• January 23, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 8-2 Win Over St. Louis

halladabackThe Philadelphia Phillies snapped their four-game losing streak on Friday night, taking down the Cardinals 8-2 in Philadelphia. Their record now stands at 7-10.

  • Roy Halladay turned in his second strong outing in a row, this time tossing seven innings and allowing two runs against a legitimate major-league ballclub in the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • The bigger story tonight though was the eight-run offensive explosion that the bats provided against Jaime Garcia, a pitcher who had regularly dominated against them.
  • There was some delicious irony in what the Phillies did that sparked their five-run first inning against Garcia: for the first time in four games, a Phillies hitter managed to work out a walk! With two outs, Chase Utley gave a patient at-bat and worked his way to first base. The walk was followed by a 10-pitch at-bat from Michael Young that ended with a base hit. John Mayberry then drove in Utley with a double, Kevin Frandsen reached on an error, Ben Revere tripled and Humberto Quintero doubled to knock in the fifth run of the inning. It just goes to show you how easily big innings can happen if the hitters step to the plate with a patient mentality.
  • Garcia ended up throwing 33 pitches in that first inning, and was completely knocked out of his rhythm. The Phils went on to tag Garcia for three more runs.
  • Freddy Galvis went hitless at the plate, but made a spectacular diving catch in the field. He may be the team’s best defensive corner outfielder…which really speaks volumes about the other outfielders.
  • Ben Revere has three hits in the last two games, and seems to be a little more comfortable hitting at the bottom of the order.
  • The Phillies got a nice offensive game out of backup catcher Humberto Quintero, who went 2-3 with a double and two RBI’s.
  • The game was called in seventh inning due to inclement weather, giving the Phillies bullpen the night off.

Final Thoughts

It’s great to see Roy Halladay enjoying success again, but don’t get carried away with excitement.

When Halladay was struggling, I believed it was too early to write him off, and I believe now that it’s too early to consider him “back”.

I think what you’ve seen from Halladay in his first four starts is a pretty good sample of what you’re going to see from him throughout the year: highs and lows. There’s going to be nights that he feels good, and will be able to recapture his old form. But there’s also going to be times like his first two starts of the year where he’s very hittable.

Halladay won’t always be able to hide the fact that he’s lost something physically. He’s in the process of reinventing himself, and finding new ways to get guys out. He can still be a very good pitcher in a rotation, but his days as a top-of-the-line starter are through.

Also consider the facts that in his last two games, Halladay had the benefits of facing a minor-league lineup that made things easy on him by swinging early and often, and tonight his offense made his job considerably easier by spotting him eight runs in three innings. That’s not to take away from how well he was able to pitch, but it’s just some things to keep in mind.

Offensively, while it was great to see the Phillies breakout for eight runs, it’s hard to get excited because we don’t have much reason to believe that this group will be able to sustain it. The offense has looked better in the last couple of games since Charlie Manuel shook up the lineup, but unless the hitters collectively change their approach, their going to continue to be frustratingly inconsistent.


Denny Basens

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  • Didn’t look like doc was reinventing himself, looked a lot like the old doc, fastball up to 92

    You will be wrong, doc is a warrior, he will be back to winning and you are also wrong that his performance last night was not the biggest story, for as important as his pitching will be for the phillies’ success this season the fact that doc pitched a near gem, two hits over 7, was the story last night

    • I hear you jake.

      All I’m saying is that in baseball, when a team instantly falls behind by five runs, and then seven runs just two innings later, it changes a lot of factors for both the pitcher and the opposing hitters.

      The pitcher can take a few more chances and pitch to contact now that he’s sitting on such a comfortable lead, and its also easy for the opposing team to fall into a mindset that the game is already a lost cause, and they won’t give the same quality of at-bats as they would if its a close game.

      I’m not saying you shouldn’t be excited that Halladay has had two strong starts in a row, I’m just saying you should remember he’s been struggling up and down for about a year now, and it’s much too early to declare with any certainty that his issues are gone.

  • A great Performance from Doc and a much needed fast start from
    The Phillies Batters to get up early.. They need to win this Series
    And move onto the Pirates, win 3 of 4, win 3 of 4 and then start getting on a roll
    To gang close to the Braves/Nats and heck even the Mets are playing good ball right now.. That Pitcher Harvey looks very impressive..

  • I was watching the Boston Bomber – Marathon Murderer and missed the game– figures the Phils dominate and I miss it — Looked at box score and Ryan Howard was not in the lineup — Let’s hope he sits more against left handers in the future or at least drops down the batting lineup to 7th or 8th against lefties.

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