• May 27, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 6-1 Loss To Los Angeles

Philadelphia Phillies v Milwaukee BrewersThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their second straight game on Sunday, falling to the Dodgers 6-1. Their record drops to 39-44.

  • Kyle Kendrick had a subpar game, allowing four runs on 10 hits in six innings. Kendrick allowed a great deal of baserunners throughout the game, and finally cracked in the fourth inning when he allowed L.A. to breakout for three runs. The starter also suffered a concussion during the game, and may miss his next start.
  • It was one of those games where the offense just wasn’t interested in providing run support for their starter. The team managed just one run on six hits.
  • Jimmy Rollins had two of the teams hits, and drove in their only run in the ninth inning.
  • Ryan Howard returned to the lineup after sitting for two games, and went 0-4 with three strikeouts.
  • Domonic Brown and Delmon Young went a combined 0-6, giving the team no production from the middle of their order.
  • Phillippe Aumont pitched a scoreless seventh inning.
  • Jake Diekman was asked to pitch the eighth inning, but was only able to record one out and allowed two runs.

Final Thoughts

The trade deadline is fast approaching, and the Phillies seem more and more likely to become sellers.

They just can’t get themselves to or above the .500 mark. For the last few weeks they’ve been stuck between three or five games below .500.

There’s no energy on this team right now. Cliff Lee is the only guy that has consistently performed at a top level all year, and he can only perform once every five days. Chase Utley and Ryan Howard just don’t have any explosiveness anymore. The bullpen turned out to be a major disappointment. Cole Hamels has given the club next to nothing.

On a typical night with this team, all you see is uninspired baseball. This is the type of play we’ve seen for several years now. It’s about to time to break this thing up.


Denny Basens

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  • blow it up. happy trails chase utley, mike young, delmon young, jonathan pappelbom. If we can get a major package for lee see ya.

    4 weeks and counting until reuben trades franco & biddle for arod.

    • I agree 100%.. The NL Competition is Younger,Hungrier and more Talented that the Phils Core Roster of older,aging and broken down so the “Band-Aid Approach” of recent years/trading deadline acquisition’s to remain competitive is a different ballgame this time around.. This Team needs to be blown up and as I mentioned since the last off-season, many Teams in NL have all improved and it’s not a 3 Team Race for the NL Crown any more like it used to be.. There are a good 7-8 Teams now that will compete for the NL Crown the next few Seasons and the Phils don’t appear to be one of them based on their Current Roster,Age,Injuries,etc.. but Teams like the Cardinals,Reds,Pirates,Diamondbacks,Rockies,Braves,Nats Dodgers,Giants are loaded with young talent and have many of their Core Players on their Rosters just hitting their Primes.. hell even the Padres,Cubs have done makeovers with young players and are playing more competitive ball than the Phils and are now 2 years ahead of them as far as rebuilding goes… This Phil’s Rebuilding is going to take a while and not a 1 Off-Season or Trade Deadline quick fix..

    • hahahaha. This made me spit water onto my screen.

  • Agreed Pman and that is why I think that they should move Lee if they can. Let’s get as much out of salary cap hell as possible.

    Amaro is not the guy to get this done though. His sells have been horrendous.

  • When was the last “Sunday Game” that the Phillies actually were in and pleayed competitive.. The last month and a half have been lack-luster, little to no energy just pathetic performances by the PItchers,Hitters and Coaches
    Blowout loses to the Cardinals,Mets,Rockies all come to mind, then yesterday to the Dodgers… Attn : Any NL Team that wants to have Playoff aspirations.. Just play the Phils and all of a sudden their Bats come alive, no-name Starting Pitchers start Pitching gems.. It’s crazy but the Phils Play on Sunday’s has been flat out embarrasing to be honest with you..

  • Agreed on all fronts. Only players I would miss are Lee and Brown. I wouldn’t trade Brown but I would most definitely trade Lee

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