• July 4, 2022

Alabama Cornerback Dee Milliner Runs Blazing 4.31 Forty-Yard Dash

DeeMilliner5Any questions about the speed of the top rated cornerback in the upcoming draft Alabama’s Dee Milliner have been erased this morning as he ran a 4.31 in the forty-yard dash.  He showed his toughness by putting off shoulder surgery in order to participate in this week’s NFL Combine.

Milliner is an all-around corner, who is a good tackler and he stands 6.1″ and weighs about 200 pounds.

He came back and ran a 4.37 in his second attempt at the forty-yard dash.

LSU’s Tyrann Matthieu did a great job in the drills and showed off his superior ball skills by going up and grabbing the ball at the highest point.

Here are the top 40 times in this year’s defensive back class.

Alabama’s Dee Milliner ran a 4.31.

UConn’s Dwayne Gratz ran a 4.35.

Miami’s Brandon McGee ran a 4.38.

North Carlina State’s David Amerson ran a 4.38.

Terry Hawthorne ran a 4.40.

Robert Alford ran a 4.41.

LSU’s Tyrann Matthieu ran a 4.43.

Johnny Adams ran a 4.45.

Mike Edwards ran a 4.47.

Sanders Comming ran a 4.48.


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  • After this combine I have no idea who the Eagles will draft we just have to wait until free agency but I will say CB,NT,S,LB/DE are the major concerns so it looks like we could draft Dee Milner, Dion Jordan, Shariff Floyd, Eric Fisher and the wildcard Geno Smith.

  • The Safe pick is to go OT in the 4th overall pick this year. I think we can get quality CBs later in the Draft like Amerson and the Honey Badger plus we may go after a free Agent CB maybe Greg Toler or Sean Smith or Cox from JAX. Safety will be our priority in the Second, i say we get EJ Manuel at some point, then BPA for the rest of the season.

  • Robert Lester and Jefferson look like solid Safety picks dont be surprised if we go after more then 1 in the draft and or 1 FA or by trade and a safety in the draft.

    Safeties- Rob Lester/Jefferson/FA/Traded player Nate Allen, Colt Anderson
    CB Amerson/ Honey Badger, DRC or Nnamdi, Boykin, S. Smith or Toler Marsh and Hughes

  • Welcome to Philly Dee. There is nothing over rated about him. The only concern to me is Saban never plays man coverage. So can he adapt to locking a guy down by himself.

  • I really like Amerson from NC State who is a Ball-Hawk at the CB Position
    Lot’s of Good Safeties in this Draft Class
    Not a Honey Badger Fan at all, Eagles already have Boykin for that Role of a smaller/quick DB.. Eagles need more physicality in their Secondary

  • I say away from Alabama CB’s for that very reason..
    Look at the last few Drafts at CB from Alabama like Kareem Jackson, Javier Arenas, Dre Kirkpatrick, Dequan Menzie.. All good Players but not the elite,shut down CB’s that they were Drafted adn Hyped up to be as they have all struggled in the man to man aspect of the NFL.. In fact Kareem Jackson has struggled every year for the Texans since his Rookie Season and 1st Round Selection…

    • None of those guys have the speed or athletic ability Milliner has. With our secondary can you pass him up?

      • yes

  • I think we can all agree that Dee M is the best CB prospect coming out of Alabama in a long time. Dre K was’nt even the top rated CB in the year he was drafted..

    Speaking of Sean Smith CB Miami Dolphins…I know he’s been on a low key somone quiet defense the last few season, but is he actually a good player?

    • no we don’t agree…GMCliff says Dee Milner, is fools gold…..

      Sean Smith , is a flat out bum; He can’t stay with a receiver to keep his girlfriend, because all he serves is toast, because he’s burnt on a regular basis.

  • physical corener, standing 6’3. He has not produced in Miami tho.

  • Milliner is overrated….watch him in coverage….good at press but gets lost if he misses…doesnt have the closing speed….

    two best corners: Xavier Rhodes 6-2 210 4.41 and David Amerson, NC State 6-1 205 4.38

    • Jott name one corner who misses a jam at the line and doesn’t get beat. And by the way Alabama is a primary cover 2 defense so he’s played more zone then man.

  • That list shows the’ll be a few good guys there with our second pick, take a stud O-Linemen or D-Linemen with the first pick and dont look back, theirs an abundance of talent this year in a lot of areas where we have need.

  • while watching the NFL combine the NFL network listed CB, S, DL as the Eagles needs so maybe Millner is a serious #4 pick consideration
    Millner did snuff out the Notre Dames TE on all jump balls ( showed me red zone fade ability) — how did Mlillner do against Texas A&M’s Swope?

  • Joekell, Fisher, Floyd, Miller, Warmack, Lotulelei
    these look like the most likely choices at #4

    • Star is out of the equation with his “Heart Condition” which was discovered this week at the Indy Combines Medical Check-ups
      He has dropped off the radar to everyone and is now in limbo until he has some medical attention and a proven plan to eliminate his condition
      He most likely drops to the 5th Round and possibly not even Drafted
      Until there is a plan in place to help his condition

      • while i 100% agree that he is most likely NOT in the eagles plans at the 4th pick….. there is NO way he gets buried to the 5th round. 0 chance of that pman. 0!

        my guess is that he will test out fine and drop to the mid of the 1st round.

  • Matt Elam and Desmond Trufant may have just made everyone’s mock drafts in the first round today, so they might not be around in round 2

  • I want Leon Sandcastle…the guy can flat out fly

    • HAHAHAH!!! Me too Greenfan……

  • With the 4th Overall Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft
    The Phikadelphia Eagles select OT Eric Fisher from
    Central Michigan, the Detroit Lions are now on the Clock

    • Like it Paul…..ALL these guys laud to sleep by Milners 40. He will follow the tradition of Alabama Corners to bustville……….

  • Personally I would take Warmack over Milliner, Jordan, Smith, Star, and Floyd. I also think he will be a better pro at his position than Joeckel and Fisher. I bet he ends up with the better career than both of them, more pro bowls and all pro selections.

  • Im telling you guys….. ALL of this depends on how the do in FA. they have 30-40 MILLION FRIGGIN DOLLARS to spend on FA and I believe they will use it. I am not buying that they will take ANYTHING other than a need with this 4th pick.. The 4th pick on this draft starts game 1 or 2 or 3. NO WAY he sits behind a HERM or COLE or any of that. I expect them to land a DT or OT or CB or OLB with this 4th pick and we will not even have a clue until they swing a HR or swing and miss with their FA’s.

    • you are Stevo, the birds will try to land some Free Agents but will the FA want to come to Philly — beside we all know Jeff Lurie’s incentive scam by now, he tells everyone he is spending salary cap money but at the end of the year he recollects a big chunk of that cap money in unreached incentives

  • You don’t take a guard at #4, that’s just stupid.

    Right now I think the safest bet if we stayed at 4 is Millner. However, I would like Dion Jordan. Just because we need to look at the future and what he can bring. Millner may be able to step in immediately and lock down a CB spot, but Jordan can end up becoming a MONSTER on that football field. We’ll see.

    • I disagree. Whats stupid to me is not taking the best player on the board at 4 (if Warmack is there at 4 he is the best player) esp when that player would happen to fill a glaring need on this team.
      What even more stupid to me is picking guys who are getting surgery because they are already hurt before training camp even started over blue chip talent that are ready to start from day 1.
      Milliner and Jordan may be good. When I look at past Alabama CBs tho, I do not waste a top 5 pick on Milliner. Jordan may become a monster (Warmack already is a monster) but he also could be a total bust. He is too boom or bust for me, he is a project. You don’t draft projects at 4.

      Mayock and Baldinger agree with me here. I don’t think those guys are stupid, they prolly watch more tape than anybody out there. I just don’t give a damn if the general consensus every year says you don’t draft Guards high. This draft isn’t like those other years. I honestly can’t rmbr a draft where so many guys on the top of the board were getting surgeries, or have serious medical concerns. In THIS draft it makes sense with so many question marks on the other guys.

      • Pheags, with all due respect and love Brother, have you given any consideration to the possibility of Warmack being a bust?……

        And that we are right that Mike Mayock, has lost the leftside of his mind, if he thinks Warmack, should be chosen in the top 5?

        How would you look as a GM, with the #4 pick, and all you came away with was a Guard, who didn’t live up to the hype of your expectations?

        It’s a better chance that it comes to fruition,because Warmack isn’t a monster; He looked pretty tame to me this week. I guess playing next to Barrett Jones, and DJ Fluker didn’t help him to look good on tape….You have to consider that may be the case here .I’m sure it is……

      • Mayock, and Baldinger, are wrong every year. Their opinions are really no better than ours….

        • Mayock was a Blaine Gabbert guy with his he is the ” the cleaner pick” nonsense when discrediting Cam Newton — OK he missed Cam Newton but to spew how much better he thought Blaine was at the time is laughable in hindsight

          • And I’m sure you can probably find more names too E0S, that he, and Mel Kiper have hyped, and the have been outright bust….

            I am seriously considering doing my own nation scouting firm, and mocks, and I would hire Paulman, DCar, Daggolden, and others, because if Mayock, and Kiper can be successful, and be wrong, …I can be more successful, being right…

            • Sounds fun to me! Always looking for my next endeavor! What’s the $$$$ look like, or is it pay by washy-washy? LOL!

              • Thanx Gliff, can I get a 2 Week Advance Pay…
                Also, I will be off for the last 2 weeks of April when I have to do a little side job with the Eagle Cheerleaders down in Barbados..

              • Dcar, Paul, we would make at least $250,000/year, or higher once established…….

  • I really hope we trade out of 4th…Get those extra pick(s)…go after X. Rhodes or Amerson….those have been my 2 favorite Cb’s….then in second…if he is still there grab elam or phillip thomas…although there seems to be some nice safeties we can get later on…in third grab a dt/qb…in 4th grab a linebacker…from then on…best available player…im a fsu fan so i wouldnt mind getting ej manuel…

  • everyone is loving Tennessee players coming out of the combine Nationally
    QB Bray, WR’s Patterson and Hunter ( did I miss something or did Tennessee’s offense stink)

    • Tennessee has some very good Skills Players but their OL was not very good and mostly made up with Freshman/Sophpmore who were simply overmatched by the Good Defenses of the SEC (ALabama,LSU,Georgoa,South Carolina)
      QB Tyler Bray should have stayed in School for 1 more Season and he would most likely been an Heisman Candidate next Year and a Top #5 Pick.. The kid has all the Tools but lacks Experience and would be a nice 2nd ROund Pick-up for someone to groom for 2-3 Years down the Road, but he definitely should have stayed in School..
      Tennessee has been thru 3-4 Head Coaches the last 6 Years and just lack any type of Continuity to compete in the rugged SEC, but they still attract and recruit some big time players

  • Desmond Trufant might be worth trading into the first round to get,
    the Miami CB Brandon McGee looked good running at the combine is he worth a 3rd round draft pick?

    • Good call e0, Trufant, could wind up being the best CB in this draft. He’s my favorite, right behind Xavier Rhodes. I’m not as enamored with Millner, as his pundits are!

    • Brandon McGee should be an Eagle ….

  • I was not very impressed with with Milliner or Safety Elam in the Field Drills yesterday.. These Guys have Top end Speed no doubt, but boy, their hands are terrible and were dropping almost every pass during these Drills..

    AT CB – The Players who impressed me during the FIeld Drills
    Dave Amerson (NC State 6-1 205lbs)
    Logan Ryan (Rutgers 5-11 190lbs)
    David Gratz (Connecticut 5-11 201lbs)
    Josh Johnson (Purdue 5-9 199lbs)
    Leon McFadden (San Diego State 5-10 195lbs)
    Kahil Wooten (Nevada 5-11 205lbs)
    Demetrus McCray (Appalachian State 6-1 190lbs)
    Aaron Hester (UCLA 6-2 198lbs)
    Tyrann Mathieu (LSU 5-8 185lbs) Mathieu had a very strong day.. I was impressed to be honest with you, cat-like quickness, catches everything,great back pedal and change in direction..

    • I thought the knock on Elam was his speed?

  • Paulman the combine got you brain washed!

    • Maybe the word unimpressed is a little Strong Turk..
      But the Players I listed I was impressed with and will be availalbe in the 2nd/3rd/4th/5th /6th Rounds and all the Top CB’s will be gone by the Eagles 2nd Round Picks (Milliner,Rhodes,Trufant for sure)

  • Big Red is going to get Joekel…I can just feel it. They’ll trade down and still get the best O-Linemen.

  • Agree 100% Butch. The only reason he doesn’t take Joekel is if he decides to take Warmack or Fisher. He is gonna take OL.

  • I believe Foles was plan A…He said himself on NFL Network that they called and the Eagles informed them that Foles was not available….well before they started the process of trading for Alex Smith……..
    Why don’t you guys just accept that you were wrong about how they felt about Foles. Foles is better than any QB in this years draft, and he is the QB of the future of the Eagles………EAT YOUR HEART OUT, AND LISTEN TO GMCliff……

    Also, I am on record that I would draft Jonathan Cyprian, but I would also draft Ty Powell( Harding University), to play one of the ILB positions in the 3-4, and I would move, and convert Myckal Kendricks into a Strong Safety.

    • I will believe that after the draft if the Eagles don’t draft a QB.

      • Thats good Biggie, so then you will be a believer in GMCliff, sooner than you think.

      • Here is something to chew on, in reference to the Eagles drafting a QB Biggie……..

        The Eagles on Thursday worked out quarterback G.J. Kinne but, despite Kinne’s tweet, have not signed him, according to a team spokesman, nothing is official at this time. But could be by the end of the week.

        “I am officially a Philadelphia Eagle,” Kinne tweeted Thursday evening.

        Kinne played three seasons at Tulsa after transferring from Texas and became the only QB in school history to throw for more than 6,000 yards and run for more than 1,000. He signed with the Jets last year but was cut in June.

        As a senior for the Hurricanes, the 6-foot-2, 234-pound Kinne completed 63.3 percent of his passes for 3,090 yards, 28 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

        According to Pro Football Weekly, he “has good feet and a quick-armed release” and “backyard athletic ability.”

        However, Kinne also has “functional arm strength” and “a low, three-quarters release.” His passes “tend to come out with a loose wobble.” While he “lacks the stature to ever thrive as a traditional, dropback pocket passer,” Kinne “has enough arm, athletic ability and moxie to entrust in a pinch with a controlled, rhythm offense where he could make short to intermediate throws, sprint out and create.” He also “has a gunslinger’s mentality.”

        Flush your aspirations for EJ Manuel down the toilet……..:)

        • Well Cliff considering I don’t like EJ Manuel I’m fine with that, Kinne was actually pretty good at Tulsa and was fun to watch. Backyard athletic ability is putting it mildly if you’ve ever seen him play. LOL . The reason I wouldn’t draft Manuel as I have stated before is he had a very disturbing habit of coming up small when it counted the most all most like Foles for that matter.

          • We see him in the same light Biggie…Talented but not worthy of all the hype

            • BTW, Biggie that article was not just for your eyes, but for all those posters who are so enamored with Manuel….He won’t be a impactful Pro.

    • gm, Cyprian 2nd & Harding in the 4th? Converting Kendricks, is a definite no-no.

      • DCar Kendrick already has the speed, range, cover ability and the physicality to play Safety. Shouldn’t be a problem

        I would draft Cyprian in the 2nd, and Ty Powell, in the 4th, or 5th, Yes, depending on how the draft plays out. If I can move down, and get extra picks, to guarantee that I would, I do that.

        • Kendricks may be too short for Safety too LOL

          • He’ll be fine E0S…

        • When Kendricks was coming out of college…all of the scouting reports mentioned Kendricks had the athleticism to play safetyTons of draft boards, articles about this…espn, nflscout.com, bleacher report…etc…etc…etc……I actually like the idea, Kendricks would provide some physicality to the secondary, thats been lacking for years…Converting kendricks is intriguing…

          • I

            • I would play Kendricks ar OLB along the Line of Scrimmage and attach the backfield on almost every play.. It;s what he does the Best
              Having him 5-6 Yards back where he hets met by Big OL is not his game.. Have him attack, attack attack would be the best for him and the Team.

              • He can do the same as a SS, as well. He can play Safety Paul. It will also put him on a position where he’s not being run over by Tight Ends, or overwhelmed by Massive O-Lineman, in the run game.

                He’s a football player, and should be on the field, but not at Linebacker. He’s physically over matched at Linebacker. Playing him at Safety, gives us an advantage.

              • And prolongs his career….

          • Damn Real are we agreeing Brother!!!!!!!!!! I think doing that would save us from overpaying for a Free Agent, and maintain youth at the position.

            One thing we couldn’t stand about Coleman, and Allen, was all the missed tackles. Kendricks, and Cyprian are sure tacklers. I think it would work.

  • I also think Alec Ogletree will also fall to the 2nd, because of his off-field issues, and the Eagles could have a shot at him as well, if Howie does what he needs to do.

  • A couple of LB’s who I was impressed with at the Combine with the
    Field Drills as far as movement,size and agility, pass coverage abilitiy

    Florida’s John Bostic 6-1 245lbs
    Georgia Christian Robinson 6-2 235lbs (oveshadowed by the big names Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogeltree) who didn’t have great Stats last year but looks like a pretty good Player to me..

    • Cornelius Washington, was also overshadowed by them as well at Georgia, but he is a player.

      • maybe that’s the fella I am thinking of .. There was a LB from Georgia and I thought it was Robinson, but maybe it was Washington who was very impressive in his field drills, his hands and explosion..
        There are some very good Defensers for the mid Rounds for the Eagles to get.. Everyone mentions the Top 2-3 Names at each Postion which most will be gone by the 2nd Round.. It’s the Selections made in the 3rd/4th/5th Rounds that sepearate the very Good Teams and the medicore Teams.. Should be a great Draft this year and as exciting as one for the Eagles in many years.. and very important too..

        • That was him Paul…

  • I don’t know Cliff, it seemed like every time I tuned into the combine there was a Georgia defensive player running around, I like both of the safeties Rambo and Williams but I don’t know how well they cover. They will knock you senseless though.

    • They have some real talent on that team. They came the closest to beating Alabama towards the BCS Championship stretch, because they had the talent , and athleticism to match them…..

      I do know they don’t, and probably won’t draft a QB; With the exception of Geno Smith, I think all of them are serious reaches, in terms of potential.

      But, there is always one who is over criticized, who turns out better than the more so called highly rated QB’s

  • I was surprised at how well the honey badger looked, he’ll be drafted earlier then expected.

    • CB mathiue definitely had a great work out and probably has moved into the
      3rd Round since he can also contibute in the Return Game from Day 1 (Punt/Kick-off Team) and be a nickel back in the Slot.. Probably a lot of Value selecting him if he gets in the right Organization with some Veteran Leadershipnand Good Coaching
      Watch the 49ers,Ravens, Vikings, Falcons end up with him..
      As long as he’s far away from the New Orlaeans and Louisiana, he has a real good chance.. This kid is a player, no doubt..

      • Yes paul he needs to be as far from the Bayou as possible.

    • mute issue to me about Honeybadger

  • Players Eagles have met with.

    Not that it means much, but here is an updated list of the players the Eagles have sat down with at the combine and Senior Bowl:

    Terron Armstead, OL, Arkansas-Pine Bluff (EW)
    Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon (SR)
    Michael Buchanan, DL, Illinois (SR)
    Jonathan Cyprien, DB, Florida International (SR)
    Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego State (INT)
    Kirby Fabien, OL, Calgary (EW)
    Dalton Freeman, OL, Clemson (SR)
    Malliciah Goodman, DL, Clemson (SR)
    Marquise Goodwin, WR, Texas (SR)
    Dwayne Gratz, DB, Connecticut (SR)
    Chris Harper, WR, Kansas State (SR)
    Wes Horton, DL, USC (EW)
    Margus Hunt, DL, SMU (SR)
    Micah Hyde, CB, Iowa (EW)
    D.C. Jefferson, TE, Rutgers (EW)
    Josh Johnson, CB, Purdue (EW)
    Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma (COM)
    T.J. Johnson, OL, South Carolina (EW)
    Nick Kasa, TE, Colorado (COM) (SR)
    Matt Barkley, QB, USC (COM)
    A.J. Klein, LB, Iowa State (EW)
    Eric Kush, OL, California PA (EW)
    TJ McDonald, DB, USC (SR)
    Vance McDonald, TE, Rice (INT)
    Leon McFadden, DB, San Diego State (SR)
    Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia (COM)
    Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech (COM)
    Justin Pugh*, OL, Syracuse (COM)
    Matt Scott, QB, Arizona (COM)
    Robbie Rouse, RB, Fresno State (SR)
    Hugh Thornton, OL, Illinois (SR)
    Desmond Trufant, DB, Washington (SR)
    Ricky Wagner, OL, Wisconsin (SR)
    Cornelius Washington, DL, Georgia (SR)
    Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State (SR)
    Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas (SR)

    • I really like many of these Players and especially the CB’s and OL

      Safety J Crypien & TJ Mcdonald
      CB’s M Trufant, D Gratz, J Johnson,D McFadden, & M Hyde..

      I bet the Eagles Select 2 Players from this Group..
      My guess is Safety Crypien and CB Gratz which I would be very happy with

    • Vinnie what I notice about this list is other then the QB’s these are all speed guys they are looking for specific guys to fit Kelly’s system, Esocbar is slow as hell though.

  • Position breakdown….(which might give a hint at to what Eagles are thinking)

    Eagles have interviewed:

    9 OL
    7 DB/S
    5 DL
    4 TE
    4 WR
    3 QB
    2 LB
    2 RB

    Does that give us an idea of what they’re favouring in the draft?…probably the same areas I’d concentrate on, though not QB and more LB pour moi

    • was Don Smolenski needed there too?

      • Don is pushing the Weddings,Graduations,Birthday, Retirement Party Events at the Link.. He’s been Passing out 10% off Coupons to everyone he meets which is starting to get on the NFL’s nerves per the Commish’s Office

        • LOL

  • Maybe tarketing Ravens Kruger, Texans Barwin for that OLB Spot..
    Plus moving Current DE ‘s Cole,Graham,Hunt to the OLB Pass Rusher’s spot..

    I really like DE Datone Jones from UCLA – 6-4 283lbs as a true DE in a 3-4 Alignment and also has the Pass Rushing & Strength to line up as a DT in Passing Rushing Packages.. Has a lot of updside .. Would be a great 2nd Round Pick-up if he lasts that long..
    DE Damontre Moore has really dropped after a poor Indy Combine workout..
    at 6-5 250lbs, probably best suited as a Stand-Up Pass-Rushing OLB and not strong,heavy enough to put his hand on the ground as a DE in a 3-4 Scheme

    • Love DaTone Jones, as a DE in a 3-4, pairing with Fletcher Cox.

    • Paul, they aren’t targeting Connor Barwin. He must be the Mardy Gilyard, of the offseason this year for you huh bruh……LOL!!!

      • When all else fails GMCliff, I go with the Bearcats..
        Some good hard-nosed Footvall Players from the University of Cincinnati
        They all have chips on their shoulders sine they were overlooked
        By Ohio Stare Program in many cases..

  • your list if accurate is telling vinnie, no running qb, no manuel, no smith, maybe it is foles for the future man would that be great

    • GMCliff has been echoing that for weeks Jake………:)

      • Okay Cliff with the addition of Kinne who is the odd ball at the QB spot? I don’t like Foles I don’t hide that fact but I will say this if Kelly is going with a traditional offense then Foles has to be the guy unless he pulls a Tyler Wilson out of the hat. That first mini camp after the draft is going to speak volumes in regards to who the QB will be and what system he’s going to employ.

        • I get it Biggie , but like I said before, we don’t know what kind of player Tom Brady was, before Drew Bledsoe got hurt……

          Foles, I think will develop with more experience, as well as an Offensive Line, and the absence of Reid…….I think he’ll win you over Biggie, give it time…

        • Tyler Wilson was so unimpressive at the combine, I wouldn’t even mention his name in conjunction with the Eagles……In fact, ANY QB…..

          • cliff I agree Wilson was terrible at the combine, question for you. How much stock do you put into the combine? Myself I would rather evaluate based on what I see on the field. Case in point pro football talk had a article about the white kid from A&M that ran a 4.3 forty and how he was sterotyped, the problem I have with that is he doesn’t play that fast I have watched them play at least 5x’s last year and he was a nice slot guy who rarely went deep.

            • The Combine, to me is about measurables, technique, and mechanics.

              I know some put so much emphasis on it it cost them their jobs, because, their measurables don’t say you are a potential star; Its a balance of what you see on tape, and the clarifying of it, through the skills drills at the combine.

              Your right, tape is important, the most important, because some GM’s, prioritize backwards, putting more importance on a players combine performance, and not giving enough attention to their body of work on the field.

              The Kid from A&M, is really looking to get drafted as a KR/PR. His forty time will get him drafted, but doesn’t mean he will be impact, because he hasn’t shown it on tape.

  • I for one want a olb grabbed in fa and a ss to boot. At that point… we take the best player in the draft.

    • We need major LB help Steveo, if we are going forward with a 3-4. I agree…

  • Not a big fan of CB McGee from Maimi GMCliff
    Hips looked stiff on the field drills, has thin body and just is not a very phtysical Player… Good Speed, but can he tackle and cover..
    I really like this Gratz from Ct, Johnson from Purdue and McFadden from San DIego State in the way they went thru the Secondary Field Drills, looked strong and physical type of bodies who can play at the NFL Level

    • McGee is a player; I like him more than those you’ve mentioned.

      At Connecticut, Blidi Wreh Wilson, shut down the other teams #1 receiver, not Gratz, There is a reason for that. He is a potential Special Teams mainstay, not polished enough to be a starter, despite his performance at the combine.

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