• May 17, 2022

Chip Kelly: “I want guys who love playing football”

LeSeanMcCoy11An NFL source told me that the Eagles know it’s going to be very difficult to make the Birds a playoff team in one year, but they want to put a team on the field that plays hard like Eagles fans respect.

The organization know that NFL football matters to the Eagles fans on a level higher than just another football game.  The fans care deeply about the team.  You can look at the faces of the fans on Monday morning and know whether the team won or lost.

I’ve had little old ladies who are Eagles fans get fired up an Eagles off season event, if they don’t believe one of the players was giving a 100% effort during a game.  I remember when I was traded to the Eagles during my playing career and a lady starting dropping “F bombs” at the front desk of the hotel in which I was staying because she didn’t like the quarterback’s play.

That’s one of the reasons the team rid themselves of Nmandi Asomugha and his mentality that you treat your spot on the team as if it is a 9-5 job and only that.  Check out the comments made by Chip Kelly to Steve Wyche of the NFL Network.

“It was really a big collaborative effort between our personnel department and our coaching staff, Howie.  We’ve got some very good guys on our team to begin with.  It’s now how we compliment them.   There’s a certain kind of guy we want on our team.  The guys we signed fit that DNA.

“I want guys who love playing football.  That this game is a passion for them.  It’s not something that is a job.  If you approach as if this is just your job and this what you do.  You’re checking in at 9 in the morning and checking out at 5.  I don’t think those people last over the long haul.” Articles posted at https://www.groenerekenkamer.com/ gives the best advice for men.

The Birds want to dial back the clock a bit to an era when playing in Philadelphia meant getting beaten up.


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  • is Chip allowed to sit down in a chair in the draft film room yet or is he still hanging on the wall ? If so is does the chair have wheels, swivel and cushioned or is chip’s draft film room chair one of those tan folding metal cafeteria chairs?

  • So do I chip so do i

  • Cant agree more….I can’t Stand “Professional” Professional Atheletes. I understand its about a paycheck, but with sports you need passion. I can’t stand those guys that dont love the game they play….True Story…Used to love a certain QB till I found out he didn’t know a game could end in a tie. So sad.

    • You mean the one who played on a broken ankle for his team? Yeah your right he wasn’t a gamer. lol

    • When you focus on something so trivial as not knowing a rule and dismiss all the playoff wins, pro bowls and championship runs, and owning every single Eagles QB record and the only thing you can think of is someone not knowing a rule that didn’t effect you in any way possible you weren’t a fan in the first place honestly.

      • yeah i agree with dag on this one. mcnabb was good and played hurt and won a lot of games…. he was aloof, a pia, passive aggressive and all those things but he could play

      • That’s not trivial, if you have the talent but not the passion it will only take you so far. Guess what, all those runs and wins dont mean a damn thing because there are still no trophies in the case. THat’s what matters. Truth is if he had the passion for the game then maybe we would have won a few of those games. Im not a fan cause I don’t see things you way? Please I don’t care if anyone agrees with me, It’s my opinion and my money I spend on the team. Fact is Im paying with my money and my soul each and every week for decades for this team. I expect every player to care enough to know as much about the game as I do. The fact that you can’t see that my example was a symptom of a bigger problem is telling.

        • I didn’t mean a fan of Eagles I meant a McNabb fan.

        • he won a playoff game on a broken leg… that is a fact- if that doesn’t show he cared than you are a fool.

        • I think it’s a bit short sighted to discount a player’s career (in this case McNabb’s) because he didn’t win a Superbowl. I couldn’t stand McNabb the last couple seasons he was in Philly but he really helped turned this franchise around after getting drafted and he did it with some pretty pathetic weapons on offense (Trash, Pinkston, Mitchell, etc).

          I guess Dan Marino, Warren Moon and Jim Kelly had worthless careers too since they never won a Superbowl.

          • Yep I said worthless…..you wanna compare 3 hall of fame guys to 5. You go right ahead and do that. He had talent and did well, but his passion for the game wasn’t there. THose 3 guys were the leaders of their teams without question. Was Donovan? Never seemed like it ever. My point is he didnt know the rules and didn’t love the game.

            Also it was almost two months after that broken ankle he won that playoff game. Yes it was his first game back but 2 months after the fact. They did win yes but lets not over state what went down.

            • Points taken but I don’t know if you can definitely say McNabb didn’t love the game. He never really had that impression. What is your basis for it? Just because he didn’t know a rule which I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that a lot of the players on the field that day didn’t know either (I sure didn’t). McNabb had never been in a game that ended in a tie and it’s extremely rare.

              • I never saw him get better…he was the same year 3 as year 10 man. Balls in the ground, no quick 2 min offense. No urgency, never took the blame. Did you know the rule? I bet you did.

  • So what Mick Vick loves to play the game but he sucks at it.
    Does Danny Watkins love to play the game?
    Does Kurt Coleman love to play the game?
    of course they do but they SUCK!

    the talent evaluators over the past 10 years have been awful! Howie Roseman needs to be fired after drafting Danny Watkins and Brandon Graham. I dont wanna hear how Graham is coming along F*** that. You took a undersized nobody before Jason P-Paul and over Earl Thomas? how the F do you have Brandon Graham ahead of JPP and Earl Thomas? im still trying to figure that one out.

    • I know…how can you pick a 4 year starter from Michigan who led the Div-1 Nation in Tackles for Loss in 2009 and the second leading sack man in school History over JPP who was a beast as a freshman at the College of the Canyons then as a sophmore he killed it again at Fort Scott Community College…that still has me baffled…LOL…

      • the Eagles didn’t have Graham ranked higher than Earl Thomas. They didn’t think they could get a DE in the twenties but still thought they could get a safety in the 2nd round. So they determined Graham and Nate Allen was better than ( Earl Thomas and someone else in the 2nd ) or better than their original 1st and the players they could have gotten with their two 2nd round picks —– and they were massively wrong hence why Joe Banner and Andy Reid are no longer here.

      • Gotta Luv It, well said.

    • Jason Pierre-Paul was a nobody until the combine from a small school. I’m with you on Earl Thomas though. That being said, you don’t fire a GM over one bad pick in Danny Watkins. Still too early to say if Graham was a bad pick but most knowledgeable Eagles fans and experts are pretty high on Graham after what he showed last year when he got the opportunity to play. His biggest problem after being drafted was that he was injured.

      • I am more than Knowledgeable, and I am not close to being high on Graham. I wasn’t impressed with this play last year either, to say he is living up to the expectations of him when he was drafted either.

        If all the experts are high on Brandon Graham as you say,(which ALL are not BTW) , the Eagles should be able to get something for him right? They can’t, because the ones that are more knowledgeable GM’s, and fans know that he is nothing special, and his aberration of production toward the end of the season doesn’t make him special either.

        So stop with the wishful thinking that he is something that he is not.

        • They can the same for Graham that they can get for Foles. Nothing, if both were on the trading block knowledgeable people will conclude you’d get more for Graham. You like Foles and you don’t like Graham, but I guess your difference would be one was drafted round 1 the other round 3.

          • Where any player was Drafted means nothing as far as Trade Value Goes.. Foles would proably Return a 2nd Round Drafat Pick because he plays QB and showed that the Position is not too big for him to handle, though he has a lot to work on, Teams would most likely state that he has Upside..
            Graham on the other hand has had injurues, not a full season under his belt and would probably return a 3rd at best and more like a 4th Rounder in return, for most around the NFL probably think he is what he is and that’s a Rotational Pass-Rusher and that there is no real upside with him

            • Don’t think so paulman not getting a second rounder for a back up QB.

  • Statistics piled up at any school do not necessarily translate to success at the next level, you have to evaluate tools, and graham is not imposing enough to succeed as an nfl defensive lineman, a poor selection

    Donovan mcnabb has no heart, great tools, no balls, no leadership ability, not clutch, a clown, air guitar maestro, we have been cursed at the qb position for a long time, the best probably was Cunningham, but not coached while in his prime here, Vick has the heart of a lion but he’s just not that good

    The best option is foles, but it will be geno smith by game 4 after Vick gets hurt, stinks it up

    • Best was probably Jaworski.

      • Wrong Randall Cunningham, hands down.

  • Put any athletic,motivated DE on the GIants and they Produce for it’s all about their Scheme and Coaching .. This year it will be DE/OLB Kiwanuka will end up with 12 Sacks for them..

  • Haha love the post EaglesSuck (need a new name buddy) but you nailed it. Talent evaluation really blows chunks. This is a make or break for Roseman. And he better not use Chip Kelly as an excuse because its his first year…

  • Eagles Breaking News

    Eagles Trade RB Dion lewis to Cleveland for LB Emmanuel Acho 6’2 be it camp body or someone that may be versatile in the 3-4 scheme.

    • Another addition, to the walking wounded! On IR, his entire rookie year! WTF now! Weaselman, is as bad as Reid, with his love of rehabbing players! Unreal! Still no O-Linemen! Kelce isn’t going to be ready, Peters is a HUGE????(Don’t care what he says), & Herremans needs to be moved back inside, to be successful! So we still need, IMHO, at least 2 starters!

      • Winston, & Clady still sitting!

        • Ryan Clady was franchise tagged by Denver– must be Tyson Clabo or Andre Smith

          • Meant Clabo! Thanks e0! XD
            Andre is a tub of $#!T! No thanks.

  • They gotta get one of those 2 guys.

    • bugs, I agree. IMHO, it’s a must, so they can concentrate on putting Herremans back inside, & draft high quality prospects, & not foolishly reach for projects, & workout warriors. Anyway, it’s not like they don’t have the $$$$! They still have $24M+ & if they trade Cole, Maclin & 1 of the QB’s, like I believe they are, that’s more $$$$! Get’er done!

  • Yeah, I don’t get this at all. They know that OT is a need and there are 2 solid RTs just sitting there. That way they can concentrate on another position in the draft. As long as that doesn’t mean that they draft Geno though. Then I am against them signing either of these guys!

    • Me too! Geno Smith is all hype! No way, I see us drafting him at #4! That’ll be the death nail, to Weaselman & Kelly! Our 1st 3 picks, need to contribute immediately, not reaches, projects, or injury risks, in the likes, of Smith, Jordan, Ansah & Jarvis Jones. To me, if they stay at #4, it’s either Joeckel, Fisher, Lotulelei, or Floyd, if they don’t, it’s a reach! Otherwise, they need to trade down, for additional picks.

  • We are on the same page. Those guys are safe picks at 4, because all can contribute right away.

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