• May 17, 2022

Read Option Giving Michael Vick An Advantage

MichaelVick6The Eagles got in a lot of work yesterday on the read option.  They worked on individual segments with the quarterbacks, running backs and offensive line getting in quite a bit of work.  When they got to the team period, which involved everybody except the kickers and punters, Michael Vick, Nick Foles, Matt Barkley and Dennis Dixon all took their turns running plays which included the read option concept.

On one play, Vick got the entire defense to bite on a faked handoff, then he blazed through a huge hole on the right side for what would have been a big gain.  Chip Kelly saw it.  Pat Shurmur saw it.  The rest of the team saw it.

Vick seemed to be angling for the starting job yesterday because he played a conservative quarterback as a passer, by checking the ball down a great deal.  The former number one pick in the draft knows if he stays away from turnovers, he will be the starter.  He took a number of shots down the field and made some nice throws, but for the most part, he took the check down and stayed away from turnovers.

Foles and Barkley were taking more shots down field for the most part and at times they paid for it with near interceptions .

To me this quarterback competition is very simple.  Vick’s ability to run gives him a major advantage in this quarterback battle because Kelly is a believer in the read option.  He has talked at length about how important it is that the quarterback is a run threat.  The threat of the quarterback running can be used to occupy one or more of the defensive players.

Many times you will see players come from the backside of a play and make the tackle because there’s nobody assigned to block them.  Kelly believes in occupying as many players as possible and one way to do it is with the quarterback being a run threat.

Nearly every time one of the Eagles quarterbacks hands the ball off with a sweep look going to the left or right, he takes off the other way to force the backside defender to keep put and that prevents him from pursuing to that side and it also opens up the cutback hole for the running back.

Imagine how much you’re going to fear Vick running with the ball as compared to Foles and Barkley.  It’s not even close.  That’s the advantage which Vick holds in this competition.

This doesn’t mean he holds onto the job, but I think he’ll be the guy who starts the season.

Yesterday at the start of the 7-on-7, Vick made a throw across the middle to wide receiver Jeremy Maclin that was a thing of beauty.  Maclin was running a crossing route and it was against a zone.  Vick hit Maclin in the middle of the Birds linebackers. There’s only one quarterback on the Eagles roster, who has a strong enough arm to make the throw.

Vick also threw a 35-yard lazer to wide receiver Aurelius Benn as he rolled out to his left.  Again there’s only one quarterback on the roster who could have made the throw.

Remember Kelly saying that he was keeping Vick because of his “skill set”.  Yesterday we saw Vick’s “skill set” at work.


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  • I said it before and I’ll say it again: Nick Foles is going to have to be head and shoulders better than Vick in the accuracy and decision making department ’cause he’s not going to be better than him anywhere else.

    “Foles and Barkley were taking more shots down field for the most part and at times they paid for it with near interceptions .”

    Foles apparently made a very nice 50 yarder to Maclin down the right sideline the other day. He’s trying to show he can make those big time NFL throws.

    • That should say “yesterday”

    • And Vick better excellent at the Sread-Option for it’s the only thing that he can do better Than Foles and we all know that Running the Read-Option will cause a lot more hits to the QB and with Vick’s Injuries and the fact that he has not played a full 16 BZfAl Game season since 2096 tmells me that he most likely not last very long taking mire hits so again, it gets back
      Which QB gives you the best chance to win over a 16 Game Season!!!
      My $ is on Foles for 2013 …

      • Really paulman the only thing he’s better at is the read option? What again has Foles done in the NFL that backs up that comment?

        • As opposed to your hero who has won 2 playoff games in 11 seasons. When was that last playoff game again? And what happened in it?

          • I told you before Vinnie, I don’t do heroes I’m more grounded in my beliefs. So you keep banging the drum for Foles who one day will get his opportunity to show what he can do if not in Philly then somewhere else.

            • As a Fan, I am willing to take that chance with Foles for he has Upside and time and room to grow and improve.. We already know how it will end with Vick, and it’s the same old story, bad reads, turnovers, injuries, etc,etc.. I have stated all Off-Season that it’s time to move Forward with this Franchise and there is no sense in having a 10-11 Vet at QB who has never won anything,cannot protect himself and the ball… What else needs to be said about VIck, besides outrunning McCoy in a 40 Yard Dash..
              What else can you show me Vick???

          • Yeah that’s 1 more playoff win then the guy in Dallas who just signed for 100 mill. That’s one more playoff win than that stiff in Arizona and is on par with the stiff in SD. Whats your point?

            • And what is yours…that because other teams do stupid things, the Eagles should too?

      • paulman you would lose your money betting on Foles…lets face it…he just doesn’t fit this offense because he cant run! gcobb nails it…obviously Kelly wants to run the read option, he wants to make the defense defend the whole field, keep them off-balance, and unlike Andy ‘passaholic’ Reid…he wants to RUN the football. This offense is tailor-made for Vick skill set…he wont have to be superman, he wont have a bunch of complicated reads waiting all day for Andy to call the play in…Vick is the best option for winning over a 16 game season in 2013! Smart money goes with Vick not Foles!

  • Instincts.

    Thew problem with Vick, as I’ve said 1000 times is we all know how the story ends.

    He might look good for a while, might make a highlight throw…but when the pressure mounts, the instincts return, and we all know what happens.

    This isn’t unique to Mike Vick.

    Ask Viking fan how the “new and improved” Favre did when it really mattered.

    Ask Denver Fan if they’re really comfortable with Manning I with 5 mins to go in a playoff game.

    Everyone reverts to what they know when the pressure mounts. Choose Vick. They’ll be holding a “welcome home” parade in Oregon in less than 3 years.

    • Chip Kelly has been blowing smoke up the assess of media and fans ever since hes been here. What Oregon QB was it that read defenses and were good decision makers? The 18 year old QB last year who couldn’t throw and still avg 40 points a game? Hahaha. Oh yeah that doesn’t count. Guess what all his QBs were mobile that’s what made that offense work. Why is Nick Brady and Matt Manning running the read option I thought he was tailoring his offense to their strengths? Oh yeah we will hear about how NFL defenses are bigger and faster. Well guess what so are the offensive players. There are no Peters, Maclins, Jackson, McCoys, Caseys or Erks in Oregon. Let me get this straight all them arena league QBs at Oregon can run the offense but Vick cant. comical.

      • The Nebraska offense used to roll with Eric Crouch and Tommy Frazer.

        Doesn’t mean that was going to translate to the NFL. Neither will any Oregon QB – or Oregon offense.

        Vick mught be able to run an Oregon offense….its a very simple system….but if the Birds run an offense like that, we’ll be enjoying a nice 0-16 season.

    • Well, I guess by that logic Kansas City’s love affair with Andy “Always the Bridesmaid Never the Bride” Reid is gonna end pretty quickly.

      • Yes.

  • im 99.9% convinced vick will be the qb this year and as much as I hate it I have accepted it. I see a top 10 draft pick again after this season, oh well. thank god for the sunday ticket I already know how this story ends.

    • in 12 years mike has never had success throwing the football but plenty running it. i suppose our coach will put him in a position to run all year until he breaks his collarbone sliding head first and landing into some lbs leg

      • The key to success with Michael Vick:

        – keep him throwing 30x a game
        – a strong running game (him and a running back)

        They will be fine. They can win the division and get to the playoffs.

        Can they do the same with Foles – maybe – but we know M. Vick can win the division – we don’t know if Foles can do the same and if you’re looking to win now (and Kelly is) then you will likely go with the known quantity.

        • you really think the key to success for vick is to have him throw 30+x a game?

          i would think it would be to have him throw closer to 20x a game considering he never was a good thrower and is the bottom tier of nearly all throwing stats year after year

          • – 2010 M. Vick averaged 31x a game
            – 2011 In games where he threw 32x or less he’s 6-2

            – Keep Vick to 30 – 35 attempts a game is gold – with 30 being the real sweet spot.

            “never was a good thrower and is the bottom tier of nearly all throwing stats year after year”

            Yeah that’s why all reports say “M. Vick can make throws that no other QB on the team can make”

            The other problem with your statement is that you can’t have a convo about Vick and stats that don’t include his offensive production on the ground. It’s rather pointless when you do.

            • “M. Vick can make throws that no other QB on the team can make”

              i think they are talking about those throws where he throws into the dlinemans head or those ones off his back foot

              vicks offensive production the last 2 seasons include a total of 2 touchdowns and an average of 500 yards a year. his running “ability” has also lead to a lot of drive killers, sacks and missed opportunities. regardless what he does with his legs does not and has not compensate for his lack of production with his arm and thats a fact

              • Mike vick….the only QB in the league where the plan should be to not let him throw the ball.


              • 2011 – 589 yards and 7.8 yards a carry –

                – are you really sneezing at 7.8 yards a carry and damn near 600 yards from your QB – really?


                – 332 yards and 5.4 yards a carry

                Are you really sneezing at 332 yards and 5.4 yards a carry from your QB? Really?

                Number of touchdowns are a by product of how he’s being used. His number wasn’t called on the goal line for sneaks and such like in years past – Shady and other RBs were getting those calls hence the fewer touch downs.

              • ” think they are talking about those throws where he throws into the dlinemans head or those ones off his back foot”

                Actually no – they are talking about this:

                “It’s 7-on-7 time. Vick starts out with the ones and threads a pass to Maclin right in front of Connor Barwin, who was dropping in coverage. I’m no arm strength expert, but it’s clear that Vick can make throws that no other QB on the team can make. I’m not saying that is going to earn him the job, but it’s noticeable.”

                And this:

                The 33-year old unfurled what appeared to be an effortless, flick of the wrist, type of throw midway through Tuesday’s session to Arrelious Benn.

              • i could care less about his ypc its irrelevant he is not a rb. in 2011 drew brees average 4.1 ypc, tony romo ave ypc was over 6 in 2010. who cares its dumb.

                600 yards in 2011 running and 330 in 2012 also stupid considering he throws for 2000 yards less than nfl leaders and 1000 less than average guys.

                now consider most of his positive rushing stats come from 1 or 2 long runs a game and you can put it in perspective that rushing stats from him arent that great and productive.

              • wow sounds like some awesome throws.

              • “i could care less about his ypc its irrelevant he is not a rb. in 2011 drew brees average 4.1 ypc, tony romo ave ypc was over 6 in 2010. who cares its dumb.Carrying about solely how many yards he throws isn’t too relevant either”

                It’s dumb? Since when is 7.8 yards a carry dumb? or 5.4 for that matter when it comes to your QB – giving you the yardage.

                QBs who can run have a value – especially when you set up your offense to take advantage of that – those numbers matter a great deal.

                There’s more than one way to play the position. There’s more than one way to win. Good coaches realize that – and play the players they have instead of bitching about the ones they don’t.

              • lol. this is soooo foolish of me ….

    • What you thought we were gonna be 10-6 with Foles? lmao Odds are we are a top 10 pick with whoever is QB. Might as well run his offense until he gets his QB of the future. What part of the 1-6 record with 6 tds and 5ints and 5 fumbles and broken hand gave you any indications it will be better? Oh yeah the one game where he threw 60 times for 300 yards against the worst pass defense in the NFL.

      • ur right we are a top 10 pick regardless. i wanted foles because his future is a mystery and i would be excited to tune it every sunday and watch a young kid progress. i have no interest in watching vick because i know what he gives you and what he doesnt give you and i dont want to watch a qb that cant successfully do the the things required of a qb. rbs run, qbs throw and if you cant throw and cant put up 25 tds a year in this days nfl i dont wanna watch you

        • Im on the opposite side of the argument. I want Chip to try to run his offense to the fullest and let the rest of the players get use to it. I don’t want the Eagles to tailor the offense and cut it back because the QB is not capable of running 50% of it. Get everyone else on board and then plug a QB in when you get the right one. Now if we had Brady or Manning that’s different. We don’t have either one. Vick running the read option has to help the running game no matter what anyone says. Foles running it doesn’t. So what would you rather have no respect in running game with Foles and maybe a little better passer or a potentially dominant read-option game with maybe not as good passer? We just run 65% of the time until Vick gets hurt. No read option with ok passing game with Foles or potentially dominant, have to respect read option game, with ok passer with Vick. Give me the latter.

          • Foles is not the better passer of the two – he can’t make the throws Vick can make – he probably reads coverages better so he may and I stress the MAY be more accurate overall – but def not the better thrower by any stretch of the imagination.

            • Daggolden you make 2 strange statements in your last post:

              “Now if we had Brady or Manning that’s different. We don’t have either one.”

              The point is we have no idea if we have Brady or Manning on the roster….we may have in one of the 2 kids. Better to use this year to find out, then fail with Vick, draft another QB next year and what exactly….just jettison Foles and Barkley? At one point they HAVE TO PLAY.

              “We just run 65% of the time until Vick gets hurt.”

              Oh I see….lets just wait untill Vick cracks his ribs in the 5th game….then we’ll move forward.

              Is that your idea? Fantastic.

              BTW – find me an NFL team that runs 65% of the time. what a joke. It isn’t 1950.

              NFL teams pass 60%+ of the time on average nowadays.

              • Vinnie I think its safe to say that we don’t have one of the 2 top 5 QBs of all time on the team. I think the odds favor me don’t you. Pssst 2 of the top 3 teams in the NFL Seattle and 49ers hardly scare anyone with their passing attack. I think their run game and running QBs make that thing work.

    • I wouldn’t mind a top ten pick if it ended with Bridgewater and Boyd.

      • bridgewater is going 1 or 2 .

        david fales is the 2nd qb of the board

        • There are those who say Boyd is the second QB off the board. But I won’t argue the #2 spot – we can agree that Bridgewater is #1.

      • Will need a Top #5 PIck to get either of these 2 QB’s in next Years Draft

  • Mhenski shutup you idiot. You want excitement? It doesn’t get anymore exciting then watching Michael Vick. Eagles games with Foles at the helm were downright boring sans two or three plays.

    F’n hypocrite.

    • good morning faggot

      • vick is very exciting to watch, those sacks, 3 and outs, ball batted, interceptions and fumbles are very exciting. its also exciting to see him turn his back to the line of scrimmage and gent bent in half by defenders. also exciting to watch him play worse than rookies, good times.

        vick is awesome, chase utley is still a good player and you asked another man to suck your balls because your a fag

        • – Miracle at the Meadowlands 2
          – Regularly making he Giants look like idiots
          – Swiping the floor with Dallas
          – Kicking the Redskins teeth in
          – Beating the Superbowl champs (Ravens)

          Yeah…he can be pretty exciting. Vick is a high risk – high reward player – it can be a rollercoaster up downs high lows but one hell of a ride regardless.

          Oh and Vick puts butts in the seats because of that roller coaster ride he brings.

          Foles very well may end up the guy – but let’s not act like he’s bringing any sort of excitement to the game in the same way Vick does good or bad.

          • considering philly DOT com did a poll and asked people who should stay or go this offseason and 9,793 responded to vicks vote of which 84.5% or 8276 said vick should go i disagree that he puts butts in the seats. matter of fact i think he takes butts out of the seats

            most nfl organizations dont want high risk high reward guys because they cannot be relied upon…

            im glad you enjoy the vick ride and think it is a helluva a ride, i guess we enjoy different things and expect different things from the game of football and from our teams…

            im not acting like anything with foles and could care less about him. i would take giselle brady over vick at qb personally because ive watched the vick show long enough and know it is impossible for a team to win a superbowl with him at qb

            • Saying you’d take Brady over any QB is like saying you’d take breathing over not breathing – it’s a no-brainer.

              Brady is the only Brady available – he’s taken. You don’t need Brady to win football games and to act like you can’t win with Vick is ridiculous. You can – now can you do it with no offensive line, a shitty defense and a pass happy coach – no – but you can with a balanced offense, an ok defense and a flexible coach.

              We have what we have – which is Vick, Foles, and Barkley – I’ll take Vick if for no other reason then to watch divisional rivals get their asses handed to them twice a year.

              Last year – with basically all of our divisional games left – how many of those did Foles win?


              • I literally meant Giselle Brady not Tom

          • Vomiting up the Buffalo game
            Hemmoraging interceptions in the Cleveland game
            staring at blitzers in Arizona and Minnesota games
            Lobbing underthrown balls in greenbay games

            Highlights followed by disasters. And unfortunately more disasters than successes.

            Rollercoasters are fun for 3 minutes. Not 4 years.

            Constantly injured. Fumble machine. 33 yr oldguy who still wears his hat sideways.

            Ladies and Gentlemen your starting QB for the Philidelphia Eagles!!!!!


            • You choose to look at the glass half empty.

              I choose to look at it half full.

              • either way you look at it you arent getting a full glass from vick

              • You will if you pass it 35x or less a game and run the football.

                That’s a pretty full glass that gets you to the playoff – and if you “really” meant Giselle Brady – your issues with Vick extend far beyond what his on the field deficiencies may be.

              • You ignored my other points ts. The point that Vick doesn’t put fans in seats. The pt that 85% of eagles fans want him gone that’s its impossible to win a Super Bowl with him.

                I’d take u as our qb over Vick. Why not u know what you are getting from him a below average qb. Who knows what u could bring to the table.

              • So mhenski lets agree that right off the bat you REMOVE 50% of the play book with Foles because the read option is wiped away. 50% of Chips offense is gone with Foles. So that leaves you with the other 50% passing game. So if hes ok at that he may give you 25-30%. Now with Vick you can use 100% of read option which is 50% of offense with Vick giving you 20% of passing game which puts Vick at 70% of running offense vs Foles being 25-30% efficient. lol. Give me the guy who can do 70% of whole offense over a guy that gives me 30%. “Hey Chip burn 50% of the plays that made you successful to compensate for a QB that can run none of it. Don’t seem logical.

              • i will reserve my judgement until i actually see chip kellys pro offense. but if thats what he is bringing here the read option he will be coaching univ. of texas before you know it

              • if 50% of chips plays are read option plays we will be lucky to win 3 games

              • ” The point that Vick doesn’t put fans in seats”

                You got facts to back this up? ‘Cause your Philly.com poll isn’t representative of all of Philly…not even close. You read the comments over their – their demo is clear.

                So yeah quoting Philly.com doesn’t mean much.

              • Ts ur such a fraud u say Vick puts people in seats and offer no proof to back it up. Can u provide?

                I say 10,000 philly people voted on him and 85% said he should go and you blame that on demographics. Yea ok 10,000 people are all the same and aren’t bright enough to see reality…

                Look here most people don’t want him either.

                Bottom line is u made a bogus comment off ur opinion I said philly disagrees with and gave proof so lets here ur proof behind your original statement.

  • “You can – now can you do it with no offensive line, a shitty defense and a pass happy coach – no –

    I dunno. ask Green Bay about that…or the Saints for that matter.

    • No offensive line? Bryce Brown begs to differ. After Watkins was benched that oline set franchise records for a rookie running back by allowing him to run for 400 yards in 2 games. Or doesn’t that count? Oline looked pretty good to me when they reshuffled in late in the season. Minus Tampa game Foles avg 150 yards a game passing in 6 games with 3 tds, 5 fumbles, 5 ints and a broken hand. Wow reading defenses like that he should of went to Honolulu. I see the potential. Very impressive.

      • So you’re saying the offensive live was good over the last half of the season?

        How does that explain 54% 197 yrds 1 and 1 with a couple fumbles on the way to 7 points in the last game. Line suddenly bad again?

        Oh…and actually, take away the TB game and Foles averaged 60%, 220/game 3tds and 4 ints with 3 fumbles.

        Though I think a much better measue is how he performed over the last 4 starts after giving him a couple to get acclimated…65% 250/game 5tds 2 ints….but hey…why give a guy a couple starts to get a feel for the game right….

        But I like your idea…perhaps we should take away Vick’s best game and see how he looks….prioblem is I can’t treally find a “best game”

      • Brown had half his Yards (215 Yards) on 4-5 Big Runs in which he mostly did on his own by cutting back and outrunning everyone in 2 Games versus the Cowboys/Panthers.. His Yards gained per carry was not all that impressive once you take out this 4-5 big-gainers on his remaining carries and then with his ball security issues, and his poor blocking (which should improve) I think way too many Fans are hyping up Brown a little too much . Let’s see some consistency first..

    • – Saints couldn’t over come their shitty defense last year. Their 7 – 9 record is pretty indicative of that.
      – Rodgers oline became a SERIOUS problem last year and they barely squeaked out wins in their last 7 games – winning by a touchdown or less in 5 of their last 7 games – But Grenbay’s vaunted D may have had something to do with that as well. Something the Eagles definitely didn’t have.

      But sure keep missing the point.

  • Ill say it again…. and ill slow it down a little for Vinnie…..

    1. I dont care who the starting QB is….. i want a comp and Ill support whomever the winner is.

    2. I dont want Vick handed the job because he’s fast. I dont want Foles handed the job because he’s tall. I dont want Matt handed the job because we got him at great value.

    3. Handing Kolb the starting job was a mistake and that has been proven 2 times over. Handing Foles the starting job this year would be JUST AS STUPID. My HOPE is that he earns it. BUT…. if Vick earns it… ill support that too.

    4. Our Oline and QB’s are already ahead of last year because Andy is gone.

  • As to TSjohnson

    “EST” is the tragic figure in the story of Mike Vick. He was always the fastEST, the strongEST arm, the quickEST etc.

    And he, like Favre before him, fell victim to “est”.

    “Est” never allowed Vick to recognize or understand his limitations. And so he always relied on “est” and that does not work in the highest league in the land because there are a lot of other “est” guys on the field with him.

    “est” gets him to throw the odd 70 yrd super-bomb that everyone goes ga-ga over, but only after ‘est’ has seen him scramble backwards into a 15 yard sack, or try to “make something happen” that usually results in a defender heading the other way with the ball.

    Can’t win that way.

    Yippee…..choose Vick, watch him get to 2-4 before hurt….looking forward to it.

    • you are arguing with someone who thinks vick puts butts in seats when in reality he has a 15% approval rating by the fans

      • And you take a Philly.com poll that doesn’t even represent all of Philly as an indication that Vick doesn’t somehow put butts in the seats.

  • The most important thing I have read on this site recently is the comments of Ron Jaworski back on May 23rd.

    “It’s easy to say, ‘Yeah, it worked in college”, Jaworski said. “Then I looked at a game like Stanford. Stanford, a good defensive football team, shut them down. I hope it works. I like the innovation, but I think it’s going to be very difficult.” “The NFL is a different league with fast players that have all week to prepare for you,”

    That’s the way I feel about the Oregon offense that those18 year-old kids ran….

    I don’t think Kelly is dumb enough to think he can win in the NFL without a sophisticated passing attack – So I wouldn’t say Vick can do it if an 18 year-old can do it… Hopefully the Eagles, and Vick, will be running something different.

    I don’t believe the Eagles success will depend on the speed of the quarterback. Vick might win the job but it will take more than foot speed. We will have to wait and see.

  • Vinnie is in tears…Vick is becoming a reality..

    • as should every eagles fan be

    • Not tears. I don’t cry over the stupidity of others. And choosing (Vick is stupid)

      But if it does become a reality (and I said he would look great in shorts) its pretty fucking depressing knowing another season is about to go down the tubes. And we’ll have to wait till 2015 till we find out if one of the 2014 QB draft picks turns out.

  • Im writing this in 2 places because I want to expose the stupidity……

    June 5, 2013 – 1:51 pm

    no Vinnie.. Not everyone elses fault. How do you come up with that? I said.. the team sucks. Thats what ive said. Ive said over and over that the way the coach coached they would not win. The way they built this team…. they would not win (although I thought they had a chance with the bringing in superstars offseason)….. This is not me blaming everyone BUT vick. This is me saying…. this TEAM is no good. From coach, to QB to LB to FS…. the team was no good. I am not so simpleminded as to say…. QB’s are the only thing that matters.
    about the bombs… you continue to change words and history….. reread it. again and again. I said…. Andy Reids O was built around deep passes and needs time. How can you disagree with this without changing what i have said? Would you say that Andy Reids O’s of the last 4 years were about quick passes 5 yards deep? Would you say he built this team around the run game? How about swing passes and screens…. has that been his base for the last 4 years? No? What was it? Was it not…. deep passes and lots of points? Didnt he admit that when he said 2011′s D they thought would catch up to the high flying O? Remember that?
    I do not understand how you can argue what i have said FOREVER……
    1. Andy Reids O was built around deep passes, using Djax’s speed.
    2. Andy Reid believes screens are the same as runs (although he he had gotten away from that)
    3. Andy Reid’s O needs time to develop plays down field.
    4. ALL of these things combined failed us.
    Notice….. i havent even begun to speak about the turnover machine (who is a problem). I havent even talked about short WR’s that cant take a hit (this is a problem) I havent even talked about plugging in bad draft picks on the Oline (has been a problem).
    So.. go ahead… change the story.. change the history… and make it all about the QB. Btw….. who were the QB’s in the superbowl this year? They got their team there all alone right? Did Brady get there this year? Manning? Rodgers?

    • Here comes the “it was a myth argument”….LOL

  • Yeah Yeah Yeah another Gcobb Article about Vick..Who gives a rats ass that he ran through a hole in no contact on the QB. Same garbage different week.

    • What’s good Xevious? They actually went a week without posting one so they were overdue. LOL

      • Gcobb has to keep the comments flowing in for advertisers. So Here one comes, that Idiot Gonzo does the same on CSN. This article basically said nothing, yet almost 70 comments. Sad thing is it’s a fight over a Never was QB…sad state of the Franchise.

        • Nah the fight is over the other “Never was” QB stiffs who seem to get a pass, get to switch teams, get multiple chances, who have 0-2 playoff wins in their careers but yet seem to not get 1/4 of the scrutiny Vick gets. Which amounts to about 20 other QB stiffs in the league. Sad state of many franchises. Philly fans are to worried about what a 10 playoff game winner, borderline (one of a select few in franchise history) HOF player says in the media and how he didn’t “connect”, like little bitches(he didn’t connect with fans waaaaa), and his replacement are doing and saying.

  • He wear cornrolls, he don’t practice, he wear gold tip shoe laces, his 37,000 yards passing mean nothing he throw worm burners, he throw up, he play air guitar, he don’t connect with fans, he has stupid smile, he kill dogs, he stupid, he read no defense, he read no blitz, he turn ball over, he need to STFU, he injury prone, I don’t like him, he never a QB. He bla. oops let me stop. lmao

    • Your dead on daggolden…I really think that last place you stopped yourself was a major reason why he was disliked by so many!

    • i thought they wre cornROWS?

  • #7 about to take this job lmao. Thank God

  • Dag,
    What is that your tribute to the flashy losers of this town? Not one of them ever won a championship.

    Some fans want to win a super bowl, they’re not impressed by how flashy the QB looks putting 40 points on the board against a last place team.

    • Its my tribute to only a handful of all-pros in their respected sports who have come through this city. Its my tribute to a handful of players who made it to the pinnacle of their sport but fell short like 1000s of others. While you sit on your computer and label someone a loser. I bet their families don’t consider them losers. From Malone, Stockton, Kelly, Barkley, Marino etc. I guess their all losers in your eyes. That’s sad brother that you cant see beyond that.

      • You hittin hard with this post dag, i like it and as you can see no response. LOL.

      • See this is the stuff that really makes no sense…first you call Foles a loser cause he went 1-6 as a Rookie starter…laughable. Then You compare Mike Vick to hall of famers equally laughable. Mike Vick is comparable to Carson Palmer, Not Dan Marino. The fact that loser still gets a job means nothing to our Vick situation. Fact is Carson and the other retreads are not EAGLES. If they were we would be bitching just as loudly. 2nd Carson Palmer wouldn’t have a CULT of fans that are Carson fans first and foremost, Unlike the Vick Cult we have here. Im sorry, the lack of common sense in your posts just scream out for this post. Carson Palmer and the other retreads are OTHERS problems…Vick is ours.

        • Take Vick out of that post and it makes a better point. We continue to label guys who don’t win championships as losers and that is a better point. Even with all the ups and downs that Vick has had to deal with even though the downs were self inflicted, to label him a loser is far from correct.

          • Michael Vick, AKA Ron Mexico, is not a loser?

            • Is Magic aka aids Johnson a loser?

              • As a basketball player Johnson is a winner and in a different stratosphere then Vick.

                In life – use your own judgement Big… do you want him to marry you sister?

          • He’s as much a loser as any other retread QB who never came close to the Hype of the #1 pick of the draft. Bottom Line If your calling a rookie 3rd round Pick that had very good passing stats on a 4-12 team a loser for going 1-6…Then a 12 year former #1 pick overall who can’t win on “his” Dynasty team is equally a Loser.

      • No, those players are not losers, the teams that they played for are the losers.

        And I’ll repeat – Some fans want to win a super bowl, they’re not impressed by how flashy the QB looks putting 40 points on the board against a last place team.

    • Foles 1-6 = not flashy and loser. lol. He has nothing going for him.

      • See what I am seeing here subtle yet apparent racism, yet you clans call me out for a racist, this dude dag is a racist

  • See Vinnie Foles had a good day at practice today – Vick didn’t:

    – 14 of 22 with TD and 2 INTs (Vick)
    – 23 of 26 with 1 TD and 0 INTS (Foles)

    So you can sleep a lil easier tonite

    • – Well…that was one account I should say – some others say differently, but I figured I’d give you the best of the bunch. Ease your worries.

    • Forget about Foles…he doesn’t fit the offense! Not enough arm strength, too slow…we need the QB who is going to best fit what Chip Kelly wants to do…and that is RUN the ball…Mike Vick makes the running game better simply by making the defense end on the opposite side stay in contain…instead of rushing into the play…we have more emphasis on the tight end…easier reads, and Mike Vick has the strongest arm.
      take ease…relax…Mike Vick is going to be the QB of this football team and under Chip Kelly new system…we are going to win games because we will RUN the football!

  • One thing I can say for certain,
    Allowing Vick to get hit 6-8 more times a games on read-option runs will get him injured and cause home to fumble.. The guys fast as heck but at 5-11,
    195lbs, he won’t last 5 weeks taking on the additional punishment
    No way, No how.. Not unless he does something he’s never done before in his playing career, and that’s learning how to protect himself by sliding, getting down or out of bounds when he gets the chance..

    • Maybe Foles can teach him how to stay healthy. Oh wait nevermind.

    • Paulman Paulman we know that the size is irrelevant its the luck of the draw. Isnt Rothlisberger the biggest QB in the NFL? He gets hurt every year. Wes Welker gets blown up every week and even at 190 pds gets up. He takes bigger shots than anyone. Hes just been lucky. McNabb was big and stout guess what still cracked his ribs. Nick Brady tripped over his own two lumbersome feet and broke his hand. Iverson was 150 pounds and never suffered serious injury. He was just lucky thats all. I can go on and on. Its just some players are luckier than others.

      • I call it being injury prone and not smart enough to protect yourself and limit thle needless hits, Vick does not do this as Big Ben doesn’t either which us why he misses 2-3 games every year (besides Drunken College Co-Eds)
        The point is, you are either a smart player or your not (Brady/Nannings seem to avoid the big Hoyt’s, don’ylt run very well, but get rid of the ball and know how to protect themselves). Vick has never proven over a countless of a full-Season to do this and after 11 years still hasn’t learned his to play smarter..

    • Paulman you got it messed up man! he is not going to get hit 6-8 MORE times this year because Kelly is not Andy Reid…he not going to throw the ball 40 times a game and allow his QB to get killed. Mike Vick is not going to take a bunch of hits this year…the read option will be successful because Vick is going to hand the ball off more, make the opposite side defensive end stay in a contain position…with the safeties playing back because of fear of Vick’s arm and DJax speed…the Eagles are going to RUN the ball very well this year!

  • Coach Kelly said earlier this off season that a QB is like a Tea Bag……

    Hot water don’t happen in Mini Camp!

  • Mike Vick’s biggest problem last year is gone…Andy “Passaholic” Reid is in Kansas City. Vick is not going to be throwing the ball 40-50 times a game and getting his head beat in…the Eagles are going to be a RUNNING team and guess what…the QB that best helps the run game is Mike Vick! Its has simple has that…also look at another principle of the Kelly offense…the QB has to be able to threaten the entire field…Kelly wants to make the defense defend the whole field! The QB with the strongest arm to do that is Mike Vick…The Eagles are going to play to their strength…the running game and we are going to win at least 10 games this year because of it!

  • So, what we know so far (in practices that have been observed this week) that:

    Foles has been 45 of 55 (82%)
    Vick has been 23 of 39 (59%)

    With Vic throwing more less tdsand more ints.

    But there are still guys on here rooting for Vick because he runs faster.

    • 1. Those are estimates and depending on who’s numbers you use those change.

      2. Vick has run for some big yardage and TDs

      3. Foles has thrown interceptions and gotten sacked

      4. They are in shorts.

      Once again when training camp happens, the pads are on and ALL the playbook has been installed – then and only then will there be something to talk about.

      • Estimates???????????

        Those throws happened. They were observed.

        In TS’s world observations are now estimates.

        A guy sitting there with a notepad watching each throw and checking off “attempt” and “incomplete” or “complete” is not estimating. He’s tabulating.

        There may be some judgement involved when a ball hits the ground (was it incomplete or a drop – but the nfl doesn’t split those hairs)

        Anyway…someone observing the last 2 open practices has “observed” not “estimated”

        45 of 55 vs 23 of 39

        You clearly don’t like those numbers because you’re in the Vick cult (TY Xevious it is apropos) and so you diminish them by calling them estimates.

        BTW – the more the playbook is installed, the worse Vick will do.

        Cut before TC to give him a chance to become the Dolphins or Jaguars backup is still my guess.

        • But Vick puts butts in the seats vin even though 8,500 out of 10,000 people disagree.

          • There are 1.536 million people in Philadelphia.

            Of those 8500 in an online survey said they would like to see Vick leave.

            Of those 8500 did they say they wouldn’t go to Philly games if Vick were the QB? No?

            Michael Vick is like Howard Stern – those who hate him the most will be the same ones paying to see him play.

            • any proof to back up anything you just said? any ?

              • You need proof that Philly has 1.536 million people?

                i was unaware that 8500 answering an online survey represented a majority of the city.

                How did the stadium look when Foles was playing again?

        • Get the Kool-aid ready for Vickstown when the turk comes a knocking in August.

        • Um..the numbers are disputed by different people who “observed” the same thing – the very articles that they come from SAY THEY ARE ESTIMATES – the only person who know for sure are the Coaches clocking them and they.

          That’s why I can find 2/3 sets of numbers from 2/3 diff sets of reporters who were observing. They aren’t set in stone.

          “You clearly don’t like those numbers because you’re in the Vick cult (TY Xevious it is apropos) and so you diminish them by calling them estimates.”

          I POSTED the numbers above for yesterdays practice – so why would I not like them. Once again I have no dog in this hunt.

          If Vick is the starting QB fine. If Foles is fine. I’m not tripping about that. YOU’RE the one on here whining and crying about Vick and how the earth will fall if he’s that dude. GIve me a break.

          • waiting for your proof that vick puts butts in the seats. have any?

            • Waiting for proof he doesn’t.

              Have any?

              • yea i gave it to you fraud. you are such a fraud ts.

                to recap this issue:

                1) you started this debate and said he puts butts in seats
                2) I said he doesnt and offered proof where 10,000 people voted and 8,500 said they dont want him as an eagles anymore
                3) i ask you for your proof for your original statement and you counter with no you provide proof and i provide again.

                in the end you mad a statement containing zero facts and are too narrow minded to understand that the majority of this city does not want him at qb, and does not want him on the team and he definitely doesnt put butts in the seats with the exception of those fans that go to games just so they can boo.

              • I do agree kind of with your comment above that vick is like howard stern only I believe they throw a football similarly

              • “2) I said he doesnt and offered proof where 10,000 people voted and 8,500 said they dont want him as an eagles anymore”

                That DOES NOT PROVE that he doesn’t put butts in the seats.

                Once again Philly has 1.536 million people. 8500 said they didn’t want him here. 8500 didn’t say they wouldn’t pay to see him play.

                Way to NOT make a point.

                How’d that stadium look again when Foles was playing?

              • “he seats with the exception of those fans that go to games just so they can boo.”

                And that my small minded friend is putting butt in the seats. Love him or hate him – people will PAY to watch him.

                ” do agree kind of with your comment above that vick is like howard stern only I believe they throw a football similarly”

                And that’s why no one takes you seriously.

              • clearly you are too much of a fraud and a fool to understand the concept of using a sample size of 1% and extrapolating….

                clearly you just make baseless, fact-less posts that you just make up in your head.

                biggest fraud on here by far…

              • And you’re a fool if you beleive Internet posts are scientifically based. News flash they aren’t.

                The only time they are is when they EXPRESSLY say they are. Philly.com poll is solely representative of those who read the site and those who are most motivated to answer. No more or less. You can’t extrapolate anything from the data.

                But keep up with your kindergarten arguments and reasoning abilities. Oh and the petty name calling too.

              • Who said anything about science fraud? Extrapolating is mathematics. When 10,000 people vote on anything it would be inherit that the demographics would be representative of the population, I know that’s hard for you to comprehend but some people argued to their death bed that the earth was flat also

              • And I may add that calling you a fraud is not petty name calling it accurately describes you. You make a baseless/fact less post that says Vick puts butts in seats and when Asked to provide proof of this statement you respond with a question can you prove he doesn’t. That’s a fraud period.

                You write that Vicks lack of passing numbers aren’t that significant because of what he does with his legs. I give proof that over half the league put up more running + passing yards last year than Vick ever has on a single season and you got nothing to say.

              • “Who said anything about science fraud? Extrapolating is mathematics. When 10,000 people vote on anything it would be inherit that the demographics would be representative of the population, I know that’s hard for you to comprehend but some people argued to their death bed that the earth was flat also”


                You’re too dumb to realize you don’t know what you’re talking about.

                You can’t extrapolate anything from the poll ’cause it’s not a representative sample size. That’s not something that’s automatically inherent.

                The poll didn’t poll likely Egales game attendees – it didn’t even ask the question you’re trying to use it to represent – it’s simply a poll of philly.com readers who decided to vote that day.

  • I’m a Vick but hes the best we have right now. Foles will play any anyway so I’m not too concerned. But I also think vick should throw the ball like he did in 2010 without the heavy elbow action.. I like how russell wilson and kapernick throw it.. Vick throw more like that in 2010.. Thats why in not opposed to Foles.. The team just wants to see what vick can do in a type of offense that suits him ..

  • Dag & Big,

    If Karl Malone, Stockton, Kelly, Barkley, or Marino heard you mentioning Vick’s name in the same breath with theirs, they would slap you in the mouth.

    First of all Michael Vick has not achieved individual greatness in his sport like those others have. Michael Vick has a stat line more comparable to journeyman quarterback than a HOF player. Secondly, Michael Vick is a convicted felon who has brought much more disgrace to his family and his sport than anything else.

    • Irish I guess you didn’t see where I said take Vick out of that post. And I can guarantee you they look at Vick differently then we do because they know the time and effort it takes to become a successful pro athlete and please don’t try to tell me Vick isn’t a successful pro.

      • He is a bust for where he was drafted. A QB drafted number 1 overall is being drafted there to win the franchise a SuperBowl. If they don’t win that Superbowl, they better put up HOF numbers or something close to it. You think owners pick guys number 1 to do anything less than that? They def don’t pick guys 1 overall to put up the pathetic stats and W/L record. They def don’t expect that player to miss games every year. They sure as hell don’t draft guys 1 overall to go to federal prison and slap an entire organization/fan base in the face(even though he already gave them the finger). If he was undrafted, like a guy like Romo, then yea could still say that was a success. But not for a guy number 1. Luck and Newton will have to meet those same expectations. You’re a lunatic or just simply biased if you think otherwise.

        Irish, I agree. Its simply stupid to put Vick in the same category with those HOFers. Thats like putting Jason Avant in the same category as Moss/TO just because they all haven’t won a Superbowl. Not even close as being the same caliber of player. Ignorant to make comparisons like that. I bet Moss/TO would not be happy with it either, and Avant has seemed to be nothing but a class act and hard worker his entire career.

      • Big, success is relative…For a #1 pick with all the hype endorsements two 100 million dollar contracts and a cult like following I would call his career a major disappointment professionally. Financially he will get to retire with some scratch in his account. But by professional football standards..mediocre…so not sucessful.

      • The time and effort (or lack of) that Vick devoted to his craft is the very reason HOF professional athletes would not respect him.

        As far as being a successful pro – I see him like Jeff Garcia, Jon Kitna, Carson Palmer, Jake Plummer… all played about the same number of games, all had about the same success, give or take.

        He is not on the level of a guy like Steve McNair, or Donovan McNabb.

  • just some funny stuff I stumbled upon.

    In 3 out of 10 Mike Vicks seasons his season total passing yards were higher than Ty Detmers season high in passing by 25 yards, 107 yards & 392 yards. OF NOTE is that Ty only started 11 games during his career season high…

  • Tim couch has a career completion percentage that is 3.5% higher than Vicks.

    • Tim Couch also has 64 career TDs in the air and another 2 on the ground for a grand total of 66 –

      But keep cherry picking single stats that by themselves – mean nothing.

  • This past season the following QBs threw for more yards in a season than Vick ever has


    Tannehill finished just 7 yards shy

    • Good list Mhenski don’t know why its relevant or the Try Detmer post but okay.

      • It is relevant for many reasons:

        the site is about philly sports and that list offers insite into what are qb really is.

        these message boards are filled with people making points and posts some of which think we have a quality qb and that list proves other wise.

        its relevant because basically the best you can hope for from vick throwing the ball is ty detmer numbers if he has a great season…

        relevant because one of the biggest busts in nfl history(couch) has a completion % that is 3.5 % higher than our qbs.

        relevant because its a comment on a mike vick article.

        • And of everyone on that list – 5/6 of them went to the playoffs last year.

          But they have a lot of pretty passing stats…

      • It’s not.

        How many yards a guy passes in a season is a pretty stat but ultimately doesn’t mean much by itself. Mhenski is smart enough (or maybe not) to know that.

        But hey if it makes him feel good to post it – why not.

        • what are you trying to say?

          That because they’re not going to the playoffs it doesn’t matter that Vick is still worse than all of them.

          They’re only “pretty passing stats”.

          Why would they matter for a QB?? According to TS, passing stats don’t mean much for a QB. Irrelevant really.

          BTW – Vick hasn’t won a playoff game since 2004.


          • I said the stat BY ITSELF doesn’t mean anything. And it doesn’t.

            Most stats don’t.

            “BTW – Vick hasn’t won a playoff game since 2004.”

            Most the guys on the list Mhenski listed have either haven’t won one at all or haven’t won one in a LONG time. Your point?

    • too appease the biggest fraud on here (tsjohnson)

      This past season the following QBs threw for more yards in a season than Vicks career rushing+passing combined






      • You’re making irrelevant points again.

        And continuing to show WHY you aren’t too bright. You clearly cant’ add and subtract either – ’cause a quick spot check of the irrelevant point you’re trying to make shows you are …wrong…as per usual.

        But keep on with the useless stats/comparisons – keep it up and you’ll take over Vinnie’s spot for the award.

  • Just to show how sick I am of the Biased crap I looked up two former number one picks. One is called a bum and a retread, the other by Cult members is called the most exciting man in football. Both are 33, 12 year careers, and former #1 over all draft picks. If we had Carson we all would be screaming to get rid of him….I don’t like Carson he is a jerk and average at best…Vick is a Jerk and below average at best. Why are we having these conversations over and over and over again?

    Vick Career comp%= 56.3 YRDS= 20274 TD=123 INT=82 QBR=80.9
    Palmer Career Comp%=62.5 Yds=29465 TD=189 INT=130 QBR=86.0

    • but vick puts butts in seats

      • LOL.

        How’d that stadium look when Foles was playing?

        • why are you posting passing stats for TS there Xevious….she just said that passing stats are irrelevant for a QB.

          So clearly…..that Vick has a lower comp%, less yrds, less tds, and albeit less ints, than a POS QB like Palmer…who has now been bounced to 3 different teams the past 2 years because he sucks, is completely irrelevant.

          Because Vick is Vickalicious. He’s Vicktackular! Don’t mind those shitty stats. They mean nothing! He can run fast don’ca know! And man can he fire that ball! (off target most of the time, but what velocity! No one in the history of the NFL has ever fired such lazerbeams into the facemass of onrushing defenders .

          Don’t give me no stats! Its starship 7 baby!

          • I didn’t say passing state are irrelevant for a QB. Never uttered those words. But keep missing the point.

        • When foles was playing the stadium looked the exact same way fraud. Eagles have had a wait list for season tickets since it was built ya fraud. I know it’s hard to comprehend but virtually nobody goes to eagles games because Vick is our qb. Howard stern could be our qb and their would still be a wait list.

          • So now no one goes ’cause Vick is the Qb…


            “Howard stern could be our qb and their would still be a wait list.”

            LOL. Okay.

            • Some people just can’t be helped, I really feel bad for you if you’re not related to mike.

              Ill just agree with you. Vick puts butts in seats, the linc has sold out season tickets every year since inception yet there is a correlation to Vick being the qb and fans going to games, the fact that more than half the league put up more yards (running & passing) this past season than Vick ever his in any season means nothing. The fact that 8,500 out of 10,000 people polled voted they didn’t want Vick to be an eagle anymore doesn’t mean the fans don’t want him as their qb and doesn’t mean that fans don’t go to the game specifically to watch him play.

              • Once again – making points I didn’t make and saying things I didn’t say.

                But keep missing the point. You do it so well.

          • Vick puts people in seats?

            The entire Eagles organization from Jeff Lurie and Andy Reid on down took a PR hit when Vick was hired. When Chip Kelly renegotiated Vick’s contract his popularity took a major hit.

            The most popular thing this organization could do would be to cut Vick. The only people that would be upset are the hero worshipers who are not Eagles fans as much as they are Vick fans.

            There are at least 20 season ticket holders that I know personally, and who I talk to at the games, that sold their season tickets when Vick was re-signed.

            People feel like they already know the outcome if Vick is the starter. Chip Kelly can call different plays than Reid called. But Chip Kelly can’t go out on the field and pass the ball – he can’t dump the ball off to avoid sacks. And he can’t make Vick do the things that other coaches for the last 10 have not been able to get Vick to do.

            Chip Kelly will step on the same rake as Vick’s previous head coaches. And all us poor bastards have to spend another year watching.

            • “There are at least 20 season ticket holders that I know personally, and who I talk to at the games, that sold their season tickets when Vick was re-signed.”

              And personal anecdotes facts make?

              I can’t. I just can’t. Some folk here need a basic lesson in stats, sample sizes, debate and a whole other set of skills when trying to make and defend a point.

              • yea the person that needs said lesson is you. considering you never use stats in your points, you dont know what acceptable sample sizes are when dealing with a large populations(do yourself a favor and look it up, you might learn something ), and you also don’t debate you just post you’re opinion which is generally based on no stats, data and when asked about your opinion which you state as fact you respond with a question and dont address the original question (thats not a debate, thats just a fraud who got caught and cant back up what they just said)…

              • Once again dear…

                Philly.com’s poll wasn’t a representative sample size of Eagles ticket holders or those likely to go to Ealges game. It wasn’t a phone survey – it was an INTERNET POLL – I’ve actually conducted real scientifically based surveys for presidential elections so I understand the difference…you do not.

                You can’t extrapolate anything from the information of a random Internet poll. The poll you are referencing didn’t even ask the question you are using it to defend.

                The question wasn’t would you pay to see Michael Vick as QB of the Eagles. OR would you not go to nay Eagles game if Michael Vick was the QB of the Ealges. It was Do you want Michael Vick to be the QB of the Eagles or some such question.

                AND even if it did ask those questions you STILL can’t extrapolate any information from it and apply it to the larger likely Eagles game attendee ’cause a proper representative population wasn’t polled. Just anyone who reads or read Philly.com that day.

                I do use stats to back up what I say. Real ones. Not made up ones that don’t apply to the point I’m trying to make.

              • Forbes.com reported that Vick is the NFL’s most disliked player, according to a poll by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research. Forbes.com reports that 60 percent of those polled picked said they “dislike,” “dislike somewhat,” or “dislike a lot” the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

                Here’s some stats for you to, tsjohnson….you bullshit merchant.

              • Once again Irish Eagle – that does NOT represent the LIKELY Eagles game attendee. It doesn’t mean folk aren’t willing to pay to see him play. It just mean a lot of folk don’t like him.

                I’ll give you credit – you’re quoting a scientifically based poll – that’s one up on Mhenski – but it’s a poll that doesn’t apply to the point Mhenski is trying to use it for.

                So kudos to you for at least understanding the difference between a scientifically based poll and a random internet poll.

  • Yawn…. so sick of this conversation. Who cares who the QB is? Let these guys compete and the best qb.. or least worst qb…. win. Im pulling for Foles but am not going to cry either way.

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