• May 17, 2022

Eagles Select Lane Johnson With Fourth Overall Pick

LaneJohnson2The Philadelphia Eagles used their fourth overall pick in the draft on offensive tackle Lane Johnson.

Johnson is very athletic, and fits Chip Kelly’s offensive style of play.

The move also is a likely confirmation that Todd Herremans will slide back inside to right guard.

The Eagles were fortunate that Johnson was still available to them at number four. Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs shook up the draft by selecting Eric Fisher instead of Luke Joeckel with the number one overall pick. With Fisher off of the board, Gus Bradley and the Jacksonville Jaguars pounced on the opportunity to draft Joeckel with the second pick. Then the Miami Dolphins traded up in front of the Eagles, many assumed to snatch Johnson, but it turned out the Dolphins were actually targeting Dion Jordan.

The Eagles got the last top tackle available, and although he was the third tackle selected, he just might be the best fit for the Eagles of the three.

Denny Basens

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  • Yes! Finally the Eagles get it right. I’m super stoked right now!!

  • Bye bye jakey boy……..

  • A very athletic right tackle .well slide herreman over and if Jason comes back at left tackle we are vastly ready to roll…thank you Miami .

  • Great Pick, Lane Nohnson has the most upside and most Athletic
    OT in this Deaft Class, perfect fit at RT for 2 Years then slide over to LT
    When Peters playing days are over and now Herrenab’s slides in at RG
    And if Peters were to get injured, then Lane Johnson can play his Batural Pisisition of LT
    The Eagles OL just improved at RG & RT with this Pick

    • That pick sucked.

      • Told you GMCliff , he’s fits Kelly’s Up Tempo Scheme like a Glove
        Herremans gets moved to RG for probably his last Season
        Watkins is a goner/back-up and they will Select another Center/Guard Schwenke, or Barrett Jones in the 3rd/4th Rounds
        I am all good with this Pick

        • He stinks. I’m fine with Schwenke, but you guys can save your energy trying to sell me on Lame Jonson. I’m going to sit back and wait for the time when I tell you I told you so…..I want you to be fine with it when, this blows up in their face too…..

    • This line hasn’t improved until they get rid of Herramans, and Mathis……

  • good pick. now pound the rock

  • Thank you Eagles organization for not taking Geno Smith with the #4 pick. Nice to see that you guys are using your brain for once lol

  • The Eagles blew it again!!!

    • Who did you want to see them take, GM?

      • Defense,,,,Ansah, Lotululei, Jordan, Richardson, Rhodes…I wanted them to trade down, not just settle for this crap. He’s not all that as a Tackle Prospect…I do not like Lane Johnson, he is a combine warrior.

        He wasn’t all that great playing in the Senior Bowl. Ziggy made him look pedestrian at the Senior Bowl….It’s done Denny, and I have to accept it, but I hoping there is a trade before the first round is complete. I don’t like this pick……..

      • Now, they are going to be reaching to replace the players they should have drafted in the 1st Round……..We don’t need a QB this year. Connor Barwin will stink. Who is going to play the 5 technique at DE? There is no one better than Lotululei, and Richardson, in the 2nd, or 3rd Round to play that position…….

        Don’t give me Jesse Williams, HE IS NOT ALL THAT, and will be a rotational tackle in the NFL…..NOTHING SPECIAL….Sorry, DCar that’s my evaluation, and how I feel about him…..

        • gm, that’s who’s coming in the 2nd. Get used to it! LOL!

      • Andy stuck it to us picking Fisher #1….He would have been the pick, if he was available. He is so much better than Lame Johnson……….

  • Was a good pick. top 5 pick should only ever be QB, OT, or DL…and we got one. Lets hope he works out.

  • Best player available?
    100% need pick.
    Jason Peters injury must be more serious than reported by all by DCar.
    Howie shoveling shit cliches at us again.

  • Dcar nailed it — Jason Peters must be done- this is 100% need pick

  • That guy cannot play LT in the NFL….I don’t care who says what to indorse this pick. He won’t be any better than Herramans at RT….

    There were better prospects on the board. Howie is at the helm right? No different from years prior…They blew it again!!!

  • Here is the reality of the NFL draft.

    Of the 3 LTs taken in the top 4.

    One will be a pro-bowler
    One will be a serviceable starter
    One will be a bust

    And none of us, No one. Nor any NFL exec has any idea which of the 3 will be which.

    So cross your fingers,

  • Blew it again gmcliff? Bro WTF are you smoking??? Who did you want?

    • I’m high on more quality players….not this fraud…I know what you guys are smoking its a blunt rolled with you don’t know real talent in this draft…..

  • Sure we could have taken Star, Mingo, Warmack, Jones or Floyd, but who is to say they would have panned out? Be realistic my man

    • So you are SURE that Lame Johnson, will pan out? I think you need the lesson in reality my friend……

      • I will bet you that Johnson will pan out gmcliff. What do you want to wager? We can settle at the end of yr. I like to gamble my man..

        • You got it….are you ready for your t-shirt? You are just one of many my man who have eaten their words…….Please, I don’t sweat nobody on this site when it comes to talent evaluation…..

          • Lol ok gmcliff

      • You can come visit me at my Eagles bar in Cali and pay me my money hahahah

        • I doubt if I hear from you……just like Schiller…

          • I’m not going anywhere my man..here to stay

  • You know who blew it…the Jets.

    Deion just asked Milner if he could replace Revis…and the response is,

    “I know I can”

    No you can’t.

    Again…for many of you, character isn’t important….yet it is.

    Hey Milner, Here’s the proper answer:

    “Revis. You are talking about the premier corner in the league. I just hope I can come in and play to the best of my ability to help the NYJs”

    but no…”yes I can replace Revis”

    He’s done.

    • Vinnie people will see that he was overhyped, and not as talented, as some believe. You have to let it take it’s course………

      • Maybe. I don’t know. You don’t either. No one does.

        • I know I’ll be repeating myself, and saying I told you so

    • He’ll be fine day one starter and of course he was drafted to replace Revis everyone knows it.

  • I wanted an OT with the #4 pick (Joeckel & Fisher) but had Floyd, Milliner and Warmack rated as studs and Lane Johnson as just a first round ROT not a difference maker.

  • Should have drafted Floyd……Eagles will regret this one

    • Floyd isn’t all that either

  • Laughing at everyone who said we should take Geno Smith @ 4!

    • I wasn’t worried about that Regal,…….

  • Man I kind of agree with gmcliff, we could have moved down and take fluker

    • Flucker wouldn’t fit the uptempo offense diddy.

      • Yes he would Biggie that’s non sense……..but Fluker is a Guard

  • Love the Faders.

    Trade down. Everyone excited. “what a great move!!”

    Then they get to their pick at 12… everyone is saying “they’re going to take Floyd – he’s the guy they wanted all along!!”

    And they choose Hayden and everyone is, “who?”

    Nice job faders.

  • I told everyone Chiefs were going to take Fisher
    I think Joeckel is the one who will struggle at the NFL..
    I like Lane Johnson Pick a lot.. This offense Ike going to run 75 Snaps a game and needs athketic, strong guys up front.. Down in the Red-zone, you can even line up Johnson as Tackle eligible TE and sneak him out in a pass pkay, guy played QB/TE in Junior College, great pick

    • yep u sure told everyone that

      April 24, 2013 – 1:25 pm

      Eagles Mock Draft Version A
      #4 OT Eric Fisher (Central Michigan 6-7 315lbs)
      #35 DE Tank Carradine (Fla State 6-4 280lbs)
      #67 Guard Larry Warmack (Kentucky 6-3 330lbs)
      #101 CB Leon McFadden (San DIego State 5-10 193lbs)
      #136 OLB Michael Buchannan (Illinois 6-6 255lbs)

      • What does my Version B , C have Henski??
        I believe Eagles would have Grabbed Fisher but he was
        Not available..
        My Top 10 Mock had Fishers to Cheifs and Johnson to Eagles..

        • oh i get it now your eagles mock draft a which i would think meant ur #1 mock had fisher going #4 to philly, yet u said earlier u have been telling everyone he was going to kc. makes no sense to me.

  • Fantastic. Jets fan is standing there stunned. No one in the building knows who Richardson is. I love the draft.

  • Hope it works out, the Eagles definitely drafted for need over taking the best player available though. Lotulelei or Floyd would have been less questionable picks in my mind. Johnson having packed on 100 lbs. in about 2 1/2 years seems anything but natural. What happens if he drops the 100 lbs. in the next 2 1/2 years?

    • Exactly Butch. Inexperienced reach, for a need. Boring pick. Would of been perfect to get Lotulelei, or trade down. Johnson, is exactly what I didn’t want, a reach! Well, at least we didn’t reach for Jordan, Smith, Jones, or Manuel.

  • yep eagles blew i cant believe they didnt take dion jordan who has done absolutely nothing in college to be a first round pick let alone a top 5 pick. or they shouldve took this ansah guy who has played football for 3 years and started 1 year in his entire life. one of these 2 guys wouldve been the smart picks. haaaaaaa

    • and you forgot to mention will be better pros than Johnson…………..

      You can’t say they haven’t done anything in college. They don’t have many sacks which amateurs evaluators like yourself put stock in, but they both had more tackles for loss, and more total disruptions than you’re giving consideration to Mhenski than most coming out in this draft. Which lends credibility to their draft status …………

  • Lets review

    Dolphins trade up to take a guy skinnier than a 14 year old kid going thru puberty
    Rams trade up to take a guy who is shorter than mini-me
    Raiders trade down then take the 4th rated DB
    Jets see every player they want taken away so end up drafting a guy who has already had 56 surgeries and another guy no one has heard of

    And there are people complaining about eh Birds taking the 3rd highest rated tackle after the first 2 are gone?

    • hilarious and paulman has been telling everyone the chiefs will take fisher yet his mock yesterday had the eagles taking him. the best prediction was jon hart saying the eagles would trade the jets the 4 for the 9 and 13 and with the 9 take luke joekel and geno with the 13. haaaaaaaaa

  • Buffalo is the dumbest organization in the NFL…………

    • next to the Eagles……..

    • Why for getting the QB they wanted plus extra picks? If Manuel doesn’t pan out so what it won’t be here, Vinnie he obviously knew teams wanted him and he is a very well spoken young man.

      • For not making better use of those picks Biggie……

  • so eagles get geno smith in the 2nd round? LOL

  • I would take Geno in the 2nd Round………..

  • I can’t believe the majority of you guys are pissed about this pick. Amazing!! I don’t hold a crystal ball, but i think Lane Johnson will be just fine.

    • I’m not pissed just underwhelmed. Envisioned #4 as an All Pro difference maker but he is the 3rd OT taken and projected as a RT for this team.

    • Based on what DMAN?

  • Man they could have taken Kyle long in the second round. He is just as good as johnson

    • Good point Diddy. But , I don’t like Kyle Long either, because they are the same player…….

    • Hard to do, when he already was drafted at 20.

  • Bullshit pdiddy. Watch you guys will see

  • Lane Johnson – T – Eagles

    Eagles selected Oklahoma RT Lane Johnson with the No. 4 overall pick.
    Johnson (6-foot-6, 303) has longer arms (35 1/4″) than Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher, and beat both in the forty (4.72), ten-yard split (1.61), and vertical (34″) at the Combine, in addition to bench reps (28). Also flashing a mean streak on the field, Johnson is short only on experience. He started 23 games for the Sooners, 12 as a junior right tackle and 11 as a senior on Landry Jones’ blind side after playing tight end and defensive end as a sophomore. Johnson allowed two sacks and nine QB knockdowns last year. Johnson arguably possesses more upside than any lineman in this draft. He’ll slide in on Michael Vick’s blindside in Philly, leaving Jason Peters at left tackle and kicking Todd Herremans inside to guard. Johnson is an absolute perfect fit for Chip Kelly’s uptempo offense.

    • YADA, YADA YADA, Lets see him prove it on the field…………

      • thats all talk……

        • he’ll fit in perfect, right next to Danny Watkins, Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham in the cheering section with the wives in the stands —

  • Man okay enough negativity there’s a lot of draft left let’s go eagles. Honestly Dman I hope you are right about Johnson. Trust me I want to be wrong.

    • I just want to be able to root for my birds just like you guys. All i know is that we needed O line help and we got it. Not saying he was the absolute best available, but we all just need to wait and see what happends. Still so many picks the Eagles have…let’s wait till it’s over to voice our opinions..

      • I wanna win just like you do pdiddy. I’m just trying to be optimistic

  • At this rate we might get Geno in the second.

  • @gm that’s my point gm no way Johnson at four you can ge that caliber player in the second even third round

    • I got you Diddy…..:)

  • Would you rather be the Giants drafting Justin Pugh? Wait…I thought they “know” how to draft.

  • Neither Minny, nor SF, nor Indy, nor Balt are going to take a TE.

    Looking better and better for Ertz or Eifert to be there for the Birds in the 2nd round.

  • downer

  • Looks like JH was right about the first half of the draft with the Birds selecting Lane Johnson though they stayed put and didn’t trade down.. I don’t hate the pick but would have rather had them go defense first. This does give them some flexibility on the offensive line and some stability at those Tackle positions.. But what I do know for a fact is that Dion Jordan was their top guy on their board..

    • yep jon as predicted the eagles took luke joekely at number 9 and geno smith at 13. haaaaaaaaaaaaa totally right

  • 2 great Picks by the Vikings
    DT Floyd and CB Rhodes to go along with WR Greg Jennings
    If AP stays healthy, and Ponder improved, they will be a good
    Team.. Nice job by them

    • 2 number ones last year ( Kahil and Smith)
      2 number ones this year, Vikings collecting talent, I can’t figure out why St. Louis won’t select players, 2 years in a row they keep trading back and back

  • The a worst 1st around Pick of the evening has to be the Bears with
    Kyle Long at 20.. Most had Long as a late 2nd/3rd Rounder
    A nice slick by the Packers with DE Datone Jones from UCLA

  • Still some good Defenders for the Eagles to take a hard look at with #35th pick
    LB Alec Ogletree, Safety J Cyprien, Matt Elam
    DT Jesse Williams, OLB/DE Damonte Moore, lots of TE & WR’s

    • paul, look for Moore, Cyprian, or Jesse Williams, in the 2nd.

  • DT Kwann Short, CB Lamar Taylor.. LB Manti Teo
    DE Margus Hunt, and my man DE Tank Carradine

  • Johnson and Geno were the only guys I didn’t want at 4. Warmack will be a much better pro than Lane Johnson.

    Give me Matt Elam in the second round and I will be much happier

    • Dammit. Ozzie Newsome stole my guy. now were going to likely draft that Geno. Shit

  • Damn, Vikings trade back up with the Oats for the 29th pick and have up their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th Round to do so..
    Has to be WR C Patterson or Justin Hunter
    Or maybe even QB Geno Smith
    Damn Patriots now have 2 2nd Rounders
    2 3rd Rounders & 2 4th Round selections

  • Why don’t you shut the fuck up gmcliff I think everybody knows you don’t like the pick like anybody really gives a shit. So stop whining like a little bitch about it, and shut the fuck up crybaby.

    • I’d rather wait for you to make me….I don’t like the pick. Screw you. Thats what this site is for. If you don’t want to hear it, go back in the bathroom with you baby oil chump, before you get you jaw, and tongue sewed shut……Just post your opinion, and move on ………

    • Mac, take it easy. It ain’t that serious. The pick was wrong, period! They needed a starter for DF & they could sign Winston, or Clabo, in FA, & draft O-line, in rounds 3-5.

  • Hey Paulman any good CB left for pick 35 consideration?

  • Guys this has been by far the best draft EVER in general. So many shockers. Vikings are having an amazing draft. Eagles have probably the best OL in the NFL East. Matt Elam, Geno Smith, Manti Te’o still available most entertaining draft by far.

  • *NFC East

  • Lanes will be fine gm he has Jason Peter to learn from as Jason also played different positions in college

    • i WOULDN’T BE SO SURE…..My point is there were better football players, and potential Pro Bowlers, on the board after we chose him.

      Johnson will be adequate but nothing special. At #4 you need special, and I feel they blew it.

      2nd, and 3rd Rounds, I need multiple picks….Jonathan Cyprian, Jamie Collins, and Larry Warford.

      3rd – Quinton Patton, Blidi Wreh Wilson, and Cornelius Washington

  • I cannot believe there was only 1 QB chosen in a first round, and the guy who was chosen, no one had heard of 3 months ago.
    Manuel should send his signing bonus to COlin Kapernick, for without him Manuel would have gone in the 7th.

    Love to see disasters from the Jets…..

    Like to see the Giants and Cowboys choosing guys who would have been there tomorrow or even Saturday.

    3 picks from the Vikes…too bad for them they don’t have a QB.

    Eagles pick was the right choice…we’ll see if he turns out.

    And the TE from Stanford still there for the Birds in the 2nd round…..a good day.

    • Vinnie everyone knew who Manuel was, can’t believe he was the only QB taken though.

  • Geno goes to the Jags and the Eagles pick a corner or safety with its pick.

    • Big, that’s how I see it. Jonathan Cyprian, Jonathan Banks, Damontre Moore, Jesse Williams, Jonathan Hankins

  • Taking a chance on Geno Smith in the 2nd round is value. Even if you are not a fan of his you have 3 options Vick, Foles and potentially Geno Smith you have to feel comfortable knowing you have 3 QB’s that are very capable of leading your team. Lets have a open competition and im 80% sure Geno would win the starting job next year.

  • I definitely take cyprien with our 2nd pick

  • Denny, Stoutland coached Alabama’s O-line, not Oklahoma!

  • I’m predicting that we are about to make a move on Tyrann M with our 2nd round pick. I know he’s had some problems off the field, but with his work ethic, This guy might end up being the biggest difference maker in the entire draft.

    • CT, I agree but I doubt the Birds would take Mathieu this high in the 2nd at 35 I was thinking he could go rounds 3-5 but Im hearing that teams are very high on him. He could very well go early in the 2nd.. In fact you helped change my mind while I type this message, I see Mathieu being picked high in the 2nd and I think this is the Eagles sleeper pick..

  • love the pick to bulk up the line.i honestly didnt think a top tackle would be there at 4 but was happy as hell it was him to fall to us.. now we got a weapon on the goaline when we run tackle eligible. he will out run linebackers (like Man ti tao)
    Kinda bumbed about EJ going to the bills, though we could get him in the 2nd woulda been a good fit in chips offense(plus being mentored by donovan mcnabb) and not bad value as a 2nd rounder but def not a top 16 pick..

  • Jags- Geno/ DE or trade
    49ers TE from stanford
    Eagles -Cyprien (S) or Justin Hunter WR

    • Jags- Smith.
      SF- Hunt.
      Birds (in order)- Damontre Moore, Jonathan Cyprian, Jonathan Banks, Jesse Williams, Jonathan Hankins.

      • Dcar I think its Cyprian or Banks that’s who it should be.

        • Wouldn’t be opposed to it, because the run on the secondary, is going to come early today. We can get front 7 help, in the 3rd, Brandon Williams, Jenkins, Hankins, Buchanan, Lamoner, Thomas, Kiko, Reddick, Okafer?

  • Eagles 35th Selection
    A) DE Tank Carradine (though 49ers may grab him)
    B) DE Margus Hunt (SMU. 6-8 270lbs)
    C) CB Jamar Taylor (Boise St 5-11 190lbs)
    D) Safety J Cyprien Fla Int’l 6-0 217lbs)

    • yeah I think that SF goes with Tank. Top needs were safety and DL. Eagles have to be tempted to take Geno in the 2nd round though although I hope that it is Cyprien.

  • Gruden was talking about tyrann the whole 1 tired of it

  • I like Johnson he has done well at every position they have put him at in his career. That shows the ability to learn and everyone is learning Chips System. Good pick. X’s 2nd round pick for the Eagles…Jonathan Banks…3rd round pic..Zac Dysert…thats what I would do.

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