• May 24, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 7-3 Win Over Atlanta

browntThe Philadelphia Phillies won the final game of their series with the Braves 7-3. Their record improves to 43-46.

  • Jonathan Pettibone pitched a strong game, allowing just one run over 5.1 innings. Pettibone gave up five hits and one walk. He ran into some trouble in the fifth inning, allowing runners at second and third with no outs. However, the rookie got B.J. Upton to strike out looking, and went on to escape the inning by allowing just one run.
  • Domonic Brown hit an RBI triple to drive in Chase Utley in the first inning. Two batters later, Delmon Young singled home Brown.
  • Brown added a solo home run, his 23rd of the year, off of Kris Medlen in the fifth inning.
  • Darin Ruf made his first start of the season, and went 1-2 with a double, walk, and scored two runs.
  • Ben Revere hit his third triple of the year in the fourth inning, driving in two runs.
  • Jake Diekman and Justin De Fratus each recorded an out to finish the sixth inning.
  • J.C. Ramirez took over in the seventh inning, and had the first rough outing of his major-league career. Ramirez allowed two runs on four hits, including a solo home run to Chris Johnson. He got two outs in the inning before being lifted for Antonio Bastardo.
  • Bastardo pitched 1.1 scoreless innings.
  • Jonathan Papelbon pitched the ninth inning even though it wasn’t a save situation.

Final Thoughts

Jonathan Pettibone has pitched better as of late, but Charlie Manuel just doesn’t trust him. In his last two starts, Pettibone has been removed from the game in the sixth inning after allowing a baserunner or two. Manuel would rather ask his bullpen to pitch more than three innings to finish the game rather than ask Pettibone to work his way out of trouble.

The ironic thing here is that Manuel doesn’t exactly have a sturdy bullpen that he can trust either. Even with a four-run lead in the ninth inning, the skipper still sent Jonathan Papelbon in to get the final outs. Keep in mind that the team doesn’t have a day off for over a week, and it would have been nice if they could have avoided using their closer in unnecessary situations to prevent him from pitching two and three days in a row.

However, Charlie’s alternative would be to take his chances with a guy like Phillippe Aumont or Joe Savery (either way would be asking for trouble) and you can’t really fault him for taking the sure option.

The lineup clicked pretty well today with newcomer Darin Ruf hitting at the bottom of the order. Ruf was a major factor in today’s win, reaching base and coming around to score twice. He even got an extra-base hit in the process.

The Phillies have gotten off a to good start in their critical 10-game homestand, taking two of three from the Braves. They’ve got to take at least three of four from the Nationals this week. On paper they have a fighting chance to do so with their top starters Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, and Kyle Kendrick pitching in the series.


Denny Basens

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  • Nice, just keep winning Series — 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 4 Games and your Playying good ball.. Pettibone has Pitched well overall, where would the PHils be without him… Big 4 Game Series versus the Nats.. Lee & Hamels need to turn it up a notch and Pitch lights out..

    • Best win of the year.

  • I must apologize to Dominique Griffey Jr. I have bashed him for 3 years. I mean he couldnt even judge a fly ball. He couldnt hit shit. But now in one off season he is one of the bright young (well in his prime) stars in MLB. I dont know what happened. I guess confidence is a MF. Now more than ever they should let these vets go, get high level prospects and build around DB, Ruff, Revere, Galvis and the young pitchers.

    • Galvis?

      • That was my thought. Asche and Hernandez added to that list and maybe Franco some time next year but not Galvis.

        • galvis should be the 2nd utility infielder off the bench for our team. id give him 1st utility role but he cant hit and that will never change.

  • One thing we have to keep in mind also is that last Spring was the first one where Dom Brown was completely Healthy.. I jumped his ass like everyone else did but the 2 Previous Sorings, he was up & down with minor injuries which I. Hindsight hampered his development and confidence, but he definitely looks like a “new” player no doubt.. Where would the Phils be without him
    In 2013… I hate to even think about it..

  • Funny thing for all the Internet GM’s… Bj upton 15 million a year for 5 …175, 8 HR, 19 RBI in 75 games, demon young $750 for one year, 274, 7 HR, 29 RBI in 56 games. Yet these same Internet GM’s were critical when we didn’t sign upton and even more critical when we signed young. I AM NOT saying young is the savior, I am simply pointing out that baseball is a funny game and that the thug GM ‘s aren’t as smart as they think they are.

  • Those same know it alls wanted Heath bell over paplebon. Hilarious. Bell 9 million a year for three years and his era is close to 5

    • those are 2 of the probably 20 reasons why I never wavered in my support of Reuben

    • hac, you miss me that much, that you can’t help yourself, from throwing out your stupid little digs & asinine comments, HUH?!? Why don’t you grow a pair, & say it’s me you’re referring to?!? Because you are a 53 year old, sad, old, lonely, delusional, irrational, POS, poor excuse of a man! I’m a thug, know-it-all, GM now?!? I liked Bell, yes, & he has sucked, but does that give your girfriend RAJ a pass, for reactively, bidding against himself, foolishly overpaying Paps, while stupidly, ill-advisedly, leaving our BP devoid of competent arms, for 2 straight years? You keep up the BJ Upton nonsense, when I wanted his Brother more. I didn’t push for him, but I’d still take the Upton’s, over AAAA OF Revere & the hippopotamus we have in RF! Keep fooling yourself, with your irrelevant, hollow numbers, that you continue to spew! So keep deluding your clueless self, & keep living in denial, & when all is said & done, I’ll keep saying I told you so, like the thug, know-it-all, GM, that you claim I am. As I stated to you TOO MANY TIMES, “Don’t be salty with me, because you are butthurt over being proven wrong, & proven imbecilic, over, & over again, with your gay love for Ruin 2morrow, & this teams realistic expectations”! I feel sorry for you, because you & the other clown on here, seem to be the last 2 nitwits, that still think this team is OK. Just shut the F^#@ up. If you want to be a brainless, blindly loyal stepford, fine, whatever floats your boat, but taking your continual, obsessive, irrational comments, & little digs towards me, doesn’t make you correct, doesn’t make you smart, & doesn’t make you look like a man! I told you before, if you, or anyone else has a problem with me, & feels like they’re men enough, instead of hiding behind your computer, like the internet pussy tough guys you are, do something about it, or stop taking yourselves so irrationally, stupidly, serious. Don’t poke the bear!

      • Just saying that you don’t know as much as you brag about. You can keep upton. I’m not a sad delusional man. I’m happy and understand how the business of BB works. You don’t. gm dcar would be hammered for bringing upton, bell etc. it’s the cost of doing business

        • Yeah, you know BB business & I don’t, that’s why you are constantly, consistently wrong about this team, & continue to blindly follow Ruin 2morrow, & the rest of the FO, & still think they know what they’re doing! GTFO! PLEASE!!!! DELUSIONAL! IRRATIONAL & SAD!!!!

      • Oooh an Internet fight threat. Classic

        • Never made a threat, just stated the obvious. I NEVER brag, never say I know it all, & NEVER claimed to have! AGAIN, As I stated to you TOO MANY TIMES, “Don’t be salty with me, because you are butthurt over being proven wrong, & proven imbecilic, over, & over again, with your gay love for Ruin 2morrow, & this teams realistic expectations”! I feel sorry for you, because you & the other clown on here, seem to be the last 2 nitwits, that still think this team is OK. I feel sympathy for you!

          • Proven wrong? You constantly brag about knowing so much. Fuck you you angry Internet thug. Anyone that has an intelligent take and an informed mind on how the system works you go all caps with profanity and want to meet on a street corner angry frustrated man

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              • Signing a 274 hitter, 25 hr and 90 RBI was wrong in your angry world, a SS who wins a gg hits 2o hr is wrong in your world. You were recently critical if the revere trade. You wanted in on the bj talks. In fairness I wanted in on the Hamilton talks. You don’t like the Howard signing I get it but the BRAND that is the phillies did just fine on that signing. Their brand has sky rocketed off of his popularity nationally. I should say sky rocketed in part by the signing.

              • Again, hollow, irrelevant numbers, that have nothing to do, with the topic at hand. You forgot to add your 102 win 2011 win argument. Keep up the good work, you continue to amuse me!

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              • 90 RBI irrelevant ? You continue to prove you don’t understand the game

      • Poke the teddy bear you mean

  • Every day I thank the lord that they didn’t sign Upton. Such a stiff.

    Gotta give some love to Revere too. .354 in June and .346 in July so far.

  • RF Jeff Francouer Released by the Royals… Just Sayin..

    • my thoughts

      Released by the Royals… Just Sayin..


  • Hey thug GM go to BB reference and check out punch and Judy revere compared to Bourne. Very interesting to say the least. Very similar except revere has half the strike outs 60% more stolen bases. Oh Bourne has two HR but similar slugging numbers. Hilarious!

    • Who gives a F^#@ about Bourne?!? I didn’t want him! F^#@ you & him! Revere is a single, punch & Judy hitter! It’s halfway, talk again, when stats matter! AGAIN, your numbers are irrelevant, hollow, & meaningless! Keep trying. It’s funny, you can’t help your troll self, but bait me, with your imbecilic, comments! I have restrained myself from ripping this shot team, for the last 3+ weeks, on purpose, but you can’t help yourself, from bringing me into it, huh! Your life is even more pathetic than I thought! Did you spend the entire holiday weekend, researching your irrelevant, hollow numbers, just to try & say you have something on me? BWAHAHAHA! You’re a pathetic, lonely, delusional, irrational, loser! Just please STFU!!!!!

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  • Nope I can express them anytime I want. You aren’t in charge thug

  • Biggest Series of the Season to Dat and there are lots of Empty Seats in the 2nd Level at CVSp..
    Phils jump out to 2-0 Lead and get their first 2 runners on Vase to start the 3rd Inning with a great chance to extend lead, Delmon Young Strikes out Swinging on 2 bad pitches, Darin Aric whiffs after taking 2 right down the middle on a bad Pitch and Ruiz toys out to RF.. Remember this Inning and this Fane for Phils 2013 Season may hang in the Balance and most of the “Supposed Diehard Fans” don’t even care…

    • Paul look all around baseball. You will see empty seats in virtually all stadiums even those of overachieving teams, teams in 1st and so on. We are coming off a holiday weekend and most families back from vacations and gotta get back into the grind. Not to mention the product this year has been very subpar. The Phils have lost a bit of that it factor with the decline of utley Rollins Howard and cole and of course Roy falling of a cliff.

      Last 2 points

      1 fans aren’t gonna make this team go on a run
      2 you can be a die hard Phils fan and never go to a game – take you for example

  • Yes. I agree with the Holiday weekend and people on vacations had an impact on attendance/no shows in July & August but this is huge Series and just was expecting a large, loud and passionate crowd..
    Are amost of these tickets sold and people just don’t come or were tix even available.. Lannan pitches a great game and in the 9th Inning there were lots of empty seats even on the lower level.. Just thought there would be more support

    • I believe the Phillies have had a lot of seats open lately and havent sold out in a while. phillies as poorly as they have played are ranked 4th in the NL in total attendees and 6th overall (dodgers 1st followed by, cardinals, giants, yankees, and rangers). in terms of % of stadium filled phillies are ranked 4th (giants 1st followed by cards and redsox)

      i really think that some the emergence of brown and rufs status for the next 2 months as our starting 1st baseman will get some more fans to come out especially if we can get a lil hot before the break and the following week after

  • Paul, you are nothing less than a first class pussy, douche bag, you should expire from this website and stop your verbal shit can, you have chased many good posters from here because of your pomposity, but more endurance to post than anything else, you know nothing other than your agenda to put Philly sports teams, their fans in the most negative light, while your pussy ass self hides in some mountain home, yet you openly brag about your disdain for the northeast, and Philly In particular, you know very little but have much time on your hands, probably because you are broke or screwed somebody’s fortune, regardless, I’m calling on all right minded gcobb posters to screw you like you have screwed so many

    • jake I dont think you should use the word class ever again…

      it really saddens me the anger and hate that so many people have and its worth that people consistently demonstrate it on a philly sports fan website towards other fans and unprovoked

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