• August 17, 2022

New Eagles CB Cary Williams Tries To Bring Ravens’ Attitude To Eagles Defense

CaryWilliams2Last year the Eagles secondary was an embarrassment.  They were either blowing assignments and having receivers running down the field wide open with nobody around them or playing touch football with them as they caught the football and ran into the end zone.  It was pathetic and that’s why talented players like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nmandi Asomugha are no longer on the roster.

The Eagles weren’t able to find anybody more talented than DRC , but they did get somebody to play the right cornerback position, who definitely is a lot tougher and much more of a professional.  Former Baltimore Ravens cornerback Cary Williams grew up in a defense with future Hall of Famers Ray Lewis and Ed Reed leading the way.  He’s trying to bring some of the atmosphere, which he grew up under in Baltimore to Philadelphia.  It’s similar to the Eagles defense which was led by Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Seth Joyner, and Eric Allen.  Both defenses played physical, aggressive in your face football.

Everybody remembers how Williams tried to strangle Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, when they got into last year in the Ravens-Eagles game.

“It’s a difference between being a top-10 defense and a top-25 defense,” Williams said

Williams knows how to practice.   He knows how to prepare for a game and he knows the demeanor one must carry to make it in the NFL.   You pick all this up after talking to him for a few minutes.  Right now the veteran corner is trying to play catch up, after missing four of the first six workouts because he was recently married and went on his honeymoon.

“It’s a part of the learning process, we’re all learning”, Williams responded to a questions about him playing catch after missing a few of the OTA’s. “I’m not a rookie or anything like that, I understand how to come in and be a professional, I take each and every day seriously, every time I step out here.  It’s a just another day in the office for me.”

He made it a point to emphasize that playing in a new scheme with new teammates means that communication is even more important now than it was in Baltimore when he was playing in a familiar scheme with players who he knew very well.

“It’s a lot more things going on, there are a lot of things we have to talk through”, Williams said very seriously.  “That’s a part of the process. We’re still trying to learn each other.  We’re still trying to get better each every week, each and every day. It’s still a process. The OTA’s is a part of that process. We’re trying to get know each other and try to play around each other while learning the scheme at the same time.  I think we’re all doing that. It’s just a part of the process.”

I was thrilled to hear him emphasize the communication part of playing defense in the NFL.  Nowadays you don’t have a chance of being successful defensively in the NFL, if you don’t communicate properly.  Games are won and lost on 3rd down and the key to 3rd down success is communicating properly first then making the play.  If you don’t communicate properly the way the Eagles secondary did a year ago, you don’t even give yourself a chance to make the play.

The other thing which Williams brings is a throwback attitude of toughness and physical play.  Last year, is a no-nonsenese guy when it comes to playing in the NFL.

Last year he got into it with Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson and says one of the first things he did was talk to Jackson when he walked into the Eagles locker room.  Each of the players say they have put the shoving match behind them, but Williams isn’t going to change his style of tough in your face play.

“Once we get the pads on,” Williams said, “the cream will rise to the top.”


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  • One the best pick-ups by the Eagles and will us Fans forget the
    lame CB’s that we had the last 2 Seasons.. Williams is very agressive
    And wil be a nice asset in run support.. He plays with no Fear and yes, he will get burned a couple of times as all CB’s do, but he has short memory and will battle each and every snap, from Week to Week..

  • He’s not much of an upgrade, so what if he’s more aggressive I want tough corners who can tackle yes, but if he’s getting toasted then who cares how he can tackle.

    • Every corner/safety that was available in FA can get toasted. I fine with the upgrades at corner based upon what was available. There was nothing special in FA. And unless you were going to waste a very high 1st rounder on Milliner/Rhodes, the rest of the corner market in the draft was a real crap shoot.

  • Tend to disagree biglion. Look at the last 2 years, eagles had corners that were pussies and got toasted. Is he a lock down cover guy? Nope. But he will mix it up and I think he’s a welcomed addition to this team.

    • i would take andy reid as our starting corner opposite pee wee herman over nnamdi “burnt toast” asomugha and dominique “charcoal” rodgers-cromartie.

    • I watch tons of football Frank and honestly Fletcher is better then Willisms he just cannot stay healthy.

      • They both suck & are backups/ special teamers.

  • Love the spirit…. but he is a #3 corner. I understood that we could not rebuild our entire D in 1 offseason but im hoping they grab a salary dump CB sometime next month or so.

  • Steveo, I agree he’s def not a #1 corner or anything similar. I think that they go into the season with the corners they have and hope for the best out of fletcher. Look to the draft/ free agency next year for a top flight corner.

  • Nnamdi Asomugha is looking very good in San Fran. Looking like the Nnmandi in Oakland.

    • LOL yea im sure he is looking “very good” in gym shorts and NO TACKLING drills. Please that dude sucks. He can’t even tackle one of those body torso boxing bags.

      • Searously though, I can see him leaving Philly and playing great. As eagles fans we should expect nothing else.


      CSN Bay Area considers 49ers CB Nnamdi Asomugha “50-50” to earn a roster spot.
      The same is true of CB Perrish Cox. The 49ers didn’t address cornerback before their 11th and final pick of the draft, but have made no secret of the fact Asomugha will have to prove he’s not finished to earn a roster spot. Asomugha will compete with Carlos Rogers for a starting job. A once-promising rookie for the Broncos before rape charges derailed his career, Cox was ineffective in 168 snaps on defense last season.

      • CB Perrish Cox has had legal issues since his College Days at Oklahoma State and just seems to find trouble, talented kid, but lots of baggage..Asmo is not going to beat up Carlos Rogers by any stretch (unless an injury) but he will make 49ers Roster asn be their Nickel Back to cover Slot WR/and TE’s which he probably will do a better job than being out on the Outside..I’ve stated during his 2 Years in Philly that he still was competitive covering Receivers up to about 15 Yards, but once he has to turn and go beyondf that, he really struggles and he has always had spotty hands but what surprised me is how poorly he reacted to the ball once it was in the air.. He would mis-time his leaps way too early and got burned mane times because of this.. This is not something you teach/Coach, you can either make a play on the ball or you can’t and Asmo never showed me that he was anyway close to being a Shut-Down CB let alone even being an average CB .. What a waste he was ..

  • Holy shit… LBJ is a beast


    Cary Williams – DB – Eagles

    Eagles CB Cary Williams skipped the final day of OTAs on Friday to attend his daughter’s recital.
    It’s just the latest absence for the Eagles’ new cornerback, who’s also missed time for dental work, “home building” and his wedding. The recital and marriage we understand. His teeth and home, not so much. Williams can’t be making a good impression on new coach Chip Kelly, who is preaching competition at every position.

    • And I am sorry the recital is inexcusable too.

      you wanna go to the recital? here is what you do asshole – go to practice, fly wherever the recital is, fly back.

  • I like he guy. The Eagles need more players that don’t take chap from reporters or anyone else.

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