• July 7, 2022

Eagles Have Completely Rebuilt Secondary Through Free Agency

kphillThe Eagles addressed their defensive backfield on the third day of the free agency with the additions of Safety Kenny Phillips, formerly of the New York Giants and Cornerback Cary Williams, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens.

Adding Phillips and Williams to the signings of Bradley Fletcher and Patrick Chung on Tuesday, the Eagles have completed an overhaul of their defensive backs.

As it stands now, prior to training camp and any competition, the Eagles could have an entirely fresh defensive backfield for 2013. Cary Williams, who spent his first five years in the league with the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens, is another tall cornerback standing 6-1 and weighing in at 190 pounds. He is the second oldest of the free agent signings at 28 years old but flew under the radar until starting 16 games in both 2011 and 2012.

Williams broke out in 2012 on his way to a Super Bowl victory with the Ravens. With two postseason interceptions, including one in the AFC Championship Game, Cary Williams had a total of six interceptions and 23 passes defensed in 2012. Williams is an immediate starter with the Eagles who currently have only five cornerbacks on their roster (Fletcher, Boykin, Hughes, Marsh).

The Washburn graduate and Miami native played 1431 snaps for the Ravens in 2012, the most by any player in the NFL. With a reported $17 million deal for three years ($10.5M guaranteed), the Eagles will need to get the same sort of production from Williams.

The Eagles also added a safety to flank Patrick Chung, one of the first five signings on day one of free agency, in Kenny Phillips. Phillips’ deal is only one year that is fully guaranteed as long as he makes the roster. The Miami U grad has 56 career games under his belt in his first five seasons with the New York Giants. Standing 6-2 and 217 pounds, Phillips is another big safety that is a clear upgrade from the 2012 starters of Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman.

Phillips has had some injury concerns throughout his five year career but at only 26 years old, he has more upside than the remaining, older safeties on the market. The newest Eagles safety also adds eight career interceptions, a career-high four in 2011, to the secondary.

Phillips, Williams, Bradley Fletcher and Patrick Chung are also much more sure tacklers than the secondary for the Eagles a season ago. In 2012, the four missed a total of 11 tackles while combining for 168 tackles throughout the season. Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, Nnamdi Asomugha, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie missed a total of 46 tackles in 2012, more than four times as many as the new Eagles secondary.

Of course, the secondary positions are still up for competition but it is almost guaranteed that the new players are starters week one. The Eagles staff has a way of keeping negotiations under the radar and not letting information out until they are a done deal. Speculation rose that the Eagles were not done in free agency and they showed that they weren’t by adding two more starters to their free agency haul.

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Brenden Peddigree

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  • Love these pickups underrated, young players will help immensly i think they will go after OT maybe another position an thats it. then sign practice players for mini camp then draft an pick up UDP from draft.

  • Now Draft Kenny Vaccaro, or Matt Elam…Along with Dion Jordan with the number 4 pick…If that happens… anybody else think the Birds wont be contenders this season?

  • I wouldn’t say our secondary is completely rebuilt but it is better than last year. I think they brought in players that actually like to play on Sundays which is different than what we had last year.

    It seems like they are targeting players from winning organizations this year.

  • With these pickups and the rumor their on the verge of picking up LB Conner Barwin from the Texans, it’s looking more and more the Eagles are gonna draft an O-Linemen or Geno Smith, everyone is saying he killed it at his pro day and his stock is shooting up.

    • Completely agree.

  • Great moves eagles just finalized the Conner Barwin deal, great moves today. We should rename the eagles the Philly Texans LOL.

  • Dam with these moves we can actually look at some offensive players in the draft as well. GREAT PICK UPS FLY EAGLES FLY.

  • Geno Smith is growing on me. I think coming out of college he has more potential than Kaepernick and Wilson when they were in college. Those players are turning out to be fine so if its their choice to draft Geno Smith then im on board with that.

    Im SLIGHTLY more optimistic today than I was yesterday about this team how ever im still not seeing the shut out ability Chip was talking about.

  • Eagles Starting D as of Today
    Base Defense
    LDE Fletcher Cox, NT Issac Soapaga RDE Cedric Thornton
    LOLB Graham ILB Kendricks ILB Ryans ROLB Barwin
    CB – Carey Williams , Bradley Fletcher , Nickle CB Boykin
    Safety – Kenny Phillips , Patrick Chung

    On Passing Downs
    the D/L line would have DE’s Vinny Curry & Brandon Graham and slide Players Cox/Thornon to Pass Rushing DT’s)

    Odd Players left out that can be Trade Material or Flat-out Released
    Trent Cole, Phillip Hunt, Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman

    • Paulman, I could live with that D even though we know theirs gonna be more pieces added, but what a difference, I love it just for the fact that they knew high draft picks and big name FAs or not, that D they put on the field last year was a disgrace and by these moves they knew it too, we gotta give them credit for that.

    • Paulman— Trent Cole has guarantee money like Vick and Nmandi.
      6 million this year if cut.

      • Which is why they trade him even for a 6th Round pick if they need to

        • Winston Justice had a similar contract last year and they rid themselves with it by switching 6th round picks, so it is possible.
          But I think they give Trent a year before they dismiss him totally, He may find a renewed enthusiasm with all these changes and the on coming end of his football career.

        • Agreed Paul. He needs to go. He needed to go regardless of today’s moves.

    • I don’t think Bradley Fletcher will be a starter, and to me Brandon Graham seems odd for this Defense, I don’t think he will be dominant at all, and I would trade him……..I know, I know, he had a good season last year.

      Did he have a good season, or was this the best season he’s had in his career so far. I agree he did better, but I’m still not impressed enough to think that I can’t get an upgrade from him……….

      All I’m going to say is remember what I told you guys last year when I suggested that Jason Babin, after 18 sacks be traded…Remember, I told you so.

  • I have a question, they just signed Barwin for 6yrs at around 36mill, does that mean Cole or Graham is out of here?

  • Probably Cole AP but not Graham, I think Graham may flourish in the 3-4 scheme.

    • I agree pdiddy, I believe Graham is gonna surprise us all and flourish with this new system.

      • Andrew, agree with you again. Thank you for posting all my thoughts today.

  • you forget we still have darryl tapp on the eagles.

  • Pman I think Vinny Curry will battle with Thornton at that RDE spot.

    • pdiddy, Curry is too small, for 3-4 DE.

    • Curry would be the OLB in a 3-4, and will flourish more so than Brandon Graham at that position. With Conner Barwin on the other side. I would draft Ziggy Ansah, to play behind him for a year or two, and in case Barwin is injured, for security.

      At this point Thornton is one of the starting DE’s along with Fletcher Cox

  • Cole is gone, they will see if they can sucker somebody into giving them a draft pick if no takers he’ll be released. This roster is going to be totally different after the draft. I like it

  • Appears they liked Cary Williams more than Sean Smith. Smith got 3 for 18 mil. Williams went for 3 years and 21 million.

    • Or Sean Smith, liked the Chiefs more than he liked the Eagles….

    • Which is Okay, because Sean Smith is a touchdown, or big play waiting to happen…..

  • I can see Trent Cole traded to the Colts for a 4th Round Pick or Possibly to the Titans.
    Nate Allen will probably be packaged to the Carolina Panthers along with one of the Eagles 7th Round Picks for the Panthers 6th Round Pick
    Hunt will not make it, Jamar Cheney will not make it and get released come SUmmer ..

    • Glad to see you’ve backed off the 2nd or 3rd… The eagles have no leverage… 6th probably

    • Falcons? Vikings?

      • Jets!!

  • And I come back off of vacation to this??? Where are all you Howie Haters at now huh?!?! Haha all I read is love love love. Fraudman the ring leader, when just a few months ago he was killing Howie and saying how incompetent he is and what a mistake it is to have him as the GM, etc etc. Obviously the Wrongman Fraudman has not a clue what hes talking about as usual (Confirmed. nothing changes there). But now loves the moves that Howie made happen? Give me a break, what a clownman haha..

    As for myself, I really really like all of the signings. Not one of them were a terrible pick up. They revamped the secondary with a bunch of SB experienced guys. Adding guys with SB experience and from winning organizations has a huge impact on setting the culture of the team. Winning will be paramount. Got guys these past few days that have made it there custom to make plays. I like CB C. Williams and C Barwin alot along with a under the radar signing of DT I. Sopoaga. Not breaking the bank deals or huge names, but quality signings, guys that you know will practice hard and come to play hard every single game and want to win. Great off season moves thus far..

    • I didnt have an opinion on howie but I am starting develop one and its not a good opinion. Cary Williams is awful and his stats show it. the Samoan is a dt who can’tush the pile , doesn’t draw double teams and can’t pressure the qb. barwin is just a guy and is not a playmaker and never has been. Chung has been the pats version of Nate Allen. all these signings are out of need and are fill ins for now. our 2ndary has the floor to be worse than last year and the ceiling of being ranked in the low 20s.

      I do like the Casey signing though.

    • I don’t believe my eyes — is that you —Show Ya Luv boy.
      why haven’t you been talking basketball lately, in particular talking Jrue Holiday ?

  • John hart…we thought you were buried in DCAR basement… Go to a sixers article you are toast

    • Oye vey! Just when we thought he was gone, HE’S BACK! His vacation, was meant to say prison term!

      • hahaha!!!

  • sounds and looks like howie got taken to the woodshed.

    Eagles signed OLB Connor Barwin, formerly of the Texans, to a six-year, $36 million contract.
    The money is shocking for a player who lacks explosive edge-rush ability, a necessity for 3-4 outside ‘backers. The contract also calls into question Trent Cole’s future in Philadelphia; Cole signed a brand-new six-year, $59.3 million contract last March but his performance dipped and the Eagles are now changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Cole has never played in a 3-4. Barwin, 26, managed three sacks across 18 starts in Houston last season, including the playoffs. The Eagles are going to be disappointed if they believe he’ll spark their pass rush.

    • Trent Cole is going no where — He signed an extension last off-season with pre-paid guarantee money up front. He has already been paid for 2013, 2014, 2015.

      • Fuck last year’s defense. Seriously. Fuck ‘em. Everyone who played in that secondary was a disgrace to the uniform. Everyone except Kurt Coleman because he played hard and his only problem is that he’s terrible. DRC out there scared to tackle and Nnamdi back-peddling pondering string theory while getting burned by every receiver with two legs. Fuck that defense. Glad to see Chip and Howie understood that the whole culture and talent needed to be turned over.

        • Can I get a amen. LOL

          • Amen

    • Real deal is 3 yrs, 13.5 million. Pretty team friendly.

  • Yea these are very high character guys… Well if everyone says so…


  • Given the medical history of Phillips, I think it wise to keep Allen. (a drafted safety will probably compete and backup with Chung). Who is going to play RDE? Thornton? Seriously? I see us drafting Floyd and plugging him into RDE. In effect he and Cox would be bookends. Not sure if Cole stays. We’ll see…

    • I see the Eagles getting another #1 pick, and drafting Star Lotululei, or Sheldon Richardson to play the DE spot behind Thornton for at least the beginning of the season.

      I like both of those guys more than I like Shariff Floyd……………

  • now we’re talking…way to go.

  • these moves tells me the they get it…..They finally get it.

    Now we need to get a serious tall, strong receiver that pushes our starters and trade or cut Riley Cooper.

    • so now they finally get it? but yesterday morning they didn’t according to you. let them play out their plan… they made some on paper decent moves-i still think some of these moves are stop gap while they develop some of their own but its a decent start.
      now on to QB!

  • I heard Kurt Coleman is being traded to Juan Castillo for shredded cheese covered Burrito.

    Juan is still crying and thinking about Kurt working hard to take care of his family.

  • Cedric Thornton will not and shouldn’t be starting at any DE spot, even at his size I would just have Trent Cole keep his hand on the ground and stay at DE.

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