• May 27, 2022

I Could See The Eagles Trading Down

LaneJohnson2What are the Eagles going to do at number four?  Will they pick one of the offensive tackles, who are expected to be excellent NFL blockers?   Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher are up near the top of everybody’s board and Lane Johnson has been moving up the draft boards steadily since the NFL Combine.

Each of these guys are expected to anchor somebody’s offensive line for a decade or more.  Joeckel blocks like he’s conducting a clinic on the pass rusher.  Fisher has great technique, quickness and size, plus he has a mean streak.  As teams step back and look at the phenomenal athlete Johnson is, they realize that he might have the biggest the upside of all three.  They could all be gone by pick number four, five, six or seven.

Might they grab former Oregon Duck linebacker phenom, Dion Jordan, who played for Chip Kelly and is expected to develop into an outstanding pass rusher and playmaker?   Jordan would allow the Eagles to move nearly acquired Connor Barwin to the tight end side.  Barwin is a good matchup for tight ends with his size and speed, but would also be a pass rusher.  Jordan would be one of the team’s top pass rushers with amazing size and speed.  Scouts see Jordan growing into a beast of a pass rusher similar to San Francisco’s Aldon Smith.

I think Jordan is going to be hard for Gus Bradley and the Jaguars to pass up.  I remember Bradley talking about that Leo position.  Jordan is exactly what the doctor ordered, a pass rusher with freakish speed and size, who has the versatility to drop into pass coverage.

Will they shock everybody by grabbing West Virginia quarterback, Geno Smith because they believe he will be a franchise quarterback?  Smith has been falling.  His stock has been plummeting so fast, there’s talk that he might not go in the first round.  Personally, I think he will benefit from getting drafted later by a team that will allow him to sit and learn for awhile.  Sitting behind a great quarterback on a good team wouldn’t be a bad thing for him.

I could see the Birds trading down in this draft.  They need additional picks as they try to rebuild this football team. Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman made it clear that this a deep draft.  An extra second, third, or fourth round pick could go a long way towards making this team fit for the playoffs again. Kelly also said he didn’t see this draft as a signature draft for their ballclub.  He said he wanted to build this team over a series of drafts.

To me that meant the Birds don’t have their eyes on one specific player.  I think they see numerous players who could help them.  They want to make sure to not reach for anybody in a move of desperation.  I could see them trading back to seven, eight, nine or ten and trying to get an additional second, third, or fourth round pick.

The Eagles won’t to draft a quarterback in this draft, but I think the guy they would like to grab is E.J. Manuel. They’ll have to move back up into the first round in order to get him and that additional pick from a trade down will probably allow them to do it.

If Manuel is gone before they can move up to get him, then they could grab a safety, nose tackle, additional pass rusher or versatile interior offensive lineman to.


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  • I dont usually slam you for this G but this one had so many errors Im not sure I understand some of what you are trying to say.

  • Paulman’s Top 10 Draft PIcks (Mock #27)

    1) KC Chiefs – OT Luke Joeckel
    2) Jaguars – OT Eric Fisher
    3) Raiders – DT Shariff FLoyd
    4) EAGLES – OT Lane Johnson
    5) Lions – DE Ezekial Ansah
    6) Browns – QB Geno Smith
    7) Cardinals – Guard Jonathon Cooper
    8) Bills – CB Dee Milliner
    9) NY Jets – DT Star Lotuleile
    10) Titans – DT Sheldon Richardson
    11) Chargers – OLB Barkevious Mingo
    12) Dolphins – CB Xavier Rhodes
    13) Jets – OLB Jarvis Jones
    14) Panthers – Safety Kenny Vicarro
    15) No Saints – OT/Guard DJ Fluker

    • Paul, there is no way Dion Jordan drops out of the top 10…….

      • Woops, forgot about him GMCliff
        I place Dion Jordan at # 11 to the Chargers
        then OLB Mingo to the Jets at #13 and Jarvis Jones out of the Top #15

        • He will be in the top six..no way he makes it past Cleveland, if things stay status quo…..

          • I’ve had D Jordan to the Browns at #6, but Reports are they are going QB so it’s Geno Smith or Ryan Nassib at #6 to the Browns which means Jordan Drops a few more Spots since the Cardinals,BIlls,have more pressing needs ..

  • As far as moving Down, I jsut don’t see it..
    There are just noy any “Impact” Players that Teams are looking to Move-UP and trade additional Picks for..
    The Top 3 OT’s are probably causing the biggest sitr but I believe will be gone by the Top 5-6 Selections.. If Joeckel/Fisher are both off the Board by the Eagles 4th Selection, there weill be a coupld Teams intersted in Lane Johnson (Cardinals at #7,Chargers at #11,Dolphins at #12 but it is very unlikley that either of these Teams are going to give up their 2nd ROund PIck to mive up a few Spots..
    For Eagles To trade Down, theny need to get an additional 2 ND ROund PIck and not a 3rd Round Pick and I am not sure that will happen with this 2013 Draft which is deep, but not Top-Heavy with Playmakers

  • If Dion Jordan is going to be such a great playmaker, then why didn’t he make more plays in college? 5 sacks last year not exactly blowing my skirt up. And now he is going to make more plays in a new position at the nfl level because he is athletic? Forget it. At least Smith had a season with 11.5 sacks.

    • on the eagles when someone gets 5 sacks ( like brandon graham) the homer eyes see potential and get all excited

      • haha. good call.

    • Exactly! Thank you! I DO NOT, want a 2-3 year project at #4! We need, instant impact. Either, Star, or Fisher at #4, or trade down for additional picks.

    • Who is Smith? Are you referring to Connor Barwin, Jason Babin Jr?

      I would take Dion Jordan over that guy every day of the week. 11.5 sack a straight aberration. That guy will not be as impact as some think.

      • You’re nuts gm! Jordan has bust ALL over him.

        • DCar, I’m not glorifying Dion Jordan. I just think Connor Barwin isn’t what people would hope he would be….that being said I like jordan better than Barwin, and I’m not close to nuts….

          • gm, I have all the love & respect for you bruh, but if you think an unproven, overhyped, project, is better than a proven NFL player, who HAS been successful, not only are you nuts, you officially are fired as the GCobb, Birds GM! Box up your desk. BWAHAHAHA!!!!

            • Let’s bow our head in a moment of Silence as GMCliff is lowered to his final Resting Space as the #1 GM of GCobb.com..
              There will be an after-burial party at the COrner of 22nd and Wissahickon to Celebrat Cliff’s life from when he was a youngster
              and WIlt Chamberlain Fan to the GLory Days of the Gang Green..
              The Rev Tim Swoope will preside over the Services.. Thank you

              • Cliff is alive, and kicking, Don’t kid yourself

            • Is Barwin really proven Bruh? I say what you saw last year was who we will be getting, and Howie is praying he can give us the production he had the year before. I don’t think Houston is missing him…LOL!!

              Jordans potential is based on his ability to cover (more than anything else), and his raw skills as a pass rusher, can only be enhanced with more weight, strength, and experience.

              I like that potential better than anything so called proven by Connor Barwin, although this will be his 3rd year in the NFL…I don’t think he has proven anything DCar my brother.

              I do not like Jason Babin Jr……at all

      • When I drop a double, it’s bigger than the arms he has! GTFO! You do not waste a #4 pick, on a malnourished, stalk, project! No thanks!

      • Talking about Aldon Smith in college for his freshman year.

  • Google “Chiefs trade down”, or “Jags trade down”, or “Raiders trade down” and you get dozens of articles about how each and every one of these teams is also interested in trading down…….


    • esp. when KC, Oakland, Cleveland don’t have 2nd round draft picks and Andy Reid & Joe Banner love to accumulate picks for future drafts in trade down deals

  • Not very hard to figure out. If the Eagles can make a trade, then trade out and get more picks. If not, then stand pat and draft the best player available. This team has holes and we need to fill them with good athletes. Repeat in the 2nd rd. I don’t nessasarily think drafting E.J Manuel is a good thing in the 2nd rd. I don’t want the Eagles to draft a player because they “fit the system”. And that seems to be Kelly’s philosophy. Best player available should be the motto

  • I thought the NFL did away with hoarding money for the future and they needed to spend almost to the cap? Any since draft picks are boat load of money anymore, what is the deal?

  • I believe Team now have to be at 95% of the Cap Limit by a certain date
    ( Early-Mid September) per the new CBA that’s been in place for 2 years now
    This includes new long term deals with current players..

  • Here is my top 10 players in this draft that I think will have the best career(s) in the NFL.

    1. Eric Fishure
    2. Luke Joeckel
    3. Jarvis Jones
    4. Dion Jordan
    5. Tyler Eifert
    6. Alec Ogletree
    7. Sean Renfree
    8. Matt Elam
    9. Star Lotulelei
    10. Eddy Lacy

  • Last mock before the draft.

    1. Chiefs – Luke Jockell, OT
    2. Jaguars – Dion Jordon, OLB
    3. Raiders – Eric Fishure, OT
    4. Eagles – Jarvis Jones, DE/LB
    5. Lions – Lane Johnson, OT
    6. Browns – Dee Millner, CB
    7. Cardinals – Geno Smith, QB
    8. Bills – Sharrif Floyd, DT
    9. Jets – Star Lotulelei, DT
    10. Titans – Alec Ogletree, LB
    11. Chargers – Ezekiel Ansah, DE
    12. Dolphins – Chance Warmack, G
    13. Jets – Xavior Rhodes, CB
    14. Pathers – Johnathan Cooper, G
    15. Saints – Barkevious Mingo, DE
    16. Rams – Tavon Austin, QB
    17. Steelers – Corriedale Patterson, WR
    18. Cowboys – D.J. Fluker, OT
    19. Giants – Kenny Vaccaro, S
    20. Bears – Manti Te’o, LB
    21. Bengals – Sylvester Williams, DT
    22. Rams – Eddy Lacy, RB
    23. Vikings – D.J. Hayden, CB
    24. Colts – Bjoern Werner, DE
    25. Vikings – DeAndre Hopkins, WR
    26. Packers – Tyler Eifert. TE
    27. Texans – Robert Woods. WR
    28. Broncos – Damontre Moore, DE
    29. Patriots – Desmond Trufant, CB
    30. Falcons – Kyle Long, OL
    31. 49ers – Kawann Short, DT
    32. Ravens – Matt Elam, S

    • Are you on crack? Jones ain’t going to be picked until late 1st- early 2nd! He’s got Spinal Stenosis! And the so-called Doctor, that passed his physical, is being sued for neglect, by several patients, including NFL player Antrel Rolle. NO WAY!

      • DCAR that doctor you mentioned was suppose to show up for court the other day for the suit with Rolle. But instead of showing up in court he was found dead…from “natural causes”. I guess natural causes includes getting wacked. Thats some shady BS man. And because of that I stay away from Jarvis Jones too. We need a sure thing, no projects or question marks please.

        • DAMN! No $#!T? I didn’t know that part pheags. Thanks for the info. You know what they say about karma?!?

      • HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jarvis Jones? Hmmm…

  • You can hang a “Star” on that one baby!

  • I would be 100% okay with Jarvis Jones. He is NOT a project. 14 sacks in the toughest division in college football? He had a bad combine so what? how many players do we see have a good combine and suck at the next level? Trade the 4th pick for the Jets 9th and a 2nd rounder and im taking Jarvis Jones with my 1st EJ Manuel with my 2nd, Eric Reid with my other 2nd and Tyrann Mathieu with my 3rd. That would be the best draft EVER.

    • No it wouldn’t! Reid is good, but you can have the other 3! Jones is a major heath risk. Manuel, is nothing more than a back-up & the Honey badger is an inevitable, train wreck, waiting to happen! That would be a horrific draft! You’re nuts!

    • You also have DJ Hayden going 23?!? The dude, just had his heart sewed back together, & almost died! You are going to chance a 1st rounder, on a severely high health risk, like him?!? Again, you are nuts! Another boob, falling for the ESPN hype machine, & their sob stories! I guess you want the Birds to sign Jamarcus Russell, because he was interviewed as a sob story, & was crying, looking for pity, with the deaths he had in his family. I feel no pity, for wasted talent, who was blessed with God given talent, who pocketed $32M! He’s the one who ate, & Codeine’d his way out of the league. Absolutely disgusting display of exploitation, on ESPN’s part! I can’t stand that nauseating network anymore! I don’t fall for their BS! They just want to be the big shots, to be the 1st to report on his attempted comeback.

  • That would be the ideal draft for the Eagles ES…anything is possible

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