• May 24, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 3-1 Loss To St. Louis

kendricknationThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their fifth straight game on Thursday night, falling to the Cardinals 3-1. Their record drops to 49-53.

  • Kyle Kendrick had a decent start, allowing three runs over six innings. Kendrick only gave up five hits and two walks, but had a bad third inning in which he allowed all three of his runs.
  • Carlos Ruiz went 2-4 and drove in the team’s only run.
  • Jimmy Rollins had a multi-hit game, going 2-3.
  • Michael Young, Chase Utley, and Delmon Young went a combined 0-10.
  • Laynce Nix went 0-4, dropping his average to .188.
  • John Mayberry went 2-4.
  • Antonio Bastardo gave the team two scoreless innings.

Final Thoughts

The Phillies are looking pretty lifeless right now.

There just doesn’t seem to be any energy or any fight left in this bunch.

They’ve been pounded by the Mets and Cardinals, and things won’t get any easier as they close out the road trip with a series against the Tigers.

Denny Basens

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  • it seems like the perfect time to resign chase utley, lmfao

  • The good news for the Philadelphia Phillies: They’re still in second place! Or at least tied for second place. In fact, they’ve gone 14-16 since June 19 … and haven’t lost a game in the standings, still sitting eight games behind the Braves in the NL Least.

    The bad news: Pretty much everything else.

    Pretty much everything much else means this: The Phillies aren’t a good team. They lost 3-1 to the Cardinals on Thursday night, mustering six singles and a double and drawing four walks but going 1-for-5 with runners in scoring position. Delmon Young hit cleanup against a right-handed pitcher for the second game in a row, and if that sounds like a cleanup hitter on a playoff team then I’ve got some nice oceanfront property in Saskatchewan to sell you. The Phillies are 49-53 and have been outscored by 59 runs, a total exceeded in the wrong direction by just four other teams in the majors. The schedule isn’t necessarily kind the rest of the way either as they’ve played the Marlins and Mets 25 times so far, but the Braves and Nationals just 16 times.

    Still … second place is second place and the Braves have basically played .500 baseball since the first two weeks, plus Tim Hudson is out for the season now after breaking his ankle Wednesday. If you’re Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr., it’s pretty easy to delude yourself into thinking your team is a contender and with a few breaks, Cole Hamels shutdown performances the rest of the way and a big deal at the trade deadline, the Phillies could turn into one of those miracle teams that surge out of nowhere, like the 2007 Rockies or 2011 Cardinals and Rays.

    The key word, however, is delude: Those teams didn’t have a minus-59 run differential after 102 games. As mediocre as the Braves have been, mediocre is much better than what the Phillies are right now.

    So, sure, the Phillies should be looking to sell, but it’s not that easy. For one thing, Amaro really has only one valuable asset that would bring much in return, second baseman Chase Utley, who has been worth 3.2 WAR and would certainly look nice in an A’s or Dodgers uniform. Plus, as Buster Olney wrote Thursday, there are other factors to consider besides on-field performance. Teams are also businesses, and it can be bad business to admit defeat before August. “The chief officers of those franchises must assess what surrendering in July would signal to the fan bases,” Buster wrote, “because once the Royals trade Ervin Santana, or the Mariners trade Raul Ibanez and Kendrys Morales, that means they’re telling their fans that they’re willing to give up any chance of a comeback, and they’ll see the evidence in the attendance.”

    The Phillies’ situation with impending free agent Utley is further complicated by his standing with the club. While he has battled injuries in recent seasons, he’s still aging much better than one-time franchise cornerstones Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard. Nonetheless, he turns 35 in December and would be a risky investment, no matter his 2013 WAR. The Phillies aren’t going to win with a lineup built around those three players and other patchwork pieces such as Delmon Young and Michael Young. There’s also the sense that Phillies fans understand this; this group of players had their run, and some sort of semi-rebuild is in order. Utley would be one of the most valuable players available on the market and while most trades at the deadline never amount to much, Utley could bring a legitimate prospect in return.

    Amaro probably doesn’t want to admit the Phillies can’t rally and win the East, but it’s time to trade Utley.

  • The Phillies and Reuben have a real opportunity to improve this team and get a legit stud for Chase a stud that would be able to start this year and grow and continue next year. Oakland A’s have a lot of stud OF prospects who are ready or close and if you can get one you have an OF of Brown, Revere, Stud with power in right. Then you can go ahead and sign a FA, start Ceasar next year, make a run at Cano or resign chase…

    Its a no brainer and all I keep hearing is this resigning Chase talk, unfucking real. IMO if they dont trade him this organization is not committed to winning at all

    • I agree 100%…can you imagine if they re-sign Utley for say $12 million a year? With his knee condition, Utley is about as risky of an investment as you could possibly make. His best days have been over for three years, and choosing to keep him in the fold rather than bring in some top talent for him would just be completely asinine.

      Clearly the best thing to do is to trade him right now…if he means that much to the organization and if he really wants to be here, he can re-sign in the off-season.

      • summer has been an absolute joy the last 5+ years thanks to the Phillies, this year not so much. Its nice to have something to anticipate everyday and night of summer of course in addition to all the other wonderful things summer brings.

        to me if they dont get some stud prospect(s) right now the phils will be setting themselves back at least another year. we basically have no trade assets that can get you much of anything besides chase and lee and with only 2 starters under contract next year (lee & cole) i cant see them trading lee. besides at 3rd base we have next to nothing in our farm system for position players and we need a ss, 2b, 1b, and rf in the near future. reuben needs to make something happen to ensure we dont sit in purgatory for the next 3 years which looks to be the course he is taking to me.

    • I don’t see Oakland Pursuing Utley, for he does not fit their model..
      an aging, highly paid player and would not fit their Future Plans so I don’t believe the A’s is going to Trade Highly Rated Prospects for a 3-Month Rent a Player like Utley
      The only Teams I see who would want Utley for the Playoff Run and also be able to give him a Future Contract would be the Dodgers and possibly the Arizona Diamondbacks..

      • paul oakland is in position to compete for the world series and they have a roster that is comprised with 50% of their hitters hitting less than .250, he is exactly what they need and whether you understand it or not buyers trade for rentals all the time and pay big if the rental is a stud… they have a major hole between 3-5 in their lineup and nobody at 2b. if they want to do more then get knocked out in the 1st round they gotta pay…

        again teams wouldnt trade for utley caring if they can resign him or not they would do the deal to give them a better shot to win it all. buyers buy b/c they are in the hunt this year and want to win it all this year, sellers sell because they suck or average at best and want to remain competitive. simple concept imo

  • I say keep Utley for the Season and let him finish his Contract out and try to make a Playoff push, for the NL is really struggling right now and the NL East is still up for grabs..
    Contrary to what many fans think, there is not much Trade Value for a 35 Year Old with bad knee’s as a 3-Month Rent a Player uless he were to sign an extension with his new Team and outside of the Dodgers, I don’t see any other Team willing to commit a 2-3 Year Deal to him with his helath issues
    I could see the Phils offering him a 2 Year – $15 Million Total loaded with incentives as far as games played,plate appearance’s etc,etc and if he’s not interested, then let him walk…

    • lmfao. you are out of touch paul with trade value, and salary demands. chases next deal starts at 2 year 30 million and prob gets 3 years 40 mill. lmfao at 2 year 15 million

      • I bet you $10 (your’s or mine Donation to a “Local Charity”)
        Oakland A’s already have a good thing going and do not deviate for their BUsiness Model for a short-term Gain, they just have not in the past and believe they will not do so this Trade Deadline either

        My 2 Year Deal Scenario is what the Phils would Offer to make a token offer.. You guys are way overrating Utleys Value and Future $$$ potential
        He’s 35 for crying out load, has bum knee’s, and is liability defensively, .
        Now he would be smart to go to the AL where he can DH and probably extend his Career 2-3 Years but not at $15 MIllion + A Season..No way

        • You bet me $10 that what?

          I wager often and play a lot of poker so $10 just wouldnt be worth my while, but if it were a $100+ I may think about it depending on the bet.

          If you are proposing a wager the A’s wont trade for him I wouldnt except because I dont think Reub will do anything with him as he said and also because there are a lot more teams out there besides the A’s. If we are talking wagering on Chase’s next deal and I get $11+ per season and you get $11- yea I will gladly accept that

          • except = accept…

            • actually paul ill give you 12.5 and under and take 12.5 and over

              thats 5 million more per year than the 2 year 15 million you suggested he will get. bet?

              • I will accept,
                I am not a betting man for I am too cheap with my $$$, but I have no problem donating to a Charity of your Choice if I am to lose this Bet…

              • donate how much to charity $10 or $ 100 ? i dont care its easy more for my charities. as an fyi your donation will be going to craig biggios sunshine kids or heathers fund ( a local cancer foundation ). i will give you my email address after i win.

                just confirm the bet size. i have over 12.5 average annual salary and you have under 12.5.

              • I am good with this Bet



  • Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that the Yankees have been told by the Phillies that Michael Young is “not yet available and might never be.”
    Even though they’ve lost five straight and are eight games out of first place, it appears that Philly might still be buyers at the trade deadline. In addition to the Yankees, the Red Sox and Rangers have also expressed interest in Young.


  • The fact that the NL East blows should not be the barometer for how management measures this team. Your eyes tell you this team is woeful and realistically can not make a WS run. The measuring stick should be teams like the Cards, Reds, Tigers, etc. The Phillies look like a AAA squad against these teams. The time is now to rebuild. I keep hearing from management this one and that one are unavailable and it’s disheartening. If they’re worried about fans not watching or attending games if they start off-loading some of these high-priced, diminishing return vets, let me put there mind at ease. I stopped watching this slop in earnest about five days ago. I would at least be intrigued to watch some younger prospects come on-board and play, while they build toward the future.

    • Agreed everz. Kinda like foles/Vick. Vick is worth watching because u know the slop and outcome already where foles is the unknown or even Barkley and its exciting to watch development.

  • ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick reports that multiple teams are making trade offers for Phillies’ left-hander Cliff Lee.
    It’s not clear which teams are in the mix, but the Red Sox, Braves, Indians, Cardinals, Pirates, and Dodgers are reportedly looking for starting pitching help. Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. wouldn’t comment on teams’ interest in Lee, but he said that he’s keeping an open mind with his players. Lee is still owed $25 million in each of the next two seasons while his contract includes a $27.5 million club option for 2016 and a $12.5 million buyout. He has the ability to block trades to 21 clubs.

  • Cliff Lee – S – Phillies
    Cliff Lee has been scratched from Saturday’s start against the Tigers due to a stiff neck.
    Raul Valdes will draw the emergency start in his place. No word yet on when Lee, who has been an extremely popular name on the trade front, will make his next start.
    Source: Todd Zolecki on Twitter Jul 26 – 7:41 PM
    Justin Turner – 1B – Mets

    Puke city smoke screen or not

  • Lee for a major league ready stud and a nice prospect. Donr

  • If they trade Lee, the Phils may have to eat a decent portion of his contract. But if its for a top flight prospect, it would be worth it. Money is on the Phils side going forward with expiring contracts, tv deals etc.

  • According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, Cuban right-hander Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez has agreed to a six-year deal with the Phillies worth more than $50 million.
    The Dodgers were believed to be the favorites to land Gonzalez, until a report earlier in the week that they were no longer pursuing him. It’s a nice addition for the Phillies who land a potential top of the rotation starter. The 26-year-old right-hander is believed to be nearly major league ready, so he shouldn’t require much minor league seasoning.

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