• August 14, 2022

Eagles Have Five Legitimate Choices At The Number Four Spot

EricFisher5Birds GM Howie Roseman is at the NFL Owners meetings in Phoenix and he talked about the team’s thinking regarding the fourth pick in the first round of the upcoming draft.

“When you’re at four it’s a smaller pool of players that you’re looking at with that pick. You’re not looking at 10 players,” Roseman said at the NFL owners meetings. “You’re down at this point to six or seven names.”

I see not six or seven, but five players who the Birds might select with that number four pick in the first round of the draft.

Left tackle Luke Joeckel is considered a can’t miss prospect out of Texas A&M.  He’s only a junior but has been a starter since he came to the university as a freshman.  Joeckel was dominant in the toughest college football conference in the nation.  He’s got great size, good feet and tremendous technique, but wasn’t outstanding at the NFL Combine.  I say so what, he dominated during the season, which is what really counts.  I could see the Birds drafting Joeckel if he’s there because he would be the best player on the board and he’s considered a sure thing.

I got a chance to get an upclose look at another left tackle Eric Fisher of Central Michigan at the Senior Bowl and he was very impressive.  He’s got great size 6’7″ 305, and quickness.  Plus he’s got great discipline and is technically sound.  Of course the conference he played in wasn’t on the same level as the SEC, but he kicked a lot of butt in Mobile, Alabama.  He could end up being better than Joeckel because he’s more aggressive.  I could see the Eagles grabbing Fisher at the number four spot because they probably have him listed very close to Joeckel on the draft board.

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith is clearly one of the players that the Birds might use that fourth pick in the first round on.  Smith has a great arm, good size, great speed and plenty of playmaking ability to interest the Birds at that number four spot.  There were some questions about his footwork, but he’s been working on his fundamentals and his accuracy in throwing the deep ball.  Smith was expected to go amongst to the second ten until he shined at the NFL Combine and at his Pro Day workouts.  Now there’s a good chance the Birds won’t even get a shot at him.

Oregon linebacker/defensive end Dion Jordan is an athletic freak who would be a great fit as the weak outside linebacker for the Birds.  He would be rushing the passer or covering tight ends and he’s shown us during his college career that he will be very adept at either task.  Jordan stands 6’6″,  weighs 248-pounds, but runs a 4.5 forty yard dash.  He’s considered the most versatile defensive player in draft.   I wouldn’t be surprised if the Birds draft Jordan since Chip Kelly knows him very well from their time together at Oregon.

Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner went into the NFL Combine as the country’s top rated cornerback, but there were questions about his speed.  Well the 6’1″ 200 pound Crimson Tide defensive back blazed a 4.37 in the forty and answered all the questions.  Milliner is a complete corner, who can cover in a press technique or when backed off of the wide receiver.   He’s also a solid tackler, who has no problem coming up and pounding a ball carrier.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Birds were to grab Milliner at the number four position in the draft.

I doubt the Eagles will draft local product, Florida defensive tackle, Sharrif Floyd with their top pick because I don’t think they’re willing to invest two number one picks in the same position, one year after the other.  Last year the Birds selected Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox with their first pick.  I think they would love to line them both up side by side in the defense but it would mean ignoring needs at numerous other positions.

I don’t think they will draft Chance Warmack or North Carolina’s Jonathan Cooper because they’re guards and the Eagles still have got a bad taste in their mouths from the Danny Watkins selection.

BYU defensive end Ezekiel Ansah is a tremendous specimen but he hasn’t even started for a full season in college.  Despite his amazing numbers, you can’t use the fourth pick in the draft on somebody who hasn’t shown they can be a star in college ball.  It just doesn’t make sense.

There no way they could select a player who barely has a college resume like Brigham Young defensive end Ezekiel Ansah.  This guy is past raw.  He probably doesn’t know all the basic rules of the game very well.

On a side note, it wasn’t a shock to me to learn that the Cleveland Browns have a private workout scheduled with West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith.  Of course you know that the Eagles had a workout with Smith on Monday of last week.  Now former Eagles President Joe Banner and Cleveland will take a close look at Smith.

I don’t think the Browns are looking at Smith solely because the Eagles took a close look at him, but it could be part of the reason for them looking at him.  There’s an article on Philly.com today about Banner burying the hatchet between he and his longtime friend Jeffrey Lurie.  I hope that’s the case, but I wouldn’t put any money on it.


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  • Eagles granted a 7th round compensatory pick.
    Joeckel, Fisher, Jordan, Smith, Milliner ( I choose the OT either or) 17 points a game last year was brutal to watch, they never scored last season. Offense in the 2nd round too. I’d rather watch the Eagles lose 42- 28 next year than lose 28-17 like last year.

    • Just to be clear.

      That was 17 pts.game over the first 9 games. 22 pts/game over the next 6, then back to under 17 for the final game.

  • Chase Utley fuckin stinks

    • Agree, he is beyond stench though more rancid now

  • Ezekiel Ansah should be in that group. It’s hard to find the athleticism that Ziggy (I think they call him) possesses in a (6-5, 271) body.

    Every team that passes on this guy will regret it for years.

    • Except he might be closer to 30 then 20. He does have freak like athletic ability.

      • Maybe the 76ers Can Sign him if he can’t make his mark with the Eagles..

  • Did’nt Texas Tech blow Geno Smith out 49 -14? And hen Kansas State 55-14? Both teams were really good I know, but still he only dropped 14 in both games? Both teams were blitzing teams as well that loved to put the pressure on the QB.. The NFl Does this better than anybody.. Geno will be a bust. Write it down, take a picture whatever you want to do.

    We need to go DE or LB in the 1st round, then Safety in the 2nd. Invest High in our QB next year if Nick Foles or Dennis Dixon are bust, and an Olinemen in next years draft.

    • While I agree with much of your post CT, it’s hard to predict who will be available next year at QB. I really don’t see this team having a top 10 pick which is likely where QBs Manziel, Bridgewater, and Boyd will go.

      As for Dixon being a bust, he was a practice squad player on a team that didn’t even have a premiere QB. Although, I’d probably be more comfortable with him running this offense as opposed to Vick.

      If Geno is not the guy, they’ll look long and hard at EJ Manuel in the 2nd round.

  • KC takes Joeckel at 1 and there’s no way Smith makes it past the QB needy Raiders, QB needy Jags, or QB needy and ready to trade up Cards or Bills.

    One of those 4 (2 of whom are above the Birds) take Smith.

    That leaves Fisher, Milner and Jordan. Any would be good, but for value (longevity + game impact), they run Fisher, Milner, Jordan.

    • If that happens, I think Fisher is the best pick. And then I think long and hard about pulling the trigger on EJ Manuel in round 2 unless Matt Scott is someone the Eagles are high on for Chip’s offense.

  • 2 Surprise Players who could be Eagles Pick at #4

    1 – OT Lane Johnson (6-6 303lbs) and the most Athletic OT with the most upside and would probably be a better fit playing in a up-tempo, Variation of a RO Option Offense that Kelly is likely to employ
    2 – WR Cordarelle Patterson (6-2 216lbs) is the Top WR in this Class with Speed, Size that Kelly likes at the WR Position

    • Paulman, don’t you think those guys would be major reaches at #4? If Eagles want either of those guys, seems like we should try to trade back.

      • It depends if Both Joeckel/Fisher are off the Board by the 4th Pick (which is unlikely but could occur) but to be honest, I think Lane Johnson has the best Potenit to be a Perennial All-Pro OT from this Draft Class in 2 Years time and has more upside than Joeckel/Fisher so I have no Problem with Eagles grabbing him at #4 as their OT of the Future and have him play RT for 2 Seasons then slide over to LT when Peters is done..
        Now WR Patterson would be a real surprise ,no doubt about that, but if Eagles happen to Trade a Player (like WR Maclin to St Louis who wants to move and play closer to home) than a need at WR could open up..

        1 last OLB who the Eagles could fall in love with is LSU’s Barkevious Mingo at 6-4 245lbs could be that perfect “Joker” LB that new DC Bill DAvis would run his exotic BLitz Packages with if Dion Jordan is off the Board..

  • I do believe in the end, the Eagles will trade back to the BIlls (#8) or Jets (#9) who will want QB Geno Smith before the Cardinals at #6 grab him and want that Eagles # 4 Pick
    Eagles would get an additional 2nd Round PIck and probably a 3rd or 4th Round Pick in 2014 from either of these Teams for sliding back 4-5 spots
    (Bills have the #8 & 40th Selections in the 1st 2 Rounds)
    (Jets have #9 & 41st Selections in the 1st 2 Rounds)

    If Eagles made Deal with Bills
    They would have the 8th, 35th & 40th Picks which would be 3 Solid Players
    at #8, you could get DE/OLB Ansah, Mingo, Guards C Warmack or J Cooper, Safety Kenny Vicarro or CB X Rhodes which would most likely all be Starters for the Eagles…

  • EaglesSuck Mock Draft 1.0

    Kansas City – Luke Jockel OT
    Jacksonville – Star Lotulelei DT
    Oakland – Dee Millner CB
    Philadelphia (likey to trade out of this spot) – Geno Smith QB
    Detriot – Dion Jordan DE
    Buffalo – Matt Barkley QB
    Cleveland – Sharrif Floyd DT
    Arizona (likey to trade with Philadelphia) – Eric Fishure OT
    NY Jets – Jarvis Jones LB
    Tennessee – Xavier Rhodes CB
    San Diego – Tavon Auston WR
    Miami – Ezekiel Ansah DE/LB
    Tampa Bay – Sheldon Richardson DT
    Carolina – Chance Warmack G
    New Orleans – Alec Ogletree LB
    St. Louis – Cordarrelle Patterson WR
    Pittsburgh – Lane Johnson OT
    Dallas – Barkevious Mingo DE
    NYG – Kenny Vaccaro S
    Chicago – Manti Te’o LB
    Cincinnati – Johnathan Hankins DT
    St. Louis – Eddie Lacy RB
    Minnesota – Bjoern Werner DE
    Indy – Damontre Moore DE
    Minnesota – Keenan Allen WR
    Green Bay – Tyler Eifert TE
    Houston – Eric Reid S
    Denver – Datone Jones
    New England – Desmond Trufant CB
    Atlanta Falcons – John Jenkins DT
    San Fran -?
    B-more – ?

    • A good Mock ES,
      I believe Raiders take DT Floyd with them losing 3 DT’s from last years Roster (Bryant, Seymour & Kelly) they have no DT’s
      No way do I see the Bills taking Barkley, with the winds in Buffalo, you need a QB with a strong Arm which Barkley does not have
      Chargers also have issues at OT, they signed King Dunlap who will most likely olay Rat for them but they will go OT (Eric Fisher or Lane Johnson depending who is still on the Board)
      LB Teo will not go in First Round to the Bears, he’s a mid 2nd Rounder Amy best
      on the board

  • I think St. Louis has a chace to win this years offseason champions. They appear to be at a point where they need to know if Sam Bradford can take them to the playoffs. I see these signs by them adding Jared Cook and Jake Long so in this draft I have them taking 2 of the top offensive players in the 1st round Eddie Lacy RB and Cordarrelle Patterson WR. I expect St. Louis to be this years surprise team.

    • Rans had a kick ass Addaft last year, a great Free Agency period and have the #16 & #22 picks this Ddaft and need a Safetyb(Viccaro)
      And RB (Lacey or Ball) and a WR with their first 2 Selections and will be a Team to reckon with for the next few Seasons

      • I have Viccaro going to the Giants for personal selfish reasons lol but I agree the Rams are in a position to become a surprising team. Steven Jackson to me isnt the kind of running back that can take over a game. I think with him leaving they have a chance to get younger at that position.

      • Lacy is not a first round pick — the Alabama Offensive line created bigger conduits to the end zone than Moses red sea exodus from Egypt. Rams go WR with at least one of their first round picks. WR is a need before Amendola and Gibson left. Rumor has it Fisher was furious when Jacksonville traded up ahead of the Rams for Blackmon last year after their RG3 trade down. Rams settled for a Brian Quick in the 2nd.

        • Not gonna hurt Lacy’s stock because his offensive line was good.

        • How do you explain Trent Richardson’s success then?

  • I think Arizona is desperate to get Geno Smith so I see a trade with Philly going down. Phillys 4th overall and 4th round pick for Arizona’s 8th overall a 3rd rounder and a 5th rounder.

    • Remember that Cardinals acquired QB Drew Stanton who worked with
      New HC Bruce Arians when both were in windy last ahead..
      They may not be as desperate for a QB with their first Pick as many think
      They need help up and down their OL
      And nay see Guard Warmack or Cooper selected by them

  • jeffery lurie didint go watch geno smith for nothing..

    • I think they want Geno Smith but if they get a good enough offer to move down then im sure they will.

  • Star Lotulelei has recieved medical clearance. Jacksonville will have a tough choice between him and Dion Jordan. I think Lotulelei gets the nod and I have The Lions taking Dion Jordan after losing Cliff Avril.

    Oakland is never a lock. The Raiders have been the most unpredictable franchise that I can remember when it comes to drafting. Their secondary is awful. Dee Millner goes the choice. I also feel that the organization knows they will be bad another year to have a crack at the 1st overall pick next year to draft Teddy Bridgewater.

    • I still think Star’s issues with his Heart will scare some Teams off as will
      Jarvis Jones issues with his Spinal Condition..

      RB Eddie Lacey is not a 1st Round RB..
      I secpect more versatile RB’s like Ball from Wisconson, Stefan Taylor from Standford, the kids from UNC and Oregon to go before LAcey who is one dimenstional and does not catch the ball well, nor block well and in today’s pass happy Offenses, Teams want RB’s who can do all the 3 skills well

  • Some of you want me to believe that the Raiders want to go into a season with their current crop of QB’s over taking Geno Smith at 3. Hahahahah…If he is worth the Eagles taking at 4 he is worth the Raiders taking him at three. More likely Buffalo or Arizona moves up to 2 to take smith before Oakland. The jags may also decide to take smith at 2 but Gus probably wants to sort out his by getting extra picks.

    • I agree with Regal. The Eagles have shown significant interest in Geno, thereby making teams like Oakland and Jax the ideal trade partners for teams looking to move up. Saying Oakland is never a lock is a bit of a lazy comment; Al Davis is dead if you haven’t heard. If Oakland doesn’t want Geno, rest assured they’ll be taking a DT. Did you see their run defense this year? Also, why on earth would SD take Tavon with the atrocious line thy have? It’s also hard to see St Louis using their two first round picks on undervalued skill positions. Not trying to be critical here; just my opinion.

      • btc24 I see you point and they are all valid but my mock draft is sort of an out of the box approach.

        The Al Davis era is over however I cannot ignore the history that this team has had. The deal to trade a 1st round pick for Carson Palmer was NOT a Al Davis move. Carson Palmer was not the reason Oakland lost games last season. He had a very solid season. Oakland could not stop the pass last year if their lives depended on it. Defense averaged 28 points a game. In a division with Manning, Pass happy Andy Reid and Phillip Rivers why not draft Dee Millner? makes sense to me.

      • The Chargers want to keep Phillip Rivers who enters his last year on his contract. Losing Vincent Jackson and Daren Sproles has made his production dip tremendously. Tavon is a game changer. Much like Percy Harvin. I think keeping Phillip Rivers happy is probably the most important thing this team needs to focus on right now.

      • Again BTC look at what the Rams are doing this offseason. Who have the added thus far. Jared Cook, Jake Long. All offensive players. Last year their offense was miserable. The Rams averaged 18 points a game last season. Thats pathetic when you consider your 1st overall selection in 2010 was a quarterback and yet you cant score to save your lives. With the direction it seems they are going in this offseason I think it continues in the draft.

        • Fair points.

          • Rams need 2 WR and A RB and they will compete for a Playoff Spot

            • RBs are a dime a dozen. Very rarely should one ever be take in the first round IMO. The Eagles have had three franchise RBs in the last decade or so and none of them were drafted in the first round; Westbrook (3rd rd), Duce (3rd rd), and Shady (2nd rd).

  • The reason I thought Luck was a no brainer over RG3 was his size and ability to take hits. It’s already becoming apparent that RG3 should stay in the pocket or risk his career.
    If Chip Kelly is going to move the Eagles QB around this year, then I say it has to be Foles or EJ Manual. I think Geno Smith has real potential, but keep the kid in the pocket or don’t pick him!
    I prefer the QB to be a pocket passer, but soome running ability really does add some value. I look at it as the ability to buy time and occacsionally run on third down for a first down, not a green light to rush 10 times a game.
    I see them taking Manuel in the second round if they think he can handle the passing side of the position.
    I think Kelly should be looking at a Newton or Kapernick sized QB instead of a RG3 sized QB. I’m not a big Newton fan, but size matters in the NFL

    • Good points jp. I think if they have their eyes set on Manuel in the 2nd then they should try to trade back in the first round to get two picks. Although, from what I’ve read on Matt Scott from Arizona, he’s a very interesting prospect as well for Chip’s offense.

  • Geno & EJ have the same problem … sacks. They have excellent completion %, great TD #s, low Interceptions, but they hold onto the football too long and take way too many sacks. In the NFL they call it the David Carr disease. Chip Kelly keeps preaching quick fast decisions- that is these 2 draft prospects worst attribute.

    • Better to take a sack than to give the ball to the other team like Vick does.

  • The Eagles still need to replace Dallas Reynolds as Backup Center.
    His play was atrocious last season. He was as bad as Bell. And if Watkins couldn’t get on the field before Bell, Dunlap, and Reynolds why is he still allowed to enter the Nova Care Center? OL in the draft 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round, clear out the Kelly, Watkins, Reynolds and get ready to replace the 30 year old injured players ( Herremanns, Peters) The team could not score last year.

  • We want big, athletic people. Why? Because big people beat up little people. -Chip Kelly.

    Per a tweet from Les Bowen.

    I think Philly will love this guy I’d he can put the product on the field.

  • Seems like Smith stock is soaring.

    Kansas City stays put take Joeckel and then either Oakland or Jacksonville takes Smith. I want Eric Fisher or to trade down and grab a couple of picks.

  • Eagles 2013 Draft (Paulman’s Mock #49)

    #4 Pick Traded to Buffalo Bills for their #8th, #40th and a 3rd Round Pick in 2014 Draft
    #8th Pick and WR Jeremy Maclin are Traded to the St Louis Rams for their #16th & #22nd Picks in the First Round and a 3rd Round Pick in 2014

    Eagles now have the Following PIcks
    #16, #22, #35, #40,#67,#101, #136 and 4 7th Rd Picks (210,212,218,239)

    The Eagles Select the Following Players in the first 5 Rounds

    #16 – DE Datone Jones (UCLA 6-4 285lbs)
    #22 – CB Desmond Trufant (Washington 6-0 190lbs)
    #35 – SS Johnny Cyprien (Fla Int’l 6-2 217lbs)
    #41 – Guard Justin Pugh (Syracuse 6-5 307lbs)
    #67 – OLB Jaime Collins (Southern Miss 6-4 250lbs)
    #101 – ILB Kiko Alonso (Oregon 6-3 240lbs)
    #136 – OT Xavier Nixon (Florida 6-6 320lbs)

    Eagles then use a couple of of their 7th Round Picks for depth and may even package with a Veteran Players like Trent Cole for some Mid-Round 2014 Draft Picks in Return

    • Best one yet.

    • LOL why are you so adamant to trading Maclin? Im not saying he is a stud but our WRs need to be upgraded. Trading away Maclin with no replacement would just be a bad move. If they signed one of the free agent Wrs then I would have been all for it. However, they didn’t and I don’t see many impact Wrs in this draft either.

      ON top of that St. Louis doesn’t make sense to me. Why would they trade up to 8? The difference between the top 25 players in this draft is not major thus St. Louis is exactly where they want to be at 16 and 22. They could probably land Tavon Austin/Keenan Allen and FLuker/Cooper with those picks. St. Louis also has a young team where they are still rebuilding. They need those picks to continue building a strong foundation to compete in that difficult division.

  • To Pheags
    Maclin is in Final Season and will probably want a $40 Million Deal next Off-Season.. I don’t think he’s worth it, nor do I see the Eagles having 2 WR’s (D-Jax/Maclin) on the Roster come 2014 with both having big long-term Deals) He’s a solid #2 WR and nothing more and easily replaceable..
    Maclin is homesick and would love to play for St Louis and the Rams need a legitimate WR which they are lacking now, that they lost both WR’s Amendola/Gibson thru Free-Agency, and would probably want to grab the Top WR in the Draft (Coradell Patterson with that #8 Pick since he won’t be on the board at #16 or #22) and with the Additional Picks the Eagles pick-up, they could select a promising WR with one iof their 2nd Round PIcks who would be a lot cheaper over their Rookie Deal then what Maclin will look to earn next Year
    A Win-Win for both Teams, which is why I think could happen..

    • Paulman, a much more logical trade partner for Maclin is Houston. I brought this up weeks ago. Houston is in win now mode, they dont have time to wait for a Draft WR to develop. AJ is 30 now and only porbably has 2-3 years left at his normal production. St Louis needs those picks and they are not feeling the pressure to win now like Houston. They are rebuilding their foundation and need those picks to be able to compete in that tough division. Whereas Houston needs a number 2 WR asap and would likely overpay for Maclin. Plus, they don’t have major cap room and Maclin contract is low for this year.

      Thus you can trade Maclin and our 3rd rounder (67) to Houston for their 1st (27) and third rounder (89). And lets say you still make that tarde with Buffalo.

      This would be my mock draft if that happened…

      8 (1st): Chance Warmack
      27 (1st): Alex Okafor
      35 (2nd): Matt Elam
      41 (2nd): DeAndre Hopkins
      89 (3rd): BJ Webb
      101 (4th): Akeem Spence
      136 (5th): Devin Taylor

    • Paulman, a much more logical trade partner for Maclin is Houston. I brought this up weeks ago. Houston is in win now mode, they dont have time to wait for a Draft WR to develop. AJ is 30 now and only porbably has 2-3 years left at his normal production. St Louis needs those picks and they are not feeling the pressure to win now like Houston. They are rebuilding their foundation and need those picks to be able to compete in that tough division. Whereas Houston needs a number 2 WR asap and would likely overpay for Maclin. Plus, they don’t have major cap room and Maclin contract is low for this year.

      Thus you can trade Maclin and our 3rd rounder (67) to Houston for their 1st (27) and third rounder (89). And lets say you still make that tarde with Buffalo.

      This would be my mock draft if that happened…

      8 (1st): Chance Warmack
      27 (1st): Alex Okafor
      35 (2nd): Matt Elam
      41 (2nd): DeAndre Hopkins
      89 (3rd): BJ Webb
      101 (4th): Akeem Spence
      136 (5th): Devin Taylor

  • Do remember Pheags that Texans used a High Draft Pick in WR Devir Posey in last years Draft who after a slow start and some injuries, started to come on for them towards the last 5-6 Weeks of last Season and in Playoffs..

    Like some of your picks but have concerns about Okafor & Elam

    Okafor at #27 is a half round too high as he Proects more of a 2nd Rounder ans has fallen some since Senior Week,Combines nad Workouts
    Safety Matt Elam is a Strong Safety, (and a very good one) but the Eagles s need a true “Free-Safety” ..Elam is too much like Phillips & Chung who are Strong Safeties already and not Free Safeties..

    WR Deandre Hopkins is a Player I like a lot and think he will make a very good NFL WR.. Has all the Tools, plays physical and a smart, tough and big player..

  • Wow, with star being back in the picture that kind of changes things. Depending on what’s really going on with his medical situation. Since he’s been cleared, if they can’t trade up to get Geno. And star is sitting there at four, you gotta take him. He’s the perfect compliment to our defense, I mean imagine our front d line with him in the mix. Our defense would be sick, we all know a stout front seven makes you secondary that much better.

  • They need to get rolando McClain in here.. I know he’s a knuckle head, but he’s a big, physical athlete like they say they want.

  • Paulman’s Compete 1st Round Mock Draft for 2013

    #1 – Chiefs – OT Luke Joeckel
    #2 – Jaguars – DE Dion Jordan
    #3 – Raiders – DT Shariff Floyd
    #4 – Bills (From Eagles) – QB Geno Smith
    #5 – Lions – DE Ezekial Ansah
    #6 – Browns – CB Dee Milliner
    #7 – Cardinals – OT Eric Fisher
    #8 – Eagles – DT Star Lotuleile
    #9 – Jets – OLB Jarvis Jones
    #10 – Titans – OG Chance Warmack
    #11 – Chargers – OT Lane Johnson
    #12 – Dolphins – CB Xavier Rhodes
    #13 – TB Bucs – DT Sheldon Richardson
    #14 – Panthers – Safety Kenny Viccaro
    #15 – NO Saints – OG Jonathon Cooper
    #16 – SL Rams – WR Codrarelle Patterson
    #17 – Steelers – OT DJ Fluker
    #18 – Cowboys – DE Bjoern Werner
    #19 – Giants – OLB Barkevious Mingo
    #20 – Bears – ILB Alec Ogletree
    #21 – Bengals – WR Tavon Austin
    #22 – SL Rams – SS Matt Elam
    #23 – Vikings – WR Deandre Hopkins
    #24 – Colts – DE Datone Jones
    #25 – Vikings (from Seattle) – DT Jonathon Hankins
    #26 – Packers – DT Kwann Short
    #27 – Texans – WR Keenan Allen
    #28 – Broncos – DT Jesse Williams
    #29 – Patriots – CB Desmon Trufant
    #30 – Falcons – TE Tyler Eifert
    #31 – 49ers – Safety Eric Reid
    #32 – Ravens – ILB Kevin MInter

    That’s it for now

  • 2nd Round Mock Draft thru the Top 10 Picks

    1-33rd – Jaguars – CB Jonathon Banks
    2-34th – 49ers (from Chiefs) DE Sam Montgomery
    3-35th – EAGLES – DE Cornellius Carradine (6-4 276lbs)
    4-36th – Lions – Safety Jonathon Cyrpien
    5-37th – Bengals (from Raiders) – DE Alex Okafor
    6-38th – Cardinals – QB Matt Barkley
    7-39th – Jets – DT Sylverster WIlliams
    8-40th – Titans – OT/Guard Justin Pugh
    9-41st – EAGLES (from BIlls) OT/Guard Kyle Long (6-6 313lbs)

    Recap of Eagles 1st 3 Draft Slections

    DT – Star Lotuleile (6-3 315lbs) – Can play up and down the DL and will be the eventual NT replacement for Soapaga as he gets bigger 2-3 Years down the line)
    DE – Conellius Carridine ( 6-4 276lbs – Very underrated Pass-Rusher and a solid DE in a 3-4 Scheme with size,strength and quickness)
    OL – Kyle Long (Oregon 6-6 313lbs- Projects as Guard in NFL but has played OT in College and knows Kelly’s system so will hit the ground running and compete for Starting RT spot in Camp/Preseason versus Heremans & Kelley with Herremans nost likely moving back to Guard

    7-39th – Jets
    8-40th – Titans
    9-41st – Eagles (from Bills)

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