• July 1, 2022

Notes From The 76ers’ 78-61 Win Over Orlando

NBA: Playoffs-Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ersThe Philadelphia 76ers won their third straight game on Monday night, taking down the Orlando Magic 78-61. The Sixers have now improved to 21-26 on the season.

  • This was a win that the Sixers absolutely had to have. The Orlando Magic came into this game missing a handful of their key contributors (Jameer Nelson, Arron Afflalo, Glen Davis, J.J. Redick), and they should have had no business challenging any NBA team.
  • It’s nice to see the Sixers get on a bit of a roll. Even though two of their wins on this current three-game streak have come against the likes of a depleted Orlando squad and the dreadful Washington Wizards, the Sixers haven’t been on a winning streak since November. We’ve seen some brutal, frustrating basketball over the last three months, so its good to see this young team taste a little victory again.
  • Spencer Hawes anchored the Sixers tonight with a 21-point, 14-rebound double-double. Hawes can be a soft, frustrating player at times, but when he’s on top of his game, he actually resembles a competent NBA big man. Tonight was one of his good nights.
  • Jrue Holiday scored only 13 points, but was able to hand out 14 assists and only turned the ball over once.
  • Nick Young put together another solid, well-rounded game. The shooting guard scored 15 points, pulled down six rebounds, added four steals, and even blocked two shots and also had two assists. He’s responded really well to the opportunity to join the starting lineup. The only downside to Young’s game tonight was that he connected on just one of seven three-point attempts.
  • Unfortunately tonight’s victory may have been a costly one. Thaddeus Young left the game with a hamstring strain and did not return.
  • Young’s absence opened up more playing time for Lavoy Allen, who scored 10 points and collected six rebounds in over 30 minutes of work.
  • Former 76er Nik Vucevic has really blossomed this year for the Magic. He’s become a dependable center, and is averaging a double-double.
  • Vucevic went to Orlando as part of the trade that sent Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia and Dwight Howard to Los Angeles. Which team has gotten the most out of that trade? It’s certainly not the Sixers, who are still waiting for their big man to arrive. Dwight Howard puts up good numbers, but hasn’t been a true difference-maker for the Lakers. Andre Iguodala will take the Denver Nuggets as far as he could take the Sixers. And then you look at the Magic. Orlando might not even be a playoff team this year, but they came away with a handful of really nice pieces that they can build around. Vucevic’s emergence has been a pleasant surprise, and guys like Moe Harkless and Arron Afflalo will continue to grow for them. It’s too early to determine which of the four teams will benefit the most from that trade, but the Orlando Magic have wound up making out a lot better than many believed that they would.

Denny Basens

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  • What did that BUST Evan Turner do?

  • Denny, why no mention of your boy-toy ET? XD

  • Vucevic, Holiday and Harkless could have been a nice trio to help rebuild this Franchise and then they could have traded Iggy ,ET and Thad Young since neither have a true position to play some Front line help and they would have been a lot better off in the next 2-3 years then where they are now..

  • Damn I yearn for the days when the little guy who didn’t wanna practice was here. Those exciting games night in and night out. Them playoff runs. Them MVP seasons. Then all-star appearances. Them 50 point games. Seems so long ago.

    • yeah those 10 years where they had almost as many sub 500 seasons as over 500… the ONE division championship, the ONE deep run into the playoffs… wow the glory years!

  • haveacigar — they were COMPETITIVE back then. Iverson made EVERY game exciting and we had a chance against ANY team on ANY given night.

    He pretty much did it by himself too because they NEVER built a team around him. I would love to see Iverson, in his prime, with the group currently on the floor. It’s like they are one TRUE scorer away from being a legitimate contender and thats what he was.

    Yes Dag, those were the glory days. At least the glory days of the last 20 years.

  • and no one wanted to play with him either… its the managements fault they didn’t build a team around him…right, always someone elses’ fault.
    so being competitive and exciting is the standard now? competive is glory days? wow….. counting his partial year 11 they were above .500 6 times and below 5 times. one division championship and one nba final…. thats the glory years? yikes! and people bitched about AR’s tenure as a coach… too funny.

  • Never liked AI or his Punk Possee.. He was a hell of a individual player and tough as they come, but as far as a Leader, and a Team Player, he was a disaster and set the Franchise back 10 Years which it’s still trying to recover from..Free-Agents didn’t even want to come to Philly to play with such a Selfish-Player..

  • ESPN Reports the Cardinals Starting Pitcher Chris Carpenter likely to miss the 2013 System for continued nerve damage in his Right Shoulder and Hand..
    and that his CAreer is likely in Jeopardy.

  • Paulman Reports that Chip Kelly will annouce his new DC Thursday (2/7)
    National Sign-In Day for College Recruits is Wednesday so 2/6
    so expect the DC from either Georgia or Alabama to be named to allow them to finish their Recruiting/Signing/Media Duties for their Respective Schools with their new Recruits..

  • They haven’t been good, nor competitive, since the early Barkley teams. Iverson had 2 years, that can be considered competitive. This team & organization is a blackhole, & a never ending circle of mediocrity.

    • But JH said all Fall long that the 76ers were very competitive Team this Year and a Top #4 Seed in the Eastern Conference..
      What a “Dweeb-Ass-Clown” that JH is..

      • Good way to leave things out dumb dumb, you know good n well I said with a healthy Bynum they are a top 5 team. My memory surpasses yours any day of the week and you know it, quote me right Wrongman Fraudman


  • But Buynum is not healthy and will never be heathly JH, he’s damaged good as Paulman called and stated back when they obtained him.. IN fact I said he would be lucky to even play a game for the 76ers in 2013 and maybe 20 or so from possibly in March, but you stated I was wrong and he would be rady by early December, then by Christmas, then shortly after new Years, then late January, now eaarly Febuary.. You have no Clue JH ..

  • More bs from the Fraud.. I said he’d return around Allstar break since hearing he would be out for a few months due to the knee injury. Again you wanna prove me wrong so bad that your making a fool out of yourself. Give it up Wrongman

  • About 2 Weeks ago you began Ststing All-Star Game return
    Your a bum yum like Will is, go move into his Basement you Dweeb
    I don’t have to prove you a wrong JH for you do a good job of it all by yourself
    I said this Team would be a 44-45 Win Team with or without Bumyun
    And now they will be lucky to Win 40 Games.. Half the Teams in the NVA are a Joke and is not even Competitive Professional Spokrts League anymore

  • Whup, whup, whup.. whup, whup

    Whup whup bynum style, riding pine, stealing green, sporting a sweet Moe do

    Whup whup bynum style

  • Roll the tape! JH strikes again proving that the Wrongman Fraudman is as clueless as he looks. Check out what JH said towards the latter part of the post waaay back in December in regards to Bynum’s return date..

    Jon Hart
    December 7, 2012 – 3:53 am
    Fraudman- JH never runs. He’s very consistent win or lose. They were on a 3 game win streak then it was snapped the other night yet I stayed quiet. I don’t comment off emotion, what I say makes sense and has validity. We Sixers fans we’re hoping to have the big guy BYNUM down low in the post right about now but it hasn’t happened yet though I see it coming in about 2months unless his condition shows no improvement. But we we’re expecting to be where the knicks are right now but it hasnt happened. I expect the Sixers to have BYNUM around Febuary around allstar break then we ll see what we really have with this team because this entire squad was built for a low post presence.

  • Was December 7th two weeks ago Fraudman like you said? What a joke you are hahaha, once again I prove that you are..

  • And still no one cares JH, there are more posts about a practice 3rd4/th String QB than your loser 76ers and the Bum-Ass Bynum..
    So kept researching your old comments Dweeb

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