• July 3, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 11-3 Loss To St. Louis

Philadelphia Phillies v Colorado RockiesThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their fourth straight game on Wednesday night, falling to the Cardinals 11-3. Their record drops to 49-52.

  • John Lannan had a bad start, lasting just four innings and allowing four runs on eight hits and two walks.
  • The Phillies offense had absolutely no punch tonight without Domonic Brown in the fold. Brown is going to be out several days with concussion-like symptoms, meaning that the team’s best run producer is out and the .194-hitting Laynce Nix is in.
  • Nix got the start in left, and went 1-4.
  • John Mayberry went 2-4 and drove in a run. Mayberry also misplayed a ball in the fifth inning that led to a big inning for the Cardinals.
  • Chase Utley went 1-3 to extend his hitting streak.
  • J.C. Ramirez finally suffered an implosion, allowing five runs in just one inning. Ramirez gave up four hits and two walks, his ERA shot up to 8.00.
  • Justin De Fratus pitched two scoreless innings.
  • Jake Diekman allowed two runs on four hits in the eighth inning.

Final Thoughts

Things just seem to be going from bad to worse for this organization.

Jim Salisbury of CSNPhilly.com reports that the team may be near a contract extension with second baseman Chase Utley.

I don’t like the sound of that at all. When he’s been in the lineup, Utley has played fairly well this season. He’s shown he’s still got a little pop in his bat. But at the same time, he’s nowhere close to what he was in his prime. Its time for Ruben Amaro and the organization to look towards the future; towards starting over and rebuilding.

Utley’s value won’t be any higher than it is right now, and he’s playing well enough that the Phillies could get a pretty decent package in return for him. If the Phillies still want to re-sign him, do it in the off-season after he becomes a free agent. The team could still get their prospects, they’d give Utley a chance to pursue another World Series ring, and then the two sides could reunite and try things again next winter.

However, the Phillies just don’t seem to be interested in anything of the sort. They’re apparently not even listening to offers for Utley at the moment. It’s a mistake to be stuck in the past. No team ever moves forward by recommitting to aging players after their best years have passed them by.


Denny Basens

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  • Denny I dont know if Mayberry slipped or what but if he didnt that was one of the worst fielding goofs I have seen a Philly make in quite some time…

    How about a shout out to that John McDonald now I see why they signed that guy, he is a beast. Pitchers mound power for days.

    On a serious note that John McDonald signing was clearly a move by Reuben to tank the rest of the season for Wiggins right?

    On a real serious note this organization really really really needs to move Chase. I cant see a more valuable position player on the market or who should be on the market and think they could get a big haul for him pending are scouts ability to scout. This nonsense of keeping him/resigning him because of his “legend” in Philadelphia is really bad business on so many levels.

    • Mayberry has some made all kinds of boneheaded plays this year…he’s misplayed a lot of fly balls that he should have caught, and the sad thing is that he’s been the team’s primary defensive replacement…ha.

      Its also unreal to me the complete lack of outfield depth this team has. Ben Revere gets hurt, and Amaro doesn’t call up an outfielder and opts to keep three catchers for some reason? And only when Dom Brown gets hurt, he calls up Michael Martinez who isn’t even a true outfielder.

      You mean to tell me there isn’t a single legitimate outfielder in the minor league systems that we can call up? That’s absolutely ridiculous, and its a serious indictment on the job that Amaro has done over the last two years.

      • yep nothing ready in the minors or even close really. but situations like this teams sometimes require you to throw some shit in the wind and just take a flier and call someone up… the lack of depth really is embarrassing and i didnt understand from day 1 and still don’t how our gm let us trot out that of.

        outfielders in AAA or AA with promise – Leandro Castro, Tyson Gillies, & Kelly Dugan.

        but it is clear as day we need to make some trades asap to get some more future depth

        i dont think you can really get anything for young, young, papelbon or chooch.

        your best trade asset is utley and not sure if this moron has the stones to pull the trigger.

        and then you have lee. if you are overwhelmed in a deal with lee i guess at this point you have to but i dont think he gets you an insane deal with that salary but then again boston has the $ and prospects.

        basically if you dont trade utley or lee we dont get any younger or better.

  • Mayberry is not an MLB player…the guy is a stiff…. he is a 5th OF at best….

    Amaro is a joke! He put together a pile of garbage this season in the OF,…

    Now, Amaro is going to lock up Utley for 3 more years….hence, he only cares about selling merchandise and tickets and not winning…

    • i just dont see this deal happening with utley.

      • deal meaning resigned right before the deadline. i actually think he will be moved and this is a smoke screen to get his name out their and force teams to up the offer?

      • Rumor floating around is that Utley Signs a 3 Year Deal with the Promise to
        become the Next Manager of the Phillies.. Ryne Sandberg is miffed and will be leaving the Phils Organization for a Manager’s Position Opportunity with many Clubs around MLB as they almost came to blows in yesterday warm-up session.. Charle Manuel Coach’s next Year and Utley becomes Player-Manager leading the Phils from 2015 on..

        • in all seriousness sandberg shouldnt be the manager in waiting…

  • I hope you are right. He should have some pretty solid value for a contending AL team. Perfect #2 hitter. Great contact hitter who is patient with a high OBP with some power. Plus baserunner. Not basestealer, but baserunner. Good leader in the clubhouse.

    • wouldnt be surprised to see the athletics make a real good offer for him. they have a lot of prospects who could help us in the near future and they have so many it wouldnt hurt them. ie – Addison Taylor, BJ Boyd, Michael Choice & Michael Taylor

  • if phillies trade lee i only see redsox willing to take on the deal and i think the deal would have to center around jackie bradley jr.

  • i know our bp isnt great but id get papelbon off this team the guy is a total doosh and a weirdo and id trade him to anyone for a chicken queso burrito

  • Good point with Oakland. Would be a great fit for them.

    I don’t think that Ruben trades Lee. He likes having “aces” on the staff too much.

    I think that Papleboner has played him self out of being traded because he has been so bad. That was/is a really bad contract.

    • thats why you move him for nothing no sense having a closer when your starters are gas cans, your bullpen is filled with gas silos and your position players cant hit

      • I agree. I just want his contract off the books and him out of here.

  • Starting Pitcher’s who will be Traded by Deadline
    RHP Y Gallardo – Brewers (Big Contract, Underachiever for the Brewers)
    RHP Kyle Lohse – Brewers (Lots of Playoff experience playing on a bad Team)
    RHP E Volquez – Padres (Big Contract on a bad team, will be moved)
    LHP B Zito – SF Giants (Not much left in the tank, currently has low Salary and Playoff Experience and Left Handers are always in demand)
    LHP M Burhle – Tornoto Vlue Jays (another Veteran Left-Hander, Big Contract, past his Prime but still a competitor)
    LHP J Saunders – Seattle Mariners (Another Veteran LH with Playoff Experience)

  • Denny I was going to mention this guy earlier but that lack of power made me dismiss but now he is up

    Steve Susdorf has joined the Phillies in St. Louis.
    Susdorf is not on the active roster yet but could be officially added if Domonic Brown is still experiencing concussion-like symptoms. Susdorf, a career minor leaguer in the Phillies’ system, is batting .335/.419/.428 with one homer and 25 RBI in 70 games this season at the Triple-A level. He turned 27 years old in March.

    another bum

    • Haha, well I’d be willing to take anyone over Laynce Nix and Michael Martinez at this point..if he can at least play the outfield like a somewhat competent fielder that’s a start at least.

  • If I didn’t love the Phils, it would be almost comical watching them play the Cardinals. The Cards are the antithesis of the Phillies. They are patient at the plate, hit behind runners, play good defense and rarely strikeout. If this Cardinal series (and I’m sure Tigers) isn’t enough evidence of how deficient this Phillies team on so many levels and convince the GM to sell, nothing will. I have supported Amaro on many of his previous dealings, but he needs to push the detonate button now.

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