• July 7, 2022

Eagles OC, Pat Shurmur Is Feeling Good About Progress Of Offense

MattBarkley4As a NFL coach Eagles offensive coordinator  Pat Shurmur was very positive about the Eagles individual offensive players and the entire offense as a unit when he talked to the media at the end of their mini camp.  He is very high on rookie quarterback Matt Barkley.

“You try to project in college what he’s going to do in our game,” Shurmur said.  “Here’s a guy [Barkley] who threw for over 10,000 yards, helped his team win many games. He really did all the things playing quarterback that you need to see at this level. ”

“He’s taken to our training extremely well. A lot of the way we communicate is very different to how he did in college, but he’s been to do very nicely here in the first few weeks. ”

Shurmur responded to a question about whether he thought Barkley would be able to take the talents which he showed at USC and be successful on the NFL level.

“It doesn’t really matter what level you’re playing quarterback. Once you have the general skill set necessary you have to be an outstanding decision maker, you have to have a sense of timing and you also have to be an accurate passer. Wel felt like he had all those traits, so now it’s just a matter of him learning how we call things, how we function and put all those traits to work. ”

Shurmur refused to allow the media guys who were interviewing him , to categorize the Eagles offense because it is a collection of Kelly’s college offense plus the west coast offense which Bill Walsh developed years ago.  They’re going to be taking successful plays and concepts from numerous offenses and making them a part of the Eagles offense.

I think it’s imperative that they’re able to run the football.  If they can run the football, it will greatly help the entire football team.

“When you look at offenses in general people run zone schemes, they run gap schemes,” Shurmur continued. “A lot of the concepts that you see in everybody’s passing game are similar. What’s in vogue is that we want to say this offense is this or that offense is that. What we want to do is put together an offense that is successful in the NFL and the inspiration for a lot of it is coach Kelly and what he’s done. ”

“But we’ve got a lot of coaches that are working together for the first time. We’ve got varied experiences and so we want to put together an offense that will work in this league. ”

“Well we hope you’re seeing an offense that’s extremely effective running the ball and throwing the ball. People are trying to paint this as what Chip did in college and say that it’s this and won’t do that and I don’t think that’s the case. [Chip Kelly] was very very effective running the football, it was a no huddle based offense and he was very effective passing the ball. So we’ll see.” You’re going to see an Eagles offense which pounds the football on the ground, then executes a short to intermediate passing game off of it.

They’ll take occasional shots down the field, but it won’t nearly as much as Andy Reid did during his time here.



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  • Foles Starts in 2013 with Dixon mixed it for some R-O/Wildcat Packages
    And then Barkley will play the last 2-3 Fames and then will be the Starter
    In 2014 .. No Mike Vick as he gets released August 2nd…

    • what makes you so sure paul?

      • It’s what I believe is right direction for the Team moving forward..
        A calculated, common sense Decision for the Future .. HC Kelly has no Ties with Vick and now that the Eagles were able to Draft Matt Barkley , which I am sure they thought they had no chance in Drafting, that now this changes the the outlook of the QB Position Pre-Draft.. I am sure Kelly wanted an experienced QB like Vick to help start his program,but as time goes by, He will see that Vick does not have the decisiveness and smarts to handle his offense and with his baggage will become a “cancer” to the other players moaning about his playing time (or lack of)

        • Vick will be the starter Paul. Dixon may not make the team, and I see nothing that says Barkley is anything more than a mildly serviceable QB; NOTHING SPECIAL………

          For your sanity, and overall good health you’ve got to let the hate for Vick go. He will not be cut…accept it Bud…..

      • its hope, sean, hope, thats all it is.

        • Hope is better than despair. And that’s all Vick brings.

          Foles and Barkley represent hope. Vick represents stagnation and defeat. I’ll take the former.

          • perfectly stated vin. hope vs despair. all these guys that want vick, their choice seems personal and nothing to do with the eagles future. its like they do not have the ability to objectively look at vick and what he brings or doesnt to our team both now and in the future

            • The thing about choice is it is based on your own personal preference…just as you have your personal preference…what makes your preference greater than mine or anyone else who’s is different than yours?

              • you have demonstrated time and time again you have no class, that you have the temparament of a 6 year old when you dont hear/read something you like and you dont respect others opinions and because of that i have decided i will never waste my time discussing things with you.

              • like I give a F if your dumb ass discusses anything with me, your not hurting me, in fact I’m better off, talking to you will make me lose brain cells…you lack the intelligence for any kind of discussions…you are a walking contradiction…talking bout me and how I act, when you run around here making the comments you make…yea ok…

              • I also demonstrated that you have no idea what “choice” means…

              • “you have demonstrated time and time again you have no class, that you have the temparament of a 6 year old when you dont hear/read something you like and you dont respect others opinions and because of that i have decided i will never waste my time discussing things with you.”

                Oh the hypocrisy.

  • Run the ball and throw short to intermediate passes with a few Bombs mixed in. That sounds like Foles and Barkley to me.

    If he had aid Run the ball and Bombs away I would have thought M&M’s all over again.

  • Vick will win the job

    • …in Hamilton.

      • Hater

  • by the way that ball in the picture above looks like it is way behind the wr.

  • Vick’s Athletic Supporter,

    I’m totally prepared for Vick to win the job. Coaches have big egos, and Kelly will have to prove to himself that he cannot fix Vick. It’s just a shame that Kelly is willing to waste time trying.

    We do know that Vick will self-destruct over the course of the season. Then, it’s just a matter of when Kelly will admit to his mistake with Vick.

    Tell us, do you believe in your heart that Vick could put together a super bowl run before he hangs up his athletic supporter…. be honest?

    As a team, if you’re not building to a championship you are losing ground. Which is what the Eagles are doing with Vick starting…..

  • *********** BREAKING NEWS TRADE ALERT*************

    Breaking News: The New England Patriots has announced a trade agreement with the Cincinnati Bengals. Aaron Hernandez and his contract for three 2014 draft picks.

    Details to follow.

    • Why would the Bengals Trade for the Toubled Hernandez,
      They already have a Promising TE Tandem of 3 Year Vet Jermaine Gresham and Rookie Tyler Eifert and don’t need a TE…

      I could see the Patriots looking to add a TE like Brett Celek from the Eagles since Gronkowski had back surgery last week and is out to Sept/OCtober and now with Hernandez’s Legal issues, they also have TE Ballard (formerly of the GIants who was on IR all of last year) and signed Tim Tebow who will compete at TE/HB so they are thin at TE..

      • Sarcasm Paul….

        • jon hart trade alert. lmfao

          • Paulman Trade Alert **
            QB Mike Vick & GCobb Poster, TS Johnson, are Traded to the Oakland Raiders for their 2017 5th Round Draft Pick…

            • I have wet dreams of that all the time.

  • Vick will play great this year.. Barkley is the future. Unless Foles develops..

    • I definitely beleive they view Barkley as the future.

      If that’s the case it’s not gonna bode well for Foles at all.

  • Barkley is not the future…..

    wake up, do you watch football, do you know football….

    Barkley has less pro ability than nick foles, less arm, less height, don’t know yet about his decision making, but couldn’t be better than the best decision maker the eagles have had at qb in a long time, going way back before jaworski

    So give it up, it will be nick foles, who will put a “choke” hold on it and establish himself as a preeminent nfl quarterback

    • What are you bitching about…can you read?

      I said: I definitely beleive they view Barkley as the future.

      And from the way they talk about him they SEEM to beleive that. I’m not high on Barkley – at. all. I think he fell to the fourth for a reason, and no – a bad senior season wasn’t it.

      But I can’t control what THEY think and the way they talk about him, they seem really high on the kid.

      “but couldn’t be better than the best decision maker the eagles have had at qb in a long time, going way back before jaworski”

      Now I know you’re smoking something – and whatever it is it is some POWERFUL shit.

  • No one knows what Matt Barkley is. No one really knows what Nick Foles is. All I know about Barkley is 2 years ago he would have been a top 5 pick. To get him in the 4th round is value.

    One thing I like about Barkley is that he takes command of his players. He moves guys around and he is great at changing plays at the Line of scrimmage.

    I think Barkley is the future.

    • I agree with you, I believe it’s Foles for 2013 and then Fokes & Barkley Battle it out next Summer Camp for 2014 Starter..
      Vick is not even an option moving forward and will get released Aug 2nd
      (Before the Aug 4th Deadline of Vick receiving a $3.5 Million Roster Bonus which ain’t going to happen since he is not heads above Foles alt this time.)
      Can’t wait to be honest with you…

    • Which means nothing, and that if he was selected in the first round last year he would have been a bust.

      He is a future released. overrated roster casualty.

  • Well TS thankfully whatever they are thinking its not Vick, it will be foles or Barkley, And to my eye, it’s foles, he’s on he’ll of a talent, time will prove me correct, it’s nick foles

    • “thankfully whatever they are thinking its not Vick”

      They are clearly thinking Vick and Foles – they are the ones taking the first team snaps. And if they weren’t thinking Vick he wouldn’t still be here.

      So that’s just wishful thinking on your part.

  • Agreed. Vick is done before TC ends. Perhaps before it even begins.

    Vickpologists – but I can get you all a great deal on CFL gear (because if released he isn’t being picked up by another NFL team – save perhaps the Raiders or Bengals)

    • ” Vick is done before TC ends”


      Keep changing that sell by date huh?

      • Would you like me to predict the exact day? Hour? Minute?

        Keep concentrating on useless semantics. Avoid the real questions. Hide from the truth.

        Pre-TC, during TC….does it matter?

        My belief that it will be before TC is because that is the way veterans are treated. Give him a chance to make another team during their TC – I think the Eagles will cut him pre-TC is because that’s the right thing to do – keeping him till the end of TC and cutting him then is a no-no for players of Vick’s “stature” (inflated and illusionary as it is)

        BTW TS – Can you even name a NFL team that would pick Vick up if he were released?

        I can assure you Foles’ agent’s phone would light up if he were released (Mia, NYJ, SD, KC, Cinci, CLev, Hou, Ten, Jax, Dall, Ariz, Chic, Min, NO, TB) Basically any team with an aging starter or questions at QB.

        But who would call for Vick? Can you name anyone (and give a reason)

        Arizona? (because they’re desperate?)
        Raiders? (because they like doing stupid things?)
        Seattle? (mobile backup to Wilson)
        Vickings (because he’s probably better than Ponder – though not by much)

        That’s about it.

        What does it say that the player you love the mostest mostest moistest, and who you clearly want on the Birds moving forward, probably wouldn’t get picked up by any other team in the NFL?

  • Vick’s Expiration Date ran out last year IMHO,
    2 Seasons in row (2011 & 2012) he was the biggest reason
    With his crucial Turnovers and spotty Play that had the Eagles out of Pkayoff Contention by early November both Seasons..
    He led the Team to 3-6 Records to start both Seasons, enough said
    In my book, no reason to even have him on the 2013 Roster which is just taking reps away from Foles & Barkley who are the Future and not Vick

    • Paulman and Vinnie I agree with Vinnies list. Foles probably would have more teams than what was stated picking him up. Hes young a 3rd round pick and guys like Kolb, Skelton, AJ Feeley all stayed in the league for many years. I would definelt bring him in, who knows he may be serviceable or maybe lightening hits 2 times in 100 years and he is Tom Brady but atleast he may be able to hold the fort( Matt Flynn like) until the starter is back. But if he is the starter here no EXCUSES, I don’t want to hear give him 2-3 years, No EXCUSES about the defense sucks, No excuses about new system, No excuses about injuries. He better not have this team 5-11, he better light up Washington Monday night. You say his name in You set the bar high for him so we will watch.

      • Ive been told Nick Foles is Brady and Manning like. He better have this team in the playoffs. He better not get hurt. He better have a 65% comp%(since he reads defenses like anything the NFL has seen) he better not turn the ball over, You know what you guys are right. Release Vick now and start Foles in Washington Monday night. I wanna see how this plays out. No excuses.

        • LOL what a joke. So basically ppl that gave a guy like Vick, who has over 100 starts I believe, every imaginable excuse they could think of for looking like one of the worst starting QBs in the league at this point in his career NOW are saying no excuses if Foles starts, when he has 6 games of experience. You cant make this shit up.

          BTW, noone (even Vinnie I believe) has said he is Brady or Manning. Thats just you not being able to read. Just like someone said above, we don’t know what any of the young guys are. Foles actual numbers were comparable or even better than some really great QBs in their FIRST 6 games. So maybe we got something here, maybe we don’t…we should just find out because that would be best for the Eagles team future. Thats all. (for those that need hooked on phonics that not saying he is/or will be better than those all-time great Qbs)

          I’ve avoided posting on the QBs because personally I just don’t give a shit anymore. I think Vick,Foles,Barkley all will get starts at some point in the season. Vick will get the nod at the start of the season because of money thats all. Foles looked great last preseason and still didn’t get the start. Sorry but I don’t believe the BS the coaches/teams say about competition, only a moron would. This is the NFL, it comes down to money the owner is paying first.

          My prediction: Vick starts(because of money) shows a cpuple of flashes and a couple of terrible plays. Gets hurt early like usual, esp if he runs the RO. Foles then starts, Barkley then starts last game or two depending on how Foles looks. Next year it will be Foles/Barkley/maybe high draft QB pick who battle it out. While Vick will probably be joining the other vets who cant find non-football jobs suing the NFL for money because they supposedly thought NFL football was as soft as professional bowling.

  • Vick supoporters never said Vick was great they have only been saying they think he is better than Foles and Barkley. Foles supporters have told me he is a franchise QB. He has better rookie numbers than Manning and Wilson in his 7 starts yada yada yada. All these numbers are thrown out there about the 8th QB taken in the 2012 draft. I can hear the bullshit now, “well we were 4-12 we expected that. We had to find out if Foles could play, he still did better than Vick would of done”. F&*k that. He better light it up. No excuses. Release Vick NOW. I want to see this. Im on board with MV release.

  • “Foles supporters have told me he is a franchise QB.”

    You are right Pheags, he cannot read.

  • Vick should better for crying out loud,
    He’s a 11-12 Year Veteran in the BFL and a Former # 1 Overall Draft Pick
    In the 1998 Draft.. Much more was expected of him and now a dozen years later he is competing for a Starters Job with a 3rd Round Draft Pick
    From last Year who Has 6-7 Games under his belt with mostly back-up Players.. i liked Foles Pre 2012 Draft and stated was a 2-3 Year Developmental QB with upside to be a Productive NFL QB who teminded ne a bit of Big Ben coming out of College which I still stand by here in 2013
    The fact that Vick has not clearly beaten him out already for the #1 Spot speaks Volumes of Vick’s lack of effective play and desicion making moving forward and the fact that so many Vick Supporters can’t come to grips to me is
    Kind of comical in a way.. Some folks just don’t follow the game close enough to even know the difference.. To each their own..
    Let’s say Foles leads the Eagles to 5-6 Wins in 2013 as the Starter and Vick leads them to 6-7 Wins as a Starter instead, is there a big difference here in the big scheme of things.. This is a rebuild Year with an eye and plan for 2014 & ,2015 and beyond by HC Kelly, so what’s the point of even having Vick around for 2013 except for more excuses, and self-denial.. Enough of this already..

    • Paulman? Vick should be better right now? That’s the 1st time Ive heard you say that. Get the f**k out of here. I post he better not give us 4-5 wins and all of the sudden “Vick is better right now”. 2-3 year developmental player? Ive been told he is comparable to @1 picks. Week 1 Washington he better be able to play that’s all I know. You all got big mouths about Foles we will see.

    • Paulman states Nick Foles is a 2-3 year Developemental QB? Are you serious? lmao. In other words if this was basketball he would be in the damn D league. Fans are gonna pay their hard earned money to watch a developmental QB and hope he friggin develops in 2-3 years. lol Week 1 in Washington he better be able to play.

  • Don’t start your backtracking bullshit already. Monday night in Washington he better be able to play. Its his 2nd year. He has better numbers than Manning etc etc. This isn’t high school where he gets years to develop. You said he was a franchise QB Wilson, Luck and RG III did it year 1. No excuses Monday night in Washington its on.

  • You people are really suckered by Barkley. He’s nothing……….

  • Daggolden,

    You are missing the points so I will make them clear to ypu.

    1. Foles is and always has been a better QB than Micheal Vick. Period end of story!

    Explanation- Micheal Vick HAS NEVER been a Great, Very good, good QB. He HAS ALWAYS been the best athlete on the field until recently.

    Further Explanation- Vick has a History 10+ years in the league that VICKPOLOGISTS continue to make Vickscuses for Poor Performance and again are saying that better Vickoaching will lead to Vicktory. It WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN HE SUCKS, HAS SUCKED, and ALWAYS WILL SUCK!

    2. Foles does not need to be another Brady or Manning he just needs to be Doug Fing Floutie and he will be a better QB than Micheal Vick ever has been!!!!!!!

    • Damn RegalEagle you sound like a little bitch. He the bestest in the whole wide world. Get some base in your text. Like I said Foles better be ready Monday night. That’s all I know.

  • I stand by analysis of Nick Foles, give him 1 full Season with the #1’s along the O/L, McCoy and D-Jax at the skills positions and a balanced attack, he will give the Eagkes a better chance for Wins than The “Hit in the head too often” Mike “Mohammed Ali” Vick .. Vick is the Past, Fokes is the Future but to expect a folds to come blazing with 6-7 NFL games is ludicrous and wishful thinking
    This 2013 Eagle Team is a 6-7 Win Team (maybe .500 if they start fast and catch some breaks) let’s be realistic what this 1st Year of the Chip Jelly Era will bring.. which is looking at 6 new Starters on Defense with a whole new Scheme and Coaching Staff.. Probably Cox, Kendrick’s, Ryans and Nate Allen as only returning Defensive Starters from last year..

    • So he has a built in excuse before the season even starts. “Stop with the new defensive players. He better be losing games 45-52 then. So then next off-season I will have to hear your bullshit about “Well its only his 3rds year it was Chips 1st year and we had a new system and new players he will win more that 4 games this year”. Gotcha. You have told me about his quick release, his smarts etc etc etc, from Andy Dalton to RGIII, Wilson and Luck. Foles doesn’t get another developmental year he is heads and shoulders the best QB to come out in years. Ive been told the last 6 months about how great this Foles is. So there better be no injuries (because he is so big and tough), A low int rate(Ive been told he reads defenses better than Manning) a low sack rate(because he has a Marino like release), and his comp% better not be around 60%(Ive been told his accuracy is off the charts). Week 1 in Washington he better be ready that’s all I know. Please release Vick let the Foles ERA BEGIN. No excuses.

  • Hyperbole much?

    Such pathetic statements. Trying to get a rise, but it won’t work. You are so blatently transparent.

    Did you learn this at “reverse psychology for dummies?”

    Foles gets to week 10 or 11 this year. That will give him a full season to evaluate. (I personally would give him the entire year to get a nice rookie sample ) Then decisions are made.

    If no good, then Barkley gets a full season after that.

    That’s the way it works you putz.

    What I love is that you ramble on about “your bullshit excuses” (that no one has actually made) and yet for months you are one of the clowns dribbling on about how it was bad playcalling, bad oline, bad experience at the dentist and every other manner of excuse to explain how Vick was playing poorly for the past 10 years.

    BTW – would you have held Vick to the same ridiculous standards you now hold Foles.

    “He MUST be ready to be absolutely amazing in his 7th start.”

    Because in VIck’s 7th start he went 4 of 12 for 37 yrds, and in his 9th he was 12 of 24 for 136 and an int.

    But of course you would have cut him at that point I suppose.

    Rookie QBs struggle and have bad games because they are rookies. I expect Foles to have several terrible games this year…and several good games. He will play well, and then he will do things that will make you go, “WHAT!?!?!” This doesn’t matter as long as he shows …wait for it…I’ll spell it ouot slowly….


    Lets review one more time because it is difficult for you:

    1 – Foles IS better than Vick right now (but this isn’t saying that much because Vick is a bad QB)
    2 – Foles showed a lot of potential last year – he had a very promising first 6 starts that compared well to other good QBs
    3 – Foles showed improvement over those 6 starts – esp in terms of turnovers, which dropped dramatically after his first 2 games.
    He is bigger, taller, and more accurate than Vick
    4 – If Foles continues to improve over the next season he might develop into the QB of the future, if he does not, then the Birds move to Barkley.
    5 – Both are better options than Vick who is on the downside of his career.

    That spell it out for you crybaby?

    • 1 – Foles IS better than Vick right now (but this isn’t saying that much because Vick is a bad QB) –
      did you hear that from any defensive coordinator or defensive player in the league? I’d guarantee 100% of def coord’s and players would rather face Foles than Vick

      2. Potential equals, “mediocre”…Potential doesn’t equal success

      3. Foles was more accurate with passes thrown 1-10 yards…Foles 64% Vick 61% (would love to see this stat with drops included)
      Passes thrown 11-20 yards and 21-30 yards, Vick had a better completion percentage than Foles…
      Also, Foles threw behind the line of scrimmage 26 more times than Vick did. PROOF that play calling was adjusted.

      4. If…how do you know the Eagles won’t draft a QB next year….? as the future QB?

      The only way that the Eagles go with Foles, and give him time for development as you guys say….is if they believe he is going to be great…There are other players on the team, other than the QB, who want to win and don’t want to wait 2-3 years down the line…You clowns really must not have played competitive sports.

      • “I’d guarantee 100% of def coord’s and players would rather face Foles than Vick”

        Wrong again. The book is out on Vick. Has been since about mid way through the 2010 season. They know ecactly how to demolish is useless ass.

        “Potential equals, “mediocre”…Potential doesn’t equal success”
        I do not know what potential equals (you seem to know the future). Potential may mean mediocre – and if so then ship Foles ass and move on. I’m not one who will keep pining for a decade hoping that a flawed player will somehow miraculusly become decent. But potential may mean superstardom. Perhaps it means something in between. I do not know about Foles, because I cannot predict the future….but I can read the past, and that’s where your boy fails myserably and should be shipped.

        “that play calling was adjusted.”
        The adjustment to the playcalling was MINIMAL at best. But so what….he was a ROOKIE you idiot. Did you know that over his first year of starts, Vick through 61% of all his passes under 10 yards. Is is so fucking impossible for you, because of your prejudices, to possibly imagine that a guy who imporoved over his first 6 games might continue to do so? RIGHT NOW after 6 games he is more accurate than your decodle long loser, with room to grow. That you can’t fathom this is frankly, pathetic.

        “If…how do you know the Eagles won’t draft a QB next year….? as the future QB? ”
        If thy do, then fine. Unlike you, I have no problem moving on from QBs who suck. If, after a year Foles sucks, then move on…whether to Barkley, or someone else…..I don’t care. You are one of the clowns married to a broken down 33 yr old fossil.

        “who want to win and don’t want to wait 2-3 years down the line”
        Perhaps you don’t give them as much forsight as I do. There are more players on the team than you think who recognize what is happening and would prefer to move on to a player with more potential than the relic. Almost every professional football player has gone through a year developing a QB…The coyboys made it through 1-11, the Raves somehow managed to make it through 2/3 years of Flacco struggles, etc etc. They’re big boys. They can handle it.

        But you can’t.

        • Relax, the hostility is a bit much, bitch! That’s your opinion, has a DC or player told you or anyone that they would rather face Vick than Foles….haha, comical…

          The stats I gave you above does not show Foles was more accurate…3% better in 1-10 yards passes, wow…how many first downs did Vick get with his legs if need be, compared to Foles or how many carries went for 10yards or so…that 3% becomes irrelevant because of the other dimension of Vick’s game that you refuse to acknowledge…you know the skill set that makes Vick, Vick…

          You are the one that says Foles is great, is gonna be great! You are the one that said Foles is better than Vick right now…You are the one that gravitates to any QB on the Eagles unnamed Vick…(IE, Kolb) you said the same shit about him…Bottom line is you have said the Eagles did not adjust the play calling for Foles. Now you say it was minimal, and he was a rookie….excuses..

          I’ve been an Eagles fan long before Vick got here…So moving on I have no issues with…But when there are clowns on here like yourself who are ignorantly selective and biased, I can’t help myself, have to comment.

  • GD –

    IMPROVEMENT – rip a guy for being an idiot and spell improvement wrong….takes the air ouot of the sails a bit.

    • Wow Vinnie the Canadian version of a tough guy. Must be them 30 trips to the US that toughened you up. Now thats the base I like to hear! You go boy. Like I said Foles better be ready monday night.

  • You guys go round and round and never discuss the real reasons why there’s still discussion about Vick, foles, if foles lights it up there will be the same division, it will be because there’s now a balanced attack, he’s a game manager, if he sucks you’ll hear these clowns crawl out of their holes and start with I told you so, meanwhile the real eagles fans will look to the next qb, black, white, green, yellow

    • Jake, you are part of the “I told you so” group right now…so does that not make you a “real Eagles fan”, or does that only apply to those who don’t share your same opinion(s)….do some of you guys actually read what you type?

  • I don’t know who has been telling you that Foles is the next Brady/Manning or why you would ve stupid enough to even believe in that Dag,
    You got to think for yourself man

    • I think he sucks.

      • But the beautiful thing about it paulman is it doesnt matter what i think come Monday night we shall all see. No excuses.

        • So your going to write off a Player with 7-8 Games under his belt in the NFL in the first week of the Season.. Doesn’t sound like a true, knoweldgeable Sports Fan to me.. but to each his own..
          If you don’t like, that’s fine.
          Can you not understand that this Team is rebuilding with an entire New Coaching Staff, New Systems and a bunch of New Players.. You really think they are a Playoff Contender in 2013 regardless of who is QB..

  • That “this team is rebuilding” is nonsense…

    Chip Kelly took this job because of some of the players he had and how they could fit his preferred playing style. Chip Kelly didn’t take this job, based on 10 years from now or even 2-3 years from now…He saw a team that had many of the type of players he likes in place and took a shot. That’s the truth

    • Chip Kelly took this Eagle Job because his University of Oregon is about to go on Probation and his earning Power would never be as high as it was this past Off-Season…C’Mon Man, get with the Program, $$$ Talks and getting $6.5 Million per Season without ever Coaching in the NFL at any Position was a once in a lifetime Deal for him and would have been stupid for him to turn down..I give Kelly 3 Seasons and then he will replace Bill Belecheck after he retires up in New England..
      You heard it here first…

      • Realtalk, (paulman beat me to it) but you’re wrong with that post, thats not the truth at all. He came here for the money and to run way from college violations that were coming to his program. Thats the truth.

        Remember he denied the Birds job at first. The players did not change between the time he initially rejected the job to him all of a sudden accepting it later on. Nor did the chances of success this team has change. Dont believe the BS these guys say to the media. Its clearly a rebuilding stage right now. We won 4 fucking games last year.

        • Pheags/Paulman – That explains why Kelly chose the NFL, no doubt… I’m not denying that, I absolute agree with your assessment about college violations being a reason why he came to the NFL….But why the Eagles? If I recall there were some others team interested, Bills, Browns….both teams with better records than the Eagles…
          How about player personnel? You have to believe Kelly did an evaluation on the player personnel of all teams. RB’s head to head comparisons….Shady had less rushing yards than Richardson and Spiller, but we all know who the better player is…WR comparisons, Eagles have the faster WR’s… QB comparisons, Foles could arguably be better than Fitzpatrick and Weden.

          • Beacuse the Eagles Offered him $6.5 Million on a 5 Year Deal,
            Browns/Bills were less than $5 Million and less Years.. that’s why..

            • McCoy’s best Years are behind him.. When playing in the AR Era where opposing Teams knew Eagles Offense were going to Pass the Ball 65%-70%, most Teams Defense’s were willing to scheme against the Pass and allow the the Eagles Run the ball.. Once we saw the Injuries pile up last years, Teams Defenses stacked up to key more on McCoy out and he just wasn’t as effective.. RB’s in the NFL are a Dime a Dozen, it’s about the Play-Calling and Blocking up front.. a 1,200 Yard Season is nice, but really is just to keep Defense’s honest and off their QB’s, Today’s NFL is about Scoring TD’s and making big Plays..
              McCoy’s off the field issues and comments that he doesn’t care who the QB is as long as he get’s his touches is a little concerning and selfish on his part.. Hopefully he’ll bounce back this Season but I think his best is behind him already…

            • Plus, the Bills and Browns had coaches by the time Kelly changed his mind.

              • thats a real bold statement paulman regarding shady. he is 24 years old… im certain he hasnt had his best season yet

            • So Chip only came to the Eagles for the money…has nothing to do with player personnel….ok got it

              • Yes Chip came in for the $$$,
                You think he gives a rats ass about you or me.. C’Mon RT777
                As far as McCoy.. RB Shelf Life in Today’s NFL is about 3-4 Years which McCoy is rapidly approaching.. Gone are the 10-12 Year Stud RB’s like Emmitt Smith, L Tomlinson,etc,etc..
                McCoy dances around a little too much, he really struggled in pass-protection last Season after being pretty good at it his first couple years.. Blocking is all about desire and attitide
                and now that he has big deal that he signed and made some $$$, he desire, competiveness has begin to waned a little which is normal for today’s big paid players.

  • So….. is there anyone else here that wants the best player (right now) to win the job and start? Or am I the only guy who isn’t carrying as much baggage as a 16 year old girl?

    • Foles will be given every chance to prove he is the man. If he doesnt… let him hold the clipboard.

      Vick will be given every chance to show that his speed and quick release are light years ahead of the rest- its very likely his job to lose.

      Chances are…. we will need both of these guys to play this year…. and last I checked, they both wear midnight green…. give it a rest ladies.

      • Hell even Trent Edwards looked much better than Vick before the season last year. Stop with the fairytale crap and the BS NFL people feed the media with. It all comes down to money 99% of the time. Vick will start because of that.

        • I just don’t get why people would believe what Chip Kelly says. This is the same guy that told his friends and players at Oregon he was coming back. Then he basically ran away in the middle of the night. I rmrb that recruit going on twitter saying he was shocked because Chip was in his house 2 nights before that lol. Yet, ppl are oblivious enough to think he won’t lie and feed BS as an NFL coach to the Philly media and fan base.

          • Yeah because he’s the first college coach to leave his program and disappoint the school’s fans, players, and recruits. So it sounds like you’ve got a ready-made excuse if the player(foles) you feel is better doesn’t start. Wow! Must be nice to change the rules midway through the game. So you win if Foles beats Vick outright. And you win if he doesn’t by insinuating collusion between the coach and powers to be. UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Here’s an idea – let’s give Mike Vick another shot at starting. Forget the fact that over the past two seasons he has demonstrated, without a doubt, that he cannot lead this team to a winning season – much less a super bowl. But, that was the coach’s fault

    If Vick fails again this season we can blame the new coach. Maybe change the coach again.. The Eagles should keep running Vick out there until he retires.

    That is exactly what the Vick fans would like to do… It makes no sense to argue with them. They don’t give a shit if the Eagles win – they just want Vick to be the starter….

    Now some Vick fan will start telling us how Foles sucks – they know that based on 6 games. Yet they can ignore what Vick has done for the last two years….

    • Yeah he sucked in 5 of them 6 games what games were you watching? I guess we can pretend he would of been great if this player played or that player played. Hell I just pretended we won the superbowl with Foles. I like this game!

      • Start 3
        22 of 34 (65%) for 251 yrds 1 td no ints. Didn’t “suck”

        Start 4
        32 of 51 (63%) for 381 yrds 2 tds no ints. Didn’t “suck”

        Start 6
        30 of 48 (67%) for 345 yrds 1td 1 int. Didn’t “suck”

        The question is what games were you watching??

        Did he suck sometimes? Of course he did. He was a rookie.
        He sucked in his first start.
        Was just ok in his 2nd.
        Excellent in his 3rd and 4th
        Sucked in his 5th
        Good in his 6th

        A lot more good than bad over those first 6. Enough to move forward.

        But not for Daggolden. Forget moving forward. The mediocre past is where he’s at….so long as Vick is at the helm…that’s all that matters.

        • You convieniently left out the 3 other game stats. The fact that he passed for 6 tds in 6 games but its all cool. I stretched out his stats if he played 16 games. He was on pace for 4000 yards passing 16td passes, 16ints 20 fumbles lost, sacked 56 times. and a 2-14 record. John Skelton like.

          • Only an idiot would project a rookie’s first 6 games over the course of a whole season.

            • 2 yard passes= 6 tds in 6 games= 1-5 record in those games. Easy math. Numbers never lie.

              • Glorified hand-offs all them 2 yard passes. Hell they should of been counted as rushing attempts. If he was asked top pass over 10 yards he probably would of broke his hand. Oh wait. hmmmmm

              • If vick tried it they would have been batted down at the LOS. But what ever

      • If Bryce Brown doesn’t Fumble 4-5 Times in games versus the Cowboys and Panthers Eagles had a chance to win those and if TE off the Street Ecan Moore doesn’t drop a sure TD pass at the 2 yard line Foles and Eagles beat the Redskins.. At least the Eagles were competitive and in 5 of the 6 games Foles Started and then when Vick plays Keith the same 2nd Stringers in the final game versus the Giants the game was over at halftime,
        Who are you kidding Dag, did you even watch the games…

  • Love that idea. Starter till he retires. Each and every new season to begin with “this will be the year it all comes together”. In perpetuity!

    Love the “it doesn’t matter that it was his first 6 games! He is a starting QB!” arguments. 6 games does not excuse the mistakes. He must be perfect!!

    And this from the same people who spend this entire fandom excusing the mistakes of an 11 year veteran!

    The irony is unbelievable.

    Or go with Irish’s idea….unlimited seasons of fun with Vick! Blame everybody! Another 2 years and Vick will be the all-time fumble leader in NFL history! Lets shoot for the stars! Go big or stay home. I want some records around here!

  • Funny, but it took your hero 10 starts (and into his 2nd year) to throw those same 6 tds.

    But you are right. Easy math. Numbers never lie.

    Vick was 2 and 4, under 50%, averaging about 130 yrds a game and only 5 tds over his first 6 starts. And talk about short throws, over 65% of his attempts under 10 yards.

    So if Foles sucks, Vick what the fuck was Vick? That’s an entire new level of crap.

    Define that whole career in those first 6 starts.

    Only an idiot would define a career after 6 starts.


  • The fact that a 3rd round draft pick is truly giving a veteran that was taken #1 overall competition tells me everything I need to know about Mike Vick.

    He IS A BUST!

  • Vinnie, I gave you the chance, but you just don’t understand what’s going on here, do you think you are debating with the average eagles football fan that would give their left nut for a bowl championship, regardless of the color of the quarterback, most philly fans are color blind, but you are dealing with the fringe element, that always shades things through color, you don’t see it that way, racism is not part of your culture , but it’s huge on this website , at least with the fringe element here, daggolden, real talk, tsjohnson, you are wasting your time talking to these fools

    • Says the poster who has arguable introduced race in more qb threads than anyone. Says the same guy who accused the owner of having an agenda to promote just black qbs. So says the bigoted asshole who accused several other posters who disagreed with him that their reason was because the qb is black. So says the same asshole again who stated it doesn’t matter what we think prior to the draft; the eagles were going with the BLACK qb Geno Smith. Remember that Jake? How many times were you called on blatantly playing the race card? Only a few have called you on this. None of the bitches from the anti Vick brigade called you on it. I wonder why? Jake your full of shit. You are on record without solicitation for making things about race. You just get a pass because many on here agree with your stance of who the qb should be.

  • But you like it and are doing a damn good job of beating their asses silly, to each their own, so carry on my wayward son, their will be truth when you are done…….

    • You are right of course…but it still is fun eviscerating the ignorant.

  • You cats can beat the hell out of dead horse. LOL round and round they go were it stops nobody but Chip Kelly knows. Irish maybe we can draft a QB every year until we find our guy. Foles/Barkley/ Boyd/Bridgewater. Heck one of them ought to be good. Meanwhile you guys continue to argue about nothing. Talk to you guys when training camp starts.

    • Irish maybe we can draft a QB every year until we find our guy. Foles/Barkley/ Boyd/Bridgewater.

      We will never find our guy if we keep running Vick out there. If last years performance didn’t put Vick on the unemployment line, you have to wonder what will. When you are outplayed by a rookie 3rd round draft pick you normally get escorted to the door.

      People like Dag, and others try to gloss over Vick’s atrocious performance over the last two seasons by saying that Foles sucks too… Or… (and I love this one), “he’s better than Romo and the Cowboys gave him $100M”… Forgetting the fact that Romo has a better win/lose record, a much better completion percentage, more TDs, fewer turnovers… Romo was an un-drafted free agent and he is a much better QB than Vick. But who cares – how does it help Vick if Romo or Foles sucks?

      • How about this for a novel approach. Since Chip Kelly doesn’t know what he has at the QB position why not have an open competition with the guy who performs the best start and keep the seat warm until he truly finds his man? Wait isn’t that what he’s doing now? This is why I no longer get involved with the back and forth because Chip Kelly is doing the absolute right thing.

        • So you think Chip Kelly is pissing away next season in order to land a top 5 pick in next years draft so he can acquire Tajh Boyd or Teddy Bridgewater?

          If that’s the plan Biglion then Kelly should have an open competition to find the worst QB and make him the starter. It will take at least a 4-12 season to get in position to draft in the top 5.

          • I don’t know Irish but I think you answered your own question. Chip Kelly will deal with whatever comes his way. If Its Vick/Foles or Barkley he is going to play whoever can win games for him. If they can’t he’ll find somebody who will.

            • I don’t see where I answered my own question… I asked you a simple question, and as usual, you sidestep the question.

              You keep referring to Boyd/Bridgewater in several of your post… Assuming that Boyd and Bridgewater will likely be among the top 5 players picked in next draft, how do you see the Eagles getting one of them? Do you expect the Eagles to be that bad next season.

              Or do you just keep throwing out the names of every black quarterback that comes to mind because you think it pisses off white guys like me? Here’s some news for you – I don’t care if the Eagles quarterback is black, yellow, white or red as long as it’s not a guy who has lead the Eagles to their worst records in recent years.

              • Do you wear tin foil hats? I think Boyd and Bridgewater will be two of the better QB’s coming out next year, Chip Kelly wants to win he’s not throwing away anything but if the defense doesn’t perform they won’t win and will probably be drafting top ten again. Please show me what color has to do with anything I just posted. Seriously you guys need to stop.

              • I think the Jags are tanking for the Bridgewater/Boyd sweepstakes though ’cause their decisions at QB make NO sense. NONE.

  • I don’t like the idea of Vick getting yet another opportunity to ruin yet another season. But I do think we will be watching his swan song this year, finally.

    Chip Kelly is the third generation of head coaches who have been bamboozled by Michael Vick.

    Just to put Vick’s quarterback skills in perspective – Michael Vick’s cousin (Aaron Brooks) had the same number of TD passes, and threw for the same total yards, and the same completion percentage as Vick….. But his cousin only played in the league for 7 years, compared to Vick’s 10 years.

    Aaron Brooks was viewed as a average journeyman quarterback. In the future, Vick will be viewed the same way – average – a guy who’s speed and athleticism could not make-up for lack of basic quarterback abilities. A small upgrade from Kordell Stewart.

    • Very interesting comparison. I usually use David Carr, but Brooks is right on. Their comp, INT and fumble % are about the same also. He did have 2 years of 3800 yrds, and another at 3600, Vick has never really approached that.

      • Here’s another interesting comparison…. Since Vick’s rookie year, of the 41 QBs who have attempted at least 500 fourth-quarter passes, only Aaron Brooks has a worse fourth-quarter completion percentage.

        When it’s late in the game Vick is the most inaccurate passer of the decade.

        • You’re getting good at this. Its a fun game isn’t it?

          As I’ve said for a while, the deeper you look the worse he gets.

  • Because Vick is a BUST!

    There is no way around it. He is a fast talented athlete but is not a good QB. He can want it others can want it but it’s forcing the toothpaste back in the tube.

  • Glad to see you are alll right where I left you.

    Its an open competition… may the guy who doesnt suck the most, win. I will root for whomever the starting QB is. We will need the backup too most likely.

  • Stevo they’ve already prepared the excuse column for the daily sports section. They never wanted an open competition. They just hate Vick. There’s nothing rational about constantly spewing the same hatred in every fucking thread. Even threads that don’t directly address the qb situation. People like yourself, me, and a few others are on record with not being rah rah Vick fans, but fans of the team. We clearly are more RESPONDING to these irrational attacks. Because until the NEW COACH finishes evaluating what he has with his OPEN COMPETITION, this is nothing more than spamming by those who claim to support the team.

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