• May 21, 2022

Howie Roseman: Vick Is All For The Quarterback Competition

At the end of June, Michael Vick said he wanted Chip Kelly to hurry up and make a decision about the starting quarterback position.  He was criticized for the request, but yesterday Eagles GM Howie Roseman made it clear that Vick wasn’t backing down from the competition.

“Every conversation I’ve had, and anyone in this building had with Michael about competition, he’s all for it,” Roseman said. “He wants the best players to play and he’s not shying away from competition in any aspect. He knew that when we signed him. He knew there was going to be competition at every spot, and he said nothing other than he wants to compete.”

Personally, the more I’ve heard about how he made that comment, the more I believe it was just a kind of passing comment that Vick made to a reporter, but it wasn’t where he was demanding that a starter be named ASAP.  He was just honestly stating that he’d rather have the starting quarterback named sooner than later.

“When we signed Michael (to a new deal in February), it was with every intention that he was going to be on this team,” Roseman said. “He’s a very talented guy, and he’s really eager to show what he’s capable of, and we’re eager to see it.”

From a career stand point, Vick is in a very important battle with Nick Foles and Matt Barkley.  If he’s not able to win the job and win in convincingly, his chances of being a top level starting quarterback again in the NFL during his career are very slim.

I’m sure Vick is going to let everybody know today that he’s not backing down one bit from this challenge.  He’s likely to make it clear that he thinks he’s the best man for the job.  This quarterback competition, should be a lot of fun.



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  • The Seed has been planted from the Organization … Mike VIck will not make this 53 Man Roster 6 weeks from now…
    Whenever a GM has to come out and state that this player or that player is excited and up for the challenge of being the Leader/Starter for the Team is usually a sign that they are saying the right things to maintain Value..
    But comments like “Signed him with every intention of being on the Team” and “We are eager to see what he is capable of ” as if you don’t know already after being with the Eagles the last 4 Years is no ringing endoresement,as far as I am concerned…

    Vick must be heads & shoulders above Foles to warrant a Starters Spot and Roster Spot on the Team.. Simply making a few big plays here and there is not going to cut it for him.. It will be interesting to see how he handles this pressure of having to compete for his Job as Starter.. I think we can all agree that if he is not the Starter, that he probably would not be a good fit Team Chemistry wise in a Back-Up’s Role for a rebuilding Team

  • Vick as a back up would be an unmitigated disaster. It could never work.

    Ist game birds are behind or young starting QB makes a mistake (and there will be – esp early – with Foles or Barkley at the helm) Can’t you just imagine Vick and Desean hunched over on the bench, perma-scowls etched on their faces, just grumbling about how if only Mike were in there “making plays”. Emotions on their sleeves, over-exaggerated disgust out there for everyone to see.

    Won’t. Can’t. Work.

    Eagles just going through the motions with Vick right now…letting the “superstar” vet down easy…very difficult to cut Vick you understand….national media will go berserk…”terrible decision” etc (I think Jamie Dukes might actually explode on national tv if it were to happen)….Lurie always afraid of image/perception…..

    This is just a slow, easy “transition” – made all that much harder because they cannot find a trading partner for the guy and will have to release him outright soon.

    Very embarrassing for a player of Vick’s supposed ‘stature.’

  • Releasing vick would be addition by subtraction

  • i sense a lot of people think that vick is on the cusp of being cut, i pray for it yet i just cant see the iggles doing it. if i had to place a wager on the week 1 starting qb i would bet vick.

  • “Eagles just going through the motions with Vick right now…letting the “superstar” vet down easy…very difficult to cut Vick you understand….national media will go berserk…”terrible decision” etc (I think Jamie Dukes might actually explode on national tv if it were to happen)….Lurie always afraid of image/perception…..”

    Oh I see Vinnie is back to making shit up again. lol

    How’d that kaep experiment work for you?

    Oh and training camp?

    Wait…it was they were cutting him before OTA’s right?

    Oh wait…in Jan…


  • “i sense a lot of people think that vick is on the cusp of being cut, ”

    The only people who “sense” that are those who haven’t’ listened to a damn thing Chip Kelly said All. Year.

  • TRUST ME I am all for M Vick getting shipped out of here, it’s just what’s better for the team and Chip in the long run.. but I can’t see it happening Until about week 3-5 if anything if it does happen. Mike Vick will be the opening day starter with all the veterans behind him supporting.. With a healthy Oline, an actual balanced running game Chip is convinced he can win or put up points with this offense, and I don’t blame him. It’s not like we haven’t been a top 5 offense with this same exact team before. Imagin what this team might be able to do when it is ran correctly. He has already stated he is “win now mode” and that means taking his best chances and going with Vick.

  • The people who “sense” that are the ones paying attention.

    1 – To a QB battle where the 2nd year player performed better all spring

    2 – To a general manager contradicting Vick with this: “He loves the competition…he’s a great soldier…very positive…we love him!!” public shout out to every other team in the league….basically a “please, please…offer us a 7th and he’s yours! call” (Ain’t going to happen)

    3 – To the Eagles website where team shill Spadaro just did an insider “report” on Foles and dropped lines like:

    Amid the scrutiny is the ice-cool nature of Foles who reported in great physical and mental shape and who embraces the competition ahead.

    and showed toughness, poise and leadership playing behind a battered offensive line on a team that eventually won only four games.

    Along the way, Foles established franchise records for passing yards, completions and attempts by a rookies.

    Foles isn’t being drawn into any of the chatter. He’s a grounded kid who spreads the credit and who accepts the blame.

    Foles isn’t being drawn into any of the chatter. He’s a grounded kid who spreads the credit and who accepts the blame.

    “What an awesome guy…can’t you feel it Eagles’ fans….get ready because he’s your QB of the future….and he’s awesome!!”

    4 – Vick gets handed $3.5 million if he is on the 53 man roster week 1….they’re not paying that to a guy no one else in the league wants.

    So there you have it…..

    Oh and TS – I originally thought VIck was going to get his $3.5 on Aug 1st, thus the ationale for him being cut before TC and a chance to hook up with another team (that and it would be the right thing to do)…but as he doesn’t get that until week 1, they’ve got a couple more weeks to ramp up the FOles hype machine and ease MV7 out of town.

    As for the “Kap experiment”. He hasn’t played a full season yet, so no judgements – good or bad. That being said, the “experiment” had 2 components – one that Kap played good – and he has so far – but the second was the play of SMith. If Kap has a softmore slump and KC gets off to a flying start…you will begin to hear “did the 49ers do the right thing….” start up in the press pretty quickly.

    • im paying attention and 100% see the writing on the wall and praying what i am reading is real im just very nervous i am going to be let down and #7 will be behind center week1 and i will be forced to not watch the eagles until he is hurt or benched.

      regarding kap, imo that guys a chump and a me guy and not a leader… he had a great run last year but seattle is taking that division this year.

      • What are you 5 years old?. I will show them Im not gonna watch until he is hurt or benched. You really think anyone cares what you do?

        • learn how to read and comprehend the english language you fucking dumb cunt before asking me some retarded questions. but to answer your idiotic question – no i dont think anyone cares what i watch, never said anyone does and never implied it again learn how to read and comprehend moron.

          my preference would be to watch other games on the sunday ticket rather than watch my team trot out this loser again and watch the same awful brand of football mike has been playing for over 10 years now.

          • They retired the word Cunt 20 years ago hillbilly. Waaa im not watching Eagles if Vick plays. You sound like a little bitch. Like i said before nobody cares what you watch.

            • Im gonna be weally weally mad if Vick plays. Im gonna hold my breath til i turn blue. Then im gonna tell my daddy on you.

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              • LOL.

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                “to me about gay stuf”

                So we add gays to the list of people you have problems with…you’re SO progressive.


              • i forgot how dumb you were… thanks for reminding me tranny.

                god i hope vick disappears as i have a feeling the trolls, the posters who cant read and comprehend their language, the people that dont have jobs (ts), the racists and a good portion of the people that come her to cause drama will dwindle.

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              • you got it twisted girl, you do the insulting and start fights i just finish the battles. you are so pathetic that you took notes and set an alarm because vinnie said vick wouldnt be the qb when camp began and 2 minutes after camp began you came here to make fun of vinnie totally classy and mature.

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              • “couple more things i know about you, you could drop about 50 lbs and should for health purposes drop 25lbs.

                you live in squalor, in a crap neighborhood, with neighbors who dont keep up the hood and your home is valued under $60k mostly because you blew your future by leveraging so much student debt but also contributed by the fact that you dont have a job.

                your a single mom for many of reasons but mostly because you personality is unbearable, one of those people that says nope wasnt me when their are pictures, videos, eyewitnesses, and fingerprints….”


                This is what happens when folk get keyboard gangsta and get SO riled up by some one who they don’t even know…they apparently can’t sleep at night ’cause they have me on the brain.

                You’re wrong on all counts above…

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              • “you got it twisted girl, you do the insulting and start fights i just finish the battles. you are so pathetic that you took notes and set an alarm because vinnie said vick wouldnt be the qb when camp began and 2 minutes after camp began you came here to make fun of vinnie totally classy and mature.”

                Classy and mature from a guy who calls me a “tranny” and a “cunt”

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    • “To a QB battle where the 2nd year player performed better all spring”

      You’re back to making that up again.

  • Honestly, I don’t see Vick losing in a camp tryout against Foles…. Vick is one of the most athletic players of all time. When there’s no defenders in Vick’s face, he is unbeatable.

    It’s going to take some game action to bring out Vick’s poor decision making. When the play breaks down and Vick starts improvising. That’s when he will loss Chip’s support. All Chip sees now is that 4.4 speed and he gets moist.

    • I”ll say it again.

      Foles is going to OUT PLAY M. Vick – hands down, no questions asked to win this job. If him and Vick are close in accuracy and decision making (let’s not act like Foles was a camp in these departments last year) – Vick will get the nod b/c of what he can do on the ground.

      It’s not that complicated.

      Now. if Vick buys into Kelly’s systm “It’s going to take some game action to bring out Vick’s poor decision making. When the play breaks down and Vick starts improvising.”

      That’s not going to be an issue. No 7 step drops..and as long as Petr’s healthy, less worry ’bout the line breaking down.

  • Foles sporting a young Joe Montana hair cut, things looking good for the eagles

    • The hair cut is a sign that the kid “gets it” and wants to be front and center. No more aw shucks Luke Skywalker farm boy cut now it’s all Jedi!

  • Hey – the “haircut, sideways hat, how they present themselves” bit is mine!

    Very happy with the haircut. He’s dropped the teenaged/frat boy college locks. Now a professional.

    Vick – still wearing the sideways hat like he’s in grade 8. Done and done.

    The 23 year old kid, looking, speaking, acting like a pro. The 33 year old still whining about how he wants a starter named and how he’ll run for 1000s of yards because he is so extra special special. Ridiculous.

    BTW TS – absolutely incorrect about the Vick can be a bit worse and still win “because he can run” business. You could not be more wrong.

    Its exactly the other way around. If the 12 year former superstar veteran isn’t completely heads and tails above the 2nd year guy with 6 starts under his belt, then there’s no way any intelligent coach takes the 33 year old (especially one with an injury and turnover history like Vick) over the 23 year old.

    • Notice I didn’t say anything about a “bit worse.”

      • Fine. “Even” then….who cares.

        Only an idiot would choose a 33 year old broken down mini man with a decade of failure under his belt, over a 23 year old with promise if the 2 of them are “even”

        • Good point Mr. Vinnie

  • Must admit Foles now looks like a NFL Qb. The haircut looks good, he looks fit and ready to go. I am kinda impressed with everything he has said.. Just looked at some hihhlights on him, he looks alot different. Hes fucking big. If he is the one lets go!

    • Ahhh…but does he play like one.

      • TS Im not gonna bullshit you. Foles looks a lot different then he did last year. He really does.

        • I was being silly.

          No. He does. His arm looks better..and I think Kelly’s offense suits him because it’s simple. But it’s easy to look in shorts. TC will really separate the wheat from the chaff.

          – If Foles is named the QB I think we can have success with him.

          – I still think experience wins this out Tony Romo would likely beat Foles out in camp – most long term starters would

          – I also maintain if it’s close Vick gets the nod ’cause of the mismatches he provides for defenses and Kelly wants to win now.

      • Vick sure as heck never has…..Ok on a serious note here, TS and Mehenski should be ashamed of yourselves for getting that personal over this subject on its 100th incarnation. I really don’t care where people live what they look like or whatever. If you wanna tell each other to f-off thats one thing but to get so personal is embarrassing to me as a reader. Im not saying one is worse than the other but there has to be a line. Tell people to f-off STFU what ever but don’t drop to the level above……Back to the question though…Vick hasn’t played like an NFL QB for his career, ive been saying it for years here….sigh.

        • For the record…I didn’t get personal.

          He called me a cunt AFTER calling me a tranny.

          AND THEN he pries into my life (getting things wrong in more than one case…for instance my name) – some of which I beleive was done illegally…all because he got his damn FEELING HURT on a BLOG.


          • All that money on a masters degree in English and still can’t read haaaaaa. Literally laughing out loud 60+k on A English degree and can’t read and comprehend English. Haaaa

            I never called u a cunt ever period or said anything to you until you came at me talking some weird gay nonsense about penis size and whatever juvenile insults you tried to make. However once you started talking that 12 year old garbage I gave it all back to you.

            English masters and can’t read haaaaa. Where you get your degree from Venezuela university on line????

            • Well your both out of line for a damn Eagles blog. I have found you both to be fans. Even though I don’t agree with all your opinions I respect them. I am by no means a peace maker or a preacher I just find this very uneasy to read. This is my entertainment keep reality to a min please. There is enough petty hate and bullshit in the real news that brings us all down. You wanna punch each other in the face I’m all for it. Leave the guns and knives at home though. Metaphorical references of course. Not to be a hypocrit because I have threatened violence on here before lol.

      • I can tell you Vick doesn’t..

  • I have a question. Since we have switched to a 3-4 and the Cowboys have some injuries on their d-line and they switched to a 4-3 and we may have some pieces that don’t fit ala(Cole, Graham), do you do a deal with the Cowboys or is that tabu since its in the division and are hated rivals. If so what would we ask for or what would you take from the Cowboys? Picks, players or no?

    • Cowboys actually seem like a perfect trade partner.

      • No NO NO no trading with those scumbags in Texas lol….The hell with em :D.

        • Graham to the Cowboys for thier #1 pick next year.lol. Would you take Cowboys 2nd round pick for BG?

          • Brandon Graham would not return a 1st Round Selection from anyone, He’s not done enough over his 3 Year Career to warrant a 1st Round Pick in Return.. Let him play out his Rookie Deal out and if no big improvement, then cut the chord and move on…
            Trent Cole is very difficult to trade due to his Salary, Teams would be willing to wait until he’s released, then go after him and offer his a must reduced Salary.. He is not a full-time DE player for most Teams and would be used as a situational Pass-Rusher which in limited snaps would probably be more productive as far as Sacks go which is what I have said about Trent Cole for 4 Years
            If he played 30-40 Snaps a Game, he will still get the same amount of Sacks,Hurries & Pressure as he does playing 60 Snaps like he has has the last few Season, The big problem is that he’s very weak in containing his edge and Teams that are familiar with him (Giants,Cowboys,Redskins,Bears,Falcons,Packers etc,etc run his way all game long…)

  • Uh oh bad news for peeps that want Vick out. They were practicing with nerf footballs today which totally caters to Vick. If the game was played with nerf balls I have a feeling mike would be leading us to our 3rd consecutive Super Bowl victory this year

    • that’s better

  • I thought training camp would bring better conversations boy was I wrong. Well X after all these years its make or break time for Vick either he plays better or he is relegated to back up for the rest of his career. I still think the ultimate plan is for Barkley to be the man. TS Johnson don’t let the nonsense drag you down to that level. I wonder who will be behind center when they come down to Jacksonville.

    • TS Johnson don’t let the nonsense drag you down to that level.

      “Yeah that was my bad. Couldn’t someone would go there ’cause of blog comments”

      I wonder who will be behind center when they come down to Jacksonville.

      Is that the last pre-season game? If it is…I’d say whoever the starter is going to be. lol

      • I think its the third game which usually is the last game the starters play but you never know with Chipper. I honestly believe he has no idea who is starter will be and I really don’t think he has a preference either, let the best man win.

        • yea ts dont go to that level stay at that level where you act like a sexual deviant and out of nowhere join a conversation that didnt include you and start talking about anonymous peoples penis size, thats the level you need to be it. well that and that level where you make up stories and say people are calling you a cunt even though it was never said. thats the level you need to be at.

          oh and that level where you cant read and comprehend the english language.

  • I have to agree about the personal/insult business. No point to it. Don’t get me wrong – I like the ribbing and pushing each others buttons, but we could turn down with the “cunt, trannie, small dick business…..its beneath everyone.

    While I liked the whole “alarm clock set to TC – Jumped on Vinnie the min after TC started” bit was pretty funny/inventive….Actually Mehinski that made my drink come out my nose, well done…..

    the “You’re a __________” business between you guys….I think that can be toned down a bit.

    Lets be more creative with the insults…..raise the bar a bit.

  • I’m so glad it’s an open competition so when Chip makes the call there will be no question who is the best QB for the Eagles.

    We’ll rally behind Chip’s choice.

    Right guys?

    • If it’s Vick you’re going to have to put some folk on suicide watch.

    • Of course. Haven’t liked Vick as qb in the past, but it won’t change my rooting for the birds. Just will hope the good will outweigh the bad if he’s the qb.

  • I have told you before reverend songs, if it is Vick we will rally around him

  • But if it is foles will you rally around him?

    • Touche.

  • You are ok in my book TS, you are probably one sexy bitch

    • LMAO!!!



  • Do jets fans rally around Sanchez? Nope. Because they know the team is going nowhere with him.

    Do Dallas fans rally around Romo? Not really. Because they know the team is going nowhere with him.

    Do Chicago fans rally around Cutler? Nope. Because they know the team is going nowhere with him.

    Do Tampa fans rally around Freeman? Nope. Because they know the team is going nowhere with him.

    Will Arizona fans rally around Palmer? Nope. Because they know the team is going nowhere with him.

    Will Bills fans rally around Kolb? Nope. Because they know the team is going nowhere with him.

    Do Browns fans rally around whomever the hell their QB is? Nope. Because they know the team is going nowhere with him.

    Do Jags fans rally around…. wait, there are no Jags fans………

    Do Oakland fans rally around whoever their QB is? Nope. Because they know the team is going nowhere with him.

    Do SD fans rally around Rivers? Not anymore. Because they know the team is going nowhere with him.

    Should Eagles fans rally around Vick? Nope. Because they know the team is going nowhere with him.

    Question….since drafted in 2001, to how many 9 win seasons has Vick led his team??


    Time to move on.

    • Vinnie we won’t rally but we will have to hope for the best. I think Vick is a bad qb, but if he’s the starter ill still have to hope we can win. I won’t agree with the decision but ill have to live with it. As fans we have no power, all we can do is hope. I will be there every Sunday Hoping for a birds victory but knowing a turnover is one bad slide away.

    • You missed a few Vinnie.

      Do Lions fans rally around Stafford? They sucked since he’s been there.
      Do Rams fans rally behind Bradford? They sucked since he been playing.
      Do Miami rally around Tannehill?

      See, we can go on and on outside the top 4-5 teams in the league and come with questions pointing to the quarterback, when in reality a team needs proper coaching from top to bottom, with a strong offense, defense, and special team play to contend.

      When Michael Vick had these in place in Atlanta, he lost to our Eagles in the NFC Championship game.


      A QB by himself can’t win anything, and If you don’t believe me ask Brady after Spygate.

      He’s still great but won nothing since.

      Their defense is worse, with worse players, and their special teams play is sub par.

      Now, look at the top teams like Niners, B’More, Green Bay, Seattle.

      These teams have strong front offices, great coaching, which translate to Championship play.

      I believe if Vick was not on the Eagles they would have been even worse these last few year….Could you imagine if Kolb would have took the reigns like so many here wished for?

      I kinda wish it would have happen so maybe Reid firing would have come sooner because Vick saved his ass.

      • New England is a perennial contender each year due to 2 reasons.

        1 – the joke of a division for the past decade.
        2 – their QB

        As for your other mentions (or past SB winners)…Gb, Sea, Balt, NE….QB, QB, QB, QB…..NO, NYG,….QB….QB (at least in playoffs)

        Put Vick on any of those teams and none of them make the playoffs.

        Vick on New England? I doubt they’re a .500 team?.

        Please remember that NE D is a complete joke…but they put up 35 a game to compensate. Baltimore’s D (despite its rep) is actually pretty bad….was porous during the playoffs….Green Bay’s offensive line? If they were the Eagles’ line we’d be hammering them as much as the 2012 squad here methinks….

        You need all the other things you speak about on the team, but first and formost you need a QB.

        The Eagles are 10-14 over Vick’s starts the past 2 seasons……how much worse would it have been under Kolb??? 8 – 16? who the fuck cares….just would have meant higher draft picks (plus the massive compensation for trading Vick after 2010)

        Eagles would have been in much, much better shape (for the future) if they had traded Vick after the 2010 mirage and gone with Kolb.

        • “Vick on New England? I doubt they’re a .500 team?.”

          You lost all credibility with that comment. Bellechick is THE MAN…he would have NEVER had Vick in 7 step drops and try and turn him into a pocket passer.

          He would have run him out the shot gun, had designed runs, had two-head running back tandem, and kept Vick passing 30-35 times a game, with primarily short and intermediate passes with the big pass an option if it was available (nut not the ONLY option as with Reid).

          • Bellichick is “the man” precisely because he would never, ever, ever have an inconsistent, turnover prone player like Vick play QB for him, because he knows you cannot win in the NFL with a player like Vick.

            He demands exacting precision from the QB position, exactly the opposite of Vick.

            BTW – Vick…2 teams, 4 coaches….one 11 win season since 2001.


            Ohhhhh, but I forgot….the hoodie would be able to make him competent. Got it.

  • I would not be Surprised to see Kelly employ a 2 QB System
    Brings Vick in short-Yardage& Red Zone
    Situations to Start the Season which would Defenses having to soend time to prepare for both QB’s, and then after 3-4 Regular Season
    Games based on Production, Turnovers, Teams Performance, Scoring efficiency, Then Go with Foles as the Full-Time Starter..
    This nay not be a bad way to go, and if Eagles get off to a fast Start
    (3-0 or 2-1 Start) which is possible, maybe even stay with it to keep both QB’s are edge a bit and have Opposing Defense’s Coordinator’s trying to figure out how to stop both.. It could work, Vick pkay the 2 minute, hurry-up, quick Tempo with 3-4 Receivers, spreading the field out, while Foles play the more tradiotional, grind it out, run the ball type of smash mouth Offense.. Very interesting if Kelly would Do something like this ..

    • Paulman earlier in the day you posted Vick wont make the roster 6 weeks from now. Now you have him splitting time with Foles. Your changing your mind daily. lol, Its all good nobody knows whats gonna happen.

      • My personal preference is that he (Vick)
        Is gone Dag, but obviously what I think doesn’t matter,
        And could see a scenario as I mentioned above taking place
        Whee Kelly utilize’s both QB’s and Systems
        (WCO from Shurmur & some Rad-option with Vick)
        To really throw Defense’s on their heels in having to prepare for them
        We will all find out over the next 6-7 week’s, but what I would want to happen and what Chip Kelly will decide are 2 different things..
        And possibly if Dixon were to play real well, maybe use him instead of Vick in thle same scenario, short-Yardage/ Red Zone to mix things up
        If Dimxon were to iutpkamy Vick in Camp/Preseason, which is unlikely but possible

    • Why brng Vick into the redzone when arguably, that’s where he’s been worse over the past 3 seasons?

      If Kelly tries to roll 2 qbs Spurrier style I’m going to lose it.

  • I can’t wait until the season starts and this whole whose the QB discussion is over. I guess there will be a lot less eagles and Chip Kelly fans if they pick Vick lol I think it’s funny guys are so upset about Vick they won’t watch if he is the QB. I am ready for the Foles era or Barkley era, but if Vick is the starter it won’t bother me to see if he has it under Chip Kelly.
    Vick played well in Atlanta despite not being a real student of the game. He made plays and if it wasn’t for injury would have had more success other than his one trip to the NCF tittle game. As an Eagle fan nobody can say that game was a walk in the park and Vick was easy to stop.
    Since jail he had one decent year with the Eagles where he showed some maturity trusting his line more and throwing the ball downfield. in 2011 he tried the same approach it started off ok but with that horrible defense and again injuries to himself and late game breakdowns cost the Birds.
    last year the team was horrible and fell apart before it really was off the ground with the Peters injury no QB could play well with that line.
    Vick’s main issue to me is not being able to be healthy more than turnovers. The Pittsburg fumble is the one T.O that sticks out to me as horrible oh and the Cleveland INT fest that he drove down to win oh and the Buffalo game from 2011 lol besides those three games none of the losses can I directly blame on Vick turnovers. Chip Kelly prob sees the same thing and is why he is back getting another look. People need to realize Vick came here at the end of Andy and is not fully a part of his era no more so than Jason Peters or any other player that came at the end. with that being said, yes I will be screaming at the TV for Foles if he comes out turning the ball over or looking erratic. lol

    • You had me ’till the Buffalo game…3 of those INTs were on the receivers – that still leaves him with two.

      I say you swap Buffalo for last years Ravens game…we won it, but it was an INT/Fumble fest.

      • TS – I was at that game. I was 20 yards away when Vick stood there like a statue for 8 full seconds as the clock ran down at the end of the first half.

        8 seconds in a perfect pocket. No one around. Buffalo didn’t even rush anyone.

        We started a “throw the ball – throw the ball” chant at about the 4 second mark.

        Stood there. Statue.

        Threw the ball through the endzone after the clock read zero.

        I think it was the worst play I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

        Mike Vick was HORRIBLE that game. There were open WRs everywhere and he decided his favourite players were guys in red, white and blue.

        The whole…”it was the WRs fault” for that game is a complete, utter, “I love MV so I will make any excuse” lie.

        • I have to revisit this.

          That play sums everything up.

          Everyone in the stadium knew what was “going” to happen. Bills fans – used to disasters – we flooding to the concessions because they KNEW what was going to happen.

          QB drop back – look for one guy.
          Open? Then throw. TD
          Covered? Spike ball or through endzone.

          Hut. Drop back.

          Stand there.


          Stand there.


          Stand there.

          Tick. (what the fuck is he doing??)

          Stand there.

          Tick. (throw the ball man)

          Stand there.

          Tick. (Jeezus! Fuck. Throw the ball)

          Stand there.

          Tick. (THROW THE FUCKING BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

          Stand there.

          Tick. (Holy shit the clock is going to run out you idiot!)

          Stand there.

          Tick. Zeros. Oh look, now he’s throwing it.

          My good buddy, (Not Eagles fan) turns and calmly says….”That guy is fucking stupid”

          Ya. Thanks. Didn’t notice.

          The only thing Vick should not have done was what he did….I probably would have accepted an int there more easily than that pathetic display.

        • Actually that’s not how that play happened. he did however wait too long to throw the ball…and they did get shafted out of their one second they had left on the clock.

          BUT the fact you miss is Reid should have just kicked the field goal there..that was a DUMB decision by the Coach that wasn’t executed well by the QB.

          • “that’s not how that play happened”

            Oh ya. I forgot. You were sitting right beside me. TS – the stadium was laughing about how bad that play was. I was there with 50 guys on a bus trip (about 5 of us in Eagles gear) and got hammered by the 45 Bills fans around me about how pathetic Vick was. I heard “deer in the headlights jokes” for the next 2 hours.

            “thatk god Vick is your QB – we’re going to get our first win in 2 years!”
            “When did you replace your starting QB with Ryan Fitzpatrick”

            and on and on……and all I could do was agree.

            There was plenty of time for a quick read/throw or throw away. The Eagles had a timeout in their pocket.

            Its the NFL and any coach would have tried to take a quick shot there.

            No one. Tick. Would normally imagine. Tick. That the starting QB. Tick. Would just stand there like a statue. Tick. As time ran. Tick. Off the clock.

            • The fact is Vick’s turnovers did not cost the Eagles many games over the last two years. him being hurt affected the team much more. Those three games I mentioned if won brings the eagles no closer to winning or achieving anything. The Eagles were a bad team. Some fans will face and accept that and understand with a new coach we are moving forward. some will continue to be in the dark and blame both seasons on the QB and not think we are starting over as long as he is here. This is a fresh start regardless of who is behind center when you remove a 12 year coach. Bringing Vick back hold no more weight than bringing Maclin, or Jason Peters, Brandon Graham or any other late Andy regime player.

            • You act like TV doesn’t work. The reason I stopped going to live games is ’cause they are MUCH harder to follow then when I’m viewing them on a big screen somewhere, minus all the real life distractions and weather.

              There wasn’t anyone open initially during that play. He SHOULD have thrown it way within 3 sec when nothing was open. He waited to long…I said that…it was a screw up on his part…BUT the biggest screw up is that was a really dumb play to call at that time, with the score being what it was. Reid should have taken the field goal.

              • ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — We could start anywhere, but I’m going to start with the quarterback. Michael Vick has played an abysmal game to this point and the Eagles trail the Bills 21-7 at the half.

                The three interceptions were obviously terrible, even if two of them were on tipped balls. But it was in the final seconds of the half where Vick may have played his worst. The offensive line looked inspired as the Eagles moved the ball down the field in the two-minute drill, throwing Bill bodies all over the place and giving Vick plenty of time to throw. But he still managed to take too long. On the second-to-last play of the half, he threw a ball that by rights should have been his fourth interception of the game. And on the last, which began with eight seconds left on the clock, he managed to sit in the pocket for all eight before throwing the ball through the back of the end zone.

              • I agree home is where its at for a football game. Even with good seats like you said the weather ect. I have sat in about every section of the Link its no place like home. Only reason I go is for the Shmiter concession lol. I need the replays my DVR. I don’t watch Eagles games with other Eagles fans either, their points and views may get on my nerves depending on how the game is going. Growing up all the men of our house would be in separate rooms only came out to vent or celebrate. lol

  • Would be nice if we cut Vick and traded for Tyrod Taylor. He would be perfect for Chips offense.

  • Any attempt to pretend that the exchange between mehinski and ts are somehow equally deserving of admonishment is as insulting as his profane comments. What I saw by some of you was the equivalent of grabbing both by the ears and telling them to play nice. Did any of you read mehinski’s over the top profane response to her OPINION? Are you fukking kidding me? Going on diatribe about her personal life try to OUT her on a public blog? Really Gcobb posters? Some of you are being beyond obtuse. Her small diyck response to his insults are not even remotely same.

    And let us not forget(in a much earlier vick thread) when we all saw a her being called a TRANNY for again having a contrary opinion.

    • Business as usual brewski, that’s why I told ts to keep it moving. I have called him out before for the same behavior. As for Vick if he loses the job, Kelly may keep him around as the veteran back up in case Foles or Barkley flame out. If Barkley plays better then Foles but cannot beat out Vick, then Foles will be traded or released. Just my opinion.

    • Thank you.

      • I guess we can add coldbrewski to the list with daggolden and tsjohnson5 of the gcobb posters who cant read and comprehend the english language. For the record and contrary to tsjohnsons lies I never called her a cunt and the fact remains that I never wrote a word to her prior to her posting the following to me:

        “It must be hard for you…with that small penis and all…cause only men with SERIOUS woman issues trot out the word “cunt” in a conversation where no one called you anything, just pointed out the problem with your post.

        I here extenze works (maybe) just ask Jimmy Johnson”

        I apologize to the gcobb posters that had to read through the trash I posted towards her AFTER the above post but I guess its a flaw in my character to respond to trash with trash.

        • Just like nobody cares about what you watch nobody cares anything about your list either.lol

          • And nobody cares about reading your troll posts after everyone of my posts either.

    • I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt…you have the situation all wrong. So read it again and try to comprehend what happened.

  • As for the thread topic. Don’t care about Roseman’s or Vick’s opinions. All I want to see is what you do on the field. Tired of the talking. Show me on the field. If vick can’t beat out either Foles or Barkley we should let him go. If Foles can’t be out the same Vick that so many say sucks, he’s a clipboard holder.

    • I’ll say this…all this talk about Vick being a back up is DUMB. If he can’t beat a 3rd round 2nd year QB and a 4th round rookie – he doesn’t need to be here. Vick as back up, I think, is problematic even he is a model citizen. The media is in a frenzy now about a QB comp. Can you imagine if Vick is benched…it will be a year long QB controversy. God forbid Foles plays poorly.

      It will be 2012 all over again. No bueno.

      • Finally something we can agree on. VIck as a back-up would be an unmitigated disaster.

      • TS what would you do for a viable back up? I say Vick stays regardless because Kelly needs a QB who has won games. By the way everybody knows the back up QB is the most popular guy on a losing team so it really doesn’t matter who wins the job if the losses pile up the fan base will be screaming for the back up. What would you do? Anybody jump in here.

        • Biglion, if you get a guy off the streets or on the depth chart of another team, 99% of the time they are not going to come in and win you games to save the season. So going that route is just stupid. Its an easy answer, if Vick starts and sucks like history tells us then Foles will play sooner rather than later. then if he sucks they will throw Barkley in. If Foles starts and then sucks it up, Barkley will play (vick will likely be released in that situation). They are not going to bring in another guy after camp is over, when there is 2 young question marks on the team that have been learning the system for months.

          I still think Vick gets the start. Tell me another Qb that makes 10x more money than the other QBs on the team and doesn’t start the first game of the year. Its just the way it is 99% of the time.

        • Okay.

          I don’t have an answer to that. But looking at it from that POV I do understand.

  • No true no 1 will be content as a back up, it’s not just Vick, it’s anybody with that makeup, they will say publicly they want the starter to do well but inside they hoping he sucks, it would just be magnified with Vick because he’s not a good poker player

    Foles has the same makeup, he’s already laid down the gauntlet and stated he’s here to start

    Regardless of who wins out, this is great stuff.

  • Foles is on track. After watching TC around the NFL there is no reason not to believe Foles cant be as good as most of the QBs rated and taken much sooner than him. Theres no reason to believe he cant be as good as Brandon Weeden and Christian Ponder who were rated a lot higher. He is ever bit as good as them even though they went so much earlier then him.

    • I forgot Jake Locker.and Blaine Gabbert. Foles could be better than all them top picks of the past few yars.

      • you know Fole could be worse than the guys you mentioned. right?

    • Dag…I can’t tell whether you’re being facetious or serious.

      ‘Cause while I love Shady…he’s no AP…and Ponder without AP – see Blain Gabbert. #justsayin

      • : }

        • A little of both ts. But like I stated before in all honesty Foles looks the part. He looks fit, big, strong and got rid of the Napolean Dynamite look. If he is Chips choice I have no problem with it. Lets shock the world Monday night and shut all these experts up around the country. Worst to first. Lets get it!

  • Chip is handling this right, If Vick is better he will win the job. I truly like Foles, but love Matt Barkley. I am in my own little corner with that one, but I just think this kid is a leader. I love what he said about the job being a three horse race instead of two. Not bad for a fourth rounder, but we shall see how it turns out. His game reminds me of Eli Manning, but we shall see right now he is just a fourth round rookie.

  • If RGIII thinks he doesn’t need preseason and can just magically walk on the field Monday night against the Eagles and pick up where he left off hes in for a rude awakening. Monday night will be his first live contact coming off major knee surgery. Hopefully the Eagles can give him a little humble pie come Monday night.

  • Saw an interesting point on NFL network talking about you start Vick and if he fails go with the young guys , because its easier to replace him but if you go with the young guys the locker room will second guess every mistake and loss if and this is a big if, Vick remains as the back up.

  • I think that that makes sense Big. If he is not the starter, then he has no place on the team. Too many 2nd guessers.

  • Rumor has it that Roger Goodell and the NFL Office have offered a Full-Time Job to VIck as being the Point Person and to “Mentor Players” who have off the FIeld Issues .. His Job will have him Travel to all Teams, spend time with the Players & Teams Front Office’s, Community & Church Leaders to help Develop and Facilitate Programs for Troubled Players
    The NFL reportedly has offered Vick $5 MIllion Per Year Salary for this newly Created Position.. The NFL is extremely Image Conscious and with this Season off-the field Issues with many Players is looking for a National Figure who is still younf enough to relate to Players and has a personal Story that will resonate with the Media,Teams & Players,,,
    My sources tell me that Vick will be disgnoses with a type of Injury/Condition ove rthe next this Camp which
    will deem him unable to play any longer making his release from the Eagles a Painless and Orchestrated move to keep Vick’s High Profile and Reputation intact..
    I expect this to happen within the next 2 weeks …

    • Your out of your god loving mind Paul.

      • I admit that this Rumor was entirely thought of and made up by me..

    • Some of you hate Vick so much you think of fantasy scenarios to get him off the team smh lol. I don’t think I ever hated a hometown player as much as some of you hate Vick. Like its crazy you would think he hurt the franchise in some major way from achieving some great feat.
      Players I have hated:

      Marcus Dodel – Wr for Cardinals that caught that TD pass from Boomer Esiason against the eagles back in the day and did the bank head bounce while laying in the endzone, after the Eagles had stormed back. Esiason threw for like 500yards. sent me into a frenzy!

      Jamaal Anderson – Before his break out year he was a nobody and he torched the Eagles with scat runs up the middle over and over. had me screaming who the F*^k is He?! at the Tv and throwing random objects

      Larry Centers – Cardinals FB/RB who’s sole purpose in life was to convert impossible third downs against the Eagles

      Brian Mitchel with the Redskins – no words the name says enough

      Emitt Smith – ripping your helmet off after first downs like seriously dude. smh hated him!

      Gilbert Brown – NT packers who just decided he was going to make himself so fat the it would be impossible to be moved. Oh and he was going to me chewing gum the whole game just to show he doesn’t need a mouth piece or any other equipment besides shoulder pads and a helmet.

      I can go on forever but there are no Eagles I hate enough to be put on the list. Rodney Pete maybe. the blown knee place the ball on the turf or the INT smiley face. lol the back of his Riddell padding on the neck of his helmet all folded up smh ok Pete makes it.

  • Watching 41 year old CFL hall of famer Anthony Calvillo really struggle this year. Age has finally caught up.

    The Alouettes really desperate for a new QB.

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