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Cary Williams Has His Say About Missed Workouts

CaryWilliams15When the Eagles number one defense took the field yesterday at the Birds mini-camp, new Eagles cornerback Cary Williams lined up at the right cornerback position.  He had been backing up third year cornerback Curtis Marsh for most of the workouts, but the fact that he hadn’t attended most of the OTA’s was put to the side.

There had been a major controversy over the air waves and online about new Eagles cornerback Cary Williams getting married, honeymooning, overseeing the building of his home, getting dental work done and attending his daughter’s dance recital rather than attending OTA’s with his new teammates.  Williams was unapologetic about taking care of all those personal matters, in fact he went after the media with some strong comments.

“I’m sorry that people make such a big deal over something so small,” said Williams to a throng of media members after practice yesterday. “I grew up as a kid who didn’t have two parents in my household. I definitely take pride in being a father, in being a husband. I take pride in being there for my daughter, for my children and future children because I didn’t have that when I was younger.

“I’m sorry that y’all make such a big deal out of it and fans have something to do with it. I love the fans, I love the people that have supported me but at the end of the day, if I were to worry about what a fan thinks of me then I won’t be here very long…I can’t please every person out here in America.”

“It’s just funny. I mean, fans, I love y’all, but jeez, give me a break,” Williams said. “If I was a guy that had three kids with three different women and I was a womanizer, you’d be reporting that. Now I’m a guy that wants to go see his girl’s recital and I’m a bad guy. Like, come on, man.”

“I haven’t gotten in trouble in years. I’ve learned my lessons. I’ve been through so much scrutiny in previous years and things like that. If I was doing something negative, then report it. I’m not doing anything negative. I’m just trying to be a great dad, I’m just trying to be a great family man. I’m just trying to live my life outside of football and not be confined to just a box. Life does happen.”

“I don’t want to sound like it’s disrespect. I love my job,” Williams said. “I just had to make sure my sconces, my wood was picked out, my fireplace … it was a whole bunch of stuff that was going on.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here during OTAs. You want me to do that during the season? We don’t have any days of during the season, except for Tuesday.”

The former Baltimore Raven made a good point by focusing on what really matters, which is making plays on Sundays during the season.  Some players practice often and hard, but they don’t make plays on Sundays, so they get benched and eventually released.

He did a good job for the most part yesterday, but was beaten for a big play when wide receiver Jeremy Maclin made an acrobatic catch on a long pass.  Williams was in great position and probably could have caused an incompletion if he had been more physical with Maclin, but they weren’t in pads.

Williams isn’t a great athlete.  He’s not blazing fast or extremely quick.  He will be physical with receivers because he has to be in order to survive.  Speedy receivers will get deep on him at times, but he will deliver some big hits when he can.


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June 5, 2013 7:30 am

Williams will be fine, he’s a tough guy who was groomed in a great program (Ravens), yes he has a lack of deep speed and will get burned a few times, but he will compete each and every play week after week which is a big upgrade over the CB’s the Eagles have had the last couple of Seasons..
The key for his success is to have solid Safety Play behind him which means that Nate Allen will have to have his back many times (Just like Ed Reed did)
In pass coverages.. The Key to the Eagle. secondary will be the Play of it’s Safeties for both Fletcher, Williams, Boykin, Marsh will get tested deep early and often by opposing Offense’s so a good Pass-Rush and Good Safety Play will be critical in making this 2913 Eagles Defense better or ineffective again..

June 5, 2013 7:39 am

mhenski, does this answer your questions about his attitude? This is how you let people know what’s really important. This is a guy who has his priorities in the right place. paulman not to pick on you but I guess DRC and Nnamdi didn’t need solid safety play behind them to be successful huh? You cannot have it both ways. Vinnie was on here saying the secondary is just that secondary even though the Eagles had the worst back 4 in the history of the game last year. You dudes change up like the weather.

June 5, 2013 9:35 am
Reply to  Biglion821

actually big it made me smile that he is a loving/caring father.

However, I think missing practices for d home building is lame, thats what your stay at home wife is for thats why you can hire a stylist….

missing a practice for dental work is also inexcusable he has had months to go to the dentist and their are many dentists who have office hours after practice was finished.