• August 14, 2022

Chip Kelly And Staff Intent On Fielding A Tough, Physical Football Team

ChipKelly4I got the chance to spend some time with the Eagles coaching staff last week during Chip Kelly’s event for the team’s alumni.  We had a great time talking football and sharing stories from games and years gone by.

Kelly addressed the group and he understands that Philadelphians want to be proud of the way their football team plays the game.   They plan on fielding a tough, physical and well prepared team that will properly represent the city.

Even though Kelly is portrayed by some as a “mad scientist on the football field”, he’s not.   Underneath his pursuit of getting every advantage he can find through scientific knowledge and football savvy, I see a “tough, old fashioned football coach”, who believes in winning the game at the line of scrimmage.

The Birds believe they will have a very good offensive line, which will allow them to run the football effectively.  Kelly believes in the running game.   You’re going to see the Eagles attack defenses with a zone blocking scheme along with elements of the read option attack in it.

If you detected some excitement from the new coach when he got the chance to watch a healthy Jason Peters, you weren’t mistaken.  It also wasn’t a surprise that the Birds used their first pick to draft an offensive tackle, which will allow them to move Todd Herremans back to his best position and thereby improve two positions on their offensive line.

It’s not an accident that Alabama offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland is here to coach the offensive line.  The Eagles are intent on winning the battle upfront.

Kelly’s offense wants to dictate to the opposing defense with both a tough ground attack and an explosive, but turnover-free passing game.  They want a high completion rate from their quarterback and their passing offense.

Again, they will be running parts of the read option and increasing the tempo of the game to put pressure on the defense.  They’ve taken parts of his Oregon offense that can be transferred to the NFL, and parts of the West Coast offense, then merged them together to form the offense the Birds will be running.

Kelly and his staff know how important it is to stay away from turnovers, so this will play a major part in who the quarterback is going to be.  They know that you must be able to audible at the line of scrimmage.

On the defensive side of the ball, the first thing they talked about was a change in the defensive culture, especially in the secondary.  It wasn’t an accident that all the players they signed in free agency are known for playing hard.  Their secondary might not be the most talented, but they will tackle you when they get the chance.

Unlike the group that took the field a year ago, this defense will play hard and to the whistle on each play.  They will hustle to the football, then hit and tackle ball carriers.   That includes the secondary.  You’re going to see 3-4 personnel ( three defensive linemen and four linebackers)  in multiple looks, some 3-4 fronts and some 4-3 fronts.

Kelly wants to field a team which will fight and claw like Eagles teams of the past.  He gets that about Philadelphia.  The city wants a team which will show up prepared each week and ready to fight.

The Eagles coaches and player personnel people are all in agreement that anything short of the players best effort will not be tolerated.


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  • Happy to hear about, the only area I am concerned about is the
    center Position and the CB Position on Defense and believe the Eagles have made upgrades along the just about everywhere else..
    I also believe that Brandon Graham would be a better fit at ILB
    And move the more Athletic M Kendrick’s to the OLB
    In the 3-4.. I also think that Trent Coje & Vinny Curry are not fits for this new scheme Defensively and will have a tough time getting on the field

    • Graham would be a better fit on another team.

      Are you kidding Paul, we have 2 linebackers Kendricks, and Ryans. I’m not trying to hear Barwin, and Graham. That’s what got us in the position we’re in overvaluing BS Talent like that.

      Linebacker is still a concern. No real talent to get after the QB.
      Secondary as a whole is a concern.
      No real impact at DT, just a 2 down Sopoaga.
      Offensive Line still has overvalued players like Mathis, Herramanns, and Lane Johnson.

      This team is far from a finished product. They missed an opportunity to fix this defense………Benny Freakin Logan are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not sure about Graham at ILB, but agree on Cole. He really needs to be traded. Atl could really use a veteran pass rusher. I’m sure it will be another 6th or 7th rounder again but it is better than nothing and he just doesn’t belong here anymore. I never liked his disappearances in key moments, lack of leadership and mental toughness. I think we need to move on from players like Cole who represent a lot of what was wrong with the old defensive chemistry. Cole is a hard worker but just never was a tough guy. Still on the fence about Curry. This was another bad second round pick by Andy that fits in with the Cavers, Gardners, Reggie Browns and McCoys of his legacy. He is a strong run stopping LDE type like a Brandon Whiting or Abiamiri (if he was ever healthy) that lacks elite NFL pass rush skills. He should have been a fourth round pick. He may be able to play DE in a 3-4 though because he can get to 285-290 and has a good motor. Good old Andy! You don’t spend a 2nd round pick on a guy who is not an 8-10 sack guy. Curry is a role/rotational DL at the NFL level.

  • Graham will be fine cliff, the issue on the defensive side of the ball will come down to how well they get after the passer. Can Sopoago keep lineman off of Kendricks?

    • Kendricks is too small to play an ILB at the NFL Level and will be gobbled up by GUards at the second level.. Kendricks needs to play an OLB Position in my opinion and let him use his speed/quickness to make plays.. I think he will get lost on the Inside

      • Kendricks should get stronger this year and he is very fast and athletic for the position. He also seems pretty tough. I still hold out hopes that he can be a solid NFL player. But I agree with G and others that his ideal fit is 4-3 WILL covering RBs and using his explosiveness to make plays off the back side and occasionally blitzing from that blind side. He may be a decent 3-4 ILB since he did it in college. Let’s give him his second year before you write him off. Every year there are players that greatly exceed expectations and players who massively disappoint. I nominate Graham and Kendricks for surprise player of the year. I nominate D Jack and Maclin for guys who will continue to disappoint and are not long for this team. D Jack should be in the Phillies line up with Howard, Utley and Rollins. Like them he gets less relevant and fades more every year.

    • I don’t like Graham at OLB Biggie at all. IMO, We really don’t have any viable impact at that position. To come out of the draft with zero Linebackers, is irresponsible, because they are vital in a 3-4.

      • Oh I agree I cannot believe they didn’t address olb during the draft, too many parts that don’t fit in the 3-4. Curry, Cole, Graham , and adding role players to vital positions is really risky but I will reserve judgement until I see what they do on the field. On Nate Allen the only reason he’s here is because he was drafted round 2. He better show something because Kelly didn’t draft him.

      • gm, they came out with ZERO secondary help too! Unless you think Wolff & Poyer are relevant? NOT!!!!

        • I don’t DCar…I agree with you…..

  • Eagles still have problems at centre, guard, DT, (perhaps DL/OLB – I need to see the guys they brought in play first), and of course Qb.

    All these need to be solidified over the next year and next draft before anyone starts worrying about the secondary.

  • I agree that LB and DT are a huge concern going into the season, but after signing their draft picks the Eagles will have close to 10M in cap space. Would anyone be against bringing in Richard Seymour on a one year deal? Yeah the guy is getting older but he’s still got talent and can get after the QB. Plus he’s tough, physical, and has experience in the post season (pre-raiders). I would really like to see a playmaker like Seymour get added to the team, but remember when teams finalize their 53 man roster there may be some players who get cut that can contribute to our team. The secondary can be seen as a question mark as well but I don’t know how many more additions Kelly will make at those positions. He got a few serviceable starters for the year and addressed depth in the draft. I think the new safety Wolf might be more physically gifted than Nate Allen and if he can be coached I could see him becoming a solid safety who may beat out Chung for the starting spot. I guess we’ll wait and see.

    • No to Seymore. We need young guys playing and learning not dying on the vine behind Methuselah!

  • I like Brandon FLetcher at CB (as long as he stay’s healthy, long arms, good recovery speed, experienced and not afraid of playing physical)
    With the Rams, he was their best Cover CB’s 2-3 Years ago but always got hurt, then When Fisher came on board, they Signed CB C Finnergan oto a big Contract and than Drafted CB Janoris Jenkins with a 1st Round PIcks last Draft so FLetcher became the odd-man out in St Louis..
    If Flecther can remain healthy and that’s a big if, he’s a Top Half CB in the NFC and can more than hold his own.. Not al All-Pro by any stretch, but will compete a whole lot more than what we have seen in Philly with Asmo/DRC the last couple of years..

    • Fletcher SUCKS!

      • hahahahahah!!

  • Although I liked the Ertz pick because Celek is pretty mediocre and drops too many balls, I would have rather gone after a NG with that pick. I feel that position was important to address. With Cox here I didn’t feel like they needed to prioritize another 3-4 DE. I firmly believe Cox will be one of the top five 3-4 DEs by the end of this year if not then next year. Logan was a reach. I would have rather gone Safety there.

  • Well, as has been the case for years, the defensive cohesion will determine what we are capable of this year. I think fixing O line was key because we have guys that can score some points if we have someone calling the plays that relies more on our strengths (RBs), instead of insisting on making the average players (QB/WR/TE) be the center of the offense. Also someone who has more balance and more creativity. I trust that Kelly will be a much better offensive coach than Andy and that will make a huge difference. We would have been 7-9 last year with someone other than Andy/ Marty calling the plays.

    • Both Mathis & Kelce to miss OTA’s & SPring Workouts until Summer CAmp..
      Big Chance for Watkins,Vandervelde & Herremans to get s plenty of Reps at the Guard Positons ..

  • CHRIST! I’m logging off! Can’ get anyone to ever talk to me on here! Paul you are the fucking worst! Just want thear yourself!

    • Go Log-Off JBird, and come back when you get your shit together ..

    • ok here’s what you do
      1.say that Mike vick will have a bounce back year (throw in some stats too)
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      3. say that Nick Foles will beat out all QB’s for the starting spot
      4. Mention Eagles.com in any post better yet hyperlink a eagles.com article and add it to the post
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      8. Tell everyone that Nate Allen will make the pro-bowl
      9. Praise Howie Roseman on the Job he’s done as GM
      10.Mention Jeff Luries love for Black QB’s

      • priceless

      • Agreed. Tried and true response generators.

        Speaking of which we haven’t had a good Vick argument for about 36 hours so……

        • A new one to add Gotta

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  • I don’t get why people are saying that the Ertz pick was not out of need? It most certianly was! If a team wants to run a lot of 2 TE sets, and you only have 1 viable TE, than I’d consider that a god dang need!

  • 4-12 and worst team in NFC = everyone is correct when they complain.
    I preferred the Eagles to do exactly what Howie accomplished. Replace the entire secondary. Use free agency for defense and the draft for offense. Could any of us turn a 4-12 team into a winner in one off season?

    • He hasn’t accomplished anything but continue the mediocrity, and the sad thing is that you don’t know any better…..

      He has shown that he was in on all those bad drafts, same old crap, different year….Yes, I could turn this team around. I SAY THAT WITH FULL CONFIDENCE!!!!

      • dude you feeling yourself a little too much…LOL

        • Only with a little Irish Spring Gotta Luv It LOL!!!!!!!

          • AND MORE OF THE TRUTH!!!!

            • GMCliff –
              The only thing you could build, Webster… is a good case of hemorrhoids. —
              –Gunnery Sgt. Tom ‘Gunny’ Highway Heartbreak Ridge (1986)

              • Says you……… I want to hear your opinion when my draftees become superstars, and your making excuses for why Howies draftees are busts…..When that happens, it will be obvious you are just in denial……….

                Let me let you in on something Junior. I am more qualified than you understand….like a :

                Bachelors of Science in Recreational/ Sports Management
                Masters of Science in Recreational/Sports Management……….all from Florida International University….

                PhD in Sports Management.from Concordia University of Chicago
                Bachelors of Science in Sports/ Event Food Management……..
                from Johnson & Wales University

                As well as:
                Certification Certificate of Competence in Sports Administration
                Certification Certificate in Sports Negotiation and Compliance
                Certification Certificate in Sports Marketing Management
                from the University of Arizona

                If you think I am concerned about your opinion, you obviously don’t know GMCliff. I’m not your ordinary poster on GCobb.com, I actually know what I am talking about, and doing.

                So E0S, you can kiss my ass….do you hear me kiss my ass

              • GMCliff —
                Exhibit A: Trent Richardson 11 TD
                Exhibit B: Dion Waiters 14.7 ppg

              • Trent Richardson – 7 TD’s of 2 yards or less, and 4 touchdowns of 15 yards or less, is not impressive to me, and he is still average…..

                I stand by my opinion of Dion Waiters as well. Nothing impressive about a guy who scores on one of the worse teams in the NBA, when Kyrie Irving is injured for significant part of the season….

                Is that all you have? You also said Sullinger, and Thomas Robinson were beast as well…..start backpedaling…You don’t know Crap E0S……..

              • GMCliff – Trent Richardson and Dion Waiters put up outstanding scoring statistics as rookies which is why I offered them as exhibits to prove my point——–> that you are delusional.
                I didn’t post one single comment on any I-T device while I summered in LBI for June, July, August and most of September. So I never offered an opinion on Thomas Robinson & Jared Sullinger. I was off-line, I even read paperback novels not e-books.

              • GMCliff – who is your nba draft prospects this year? I meant August not September – I returned earlier last summer to help family which were in the Hospital.

              • So let me get this right. You feel because I didn’t like Richardson, or Waiters, as prospects that I can’t identify talent?

                Even if those guys were named to the dream team of their sports, it still wouldn’t discredit the other 30 some impact players I’ve already identified as talent. I didn’t like Russell Wilson when he came out, but the 15 other draftees I identified were all more than successful. …….I really don’t see your point…….

                And why do I need to to justify myself to you? You are the only person on here who questions what has already been proven. You who thinks this draft was an A grade draft………If you ask me you are the one that has proven himself delusional……..LOL!!!

              • GMCliff
                Fair enough on Russell Wilson !
                but I have 2 eyes on your comments when that soap box in being laid down and your trumpet is coming out of it’s case.

              • Like it really matters that you are watching me. Who cares!!! Who the #%@% are you??!!! I could miss on a player, and would give less than a darn about your opinion……

                GMCliff is going to be GMCliff. Llawrd rode me about Russell Wilson all year, but he ignored all the others that were suggested by me, and for his efforts, he joined the Kiss My Ass Club…..

                So, please join me GCobb.com family, in being the first to congratulate Eagles0superbowls…..With his new lifetime membership to the EXCLUSIVE KISS MY ASS CLUB!! Congratulations Amateur……….

  • I am happy with the way the Eagles front office and Chip Kelly handled the offense. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us compete this year. I would be surprised if we somehow make the Super Bowl but hey, I’ll enjoy every second of it.

    • BoB, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Stop it, you’re killing me!!!!

      • hahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To me the offense will be ok its the Defense thats the wildcard to me. Davis better understand how these offense is gong to attack him. Philly is a Defensive BLUE COLLAR town period; Chip can preach offense all he wants but at the end of the day the De is going to drive this bus if the eagles is going any where

  • The Bottom line is this. Build a fundamentally sound team with players that are NFL sized and you will always compete. From there you get a stud here and there to develope and Bam Bowl time! The eagles have been fundamentally unsound since Dawk and McNabb were the Salt!

  • I must admit the Bennie Logan pick confounded me at first but I have a feeling this kid could be a player. You know what they say, “When in doubt pick a defensive linemen from the SEC!” Who knows, maybe they out him at the other defensive end. He seems more suited for that role in my eyes. Somebody whose dime responsibility is to keep the OL off of our LBs.

  • *sole responsibility

  • I watched the Oregon vs Kansas State bowl game from last year. The entire game is on youtube. I think if Kelly can get the Eagles playing as fast as the Ducks played, we will be scoring a lot of points. It might take a year or two to get it together, but I think he could build a winner here.

  • Having a whole culture change helps this team. I like some of the changes. Hoping Phillips suprises us. I like the Johnson pick as well. The fact that we could run the ball effectively with a top 5 running back is finally great to hear.

    Quarterback and the O-line are my worries.

    If we can outscore them with a crafty offense. works 4 me.

  • Nothing Crafty or Tricky about wearing down an opponent and executing at a high success rate at a high tempo. Beat that A$$. I think that is the new mantra. Here we come again and again and again you can’t stop us!

  • Karlos Dansby as possible stopgap at ILB and then move Kendricks to OLB?

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