• June 25, 2022

Brandon Boykin And Danny Watkins Are Competing Like They Want To Start

Somebody had better get word to Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher that Brandon Boykin wants some playing time.  We knew he was a tremendous athlete, but he’s starting to take his game to another level.  His focus seems to keener.  The cornerback has covering people like he’s a programmed robot or heat seeking missile.

At this point, I don’t see how they’re going to keep him off the field.  You want this guy on the field more than just as a nickel back.

Williams hasn’t done much because of his strained hamstring, but Fletcher has been out there.  He’s always near the guy he’s covering, but I’ve seen numerous passes caught over there on his side.  I think Fletcher is having a good camp, but he’s not shutdown cornerback, Boykin has that potential.

The former Georgia Bulldog is smaller than both Williams and Fletcher, but he’s got better catch up speed and he’s quicker when it comes to changing direction.

I don’t know what’s gotten into Danny Watkins, but he’s starting to look like the guy the Birds said he was a few years ago.  He’s strong and powerful at the point of attack and he doesn’t have any problem standing up to bull rushers, who are trying to get into the face of the quarterback.

Watkins is playing like he wants to compete for a starting job.

I also like the fact that he seems to be moving his feet and in better position against pass rushers.  Watkins is also starting to play with some fire.  He tries to finish his blocks.  Take the defender down then maul him.  Yesterday Watkins stepped in for Todd Herrmanns at right guard, because the starter tweaked his knee a bit on Monday.

Hollis Thomas told me the offensive line was mauling the defensive front on Sunday.  I didn’t see but I will take Hollis’ word for it because he knows about line play.

I see potential in outside linebacker Chris McCoy, who has great size and speed.  He’s probably the best linebacker they have next Connor Barwin when it comes to matching up with tight ends.


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  • Good Stuff G-Man and I won’t be as pessimistic as my good friend GMCliff..
    There are Positions wide open all across the board for Starters Jobs
    Coach Kekky has no direct ties to any previous leftover on the Eagles squads and there is no doubt that there should be open competition for this Eagles Team has been been 12-23 in their last 35 NFL Games so no use in hanging onto the old same old, same old approach.. Let them loose and may the Best Player rise to the Top which has been missing from these last 4-5 Eagle Camps

    • hahaha!!!!

  • New regime. Other than Peters, McCoy,Jackson and Cox no position is set. Let them fight it out. That’s the benefit of a new regime- they have loyalty to no one.

  • I want Boykin to start and switch to the slot on passing downs. He just seems to have the fight you want to see when you are trying to develop a winner. It’s also better to get building blocks from the guys originally drafted by the team. They will fight with that sense of pride you can only get from playing with one franchise. Watkins can still be a player too bad he is old for a 3rd year guy. I can see him becoming a good player for another team when we decide not to keep him. O-Line is still up in the air I can’t wait until live action.

  • I have to agree with Nu, if these dudes are bringing it this year than we should be happy as fans. I mean getting contribution from two draft picks is never a bad thing.

  • Why so sure gmcliff? I’m not sold on Watkins, mostly because of all the positions o-line is probably the most solidified at this point, but how the hell do you know that these guys have no shot to start? Especially with a new regime there’s going to be open competitions and guys can play their way into starting roles. the Kelly crew has no allegiences to anybody bud and I’m sure want the best players out there and last I checked, Fletcher and/or Williams aren’t perenial pro bowler cliffy boy. Why not Boykins, who by most accounts is quite an athlete and an accomplished corner who would have been drafted way earlier than the fourth round (probably late 1st early 2nd) had he not been injured. Don’t say size because 5’10 185-190 lbs is plenty big enough and the dude runs a 4.4. I’ve been saying all along he can play on the outside in this league and start.To be honest gmcliff you come off way too pompous for your own good. A bit of a clown if you will. I’ve never really commented because you typically will at least present some sort of information (ofetn based on crap) on why you feel the way you do about a particular player but “work hard fellas… enjoy the bench”?!??!?! Please dude.

    • Lol Cliffy boy…love it!

    • Good shit Reberson

    • I usually don’t respond to comments like that, but sense I’ve never spoken to you before, I’ll engage.

      My perception is totally based upon the reality of displayed ability. I don’t put much weight in stats, or measurables, so I’m not caught up in popular opinions, that generally turn out to be mistakes in evaluation of players.

      The Eagles put Boykins on the outside in a number of games last year, and he was burned consistently. His best positions ARE the slot, and returning kicks in some form; punts, or kickoffs.

      Roberson, I’m not offended that you feel I come off pompous. Thats fine, you really don’t know me. But, what you should know is, as pompous that I may come off to you, in my opinion it’s more confidence in my ability to evaluate talent……and so you know…I’m more right than I am wrong. But I can admit when I am wrong with no problem.

      Just out of curiosity, clarify for me, what is some of the crap that you feel I base my opinions on?

      My last statement, was based purely on the fact that neither player showed anything, but most will continue to base their opinions on the players body of work in COLLEGE…and insist on classifying that as the potential, they imagine they have in the pros. Although as pros, none of their past accomplishments have helped them progress.

      All potential means is that you haven’t realized the peak standard, and Boykins, and Danny Watkins, in my opinion aren’t close at this time. They’ll play, and as an Eagles fan, I hope they improve. But, If I were to bet my life on them reaching that optimized standard…I say no.

    • Realistically, I wouldn’t have Fletcher, or Williams on my team, but in Williams case, he has proven himself as being a serviceable player in this league; a player that is still more experienced, and effective than Brandon Boykins, at this time.

      I am NO fan of Bradley Fletcher, but from my understanding, so far in training camp, he has proven himself to be Boykins superior…(shrugging my shoulders)….Some guys on here may like him, as a player; I like him, but he ‘s not just going to be handed the job, because some envision him as being something he hasn’t professionally become…..If that’s crap. so be it.

  • I’m not surprise to here about Danny Watkins playing well Howard Mudd coaching style almost ruined the kid just another example on how poorly coached the Eagles were last season!!!

    • Make that the 2 last Seasons Turk
      Especially Defensively and along the OL,
      Just brutal when you think about it

  • Mudd was great for Kelce and Mathis. He was terrible for Herreman and Watkins. Peters would of been great no matter who the coach is. Hopefully the stability and success for the Eagles will start with the coaching.

    • I agree with you Buddy,
      Just as Demetress Bell would be terrible under any Coaching
      I can’t believe the Cowboys signed that stiff
      He was worse than Sracy Andrews as I predicted he would be..

  • I almost fell over when they interviewed Phillip Rivers he referenced King Dunlap as a good pickup for the Chargers.

    • hahaha!!

  • With this teams history of injuries, and really the NFL in general, it is a great position to have quality depth at these key positions. And if their play pushes the “starters” to step up their game, all the better.

  • If Rivers struggles again this Season, he could be on the outs
    As the new GM & Coachibg Staff have no ties to him either..

  • Man I hope the reports about Watkins are true. He looked like hot shyt the last 2 years.

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