• May 17, 2022

Eagles Notes: Lewis On The Block; Patterson To Giants

Dion-Lewisx-largeEagles Shopping Dion Lewis

It’s no surprise to hear that the Eagles are willing to trade backup running back Dion Lewis.

Lewis has shown some explosiveness, and looks like he can be a decent complimentary back in this league, but he fell out of favor with the coaching staff last season, losing his spot on the depth chart to Bryce Brown.

I don’t know what kind of value to Eagles expect to find for Lewis. Here they have a running back that has seen most of his action in the preseason, and couldn’t beat out a seventh-round pick for playing time last season. On top of that, teams know that he’s already on the outside looking in at the team’s crowded backfield. They’d be lucky to get any kind of draft pick for him.

Patterson Signs With New York

Yesterday, we learned that former Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson would be visiting the New York Giants.

Evidently, Patterson’s visit went very well, as the Giants have signed him to a contract. He’ll join former Eagle Cullen Jenkins in making up the interior of the New York defensive line.


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  • Dion Lewis has little to no Trade Value, RB’s are a dime a dozen
    Maybe he’s a thrown in with exchanging Draft Picks but that’s about it though the Colts may be interested since Donald Brown has been a bust and they have the big powerful runner in Ballard that Lewis could be a nice change of pace with their Offense
    Trade Lewis and one of their 7th Rounders for a 6th Rd pick would be a good deal for Eagles

    • We might be able to get a couple kicking tee’s & some gator gum for him?!?

  • Watch the new Giants DT’s Jenkins & Patterson stuff the Eagles rushing attack this Season.. They know how to Coach & Scheme DL

    • Jenkins maybe, Patterson is a nonentity & a non-factor! Whio cares?!?

    • I go on vacation and return, and here it is that Paulman thinks he knows every damn thing…. as the eagles have a completely new system & blocking scheme geez.. change it up son

      • And i still know everything…

  • Daryl Washington suspended 4 games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.That guy was all over the field when the cardinals whooped the eagles last year. Now we know he was cheating.

  • New 49ers CB Nnamdi Asomugha blamed the Eagles’ scheme for his struggles over the last two seasons.
    Asomugha played under strict man-to-man principles while earning a reputation as one of the best corners in the league with the Raiders. He was asked to do some different things in Philadelphia, but it’s unfair to just blame the scheme for his woes. Asomugha consistently let receivers run right past him, showed declining make-up speed and struggled to track the ball. He ended up grading out 101st out of 113 NFL corners, according to ProFootballFocus.
    Related: Eagles
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
    Apr 4 – 8:40 AM

    • Nnamdi can be rest assured he isn’t the only one blamed — Johnnie Lynn, Todd Bowles, Mike Zordich, Juan Castillo, Joe Banner, Andy Reid, Assante Samuel, DRC, Jaiquawn Jarrett, Joselio Hanson all got shown the door also

    • Nnamdi pointing fingers? Shocking.

      It’s never the player’s fault…I remember when Jevon Kearse rejoined the Titans, the first words out of his mouth were that the Eagles’ scheme was to blame for his lack of production…and then he went on to do absolutely nothing his next two years in Tennessee, and is now out of the league.

    • actually the niners have best front 7 in the game, so asmo will be lookin decent @ CB in SF

  • Asomugha was right….you don’t go from a top corner to nothing the next season.

    The Eagles put top talent under a failed offensive line coach.

    The Eagles dysfunction happened Asomugha and when he break out this year that will speak volumes.

    I want to hear the guys hear say he’s garbage when he’s back to his old play.

    The NFL is a tough league and he was a force in the league before coming to the dysfunctional Eagles.

    Garbage ass Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman at Safety yet everyone want to blame Asmo….

    Whack ass system with all 3 levels on defense playing separately.

    Crazy ass defensive line coach and no consistency at coach for the secondary.

    We’ll now see a very good player now he’s with a good coach with good players.

    • Lewis on the trade block is funny.

      Songs- he got beat over and over in man to man. Nnamdi may not be as bad as it seemed but there is no way on earth he is as good as he was. His time is done. He may play well in san fran but…. he was crap here.

      • asmo got beat somtimes as corner’s do ( see champ bailey’s last gm ) but the poor play of BOTH OF OUT SAFTEYS MADE ASMO LOOK LIKE AN ASS 75% of the time

        • Asmo did plenty to make himself look like an Ass..
          He had no heart bottom line.. He was a puss when it came to contact, once in a while, he would play his size, most of the time, he shyed away from contact just like DRC does and Asante Samuel before that..

          • I wish we still had Asante…didn’t see any of that “Asante Sam” fire from any of the Eagles CB’s…there aren’t many players more passionate than Asante!

  • He played man plenty last season and guys ran right past him. He doesn’t have good speed, so if he misses the bump, then he is toast. Some of this is scheme but some was him as well.

    I also did like him and DRC jogging after guys at times.

  • What does “scheme” have to do when undrafted free agents are straight “mossing” you up and down the field? I use to believe it was the “scheme” that Nnamdi was struggling with — I quickly came to realize that was BS. This guy was being abused in 1 on 1 coverage as well. Who is the cat from the Giants that torched him and out muscled him for two tds? Dude is such a non factor I forgot his name…

    • I think it was a combination of scheme and Nnamdi just struggling…I think mentally Nnamdi is soft and that compounded his struggles even more. There were times Nnamdi was on 1on1 coverage with over the top help from the safety and the safety blew coverage also..Bottom line Nnamdi was ass and wasn’t the best CB on the team any years he was here.

      • yeah, but also IT HELPS TO HAVE A PASS RUSH, just having a pass rush will send eric allen to the hall of fame

  • Lewis has no trade value…hasn’t been on the field enough to have any…..Paulman idea of trading Lewis with a 7th rounder or a combination of a player is the only way I see Lewis getting moved via trade.

  • Falcons released RT Tyson Clabo today. The Eagles should jump all over this guy. Would be a major upgrade at RT

    • Agreed! Pro Bowl T & hasn’t missed a game, in 6 years! Gobble Winston, or he, & get set for the draft.

      • Has Back and Neck issues, not so fast my friends..

  • Clabo has good size and pretty good technique…But I don’t know if he has that ability to get to the 2nd level and take out LB’s…He’s not athletic. But I will say the amount of pressure he allows to the QB is excellent…he allowed pressure on 1.41 percent of pressure on snaps in 2011…Definitely an upgrade for pass protection…Pick up Clabo slide Herremanns to guard and draft Chance Warmack…starting line could be solid.

    Peters – Herremanns – Reynolds – Warmack – Clabo

    Roseman on Warmack
    “You’re talking about a heckuva player there,” Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said. “A difference-maker.

    “For us, we want to make sure we’re evaluating the player and not downgrading them because of the position they play. We’re going to stick to our definitions of the player and grade him appropriately.”

  • Songs, Asmo sucks bro. Plain and simple. He doesn’t like to tackle, and he got burnt too many times and had the nerve to throw up his arms and look at everyone else like its their fault for blown coverage. Always blaming everyone else. So, if he plays well in SF, then good for him. I personally won’t give a shit either way. Time to move on

  • 21 strike that 24 was so good that he was able to get a 1 year deal that was not all Bonus. Want to know what the NFL thinks of a players ability follow the money! Asmo is washed up in the eyes of most and is on a prove it contract. I doubt he makes it out of training camp.

  • Nnamdi was not as bad as he looks with the Birds, watch he go to SF and have numerous good games. his problem is he is not a leader or a winner two things you pay a guy that amount of money to do. if he is left alone to play football and just focus on doing his he is fine. SF has the defense in place to do that. As good as he was in Oakland he was still slightly overrated bc the teams he played on was horrible. If you have an all pro on one side of the defense and an struggling corner on the other side who do you think gets attacked 90% of the time? Oakland losing games teams running the ball so his actual value was inflated. Add a change of division facing better WR consistently and high expectations and you have the perfect storm for disappointment. Eagles should have did there homework and found out what kind of a guy nnamdi was not just player. he will be fine in SF. Even here he had games in his first year where Nicks was a non factor Atl wr were held down Dez in Dallas ect. Cruz had two great plays b4 everybody knew his talent besides on that play in the end zone the safety was horrible Nnamdi played the ball but tell me how the safety just does not lay a hit to the wr. if you notice teams #1 wr never really killed us while Nnamdi was here, always the jaccoby Jones’s, 4th wr from the redskins of the world. they had to move megatron and Larry fitz into the slot just to get bussy. he is a great one on one individual player that can be effective if you don’t need him for anything else. P.S all corners get toasted especially in today’s game. Richard Sherman was prob the best last year and he was toast when its all said and done.

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