Webb – Baltimore Ravens- 6’1 203
    2. Aquib Talib – New England – 6’2 205
    3. Dominique Rogers- Cromartie – I wouldn’t re-sign him to big money, but good money w/ incentives. He wouldn’t start either, unless one of the starters was injured.

    In the 3rd/4th Rounds
    1. Sean Porter – Texas A&M – 6-2 243lbs 4.52
    2. Jonathan Brown – Illinois – 6-2 235lbs 4.46
    3. Kevin Riddick – North Carolina – 6-2 244lbs 4.56
    4. Anthony Barr – UCLA – 6-4 235lbs 4.65
    5. Gerald Hodges – Penn State – 6-3 235 4.57
    6. Trevardo Williams – Connecticut – 6-1 235 4.52

    Offensive Tackles
    1. Oday Aboushi – Virginia Tech – 6-5 310lbs – 2nd- 3rd Round
    2. Chris Faulk – LSU – 6-5 323lbs
    3. Brennon Williams – North Carolina – 6-7 315lbs
    4. Brian Winters – Kent State – 6-4 310lbs
    5. Terron Armstead – Arkansas-Pine Bluff – 6-5 313
    6. Manase Foketi – West Texas A&M – 6-5 333 – Possible Guard

    Wide Receivers
    1. Da’Rick Rogers – Tennessee – 6-4 218lbs 4.46
    2, Quinton Patton – Louisiana Tech – 6-1 200 4.53
    3. Aaron Mallette – Elon – 6-3 220lbs 4.45 – 5th – 6th Round

    Safety 5th/6th Round
    1. Jonathan Cyprian – Florida International – 6-2 212lbs 4.48
    2. Cooper Taylor – Richmond – 6-4 225lbs 4.56

    Defensive Tackle/ Nose Tackle 5th/6th Round
    1. Kwame Geathers – Georgia – 6-5 355lbs
    2. Brandon Williams – Missouri Southern State – 6-3 341lbs

    • I heard Desmond Trufant was locking guys up this past week. Has alot of talent and good genes

      • I have him on my radar Jon, but the Eagles will have to make a choice between him, and Xavier Rhodes, in the 2nd Round. My choice would be Rhodes only because he possesses the same shut down ability, but is much bigger at 6-2 212, as apposed to 5’11 188, although Trufant is a little faster running 4.45, vs Rhodes 4.48.

        I am sure Kelly is familiar with Desmond Isaiah Trufant, competing against Washington every year, so if he drafts him, I wouldn’t be opposed. Good Player; better than hs brother that most want to bring in as a free agent.

        • Im with you on both GM, Rhodes has the size advantage and shut down ability. I don’t wanna get crazy with the height thing bc we currently have two corners that are above 6′, Nnamdi 6’3 and DRC 6’2 and both struggled. We need a group of physical corners willing t mix it up and IMO Trufant has the advantage there. But I really like them both it would be a tough choice if both were still on the board when the birds pick in the 2nd round.

  • Where do some of you clowns come up with this “Graham and Cole” can’t play 3-4? They were both scouted and projected to be 3-4 OLB’s!!

    • Graham can. Cole can’t even play in 4-3, & you want him to convert to 3-4 OLB. Do you forget, how much he bitched & sulked, when McDermott made him the joker, which would be similar to his new role. He needs to go! 3 sacks & 24 solo tackles, in 16 games. He is one of the top cancerous tumors, on this team. Vick, ASSomugha, Cole, Patterson, Allen, Coleman, Watkins, need to go at ALL COSTS!

    • in some coverages 3-4 linebackers have to have the ability to cover. Cole, and Graham can not do that. Graham, is strictly a rush the QB option for a 4-3. When you think 3-4 Linebacker think Clay Matthews – speed, and cover ability- How do Cole and Graham measure up to that talent? They dont. TRADE THEM BOTH.

      • gm, I’d like to clean house, too, but Graham at least is young, has played
        3-4, & has improved, & Cole is a complete waste!

  • Shouldn’t be as big of a transition, than everyone is thinking. Cole doesn’t fit at all. He’ll be traded. Tapp is a FA & GONE. Patterson, Landri, & Dixon, don’t fit, & will be released. Cox, Jenkins & Thornton fit perfect as 3-4 DE’s. Graham, Curry, & Hunt can play rush OLB’s. Kendricks (came from 3-4) & Ryans will have no problem playing inside. We’re going to need NT’s & regardless of the DF, the secondary needs a house-cleaning.

    FA’s for thought- FS Jairius Byrd (#1 priority), OT’s Jake Long/ Ryan Clady/ Branden Albert, ROLB Anthony Spencer/ Paul Kruger, NT Terrance Knighton.

    Draft prospects- 1st & 2nd (with/without trade) DT/NT Star Lotuleilei, ROLB Jarvis Jones (Spinal Stenosis), ROLB Damotre Moore, ROLB Bjoern Werner, ROLB Barveious Mingo, CB DeMarcus Millner, CB Xavier Rhodes, CB Jonathan Banks, NT Jonathan Hankins, NT Jonathan Jenkins, FS Kenny Vaccaro, FS Eric Reid, SS Matt Elam, NT Jesse Williams.

    My hopes- Trade Trent Cole & 5th rounder, to KC for #34.
    #4- NT Star Lotuleilei/ ROLB Damotre Moore.
    #34- NT Jesse Williams/ ROLB Alex Okafor.
    #35- SS Matt Elam/ FS Eric Reid/ CB Xavier Rhodes.

    • Make the trade, & get a combo of the 3, & I’ll be very happy. Preference- Lotuleilei, Okafor & Elam.

      • Nice DCar..

        The Key to the Eagles really nailing this Draft is to get at least 2 more additional Picks within the First 3 Rounds (Top 96 Picks) ..
        which would give them 5 Selections from a Talented Pool of Defensive Players at Positions of Need (DT,OLB,Safety & CB)
        Eagles best trading chips as far as Value Goes in decent Draft Picks in Return are WR Jeremy Maclin (Cheap Contract Year-highly motivated) Trent Cole (Pats Belechek has always loved T Cole’s game) & Cullen Jenkins and to be honest, I would not mind seeing them all go

        • Paul, that would be nice. Other than releasing Vick & ASSomugha, I’d tell the entire NFL, the roster is an open store, make your best offer!

    • I’d love to have Ryan Clady, Jarius Byrd, and Terrance Knighton. I also want LaDarius Webb, Aquib Talib, and Dane Fletcher, a nice nucleus of Veteran leadership, and talent. You’d have to keep a tight reign on Talib though.

      • Byrd & one of the OT’s, are critical! Spencer can’t be franchised & would be perfect for the switch. Knighton, is a good upcoming NT & shouldn’t break the bank.Trufant, Fletcher can be low cost, talents to compete & add depth. It’s a MUST, that we knock this draft out of the park, sign good FA’s, & hope last years draft, continues the uptick. IMHO, Cox, Curry, Kendricks will transition easy to 3-4, & Boykin, Foles, Brown, & Kelly, are the wild-cards!

    • DCar Alex Okafor, skill wise is like a 3rd -4th Round Pick, any higher is over-drafting him, same for Matt Elam who should be selected no higher than the 3rd round.

  • Dixon can play nose, the eagles have players who can transition to the outside in a 3-4, they need to scrap the entire secondary, rebuild, and draft a big, stud wide out, also tight end, no qb in the draft, its the secondary and big playmakers

    • Jake, you have a better chance of playing NT. Just because he’s a tub of lard, doesn’t mean he’s a NT. He can’t hold up as a 4-3 DT, can you imagine him getting double & triple teamed by the OG’s & center, in a 3-4? He wasn’t on the scrap heap, for no reason.

      • LOL!!!!!!

  • Dixon can’t stay on the field. You can’t go into the season with him as your NT in a 3-4. You will be looking for some guy on a couch in week 4.

  • Didn’t Kelly say he wasn’t married to a 3-4? Until the DC gifts hired nobody is going anywhere. What happened to coaching to the players ability? Here is a better scenario fix the secondary and LB’s first before you worry about the 3-4 or 4-3.

  • The hardest part of switching to a 3-4 will be finding a good Nose Tackle.

    Many of our current DEs can switch to stand-up 3-4 OLBs. A couple like Graham and Curry might be better 3-4 OLBs.

    Mike Patterson actually played in Pete Jenkins two-gap system when Pete was the D-Line coach here so he can play 3-4 DE along with Fletcher Cox and Cullen Jenkins.

    Find a NT, replace the safeties and one CB and coach-em up.

    • Which means if your not drafting Star whatever his name is with the 4th pick we’ll be seeing a 4-3.

      • Actually Biggie even if he is selected, it would still be unclear because, Star Lotululei, can play in a 3-4, or 4-3.

        • I thought he was slotted as a big nose tackle gmcliff, is he a difference maker?

          • YES INDEEDEE!!!!!!!!!!!!…….GOT TO HAVE HIM….Think of him as the Hawaiian Jerome Brown/Haloti Ngata……That’s Star Lotululei……

            • gm, hopefully he’s still there at #4.

              • Me too DCar. If not, then trade down, and try to get anextra pick in the first round, and draft DeMontre Moore, and Ezekiel Ansah to be our rush Linebackers in the 3-4.

              • We can draft Brandon Williams DT 6-3 341 LBS, Missouri Southern State, in the 4th Round. He’s not on Lotululei’s level yet, but is powerful, and quick in his own right, but may have to work to gain the same respect as Star, coming from a small college….remember that name.

  • Forget the “change defensive lineman into outside linebacker” crap.

    It’s bad enough we have “Experimental” head coach. Now you want to start experiment players. No thank you.

    Say good bye to trent cole. Even in his prime he disapeared at the end of the season and playoff time.

    John McKay use to say he had a 4 year plan for getting his team to the superbowl. when a reporter asked him “why 4 years”, he said “because that’s how long my contract is.”

    Get all the bums off this team and start from scratch.

    • Exactly! Cole is gone. Graham is a different story. He can play 3-4.

  • DCAR — just like you saying Jon Gruden has accepted the job as Eagles coach right when they never even talked to him. Clown.

    • BoB, I relayed information, I got from Baldy. Nobody even knew he was an option. Then it all came out afterward. Lurie even said he talks to Gruden all of the time. Do you think on the day he hired Chip, that he was going to tell anyone, he had job conversations with Gruden? I never said he had the job, I said it was his to take, but he was hesitant, because of the power Lurie, didn’t want to give it to him. Go read my comments, A-hole! He didn’t get the job. Life goes on! I didn’t want him, I wanted Billick, Fangio, or Bradley. So how am I a clown, you dickhead! I give my opinions & do research, & a lot of fact finding, what do you bring to the table here, troll, other than your stupidity, & idiocy?

  • I hope many of you read the courageous Post of Wes Welkers wife about the thug, murder suspect, plead down to obstruction of justice, this animal glorified by the nfl, the linebacker for the ravens, ray Lewis, everything that is wrong with the nfl is exemplified by this punk ass faggot I would love to meet this so called bad ass in a real mans dual, Mano a Mano, without his weapons, and beat his ass

    • LOL! Take it easy tough guy, you might hurt yourself! Just messing with you. 😀

    • Now that I would pay to see! Ray Lewis would tear your head off and shit down your neck Jake. And the world would be a better place as a result. Smh you never talked this tough to Navy when he was completely bitching you in front of everyone on this site. Just go away dude. I think Sean Hannity’s website is a better place for you. Bitch.

  • Go 49ers

  • So Im hearing the Jets may be trying to trade Darrelle Revis whos coming off a season ending ACL tear..

    My Thoughts: Should the Eagles pursue a trade for the best CB in the league? Yes. I believe DRevis will come back even stronger than before. Id pursue a trade if I were the Eagles. First gotta check the injury out and make sure hes healed up but man a healthy DRevis can transform your entire secondary and defensive front allowing more exotic blitzes and risk taking..

    • Very interesting! But will he ever regain, that cutting ability & coverage speed, that he’s well known for? IDK! Would be tempting, if he is truly healthy & on the market. Not everyone is a Genetic freak, like AP, & able to come back miraculously fast, & even better. He’s only 27 & I believe is making $11.5M until 2014 FA. That’s less than ASSomugha. What a joke. We’ll see, because before he got hurt, he was demanding like $16M per. Maybe we can have an injury leverage.

    • I heard that too Jon, months ago. I have been saying for months that we should look into making that happen. Darrelle Revis, and Ladarius Webb make Nnamdi, easily expendable. Re-sign DRC fat a reasonable price, and add in the drafting of Xavier Rhodes, and Bhili Wreh -Wilson from Connecticut, and a more experienced Brandon Boykin, and our CB issue is fixed for the next 8 years.

      • Where do you think Wren-Wilson will go, 3rd-4th? Intriguing, almost 6’2″ good coverage & can actually tackle. I think they need to load up on secondary. At least 4-6 picks/ players, in FA & draft.

        • Dcar, they need CBs 6’0 and taller. Look at the Seahawks corners. That’s unreal how tall they are with great coverage ability, and freaking physical. When the birds switch to the 3-4 they gotta switch to bigger more physical corners. I believe the Seahawks tallest starting CB is 6’4 hahaha thats tall

          • Your words, to God’s ears. Reid is gone, so hopefully the days of drafting Smurfs, Oompa Loompas, & square pegs, in round holes, are over.

        • Wilson will go late 2nd early 3rd Round……This is why the Eagles need to get more picks.

          • Same thinking here GMC. They Cole, Patterson, & Maclin, as possible chips too. Other than a few of last years draft picks, I’d say to teams, Open store, give me your best offer. So, the more picks, the merrier.

      • I agree GM

      • Webb will get the tag from the Ravens..

        • if they cant get a deal done with Flacco, which they have to now.

          • I don’t know big Frank. He is out for the year now, and some of the guys behind him have stepped up and are now headed to the SuperBowl without him. Do they really need to Franchise him?…….

            They also have to figure out how to pay Flacco, Haloti Ngata, is on a 2 year deal, Michael Oher, is up for a new deal soon, Terrell Suggs, and one of the other Linebackers as well.

            There is a good chance he will be available for the Eagles to get a young, physical, shut down corners, like Webb, and Talib, which would allow any CB drafted to come along slowly, and not be rushed into expectations.

            • GM, I hope you are correct.. He’d be a hell of a free agent pick up. It seems to me that a team like the a Ravens are too smart to let a kid of his quality hit the streets. But curcumstances can dictate that sometimes. What’s Jimmy Smiths deal?

              • He is strictly special teams. He still has 2 years on his rookie deal. He hasn’t developed like the Ravens would have liked. But because he is young, and still has some potential, so they won’t give up on him yet. He is approaching bust status if he cant turn things around soon.

                When he was drafted I had him forcasted as a 2nd round pick, although he had 1st Round talent. Based on where he is at in his professional career you can see why.

  • BTW, anybody hear if the Birds signed DT Armond Armstead? There was a story last week, about them working him out. He’d be a low risk/ high reward depth guy, for the 3-4 DE.

    • Im hearing he was signed by New England…

      • Thanks. Oh well.

  • Eagles and Jets would talk trade
    Maybe QB Vick & WR Maclin for Revis??
    Then Release Asmo, Re-sign DRC and then Draft a CB
    Of corse both Vick and Revis would have to rework their current deals for this to work, but Jets need some offense and Maclin in final year of his Rookie Deal
    And is relatively cheap and obviously knows New OC MM System
    Could be a win, win for everyone

    • Only issue with that is Vicks deal like you mentioned. Its an untradeable contract. Noone wants that. And I would think that the Jets want draft picks, what reasons would the birds trade Maclin for? Hes actually the most consistent productive WRs we have if you check the numbers, I was pretty surprised when I saw them. Birds keeping him.

      • Jon Hart and I agree on something? That’s weird. Maclin is our best WR.

        As for the “only issue” is Vick’s contract. Well…that and the fact he stinks.

    • Also I keep Revis at the current deal, he deserves every dime of the contract if hes healthy and the normal Revis again.. Man this would be a big pick up for the Birds.

    • I would trade DJax, who with the Jet’s mentality would provide a higher profile “splash” and for the Birds would be a lesser hit than Maclin from a production level.

      I doubt that they would be interested in Vick. If they wait a little bit they can pick him up as a FA, but also there have been reports of problems between him and MM their new OC.

      It may take adding a draft pick with DJax to get it done.

      • They’re not trading DJax.. if anything the Eagles would have to give up there 1st overall pick for Revis and that would be all. If your the Eagles are you willing to do that? Lets put it this way either Bama’s Dee Milliner or Darrelle Revis? Id take the latter

        • I don’t think it would take the 4th pick in the draft. They are entertaining trades because they think he will walk after next year and they will be left with nothing in return.
          Truthfully, after the bad experience we just had with a FA corner who played terrible and another corner obtained in a trade who underperformed, I think it might be a better plan to draft some talent and train them in your system.

          • I think Revis will come back stronger than ever. Modern medicine has made huge advancements in this current age. It no longer takes guys a full year or so to recover. I go back to AP, he explained during a interview that he took full advantage of t rehab period and and trained hard. He said he wanted to be better than he was before. Did he prove it? I think we’d all agree he did. Id take revis for the right price, I just dont have an idea what that price is.

  • Prospect DT John Jenkins had some poor reports from Senoir week
    Out of shape and had a hard time bringing it with the pace of the Drills and would tire out after a few snaps which happens to a lot of big fellas

    • Yeah, & I heard he was bull-dozing O-linemen, pissing them off. Don’t know where you heard that at, Paul?

      • We don’t need a workout warrior at NT. NT’s are supposed to be powerful loads in the middle, to contain, absorb double teams, & collapse the center. Who cares if he can run the cone drills, & that crap? Fatties aren’t supposed to be in great shape. LOL!!!! Watch the tape, dude is a monster in the middle.

      • From Mike Mayock and Chatles Davis this morning on NFL Network on their recap of yesterrdays Practice Sessions from Mobile..

        • What do they know? 8D

          • They said he was out of shape and struggled in keeping up with the Drills, I would be concerned as a Scout if a highly Touted player gets winded after a few snaps.. This week is these Prospects Interviews and not be in the best of shapes to impress is a major red flag for me

  • I’m not a big Desean Jackson fan anymore, but there’s no way they trade him now that Chip Kelly is here. Absolutely no way.

    • Exactly Bird, lets hold judgment until we see both Desean and Jeremy in this Chip Kelly offense.

  • The Eagles have also met with two other quarterbacks — West Chesters Ryan Nassib, a fast-rising prospect from Syracuse, and Arkansas Tyler Wilson — and it can be safely assumed that each of the six will have sat down with Kelly and his staff before Saturdays game.

    Manuel is perhaps the most intriguing prospect of the six because of his skill set and his potential in the offense Kelly plans to run. The 6-foot-4, 230-pound former Seminole passed for more than 3,000 yards this past season, rushed for more than 300 yards, totaled 27 touchdowns and left with Florida States career accuracy record.

    Given the success this year of Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson, three quarterbacks with great mobility and different draft pedigrees, it stands to reason that changes in the NFL game have helped boost Manuels stock.

  • Manuel…..have to be the guy.

    A more polished player than Randall was at that age.

  • here’s more……..

    Those guys are still throwing the ball vertically down the field at a high level, so you cant just say theyre runners, Manuel said. Theyre throwing the ball great and theyre still running great and thats whats breaking the defenses back out there.

    Although the book on Manuel is that his accuracy dips in the face of heavy pressure and that his delivery isnt textbook, those flaws could potentially be masqueraded by an offense designed to capitalize on his ability to take off or just the threat of taking off, which is an advantage Kelly has discussed several times in the past week.

    Well the guy Foles accuracy sucks ass so that’s not a drop off there.

    Let’s get Manuel in here to turn this thing around, and let’s get a big strong receiver to replace DJax

    • Songs, you know me I am one that often tends to agree with you, but this time I’m on the other side of the fence. EJ Manuel is nothing more than a Practice Squad Prospect; Average College QB, even worse a pro. He isn’t turning anything around in Philly.

  • ***Just heard, Atl traded for Justin Upton*** I WANT BOOBENS HEAD, ON A F^#@ING PLATTER!!!! I don’t want to hear $#!T anymore, HE NEEDS TO F^#@ING GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • Phils now a 3rd Place Lock for NL East, No WIld-Card Possibilities

    • And they also got 3B Chris Young. Prado+ the other way. What a F^#@ING embarrassing disgrace!!!!

      • Upton- Upton- Heyward
        Johnson- Simmonds- Uggla- Freeman
        McCann…….. JUST WOW!………….F……U….. BOOBEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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            You imbecile. Bring something of substance, or STFU!

            • Line up looks good on paper different sport but how is that line up on paper doing for the Lakers?

            • Dcar you sound like a little bitch crying waaaaaaaaaaaaa my gm didnt trade away the franchise for some overhyped upton brothers. waaaaaaaaaa, you should be fired because the braves got better waaaaaaaaaa. your acquisitions of allstars year after year wasnt good enough waaaaaaaaaaaa. waaaaaaaaa im dcar and i love crying and my pussy hurts waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

              • substance.

                uggla 168 ks
                justin upton 121 ks
                bj upton 169 ks
                heyward 158 ks

              • cant win it all with all those ks

              • Luckily you don’t know me, you’d see who the bitch with the pussy is, punk! I guess you are one of the pom-pom waving apologists, that bows at Boobens altar, where he does no wrong?!?

  • Songs- just because you put Manuel in the same sentence with Wilson and RG3 doesn’t mean that he is near the same caliber player. Compare their final year college stats and you will see that Manuel’s stats are much closer to Foles than the other 2. With the way that he delivers the ball, he is much closer to Vince Young. You will be drafting him as a project with potential. You may be satisfied with that, but I am not.

    • Bugsy this kid is nothing like VY, he will be a serviceable pro QB, but he gets happy feet if he gets hit early and he starts looking at the pass rush instead of keeping his eyes down field. I would stay away from him but like Songs said Kelly has liked him since high school

  • gmcliff…did you not say the same about burfict last offseason?

    If Manuel comes in the league and rip things up while our QB sucks ass, guys like you will be saying “No one knew” or “he exceeded expectations”.

    The fact is that you don’t know what he will be, but he have a higher ceiling than both the QB’s on the Eagles and if Kelly is the coach everyone thinks he is then Manuel is worth bringing in to compete for the QB position.

    Chip Kelly thought he was worth it when Manuel turned him down during recruitment so he knows better than both of us.


    • No, Songs, I was right there with you about Burfict. Paulman, and I didn’t see eye to eye on our evaluation of him. I felt he would be better served as an OLB, instead of a MLB.

      As far as Manuel is concerned, I’m really not worried about him turning into Russell Wilson, him, or any other QB in this years draft. He recruited him out of High School. That doesn’t say anything about his potential in the pros in his system.

      He did not really pan out to be the player he envisioned either at Florida State. He is really being overvalued, because of his measurables. He’s no where near whwere Randall was coming out of College. EJ Manuel is headed to either 3rd String or someones Practice Squad.

      BTW Songs, anytime I respond to any of your post it’s done with respect Brother. You don’t ever have to worry about GMCliff disrespecting your opinions….just having good conversation, and if your right Brother I will not hesitate to give you your props. Thats a promise.

  • Songs,
    “If Manuel comes in the league and rip things up while our QB sucks ass”

    What’s with this “our QB”? Back in the fold, are you?

    • jeesh the mush songs is back on board, we are fucked

  • My analysis of EJ Manuel is very similar to Aaron Pryor’s from Ohio State
    a good College QB, but not a NFL QB anytime soon.. If Manuel gets in the right situation, good Coaching and put’s in the effort and blossom’s, maybe a Josh Freeman of the TB Bucs type who is pretty good but not a “Franchise Type of QB” in fact TB Bucs are in no rush to extend his Contract which expires after 2013 so HC Schiano & GM are going to let Freeman play it out next Seasons and see how he does…

    • Very Accurate Evaluation, and comparison to Terrell Pryor……no where near as talented as Josh Freeman; Freeman has a cannon. Manuel, can’t make all the throws, and is erratic, with inconsistent accuracy……..4th- 5th Round draftee talent wise.

      • I was referring to EJ Manuel’s Boxing SKills to Aaron Pryor..
        You know the lead right-hand jab, good head and bob movement with a nice left upper-cut… Remember those old classic Boxing Matches..
        Talk about a SPort that is a joke anymore.. I grew up watiching the Friday Night/Saturday night Fights with the great Boxers of the 70’s & 80’s and me and my buddies would keep score and argue back and forth who won, etc,etc… Lot of fun…

  • justin upton is a Fine YOUNG player. he has had a nice start to his career– his 162 game totals : .280, 24 HR, 78 RBI– they are remarkabley similar to an OLD leftfielder we had 162 game totals at .278, 23 HR and 93 RBI…. yet that player was universally ridiculed by many on here.
    All that said the braves are young and talented as are the Nats. they have won the pennant and wildcard here in january there is no doubt. The only ray of hope we have is that its 162, the best team on paper rarely seems to win the WS (lately anyway)– lets play ’em out!

    • are you sure you dont wanna cry about instead and call the season over in January?

      • you are talking to the wrong person… or you read my comment wrong. no one on here is more die hard, stay till the end, ra rah on the phils than me! — i ended with ‘lets play ’em out’… that ain’t calling the season nimrod

        • hac bro im referring to dcar above…

          • ok it was attached to my post.

  • Paulman….aren’t you the same guy who said Burfict wouldn’t make the NFL and would be a pitstop player in the CFL?


    Did you grade Colin Kaepernick as a top QB prospect last year?

    Before you answer just look at the comparable measurable with Manuel.

    look at the scouts evaluation of Colin Kaepernick last offseason and you would think he was just a future clipboard holder with no mental aspects of the game.

    Good Athlete…that’s it.

    So, Paulman give me a break dude.

    • Kaepernick did not come out last year…it was the year before.

      • Our evaluation of Kapernick was higher than Sam Bradfords. We posted Paul and I, that the Eagles should select him. The Eagles chose Danny Watkins, Jaiqwuan Jarrett, Mike Kafka, and Casey Matthews that year……….

  • Head for shelter, Mt Vesuvius is about to blow, just wait for when Dcar reads mhenski’s post, it will be a classic

    • dudes a fucking sissy man. i guess he is still angry his insider was wrong about gruden

      • You are on your own… I don’t engage. All caps and &$?/&$ rants are not my thing. Nats are the favorites this year. Phil’s will need some breaks and in 162 breaks happen. Hell the rangers diddnt make the playoffs last year and as pointed out the loaded Phil’s team got knocked out of the playoffs in round one. Baseball is tough to predict.

      • Mh, as I stated above, you think I’m a sissy, I’ll meet you somewhere, anywhere, anytime, name it keyboard tough guy. You want to act like a big-shot, & shoot out name calling, name the place. I can guarantee you, you’ll regret it. I’ll have you in a fetal position, sucking your thumb, like a real sissy! You initiated this, so finish it, or keep it to sports! If not STFU, like the keyboard punk@$$, pu$$y you are!

        • “i’ll meet you somewhere, anywhere, anytime, name it keyboard tough guy”…. “you’ll regret it”…. LOL and HE’S THE KEYBOARD TOUGH GUY… read your own words!

          • HAC, maybe, I ought to take your advice, & not let wannabe’s push my #’s. I might do something stupid! You’re right! I want to keep things civil, & about sports, but I CAN’T stand internet, PU$$Y trolls, diss me, & question my manhood. I was kind of a hypocrite! My Son, just told me the same thing.

            • as in real debate, threatening violence, raising your voice, cursing (@$%@#%%) signals that you’ve lost the arguement… thing is you usually make good sense even if we don’t agree. the ‘i’ll kick your ass stuff…..”
              when i get out of line on here…call me on it and i will guarantee that i’ve had too much to drink. also, when gm cliff told me who his son is it hit me… i’ve met him and i know his h.s coach very well…

              • Yeah, you’re right. Hey, we’ve had some battles on here, & are polar opposites on Booben, but we’re both Philly fans, & I think, want winners. So I do respect that.

  • Burfict proved me wrong and good for him and good for the Bengals
    He went to a perfect situation with the Bengals who had some Veteran
    Players and a Coaching Staff step up and help the guy,
    All these Prodpects are simply that, Prospects and none of us or any Scout can ever get into an Thletes head. I go by the previous 18 a months of Burficts College Career and His lack of preparation leading up to last years Draft
    He responded and manned-up, but I still stand by my assesment that he was a higher risk than other solids LBs that were out there last year like
    Kuechley, Wagner,Kendrick’s,Hightower, etc, etc
    It’s how the Teams utilize and Coach Up all of these Propects and the Players themselves that put the work and energy into their Profession that ultimately determines their Success in the NFL, not a Draft or Scouting Report

    • burfict proved paulman wrong and every team in the nfl besides the bengals wrong

      • Not GMCliff!!! I was right about Vontaze Burfict, right down to the position he would have to play to be successful. Outside Linebacker, where he will be a fixture for the next 6-8 years.

  • Back to QB EJ Manurl who I have watched a dozen times over the last 2 Years and I am not that impressed with his Decision making skills
    Can he develop, sure all Propects can, but as I,be stated numerous times
    This QB Class is marginal at Best and I like 3 QB’s this a draft
    Glennon, Bray and Nassib but would not use a 1st/2nd Round on any of them and would concentrate on the Positions of Strength instead like
    The DL/OL/ LB/ Safety/ TE for the other Positions already simply Average
    And since the Eagles have more Pressing needs at the strength positions of the this Ddaft, then that’s the Positiobs I would be selecting from in 2013

    • Tyler Wilson is the best QB in this draft period.

  • I’d take EJ with no lower than a 3rd round pick.

    • You mean no higher than a 3rd round pick? IMO he wont fall any lower than the 3rd round. As much as guys wanna call him a athletic QB he has a good arm, pretty accurate too.

      • I wouldn’t draft him at all. If I did it would be with a pick no higher than a 5th Round Pick.

  • Songs says, “then Manuel is worth bringing in ”

    Except you can’t “bring him in”. They have to draft him. And to do that they consequently have to not draft someone else.

    Now, why anyone would use a 3rd round pick on a QB when they just used a 3rd round pick on a QB who performed well in the big leagues is a misuse of resources, expecially when the pick is needed to fill in other positons like CB, DE., DT and OL.

  • One thing is certain, they want to draft a QB. The Birds are reported to have there eyes on a number of QBs. They continue to meet with numerous QB prospects. Theyre not doing it just to pass time. They want/need a QB mobile enough to run that Chip Kelly offense. They may or may not feel what they currently have at the position is good enough.

    • That is exactly what Jeff Mosher said on Mike & Ike this morning. Great reporting Jon Hart

      • Who? What?

        • Slowly now… Jeff Mosher- eagles beat writer for DNL. Mike & Ike – WIP radio show. That is what he said word for word.. Sweet sources you have.

          • Frank I didnt hear anyone say that at all nor did i read it anywhere, I said what I felt. I have great sources when it comes to news involving the team but I don’t copy any writer or radio show or whatever . Maybe your obsession with the philly reporters and radio shows is what you need to examine instead of my thoughts.. sheesh


              • sweet… just copy and paste what you hear on the radio and provide them as your own. Just like this whole Manti Te’o to the Ravens, could you possible think for yourself? No, you take what you hear off of ESPN, DNL and rotoworld and report them as your own. I have no issue with you thoughts, nor do I have them with anyones on here. When you always say “my sources”, than you click on rotoworld and its pasted all over it. If you have a developmental issue that I am ot aware of, I apoligize in adavance. If you don’t, I have no idea what to say to you.

  • My $$$ is that they bring in QB Nick Florence from Baylor who may go with a 6th/7th Round Pick.. He ran the Baylor Offense (a very fast Tempo, with lots of short timing patterns,roll outs,screens,etc,etc beautifully last Season after taking over for RGIII, Baylor’s Offense didn’t miss a beat)
    He’s only 6-0 and 205lbs which is why he’s Projected as a late Round Pick but is the kind of QB that Kelly has employed with his Oregon Offenses the last few Years but I would not be surprised to bring him in for Camp Competition as that 3rd QB or potential Pistol/Wildcat or whatever you want to call it for Red-Zone opportunites or just to mix it up..
    I would not be surprised if we see Chip Kelly play the 2nd/3rd QB a Series or 2 during the Games just to mix things up for the Defense and keep everyone on their toes.. Maybe have a set of 6-8-10 Plays for a more mobile/quicker QB than FOles to be used at Certain Times of a Ballgame

    • Doesn’t have to be mobile, just a good decision maker……My money is on Foles, with no QB drafted by the Eagles before the 5th Round, if any.

  • Id stick with Foles for this year and see how it goes but… ill back the coach if he doesnt see Foles as the guy.

  • **Breaking News***
    Reported that Chip Kelly has contacted former Eagles Camp QB Adam DeMichelle (formerly of Temple) to see how he’s doing and whether he’s been keeping in “football shape”.. Details to follow…

  • Jon Hart,

    I don’t doubt that they might draft a QB. I expect that they will bring him along the same way the 49ers did with Kaepernick.

    The Eagles can run a combination of west coast offense and zone/read offense exactly like the 49ers are doing with any QB, even Foles. I think the Eagles will run a base west coast offense. That’s why they have Pat Shurmur. The will work in the zone/read slowly

    I would say that the Eagles talking to QBs is a sign that they will be getting rid of Vick. If they keep Vick then they will wait until next year to draft a QB. That’s my opinion.

    • Irish no way no how does Chip Kelly run a base west coast offense, Shurmur is here to work with whoever the QB’s are.

      • I don’t know Biglion. I doubt that Kelly will run the zone/read exclusively. But it wont be too long before we will know.

        • I don’t think so either Irish, that first mini camp after the draft is going to be very interesting. Especially the first depth chart.

    • Excellent Point IrishEagle and I agree that the more interest in obtaining a QB in this Draft is defintely a signal that Vick is a goner.. (which I hope is the case) Kelly likes FOles and will develop a system that best utilizes his skills but I still think he would want a mobile QB who he can groom and put some packages in for Red-Zone/Short-yardage and just to give Teams another look once in a while…

    • Irish and many others are forgetting that the offense Jim Harbaugh has employed in San Fran is almost identical to Chip’s, remember Chip used to make Jim and his Sanford squad look silly, beat them senseless so Jim brought that offense to San Fran and has the QB to run it and look where they are, in the SB..Good thoughts though Irish, I think they will run a little of the west coast and Chips pistol/zone read option/ confusion type offense.. many have said that the offense Chip runs is like a blur…almost impossible to stop..

      • Jon Hart,

        The 49ers jump into the pistol formation once in a while. They run a WCO base. Go watch some highlights on youtube. Or better still, make it a point to watch what Kaepernick is doing in the Super Bowl.

        Maybe every 10 plays or so you see them in the pistol formation and Kaepernic reading the DE while he is handing-off the ball, or faking the hand-off and keeping it… I think I read that 31 percent of their offensive plays were in the pistol.

        • Not many teams run the WCO anymore, there may be principles from it but noone runs a base WCO anymore, I find that hard to believe. But other than the pistol formation, Jim has copied alot of what Chip ran against him in the Stanford vs Oregon days. Noone runs the offense like how Chip does it at all. Hes an innovator, in a league of his own.

  • No way do a give up at 2nd Round PIck (#36 Overall) and 1st Rounder next Season (which most likely be a Top #10 Selection) for a 28 Year CB coming off major ACL Surgery.. No way, no how.. Go Draft a CB and develop him..
    Who knows how his Lateral movement and overall SPeed are impacted..
    You guys crack me up tinking that Adding an All-Pro CB is going to put this Team over the Top for 2013.. This Team needs 20 new PLayers on the Roster and not older,injured, expensive Veteran Players.. They need to acquire thru the Draft as much Young Talent as possible and then play them.
    2013 is going to be ugly, be prepared for it, but it’s a neccessary evil if the Eagles and Chip Kelly are really looking at setting a proper Foundation for consistent future success.. But adding players who’s best days are behind them has already F’d up this Franchise (Samuel, then Asmo,Jenkins,VY,Steve Smith,R Brown..) Do the Eagles continue to pursue older players who are dmaged or on their way down as far as production.. Think longer term..(2-3-4 Years down the road) and not for 2013 ..

  • The other thing we all miss about Chip Kelly and his offense while arguing about QB’s is this major important part. His offenses are explosive because of the running game that’s why Oregon isn’t a hotbed of pro style QB’s but hey let’s keep disagreeing about Foles, Vick and Manuel and whoever is taking snaps.

  • If anybody should be excited it should be Lesean McCoy and Bryce Brown.

    • I agree BigL, everyone wants to debate Vick Foles but the true success of the Chip Kelly offense is through his balance. Like you said the RBs should be excited.. But his O doesnt go without the run game.. And some things that Vick has like mobility and athleticism Foles doesnt and vice versa, so neither QB has everything that would be needed to run this Chip Kelly offense, maybe thats why Chip is searching high and low for a QB during this senior bowl week..

      • I agree with that… I think Foles is out the door as soon as Kelly can find a guy like RG3 or Kaepernick. I just don’t think he will find him too easy.

        You can’t shake a tree and expect RG4 to fall out of it….

        • If they could find a way to trade him for some kind of return he’d be gone tomorrow.

  • The best RB in this Draft is Stephon Taylor from Standford
    can do it all.. I am not excited about Bryce Brown at all until he corrects his
    risky way of carrying the ball.. He won’t ever make the field or team if he continues to carry in wrong arm, carry it loose and put it on the Turf..
    Chip Kelly will give him a chance to correct it, but not for long.. Brown needs to step up

  • I still see the Ravens drafting Manti Te’o more than ever now being that hes going to fall to them at the end of the 1st round. He will be there starter day 1 next season.

  • Steve Spagnulo has been relieved of his DC duties in New Orleans.

    • As he should be, he hasn’t been since he left NY.

  • You can not win in this league without the QB…so the garbage notion that it’s about the rbi’s is absurd.

    The QB argument is with merit because if the QB does not run the offense on a high level, the team will not win.

    This offense will not be centered around the RB.

    No QB

    No Chance in the NFL

    • Vikings did pretty well focusing their Offense around Peterson
      This year with a below average QB Ponder
      Texans Offense built around Arian Foster and they did pretty well
      As current examples

      • You beat me too it paulman, the Viking and Texans and the Redskins made the playoffs this year strictly because of the running games. Yes it’s a QB driven league but if that’s so why are they so hard to find and the so called elite ones are watching Kap and Flacco in the Super Bowl. Songs the point about Kelly and his offense is this. It was explosive because of the run game his QB”s just managed the way he wanted his offense to run.

        • Vikings arent even close to winning a superbowl. They are in that window of 10-6 to 8-8 for the next 5 years depending on heroic efforts by AP and schedule with no shot of competing for title because of QB. Texans with Shaub have all the ingredients but one, Shaub. He is a game manager who never gets hot and cant carry a team to greatness. He never out performs another good QB. A Joe Flacco is a game manager who can get hot for stretches and hence can carry a team to greatness. Thats the difference. IMO

          • Still better than where the Eagles are right now ..
            Look at Falcons/Texans.. They are like the Eagles were earlier in the 2000’s.. Good Teams, Well run Organizations that are making more $$$ in their Franchise’s History by being consistent Playoff Teams even though they are not won a Super Bowl..
            As a Team Owner, & Front Office Management.. What’s wrong with doing this as a Business Model.. Good Teams but not Great Teams makes these Owners very Wealthy..So if they don’t Win any Super Bowls but are highly Respected and Wealthy Team Owners and contributors to their Local Fan Base and Cities with many Charity Events, Raises the Visibility of their Teams & Cities, employs many People.. It’s hard for some to break this MOdel and say , lets spend another $20 MIllion in Coachesd and Players Pay to go out and Win a Super Bowl when their Ticket Sales/Merchandising Sales continue to grow, grow , grow just by being a “good Team” and at least competitive.. Many of the new Owners are looking at the Success of the Eagles and Lurie’s business model and though it has not Won a Championship for it’s Fans, Lurie has expeanded the Eagles Brand to huge growing market that was never their before and you can’t really argue with the Results of the Eagles Organization as far as a Financial Success, a Contributor to the Local Region and an employer… It’s what has become known as “Corporate Football” and the direction of many new Owners.. and expect the Jaguars/Browns
            to follow the same blueprint..

            • Goofd assesment of the situation. Thats the way to go also, one year you can get hot and take home a superbowl.

    • Bingo

  • DCAR, I think you’re a BITCH that calls people out on here like he’s some sort of macho tough guy. Stop wasting your finger strength on stupid threats and have an intellectual debate instead of telling people how you are going to make them suck on their thumb.

    I WOULD meet you somewhere but I’m busy serving in the military, fighting against REAL tough guys.

    Tough guys that always talk about what they “will do” to someone are always the first ones to be kissing the concrete.

    • First of all BoB, mind your business! 2nd, I’m NO sort of internet tough guy. I was defending myself, to the pu$$y mhenski, for calling me names on here, acting like HE’s the tough guy. Get your facts straight! I don’t look for trouble, NEVER call anyone out, unless they question my manhood. Also, you, nor anyone else will, or have ever made me kiss the concrete. If you are busy serving the military, why are you on here minding business, that ain’t yours? You don’t know me, & can couldn’t care less about your BS! I come from a family of military, so don’t insult my intelligence, or real military heros, that fight for & protect our country. As I stated to the other BOZO, if you think I’m a BITCH, as you say, anyplace, anytime, you name it, bring him with you too! Be prepared, I may be 44, but I’m FAR from a BITCH, & NO MAN, is making me eat the concrete!

      • Dcar you werent defending yourself you crybaby sissy. You’re a liar too you state you were defending yourself – go look at the post that started this you called me an imbecile and told me to stfu. You started all this shit with your childish name calling, I just gave it back to you and truth be told called you out for whining like a little crybaby.

        You act like a pathetic scumbag sissy who gets mad at words on the computer so that kind of makes you a psychopath too. Get some help. You are also delusional for stating I started this and I acted tough when in reality it was you.

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        Oh and if you wanna threaten violence, keep acting like a dillusional crybaby, psychopath trashman I will meet you at 55th and pine crazy man.

        • Haha MH isnt that the police station? Dying laughing haha

          • yea which is precisely where this lunatic should be either that committed somewhere

            • Hahaha!

              • I have been waiting at 55th and Pine all day for you Dcar and it is getting cold and it is snowing I guess I have to assume you are a punk and a coward in addition to everything else I have factually stated that you are.

        • ROFLMFBO! Psychopath trashman! You ought to be a writer for SNL! So I over-reacted, stop crying! There ain’t nothing wrong with me bruh, I don’t like getting my manhood questioned, I over-reacted, my bad! My Wife & Kid got on me about it too. For what it’s worth, MY APOLOGIES!

          • ok apology accepted. even though I posted at 3:50 I had not yet read your 3:47 post.

            • LOL! Almost got fired up again. Water under the bridge.

  • You guys provide some damn good entertainment, good job,
    Keep it up

  • I think you guys need to lighten up, yes we all love to break stones from time to time, but this is getting too personal and is really uncalled for from all sides, let’s talk about some Football . Thnx

    • Shutup paulman, you hoe

  • Ok guys glad to hear, I value both you guys cooments and analysis about our favorite Team that loves to drives us nuts.. But I am now going to take a fresh approach with Chip Kelly on Board and am actually getting excited again about the Eagles after the last few years of Coach AR and Banner & Co
    I have gone on record that I don’t feel that GM Roseman is a qualified NFL GM
    But I am going to give him a clean slate under the direction of Chip Kelly
    Who I think is going to put some hard working, smart, fundamentally sound Football Team back at the Linc for us Fabs to enjoy. It won’t happen overnight
    And a lot of tough decisions need to be made over the next 60-90 Days for the future direction of the Eagles Franchise and at least I have some hope and excitement back for my favorite Team again.. Let go Chip & Eagles
    Give us die-hard Fans what we deserve, which is a tough, hard nosed Football Team that competes for 60 Minutes each and every week

  • Trent Cole cant play that outside LB that’s foolish to think he will be legit there. BG maybe but he spent so much time getting his game right for 4-3 end now that he got it he will have to change mentally and a little physically once again. i see Chip kelly putting his old pal mathews inside of the 3-4 and possibly leaving kendricks outside or not even bringing Ryans back and having Mathews and kedricks inside. i wouldn’t be suprised. either way expect young Micheal J. Fox and Robin Thick dad type of year (growing pains)

  • The free agent S this season are plentiful here’s a short list Jairus Byrd, S, Bills. Age: 26, Dashon Goldson, S, 49ers. Age: 28, Ed Reed, S, Ravens. Age: 34, Louis Delmas, S, Lions. Age: 26, Glover Quin, S, Texans. Age: 27, William Moore, S, Falcons. Age: 28, Kenny Phillips, S, Giants. Age: 26, LaRon Landry, S, Jets. Age: 28. Not a bad list lets hope we can get one of these guys

  • I also expecting some other changes at LB changing to a 34 defense keep a eye out for Larry Grant, ILB, 49ers. Age: 28 when Patrick Willis got hurt he did a great job filling in for him.

    • Larry Grant is a good bet, if they decide Ryans can’t make the conversion.

  • Other Notable Free-Agent LB’s with 3-4 Experience
    OLB Conner Barwin of the Texans
    OLB Leroy Hill from Seahawks, Larry English of Chargers
    ILB Paris Lemon from the Cardinals, Manny Kawsom from Bengals,
    Barry Scott of Jets

    OLB Aaron Curry was released by the Raiders with a few weeks renaining in the Season an is available right now,Eagles should bring him in for a check out

    • Aaron Curry? The ship has sailed on him and his career. Hes a bust.

    • Every last one of them are bums.

      • Conner Barwin is a pretty good Player GMCliff..
        Like I’ve stated before, the Free-Agency group at LB is not very strong as a whole and has mostly aging players who are on the downside of their Careers (Urlacher, Haggans, Brookings, Henderson, Smith etc, etc)

        • I have thumbs down on Conner Barwin on being an impact player, Kinda in the Audie Cole category….Dud,,,,,No Thanks

          • Barwin us a decent player GM,
            Audie Cole is not even on the Radar
            But look at the Free-Agent list of LB’s, tell me who is an impact players
            The good ones are now older a/ banged up and own downside of Career’s

            • I hear you Paul. I just go back to building through the draft when they pickings, are slim.

              I have DeMeco Ryans, and Myckal Kendricks. So I draft a Kevin Riddick, and sign a player like Dane Fletcher from New England, who, coming off an injury is more impact. He almost took the starting MLB spot, before his injury. I like more than Connor Barwin

              I also draft a Sean Porter, and Jonathan Brown two young fast, wrap up tackling OLB’s. for depth, and special teams.

              • Going to go over the Draft Boards/Scouting Reports big time this week and delve into the LB Position and check these guys out
                And let you know my thoughts..

              • cool. Look forward to it.

  • If Ed Donatell gets the d-coordinator job, the expect him to lure some of his players to Philly….a la Grant and Goldson…

    • Good names jott. Both guys have been very productive in that defense. They may stay with the niners. Why leave? Maybe the money but they may be on the verge of a SB win. I expect the niners to try and keep that core together

      • The 49ers are close to their Salary Cap and will have issues of retaining their Free-Agents, they have extended some core players the last couple of Seasons but are not going to be able to sign everyone
        I hooey Win SB, which makes it more likely that players leave for bigger $$ elsewhere since they would already have their Ring..

        • after the Eagles made the SB Lurie and Banner almost had heart attacks with everyone wanting raises ( T O)
          Lurie said that’s enough of this super bowl nonsense, that’s my money

      • unless the birds massively overpay ( just like they were forced to do to get a head coach) no free agents are going to want to come to Philly.

  • I don’t understand how the Eagles were so close to hiring a 4-3 Head Coach in Gus Bradley (Lovie Smith and/or Mike Nolan) and then boom switch to a 3-4 D. Bill Belichek is having all sorts of trouble finding players to play in his old 3-4 D. Most of the young Eagles are below average 4-3 players so I guess they figure they aren’t losing anything with a switch anyway. Graham, Curry, Thornton, Hunt, Kendricks, Matthews, Chaney, Boykin, Marsh, Allen, Coleman have no trade value and are no where near making any pro bowl teams or worth signing to extensions, so I guess it doesn’t matter what D they play, it won’t change their play into quality regardless so why pretend they have productive 4-3 players worth protecting at current positions.(which they don’t). They all have to be replaced with the exception of Fletcher Cox.

  • I agree, Stay with 4-3 Alignment
    Draft DT Star at #4 and DT Tandem is set for the next 8-10 Years with Cox/Star
    Frog big SAM LB, Draft Safety & CB along with
    An OT and take it from there

  • After watching first half of senior bowl you clowns are crazy to think there is a better qb than foles in this game, nassib is raw, no polish, Wilson didn’t look like anything special, low arm slot, all arm poor mechanics, can’t make the deep throw in NFL, Manuel looked the best of a best of a very mediocre group, but he can’t carry foles dry jock, it’s foles

    • I agree Jake
      Stay away from all the QB’s in this Class and stock up on
      Defense,Defense, Defense with a couple of OL & TE
      I am not very impressed with any of the Skill Position Players in this Draft
      To be honest. (QB, WR, RB & CB) are pretty mediocre as a group
      Ride with Foles/Edwards in 2013 and look to upgrade QB in 2014 if Foles is not the answer. 2014 will have 5-6-7 QB with better Prospects than this 2013 Class. Eagles should Draft from the Strength of this Class which is DL, LB, OL, Safety & TE..

      • Paul, I actually have no QB’s in my mock draft for the Eagles this year.

        My first 6 targets are as follows:

        1a. DeMontre Moore
        1b. Eric Fisher
        1c. Ezekiel Anseh
        2a. Xavier Rhodes/Isaiah Trufant
        2b. DJ Fluker
        2c. Larry Warford

        • gmcliff,

          If they let Vick go they will need a QB. I think they’ll draft a project.

          • Not in the first 3 rounds they wont Irish, because there are none worthy of being selected that high unless you are desperate for fresh face starter. Which the Eagles are not; because I’m telling you, the choice is Foles; HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE ANYTHING IN THE DRAFT THIS YEAR.

            My thinking is that the Eagles have their eye on a free agent QB, if its not Vick, I agree Irish, they need one, but the draft has nothing to offer, as far as the QB Position is concerned.

            Look for Alex Smith to be signed, and or Possibly a Joe Webb, as backup plans in case Vick doesn’t want to rework his deal. QB will be drafted as a project next year. If a QB is drafted he will be practice squad material because they won’t be any better than Trent Edwards.

            • gmcliff,

              That’s about what I think too – later round guy.

              • I wouldn’t draft a QB at all in this draft Irish; Too much talent on the board to justify a project. They can sign Alex Smith, if they are iffy on Foles, and have Foles back him up, and sign Joe Webb to be our 3rd string. I think signing Dennis Dixon is a major mistake, and waste of time, even as a 3rd stringer. He is not a pro QB AT ALL.

        • Looks good GMCliff
          I am not so sure about Ezekial Anseh with a 1st Round Pick though
          Nor am I a big fan of LB Jarvis Jones with #4 Pick

          1-A) DT Star Lutuleile
          1-B) DE DaMontre Moore
          1-C). OT Eric Fisher

          2-A). CB Xavier Rhodes/Jonathon Banks
          2-B) Safety Eric Reid or Kenny Vacarro
          2-C). OT Lane Johnson or DJ Fluker

          3-A) Guard Larry Warford or Barrett
          3-B) DT Sylvester Williams
          3-C) LB Nico Johnson

          • I forecast Ansah with a first round grade, because so many are comparing him to Jason Pierre Paul, some scouts will draft him in the 1st Round on potential alone. I compare him more to a bigger, taller Derrick Thomas potentially.

            I watched him Paul, and I loved his speed, cover ability and aggressiveness. He ran down Denard Robinson, unlike any DE/OLB at the Senior Bowl.. He was in a class by himself.

            Paul, if you watch the replay of the Senior Bowl, you will see what I saw if you pay detailed attention to how he plays the position. With Professional coaching he could be a star.

            Jarvis Jones has too many red flags, injuries, and an illness that may scare some scouts, and GMCliff off.

            Also I want Warford, playing next to Jason Peters, and DJ Fluker between Kelce, and Ryan Clady or Eric Fisher for a kick tail Offensive Line.

            • Star may go too high to realistically get another #1.

              So if we are going to go with a 3-4, DeMontre Moore, and Ezekiel Ansah playing the 3-4 OLB, would be my first drafted players to solidify that position, with Vinny Curry, and Phillip Hunt as back ups.

              I would trade Brandon Graham, to ensure another 1st Round Pick, and trade down for more 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Round Picks.

              I like him, but, I’m not that high on Sylvester Williams.

              If Star can’t be drafted, Paul, do some research on –
              Brandon Williams, Defensive Tackle, 6-3 341 pounds, Missouri Southern State. He can be drafted in the 4th Round, but I would sign Free Agent Terrance Knighton 6-2 345 to man the middle of the Defensive Line in that 3-4.

              • I only saw the last bit of the 3rd Quarter & the 4th Quater and will watch the entire replay of Senior Bowl

                Brandon Graham will not Return a 1st Rd pick from anyone GM,
                Probably a 3rd or possibly a late 2nd Round Pick from the Pats/Steelers/Packers who were all high on him out of College
                Bunt 3 years in the NFL, a torn ACL already so not a lot of Production yet from him though he was the Eagles best DE
                The 2nd half of the 2012 Season no doubt.. I still question his stamina and believe he is a 40 Snaps per Game/ Rotational Type of Player

              • He will if he’s packaged with Evan Mathis, and a future 1st rounder. It can be done if the Eagles really want impact from this draft, which is what GMCliff wants for the Eagles.

  • **Eagles News**

    There is a new name thrown into the DC coaching list. Hearing more about LB coach of the Ravens Ted Monachino who has had a huge hand in the development of the beast Terrell Suggs at both ASU and Baltimore. But have to see if the Ravens will allow him to leave.

    Hearing much less about Ed Donatell lately

    • This makes more sense when you realize the Ravens hired Juan Castillo who was probably hired niw to learn their system and take over as Ravens LB Coach if Ted Mobachino Leaves Ravebs to be Eagles next DC

  • Philly Mag’s Tim McManus reports a name to “keep an eye on” for the Eagles’ defensive-coordinator vacancy is Browns LBs coach Billy Davis.
    Davis, 47, has been with the Browns for the past two seasons, and he does have coordinator experience with the Cardinals from 2009-10 and the 49ers from 2005-06. Davis runs a 3-4 defense, which fits Chip Kelly’s preference.
    Related: Browns
    Source: Tim McManus on Twitter

    • Good stuff MH, thnx for info/update

      • MH i thought that was Butch Davis for a second who I would not want here. I just think the hire will come from the SB teams since they are waiting this long.
        “Hearing less about Ed Donatell and more of the #Eagles’ interest in Ravens LBs coach Ted Monachino for their DC job. Will Balt let him go?Played major part in development of Terrell Suggs at ASU and Balt..”
        Source: jeff mclane twitter

        Could be this guy as well. I just hope they make the right choice this time. Im sick of this musical chairs bullshit on that side of the ball since JJ died.

        • I have tons of confidence in chip but there will be no quick fix to this d it Is putrid. gonna take 2-3 years to shape up

  • Don’t know why you have to see how foles performs in ’13 to see if he’s the answer, he’s already been extensively scouted, has more than enough game experience, film upon which to evaluate his tools, good personnel people don’t wait around,tinker around, they make up their minds quickly, discard or build around, Kelly has already made up his mind on foles, he’s either looking for his replacement or his back up

  • Cant wait to see our Eagles players represent the team in the Pro Bowl today! So proud.

  • Hard to really evaluate Foles even though he played the last 6-7 Games
    1) Had a back-up OL with only LG Mathis as a true Starter playing in front of him
    2) No RB LeSean McCoy for 4-5 of those Games
    3) No WR D-Jax for the final 4-5 Games
    4) Played with a Team that basically had given up at the point in the middle of a losing streak with no shot at Playoffs and for a Coaching Staff that knew
    It was gone after the final game

    I am not making excuses for the guy for the entire team played like shit the
    For most of the Season, but I am saying he was pretty much in a no win situation as a Rookie as Vick was in his final game
    All I can say is that he did move the Offense and led them to some Touchdowns with basically a 2nd String Offense and was playing against Teams that still had something to play for as far as Pkayoffs were concerned (Redskins, Cowboys, Bengals, and even Tamoa Bay had a glimmer of hop when they played them late in the Season)
    I believe he will come to Camp as the #1 QB
    With Edwards and a Undmrafted QB for competition
    And see how 2013 unfolds. If he demonstrates that he is not the QB
    Then they will go after one in the the 2014 Draft which appears much Deeper at QB than this 2013 Class

    • I agree with that. Why waste a quality pick, round 2-4, on a project QB when we already have one on the roster? Those are the picks you will have to waste and when you have so many holes on Defense and likely need a solid addition to the Oline, it would be a terrible mistake. Esp with the QB talent coming out next year that could actually be starters from day 1. I mean we basically have no secondary whatsoever in a league that loves to pass. It wont matter who the QB is this season if you don’t get that fixed asap.

    • thats right Paul….on the money

  • If all you say is true paulman, about the lack of a
    supporting cast, then foles projects to be a bona fide starter next year, a qb to build around

    • Yes Big Jake…I agree with Paul. Thats exactly what I’ve been trying to say all offseason. Foles is the guy.

      • Yes I agree Jake and GMCliff,
        Nick Foles is the Starter going into Camp next Summer..

  • Gm you show a lot of wisdom, I believe you will be correct

    • No more wise than you my brother Jake. Cliff, is a humble man with imperfections, and limitations. Ask Lawrrd, he won’t ever let them go. But I do my research, and don’t get caught up in trends, and the popular opinion. I also bounce things off Paulman, to get more insight based on my evaluations.

      You are the man Jake

  • Fraudman wont admit this but he said for the Eagles to stay far away from LaRon Landry this past offseason. And a few months later the kid is in the Pro Bowl hahaha. I said the Birds should have signed him to a 1 year deal. He said noway..

    • There’s a -15 Players in this Pro-Bowl who don’t deserve to be there due the Super Zbowl Teams Pkayer’s not going and other Sraters who are injured and decided not to go
      Now Landry had a nice bounce back Season and actually stayed healthy for an entire Season for the first time in the last 3 Years
      Plus he’s playing today because Safety Ed Reed is in Super Bowl and the fella from Houston Texas backed out with an injury so sooty do again JH

  • You were wrong again, just wanted to call it out haha.. The way he got in the PBowl is irrelevant, the point is you were wrong again lol.. You have another nickname in addition to Fraudman and Fraudfan. Your also going to be known by the name #Wrongman haha..

    • How was I wrong JH,
      I said the Eagles would not pursue him due to his 3 Seasons worth of Injuries
      And I was right.. I also stated that the Safety did sign A Otogwe was washed up and wouldn’t even make the final Cut and Roster while many of you, including yourself stated he would be a Starter for the Eagles when they signed them.. Who cares .. I will continue to call them as I see them..
      Go read ESPN and post some more breaking news you dweeb

      • Dweeb?!? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Landry is a free agent again this season I would love the Eagles to sign him or the kid from San Fran

  • NFL Network reports that Eagles OL
    Todd Herremans has developed an infection in his leg as he is attempting to recover from Surgery..
    Just a reminder that the Eagles need a Quality OT
    Whether in Free-Agency or in the Draft
    Herremans days as a Starting OT are over
    And is probably best suited at Guard at this stage of Career and with various ankle, foot and now Knee injuries and unless he takes a pay-cut, his days as an Eagkes are numbered..

    • My solution – trade Herramans to Kansas City, and draft Larry “War Daddy” Warford to replace him. Todd is older, and I’m tired of the lack of protection from both he, and Evan Mathis, who I am not impressed with at all.

      • We need an entire O-line & Secondary. Is there anyone, in either corps, that are given starter? The entire Secondary needs to go, IMHO, Peters is done, Mathis is an overhyped journyman, Kelce is small & coming off surgery, RG & RT, are blackholes, & OH, BTW, there are no backups either. It’s going to take a few years, to fix it.

  • **More Eagles News**

    A source says that Mike Vick will be released by 4pm monday after the Super Bowl.

    My Thoughts: This wouldnt be surprising, but we will have to wait and see if this actually happens. Vick is owed alot of money next year, so releasing him would negate having to pay him the remaining money on his deal. Seems like they want to go in another direction. Releasing him makes sense..

    • Paulman stated this would happen back in November JH
      How is this Breaking News Dweeb in late January??
      I know I live down here in the Blue Ridge Mtns of NC,
      But you have to pick up your game some…

  • JH- thanks Captain Obvious.

    “Breaking news”

    Water is wet.

  • Sources say Andy Reid will be coaching the Cardinals, sources say Gus Bradley will be the new HC of the Eagles sources say Chip Kelly to the Browns. My sources say shut the hell up and wait for it to unfold. My sources are usually on the money.

  • “breaking news for JH”


    • Bugsy not picking on JH that’s for everyone and their sources. Even though some of them are entertaining.

  • Here’s what I think the Eagles will do in the first three rounds.

    OT – Luke Joeckel
    S – Matt Elam
    QB – Zac Dysert

    If Star Lotulelei is there in the first round they might pick him. If not they get Kwame Geathers in the 4th round.

    • Switch TJ McDonald for Elam and I like Geathers in the third Irish. That might be a little high for Dysert but he is the type QB Kelly likes.

      • It is high for Dysert Biggie; he is a 4th Round Project.

        Kwame Geathers was told he should have stayed at Georgia for his senior year; He won’t be drafted until the 5th-6th Round.

        Matt Elam is kinda slow, and somewhat a liability in coverage; talent wise he should be a 3rd Round Pick, but some teams with less insight, will draft him higher based on just hype…fools gold..no thanks. TJ McDonald is a better pro prospect, but he needs to play behind a veteran, for a year or 2.

        Joeckel will be the 1st pick in the 1st Round. Good because Eric Fisher is every bit a good as he is.

        A lot of guys on here are totally overvaluing some of these players. EJ Manuel included.

        • I agree Cliff, I think some including myself have a SEC bias I live in SEC country so I watch these kids play constantly. Elam should have stayed in school. I like Geathers but he does take plays off.

        • Matt Elam is faster than TJ McDonald and plays the run much better, IMO.

          We missed Earl Thomas….this is a chance to get his twin.

          • Respectfully Disagree. Matt Elam is Brain Dawkins. He will be a stud on the NFL level. He has been my guy since day 1 and I would take him over every safety in this draft.

            I do like TJ McDonald as well but not nearly as much as ELam.

            Lets draft them both lol
            I wouldn’t be mad at all if we did that.

            • Me either. Lol

              • I am not a big Elam fan, poor recovery speed and back pedaling/coverage skills are not very good.. If he was paired with a Stud true Free-Safety and plays down in the Box, that’s when he’s at his best.. In Todays pass happy leagues, both Safeties need speed and good coverage skills for the double TE Sets with more athletic TE’s going out in pass routes as well as having the deep speed to help out CB’s with the fast WR’s of the NFL..

          • I don’t like Elam that much…he reminds me a lot of Reggie Nelson when he came out, and all the hype coming out of college.

            I hear, and see that so many of you like him, but He is one of those I think is overvalued big time………

            • Cliff he’s much better than Reggie Nelson because he’s more physical but Reggie Nelson in his own right has become a pretty good safety with Cincy, he has lived up to some of the expectations coming out of school he just needed to get out of Jacksonville.

              • Biggie the Bengals where trying to trade him because he was being burned so many times. Elam IS like him in that regard, because there are flaws in his pass protection. He maybe more physical than Nelson, which also means he’s more susceptible to play action in the pros, but also, they’re both sitting ducks in the passing game.

          • Irish Elam is nothing like Earl Thomas. When Earl Thomas came out he could play both the Safety, and Cornerback positions; in fact he was viewed as the best CB.

            Matt Elam is no where near that class of an athlete. Really, there is something you guy are neglecting to see, or can’t see with his actual ability. He’s OK. He is a 3rd round prospect.

            • In fact Nelson is a free agent this year, and they are not going to re-sign him.

              • GM you need that physical presence on defense to win and these playoff showed it. Im not saying you and Paulman are wrong about Elam lacking possible skills in the passing game but so did Dawkins. Im telling you this kid is DAwkins.
                And look at the two SB teams right now. The Ravens beat the Pats (and play them really well in general) because they are too damn physical for all the PAts WRs. Its clearly in their head.
                Bernard Pollard isn’t exactly a pass coverage stud. But he will not hesitate to try and kill you if you go near him. His hit on Ridley in the AFC champ changed that game.
                SF has Gholdson. Sure, he was burned by Julio Jones and Roddy White. But he puts fear in people every week.
                My point in regard to you and Paulman is that some WRs/TEs are just unstoppable these days. ALL safeties can get burned. Those guys in ATL are capable of burning everyone in the league especially every safety in this draft class. Its the same kind of thing I hear when people say you need LBs that can cover Gronk/Graham/Davis. Fact is no LB can. See Pat Willis getting schooled in coverage in last year NO/SF playoff game.

                The Eagles need a culture change on Defense. I cant watch this soft style of Defense anymore. It drive me crazy, all the missed tackles, safeties getting run over…If they get Star at 4 and Elam (maybe Byrd in FA) in the second I think thats a quality start to getting back to what Eagles defense is suppose to look like.

              • Pheags, I tell you what lets review Elams career thus far next year, and it will be clear that he is nothing like you think he is; He is NOT Brian Dawkins, and I can show you better than I can tell you, with confidence. With all due respect my brother, there are much better safeties in this draft than Matt Elam; short sweet, and to the point. Totally overrated.

                You do need a physical presence, at most positions, but we don’t need a liability like Matt Elam; We already have that in Kurt Coleman, who is his comparison…….No Thanks.

            • gmcliff,

              Joe Haden was viewed as the best CB in 2010, the year Earl Thomas came out. Eric Berry was viewed as the best safety that year. Both were drafted before Earl Thomas.

              I’m not calling Elam a first round safety like Thomas was, but he is a lot like him size wise.

              • Both Mike Mayock, and Charley Casserley both, agreed with me that Earl Thomas was a better CB than Joe Haden, based on his performance as a CB the previous years, before being made a Safety at Texas, but Thomas went into the draft as a Safety because that was the position he played the year he was drafted.

                He was a better CB than Joe Haden, but chose to go in as a Safety. Elam’s size is irrelevant. He just is not on the same level as Earl Thomas was as a Senior in college. The guy is a 3rd round prospect, and some of you are overvaluing, a guy who may be relegated to special teams in the NFL.

              • I went through this last year with guys saying that Kendall Wright, and Michael Floyd, were better than DeSean Jackson, and Stephon Gilmore was a guaranteed All-Pro, who like Matt Elam were overvalued, and overdrafted. I will guarantee you are wrong about Elam as well. Lets just wait and see shall we. I’ll have my say when its all said, and done..

              • H, and Thomas wasn’t, and still isn’t as good a Safety as Eric Berry.

  • Here’s my Top 4 Picks (1st thru 4th Round)

    1st (#4th Overall) DE/OLB – Damontre Moore (Texas A&M 6-4 250lbs)
    2nd (#36 Overall) CB – Jordan Poyer (Oregon State 6-0 182lbs
    3rd (#68 Overall) OT – David Bhaktiari (Colorado 6-4 300lbs)
    4th (#100th Overall) Safety – TJ McDonald (USC 6-2 211lbs)

    A definite Pac-10/12 feel to this Draft for Chip Kelly is going to want to Select Players that he knows a little about and has seen them with his own eyes in competition and possibly even recruited while at Oregon

  • My Dream Draft if I was GM

    1st (#4th Overall) – DT Star Lotuleile ( Utah 6-3 – 320lbs)
    2nd (#36th) – Safety Eric Reid (LSU 6-2 – 212lbs)
    3rd (#68th) – Guard Larry Warford (Kentucky 6-3 330lbs)
    4th (#100th) – CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson (Connecticut 6-1 195lbs)
    5th (#132nd) – TE Vance McDonald (Rice 6-4 262lbs)
    6th (#164th) – ILB A J Klein (6-1 250lbs)
    7th (#196th) – DT Josh Boyd (Miss State 6-3 315lbs)
    7th (#215th) – CB Terrance Brown (Stanford 6-0 185lbs)

    That’s it for today..

    • And then try to sign a FA OT or 2? That is not enough on the O-line for me.

      • Your right about OT and OL Bugs..
        A Free -Agent would have to be signed for RT no doubt
        I will have to take a nap and have a better dream for a better Mock Draft

        • Oh, I like your draft. Just goes to show that now matter how well the draft goes, they are still going to have holes to fill either in FA or next year.

  • Somebody give us some info on Billy Davis who has interviewed with Chip Kelly for DC.

  • Cracked a 1996 Dom Perringnon this past New Year’s. Should have saved it for Monday.

    • I’m saving mine to crack open when they send Foles on his way.

  • Somebody give us some info on Billy Davis who has interviewed with Chip Kelly for DC.

    I know Norman Breman (past owner) hired Bill Davis Sr. to be VP of player personnel when Buddy Ryan was coach. Buddy hated him so much that he quit. It was funny how Buddy talked about him to the media.

    Billy, the son has been DC for the Cardinals, and LB coach for the Browns, I think.

    • Thanks Irish I do remember Buddy hated him with a passion LOL. So he has been a DC before that’s good to know.

  • Wasn’t Billy Davis married to Marilyn McCoo and made Gold Records as a Duet Group back during the 70’s … Any help here from the older fellas… ..

    • Correct you are paulman.

      • And JH says I don’t anything about anything…. ha …

  • NFL reporting Eagles will pay Vick his roster bonus!! He is staying haters!!!

    • They might pay him the $3 million bonus to keep him around until free agency in March. Then release him – if another team picks him up the Eagles will recover part of that money.

      There is no way the Eagles will keep Vick and pay him $16.5 million next year. If he agrees to play for a lot less money he might be here.

  • Birdo, my friend , learn a different vernacular, it is unmanly to say “haters”, just like it is to call another man “dude”, that is pussy speak, the vocabularuy of the masses, I expect much more from you my feathered flocked friend,

  • GMcliff, please tell me you did not just compare Matt Elam to Kurt Coleman. Thats wrong, just flat out wrong and disrespectful to the future Brian Dawkins of the league haha. We are on opposite ends i guess when it comes to this and its all good. Everybody can disagree and have their own favorites. We will see man. I love the NFL draft. I got into it about 7 years ago. I wish they kept it to Saturday/Sunday event. That saturday use to be one of the best sport days of the year, just grilling outside and drinking all day. IMO NFL screwed a good thing up by spreading it over the busy weekdays for the additional ratings.

    • Your dreaming Pheags, he is NOT the next Brian Dawkins, and yes I did compare him to Kurt Coleman. Thats how much I think you are reaching on Matt Elam brother. We will see. I haven’t been wrong often over a 15 year period. I have a better feel of these prospect than Howie, and the rest of the Eagles Front Office has over the years. We’ll check back on Matt Elam during the season. I hope your ready for a rude awakening.

    • Alright maybe he’s more like Roy Wiliams, the Safety drafted by the Cowboys. Still, I’ll make my point, one way or another.

  • Birdo I don’t know where you get your info from but my sources say Vick will be cut 3 days after the Super Bowl!!!

  • Well this is good news keeping Vick around…the best thing for them would be an open competition come training camp, now all they need to do is cut Edwards bum ass and bring in Manuel to heat things up at Lehigh.

    The best QB abounds as the starter which is fair.

  • The word is that Vick will get the 3 Mill then renegotiate the salary to stay with the team.

    We may finally see a coach who is able to tailor an offense around the talent.

    • Yuk Yuk…he’s had 3 head coaches and at least the same number of co-ordinators who have all tried to tailor an offense around his “talent”. All have failed.

      But the next one….the next one is going to be GREAT!

  • The draft is far away from now we still have the combine and pro day so let me tell you guys 2 names to keep a eye on Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU, Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon the Eagles are looking at 3-4 DE/OLB with height and long arms they will not be drafting Jarvis Jones.

  • Where did you hear this rumor at I need a source please?

  • You guys shouldn’t put things out there without a source

  • I read the story and it didn’t say anything like that the Eagles don’t have to make the decision on Vick 3 days after the Super Bowl it can be made a few days before free agency.

  • Turk,

    It’s just wishful thinking on the part of some people. That guy Jason LaCanfora wrote a story on CBS.

    There’s nothing new on the situation. Just a new guy talking.

  • Great news!!

    No really – this is too good. The return of Vick means only one thing – the assurance that Foles becomes the Eagles QB. We all know Vick will fail. Its what he does. I give him 4 games max if they keep him around before he’s either hurt, or the fanbase screaming for him to be shipped.

    If the Eagles’ keep Vick (and they won’t, but this is just too funny to pass up). Then 2 things happen:

    1 – The Eagles don’t draft a QB this year (and they shouldn’t – the class sucks). So that’s good.

    2 – Vick doesn’t make it till week 5. Last year I predicted he’s be gone by week 11 and I was too generous – I actually think I might be too generous again. Thus the return of Foles by week 5….that will give him another 11 games (and one full season) to prove he’s an NFL caliber QB. This is also good.

    So….nothing but good can come from the return of the former superstar. I’m all over this move. If it takes 4 more games to rid us of that cancer forever, and completely crush the pathetic delusional hopes and dreams of the clueless Songs and Birdo, then that’s just a bonus.

    I’m in.

    Oh wait….the “rumour” came form La Canfora…..damn! And I actually thought it was going to happen for a second.

    • Don’t matter what we see or think its all on Chip, if he wants him here he’ll be here if not he’s gone. Funny this is if he decides to bring him back he goes from this new age football genius to just another idiot in the eyes of people who dislike everything Michael Vick. For the record I believe the starting QB in 2014 will be neither Vick or Foles.

      • True. If Kelly does bring him back he will rightly be perceived as an idiot. (not to mention dishonest) It would go against everything he has ever said about what an effective QB should be. So he was either lying in his seminars, or he’s recently had a lobotomy.

        As the idea that Kelly will suddenly become an idiot is highly improbable, the return of the unstoppable starship is also highly improbable.

        Too bad. I was juiced for the announcement.

  • Agreed Big. This year will be a transition year even if they take a QB (of which none are very impressive to me). I think that we all need to prepare ourselves for a 2-3 year transition here. Too many holes to fill in one off-season. Gotta think long term.

  • The Eagles, as currently constructed, are double digits over the salary cap! In no way, shape, or form, is Vick, ASSomugha, & Cole coming back! The cancerous tumors, need to be, & will be removed! Where do you guys get this garbage? WIP, Booben Frank, Peter King, & PFT.com, all stated, per league sources, Vick will be RELEASED, ASAP, after the SB!

  • This is a Chip Kelly quote in regards tothe qb position per Rotoworld (Jon Harts source) Anyone think MV7 will be the QB next year?

    “The job of a quarterback is simple. He has to let it happen, and not make it happen. We want to move forward,” Kelly said. “We want the ball out of the quarterback’s hands in 1.5 seconds. That does not mean holding the ball until 2.5, waiting for someone to get open.” Kelly went on to say that “every sack is the quarterback’s fault.” It’s perhaps a bad sign for Michael Vick, who has taken 85 sacks in his last 35 games.

  • Per wip Jeff mcclane reporting Dennis Dixon coming to eagles

    • That makes sense.

    • For what, & as what? He’s under contract with Baltimore, & is NOT a starting QB! No thanks.

      • Because Kelly wants him here and you can sign anyone off any teams practice squad.

  • Dennis Dixon. Exciting.

    35 of 59 for 402 yrds 1 td 2 ints and 5 sacks
    10 rushes for 56 yrds 1 td and 2 fumbles.

    This is over 5 years. And hasn’t taken a snap since game 2, 2010.

    Looking forward to it.

    • No surprise that you don’t use the same type of thinking in regards to Dixon as you do Foles…sis….
      No surprise there whatsoever…For a young QB, who hasn’t gotten many opportunities based on where he was drafted and the little resume he was able to put together in 4-5 years, due to being a back up for Big Ben, you’d think you’d look at those numbers in the same manner in which you look at Foles…But of course not..

      @Stevo – true indeed, the biggest acquisition in my opinion will be the DC…This defense doesn’t necessarily need a face lift in all positions, they need a personality change. Hoping for a DC who will get in the face of players not doing their job, who shows some intensity on the sideline and who can adjust during the game. A coach who’s personality will transfer over to the team…All the speculation about draft choices, releases, yada yada is just that…As of right now, the Eagles don’t even have a full roster of coaches…Eagles need a full coaching staff to effectively evaluate player personnel….

      • I have no issue with Dixon not being able to beat out Big Ben. Nor do I think that being behind BB was a problem.

        The problem lies in that Dixon was not able to beat out 84 yr old Charlie Batch, or the giant Jelly Donut that is Byron Leftwich for the #2 and 3 sopts on that roster.

      • unreal you do understand that if a guy can play the team will get him on the field? look at kaepernick– a 2nd rounder gets put in during a playoff run over a number 1 pick…. if you can play they will get you in. there is no loyalty.

        • @HaveNoBrain aka GetsNoAss – You need to get real! …how long did Rodgers wait to take over for the Pack? and who was he sitting behind? I have many more examples just like that one…
          Favre is retired and was at the end of his career…Dixon behind Big Ben in his prime totally different set of circumstances, just in case you try and spin it…

          • 3 years! the last two very uncomfortable years. point is dixon can’t play.

            • Dixon can’t play because you say so? or because he is on the practice squad? Did you know that Dixon turned down the Steelers this season, when Ben got hurt? Guess he didn’t want to relive the experience….You do know that when Dixon did get his opportunities the Steelers ran the ball a bit more on 1st and 2nd downs, becoming predictable and forcing a YOUNG QB to throw the ball on 3rd downs…You are the same as Vinnie, Foles gets an opportunity…sucks it up the first 2 starts (basically equivalent to Dixons opportunities) Foles gets a little better and he has ton’s of potential…does anyone else see the double standard here? Did you know that NFL players have to build resumes like any other occupation? Dixon’s resume with the Steelers wasn’t a long one…Mainly in fact because he never got his opportunity…

              I hope Dixon is signed by the Eagles…When he winds up on the Eagles roster I guess it will be because he can’t play, or because Kelly felt bad for him…

              nothing to do with his ability in the right system…huh?

              • never got an opportunity… poor guy!
                i’m not a foles guy either unreal- i have been cautiously optimistic- seeing some promise, some ability but some holes in his game…

          • Again, the issue is not that Dixon couldn’t beat out Ben. Its that he had 5 TCs and pre-seasons and some game time a nd couldn’t beat out Fatso Leftwich, ancient Batch, or whoever the hell Baltimore has as their stellar backup QBs.

            Its not that he couldn’t beat out Ben Roethlisburger….its that he couldn’t even make the last 2 teams he was on.

            Compare him to Arron Rodgers. You’re delusional.

            • I never said Dixon was as good a Rodgers…you can’t read…this is why I hate conversing with your dumb ass…you can’t read!
              I compared the fact that Rodgers still had to get an opportunity and wait for it because he was behind a HOF QB. Just as Dixon had to wait and never got his opportunity because he was behind an in the prime Big Ben

              • “@HaveNoBrain aka GetsNoAss – You need to get real! how long did Rodgers wait to take over for the Pack? and who was he sitting behind? I have many more examples just like that one…”

                AKA – Dixon never got a shot, but if he did he could/would be just like Rodgers.

                Insult and call names. Use exclamations points to MAKE YOUR POINT!!

                aka – Dixon could be just like Rodgers.

                Then reneg and say….”I never said that….I didn’t I swear.”

                Dude….saying something…and then later yelling “I never said…” (a Realtalk staple)….doesn’t eliminate thae fact you did originally say it. You intonated it.

                Don’;t try and backtrack now. Just makes you look like a whiny little kid who got his hand caught in the cookie jhar and it trying to blame it on his little brother.

                Own up to your points.

              • Firstly, sis….HaveNoBrain…called me “unreal” first..so I responded with HaveNoBrain and GetNoAss…I guess telling HaveACigar he is the same as you, is a true insult and he should be offended…again you can’t read son..Then you call me delusional in the above post….but somehow I am the one calling names…Vinnie, you were exposed a long time ago for the simplistic dumb ass (there’s a name for you) that you are…You only engage when it relates to the QB position, period…other than that I am led to believe you have no knowledge of any other aspect of football…

  • The 2013 QB is not on the roster. Vick is gone and Foles is not the kind of QB Kelly is looking for. Does it mean i dont like Foles? No… not at all. But… back to important things like……

    What does our starting 11 D players look like?

    • Well I agree Stevie, the QB’s this year will probably be Alex Smith with Foles and Dixon behind him.

      • Big, you think Alex smith will make a much bigger difference than Foles would have on this team? Foles is obviously more of a unknown, but Smith isn’t a guy that’s going to make the eagles that much better. I’d rather use the money you spend on him on a LB or safety in FA. But who knows, you mite be rite.

        • That much better *immediately.

          • I actually think they are comparable I think Nick Is just basically Alex Smith without the mobility. You raise a good point though the money would probably be better spent on another position.

    • Stevo, in a perfect world-
      RCB Xavier Rhodes- FS Jairius Byrd- SS Jonathan Cyprian- LCB Sean Smith
      OLB- Spencer- MLB Kendricks- MLB Ryans- OLB Graham
      RDE Cox- NT Lotuleilei- LDE Jenkins
      BU- CB Boykin, CB Trufant, CB Marsh, S Baccari Rambo, DE Thornton, OLB Curry, OLB Hunt, NT Knighton.
      All hinges on FA & getting more pick in the draft.

      • Would be an awesome squad to rebuild this Eagle Defense
        But with GM Howie at the wheel…

        • That’s why I said in a perfect world. I’m not too high on Rosebuds, but I’ll give him this off-season, to see if he did, or didn’t have anything to do with the 2010 & 2011 off-seasons, as Lurie said.

  • Chip Kelly:

    “If the quarterback is not tall, look at his hands. That is the biggest coaching point to finding a quarterback. How big are his hands, and how well can he control the football? The height of the quarterback is not the important thing. No one playing quarterback throws over the line. They throw trough lanes in the linemen. The important thing is the size of their hands.”

    Nick Foles 10 5/8″

    Mike Vick 8 1/2″

    and we wonder why he’s led the league in fumbles the past decade.

    As for D players. There are only 6 I would guarantee coming back.

    Graham, Curry, Hunt, Ryans, Kendricks, Boykin. Rest are all expendable. Going to take at least 2 more years to fix that mess.

    But as to your assertion of getting on to “important things”. Nothing is as important as determining the QB. Nothing.

    • My point is…… all this room talks about is the qb. I think the most important thing for the Eagles right now is getting the right guy at DC. The QB question of Vick or Foles has already been answered…. more Vinnie crying wont change that.

    • Vinnie and everyone else you can continue to drop these Kelly quotes from seminars he has done on QB’s but my question goes to this point. Where are all the pro caliber QB’s he has coached? I’m still looking for one, don’t see any not even the ones that are still back in Oregon.

    • You think Cox is expendable, & you think Hunt isn’t???? You nuts?

      • sorry…that was a mistake. Of course Cox should be there.

    • But Vinnie, I thought a problem with Vick was his height and not his hands???
      You need to save your comments for QB matters and QB matters only…In fact you should actually stop talking about anything pertaining to football…cause you have no clue, son….

      You only guarantee Graham, Curry, Hunt, Ryans, Hendricks, Boykin? I do not see the Eagles getting rid of DRC and Nnamdi both…Plus I think DRC cost will not be high for his talent..With some better safeties and play calling, DRC can be all pro, I see DRC back….If Eagles go 3-4, I think you see Dixon, remain as well. Fletcher Cox was a rookie who has tons of potential and you’re ready to give up on him after one season? again, you feel differently about the QB position and rookies though, huh? I’d like to also see the Eagles bring back Cedric Thornton, a young player who played pretty well in the opportunities given. Trent Cole may be back as well, his production started to decrease when the wide 9 came to town…with that gone, who knows…

      • I think the problem is with his height. Kelly thinks the problem is with his hands.

        • I think the problem is your head.

          • Zoinks!

  • I follow Jeff McLane closely and I have not seen any report on Dixon. Unless I missed it….

    He did however report that Bill Lazor is leaving his job as UVA’s OC to join Chip Kelly’s Eagles staff

  • Ahh, it’s Geoff Mosher reporting on Dixon.

    • And its just another of these, “Dixon makes sense because he played for Kelly” speculations that you can file right with the “Vick makes sense because he runs fast” speculations that are continually being regurgitated on the web and on TV.

      They’re lazy.

      They’re there because the next 3 months are a giant black hole of Eagles’ nothingness (save the DC I suppose) so the internet fills with completely made up speculations to pass the time.

      People should stop reading them and anlyse the information for themselves.

      Eagles will not pay Vick almost 20 million (16.5 + 3 mil bonus)
      Vick says he will not restructure
      It does not make sense for a young coach to hitch up to a breaking down 33 yr old with a rapidly declining skill-set.
      Did Foles play well last year? Yes.
      Does Foles fit what Kelly has worked with before? (at Oregon no – at New Hampshire yes)
      Is Kelly is thinking about other options at QB? Of course yes.

      • Dixon makes sense because he understands Kelly’s offense. I would hope nobody thinks all the sudden he becomes all pro. The facts are Kelly is stuck with 2 QB’s he doesn’t want no matter how you spin it. If he thinks Dennis Dixon gives him a better chance at winning guess who’ll be an Eagle this year.

  • Vinnie…. i agree about Vick… there is prolly almost NO way he wants him. I would be very surprised if he did for all the reasons u have posted. But we know nothing about his thoughts on Foles. Foles played well but he was not lights out or amazing or even as good as Kolb was when he was given the job when the backup. Add to this the fact that Foles is not making much so…. Kelly will bring in a Dixon type player if he thinks it gives him a chance to run the kind of system he runs. Dont get sucked into thinking that he will just become a normal everyday coach because he’s strapped to Foles. His system is what got him the job.

    • furthermore…… imagine if the birds grabbed Dixon and made a play for a guy like Alex Smith (as the philly.com reporters talked about today) , this would give the birds a solid QB depth chart.

      • ok wake me on draft day… as someone stated earlier man there is nothing happening– the stories are being made up

        • agreed. We’ve been talking about the QB spot since 2009 or so. Its old.

        • They are all completely made up.

          I would be down with the Smith idea…but that isn’t going to happen either. Does anyone hear see the Birds pay his salary??

          Remember they are 20 million over.

          There will be only purging. No adding.

          I could see them adding twice cut from other teams Dennis Dixon, but I wouldn’t get too excited over it.

          • Who cares what the cap numbers look like money isn’t coming out of my pockets. Hell they owe all of us for the ridiculous roster they put together last year while being 27 million under the cap. Vick won’t get 15 and Nnamdi won’t get his money either so just bring in the best players they can find and sort out the money later.

  • Just blow this entire roster up and start over.

  • I slam the Eagles for many things…. mostly the coaching for the last 5 or so but 1 think that they do well is the cap. If Kelly wanted Smith I think they would find a way to get it done. As you say Vinnie… QB spot is the most important. They are going to shed cap all over the place this off season mostly by cutting Vick or reworking his deal. But more cuts will come, and thats fine because this roster is loaded with losers.

  • Unreal that isn’t name calling, it is a reference to how you refer to your self by the misnomer of “real”… You keep it evrything EXCEPT real

    • In your opinion……

  • No way do I see Alex Smith coming to Philly.. I don’t believe he has the
    mental toughness to play in such a demanding town ..
    I see him landing in Phoenix and see Matt Flynn going to KC Chiefs for their 4th Round Pick (#97 Pick Overall)

  • Paulman’s Eagles 2013 Mock Draft (Version #29)

    1st Rd (#4th Overall) OT Eric Fisher (Central Michigan 6-7 305lbs)
    2nd Rd (#36 Overall) LB Kevin Minter (LSU 6-1 245lbs)
    3rd Rd (#68 Overall) CB David Amerson (NC State 6-2 198lbs)
    4th Rd (#100 Overall) G/T David Quessenberry (San Jose 6-5 295lbs)
    5th Rd (#132 Overall) Safety DJ Swearinger (Clemson 5-11 210lbs)
    6th Rd (#164 Overall) QB Matt Scott (Arizona 6-2 205lbs)
    7th Rd (#196 Overall) DT Josh Boyd (Miss State 6-3 315lbs)
    7th Rd (#215 Overall) CB Terrance Brown (Standford 6-0 185lbs)

  • Swearinger is a good player…..and from South Carolina…

    Minter is a Ray Lewis clone…,beast!

  • DJ Swearinger will not last til the 5th round. He will go by the third. Watch! I would love for the Eagles to go Swearinger in the 3rd and Cyprien in the 4th. Both can play the pass, run, tackle and hit the s#!+ out of you!!!

  • So many opinions, so many asses, they equal up, you clowns have no idea what chip Kelly will do at qb, but speculate away, you like Vick, the mobile, mostly black qb, Vick, Dixon or Kaepernick clone, he’s your choice, and based on recent results with Kaepernick it’s a very logical, persuasive choice , but ultimately the running quarterback is a fad, like it was when the white boy bobby Douglas tried it with the bears, it will ultimately come down to the pocket qb, who gets the ball to his playmakers, there’s a reason they talk about Marino, Montana, Unitas, Brady as the greatest, they are quarterbacks, he is the field general, he’s not the espn hi light real but a leader of men, the current crop of running quarterbacks, well, just a fad my friends, just a fad

    • Just for fun…..

      Guys like young and elway could move.. and did so. Even favre…. i hate favre…would move. Rand might have won a ring had he not blown out hos knee and almost did again with a great vikes season. Im not saying i like the running qb but…. its going to be around a while.

    • @Jake, thanks for being the ignorant dumb ass that you are, son! You say some of the dumbest shit I’ve heard…we have no idea, about what Kelly will do…But you do? what makes you so special, besides the corrective shoes, the Depends and the thick ass glasses your wear? Shut your dumb ass up, son!

      Times change…people over time have gotten bigger, healthier, smarter…Rodgers is a mobile QB, of course not like the “black QB”…but is mobile, so is Big Ben…they have rings! By the way, our “black QB” hasn’t been a running QB since his ATL days…I actually wish we had more of that this season…!

      • Over the past 3 years Rodgers has run about 1/2 as much as Vick, while Roethless has run about 1/3 the amount of times Vick has.

        Vick 1146 passing atts. 238 rushes. “running” 17% of the time

        Rodgers 1529 passing atts 178 rushes. Running 10% of the time

        Ben 1351 passing atts 90 rushes. Running 6%of the time

        They are mobile QBs. Vick is a running QB.

    • bobby douglass wasn’t white!

      • oops yes he was! my bad! anyway keep race out of it!

  • Your’re right Jake,
    I guess we will have to wait on “Dweeb JH” reports to us with his Breaking News Alerts…once he gets off Bynum’s Balls .. ..

  • You are a funny little man realtalk, do you have a problem with old people, Paulman will be offended

  • I don’t post my stats here realtalk, but if you are in the area, can get out from under the Trenton takes bridge, we could gave some fun at the gym, see what you got

  • per Jon Harts sources ( BGN.com) had posted an article in regards to the shift to a 3-4. In the article it refrences ProFootballFocus.com as doing a study where it listed Brandon Graham as the 2nd best DE in football last year. Seems to be a liitle far fetched, but interesting nontheless.

  • Boy this QB thing never gets old, I can just imagine what these posts will look like when Dixon beats out Foles for the starting job. LOL

    • The Philadelphia Eagles will likely pay the $3 million that is due to veteran quarterback Michael Vick by February 6, according to a report by CBSSports’s Jason LaConfora, as new head coach Chip Kelly is still studying the film of Vick from 2012.

      In other words, the Eagles will take the $3 million loss if the team does end up cutting Vick during the offseason. But they don’t want to move too soon, which makes sense.

      If Kelly decides that he is not interested in Vick, the Eagles could shop the soon-to-be 33-year-old. once league play begins on March 13.

      All the GMs on GCobb.com told me he would be cut by Feb 6. Oh my. Why why why why would they keep this bum. Cut the cord. lmao

      • It’s not a total loss of 3 million. If he signs for 2 million then it’s only a million to the birds. But if he signs for 3 or above the eagles owe nothing… This is a low risk thing

  • **Breaking News**
    I just called Chip Kelly and told him to cut VIck’s ass.. What is he going to find out in a month’s time that Vick;s 10 Year Carrer Record and Tape of Playing hasn’t already shown us Wanna-Be GM’s already..
    He thanked me for the call and concern and saif he would sleep on it..

  • Pro football focus ranked Graham as a middle of the pack DE who said #2 is on crack….he was ranked in the 30’s

  • Graham may have the speed and size to play in a 3-4, but after the growth he showed last year, why would the Eagles want to risk it? ProFootballFocus had Graham ranked as the 2nd best DE in football last year. Whether you agree or not, the fact is he showed real progress last year and is one of the few players on the team to be excited about next year.

    Per bleeding green nation.. I don’t see how it’s possible, but there it is

  • The Eagles need to really pay attention to upgrading the tight end position..Celek is a fraud and have been for some time now. I remember Gonzalez mentioning he was open to coming to the Eagles and losers on here said he was on the downside and Celek was the answer at that time.

    Well, what you think now?

    Celek was the cheaper option….not the best option.

    Guys on here talking Alex Smith but how would he look without Vernon Davis, Crabtree and Gore?

    This team is fundamentally flawed at every level of the team except Shady.

    Receivers? to small on the outside and a slow TE with bricks for hands in the middle..Avant is a warrior but limited.

    Offensive line? Don’t know if the key players will be healthy and if so, don’t know how much they’ll contribute. TOO MANY QUESTIONS NO ANSWERS.

    QB? There’s not one potential SB QB on the roster…not one including Vick…but Vick does have heart.

    I’m not even talking defense yet..

    This team is at least 4 years from respectable.


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