• May 19, 2022

How Can Felix Jones Help The Eagles?

felixjonesChip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles added another piece to their offense on Tuesday morning. Felix Jones, the former Dallas Cowboy, joined the team on a one-year deal a week after the team invited him in for a private workout.

Felix Jones will be the sixth running back on the Eagles roster joining veterans LeSean McCoy, Bryce Brown, and Chris Polk, and rookies Miguel Maysonet and Matthew Tucker.

Jones was drafted out of Arkansas by the Cowboys with the 22nd overall pick in 2008. He spent his first year as a backup to Marion Barber and only carried the ball 30 times, the first of which he turned into an 11-yard touchdown run against the Eagles. On those 30 carries, Jones got into the endzone three times and averaged almost nine yards per carry.

Since entering the league in 2008, Jones is fourth in the NFL in yards per carry with 4.8. His 4.8 career average is the same average he held in his eight career regular season games against the Eagles. However, if his playoff game in 2009 against the Eagles is factored in, Jones’ average jumps to 5.6 yards per carry against his new team.

In 2009, Felix Jones led the Cowboys to their first playoff win in 13 years against the Eagles. Jones rushed for 148 yards on just 16 carries as the Dallas easily handled Philadelphia 34-14. The performance is Jones’ best-to-date.

Also in 2009, Jones spent a good portion of time returning kickoffs, a position the Eagles have addressed and will hold an open competition for. With 30 returns in 2009, Jones averaged 22.6 yards per return, a number the Eagles haven’t topped since 2008.

As a first round pick, Jones was expected to be the next Tony Dorsett or at least a starter for their franchise for years to come. However, DeMarco Murray took the starting job from Jones last year and the team looks poised to be set at running back as long as Murray can stay healthy. Jones ended 2012 with 2,728 career rushing yards, 1,062 career receiving yards, and 14 career touchdowns and the Cowboys decided to let him enter free agency without offering him a contract.

Entering his 6th season, Jones’ career looks to be as a backup from this point forward. There is no question that Jones has a decent shot at making the team but he is in for some competition. Bryce Brown, despite his fumblitis, proved to be a talented backup for LeSean McCoy. Chris Polk, who was injury-ridden the whole 2012 season, didn’t get much of a chance to prove himself. Miguel Maysonet is one of the better undrafted free agent pickiups around the league and Matthew Tucker is an unknown at this point. Felix Jones may find himself returning kicks to help make the squad.

As it sits, Jones, Polk, Maysonet, and Tucker will be fighting for the third running back position. We know how Kelly loves depth on his offense so a fourth running back position may be open as well, a spot that would require contributions on special teams.

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  • With No FB onthe Roster (Free-Agent Casey will be FB & 3 TE) so the Eagles can afford to carry 4 RB’s…
    Don’t sleep on this Maysonet kid, he’s very dynamic,tough and can make plays all over the place whether it’s on Special Teams,Pass-Receiving and Rushing and remindes me of a poor-man’s Brian Westbrook when coming out of College..
    I am just not sold on Bryce Brown..His FUndamentals are terrible, Hold the ball in his wrong arm half the time, ball security is a major issue and to be honest, I don’t think he’s mentally tought enough.. He had 2-3 Great games and had 1-2 Big runs in those games accouting for over 60% of his total yardage.. but then he was trying too take every handoff to the outside for a big play, he cannot block, his ball security is an issue for carrying loosely and in the wrong arm and postion on most of his carries.. I believe Brown is the odd-man out.. Kelly likes to have at least 1 Scat Back and I believe it will be Maysonet…
    I envision the 2013 Eagles RB Corps as Follows

    1) Lesean McCoy as the Starter
    2) Felix Jones as Primary Back-up to McCoy
    3) Chris Polk as the Bruiser, the Red-Zone, Short-Yardage Back
    4) Maysonet as the Scat/Back, 3rd Down Back, Return guy on Special Teams…

    • Bryce Brown is not going to be cut Paul. Get over the fumbles, because there are not a lot of starting RB’s in the league with his type of talent. In the end he maybe Howies best draft pick ever………

      • You guys are way overrating him because of a couple big games that he had a a few big runs . He’s a liability and will be out of the NFL in 2 Years time.. A dime a dozen..
        Polk I did not feel deserved to be on the Roster last year, but Kelly is very familiar with FOlk who hurt his Defense while playing for Washington Universisty and would face Oregon every Season.. Kelly will favor a known to him in Polk then a flash in the pan Brown whose bigges supporter was Coach AR who is now gone.. Brown is nothing Special

        • Okay Paul, we’ll see Buddy…..don’t be surprised if your wrong on him, Vick, DeSean, and Foles….Your already off to a great start.

          BTW, what do you think of our LB Core my Brother?, and the Defense as a whole?

          • A real work in Progress.. As many as 13-14 Players Rotating in and out on the Defensive Front 7.. It will take a while for this Group to jell, but I do think they will create more turnovers and play the Run the better but I am not so sure about getting after the QB or the Back-end of the Defense.. as I have stated, I am not a Patrick Chung Fan and if Kenny Phillips gets hurt or goes down, this Safety Positon is very weak….

            DL (7) Cox,Soapaga,Thornton,Geathers,Curry & Benny Logan, J Kruger (Trent Cole gets Traded for 2014 Draft Pick)

            LB (7) Barwin,Graham, Ryans, Kendricks, J Phillips, E Acho & Chris McCoy

            I belive Chung only makes the Roster due to playing for Coach Kelly while in College at Oregon a few years back, but he’s a big liability to me..
            CB (5) Fletcher, C Williams, B Boynkin, C Marsh & J Poyer

            Safety (5) Phillips,Allen, Chung, Eric Wolff & Colt Anderson

            • You know I really wanted them to fix this defense this offseason, I think a lot of guys they brought in a reserves at best, and we held on to some in house players that are overvalued or washed up like Trent Cole.

              I don’t see us stopping teams, and dominating in anyway. Who on this team would you say on this team is obvious impact?…and please don’t say Conner Barwin, and Brandon Graham!!…I don’t see anybody……

              • There are no Impact Players on Defense period GMCliff..
                Probably Kenny Phillips when 100 % Safety could mak the biggest impact but with his past injuries, that may be asking too much..
                I think collevetively as a Group, they can be much better than what we’ve seen the last 2 Years from the Eagles Defense, but to say Impact Players or Dominant, is not going to happen and wasn’t going to happen with this Draft Class also, for there wasn’t real impact/dominant Players on either side of the Ball in this past Draft.. SOme good Players with Potential, but really no one who is going to step in and Dominante.. Just one of the those years.

              • There was more potential talent in this draft than what is potentially on this team……You will see that we missed on players again. I don’t agree with that at all.

              • Wake up bro, 5 years from now every team in the league will look back and be able to say they missed on players again. Every single team, even the teams that have the best drafts will look back and say it could have been better.

                Besides all we can talk about is potential right now. Just potential, and truth is every player in this draft has some kind of potential. Let the games be played man before we kill them for it.

              • You also cannot fix this pathetic defense in an offseason. Esp in a draft that was short on sure things in defensive superstars that previous drafts had. It was a shitty year to have a top 5 pick. On top of that the free agency market sucked on defense. Nothing special for the money these guys were getting. And the offense was putrid, even when the starters were playing. this team averaged like 17 points a game or something with a 10 year vet (they averaged more with Foles, but still nothing spectacular). Thats pathetic in todays NFL. Its all about the QB these days. Great Qbs will tear apart even the best defenses in the league. Believe me I want a nasty defense too. But I’d rather get our franchise QB first, we have some young unknowns at that position right now. Hopefully this organization does the right thing and plays one of those guys over Reids leftover trash in Vick, which we know exactly what he is. Cause fact is there is a good crop of QBs coming out next year, and the only way they are going to select a Bridgewater for example is if they know for a fact Foles/Barkley cant be franchise QBs. Obviously they need to play a substantial amount to figure that out.

              • I hear what you are saying Pheags, and to a degree, I agree, but I responded to Paulmans statement that there was NO talent to draft on Defense for us to draft. Even with your post on potential, I still disagree with him.

                I have been consistent in saying that the Eagles already have their QB, of the future in Nick Foles, IMHO and I agree he needs time to grow. I see him as such more so than Barkley.

                We’ve talked before, and to me it seems we want the same thing Pheags…no mediocrity, just a kick ass team to win the Superbowl. Period

              • Gm hopefully it will be cox. Keyword is hope

            • Paulman your like a Google app. Ask it whatever and you get a quick response. Good shit my man

              • GMCLiff,
                I didn’t say there was no Talent, but not real “Playmakers” which is a big difference and expecially after the Top 6-10 Selections came and went and since the Eagles already went out and Signed,Traded for or 10 Players for the Defense prior to the Draft
                (I Soapaga,J Geathers,C Barwin, J Phillips, M McCoy,E Acho,B Fletcher,Cary WIlliams,K Phillips, P Church) what were they going to do, Draft another 6-7-8 Defensive Players to add the mix
                They got the Top #3 Rated OT,TE & QB with their first 3 Picks which may not excite anyone here in 2013, but should be big dividends down the Road,, As far as the Eagles Defense, they added hungrey Players who are looking for and will get their opportunities to play and to start (C Williams,Chung,Fletcher,Geathers,Phillips,Acho,etc,etc) now whether they become good solid NFL players or not, who knows, but that was the part of the Off-Season Plan by the Eagles, sure up the Defense with quality, motivated players and see what happens in Year 1 abnd then identyify the Players who do not fit and build from their..

              • Paul, for me some of the guys they brought in I wouldn’t have signed so drafting what I felt would be impact had more potential as far as I am concerned IMHO, than Barwin, Graham, Cole, Bradley Fletcher, and Todd Herramanns.

                Everybody else I am fine with. I just don’t think some of them should be starters at all.

              • I hear you GM, but when the Eagles signed 2 Former Starters at Safety, CB and added 4 LB’s in Free-Agency/Trades (Barwin, Phillips, Acho & McCoy) before the Draft, that told me they were’nt going to address the back 7 of this Defense with High Picks in the Draft, I can whine about now, but there plan was obviously to rebuild the Secondary with Free -Agents and then add Competition at LB since they have already decided to give Abraham/Cole a shot
                N this new scheme.. So they decided to add a Top 3 Rated Oat, TE and potential future QB with their earlly Picks so they stayed to their Plan.. DT Logan was rated as #8th-10th Best DT per most reports.. Time will tell..
                I was hoping they would Trade or Package
                Trent Cole and Bate Allen with their 7lrh Round Picjs to get
                Additional mid-Eound Picjs in return but obviously didn’t happen
                So now the Competition for the 53Man Roster Begins and it’s now up to this Coaching Staff to put the Current Roster together and in Position to make Plays.. We’ll see what happens
                I think u will be pleasantly surprised with Conner Barwin & Bradley Fletcher and John Phillps and I don’t mean any of these Players are Pro-Bowlers, but they are an upgrade of who they will be replacing..

              • No I won’t with Barwin, or Bradley Fletcher. Phillips is special teams. so the expectation isn’t that high with him, but I do like him as a player.

                You can have Barwin, and Fletcher….

        • He had more big runs as a reserve, in 3 games, than Trent Richardson had as a starter all season. Give credit where it due brother.

          The kid is good. Yes the fumbles would be a concern to me as well, if the kid wasn’t just coming off the street practically, had played a full season of College ball, and has been in the league, and consistently fumbled. That stuff can be fixed. I’m not worried about that. I think you are making too much of that.

          I also seriously feel Polk will be the odd man out .

          • I am not sold on him GMCliff, let’s see how he looks this Summer Camp.. I think he was a Flash in the Pan.. Had some nice runs against some questionable Rushing Defenses against the Panther & Cowboys,
            but I am not sold on him at all.. too fundamentally flawed in my opinion and as I stated, his mental toughness I question

            • Okay Brother, fair enough. Have you read up on one of my 2014 draftees Safarian-Jenkins TE, from Univ, Washington? He would have made a better choice than Zach Ertz,, as he is a better blocker, faster, better route runner, and overall receiver than Ertz.

              • Jenkins is being mocked as a top 10/high first rounder next year. Obviously, a guy that gets drafted that high should be better than a second round pick like Ertz, that just common sense. They need to be All-Pros if they are taken that high, unlike expectations for a second round pick.
                I wouldn’t be able to use a top 10 pick on a TE with the current state this team is in right now.

              • I could if we were in a position to do so, especially if some feel that Celek will be let go.

                You know I feel the defense needs to be fixed Pheags. My top choice for the Eagles is JaeVeon Clowney, DE/OLB South Carolina

              • Barring injury, you will need a top 3 pick (maybe 1st overall), to draft Clowney. I would love to draft him, if we have the QB position set. Which its why its so important for this team to figure out exactly what they have in their young QBs, so they can be ready to make that decision in the future. This team cant waste any more time.

                I said before the draft that if I were the Eagles I would have traded the number 4 overall pick for an extra 2nd and 3rd/or 4th in this draft and a 1st round pick in next years draft. Sure we wouldn’t have been able to draft Johnson this year but you would have had still been able to get talent this year. And then you would have had two number 1 draft picks next year, where you could possibly land Clowney and Boyd in round 1.

                BUt again, those trades are just fairytales we make up. We don’t know what happened in their draft room, we don’t know if they were trying to trade up/down so you can’t kill them for it. The NFL should just let fans watch the draft rooms, that would be some good entertainment.

              • Thats true Pheags, but I like that draft day scenario better than the results we got. That sounds good to me!!!

                I look at the draft as a whole, and there were stronger players at other position to be had in the 2nd- 7th Rounds.

                Even with your trade scenario, trading down would have been beneficial for the Eagles because they would have been players in this draft as well as next years. 2 picks next year could put you in a position to get Clowney, or more…Good Post Brother!!

    • I say Polk is gone…….I believe that Miguel Maysonet, has a chance to make this team as a KR/PR. Damaris Johnson is not a gimme to make this team either.

      • Sounds good on Paper, Pheags, but the Demand for Teams to Trade Up was just not there this Draft due to the lack of Playmakers..
        Everyone stating just trade down and get extra-picks has to remember that you need another Team to accomplish this.. Teams were more willing to sit tight and take the best player availalbe since the majority of Players after the Top 3-4 were Valued pretty close to each other..
        The ONly Teams that really made moves were the 49ers (since they had like 13 Picks to choose from) the Vikings who cased in with 3 1st Round Picks but gave up head-ache Percy Harvin and 4 Drafts to do so,but they are going all in)

        • Thats been my point since the draft ended. All our trade scenarios are just fairytales. We don’t know what went on in the draft room. Evidence shows Howie loves to trade, so ppl are nuts if they think they didn’t try to go up or down. They probably just didn’t want to get fleeced. I said all along Im OK with the draft the Eagles had based upon what was available at the time they were picking. Love the Ertz pick since all my top safeties were gone. Love the Barkley pick in the 4th round.

  • ***Eagles did Release WR Marvin McNutt yesterday as well…

  • thats a lot of rbs i wonder if any can play qb

    • F Jones played a little QB in HS per Sources

      I expect Eagles to carry 9 OL as opposed to the 10 OL that Coach AR would always Carry

      4 – QB (Vick,Foles,Dixon,Barkely)
      4 – RB (McCoy, Jones, Polk, & Maysonet)
      3 – TE (Celek,Ertz & Casey) – Casey will also play FB
      6 – WR (D-Jax, Maclin, A Benn, R Cooper, Danrius Johnson & Ifeanyi Momah)
      9 – OL (Peters,Mathis,Kelce,Herremans,Johnson as the Starters with back-ups M Tennant -Center, D Watkins-Guard, Allen Barbe and Matt Kopa at G/T)

      26 Players on Offense – 3 Special Teams – 24 Players on Defense

      • Defensively – 24 Players

        7 – DL (Cox,Sopaga,Thornton, Geathers,Curry,Kruger & Logan)
        7 – LB (Barwin,Graham,Kendricks,Ryans, Phillips, Acho & McCoy)
        5 – CB (Flether, C Willams, Boykin, Marsh & Poyer
        5 – Safety (K Phillips,Allen,Chung & Wolff, Colt Anderson)

      • Yo Paul,
        Love the comments. What do think they end up doing with TCole? Trade for him? What do you think he would bring in return.

        • What’s with your sign-on name??
          Trent Cole will be traded by late July to a Team that runs a 4-3
          def Scheme and that is in need of a Pass-Rusher
          Maybe the Falcons, Panthers,Vikings, Titans, etc and would return
          A 6th Round Pick (think of the market for A Samuel a couple years back)
          An aging player with their best days behind him with a big salary are not in demand around the NFL
          Playing on the right team and playing 25-30 snaps a game strictly as pass-rusher, T Cole can still give you 8-10 Sacks a Season, he is just not an everydown DE any longer and I have stated for his Career, that he really never was in opinion due to his poor play versus the Run…

  • gmc, what do you know, you’re a con-man? BWHAHAHA!!!!

    • You know DCar Brother…Whats up man? I killed that noise for now. that fool thinks because he liked a player that I didn’t like, and he had a good-decent season that that made him superior to me..We have 7 rounds of draft picks!!!!

      I haven’t heard from him so maybe he had a joygassm, after eating that green Jello…..pWHAHHAHA!!!

      • He’s a dick.
        NAW, I cornered the market on joygasms! ROTFLMMFBO!!!!!

        • Knowing you ….you probably have them patented…..lmbo!!!!!!!!!!

          • DAMN SKIPPY! Too many plagiarizers out there. LOL!

            • hahahahahahhpbhaahahahah!!!!

  • Help me out on this fellas, the Eagles it seems will be a fast paced offense with lots of formations and running guys in and out probably play to play. My question is didn’t the NFL put a rule in play that if you substitute on offense you have to allow the defensive team to substitute before snapping the ball?

    • I do not expect a-lot of personnel changes at all. That is where having TE’s that play FB, TE, WR comes in! not much subbing but rather rearranging the look and match ups to get advantage.

      • I see 3-4 WR’s Rotating in and out as well as TE Ertz and TE/FB Casey coming in and out for each other.. may see a “Big Package” of 3 TE’s in with Bigger Receivers (Benn & ??) come in down in the Red-Zone and then
        a “Small,but Fast package of WR’s with D-Jax,Maclin, D Johnson,etc,etc
        based on field position, down and distance, score of the game,etc,etc…

  • I do not think you’ll see very much subbing at all. New personnel for each drive yes, during drives not very much.

    I watched Oregon a lot over the past two years because they were very intriguing….and frankly I think you will be amazed by how quickly plays are run.

    There is no time for substituting. No time for celebrating (thank god). They are at the LOS 5 secs after the play ends. Kelly’s goal (with Oregon) was a play every 18 seconds. That’s 2x the rate of most current NFL teams.

    The Ducks were constantly ranked one of thelowest teams in terms of time of Posession (something I am worried about)…averaging about 25 mins….but almost always near the top in offensive plays per game (72)….so 3 plays a min….

    And remember, Oregon was in a lot of blowouts where they spent the 4th Q eating up the playclock and powering their averages.

    I think it will be very difficult to substitute if they want to approach those numbers.

    • Agreed.

      • If Kelly gets the pace he want, some of these Players are not going to be able to sustain their energy/focus for 8-10-12 quick plays in the row, especially the WR & TE & RB’s, he will send packages in and out

  • In Kelly’s offense it is important to get first downs!

    Because if the offense goes 4-and-out the defense only gets about a 2 minute break between series. If that happens two or three times in a row those defenders will be falling over.

  • Something I am very concerned about….despite racking up massive leads over cupcakes – which allowed for the Ducks to grind out the clock on several occasions…..the ducks consistently ranked poorly on time of posesstion (25 mins/game)

    I find it difficult to believe the Eagles will be winning 50-10 at any point this upcoming year, meaning time of posession might even be lower.

    (and now imagine adding the turnover machine at QB to the mix!)

    If this O does score in the NFL (it may/it may not) then we may be in big troubs. If it does score – I expect a lot of 33-32 shootouts

    • Time of Possession for Oregon did not matter much since they Scored very quickly where they were able to overwhelm many Opponents with their fast paced Spread Offense who didn’t have the Depth or Talent to stay up with the Duck’s pace.. This will not be the Case in the NFL.. I am sure they will catch some Teams/Players off-guarded and pooped out here and there, but Pro Defense’s have 11 Athletes on the Field and not only 2-3-4 like most of Oregon’s Opponent’s Defense’s had.. It will be interesting to watch and especially early in the Season when the Eagles opponents will have little tape to go by and should be a real advantage versus the Redskins,Chargers & Chiefs for the first 3 Games in 11 Days, which means this Defense’s will have less time to plan for as well..

      • but when they did overwhelm the opponents in the 1st half, they should have been able to run out the clock in the second half….but they didn’t.

        EX – against Tenny Tech (won 63-14) the Ducks had 21 mins posession to Tenny’s 38…(now Tenny was just running int he 2nd half to ‘get outta dodge’ so their numbers inflated a bit.

        In the close game against stanford the TOS was 22 mins ducks, 38 stanford.

        Can an NFL D hold up for 16 games if the TOS is 22 mins to 38 mins all year?

        We used to complain about Reid and how his 3 str8 passes and out never let the D rest……..

        I have my doubts. Eagles better score 35 every game this coming year…….

        • What I am saying Vinnie is that they will not score as fast and overwhelm NFL Defense’s since NFL Defense’s have Taleneted Players and Depth unlike many of Oregon’s Opponnets on the Defensive Side of the Ball.. This Eagles Offense is not going to run up Points on anyone like Oregon did.. It’s not an Apples to Apples when talking about Opponent’s Defense’s so the disparity will not be like it was for Kelly and his Offense’s while at Oregon..

  • I read two different articles that both have the Eagles offense using option routes most of the time this year. That surely dosent sound like that would be mike Vicks strength..

    • exactly – can you see tha?. Not only does he have to make his reads, but he has to be in sync with the reads his WRs are making. Sounds like a fantastic prospect.

  • Rumor’s that Chip Kelly has placed a Call to David Garrard to see if he wants
    to give a workout down at NovaCare for the Eagles after annoucning his Retirement from the NY Jets yesterday afternoon.. Word is that Jet’s are going to file a tampering clause with the League Office if this Workout occurs..
    Keep Tuned for this one…

  • The most glaring stat that I see when I compare the Ducks to their opponents is the turnovers – The Ducks don’t turn the ball over nearly as much as they take it away. They had a plus 21 turnover ratio last year. They took the ball away 40 times… that’s great!

    • Can this Happen (Low Turnovers) with Vick at the Helm of this quick paced, which will require quick decision making from it’s QB to lead the Offense..
      What does History tell us about Vick and his propensity for turning over the ball and quick decision-making .. This is the single biggest reason on why I do not believe that Vick is the best Answer at the QB Position moving forward.

      • No. No it will not. Running plays fast with vick under center we could be down 21 to nothing with 13:00 showing on the clock in the 1st quarter.

        • I think Vinnie should Start a Countdown to Vick Blog..
          So we have something to Post about.. Ha..

          • Soon!! I just read about some sports outlet said Vick was the 21st ranked NFL QB (way to high)….so I’m sure that will be posted here soon and we’ll be off again!!

        • Again son of Vinnie nobody really cares about your one sided view of Vick. Especially when you consider he has played better in the hurry up offense but it will sort itself out on the field not on this blog.

          • How many straws left in that basket of yours?

            • Don’t matter how many straws are in my basket, I’m perfectly fine with Foles or Barkley winning the job. Or I should say Foles because Barkley won’t beat out Foles no way no how. I am paying more attention to the defense because all the offense in the world won’t help if the defense can’t get off the field.

          • Big, how thick are those rose colored glasses of yours? Come on dude, I thought you wised up on that topic? He sucks! The faster you guys face this, the sooner you can move on. My dislike for him as a QB aside, if he makes it, I’ll root for the Birds regardless, but I doubt he wins the starting role, & I believe he’ll be outta here. He isn’t never was, & never will be a good, nor Championship caliber QB. Proofs in the pudding. How many years need to go by, how many coaching regime changes, player changes, & offensive strategies have to change, before you apologists get it! He’s a fraudulent myth, that never was! A creation of ESPN & the Madden games over-hype! Take a deep breath, & move on!

            • I think you misread my post DCar, I could careless who wins the QB job. They better fix the defense or the QB won’t matter.

              • Thats right Biggie!!!

              • I have agreed with you on that since forever ago!

  • Tell you what, with the resurfacing of that turd mcnabb in the media just be thankful that he’s gone, I can hack Vick, even though it will be foles, but never the chokemeister

  • Lol

    The Eagles are “temporarily” moving TE Clay Harbor to outside linebacker.
    It doesn’t sound like a permanent move, but it could be. The Eagles obviously don’t think highly enough of Harbor to let him work on learning the new offense. The 2010 fourth-rounder has been an underachiever since entering the league, and he’s entering the final year of his rookie deal. Harbor is clearly the odd man out at tight end after the additions of Zach Ertz and James Casey.

    • I don’t think we can call him a underachiever he was a 4th round pick. Remember Barkley was a 4th round pick that we got great value on and if he doesn’t pan out big deal. Right?

      • Biggy,
        I think many have to forget about where a Player is Drafted..
        Harbor has been on the Active Roster for 3 Seasons and has contributed very few plays during his time, regardless of when or where he want to School or where he was Drafted makes of little consequence 3 YEars later.. He has not proven himself as an NFL Starter Type of Player or even a good Back-Up during his Time as an Eagle..
        I give Draft PIcks until their 3 Year to really improve and be able to compete for Starter’s Time or at leadt be a big contributor, so far very little from Harbor.. He’s just an average TE that you could get simillar Production from a TE off the streets..

        • In regard to expectations, you don’t forget where a player is drafted. That just sounds stupid. You would never kill a guy like Kurt Coleman for being a shitty football player the same way you would do for Nate Allen. You always have to keep their draft position in mind. Look back at that 4th round where Harbor was drafted, there is probably only about 5 players which play today, that are average or above that.

          Harbor sucks just like about 90% of that 4th round does. Harbor will be cut(all of Reids leftover trash should be).

          Out of that 2010 4th round, you got just 2 probowlers (Hernandex/Atkins). Thats how much of a crap shoot it is at that point. Missing on a player where the odds are so low should not be considered a big deal.

          • btw, Reid did not draft Harbor before that monster Geno Atkins, or even Hernandez. He is not that stupid. He did draft Trevard Lindley before the both of them tho lol

            • What I am saying Pheags is after 3 Years on the Active Roster and getting many opportunitities to step up and make plays, HArbor has not and has made very few contributions, Harbor has dissapointed regardless of where he was Drafted, which means very little to the Coaches, Teammates or anyone else in the Organization.
              It’s only us infatuated Fans/Media who place expectations on Players based on where they were Drafted which means zippo after their Rookie Season.. You either step-up and perform and make plays and contribute, or you are out of work in the NFL and it doesn’t matter if from a Power School Small School or whether your a 1st,3rd,5th, 7th Round Pick or an undrafted Free-Agent.. You guys get so hung up on where and when a Player is Drafted that it’s wasted energy to even discuss about it 3-4 Years later..

              • Disagree. Chip/Howie do not expect Kruger to be the same type of player that Lane Johnson is. They clearly have the same expectations us fans have based upon where those guys are drafted.
                if they get a Geno Atkins in the 4th round, they know they got lucky. Like I said 90% of 4th rounders aren’t even in the league in 3-4 years. Coaches/orgs obviously know that. Thus they manage their expectations for those later picks.

                Sure they will tell the media on draft day they think their guy is a stud no matter what round it is blah blah blah. Don’t be gullible and believe that shit. What are they going to say to the cameras? we hope he is still an NFL player in 3 years and not a high school janitor?

    • I Stated this earlier under the “LB Posting” .. C’mon Man, Keep on Topic

  • Honestly I’ll be kind of surprised if Jones makes it on the team. Based on the laxed Cowboys practice style, lack of discipline it will be down to his ability to verbally communicate and willingness to communicate anything to the other RBs about tips for seeing the gaps develop more quickly and how to grasp the ball in a better way to avoid fumbles, how to study O-Line tendencies etc..

    My guess is because he’s on the bubble now and will continue to be for the foreseeable future I can’t really see him expending any effort to help any of the RBs. If the other players are smart they will basically just watch what he does and then try to pick his brain to find why he made this cut vs. that cut or why he switched hands at that particular point, where he looked etc.

  • I think RB F Jones has a better shot at making the Eagles 53 Man Roster than QB Mike Vick does.. .If Dennis Dixon plays well this Summer, and usues his knowledge of Coach Kelly’s system which he has a big head start, then Vick is released or traded to a Team who is desperate for a QB due to injury,etc.. I really believe this Eagles Team talking up VIck these last couple of weeks (Blaming OL Injuries last Season, Out-runing McCoy, Getting bigger and being more mature,etc,etc is strictly to increase his Value on the Trade Market come Mid-July..
    Eagles go with Foles,Dixon & Barkley come Opening Day…
    Foles will get 8-10 Weeks, if he fails to perform at a high level, then Eagles will play Barkely once eliminated from Playoffs and Dixon will get 10-12 Plays a game to run Read-Option/Wildcat/Pistol or whatever you want to call it to keep Defenses on their toes.. This is how I see it going down by late July

    • I’m good with that. Prefer it actually. I would take Dixon starting 8+ prove it games this season over having one more second of Mike Vick under center!
      (I say this believing that Dixon does not truly belong in the NFL as evidenced by his having been stashed on practice squads simply to run scout teams for teams going up against mobile qb’s.) Yeah I would rather have Songs2 or Biglion line up under center than Mike Vick.

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