• August 15, 2022

Billy Davis Says The Eagles Defense Will Be Ready

BillyDavis2I got the chance to talk to Eagles new defensive coordinator Billy Davis today and he wasn’t given us much when it came to what exactly he planned on doing with the team’s defensive personnel.  He talked in generalities about having a defense, which will be on the attack.  Not necessarily blitzing all the time, but putting the pressure on the offense.

The coach said the Eagles defense will try to destroy the timing and rhythm of each offense it faces.  He said they will be aggressive tacklers, who communicate well and limit the mistakes.

He talked about the advantage of playing a 3-4 and not playing a 4-3 because the offensive line has more trouble deciphering where the pass rushers are coming from in a 3-4 rather than a 4-3.  In the 4-3, they know they must block the four defensive linemen, but in a 3-4 there are more options of who you send after the quarterback and who drops into coverage.

I would put money on them playing that 4-3 under with the weakside defensive end up in a two-point stance, like a linebacker, which makes a 3-4 defense.

I asked the coach about specific defensive players, starting with Fletcher Cox.  My question concerned whether he thought Cox would be a good three-technique defensive tackle in that particular defense.  He was all on board with it.

“Fletcher Cox could probably do a good job at all the defensive line positions, but yes he would be an outstanding three-technique defensive tackle”, Davis said.

I also asked him about Mychal Kendricks seeming to be a linebacker who would fit the the WILL linebacker position for him in his 4-3 under defense with a 3-4 look.  Davis said it was too early for him to give any definites about who was going to be where on the defense, but he said he could see Kendricks playing that WILL position.

“You want a speedy athlete like Kendricks playing that position”, Davis said.  “I had Daryl Washington in Arizona and lost Karlos Dansby before him, but that WILL linebacker position is for running around and making plays”.

According to Davis, the Eagles defensive staff is putting together their playbook and haven’t decided exactly what they’re going to be doing, but they will be attacking.  Get ready for that defense I told you about because that’s what they’ll be playing.  It’s one of the major reasons he got the job.


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  • Jim Johnson reincarnated…….

    Lol nah just playin.. Just give the man his chance, for some reason I got a lot more faith in him than any other DC we’ve had since JJ

  • Can he possibly be worse than what we had since JJ passed on?

    I actually wanted Juan to get the guys playing cause I liked him but talk about being set up for failure and then killed without mercy. Reid should have stepped down the second he did not have Juan’s back.

  • Davis will be as good as the players he has. At this point I am hopeful but worried.

  • My main beef with this hiring, is threefold!
    1- He was hired after his entire staff of assistants were hired for him, with ZERO input from him,
    2- The 4 years he was DC in SF & Arizona, his defenses were ranked 20th, 26th twice & 30th.
    3- His defenses never improved from prior to his arrival & they both got completely better when he left.
    ALL FACTS, MY BRUHS! IMHO, they settled for this guy, & it’s a bad hire. Maybe 3rd time’s a charm, & let’s all hope so, but I think this entire staff, has disaster written all over it! Hope I’m wrong!

  • Combined record, of our phenomenal 21 man coaching staff- 280-423-1. That’s a winning % of 39.8%. SB BAAAAAABY!!!! I’M ALL IN!!!!

    • Per Booben Frank’s geek stats! LOL!!!!

    • Since when do assistant coaches have won/loss records? I never heard of this. I always thought it was the head coach who got credit/blame for wins and losses? That’s hilarious! So by this reasoning every single asst coach with a “losing” record sucks and should be fired? Your lord and savior Gus Bradley has a 30-34 “record” as a DC. Would you have said the same thing about him. Of course you wouldn’t. Because that’s stupid!

      • When the f^#@ did I EVER worship Gus Bradley, you jake@$$? He wasn’t even in my top 4. Originally, I wanted Billick, Fangio, Cowher or Gruden. Get your facts straight! I never wanted Kelly, & I still think he is a gimmicky, career college coach, who thinks he can re-invent the game. Every decision he’s made thus far, is idiotic, & mind-boggling! WTF, are you smoking? Put down the pipe! Take your beef up with Booben Frank, he put the stats out there, not me, I just restated it, because it’s a hilarious fact! BTW, the record of a team, DOES reflect on the assistants, being on the staff! What are you dense?!?

  • If Davis can remove the weaklings who get run over by back up running backs and 2nd string TE’s I’ll be happy —

  • I’d like to see Davis influence the Front office to bring in tall guys like Calais Campbell or Phil Taylor instead of smurfs like Mike Patterson or Brandon Graham

    • Are Phil Taylor, and Campbell a free agents this year? Those are two talents that would fit well on this defense, whether they play 3-4, or 4-3, E0S.

  • The Reid years will be far better than this conglomerate of unprovens, cast offs and losers, never thought any one could say that this early, before a single preseason game, but it sure looks that way, now top it off with Vick coming back, it’s almost a certainty

    • By all means go join your baby daddy, Songz in cheering for the redskins. Loser

  • I know on the surface of things, a lot of people hate the Vick deal. But Kelly may be smarter than we think right now. Let’s look at the situation. Aside from Nick Foles, who are going to be the other QBs on the roster because you do need three. Is Trent Edwards supposed to be the back up. He does not fit what Kelly does at all. And although I believe he is a savvy decent guy, I also believe he kind of sucks. So there would need to be two other QBs here beside Foles. Dixon is not an NFL QB and Kelly knows that Dixon is nothing more than a third stringer. So who is the back up to Foles or the starter. Look around. There is no one out there. Alex Smith is not FREE! He is going to cost you like a 2nd round pick. Kelly is smart not to spend the 35th pick in the draft on Alex Smith. He is not making that much that SF has to dump him and they happen to need a back up too. This is a SB contender!! What if Kaepernick gets hurt. They are not dumping their insurance policy for a 4th round draft pick! So why give up the 35th pick for a guy Kelly can see is not a championship QB.??
    What is your other option? Well you have about six or seven holes to fill on defense and the O line needs help. Are you going to waste the fourth pick in the draft on Geno Smith? Are you going to blow the 35th pick on EJ Manuel who will be a 55% completion QB at the NFL level?? That would be dumb when you could get a solid RCB in Xavier Rhoades there instead of another QB you are never winning a championship with. And, oh by the way, Manuel can’t read defense either. And I firmly believe that if you can’t read defenses by the time you are 21 years old, you ain’t gonna learn it. It is an innate skill. You can see or you can’t. And it really is like speed. It can’t be coached up. You aren’t going to teach Vick and you are not going to teach Vince Young and you’re not going to teach EJ Manuel. His ceiling is just limited.
    So why waste high draft picks for other guys that can’t win a championship when you have a skilled veteran QB that can be the first or second string with Foles and some clipboard holder/developmental prospect (that you take in the 6th or 7th round). That makes sense. Giving draft picks away does not make sense.

  • can you believe Juan Castillo is going to get a Super Bowl ring as the Raven OL coach

  • From seeing that the Rams are still looking for a D-Coord it tells me theirs not a lot of good assistants out there to come in and be good D-Coords, I know we can come up with names but obviously a lot if HCs didn’t think so, if you backtrack the new coaches this year you’ll see a few of them took a while to hire their guy.

  • 1st move in FA –Nate Allen has to be replaced ( top priority — his forehead, stomach and chest have cleat marks scarred into it)
    2nd & 3rd move in FA a DT – Patterson and Landry have to be replaced (Size 6’3” 300 lbs or need not apply )
    4th move Pass Rusher — Graham, Cole, Hunt, Tapp are all Crap at least one new addition
    5th move DRC resigned

    • birds should go 1st and 2nd round OT CB
      ——————— 3rd and 4th round OG TE

  • Now we are talking……. focus on the D and leave the qb stuff alone for a min.


    OLB- Kruger. Spencer if Kruger is off the board. Daryl Smith would be ok too.

    S.S- Goldson is prolly not going anywhere so…. make a run at Landry.

    DT- If they are not drafting 1 high… i think they make a push for a big guy in FA.

  • The Eagles are now the equivalent of the Raiders in Al”s dementia years.

    • Just win baby

  • Can we keep the eagles name and move the whole damn team and owner to london?

  • I agree with Jbird totally, but J most people live by the articles they read. MV and Nick are good, The Eagles don’t have a QB problem. The Eagles have a poblem with the defense having no heart. Every time I look at them as a unit I think of milk and cookies. Until they show me different I will call that unit “Milk and Cookies.”

  • I liked what I heard from the DC Davis, “we will look to keep the offense on their heels by the iIlusion of pressure or confusion of identification” which = less predictable defense in 2013… Show blitz, dont blitz, show blitz with LB, bring blitz DB or vice versa. Simply put doing different things on every play is the key ingredient to a successful defense

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