• July 3, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 8-3 Win Over New York

true aceThe Philadelphia Phillies snapped their two-game losing streak on Tuesday night with an 8-3 win over the Mets in Philadelphia. The team’s record now stands at 3-5 on the year.

  • With the Phillies in desperate need of a strong pitching performance, Cliff Lee delivered again, serving as the stopper for the second time in a week. Lee was brilliant, tossing 8.2 innings and allowing three runs, one of which was unearned. The ace worked quickly, and had no difficulty taming the New York lineup. He finished the game with 106 pitches, and Charlie Manuel lifted him in the ninth inning to avoid putting unnecessary strain on his arm after allowing two runners to reach with two outs in the ninth.
  • Lee got strong support from his offense, who chased New York starter Dillion Gee after just three innings. They put up eight runs on 11 hits, including three home runs.
  • One of those homers belonged to Ryan Howard, who hit his first bomb of the year. Hopefully this will help Howard get going, and break out of his early season slump.
  • John Mayberry Jr. got the start in right field tonight, and had his best game of the season, going 2-4 with a double, a solo homer, and three RBI’s on the night.
  • Michael Young also put forth a strong effort at the plate, going 3-4 with his first homer of the year.
  • As if his superb pitching wasn’t enough of a help tonight, Lee also contributed at the plate, picking up a base hit and driving in a run.

Final Thoughts

At least one of the Phillies’ top pitchers is interested in performing like an ice.

Cliff Lee is off to a great start in 2013, and he’s been the ace that the Phillies badly need him to be during the first weeks of the season. Lee has not only won both of his starts, but he’s been absolutely dominate in both of them. He’s gone at least eight innings in both appearances, providing much needed rest for the bullpen, and he’s responsible for two of the team’s three wins. You can’t ask for anything more than that.


The Phillies now have another opportunity to win a series, and they’ll have to do it with Kyle Kendrick on the mound.

Denny Basens

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  • If only Cliff could pitch every game.

    • He is the team’s Ace.
      He looks like an All star this season.

      • thats how baseball is…last year he couldn’t buy a win and didn’t pitch bad. he is a horse that is for sure

  • Gotta believe, that Hamels will straighten out, & Lee will continue to be fine, but the other 3/5 of the rotation, is questionable & mediocre, at best!

    • the bottom three need to be a combined 30-27 or so…that seems to be about what it is on good teams (division winners) of course its predicated on cole being 16-10 and lee being 18-9 or so….

    • agree dcar. adam morgan will be up soon and kk will prob replace durbin or valdez in middley relief (hopefully).

      3;50 am post ? damnnnnnnn

      • I believe DCar works 3rd Shift on ocassion’s Fyi

        • Yep! My primary income, is Real Estate & Flipping houses, & I also, work Security overnight & Bounce! Got 3 kids in college, 1 more, a year away. My old lady is a Nurse at Childrens Hospital, but I’m a workaholic, & don’t want my family, to want for anything. Only average 4 hours of sleep, though! LOL!

    • I think Hamels will straighten it out also. His succes is predicated on the change-up. Hard to get a feel for that when its 40 degrees. I think Lanan mite have the most succes of the last 3 pitchers you named.

  • Nice to see Howard and Mayberry get involved.
    Revere twice this year botched a ball over his shoulder, is he just getting closer to balls that Victorino couldn’t or is he not as good fielding ? I know they are difficult catches but he is not making them.

  • I am obviously jumping the gun but if i were the phillies i get the best from Roy H. an trade him before the trade dead-line and if we are 2-3 or so games above .500 i get younger pieces and a starting solid picture no one big name but can help rack up wins. I know i cant compare to the 08 phillies but we barely had pitching and we won. I just hope for a turn around

    • if roy is at his ‘best’ as you say and the phils are 3 games above 500 and in the race there is no way they are trading him… no way in hell. this is it for this group- they don’t win and you won’t recognize them in 14…

  • I have said for the last two years the Phils have to get some contributions from younger guys for them to be viable– they absolutely did not last year. mayberry was a freaking bust and pence went postal. looks like brown and revere will contribute but its time for a young arm to come up and beeffective– think bastardo and stutes in 11, kendrick in 08– it is time

    • ceasar hernendez looks great early in lehigh valley. happy trails chase after this year? ruf looks good early too. not looking good at all is tyler cloyd who has got blown up twice and tyson gillies. jermaine mitchell, cody asche and tommy joseph havent got going yet. hopefully they do especially asche…

    • Manuel’s heavy use of Stutes/Bastardo probably ruined these young Promising Pitcher’s Carrer’s , he overworked them and put undue Stress on Young Pitchers Arms who were not ready for it back in “11 and neither has been the same since, Arm issues for Stutes, Lower Velocity & Ball Movement by Bastardo.. You just can’t throw out Pitchers in the Bullpen 5-6 Outings a Week and expect them to hold up, not young Pitchers anyways..He’s hurt them physically and they have lost Confidence
      Manuel is a “Pitcher Killer” similar to how Coach Andy Reid is a QB Killer, just as the Flyers Organization are “Goalie Killer’s”.. These You can count on and set your Watch to …

      • as i’ve pointed out before paul charlies use of his 6/7/8 inning guys is very consistent with many of the best ‘game day’ managers in the game including larusa, bochey etc…

        • I disagree and also think he mis-handles his Starters as well
          How many Times would we see Blanton left in only to get tagged in the 6th/7th Inning of a Start when we all kow that Blanton was a solid 5 inning Pitcher at Best.. Twice thru a line-up and consider yourself fortunate and get the ball to your Bullpen.. Problem with Charlie is he overuses is Relief where they become pooped out..He ride’s 1 or 2 Hot hands until he wear’s them out and blows off everyone else..
          He’s a terrible Manager when it comes to handling a Pitching Staff

      • really??????? manual ruined their careeers because he had stutes pitch 62 innings in 2011? and bastartdo throw 58 and 52 in the last 2 years? that is overuse? get real paul.

        stutes threw 145 innings in the minors 1 year.
        bastardo threw 90 + innings in back to back years in the minors.

        that is literally the most uneducated post you have ever made, manuel is a pitcher killer get real dude

        • and Stutes was on fumes since that Sept 2011 and never been the same since and Bastardo was injured off and on and both Pitchers were not even Pitching much until Late May/Early Jun of 2011 so those innings were compressed under more Stressful situations then in their Minor Leagure Carrers.. wasn’t Stutes a Starter in Minore Leagues when he threw that 145 innings, so not apples to apples..

          • don’t let facts stand in the way of your OPINION!

            • I call them as a I see them and think Charlie Manuel is not a very Game Manager, just like Andy Reid who I also think is not a very good Game Coach..

              • in all those wins (both most in team history) they NEVER managed the game correctly– more like it in games they lost they managed poorly– in games won it was because of some mystery reasons….

              • Highest NL Payroll for the last 5-6 Seasons with the Core Of Players locked up under long term deals,
                Starting Pitching Staff of Doc,Lee,Hamels, Oswalt and more Regualr Season Wins that any Team during this period and only 1 Championship to show for it ove 6-7 Year Run ..
                I expected more and am not satisfied that they beat the newbie TB Rays in one of baseball most boringest WS…
                Phils blew it and were not ready for “Prime Time”

  • paul makes stuff up– still convinced AR’s teams weren’t built to win in december yet had a wonderful winning percentage in that month.
    he just has to be critical without basis or facts… its an illness known as a stereotypical philly fan– like the 30 numbskulls that wanted ricky waters over 5…

    • i think you mean ricky “fire it up” williams not ricky “for who for what” waters.

      • oh man hilarious– i was doing some work on a project at home- i asked a friend to do something for me and he said …”for who for what’ and we laughed long and hard– yes ricky the joker, the toker, the midnight smoker!

  • Oh Fraudman… But those players were overpaid chumps according to you. Don’t you think he was a great manger to take a team with overvalued Rollins and Howard and win so many games. With all the bad FA in here how did Charlie do it? Once again play both sides as usual

  • Just can’t be as negative about the phillies, we all wanted more, but at the end of the day, even if this core of players is cooked, it was a great run, two world series appearances, championship, no hitter, perfect game, one of the best venues in all of sports, great players, utley, Rollins, Howard, very fan friendly, the philliies have done it right,so they get the benefit of the doubt and our hope that they can squeeze out another run this year, delusional?, maybe, but the phillies bring out the best of our hope, fandom, not even close with the other franchises where there is schism everywhere

    • It was a good run doubt, just like the Great Phil’s TeMs of the late 70’s
      Early 80’s that only Won Championship.
      The WS Loss to the Orioles still stings..
      I remember the Great Serues vs tge Adtris as if if we’re a couple years ago..
      Dallas Green, now there was a Manager who could fire up he Troops

  • Braves Acquire Reliever B Ayala from the Orioles,
    Meanwhile the Zphils work out Jose Contreras and Dave Herndon

  • winning streak — DCar is not allowed on the band wagon driven by Have a cigar
    Go Phils

  • i’m not on the bandwagon…. i’m cautiously optimistic …
    i understand teams that have a long run have to do things to stay there or try to stay there, they have salary and contract length limitations and also some players may not really want to play here for whatever reason– usually the money– one team offers 5 years at 80$ and another offers 4 at $60… guess where they go…

  • Utlty, Rollins and Young are hitting .300 –Revere, Rollins and Utley are stealing bases — starting to get some power from Howard, Brown, Mayberry — Met series and KC series was fun

  • 3 times this year a team has butted up the first base line for a hit — Howard’s defense is becoming a problem –

  • last night it was kendrick who saw the bat drop and went towards third- i didn’t see the other two– howard is not a good 1st baseman but i have seen him make 2 decent throws this year- last night to second and the other day to home… thats something at least.

  • Phil’s Bats coming alive.. getting nice contributions up and down the line-up
    (Rollins,Utley,young,Brown,mayberry and even Lance Nix)

    When Revere and Howard get going with the return of Ruiz, this Team should put some runs up.. it will be a matter of how well the Starters/Middle Relief can PItch to get to the back end of the Bullpen which will most likely determine the success of the 2013 Phillies Team..

  • well i really hope that mayberry makes it impossible to go to delmon young in right…. I don’t know that he is a gold glover but what i hear about young is that he is the worst ever…

  • Eagles Breaking

    Eagles Trade RB Dion Jordan to Cleveland Browns for LB Emmanuel Acho whom was drafted in last years draft 6’2.

  • Sorry Dion Lewis*

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