• January 23, 2022

Overrated/Underrated Eagles


DeSean Jackson– I’m not really sure what to expect as maximum production at this point.  His status as a punt returner has more to do with the ability of other guys stepping up.  There goes one major category, a once “Pro-Bowl” category that helped D-Jax cash in a big boy contract.  Cobb, Harvin, Wallace, Amendola and even Tavan Austin are all similar style players, all to whom I’d put on the field at this point prior to DeSean.  Is he still a game-changer?   Was simply being set-up to fail by Andy Reid’s decision to send him on non-stop go-routes off easy to predict play-action by the quarterback?  I can’t see this guy topping out at more than 60 receptions, 1050 yards and 6 touchdowns.  Does that really command the game-day paychecks he takes to the bank?

Todd Herremans– Maybe he will return to form at his natural “guard” position.  At tackle last year, he got beat by smaller, quicker guys.  Did the loss of Peters and Kelce hurt; of course it did.  At the same time, the huge contract that was awarded to Herremans for his ability to play both guard and tackle at a high level, looked to be money questionably spent during his time on the field last year before the injury.  I like Herremans, he is a solid veteran for this team, but he needs to step up his game and return to the 2011 form.

Michael Vick– Somehow people still believe that his ability to out-run teammates in gym-shorts and throw the ball fast and far translates to being the best player for Chip Kelly to go with as the Eagles signal caller.  His resume in Atlanta, the monster game versus the Redskins on prime-time television, they are conversation reflectors, not conversation starters.  He can’t read defenses, he can’t minimize turnovers.  He simply can’t be mentioned as one of the top dual threats at the quarterback position with the youth movement that has him looking like an old man in his early 30’s.  Let him hold a clipboard or fail expectations for another team; it’s time to move on!

Bryce Brown-Fans at one point last season were talking about the value they could get in return for trading McCoy as Brown amassed huge rushing games versus horrible run defenses in Carolina and Dallas.  40 rushes for 76 yards (less than 2 yards per carry) were his statistics over the course of the final four games after the back-to back games that caught the eyes of fantasy football owners looking for waiver wire pick-ups.  He ran hard, but fumbled the ball way too often.  Brown will get his opportunities this year as Kelly loves to run the rock and behind a healthy offensive line; we will get see which is the true Bryce Brown.

Jason Avant- Somehow his willingness to block as a receiver which is his job and being one of the longest tenured Eagles has Avant still on this roster.  He is not “sure-handed” as many indicate, and he does absolutely nothing with the ball once he catches it.  I’d love to see Maclin in this role, DeSean do his thing stretching the field, and let Benn serve the purpose as our “bigger” wide-receiver.


Evan Mathis-Even with late round draft picks and practice squad talent around him, Mathis played really well last season.  Unless you really study film or keep an eye on what he does, nothing is really going to support my notion that he is under-rated.

Fletcher Cox-I’m not really sure many would consider what Fletcher did last year as a rookie season prior to sustaining the season ending injury to be under-rated talent.  I have him under-rated because I think this guy has the potential to see multiple Pro-Bowls and flirt with double digit sacks in a season.  He is going to play all over the defensive line this year, and make a huge statement to many NFL quarterbacks for many years to come.

Jason Peters-Arguably the best player on this roster.   His services were even a bigger loss last season than most anticipated.  With McCoy often looking for that cut-back option, he saw his yards per carry decrease by my more a full yard when rushing to the side of the field that #71 usually clears a path for.  Man I hope the Achilles is fully healed and stays healed.

Jason Kelce-He is extremely intelligent and makes all line members and skill players better with his ability to make the adjustments.   He is fast for a center, physical with finishing his blocks and deciphers the looks opposing defenses are showing.  I think the beard alone makes him underrated.

Duce Staley– I saw the same passion from Deuce as a coach last year when fumbling issues hampered the Eagles running backs as I witnessed during his very good career as an Eagle.  There is a reason he is still a member of the coaching staff when the majority of the 2012 names are on other clubs or out of the league.  The Eagles “will” be a top five running team this year, and you have to believe that Staley’s presence and tutelage plays a major factor in reaching such an achievement.


Jeff Kolsky

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  • Where’s DE Trent Cole, LB D Ryans & Safety Nate Allen
    On this Over-Rated List?,,
    The rest I agree with you and would also place TE
    In the Overrated List for his Kack of Speed/Drops
    And is an average Old-Time of TE not really suited for today’s NFL where TE’s are split out, go in motion, run deep routes and help spread the field which is not his strength’s.. He’s a 7-8 Yard button hook Receiver, turn around and catch the ball and go down..

  • LOL!!! hahaha!! This wasn’t written by Jeff Kolsky, This was written by Paulman. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Here are some you missed as overrated
    1. Evan Mathis
    2. Matt Barkley
    3. Lane Johnson
    4. Brandon Graham
    5. Connor Barwin

    Underrated –
    1. Nick Foles
    2. Cedric Thornton
    3. Damien Square
    4. GMCliff

    • This article by Jeff does read like many of my Post’s about the Team
      anyways, not sure how you can have Barkley/Johnson as Overrated since they have not even taken a snap in the NFL yet
      Mathis is not overrated, just steady,consistent & Durable and has been the only Eagles O/L not to miss a game over the last 2 Seasons

      I do agree that Cedric Thornton is underrated, but I need to see more from him and think he’s due for a coming-out season

      • HAHA! It does doesn’t it Paul.

        I say those two rookies are overrated based on the expectations of most.

        Evan Mathis was just as much a bum on that Offensive Line as anybody who played Except, Karl Malone’s son, and it boggles my mind that so many ignore that or act like it doesn’t happen. He stunk last year, and to me he wasn’t that much better the year before.

        You know me Paul, We can agree to disagree, but I am not a fan of his because for me he is absolutely overrated.

        • Expectaions of Fan’s & the Media as opposed to the Coaches are 2 way Different things Cliff.. Do you really think Kelly,Roseman & Company expects Barkley,Johnson,Ertz,Logan, Wolff to Step right in during their Rookie Season and be All-Pro’s .. C’Mon, your smarter than this than follow “fan’s & media’ lack of Football knowledge

    • Mathis overrated? Cmon bro. Dude is soild! And will be even better playing next to Peters again

      • What’s up DMAN?

        I THINK HE IS A BUM BROTHER, and I will never like him.
        Thats just me bro. I think we can upgrade in this years draft from him.

        • Mathis has been rated by the Stats Guys of the NFL who break down every position and grade players on Total Snaps Plays, missed assignments, penalties, getting beat, giving up Sacks,Loss Yards, etc, etc and the faxct is that Evan Mathis has graded out as the Top 2 LG in the NFL over the last 2 Seasons .. The Numbers speak for themselves Cliff.. maybe you don’t like the guy personally for whatever reason, but Mathis has graded out very well by the Football Stats Guys
          so to say he is bum is way off-base and incorrect factually..
          Now is you want to say Demtress Bell is a bum (Like I told everyone he was last off-season when they acquired him then I would agree with you
          The Cowboys actually signed OT Bell to a Contract if you can believe that and will be back-up RT for them..

          • hes a borderline bum

            • and the sats guys don’t know what they are talking about. I WATCHED HIM…Overrated by these same stats guys…We can upgrade easily in the 2014 draft.

  • How are Peters and Cox underrated? Cirpes

    Peters is essential to the O-line which fell apart without him when he got hurt. He is an all pro left tackle. How can that player be underrated?

    Cox is going to be the centerpiece of the D-line and probably key to it’s success. Everyone has been praising his play last year and talking about how great he will be going forward. How is that underrated?

    • That confused me too Bugs………..I don’t get that at all…

  • Paulman, why in the hell would Nate Allen be on the overrated list? Everyone here knows he sucks. everyone here also knows Cole and Ryans are just average players. This list is easily different when it comes to actual Eagles fans/media vs. national NFL fans/media

    National NFL fans/media
    1- Vick
    2- Djax
    3- Avant
    1- Cox
    2- Kelce
    3- Shady
    4- Barwin
    5- Casey

    Local Eagles fans/media
    1- Avant
    2- Williams
    3- Herremans
    1- Kelce
    2- Mathis
    3- Fletcher
    4- Kendricks
    5- Casey

    • Beacuse the Eagles Franchise continues to Overrate them by counting on them to be Major Contributors which is why I put them on the Overrate List
      What have Trent Cole & Nate Allen done the last couple of Seaons that the Eagles Franchise has continue to name them Starters every year without getting upgrades…

      • Agreed Paul.

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