• May 17, 2022

Rinaldo, Rosehill Each Signed to Two-Year Extensions

Philadelphia Flyers' Rinaldo exchanges a word with the New York Rangers bench in their NHL game in New YorkWhen NHL organizations began rebuilding their rosters last July, Jay Rosehill was one of the many odd men out. Many of his contemporaries- fighters like George Parros, John Scott and Brandon Prust- quickly found open seats while Rosehill listened as the music faded away.

In October, the 27 year-old signed a professional tryout contract with the Anaheim Ducks’ farm team, the Norfolk Admirals. A PTO is worth 25 games, and by the time the NHL finally got its act together in January, the Ducks’ signed him (as well as former Flyer Ryan Parent) to a pro-rated one year contract.

Perhaps if Jake Voracek hadn’t decided to stand up for Claude Giroux after the latter received a legal open ice hit from Steve Oleksy, Rosehill would still be toiling away in the AHL. We’ll never know exactly what reason that Philadelphia Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren decided to pull the trigger on a trade for his services, but the timing turned out to be fortuitous once Zac Rinaldo was injured with a high ankle sprain.

Holmgren apparently liked what he saw enough to sign both he and Rinaldo to two-year extensions, as announced by the club earlier today.

Per Tim Panaccio of CSNPhilly, Rinaldo’s contract is worth $750,000 per season while Rosehill’s amounts to $675,000 per season. Both contracts fall below the $900,000 threshold set by the new collective bargaining agreement, so either player could hypothetically be buried in the minors without their contracts affecting the salary cap if a situation calls for it.

Rinaldo’s extension was only a matter of time. The 22 year-old has earned 5 goals, 14 points and 317 penalty minutes in 98 games played with Philadelphia. Feared as a liability when he was first introduced, he has steadily matured into a more reliable agitating presence for the Flyers with a workhorse attitude.

Before he went down with injury, he was still earning penalties arguably by reputation more than substance, and it’s difficult to imagine that stigma ever being removed completely. His role requires that he skate the fine line between “physical” and “dirty,” and as the game has gotten faster, the ability for officials to differentiate between the two hasn’t gotten easier.

The organization never seemed completely comfortable having just Rinaldo, though. At 5′-11″, he’s held his own just fine with the likes of Brandon Prust and B.J. Crombeen, but he would be completely outmatched against a player like John Scott (what with the 6″ difference in height and all). Rosehill gives them that “back-up” comfort.

The biggest criticism to have with Rosehill’s contract is that he is not nearly as valuable as Rinaldo to the organization, and so the second year of his contract seems unnecessary. It’s not the value of the dollars attached, but the space the contract eats up. Jody Shelley was unpopular in his time with Philadelphia largely because of his contract, even though he played the same role as Rosehill.

If the Flyers are forced to trade a draft pick for contract space and “future considerations” down the road, the extra year added on will be an unfortunate hangover to cope with.

There is also the argument that enforcers aren’t really necessary, considering they are often too much of a liability to have skating with the top line players that they are supposed to be protecting. If Giroux or Matt Read ever finds themselves being run at, the team has to rely on Scott Hartnell, Wayne Simmonds and Brayden Schenn to back those players up immediately- not Rosehill or Rinaldo.

As I have all of zero NHL experience, though, it’s difficult to gauge how the players actually feel about having enforcers on the roster. If someone asks a top six player whether having the likes of Shelley or Rosehill makes them feel safer, they’re not going to answer, “no, he’s useless.” He’s their teammate and is fighting for a job like everybody else (no pun intended).

Does their presence truly provide comfort on the ice? All we have to go by is their word, and their words are worth a lot more than mine.

Between Rinaldo, Rosehill and prospect Derek Mathers, the organization should have enough fighters on the books to fill any enforcing needs they have moving forward.

Josh Janet

Josh Janet was raised in Northern New Jersey, but by an odd set of circumstances, is a Philadelphia sports fan. While recently converted to the Phillies, Josh is a diehard Flyers fan and can be expected to stay on top of the latest NHL news.

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  • Surprise! 2 non-talented, thugs, signed to multi-year contracts. Another sickening organization.

  • Early Prediction for 2014 Season

    Flyers miss Playoffs again with a 35-41-6 Overall Record

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Ed Snyder is to the NHL what Al Davis was to the NFL.

    Before salary caps hit the NFL, the Raidiz acquired the players they wanted and could keep them because they could spend whatever they wanted. They built a powerhouse that way. But once the salary cap rules came in and leveled the playing field so that teams with better scouting and coaching and innovativeness would excel, it became clear that Davis’ management and decision-making skills were vastly inferior to most every other ownership in the league. He continuously sabotaged the Raidiz with his personal hangups.

    Snyder is the same way. He’s still having nightmares about 1972 and making bad decisions on contracts. I’ll bet he still doesn’t understand the salary cap rules in the NHL – not because he’s incapable, but because I doubt he cares. He’s going to do things the way he wants, and that’s it.

    Even when good decisions are made (Jagr signing last season), they’re invariably countered by equal or worse decisions (not signing Jagr this season). The Phantoms were depleted (tho it seems there are some prospects on their way for next full season) this year. For this season, we signed career minus defensemen, settled in for a season with an unstable goalie, and focused all Holmer’s energy on Shea Weber. Now we’re spending good money for 2 years on a backup fighter that no one else in the NHL wanted.

    Fish stinks from the head down.

  • I have stated for years, that Snider is nothing more than a “Mafia Wanna-Be”
    He runs his Organization similar like the Mafia with Yes Men, based on Loyalty not Performance or Production and has a pecking order that caters to his emotional state of mind.. He’s done a lot of very good things for the SPort and the City of Philly no doubt, but I hate his arrogant way of thinking he’s a GM and can actually run the Hockey Operations of this Franchise and has quite frankly run it into the ground..
    2 Years ago he panicked after shoddy Goaltending Play eliminated them from Post-Season and goes out and tells Holmgrem get me a Goalie hell or high-water and end up with the catastrophe of Bryz’s Contract
    Last year as timm00 mentioned it was goign all in for Shea Weber and when that didn’t happened, he panicks and tells Homgrem, get me a Defenseman hell or high-water and then th eone-sided give away trade of promising JVR for Schenn happens… The Owner (Snider) runs his Team based on emotions and not sound Hockey or Financial sense… I can’t stand the Guy…

    • Remember back when he fired his son after handing over control of the Flyers?

      • What’s he’s son’s name “Alfredo” .. Ha Ha ..

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