• May 26, 2022

Another Look At The 2013 Eagles’ Draft Class

LaneJohnson5The report cards are out.  I’ve seen the A’s, B’s, C’s and even some D’s.  I’ve heard that Chip Kelly was spot on with his first ever NFL draft, where others say he did some good things on the offensive side of the ball, but the “biggest areas of need” were on defense, especially in the secondary.  A 3rd round pick was used on a defensive tackle who has the potential of playing nose tackle, a safety in the fifth round and then three more defensive players in the 7th round.  Five of the eight Eagles selections were defensive players, but let’s back up just a bit, and do a quick re-draft that many have forgotten about.

First round a safety, second round a safety, a sack collecting outside linebacker and a defensive end.  In the third round a physical cornerback and then a nose tackle in the fourth.  Adding to those players would be a gritty linebacker in the fifth; a massive defensive end and a speedy linebacker in the sixth and a hard hitting cornerback in the 7th round.  A total of ten defensive players were acquired by the Philadelphia Eagles whether through free agency or by trade prior to the 2013 NFL draft.  No rookie seasons to be had, no adjustments to the big lights and lifestyles of the rich and the famous.  Some marred by injuries but tremendous talent, others full time starters on playoff caliber teams who loved what Chip Kelly had to say about coming to the Philadelphia Eagles.  These acquisitions are just as important to grade as last week’s NFL draft.  It allowed the Eagles to feel comfortable drafting both an offensive tackle and tightend with very high selections in the first and second round.  With 15 new defensive players, the Eagles are bigger, faster and will not shy from hitting you right in the mouth.  As we transition from our 4-3 defense and overhyped wide nine gimmick; a hybrid 3-4 leaves us all to ponder the havoc we will cause on opposing defenses.

Referencing back to the 2013 draft, I will give the Eagles a B+.

Lane Johnson: As it stands Lane Johnson was not the best of the 3 top drafted offensive linemen and was probably ranked the worst.  He saw his stock rise with both his tremendous speed and strength at the NFL combine in addition to the offensive line needs by many teams a top of the draft board.  What I love about Johnson is his love for being the best he can be through hard work.  He is smart, plays with an edge, and has experience playing multiple positions, something I believe Kelly will take advantage of.  In three years, Johnson will collect more Pro-Bowl invitations that the two offensive linemen drafted before him.

NFL Player comparison-Joe Staley (SF)

Zach Ertz: In the second round, where I anticipated the possibility of the Eagles drafting Zach Ertz if he indeed fell out of the first round, they snagged the big guy from Standford.  Leading college football last year in overall offensive production from the tight-end position, this kid is smart, tough, has great hands and loves his name called to make the big time play.  He compliments the other 2 tight-ends on the roster, but adds a very specific dimension the other tight-ends don’t possess.  He is a lean 6’6 250lbs, he will put on another 7-10 lbs of muscle.  He is the best pure receiver of the three, we know Celek will get down and make the block and run through people, but we saw way too many drops last year, and his boardline elite status from that break-out season just a few years back, has us slowing down our expectations of him going forward.  Casey is more of an h-back who can also run the ball.  Ertz is my favorite pick for “sexy” points in the draft, and I’m truly excited for what he can add as a target for the red-zone, an area that has tormented us for the last few seasons.

NFL Player comparison- Jason Witten (DAL)

Bennie Logan:This is my least favorite pick by the Eagles.  Logan at times looked like a high motored disruptive player, clogging up run gaps and batting balls down at the line of scrimmage.  Unfortunately he was inconsistent, coaches loved him, he played against NFL style offenses and premium competition, but he wasn’t dominant.  I would have drafted Jenkins from Georgia, a “no-doubt” 350 lb nose tackle.  If we are indeed going to be a 3-4 team, you have to have a ham steak clogging up your nose tackle spot.  Logan has tremendous upside, but he reminds me of a former Eagles and now Giants player with similar build and similar college stats.

NFL Player comparison- Mike Patterson (NYG)

 Matt Barkley: The most controversial player selected by Kelly.  Controversy not so much because of the position he played or when he was drafted, (first pick in the 4th round), but because his last name is not Smith, Manuel or Scott.  Barkley is not known for his athleticism or a rocket for an arm.  His attributes are similar to that of another player on the current Eagles roster, Nick Foles.  Barkley has great poise, very intelligent and can make the correct audible call at the line of scrimmage.  If he had declared for the 2012 NFL draft he would have been selected in the top 5.  He had very good stats at USC, his senior year he threw some picks that had some people asking what was he thinking and while executing behind a patch work offensive line.  What I like about the Barkley selection is that it raises even more questions about what Kelly is going to reveal with his offense and what style of quarterback he is looking for.  Vick does reflect a little connective tissue from the Reid era.  Many believe Vick is done where others think that Kelly could get the most out of Vick with his new style of offensive play-calling.  Barkley has played under the big lights, he is trying to not just compete, but trying to win the starting role as quarterback for the 2013 Philadelphia Eagles.  It will be fun to watch #2 adjust to the city of brotherly love, he is far from the sunny beaches of California, and he has some apologies to make with some of the 97.5 radio personalities, blowing them off at the NFL combine for a requested five minute interview.

NFL Player(s) comparison- Mark Bulger (formally of StL), Matt Hassleback (formally of SEA/TENN), Matt Shaub (HOU)

 Earl Wolff-Lots of tackles, hits hard and is a great special team player.  He lacks the speed and footwork in man to man coverage, works best when closer to the line of scrimmage or in zone coverage.  Has a chance to make the team with Kenny Phillips also getting injured and Nate Allen on his last life as an Eagles.

NFL Player(s) comparison: Michael Lewis (Formally of PHI/SF)

Krueger-Adds variety as both a 3-4 and 4-3 built linebacker.  Nothing that really stands out, has average athleticism with a strong passion for the game.  His brother who signed with the Browns this past offseason and played for the Super Bowl Champion Ravens last year, so hopefully the bloodlines fall a little more in our favor than the Mathews brothers, and soon to be cut Casey Mathews.

NFL Player(s) comparison:  Same name with 1/3 of the talent of his older brother Paul.

Jordan Poyer- How the Eagles landed this guy with their second pick in the 7th round amazes me.  I had Poyer slated as a mid-third to early 4th rd pick.  He has a few off-field legal run-ins, but this kid can flat out play.  I think he finds himself already as the fourth cornerback on the depth chart.  He is a playmaker, both blitzing from the edge and picking off the quarterback.  He is an above average tackler, has average size for his position and good but not great speed.

NFL Player(s) comparison: Casey Hayward (GB)

NFL Player(s) comparison: Michael Lewis (Formally of PHI/SF)

Dave King- A long shot to make this team; as he is too small to be a defensive tackle and too slow to be a defensive end.  Liked by teammates and coaches, King will the respect as a guy who gives effort when his name is called, there are just many names who will be called before his.

NFL Player(s) comparison: Raheem Brock(Formally of INDY/SEA)

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Barkley comparison to Bulger & Schaub are way off..
    Bulger had a rocket arm in the intermediate throws and a decent deep ball
    But was less athletic than Barkley who is more athletic than many think
    Matt Hasselback is a good comparison to Barkley, a high football IQ, natural leadership ability, command of a huddle and just
    Enough quickness to buy some time and an accurate passer

    I am not high on DT Logan from LSU
    And not sure where he fits in the 3-4 Scheme as you indicated
    I see 2 Pkayers making significant contributions their Rookie Swasons
    (Lane Johnson & Zac Ertz) , I think Barkley could develop in 2 Years time and agree that Piyer was a steal in the 7th Round,
    But Logan, Wolf, Kruger strictly as back-up, Special Teamers at best
    Where was Center/Guard Depth and A playmaker on the Defense
    Picking 4th Overall and the beginning of each Round
    And a couple Veteran Players to Trade with 3 7th Rounders to possible get another 4th or 5th Rounder that I expected better to be honest and give this Draft Grade a C + with the Chance of a Solid B depending on Barkleys
    Progress which is a year or two away..


    • Z-


  • gmcliff a d-minus so I guess your a genesis. Chip Kelley told you that he’s looking for football players guys who love the game the guys he drafted fits that description

    • That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be talented. They need to do a better job in their evaluations. Trust me Turk, if they are playing professional sports, they love the game. You don’t leave impact players that love the game of football on the board. You don’t need to be a genius to be able to figure that out , but you do need a more aggressive GM, to avoid having to regret those dumb decisions……

  • How the heck would this author know that Barkley makes all the right audibles. Just nonsense the more I look at this draft the more I hate it. Logan will be a player but let’s look at his selection, are you guys believing that crap about taking the best available athlete? If Bennie Logan at that point in the draft was the best player on the Eagles board, then every scout, Tom Gamble and Howie Roseman needs to be fired today.

    • Welcome aboard Big!


      • LOL

  • This is the first time ever I agree with Gmcliff. On paper this draft looks idiotic. But the only thing that matter is how the top 2 picks turn out though..

    • Thanks Llawrd, I knew you would come around

      • New to the team but I agree too, this draft was plain stupid. Who would take Logan over Jenkins man please.

        • I’m glad to see people are coming around….makes no sense to me either cmurder brother- THAT IS A F%@% UP NAME BTW

          • My bad s little bit too strong huh. Lol

  • Eagles needed 4 Solid Contributors from this Draft and got
    2 Players in Johnson/Ertz.. The remaining Sekections are all Questionabke Picks in my opinion, with Poyer as the only one who can become a contributor
    By Year 2, should have grabbed another OL in the early rounds..

  • I believe the following Players are gone after 2013 Season
    And a couoke of these guys won’t make it this Season
    Todd Herremans, Danny Watkins, Jason Avant,
    Trent Cole, Antonio Dixon,, Kurt Coleman, DeMeco Ryan’s, Nate Alken
    Jamar Cheney, Casey Matthews, Curtis Marsh, Chris Polk,
    Dennis Kelly, Vinny Curry…

  • Paulman: It is widely recognized that if you get 2-3 players out of a modern draft, it is successful ! The odds of a 3rd rounder making it is 15%. With that in mind, I would say this draft has the opportunity to be successful – if not very successful – if Barclay, Poyer, Logan or Wolf become players. Personally, I think Foles will start this year and Barclay will take over at some point and will be a very solid NFL QB. If I’m wrong, Chip will draft a QB in round 1 next April.

    • I still think with the 4th Selection in Each Round and 4 Picks out of the Top #100 Players or so, that you should be able to hit on these 4 Selections and not reach for anyone (DT Logan was a 4th Round/Some even had as 5th Round Grade and was Selected a Round too soon) It defintely was a smart move to go ahead and grab Barkely in the 4th Round for the Value alone (Most had him as 2nd Round Grade) and at the Critical Positoin of QB so was too much to pass up with him there to start the 4th Round
      I look at the Rams,Bengals,Ravens,Cardinals,Jets,49ers,Packers Drafts and I see 4-5 very Productive Players in their Drafts and some of these Teams were picking 20+ spots behind the Eagles ..
      Eagles I see 2 Productive Players for Eagles (Johnson/Ertz) and Question marks about the rest and having the 4th Selection in each Round (besides the 6th Round) I was hoping for more Productive Picks.. Time will tell and if Barkley, Wolff, and even Logan do much at all by Year #2 or #3, then it could be a very good Draft, just don’t see much impact for 2013 ..

  • The draft is “idiotic” say some. d- z-. and a ripping of Barklay.

    1st of all you are looking at this incorrectly. You cannot look at the players. Only the positions. You can’t look at the players because history tells us that over 70% of NFl draft picks never play. On any team. The NFL draft is a giant failfest. Always is. There are too many variables, and NO ONE knows who will turn out to be good pros or not.

    No One.

    So I don’t look at the draft in terms of players. I look for need and Value. And here the Eagles did very well.

    1 – Eagles with a need. Oline. Esp OT because no RT and againg LT. Drafted best OT available at the time. Good pick.

    2 – Eagles with a need. Kelly used TEs extensively in college. NFL evolving and 2 TE sets now the norm. Establishing young TE/QB relationship important. Obvious Eagles moving to young QB, so TE needed. I called this pick months ago because it was obvious. Eagles select highest TE available in round expected. Good pick.

    3. Eagles with a need at DT. Huge need. Drafted highest ranked DT left on board.

    4 – Huge need at Qb because if we roll with the 33 yr old wits another wasted year. Drafted highest ranked QB available. Fits really well as backup to the starter as they have the same skill set.

    All 4 top picks make perfect sense for a rebuilding team. OL, DL, TE, QB.

    Again – no one here. no one. Knows who amongst these players is going to work out or not.

    But for position, and for value, all these picks make perfect sense.

    Not going to speak to later rounds, because at that point teams just throwing darts.

    • mhenski that is why thos negative nitwits are confident saying the draft is a bust…. because all drafts are basically a bust!

      • You’re the only nitwit on this site “Bestest of the Bestest, Superfan in the world”! Go back to irrationally, delusionally, worshipping your Savior Booben, & his cast of turds & STFO! If you understood sports, or anything else for that matter, you’d see, they upgraded NOTHING this off-season, & filled no dire needs, in the draft. We reached for a project, 2nd tier O-lineman at #4, took a luxury TE, that we didn’t need in the 2nd, picked a tweener, rotational D-lineman, that fits nowhere, in our system, wasted a draft pick, on a F^#@ING popgun armed, stiff USC QB, & managed to not get 1 playmaker on the defensive side of the ball. So before you cluelessly, make your usual, predictable, dumb criticisms, toward people who know what they’re talking about, go school & educate yourself. Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough, over & over & OVER AGAIN, showing how wrong & clueless you are?!? Or are you a glutton for punishment, with being proven foolishly, delusionally, & irrationally wrong. Nobody said it’s a bust, but they stupidly picked all the wrong players. We still have NO O-lineman depth, NO secondary playmakers, nor quality depth, NO TRUE NT, NO TRUE 5-tech DE, & STILL NO ROLB! So if you & the rest of the clueless masses are happy with what they’ve done, in FA & the draft, I hope your happy with a lateral season? They improved NOTHING! They had a huge opportunity, to start the rebuild quickly, but failed on all fronts thus far. They dumpster dove in FA, & drafted as they were a Championship team, with no holes. OH WAIT, we have 30 QB’s led by the failed experiment, the ALL MIGHTY Chipper, who’s going to re-invent the NFL, smoothies for the boys, & still no defensive playmakers, so we should be fine!

        • Oh man that didn’t take long for dcars blood pressure to go thru the roof– as predicted the rant was loooong with lots of @%#%^!@$ and CAPS–
          hey dcar only one team in every major sport can be champ so 30 teams obviously can’t be– it is simple to be negative because the odds are way in your favor that your team won’t have a successful year…. its cowardice on your part.

          • How’s it cowardice, to be honest & truthful you dunce? WTF are you talking about? Again, you cluelessly, irrationally, make ZERO sense, nor reason, with the gibberish you post! Just STFO, you goofball! Not everything is rainbows, flowers, beer & hot women, like in your deluded brain. IN REALITY, all 4 teams, are tragic, disappointments, & all look bleak! So where am I cowardice, or WRONG for that matter?!? I put my opinions, comments, & information out on here all of the time, with brutal honesty, skepticism, truthfulness, & fact, for everyone to see, & comment on & respond. How am I a coward? Don’t be butthurt, because you’ve been made a fool & a know nothing lemming! Again, for the 1000 time, STFO, & GFY!

            • you criticize the players, manager and GM of the team that was the best in baseball in 11 because they didn’t win it all– a huge disappointment but the moves to make that team so great were very good.– they didn’t win it and thats a fact but to argue that the players etc were terrible is stupid and cowardice —
              predicting a draft is no good is studid

              • And my criticisms aren’t warranted???? The moves to make that team were great??? Really??? You mean, 90% of it being Gillicks, with an open check book given, to do what he wanted, in which anyone could at least accomplished? The players weren’t terrible, or a disappointment in the 2011 playoffs???? REALLY????? Where is any of that cowardice? You are a STUPID, DELUSIONAL, IRRATIONAL, NON-SENSICAL, IMBECILE! And you make my point, with each, & every post you, type! Case & point-

                May 9, 2013 – 12:12 pm
                “you criticize the players, manager and GM of the team that was the best in baseball in 11 because they didn’t win it all– a huge disappointment but the moves to make that team so great were very good.– they didn’t win it and thats a fact but to argue that the players etc were terrible is stupid and cowardice —
                predicting a draft is no good is studid”
                Who’s the DUUUH STOOOPID 1? Looks like Charlie from of Mice & Men helped you type. Just except that you’ve been wrong, & was right, & take it like a real man, & just STFU, moron! Please

              • OH, & BTW, the best in baseball, was the WS Champion! And who was that again? OH YEAH, it wasn’t us, the team with the meaningless 101 wins, that nobody but you, cares about, or thinks it matters! GET A CLUE, HAVENOCLUE!

              • Love John Steinbeck, thumbs up One of my top five authors

            • Hey dcar maybe not all rainbows in my world but plenty of beer and hot women

              • hahahahahaha!!! You are the man Jake….

              • jake, my man, I hear ya!

    • Again your rebuilding plan only makes sense to you, I still can’t get pass your building from the line out crap, Bennie Logan wasn’t the best defensive lineman left on the board, Ertz was drafted to catch passes not block. You have zero depth at center and no true nose tackle behind Sopoago. Great rebuilding job on the lines. Meanwhile not addressing the safety position could lead to the same nonsense we saw last year especially if Kenny Phillips cannot stay healthy.

      • Thank you Big! I feel like I’m in the Twilight zone, with irrational, delusional, nuts!

      • Still missing this…still missing that. Didn’t address this, didn’t address that.


        Did you miss the memo that mentioned the Eagles didn’t have 12 first round picks this year? They took the Best OT available, and they took the best DT available (give or take). Ertz will block adn catch and its a great idea to take a young TE on a rebuilding program.

        You cannot rebuild an entire team in one year.

        • Tell that to the Colts who basically over hauled the roster last year and made the playoffs. Why is a great tight end a must for a rebuilding team? What magical powers do they have? By the way Vinnie all these moves they made should tell you they don’t think of this as a rebuilding process.

          • Dude Andrew Luck and coaching turned it around with Players like Winston Justice and Moise Fokou. You want those guys back? We got better players at many positions than the colts fielded last year!

            • Indy? Really. You love what they did and hate the Eagles? You’remad the Eagles took a tight end but you like Indy who took 2!!!

              Didn’t they go QB TE TE with their first 3 picks?

              Always take a new TE to go with a new QB (just like Eagles – Ertz to go with Foles of Barkley)

              Do you want to know what Indy did. Easy.

              1 – New young QB (something you are against)
              2 – Cupcake sched
              3 – Cancer thing…momentum

            • Okay only Andrew Luck and coaching they overhauled the roster and won and they are still churning the roster. Justice is a free agent without a team.

              • And the eagles aren’t?

                New starting QB (well, he started 6 games)
                New starting TE
                New starting OT
                2 New starting DTs and a 2nd year DT/DE
                New starting OLB
                2 New starting safeties
                2 New starting DBs
                New starting punter

                what the F else would you expect a team to do in a year?

    • That’s what I’m talking about Vinnie. Good post!

  • I just read someone compare Bennie Logan to Mike Patterson. Mike do nothing Patterson?
    I assume Jeff Stoutland liked Bennie Logan. He had to block him 3 times in one year’s time frame including the BCS National Championship game. If Stoutland thought him unworthy he wouldn’t have been selected.

  • Raheem Brock —— LOL Joe Banner ran out of rookie salary cap draft money and couldn’t sign Eagle 7th round draft pick Raheem Brock — I always wondered why the local media suppressed that story. A massive bone headed move by Joe Banner. He flubbed simple math that draft year.

  • right 30 teams have unsuccesful years i get it.
    oswalt, halladay, lee, ibanez, polanco, pence all were big contributors… but then again you don’t understand baseball angelo– go with the negative and then if the team wins talk about how great a fan you are— what a coward– CAPS and @#%!%! aside.. you try to bully people on here all the time– and bullies as we all know are COWARDS– theres some CAPS for you!

    • Who am I bullying? LOOOOL! Dude, you need help, my man! Just because you get proven wrong, can’t hold a rational conversation, & don’t have the brains, nor the balls, to listen to people honestly criticise your heros, doesn’t make me a bully, or a coward! COWARD & BULLY, I AM NOT! I spent my life fighting bullies & punks! You are an idiot! You are pathetic, that you can’t take being wrong! I’m embarrassed for you! Oswalt was an admission signing, to the failure of keeping Lee! Halladay, I’ve never criticised! Lee, I never wanted to trade! Ibanez, did nothing but be a see-saw! Polanco, was nothing but a singles hitter, that was injuried all the time! Pence, I liked & never criticised, & criticised the trade! So again, factless, irrational, imbecilic gibberish spewed! Bullying people???? Coward???? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! You are an embarrassment, to real men! Go get a clue, dunce.

      • Cowardice to criticise???? No it’s cowardice, not to criticise, or have the balls to be honest & speak your mind! That’s a true coward! Look in the mirror, mouse!

  • My bro in law who is a personal fitness instructure here in Oceanside has a client that knows Matt Barkley, and said he is very much into fitness, works out hard, and is very liked by his peers. Smarts and leadership go a long way in the NFL. I think Barkley will have a solid future in the pros if he continues to work hard and stays focused. He will eventually get his turn to show everyone what he can do

    • I hope so DMAN, meanwhile my brother who lives outside of DC told me Amerson and Baccari Rambo was looking ferocious during mini camp a d down here in Jacksonville Cyprien was the star of the Jags mini camp. All three would have been upgrades here.

      • Big, I can almost guarantee, every defensive player we passed on in the 1st 4 rounds, that were there for the taking, will be very good! I’m stunned, we didn’t get 1 good defensive player! NOT 1!

        • I agree DCar, its almost if they have decided that oh well we’ll just out score everyone, but there are no Cal’s and Washington Huskies on the schedule. At some point somebody needs to become that defensive monster that other teams game plan against. Right now this roster doesn’t have one.

          • Big, I agree. That gimmicky BS, doesn’t work consistently, & for the long haul! I can’t wait to see, these players getting burned out by game 3-4, because of this high tempo style & type play calling. If they go 3 & out, in which is very likely, this DF, is going to be cooked by week 3-4 & with the lack of depth, talent, & play-makers, is only going amplify how bad this DF STILL IS!!!! This isn’t the F^#@ing NCAA, where you have over 125+ players on your roster, to rotate & burn through. This entire off-season, from the hiring off Chipper & his band of merry failures- keeping the Failed experiment- dumpster signings in FA- having, IMHO, a stupid draft- now still having the same holes as the seasons end! There is no excuse, nor reason, for he $#!TTY off-season they’ve had thus far! They still have over $25M+ in cap space! It’s nauseating!

            • Poyer & Kruger could be pleasant surprises, but they got lucky, with them falling so far. They better play Kruger at the 5 tech & give Poyer every opportunity at return teams & 5c & 10c, or it’s no use of keeping them.

        • hahahhahaah!!!!! I know…..I love Rambo as well. They got him in the 6th round!!!! Could we have made a trade for a 6th round pick?..NOOOOOOOOOO!!! We want to call Joe Kreuger……a special teams demon……..

          • the comparison is Earl Wolff to Rambo not KrUEger

            • Earl Wolfe was 5th Round. Rambo was a 6th, we’re talking value at that point in the draft genius……

              Stay out of grownfolk business Junior. Enjoy that T-shirt penis tongue…

        • DCar please by all means post your personal eagles draft and lets revisit this next year to see how your selections turn out.

          • good luck with that, it took me a week to get one out of GMCliff then he went ahead and selected every small school nobody in the draft

          • Go back & look at what I said before the draft. I’m not getting angry & nauseated again, rehashing that BS! Use your brain, & look at all of the players still on board, when we drafted, then you’ll see what I’m talking about. All defensive playmakers, still on board, at every position need that we needed, that were highly ranked. All the to the 6th round, we could have had playmakers. Period!
            For instance-
            The 1st- Star, Floyd, Ziggy, Mingo, Millner, where there. How’s about a trade down, still to get, Star, Floyd, Richardson, Reid, Vaccaro, D. Jones, Elam.
            The 2nd- Slay, Tank, Banks, Short, Minter, Amerson, Collins, Hunt, Swearinger.
            The 3rd- McFadden, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Moore, Lemonier, Brandon Williams, Montgomery.
            The 4th- Nico, Spence, J. Jenkins, Shamarko Thomas, Phillip Thomas.
            The 5th- Phillip Thomas, Jesse Williams, Montarie Hughes.
            All needs! All talented! Many are play-makers! And all would have better picks, for the team, than the wasted & luxury picks, we drafted! That’s not even the talent we skipped for the O-line, TE, & WR, that we could have had in the later rounds, were they should have been picked! Need I go on?

            • I forgot Cyprian, Rambo & NT Jenkins. All of whom, were also there!

      • You mean my boy Cyprian who got selected two spots before Zach Ertz?

        Thats just shocking………..wink wink Howie!!!!!!!!

        • Yes and believe me cliff, Jacksonville was selling that pick to the highest bidder. I guess Chip and Howie valued Ertz more then Cyprien.

          • Just dumb….

            • And, let’s not forget that half-ass GM Ozzie Newsome – he picked Matt Elam (a third rounder to GMCliff) when he could have had Jonathan Cyprien…. The stupidity in the NFL is overflowing…lol

              • Stay tuned Irish…The draft is always about beauty in the eyes of the beholder. Ozzie – who I highly respect – preferring Elam, isn’t evidence of successful drafting. Your stupidity is flowing. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones brother

                How many 2nd, and 3rd Round picks have had longer productive years than 1st Round Bust?……..Talk to me in 2-3 years. What would it say to you if Cyprian were to make a Pro Bowl before Elam, even though he was drafted before him?……. HUH?

                Am I really stupid?….I think not……..

          • I actually like Ertz more than Lane Johnson. I just felt we had to have Cyprian.

        • @Cliff please repost your draft I’d love to see how yours stacks up as well. @DCar whenever you’re ready bro.

          • Here’s GMCliff’s draft, get ready to laugh! Cliff completely ignores that the eagles just added 7 defensive free agents,traded for DeMeco Ryans, selected Cox, Kendricks, Curry and Boykins in the first four rounds last year but wants to spend more bonus money on 7 more defensive players:
            4 Ziggy Ansah – DE/OLB – BYU
            35 Jamie Collins – OLB/ILB – Sothern Mississippi
            67. Blidi Wreh Wilson – CB – Connecticut
            98. Montori Hughes – DT – Tennessee- Martin
            136 Cornelius Washington – DE/OLB – Georgia
            212 Ty Powell – LB – Harding
            218 Aaron Mellette – WR – Elon
            239 Damion Stafford – SS – Nebraska

            • GMCliff understands with those player brought in last year we stunk, and the defense was next to last in total defense.

              He also understands:
              1.Brandon Boykins isn’t all that; a nickel , so an upgrade is needed
              2.All the Defensive players brought in should be reserves, not starters, so I need to draft my future impact OLB, for my new 3-4, which BTW needs impact pass rushers. Do we have any? I think not.
              3. DeMeco Ryans, may not be here next year, so his replacement should have been drafted this year, but Howie think Casey Matthews can make us a champion.

              Every expert on NFL Network, ESPN, Philly Sports Talk, and every other unbiased sports reporter says, the Eagles were stupid for not upgrading their defense; They reiterate exactly what GMCliff has stated, but E0S, who is still on his knees knobbing Howie, thinks this weak draft will change the Eagles fortunes, and that here is no logic in what I am saying……I can show you better than I can tell you.

              I’ve got better things to do with my time than to give attention to your nonsense. I won’t be responding to anymore of your amateur heckling. Talk to me when the season is over. I won’t have a t-shirt this time, but I will have a golden penis to fill your pie hole for the rest of the summer.

              • HEHEHE, you said knobbing!!!!

              • He also forgot my Undrafted Free Agents:
                Another area that could have been better

                1. Kevin Riddick – LB – North Carolina
                2. Ryan Griffin – QB- Tulane
                3. Manase Fuketi – OG – West Texas St A&M
                4. Rob McCabe – LB – Georgetown
                5. Luke Marquardt – OT – Asuza Pacific
                6. Conner Vernon – WR – Duke
                7. Alvin Bailey – OG – Arkansas
                8. Damion Square – DE- Alabama
                9. Ryan Levi – TE – South Florida
                10. Kwame Geathers – DT – Georgia
                11. Da’Rick Rogers – WR – Tennessee Tech
                12. Ray Ray Armstrong – S – Miami

              • Dcar — alright since you asked. Last year Paul, GMCliff & myself discussed DT for the Eagles — Paulman liked Fletcher Cox, EOS like Dontari Poe and GMCliff liked Devon Still. Devon Still was Gm’s guy.
                GMCliff and I had another discussion last year where he praised Vinny Curry. GMCliff had to get Vinny Curry. For 3 weeks this year GMCliff told me he was trading 2 future first rounders to get Manti Teo. For 3 freaking week Manti Teo this Manti Teo that blah blah blah —

              • GMCliff NEVER liked Devon Still!!!!! I killed every guy who suggested him. I wanted Dontari Poe, and just recently explained my reasons why.

                You have to get your shit straight E0S, because as usual, you don’t know what you’re talking about. In fact, DCar, and I went back and forth because he didn’t like Poe. Yes, I felt Vinny Curry would help this team, and still do…so what? They did draft him.

                As far as Te’o goes the first 3 weeks after the season Yes, I wanted Manti Te’o, as did most, but as I explained recently again, after watching him play against Alabama, I as well as most evaluators were not as high on him, and my attention went towards Jamie Collins, and it hadn’t changed since; Every mock for the Eagles I put out, for the last 4 months since, has had Jamie Collins being taken in the 2nd Round…not Manti Te’o

                You are so anxious to prove to the gcobb family that GMCliff doesn’t know what he is talking about that you don’t realize how stupid you sound with that Golden Penis in your mouth. Everyone who has paid attention to what I have posted, knows what you just stated is flat out inaccurate.

            • Yeah DCar, …..do you see this? This fool is obsessed with trying to discredit me. Nobody has ever gotten all their draft picks correct but this guy thinks if one of the guys I suggest doesn’t pan out then I don’t know what I’m talking about…….my point is the drafts made by the posters are still better than Howies.

              I answered him according to the way he, and Howie wanted to do the draft. I have been screaming to trade down all off season.

              He took the time to cut, and paste my draftees, but by trading down, I would have had added more talent. Star, Fluker, Jonathan Cyprian, Larry Warford, Bacarri Rambo, Brian Schwenke, Landry Jones, and BW Webb. This actually addresses our REAL NEEDS the defense..

              Making a deal, and getting another draft pick, was reasonable, and doable, but they as usual overvalued what was already in house, Cole Graham, Mathis, and Barwin. Some of the free agents are fine, but not as starters.

              What E0S, fails to see is that, this really was a poor draft, and most of these that were signed will be cut after the season anyway when it is finally apparent they can’t play. So you needed a stronger talent pool to compensate for the garbage he takes for granted.

              • you were naming 35 guys—Ansah went #5 and Cyprien went #33 on your ridiculous post draft mocks which is why this all started. You couldn’t add any picks with the first round pick(4)because Ansah went #5 no trade down worked — You couldn’t add any picks with the second round (35 pick)because Cyprien went #33 -=– and then I had to read you jerk off everyone with delusional nonsense of how you could do better with 35 players. YOU ARE A CON MAN!

              • e0, how is he a con man? His stance & mine, for that matter, on players, didn’t change much at all, since we started our fake mocks, a month ago! gm, paul, & I, watch the NCAA for fun & hobby, so we know most of these players before most of you do. gm, may be overconfident, sometimes, but he’s very knowledgeable, & intelligent, in sports. So stop being an ill-informed, immature, jack@$$! Grow up!

              • Dcar — alright since you asked. Last year Paul, GMCliff & myself discussed DT for the Eagles — Paulman liked Fletcher Cox, EOS like Dontari Poe and GMCliff liked Devon Still.
                GMCliff and I had another discussion last year where he praised Vinny Curry. GMCliff had to get Vinny Curry. For 3 weeks this year GMCliff told me he was trading 2 future first rounders to get Manti Teo. For 3 freaking week Manti Teo this Manti Teo that blah blah blah —

              • That was MY Draft, not yours and Howie’s. I woul dhave traded down, and got more picks, and used them to move down, and get other picks….Thats how I would have drafted this year. Which would have gotten us: Cyprian, Collins, Star or Richardson, Rambo, Blidi Wreh Wilson, and Warford. Who BTW, are not all small school prospect either. Who will make an impact on their teams.

                I wasn’t paying any attention to your game, and how Howie drafted. I didn’t care. All I knew is that this draft stunk, and better players that we needed were left on the board.

                If you insist this draft is an A, you are the delusional Con Man brother. Get ready for me to really dig in you ass worse than Howie does when during the season this draft reveals itself to be exactly what I say it is…………D MINUS!!!!!!, AND THAT YOU CAN KISS MY ASS ………AGAIN!!!!

              • MCliff NEVER liked Devon Still!!!!! I killed every guy who suggested him. I wanted Dontari Poe, and just recently explained my reasons why.
                You have to get your shit straight E0S, because as usual, you don’t know what you’re talking about. In fact, DCar, and I went back and forth because he didn’t like Poe. Yes, I felt Vinny Curry would help this team, and still do…so what? They did draft him.
                As far as Te’o goes the first 3 weeks after the season Yes, I wanted Manti Te’o, as did most, but as I explained recently again, after watching him play against Alabama, I as well as most evaluators were not as high on him, and my attention went towards Jamie Collins, and it hadn’t changed since; Every mock for the Eagles I put out, for the last 4 months since, has had Jamie Collins being taken in the 2nd Round…not Manti Te’o
                You are so anxious to prove to the gcobb family that GMCliff doesn’t know what he is talking about that you don’t realize how stupid you sound with that Golden Penis in your mouth. Everyone who has paid attention to what I have posted, knows what you just stated is flat out inaccurate.

  • How many resources should be allocated to defense?
    7 defensive free agents in 2013
    3 top draft picks in 2012- cox 1st, kendricks 2nd, curry 2nd
    2012 big trade for ryans
    2 top draft picks in 2011- Jarrett 2nd, marsh 3rd
    3 top draft picks in 2010 – graham 1st, allen 2nd, teo nesheim 2nd
    The eagles only scored 17 points a game, am I the only one who wanted more points.

    • I like high scoring offenses too E0S, so maybe they need to pick better defensive resources ya think?

      • No doubt about selecting better talent but they fired banner and reid –
        2012 Foles 3rd round
        2011 Watkins 1st round
        Free Agents Mathis and Casey are the only resources used on offense in 3 years.
        With only 17 points a game being scored and infusion of offensive talent was a must

        • The lack of talent added to this team in the last three years is shocking

        • and an O (QB) who doesn’t turn the ball over 2x every game guaranteed.

          • Again with QB’s, here is what we know. 4 QB’s on the roster a vet who turns the ball over at an alarming rate a can’t stay healthy a 2nd year guy with six starts who turns it over and ended the season on IR, another vet who couldn’t get off the practice squad but has been the HC most successful QB and a 4th round guy with exceptional college numbers. Man if Dixon or Barkley show anything I might choose them. LOL

        • No, your wrong. Firing Andy Reid was a must to make up for any Offensive shortcomings, and fixing the Defense was a must in this draft.

          The Offensive Line Schematically, and talentwise, had to be changed, starting from the Guard position, Watkins, and Mathis are average to below average players, and Herremanns is really no better at guard although that is his best position.

          You really don’t know what you are talking about………..

  • Rumor has it a number of teams tried to get Foles with the main one being Tampa Bay.. This leads me to believe if the competition is close Foles will get the job. I favor Foes over Barkley. I like foles patience and coolness. Barkley is small slow and weak. but plays at a fast rate. Its sick that Vick beat Mccoy in a footrace.

    • That’s true Llawrd. It shows you what Kelly really thinks of Nick Foles. I have said all offseason that Foles is the QB of the future, not Barkley.

  • An article I read the other day on Barkley…gives you some actual numbers/evidence on his arm strength etc

    “USC Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley was a projected top-five pick if he had entered the 2012 NFL draft. The third-ranked QB in the 2012 draft class behind Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, Barkley decided to return for his senior season.

    There are several reasons Barkley’s draft stock has supposedly dropped: arm strength, lack of athleticism, struggles when pressured. However, what do the numbers say about these perceived deficiencies?

    Arm Strength
    Since the start of the 2011 season, Barkley threw 24 touchdowns and only two interceptions on passes 20 yards or longer (in 120 attempts). When Barkley missed his receivers on those deep passes, he was four times more likely to overthrow his target than underthrow.

    Throws 20+ Yards Downfield
    Final Two College Seasons
    Comp pct. TD-Int.
    Andrew Luck 43.1 13-5
    Matt Barkley 40.8 24-2
    Robert Griffin III 38.2 33-5
    In fact, Barkley put up comparable numbers to what Luck and Griffin III did on passes of 20 yards or longer in their final two seasons.

    And, Barkley’s completion percentage actually improved on throws of this distance from 2011 (39.7 percent) to 2012 (42.3).

    Barkley may not be able to outrun defenders, but he has shown the ability to throw on the move. When outside the pocket, Barkley completed more than 65 percent of his passes with 23 touchdowns — including 16 touchdowns on designed rollouts — and just three interceptions.

    Passing Under Pressure
    Scouts have pointed to Barkley’s struggles with pressure in his face. The numbers show that Barkley consistently has been able to read defenses and hit his hot read when opponents send extra pass rushers. Barkley threw 44 touchdowns and just six interceptions when opposing defenses blitzed.

    Additionally, Stats & Information’s video tracking data has Barkley completing 41.3 percent of his passes when under duress in 2012, slightly above the average for all quarterbacks tracked (40.5 percent).

    Even Barkley admits he tried to do too much in 2012, but USC’s offensive struggles went well beyond its quarterback play.

    The Trojans’ offensive line struggled after the departure of left tackle Matt Kalil to the NFL and the injury to center Khalid Holmes early in the season. Barkley was sacked six more times in 2012 (14) than 2011 despite playing one fewer game.

    USC’s receivers dropped 27 balls in 2012, including eight on passes of 20 yards or longer. In 2011, USC had just 14 drops, four of which were on deep throws.

    Also, USC’s running game struggled to gain first downs in key running situations, converting a first down on 11 of 21 third-down rushes with 2 yards or fewer to go. The Trojans’ 52.4 third-down conversion percentage in those situations ranked 103rd in FBS.

    USC averaged 7.6 rushes per touchdown in the red zone — only six FBS teams had a lower red zone rushing touchdown percentage last season.”

    • I have no idea on how good the dude will be in the NFL. IMO, best case scenario I could see him being like a Matt Ryan. Worst case would be like a Jimmy Clausen.
      But my point is this, if he blows in the NFL, who fucking cares, it was a 4th round pick. What exactly are you expecting to get in that round, a blue chip game changer on defense? Yea, lay off the crack.

      Thus at that point in the draft, taking Barkley makes sense. Maybe you hit the lottery at the most important position in the game. Last time I checked we dont have Rogers either. Like I said if he sucks, big fucking deal it was a late round pick.You’re going to try to tell me people are pissed we didn’t select somebody like Duke Williams instead? REally? Because thats the crap that was available on Defense at that time.
      Yea a pickup like that would have really made a big fucking difference for this defense.

      90 percent of the 4th round players selected won’t even be in the NFL likely in 4 years. Its such a crap shoot, I just don’t see the point of bitching about late round picks.

      This draft won’t be a failure because a 4th or 5th round pick didn’t work out. Everything will focus on Lane Johnson, that guy better not just be good. He better be a beast. If we are going to bitch about this draft, lets be reasonable about it. There was actually some blue chip players on the board when Johnson was picked. Thus he better be one too.

      • Yup fourth round pick for a guy that might have gone #3 overall last year! Id do that pick twice!

  • I sure hope so Pheaggs, it would be nice to actually find that QB in the 4th. That way they won’t be looking to draft one early next year. Question for you if for some reason Barkley doesn’t see the field this year and Vick or Foles are middle of the road QB’s would you look to draft one early in 2014?

    • Biglion, (depending on how they play next season), I would be all for drafting Bridgewater, Johnny, Boyd next year in the first round. I would have been just as happy to get Geno where we got Barkley. Because again its no risk, they can still pick a top QB next year, no way would they have done that if they wasted a 1st or 2nd. And if they suck, who cares.

      But if they decide to start Vick, you can most definitely say goodbye to drafting one of those guys. The only way they waste a high pick on one of those guys is if they know for a fact that Foles/Barkley cant be a franchise QB. ONly way you find that out is if they actually play a substantial amount of time (like a season). Unless Vick got hurt very early in preseason or games 1-3 (which is very possible for one of the most injury prone Qbs in the league), they are not going to have enough game tape of the young guys to make that call.
      So then say they decide to figure out what Barkley/Foles is by starting them the year after. And say they end up sucking like Vick, you just wasted more time and missed out on the opportunity to likely draft the guys I mentioned. Thats why many people on here are pissed about them bring back whats left of Reids trash. Stop wasting time and rebuild this thing ASAP. It makes no fucking sense to let guys like Vick, Allen, Coleman, Mathews, Cooper, HArbor touch the field this year. None at all.

      • Completely agree. There is no logical reason to start the mini-man. None. Must find out what Eagles have at QB for the future in order to make informed decision next year.

        A rookie QB cannot be evaluated until they’ve played at least 12 games. 16 is better.

        They must play Foles for at least 1/2 the year and if he struggles after that 12th game, then go to Barkley.

        Otherwise its another wasted year and another unknown draft.

      • That’s why I really didn’t understand bringing Vick back, if he does play well they go 8-8 or 9-7. What the heck will we do with Foles/Barkley and here we go again. Maybe Kelly has a plan all we can do is wait and see.

        • Barkley could be a pawn for trade bait. Keep that in mind……..

          • Barkley is unproven at this point and has little Trade Value..
            If 32 Teams passed on Barkley thru 3 Rounds, then why would a Team or 2 be interested in him now.. Foles would return more Value at this Point due to having some NFL Experience under his belt without looking overwhelmed…

            • I’m not referring to NOW Paul. I talking about finding a future sucker who think highly of this guy, and we get a 1-2nd round pick for him later….He is really being overhyped as the future of the Eagles.

              As I have stated all off season. Nick Foles is the Future of this team. Get ready for them to draft a QB next year, Bridgwater, Boyd, or David Fales, QB, San Jose State, and use Barkley as a pawn for another high draft pick, like JaeDeon Clowney, or Safarian – Jenkins the TE from Washington..

              • But GMCliff, the only way that Barkely would have that high of a Trade Value is that he would have to Play and have success with Eagles by Year #2 and if that were to happen, then he would remain an Eagles since he would then be a Starter if he was pkaying that well.. If you don’t play much or show success as a young QB, then who would be interested.. What did Colt McCoy fetch, (a 6th or 7th Rounder) , Jimmy ClUsen still a Free-Agent with little demand for him around the Leauge.. A young QB has about 2 Years to show that he can play and lead Teams to Victories, if not he’s a dime a dozen. If Barkley shows success, then he becomes the Future Starter for the Eagles come 2014/2015
                Vick is a 1-Year security blanket for Kelly at most, and if Foles plays well this Summer and naster’s this Offense, then it will be Foles/Barklet in 2014 & beyond..

              • Right he will have the preseason to play for the next 2 years because he isn’t starting anytime soon unless Vick, or Foles gets hurt. Again he is not all that, and he isn’t better than Vick or Foles. Period

  • ” Matt Barkley: The most controversial player selected by Kelly. Controversy not so much because of the position he played or when he was drafted, (first pick in the 4th round), but because his last name is not Smith, Manuel or Scott. Barkley is not known for his athleticism or a rocket for an arm. His attributes are similar to that of another player on the current Eagles roster, Nick Foles.”

    OK, help me out here fellas…What is the litmus test that defines whether a QB has a ‘rocket of an arm’?…I hear this phrase throw about so much it is akin to seeing plastic soda bottles littering the street.

    Who, among the elite NFL QBs has a ‘rocket of an arm’?

    Aaron Rodgers?…Tom Brady?…Joe Flacco?…Peyton Manning?…Drew Brees?…Eli Manning?

    I hear it used to describe Mike Vick!!! [—)

    What defines ‘the rocket of an arm’?

    • What defines ‘the rocket of an arm’? not Matt Barkley

  • BTW, I saw a video of ‘Johnny Football’ throw a pigskin from the uppermost part of the top deck at Texas A & M stadium, and put it right between the far end uprights…Probably a 175 yard throw, at least…Is this a ‘rocket of an arm’?

    The video might have been BS, but it looked real…No photoshop.

    • Manziel will be a bust in the NFL

  • Here goes gmcliff again crying like a little bitch about the draft. Your dumb ass should know you can’t judge a draft for at least two to three years down the road, yet you whine like a little hoe. You just mad the eagles didn’t pick the players you wanted while not giving them any credit for what may be solid players for this teams future.

    • We’ll talk at the end of the season my friend……I’ll see you then

  • GMCliff — just added more players. It never stops.
    Star, Fluker, Jonathan Cyprian, Larry Warford, Bacarri Rambo, Brian Schwenke, Landry Jones and more …
    1. Kevin Riddick – LB – North Carolina
    2. Ryan Griffin – QB- Tulane
    3. Manase Fuketi – OG – West Texas St A&M
    4. Rob McCabe – LB – Georgetown
    5. Luke Marquardt – OT – Asuza Pacific
    6. Conner Vernon – WR – Duke
    7. Alvin Bailey – OG – Arkansas
    8. Damion Square – DE- Alabama
    9. Ryan Levi – TE – South Florida
    10. Kwame Geathers – DT – Georgia
    11. Da’Rick Rogers – WR – Tennessee Tech
    12. Ray Ray Armstrong – S – Miami
    and more….
    4 Ziggy Ansah – DE/OLB – BYU
    35 Jamie Collins – OLB/ILB – Sothern Mississippi
    67. Blidi Wreh Wilson – CB – Connecticut
    98. Montori Hughes – DT – Tennessee- Martin
    136 Cornelius Washington – DE/OLB – Georgia
    212 Ty Powell – LB – Harding
    218 Aaron Mellette – WR – Elon
    239 Damion Stafford – SS – Nebraska

    • stay tuned GMCliff will have another 10 players by the end of the week

      • E0S, here is a number to a good shrink – 1-800- dumb – ass….use it you need some real help, a hug, and some pussy………..

        I hope you complete the 12 step program they have, and come out a new man.

      • You have me confused with my man Paulman…..all those names were on the list I sent you as my 2013 draft according to how Howie drafted. 1-12 are the free agents I would have brought in according to Howie’s draft – we didn’t do very good in evaluating them either.

        Cyprian, Warford, Wilson, Star, Fluker, Schwenke – are players I have mocked all off season……
        Get some help E0S……. REMEMBER THE # 1-800-DUMB-ASS
        Best to you, and your family………..

        • I have to disagree GMCliff,
          Yes I had a ton of Mocks, but most of my Top 4 Selections were pretty consistent, and stayed away for all the Trade Scenarios that you had as it got close to Draft time for they were very unlikely to occur
          Especially the Eagles trading away Future #1’s for that was never going to happen and would be foolish to do so…

          • Paul even with all that said, ….even with the trade down scenarios my mocks didn’t change. The same players were on there consistently.

            Your mocks had 35 new prospect on it not mine.

            and I’ll speak to the giving up of future draft picks being stupid. Its been done before to the trading teams success. We both like the hire the Sixers made with the new GM/President of Basketball Operations Correct?

            I guarantee you he will give up some future draft picks, because he doesn’t have the game pieces to pawn for any value.

            The Eagles have some pieces, but they didn’t want to pawn them because as usual they overvalue garbage, and think like you guys in reference to future draft picks, as untouchable. But they can’t draft anyway!!!!!!

            Those draft picks add value to any trade, and if you drafted right, you wouldn’t have to enhance any trade deals right? Use what you have to use to get what you need. Watch the new 76ers head man do the same thing. It’s not stupid, it’s smart, when you know what you are doing. I disagree with you. The Eagles would have got more than what they needed if they did that.

  • This is what I would have preferred and was close to my Mock Drafts leading right up to the Draft, as far as these Players, being available when the Eagles actually Selected.. Maybe Next Year…

    #4 OT Lane Johnson
    #35 DE Tank Carradine
    #66 CB Leon McFadden
    #101 Center/Guard Brian Schwenke
    #136 Best Safety/DT on the Board
    7th Rd Picks – Best LB/DE/TE on the Board

    • Carradine is an interesting pick. Just as good as or better than Bjoern Werner. His knee injury keep him out of the first round but his on the field return kept him in the 2nd round.
      I would have picked Floyd #4 and Warmack #35 but that is where I stopped & capitulated that Howie’s selections of Lane Johnson and Zack Ertz were better than mine.

      • EOS,
        Do you mean Guard Larry Warford at #35 ?? Warmack from Alabama was Selected 10th Overall by the Titans

        Carradine will be a very good NFL Player and be a great fit for the 49ers, He probably won’t get on the field until the middle of the season after returning from Injury and a 100% Healthy but he will learn behind Veteran DE’s Justin Smith and Aldon Smith so he can be eased in on a very good Defensive Team and not really make a big impact until 2014 but I believe he has All-Pro Potential and probably the best Upside of any DL from this entire Draft Class..

        • I think Bjorn Woerner will end up as a Rotational Player at the NFL Level..
          He’s a little too small to play with his hand’s down as a DE in a 4-3 and I am not sure if he’s quite athletic enough to play a OLB in 3-4 Scheme .. He has a great motor and seems like a dedicated, hard-worker, I just don’t know if he is strong or big enough for the NFL to be an everydown DE
          but could develop into a “Joker” Pass-Rushing OLB and make some Plays..

        • opps, yes I meant the Kentucky OG Warford.
          — Carradine and Lemonier will both compete to replace Smith and McDonald in the next couple seasons. The 49ers look like they are ready to start a Patriot, Steeler, NYG run at dominating the NFL in this decade like they did at the turn on the century with multiple superbowl victories.

  • Dcar Zip your lips dawg you been heard please stop rambling on and on you don’t know what’s gonna happen with these draft picks time will tell.

    • Turk, who the f^#@ are you, to tell me to zip my lips?!? I’ll comment on WTF I want! If you don’t like it DAWG, don’t f^#@ing read it! Go f^#@ a duck!

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DCar who are you I been sitting back for a few reading post after post I’m thinking to myself this gut DCar is so negative thinking that he’s a bleeping GM I respect your opinion but you should try to respect other people opinions.

    • I respect you Turk Brother, but my opinion is that you’re wrong about these free agents, and this draft.

    • I don’t respect, nor tolerate stupidity, idocy, ignorance, nor anyone, who doesn’t know how to use their brains. Blind loyalty & acceptance, shows a weekness in judgement, character, decision making, & shows, that oneself is a lemming, that excepts failure. I am a skeptic by nature, that chooses to use his noggen, by be brutally honest, truthful, factual, & to the point. I don’t live in a blindly loyal world, where everything is great, great, great! I live in reality Bruh, & if the truth hurts you guys, I don’t give a $#!T! Again, if you don’t like what I say, & can’t converse with me, without making stupid comments, don’t read what I have to say! PERIOD!!!!

  • GMCliff — I’ve never seen anyone want to be considered ‘the’ expert as bad as you. Your fists are clinched willing to lie and deny to maintain your belief that you are the best at talent evaluation.
    I hope Paulman and others keep mock drafting, trading, free agent signing, benching and play calling to improve the win lose record of our favorite teams. It is entertaining to read.
    GMCliff loosen your button collar and the Windsor knot you are no better than:
    BigLion, Dcar, Jakedog, Concrete, Regal, Pheags, Real, Concrete, Pdiddy, Paulman, Mac, Frank, BigE, Erock, Esuck, Jott, JBird, Irish, DMan, Have, Vin, Turk, Larrwd, Dixie, Iggles or anyone else I forgot to mention above at evaluating talent.

    • I have no desire to be the expert on anything, nor have I made that claim. I just know football talent better than you.

      I respect the entire GCobb Family, and although we don’t all agree, none of these gentleman that you’ve mentioned has ever come at me with as much disrespect as you. I don’t have to lie, but you do need to have a better grasp on the truth. Your claim that I like Devon Still was so far off, I don’t know why you posted that.

      Devon Still, graduated from the same High School, that I DID, AND I TOLD EVERYONE HE WAS GOING TO BE A BUST!!! You’re a liar, and in denial. Are you really that angry about not knowing as much about talent evaluating as me?………We’ll kick rocks and get over it you middle age pussy!!!!! IT BE’S LIKE THAT SOMETIME….DEAL WITH IT!!!

      1-800-DUMB- ASS

    • And if you stop addressing me, and go about your business, you won’t have to hear me respond to you. You do realize you keep calling me out right?

      So don’t say I’m cocky when I defend myself against your stupid claims. In other words…Step off me E0S, AND TAKE YOUR FINGER OUT YOUR REAR, and realize you’re just not as knowledgable as you think you are.

      But, this isn’t over. After the season when this draft turns out to be what I said it was, I am coming after you, and your big mouth calling me out, and I will stick that golden penis right down your throat until you vomit….Your going to learn chump…………

      • GMCliff — I whooped your ass last year and I’ll stick my fist right up your fucking nose this year too.

        February 16, 2012 – 2:50 pm

        Kuechly is a potential pro bowl talent and a guarantee starter
        Hightower has starter potential —– it is like Jason Peters is Kuechly and Todd Herremans is Hightower – both good but there is a big talent gap between them

        February 16, 2012 – 3:09 pm

        OK E0Superbowls, then you have your team draft Keuchly, because this GM says he stinks.

        I’ll draft Hightower, Burfict, and Bradham to play for the Eagles.

        February 21, 2012 – 12:31 pm

        Stop offering your opinion if you think Keuchly is the best of the bunch….I agree with Songs, Matt McCoy Jr, and my opinion Little Stewart Bradley. Please!!! We want to improve the position, not keep things status quo. He’s as overrated, and as bad as Casey Matthews………..

        Defensive Rookie of the year Luke Kuechly

        • Good call on Kuechly E0S, but gmcliff has never said he is 100% percent right just that he’s right more often then Howie and the gang. Nobody is 100% percent when looking at and predicting what players will be productive you know that.

          • Hell even Vinnie called the Ertz pick for the Eagles and we don’t know if he’ll be a bust or the next Tony Gonzalez.

  • BigLion — I don’t think GMCliff could do better than Howie. GMCliff made himself look like an ass with Larrwd concerning Russell Wilson too. He said Russell Wilson couldn’t play in the NFL. He keeps saying wait till next year and we’ll see!!! The result are in 2012:
    Larrwd kicked him in the ass on Russell Wilson and I kicked him in the ass with Kuechly. GMCliff is a dingbat. And if the Eagles listened to GMCliff they would be saddled with the worst contract in the NFL because he would have given Mario Williams $100 million.

    • Again 1-800-DUMB-ASS, I am flattered that you would go back and take the time to cut, and paste my post from early after the 2012 season…if you notice fellas those post were from February of 2012……..

      I like how you conveniently omitted the mocks more current leading up to draft, as you did with the mocks this year that I had Manti Te’o mocked…early in the process….BTW, GMCliff is pretty good at law too, I also have an MBA in Business Management from University of Illinois…

      Fellas, You know as well as E0S, that those mocks are early before the Combine or Senior Bowls, and as is the case with all evaluators, they change their viewpoint. I didn’t like Keuchly, Russell Wilson, and I don’t backpedal from that.

      How do you feel you whooped my ass when the other 15 players mocked by GMCliff were players as well? You mean if you mock 10 prospects, and only one is a player, and I didn’t like that player…….that you are a better judge of talent?………

      Your whole draft was a failure, but because you hit on or mocked 1, or 2 players, that had a good year….that makes you better than me, although 13, out of the 15, I mocked last year; the majority of my draft as a WHOLE, trumps your 1, or 2 players…….. that player can’t win a Superbowl by himself, you need to build a team!!!

      You’re delusional, and so obsessed, you don’t realize how dumb you sound. I don’t feel you’ve proven anything in reference to my credibility. The point is I’ve hit on more prospects than you, Llawrd, and anyone else who thinks, I’m clueless.

      1, You guys said DeSean Jackson would be traded or not signed…GMCliff said “DeSean, isn’t going anywhere”….WHO WAS RIGHT?

      2. You guys said Michael Vick was not going to be signed, or traded. GMCliff said, “Don’t be surprised, if Vick is resigned, I think he will”…………..WHO WAS RIGHT?

      3, You guys said Nick Foles, was going to be traded because, he can’t run the read option, and Matt Barkley was drafted. GMCliff said, “Foles, isn’t going anywhere, and is the future of the Eagles”….Who was right?

      That being said doesn’t make you clueless, but most on this website think with their personal feelings, and cling to certain prospects because they personally appreciate their abilities.There is more to this process than what you personally feel, to make decisions, whether they be for draft picks, or out of the best interest of the team.

      The best decisions are not always the popular ones. I don’t regret any decisions that I have made on any prospects, and I also feel that just because you want to make a case from one, or two players, doesn’t make you an expert, but give credit where credit is due, when someone proves otherwise.

      GMCliff is still standing strong, and not worrying about the overly critical opinions of a possessed E0S…..1-800-DUMB-ASS, USE IT!!

  • ****NFL News***
    Detroit Lions Draft Pick Larry Warford (Guard) sustained a pretty serious neck injury at their Rookie Camp Saturday and is undergoing some Testing
    Hope he’s ok, many of us posters really liked this Player
    As a very good NFL Prospect..best wishes to him for a full and speedy return

    • Paulman, why no best wishes for Titus Young? Getting arrested for like the 3rd time this week, even on Mothers Day weekend. That dude is the definition of a disgrace to humanity.

      • That Titus Young needs some serious help, it appears he has a death wish for his life has spun out of control, talented kid, but obviously very emotionally disturbed and has list any chance to ever be given another chance by an NFL Team..

    • Paul, you know I have had Larry Warford mocked as a future superstar Guard, even labeling him as the next Larry Allen. I am really sorry to hear, that it was serious…How serious? Career threatening; Sterling Sharpe serious?

      My best wishes to him, and his family……….

      • Not sure how serious GMCliff, under observation at local Hospital for more Test’s , I am not even sure what or how it happened.. Hope he’s (Warford)
        Is ok..

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