• August 15, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 4-1 Loss To St. Louis

Jimmy RollinsThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their third straight game on Tuesday night, falling to the Cardinals 4-1. Their record drops to 49-51.

  • Jonathan Pettibone pitched only five innings, allowing three runs on seven hits. Pettibone gave up a run in the first inning, and two more in the fourth.
  • Chase Utley remains red-hot. Utley went 3-4, extending his hitting streak to six games.
  • Domonic Brown went 0-4, leaving four runners on base.
  • John Mayberry went 1-4 with an RBI double.
  • Haven’t you all missed Raul Valdes? Valdes was recalled from Triple-A to take the spot of the injured Joe Savery, and celebrated his return to the majors by allowing a run in 1.1 innings.
  • Justin De Fratus and Jake Diekman each recorded an out.
  • Luis Garcia pitched a scoreless eighth inning.
  • Laynce Nix is completely useless by the way. Completely useless. Nix is batting just .192 with two homers and six RBI’s.

Final Thoughts

It feels like the wheels are starting to come off for good here.

The Phillies are scuffling again. Just as they fought their way above the .500 mark, they lose three straight and have a losing record once again.

The team is really missing the energy that Ben Revere had been bringing to the table at the top of the order. Revere had been hitting over .400 for nearly a month, and been getting on base early and often. Now that Revere is on the shelf, the team is stuck with Jimmy Rollins back in the lead-off role, and Rollins’ typical 1-5 or 1-4 efforts just aren’t having nearly the same impact.

It’s still a little soon to declare the team dead, but things aren’t looking good right now.


Denny Basens

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  • Mercy. Let the rebuild begin. Asche was 3 for 5 with 2 bombs tonight. On the year .292 -12- 60. Enough with trying to justify being buyers in a crappy NL East. The bubblegum can no longer fill the holes, the Titanic is officially sinking.

    • Can’t happen fast enough for me! But Amaro has to go NOW, before any trades happen! This dude gets more clueless with every interview. Already, a good future Philly prospect off the market, with Olt. Imagine what Texas would have given us for Lee? Too late now, since he’s untouchable, for the imaginary playoff run, & keeping him to build around, for the next nucleus, at 34! Brilliant!!!! 2 seasons, too late!

  • Amaro is one of the worst GMs in baseball, but like other GM’s in this city, he is adored by Montgomery and the top dogs in the Phillies organization.. they need to set emotions aside and do what is best for the team…..
    this organization has poured money into the roster and Amaro continues to make poor decisions….. the right GM would put together a winner with $180m roster…

  • Yeah, not sure why he gets a pass. $180 for a team that is under .500 at this point of the season and after the season they had last year. Time for him to go. Well past time for him to go.

    when he admitted he didn’t have a long term plan, that is a pretty big red flag right there. He must have pictures of some of the owners or something.

    • I have our payroll at just a tad under $160 million.

      • I have seen it different on 3 sites now, but regardless of whether it is $160 mil, he should still be in hot water for the team that he has put together for that money.

  • GM Amaro is signed thru 2015 as GM and it’s very unlikely he will be Fired before the end of his Deal..Phils have traditionally been very reluctant to Terminate Front Office And even Managers before their Deals are up.. (just like Eagles Owner Jeff Lurie is) These Philly Organizations are not going to “Buy-Out” and Pay Excecutives/GM’s & Coach’s not to work..
    I do believe that Amaro will have every opportunity this Off-Season and next year (2014) to Turn things around, I am not sure if he has the Game-Plan or Baseball Mind to do so.. I see Asst Scott Profock taking a larger role and eventually take over for Reuben Amaro who probably gets ppushed upstairs for a cushy Executive Role for this is how the Phils Ownership Operates

  • Finally, other cats joining the real world, insstead of living in the irrational world, full of delusions, illusions, stupidity & unrealistic pom-pom waving. This is what happens boys, when you have an inept, impatient, stupid, cowardly, overmatched, reactive, GM, with no plan, no foresight, nor answers, to how to retool/ rebuild a team. If he continues to run this team, look forward to the late 80’s- late 90’s, 2.0, because we have nothing close, let alone set in stone coming up from the minors, FA for the next 2 years, are full of band-aids, & more has-beens, to be overpaid, & with each passing day, the trade value dwindles, with what little trade chips we do have! This team might be the most frustrating, boring, undisciplined, unlikeable bunch of overpaid stiffs & hasbeens, that I’ve seen, in a LOOOONG time!

  • By golly Dcar… I agree with every word you just uttered.

  • **Phils Trade Alert***

    Phils Send CLiff Lee, C Utley & J Papelbon to the LA Angels for 1B Albert Puljos and OF Josh Hamilton & 2B Howie Kendrick

    Phils also Trade Carlos Ruiz & M Young & to the Yankees
    for RHP Joba Chamberlin and 3B Alex Rodriquez (Yankee’s to pay 3/4 of A-Rods Remaining Salary)

    • lmfao.

      does ryan howard play rf, catcher or 3rd base when he comes back?

      • Pujols moves back to his orginal position of 3B…
        Philles with the worst Defensive Infield in the History of MLB
        1B- Howard 2B-Kendrick SS-Rollins 3B-Pujols
        Good Grief… Rueben Says he is “Going All-in Hell or High Water”

        • Howard Gets Traded to the 76ers and takes “Bynum’s Old Jersey”

          • BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Paul, I hope thats tongue-in-cheek. They are two of the worst proposed trades I have ever seen. That would set the franchise back 10 years.

  • This team needs an exorcism & a full colon blow, not trades!

  • Unwatchable.

    • bugs, rumor has it, Ruin 2morrow is negotiating with Utley, for 3 year contract. If that stupid POS, makes that idiotic move, he needs to be tied to a bumper, & drug through a field of glass & gravel. You watch, he will do nothing at the deadline to better the future of this team, & he’ll re-sign Utley, Chooch & Halladay. I absolutely have extreme hate for this stupid, smug, inept JO!

  • I just read that Salisbury report. Holy crap. As much as I love Utley, you can’t sign that guy to an extension at this point in his career. Time to move on and he really should be traded if possible. Let him go to a contender.

    Yikes. Should be Hernandez or Asche (if they feel that Franco is ready) next year. We are all ready for that transition except for the idiot with no plan.

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