• May 19, 2022

Michael Vick Says He’s Committed To Helping The Eagles Win

MichaelVick7Yesterday after the team’s first practice, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was presented with a scenario which had him failing to win the team’s starting quarterback job.  He was asked how he would handle it.

“I’d continue to support this team,” Vick said. “I’m here for one reason – to help this team win football games . . . by any means necessary, whatever it takes. If I have to watch film with all the quarterbacks, or if I have to coach the quarterbacks one day, that’s what I’ll do. I can do it.”

Vick seemed sincere in his comments and he says he’s committed to getting better as a quarterback whether he’s starting or not.

“I came back to play for coach Kelly,” Vick said. “That was it. I’d heard a lot about him, I’d watched Oregon, and I just felt like this was the best opportunity for me, and I chose it. Regardless of what the fate may be, I’m still going to compete, I’m still going to try to be the best quarterback I can be, and I’m still learning every day. I feel like I’ve got a lot left in my tank.”

“From now on, until my career’s over, until I stop playing the game of football, I’m going to compete every day,” Vick said. “I love that part about football. I love the competition aspect . . . I love the game that I play, and I think that supersedes everything.”

To nobody’s surprise, Vick said he was very eager to get the chance to compete for the starting job.

“I love the competition,” he said Tuesday as he walked off the practice field at the NovaCare Complex. “I embrace the competition. I really do. It makes all of us better quarterbacks. It makes all of us better football players. It definitely pushes me.”

Chip Kelly isn’t going to be pressured to make the quarterback decision before he has to.  When asked about when he’s going to name a starting quarterback, Kelly replied, “We’ll have our starting quarterback named before we get our game plan in for the Redskins,”

The Eagles didn’t get much done yesterday in their first practice of training camp, which involved about 30 players.

“It was good”, Kelly said yesterday to a group of reporters. “We knew we had to slow things down from a  teaching standpoint. We only had a couple kids at certain positions; we only had one inside linebacker, one outside linebacker, two corners, one safety. [Practice was] technique-oriented, get guys back and just spend some time, because sometimes I think once you get to Friday, you’re back into scheme and there’s 90 guys flying around you, these young guys can use as much practice as they can.”


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  • In other news….Vick was seen talking to some suspicious looking guys. Some were listening to rap and had hats on backwards and tilted to the side. This is clearly an example of Vick trying to destroy the eagles hanging with OBVIOUS criminals….smdh(sarc)

  • Vick was seen talking to some suspicious looking guys. Some were listening to rap and had hats on backwards

    That was the head coach and the QB coach….

  • The starting QB race in my opinion is between Mike and Matt that’s it. Nick has no chance. He’s the odd man out. I’m not saying that Nick won’t put up a fight I’m just saying that it’s between Mike and Matt. What really should make everybody think is the fact that chip said that he’s going to name a starter the week Of the season opener. That gives all the guys an equal opportunity to learn the playbook, And I’m going to be honest here, Matt Barkley Is the smartest quarterback on the entire roster. He has all of the intangibles needed to be the starting quarterback. And once this kid learns the playbook, Look out! Remember he started at every level of his career all the way back in high school, college, All from day one. So this quarterback race will come down to Mike and Matt With Nick either being traded or being relegated to 3rd QB…

    • lmfao

      show ya luv

  • Mayy Barkley will compete legitimately in 2014 Summer Camp..
    This will be a Growing,learning Season for him.. He will get reps,play in 2nd Half of Pre-Season Games and maybe even see some action late in the 2013 Season depending on how the Eagles Team is doing…
    The Fact that he’s been a Starter since High & College Days, means very little.. Most all of these NFL PLayers were Stars and Starters since their High School Days… I agree about his Football Intelligence and I think he will make a Good NFL QB, it just will take a year or 2 to get acclimated to the Pro Game..
    A reason that Kelly will late as long as he can to name a Starter is that he is able to do so since he is not tied to a incumbent Starter or a 1st Round HIgh Draft Pick where the Pressure is to play this guy or that guy
    Which is a Positive I believe and should put’s the Eagles first 3 Opponents (Redskins/Chargers & Chiefs in the first 11 Days) behind the 8-ball a little for having to to Prepare for Foles or Vick or both QB’s .. There is little rush whatsoever for Kelly to announce who the Teams Starter is at this Point..

  • Michael Vick opened Eagles camp Friday working with the first-team offense.
    Vick was the first-teamer, Nick Foles ran with the twos, and rookie Matt Barkley quarterbacked the third-string offense. Per ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, Vick “really looked good” in the first practice, and “this job is Michael Vick’s job to win or lose.” Philly beat writers believed all spring Foles was the favorite. It’s still a wide-open camp battle that won’t be settled until mid to late August.

    • Vick “opened” camp with an INT on his first pass in 7 on 7s.

      • please god tell me this is true!!!!!!!!

        • Its what was being tweeted. Too funny eh? You can’t make this stuff up.

          • yes thank you vin, a great start to the weekend indeed.

            i love love this guy vick. fuck off fucko

            • got more details on the day. here is how each qb fared:

              vick 22-27, 1 int
              foles 20-24, clean sheet – WINNING
              Barkley 12-18, 1 int
              Dixon 3-3
              Klein – n/a

              • also reported that Vick was “sacked” 3x and is still slowest getting the ball out of his hands….again, not a suprise.

  • What are these?


    Mike Vick starting QB win totals since he became a full time starter in 2002.

    Very exciting times.

  • He also missed games so those numbers are skewed. Vick has the physical tools to be great but he doesn’t have the complete focus.However, this could be vicks year of scrupulous play I don’t really like Foles either I like his size but that’s about it. I wonder how Barkey is doing that kid loves football and is obsessed with it huge chip on his shoulder..

    • You cannot discount it, because it is what it is. He’s hurt every year. Those are his wins.

      Was being tweeted that Barkley had a rough day today….Vick started with a pick and finished with 2. He split 1st reps with Foles, who, (again only according to reports) completed a higher % of passes.

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