• January 21, 2022

Plenty Of Safeties Available For Eagles In Free Agency

DashonGoldston1The Eagles have some serious needs at the safety position and they’re likely to try to address them in free agency.  Howie Roseman has admitted that the Eagles have trouble drafting safeties and have made mistakes in drafting players at the position.

“To me, that’s the hardest position to evaluate in college football is safeties,” Roseman told Phillymag.com/Eagles. “The guys that used to be the most explosive athletes and were playing in the back end, they’re going to play corner because they feel like maybe at corner, they can play 10 years. You look at the franchise tag numbers, the corner position is higher than the safety position. That is going to be the constant struggle. When you talk to people around the league, it’s hard to find safeties.”

The difficulty drafting safeties is another reason the Birds are likely to make a move or two at the position in free agency.

There are quite a few accomplished safeties in this year’s crop of free agents.

Dashon Goldson, San Francisco 49ers  – 6’2″ – 200 – 28 years old – Goldson is an outstanding safety, who punishes receivers and ball carriers who get in his path.  His presence causes drops and mistakes by offensive players in both the run and pass game.  The young man is also good at getting his hands on the football. He’s probably the best safety on the market and he would bring a level of excellence to the Birds secondary, but he wants $8 million a year.

Laron Landry, New York Jets – 28 years old – Landry is a big-time hitter, who will pound with tremendous speed.  He isn’t the best one-on-one pass coverage guy, but is a outstanding blitzer and he likes to play up in the box.  The Pro Bowl safety ruptured his Achilles tendon a couple of years ago.

Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens – 5’11”, 205 – 34 years old – Reed is a future Hall of Famer, who is still probably the best ball hawk in the game.  Nobody in the game today can pick a quarterback’s pocket and keep him guessing like Reed.  He has a few years left, but he doesn’t fit the Eagles situation.

Charles Woodson, Green Bay Packers – 6’0″, 207 – 36 years old – Woodson is a future Hall of Famer, who has a season or two left in him.  He is still a big play guy, who has great instincts and he can still cover and tackle, but he doesn’t fit the Eagles situation.

William Moore, Atlanta Falcons – 6’0″, 221 – 27 years old – Moore is a quality safety, who you can win with.  He’s got pass coverage skills and he can play the run.  He’s not amongst the very best safeties in the league, but he would be a major improvement for the Birds.   The Falcons aren’t likely to let him get away.

Glover Quin, Houston Texans – 6’0″, 207 – 27 years old – Quin is a corner who converted to safety.  As you would expect he excels in man-to-man coverage, but has room to grow in other areas of his game.  He’s ascending player, who does a good job of coming up and supporting in run defense, but has room to improve.  He has the speed and instincts to make plays all over the field and will likely get better with time.  I could see the Birds targeting him.  He’s young and ascending player, whose cover skills increase his value.

Kenny Phillips, New York Giants – 6’2″, 217 – 26 years old – Phillips is a talented safety, who has the ability to make big plays in the passing game and come up and pound ball carriers in the running game, but he’s recovering from a knee injury which makes him a question mark.  The young safety will have to prove he has fully recovered before he can get a big payday.

Chris Clemons, Miami Dolphins – 6’1″, 210 – 27 years old – Clemons has shown he can do everything you need from a safety.  His strongest asset is his open field tackling.  He is solid versus both the run and the pass. The young fella has started about 30 to 35 games, so he has room to grow as a player.   Quin is a young ascending player and I could see the Birds targeting him.


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  • “Thank you sir, may I have another” quote from Animal House
    “Please, sir, I want some more.” —Oliver Twist. by Charles Dickens

  • they need 4 new safeties
    No one is salvageable
    every last secondary member is refuse not even suitable for the recyclable bin

  • i would rather draft then that list at this point

  • Goldson,Quin, Moore. That order. Draft Cyprian, or Reid in the 2nd, & get Bacarri Rambo in the 4th.

  • Why is it that the 49ers won’t resign or franchise tag Dashon Goldson? Isn’t he regarded as one of the best safeties in the game? Anyways, i will be happy with the signing of anyone of these free agent safeties. Would be an upgrade over the scrubs we have now. And i seriously hope the Eagles understand how important it is to have a quality safety. I just hope they get it right for once..

    • Only thing I can think, DMAN, is they promised not to franchise him again. IDK, because he’s a damn, good safety.

  • This is a very good draft for safeties. Where SF is drafting assures them that they can draft a stud young Safety who is much CHEAPER!

    • Exactly Dixie Fan.. Good Call and is exactly how the Good Teams stay Good,

  • The Eagles will have to get one of the top FA safeties because what we have is dreadful. I’m fine with them overpaying a bit because we’re in great cap shape right now. They need a veteran back there who can also help groom whatever safety we draft. Same goes for the CB position. They’ll need to bring in a FA corner and also draft one. I’m just not sold on Boykin being a starting LCB or RCB.

    • I agree with you on Boykins BTC………..

  • I would like to have Goldson. Give him some of Nnamdi’s money. We need serious help in the defensive backfield.

    I wish there was a way to get that big, long armed, Ezekiel Ansah – and a good starting offensive tackle in this draft.

  • Goldson can flat out bring the heat. Hits very hard and covers the field well. He’s my #1 option for sure

    • I like him too, he can hit & tackle, but he gets wind burned in coverage, & wiffs on a lot of hits too,

      • There are good & bad, with all these guys, but ALL, are major upgrades!

  • I guess that guy Tom Gamble knows him well… Maybe that connection can do us some good.

  • A Couple of Safeties I like in Free-Agency

    Grover Quin from the Texans
    Sherrod Martin from the Panthers
    D’wan Landry (released by the Jaguars)
    James Inhebigo from the Ravens

  • ***33 year old Adrian Wilson, just released by Arizona.***

  • With all of the options, that are in FA, & the draft, at both Safety positions, & all of the $$$$ they have, they BETTER get 2 starting Safeties! They have ZERO excuses!!!!

    • as long as Nate Allen has a locker at the Nova Care Center then there is reason to worry
      I think Sean Considine is better than Nate Allen and Considine stinks
      they need to bring in 3 to 4 new players –
      NYJets brought in Landry and Bell for one spot
      NYGiants brought in Rolle and Deon Grant for one spot
      the eagles need to bring in quantity and quality to fill both spots

  • What a year to be looking for help in the secondary… Chris Gamble just got the boot from Carolina. A ton of help available, no excuses.

    also reported that Eagles will pursue Goldson. I think that was on obvious assumption tho.

    • Chris Gamble is another DRC, fragile,soft and a head case.. Stay away please
      He was a pretty promising PLayer his first 2 years in the NFL and signed a nice extension with the Panther and has played like dog-shot ever since
      and has missed a lot of games over the last 2 Years

      • head case is rite, but talented none the less. I would stay away also. I just cant get over the amount of secondary help that is out there via FA.

        • as a former resident of the queen city, for however short of a stint it was, I know the fans down south hated him.

  • and mentioned by D, Adrian wilson available. Not sure what to think of that.

    • He’s still good, but I think way too old for the direction, this team is going. Veteran FA’s, like Reed (NE), Wilson (NYG), Woodson (SF), etc, aren’t going to sign here anyways, they are going to go to contenders. The Birds have ZERO excuses, because this is the perfect year to rebuild our DF! The secondary options, are deep & mind boggling, in both FA & the draft. They better spend their cap space, or there is going to be an upheaval! NO F^#@ING EXCUSES WEASELMAN!!!!

      • I agree that he’s not where they should be looking to go. My thing is the Davis connection, knows what he wants to run. Screw it. I wouldn’t sign him at all

      • I agree DCar, unless he comes in at a bargain, but I think he looks for a contender to win a SuperBowl

  • Atari Bigbi just released.

  • the Jacksonville Jaguars released their entire starting secondary today.
    Gus Bradley, we’re sorry Jeffery Lurie is a dingbat please come back and do that here and for a bonus we let you release Howie too.

    • Eagleshired the wrong Coach.. Chip Kelley has had 3 Big Decisions to make so far as a Head Coach
      Named Billy Davis as DC
      Supported the new Deal for QB M VIck
      Supported the Keeping of CB Asmo…
      Does Chip Kelly want the Eagles to be his Team or Howie Roseman’s Team.. Chip Kelly has failed the ‘Sight and Sense Test” to this Eagle Fan and seems to be another lappy, yes man for Owner Jedd Lurie . I thought he was more of a take charge kind of Leader and Coach but it appears I was wrong..
      Watch the Jags make the Playoffs before the Eagles do as Gus Bradley and their new GM, clean house and re-make their Roster in thei rlikeness meanwhile Eagles still have Asmo, T Cole,M Vick, J Maclin,D Jax, Nate Allen,etc,etc …

      • pman…. relax. He hasn’t even met half the players. Its going to take time. Vick is competing for his job. Davis is better than anything we’ve had in 4 years. Lets see what happens with Asmo…..

        I dont like these moves either but Im giving him a chance to at least see what these guys can do before crying about it.

        All bets are off however if he fails to do anything in FA.

      • btw e0s- think what would have happened if Andy would have cleaned house when he got here….. would trotter have been trot? Let the coach see his team before he cuts them. as far as Nnamdi goes…. we are paying him 4 million this year no matter what….. id rather pay him 5 million and have him play… lets see what they come up with

        • Different circumstances then, Stevo, the team wasn’t left in shambles, the way it is now! He already had some solid-good players, in Trott, Caldwell, Hugh, BDawk, Al Harris, Ike Reese, Bobby Taylor, Hollis, Willy T, Troy Vincent, Tra Thomas, Brooks, Mayberry, Duce, Garner, & Chad Lewis. That’s a hell of a lot more talent, that we have now! Our entire DF, needs to be rebuilt, & we have nothing on OF, but our RB’s & DJax. Our O-line is a HUGE???? & needs to be rebuilt, we have no QB, & no WR depth, size, or a true #1 WR. This team is in rebuild mode, & if anybody thinks otherwise, is delusional, & in serious need of help! 2 off-seasons, minimum, to rebuild, & by the middle-end of the 2014 season, things should & need, to start clicking. That’s what any realist, true fan, should be hoping for! This needs to be done right.

          • Who on this team, on both sides of the ball, will/should be here after the rebuild for the long haul?
            OF- Shady, Brown, DJax?, Kelce, Herremans?
            DF- Cox, Thornton, Kendricks, Ryans?, Graham?, Boykin.
            ST- Hennerey, Rau, Coleman, Colt.
            Everybody else is trash truck juice, & need to be washed into the sewer!!!!

            • Hahahah!!!

          • So now im not a true fan and im dilusional? Why, because im not screaming for the head coach to be fired yet? Muahaha…. all im saying is….. if you guys think wd can/should cut 40 and keep a dozen or so… yo have lost your marbles. You guys can cry all u want… im going to ne rooting for landing an s, ot, and perhaps a pass rusher.

  • http://wollcott.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/the-porn-problem/

    hey guys… Stevo here. Not trying to preach.. just thought some of you with sons may want to read this. Gcobb… I hope you are ok with me getting this out there.

  • With the Eagles 12-22 in their last 34 NFL Games with the Core of the same Players is not any Progress to me Stevo..$30 Million under the Cap also
    The next 2 months between Free-Agency and the Draft will
    What kind of Team to expect for the next few Seasons and as of today, I am not impressed by Chip Kelly, how much tape do you have to see that
    1/2 this Roster needs to be purged.

  • Paulman with that last post about the eagles have hired the wrong ciach you have instantly regained your status as a heavy weight here, lost with your asmo flip flopping, you have summed it up perfectly why chip Kelly is already on the losing ledger, beautiful paulman, keep speaking the truth

    • Thnx Jake, I have lost some weight recently too..

  • Stevo, why don’t you fucking relax with your even keel bull shit, we have been around long enough to sniff out a loser, we don’t need some pscho babble from you or anyone else to tell us the turd in the room doesn’t really smell

    • Its friday jake…. try having a cold one and saying something nice to your lady. Its gunna be ok son.

  • Chip Kelly is running this team like a college coach, his depth chart at qb is like a college football roster of 100 players, this is the nfl, chip Kelly will get smoked by nfl coaches, two yers for mole boy Kelly, then back to college

  • You guys are clueless what makes Gus Bradley so great because he screams a lot in a few years don’t be all on Chip Kelly jock okay haters.

    • Turk — Gus Bradley is consider a defensive specialist — he watched game video and fired his entire starting secondary.
      Turk — Chip Kelly is considered an offensive specialist – he watched game video and made one change — Demetrius Bell.
      We just think it is funny how Gus Bradley has taking control of that team. Chip may be more successful as a leader but it just seems if he wants to make a change – there might be a form he has to fill out it triplicate; certify mail it to Jeff, Howie, & Don; organize a present a power point presentation on perspective change; and wait 2-3 weeks for an answer.

  • The Eagles made a lot of changes what are you talking about the offense didn’t need much change the defense does and that’s what there gonna do Jacksonville problem is on offense but they making changes on defense please explain that

    • “A lot of changes” ????????

      Release Patterson – basically hasn’t played for 2 seasons
      Release Jenkins
      Release Bell – played what? 4 games last year?

      Sorry if I’m not all that impressed by those “changes”

      And additions”
      Sign QB Vick – we know what I think of this disaster
      Sign QB Dixon – cut from 2 other teams
      Sign QB GJ Kinne –
      Sign OT Ed Wang
      Sign OLB Chris McCoy

      I think the team needs to clean out Vick, Desean, DRC and all the other sideways hat boys, along with Nmadi, and both safties….

      So sorry if I’m not all that impressed with the “changes” so far…

      /needing most changes on the D is correct, pourquoi 4 of the signees on O?

      Kelly is here to rehape the O. That’s his passion. And its why I think we’re all going to be a little shocked when the draft goes OT, TE, QB with picks 1,2,3.

  • That’s why your a fan like I said the Eagles should just let the fans run the team since you guys no so much… Scram

  • Vinnie…. im 50/50 on this. I think its a joke to say cut the team and start over. Its silly really. But…. i want the me me me type guys gone too. That said… who are those guys? Noone says mccoy but if you look at some of the things hes done off the field he really has no class. Then again… we never talk about him do we? Y? Cause hes doing good. Vick however is me me me right? Yet… he never gave up on his team…. i know he called them out at the end but he called them out on heart not play. I cant take issue with him over that. Nnamdi is a bum right? Well…. hes known for being a class act. So… i dunno.

    That leaves me to this…. im going to let the coach do his thing with the gguys alreadybhere and lets focus on the additions.

  • I’ll be honest. The Lesean off-field antics annoy me. The ‘vs Osi’ business was amusing, but the business with the mother of his kid was pathetic. Emblematic of a much larger problem I suppose.

    And yes, his on field production does temper my distaste for his clearly immature attitude towards life in general.

    To sum up…. I get that its a joke to say cut the team. I agree. But gutting the team, and cleaning out the many players that are front running, look at me when its all good, but look at the others when its not (Vick being the king of this group). Has to be done.

    I would not be devastated if McCoy were to be traded….but there are several players ahead of him that need to be purged first.

    • vin, who gives a f^#@, what the guy is tweeting? As long as he ain’t hurting anybody, or committing crimes, I don’t give a $#!t! He clearly is an immature punk, that just can’t STFU, but as long as it doesn’t affect him on the field, & he ain’t hurting anybody, I couldn’t care less! If you want to trade a top 3 NFL RB, you are out of your f^#@ing mind! I agree with you, with your Vick rants, but you are wrong here! Sometimes, you make statements, like you are perfect, never have made mistakes, & never have put your foot in your mouth. Some people like Shady have to learn the hard way. Lighten up!

      • who gives a f^#@, what the guy is tweeting? As long as he ain’t hurting anybody,

        Seems to me he’s doing a pretty good job of hurting his child and the child’s mother.

        When I was young I used to make the same deliniation as you. Didn’t care about off field as long as there was production, but I am older now and approach things from a different perspective.

        I consider off-field behaviour very important. I think about the effect this garbage might have on my children.

        Besides, I find it difficult to root for idiots. And clearly Lesean (right now) is one.

        I find many players on this Eagle team, in its current configuration, difficult to root for. So selfish. So immature. I have a hard time rooting for diving into endzone, chest pounding, finger pointing, idiot tweet writing players. So sue me.

        And I do think that there are a lot of guys on this team (and Lesean may be one) who need to be purged. Cutting Babin (who I never wanted on this team) isn’t enough.

        BTW – no doubt I have “made mistakes” in my past (though we may have different definitions of what a “mistake” is), but I can guarantee you I will never, ever, publicly denounce my wife on a forum that will eventually reach my children. If we have a disagreement, we can close the door and broadcast them to the worldwith it. The idea is to shield children from such issues, not broadcast your pathetic feelings to the world.

        The fact that Lesean seemingly takes no responsibility for his role in the creation of his child, is disturbing to me. And yes, reading that shit takes the shine off the guy for me.

        • I agree Vinnie — financially not taking care of a unwed child is disgusting — Aaron McKie was an NBA player and current 76er coach who once had his child on food stamps in Philadelphia. I never looked at him the same and every time I see him on TV that is all I remember. But the mother of McCoy’s child may have wanted more money than the law required. The only info we have is the info on the twitter page re-published. She may have some unrealistic idea of spending the child’s money on herself and improving her life style through court ordered child support.

        • Agree all around. And thats y… i dont buy into the player worship crap. I root for the eagles.

          And my point in bringing up his name was simple… all thos crying from people about the kind of guys we have and his name is never mentioned.

        • vin, first off, she ain’t his wife, she was a 1 night stand, by clearly a gold digging groupie. Both of them are @$$holes, for airing their grievances, in social media! That is the reason why I don’t deal with social media, & monitor my teenage Daughters use of it, & teach her right from wrong. The kid is who I feel bad for, not her, & he needs to be a man, & take care of his responsibilities. I am a Father of 4, & a Grandfather, going on 2, so I know where you’re coming from. Also, how is his actions, going to effect your Children? If you ALLOW, anything, or anyone elses actions effect YOUR kids, you ain’t doing a good job parenting. Good qualities, right from wrong, is your job to instill. That comment, is asinine! Like I said, he hasn’t commited any crimes, & hurt anyone. The only thing he is guilty of, is being an immature, punk @$$, absentee Dad. He has no obligation to her, gut the kid, in which he needs to grow up & make right. It takes more than $$$$ & child support, to make a Father. So, stop with your holier than thou BS! We agree, he’s a d!c#, but you don’t trade a top 3 RB, for being immature, unless it’s affecting the team!

          • In no way, is he innocent, nor am I saying he’s a great guy, but you get carried away sometimes, with your comments. You come off, holier than thou, & think that everyone needs to be perfect. He’s a young punk, who needs an old head, to get in his ear, & not just kiss his @$$!

            • My point in all of this BS, what you is, if everyone worried about fixing, protecting & teaching their own house, instead of worrying about & criticizing others homes, the world will be a better place! Sports & Athletes are there for entertainment, not to raise your children, or fix your household. If you don’t instill the qualities in your kids & household, & allow outsiders to effect it, that’s your fault, not immature, nitwits, like Shady!

  • ***William Moore, re-signed with Atl.***
    1 down. Damn it! He is who I would have liked, but there are still lots to pick from.

    • He’s overhyped, Goldson is much better anyway

  • Vinnie…. there is more on mccoy then just that.. he is known for standing people up at events and then lying about it. But again… we dont say anyrhing necause its mccoy. And for the record… they better not trade him. Hes all we have.

    So whats my point? You speak out of both sides of your mouth and u never say anything new..

  • Atlanta re-signed S Moore
    Buffalo re-signed CB McKelvin
    KC – signed CB Robinson
    and it looks like Jacksonville will go CB Dee Milliner in the draft
    Howie jump in their and get some help!

  • Teams on the way up
    Chiefs, Falcons, Bills, Browns, Cowboys, Seahawks, Vikings, Broncos, Texans, Jaguars, Dolphins..
    Teams still in Denial, the Philadelphia Eagles..

  • How are the Chiefs on the way up please Paulman

    • Hires a Winning HC in the NFL, hired an up and coming GM from the Packers, hired a solid DC in Dutton, hired the best Soecial Teams Coach in the anFL from the Bears
      Traded for QB Alex Smith for a 2nd Round Pick who is better than any QB in this 2013 Draft and resigned WR D Bowe and Franchised Lat Brandon Albert who both these Players probably would have booted if not for Coach AR
      And they hold the 1st Round pick.. I would say that’s heads and above what the Eagles have done about their GM, HC, QB, WR & OT positions thus far..

  • Who cares about the chiefs anyway? Not me. If andy won the sb at the end of this year it wouldnt matter…. it was time to go… it was time 5 years ago.

    Chiefs got themselves a qb who was good for 2 years and bad for the rest. Yes… they are looking better on paper but… weve seen that before.

  • Eagles in denial because the owner thinks his boy and his picks, free agency acquisitions is not the reason for the teams abysmal performance over the past two seasons, coincidentally two yesrs ago they promoted this nobody to gm, then now they hired a yes man coach to lap the acorns, aka known as howie’s balls, that howie picked the right players, Vick can play qb, Nnamdi can play, because howie nerd says so, this franchise is in shambles…..denial is putting it kindly…..Andy Reid for all his faults will make this amateur Kelly look like a pop Warner coach in comparison

  • I care about the chiefs, because when Andy lays an ass whupping on Kelly and his band of losers maybe the owner will get a clue

  • Sourgrapes jake. Let him go. Good for andy if he has learned that a dc matters. The chiefs are nothing to us. Its prolly going to take 2 or 3 years for us to jump up.

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