• July 6, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Patriots

vick patsVick Takes The Lead

As Chip Kelly tries to determine who his quarterback will be for opening day, Michael Vick made about as strong of a statement as he could to win the job.

Vick put on a great performance tonight, finishing 4-5 for 94 yards and a touchdown. He made quick, decisive, effective decisions and delivered some smooth strikes with his passes.

On the Eagles’ first third down, Vick hit Jason Avant in stride for a 22-yard gain. Vick was protected well on the play and did a good job delivering the ball quickly. On the next play, Vick found DeSean Jackson for a 47-yard touchdown strike. Once again, Vick delivered a perfect pass, putting the right amount of touch on the ball while also delivering it quickly. On the team’s second drive, Vick rolled out after a play-action fake and found a wide open Riley Cooper for 19 yards.

Vick was on point tonight, and he looked great. There was no hesitation, no mistakes, no turnovers.

Foles Stays In The Race

Nick Foles’ night didn’t start as well, but he had some impressive moments that kept the . On his first drive, Foles caused a turnover by fumbling the ball away. The second-year quarterback was pressured on the play and tried to throw the ball away to avoid the sack. However, the ball came out of his hands before he could throw it forward. In that situation, Foles is better off taking the sack. The pressure of the rush got to him, forcing him into an uncomfortable position and he made a mistake.

Foles ran Kelly’s offense at very fast pace on his second possession. Foles delivered a nice quick throw to Bryce Brown on third down. Foles reacted well to the pressure, and had a quick strike to his running back to keep the drive alive. On the next play, Foles found Jason Avant for another first down. The quarterback then ran for a first down, and connected with Brown again to keep the chains moving. He made another precise throw to Avant to get the ball down to 8-yard line. It was a 10-play, 66-yard drive for the second year man that ended in a touchdown run for Bryce Brown. The offense had a great, quick pace during this drive.

Foles didn’t have quite as strong a performance as Vick, but he showed some important qualities tonight that will help keep him in the mix.

No Defense

The Eagles defense looked particularly dreadful in tonight’s game.

Tom Brady and the Patriots made quick work of the Eagles, and Billy Davis was unable to so much as slow them down.

On the first possession, the Patriots ran the ball right down the Eagles’ throats. Stevan Ridley took off for a 62-yard gain on the first play from scrimmage, and the team scored a touchdown five plays later. On the second possession, the Patriots put the ball in Brady’s hands and he had no trouble picking the defense apart. Brady went 7-8 for 65 yards and a touchdown on the drive.

The defense looked just as soft as they were last season. There were missed tackles, blown coverages, and no fight or intensity. On the first two possessions, New England totaled 160 yards and two touchdowns, running just 16 plays in only

Brady and his offense moved the ball at will, and they could have scored however they liked. The Patriots only began to slow down once Brady and the starters took their leave and gave way to Ryan Mallet and the B-team. The second team defense had their issues too, as they gave a miserable effort on a 51-yard touchdown run by LaGarrette Blount. Blount, who is not exactly the fastest guy you’ll ever see, effortlessly cut back and made his way to the endzone.

Ridley and Blount combined for 191 yards and three touchdowns on just 19 carries. Preseason or not, that’s simply inexcusable and it may very well be a sad sign of things to come.

Its only preseason, but the way the defense played tonight was very reminiscent of the game last season against the Atlanta Falcons where it was simply no contest. This defense has a lot of issues that they’re going to have to work through.

Quick Thoughts


  • The Eagles defense got off to a brilliant start, getting gashed by Stevan Ridely for a 62-yard gain. DeMeco Ryans overran the play, and Nate Allen missed a tackle. Bradley Fletcher finally ran Ridley down.
  • Connor Barwin made a nice stop on LaGarrette Blount several plays later on a 2nd down.
  • Blount ran right through Mychal Kendricks on third and 1 to make a first down. Kendricks was in position to make the play, but he bounced off of the running back.
  • Bradley Fletcher was picked on regularly by Brady. On the team’s second possession, Brady saw Fletcher and targeted him on almost every throw. Fletcher actually had decent coverage on a couple of plays, but Brady simply had his number.
  • Shane Vereen beat Kendricks in coverage for a 13-yard touchdown reception on the second drive.
  • Casey Matthews had a pretty nice game and helped his chances of making the team. Matthews was in a good position on third down of the third New England drive to break up a pass. The third year man was out in front of Shane Vereen, and his presence caused Vereen to lose his concentration and miss the catch. Matthews was around the football throughout the night, and was in on several solid tackles.
  • Vinny Curry had a strong game of his own. Curry had good pressure on Ryan Mallet in the second quarter. Curry came untouched into the backfield, and forced Mallet to throw the ball away. Curry played with strong intensity tonight, and was another guy who was always around the football.
  • Patrick Chung and Phillip Hunt made a nice play in the second quarter, breaking up a bubble screen to Julian Edelman. Chung shed his block and stopped Edelman’s momentum, setting up Hunt for a tackle to end the drive.
  • Chung later blew a coverage and missed a tackle on a third down before the half.
  • Kenny Phillips worked with the second team, and made a nice tackle in the second quarter.
  • Jamar Chaney missed a tackle in the second quarter that kept a drive alive. Chaney was beat in coverage and then allowed running back Zach Sudfeld to go for 22-yards after failing to wrap him up.
  • Third-round pick Bennie Logan had some nice moments. Logan did a good job hustling down a runner on a screen play, and he was involved on a sack later in the game.
  • Brandon Boykin had nice coverage on Aaron Dobson in the redzone to break up a pass.
  • Rookie Jake Knott batted down a pass in the second quarter. Knott was also involved on a sack several plays later, and finished the game with a handful of tackles. The Eagles don’t have great depth at the linebacker position, so the chance for Knott to make the team is there.


  • Chris Polk got the start for LeSean McCoy tonight. Polk made a great block in pass protection on Jerod Mayo to help buy Vick extra time to deliver his throw.
  • Bryce Brown looked great tonight. Brown ran the ball well, and hung on to the ball when it was thrown to him. Brown has had some issues hanging on to receptions in training camp, but that wasn’t a problem tonight. The second-year man finished off the team’s second drive with a six-yard score.
  • Jason Avant made some nice catches for both Vick and Foles, and finished with three catches for 42 yards.
  • Lane Johnson got pushed around a bit tonight, and some trouble in pass protection against the New England defensive ends.
  • Matt Barkley took over midway through the second quarter. Barkley had a good throw on a third-down conversion to Clay Harbor. Barkley forced a throw that was nearly intercepted in the third. The rookie threw his first touchdown of the preseason in the fourth quarter, hitting Greg Salas on a bubble screen.
  • Salas caught two passes for 19-yards and a touchdown. On his touchdown, Salas caught the ball and then avoided two tacklers on his way to the endzone. The young wideout finished the night with a spectacular one-handed reception at the end of the fourth quarter.
  • Zach Ertz couldn’t hang on to a pass from Barkley on a third down. Barkley put the ball in a good spot, but the rookie couldn’t hang on. Ertz made a tough catch in traffic at the end of the half that got the team back in field goal range.
  • Russell Shepard couldn’t get himself good position on third down, and missed a chance to make a reception to keep the drive alive. Shepard was later flagged for offensive pass interference at the end of the second quarter.
  • Julian Vandervelde took snaps as the second-team center instead of Dallas Reynolds.
  • Felix Jones missed an easy reception from Barkley at the end of the first half. It was a lack of concentration, as the pass went right through Jones’ hands. Jones dropped another pass from Dennis Dixon in the fourth.
  • Running back Matthew Tucker had a couple of nice carries, and also made a tough catch on a two-point conversion attempt.
  • Danny Watkins didn’t get in the game until the second half, and wasn’t particularly impressive.

Special Teams

  • Donnie Jones made a nice punt in the first quarter that Eagles were able to down at the 1-yard line. Brandon Boykin made a nice effort to keep the ball out of the endzone and special teams ace Colt Anderson downed the ball at the one.
  • Jon Dorenbos was knocked out of the game in the second quarter, leaving Brent Celek to handle the long-snapping duties. Celek botched a snap on a field goal attempt that cost the team a chance for three points.
  • Damaris Johnson had a big punt return before the end of the second half. Johnson set the team up to score before the second half with a 61-yard return, getting the team to the New England 29 with 51-seconds to go.

Final Thoughts

Even though both Michael Vick and Nick Foles looked good tonight, its important to keep it all in perspective.

Stiffer challenges remain for both quarterbacks. What we saw tonight was a very limited sample of what both individuals are capable of. We saw them both operating at a good level tonight, but both guys have their flaws which will be exposed in due time. Praise both quarterbacks for their effectiveness tonight, but don’t go overboard.

I think Vick was the more impressive of the two quarterbacks tonight, and he’s on his way to winning the job. Foles played very well on his second drive, and there’s still some time for him to catch up, but this is clearly Vick’s job to lose.

We got our first look at what Chip Kelly’s offense could bring to the table, and it looked pretty good. The offense was fast paced and efficient. The unit looked organized, and the first, second, and third teams all enjoyed some degree of success.




Denny Basens

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  • Square, Logan, salas, Vick and d jax are the people that stood out to me.

  • Vinny curry also

  • The Starting ILB (Ryans/Kendrick’s) and Back-Ups (Cheney & Matthews) all looked terrible against the Run..
    Kenricks gets gobbled up and cannot Shed Blockers in the NFL
    He belongs on the Outside in my Opinion and I am not sure he’s Phulysicalk big or strong enough at the point of Attack
    Demeco Ryan’s overruns plays and Gap Responsibilty way too often for a Veteran Player
    LB Jake Knott is the most Natural looking LB
    On this Eagles Roster and should make this Eagle Roster
    Even LB Acho looked better than the Top 4 LB on the Depth Charts
    I believe that there is a growing possibility that Ryans does not make this 53
    Man Roster..

    • That’s what happens with a camp that is not physical.

    • Paulman bet me $10 that chase wouldn’t sign for more than $10 million a year with the loser sending the proceeds to the charity of the winners choice. Then 2 hours after chase signed for $27 million over 2 years said that he was not paying and basically said fuck you to cancer and Children charities.

      And for that you are a classless, poor, piece of shit lowlife Squelchers who has no integrity. I truely feel bad for every single parent, teacher, sibling and family member who had a hand in raising such an asshole. You should change your name from Paulman to Paulscumbag as you certainly have no manly qualities.

      I would love nothing more then to spit in your face in real life, but since I cant the above will be my spit all day every day.

  • Liked what I saw from m Barkley also… Little shaky to start, but you can see his smarts.

  • Vick looked great. Foles as well.. beside the turnover.

    This is what i wanted to see.. quick reads.. no bombs away drop backs for long periods of time.

    I loved that the kept the read option with foles and i love that he took off.

    The d still looks rough.. there just isnt enough talent on that side of the ball. And dont get me started on the lack of depth.

  • I forget who it was that wanted the Honey Badger but hes killing it in arizona.. wish we would have took him

  • Vick runs faster.

    Foles runs the offense faster.

    Vick 9 plays 4:02

    Foles 10 plays 3:51

    Speed kills. Hurry up is most important aspect of Chip Kelly offense.

    Youth being served.

    • *rolls eyes*

      Vick didn’t run the hurry up. That was by design.

      Vick wins this round. Foles did a very good job minus the fumble. He still has 3 (2?) more games to prove he’s the guy.

    • Might be the saddest argument youve ever made. Wow.. u really cant see through this can u?

      Its foles or bust for vinnie. So so sad.

  • I cant see Foles winning this.. I also think by next year Barkley will be better than Foles..

    • Agreed

    • Barkley sucks! Our future QB, ain’t here yet.

  • Tempo is the most important element in a Chip Kelly offense.

    Tempo and speed. A play every 20 seconds.

    Who ran the offense faster?

    Clearly Foles.

    Dismiss it all you want.

    It happened.

    The (sort of) fumble happened.


    Foles ran the O quicker then Vick. No huddling….according to what Kelly wants…very….very…… good,

    • Its fine… we getcha… do your thing. We dont expect anything less.

    • Btw jackars… not turning the ball over, is the most important element As hes said himself. So…. ugh. Yea.. about that.

    • Tempo…yeah

      Foles was running a 2 minute drill.

      The series before that he was running regular tempo…ok?

      Kolb ….I mean Foles did bounce back from that ill advised fumble and we all know so well from your prior comments that this team can’t afford a QB carelessly fumbling away opportunities. Right?

      • LOL

        “Foles was running a 2-minute drill”

        With 12 mins left in the 2nd quarter.

        DImtwit. Kelly’s offense is supposed to look like a 2 minute drill ALL THE TIME. That’s the point. Clearly only one guy capable of doing what Kelly wants.

        • “All the time”.

          Wrong. Not true at all. He said himself… we have 3 or 4 speeds we will use.

          Chip Kelly is about quick reads.. running the ball… mixing up the gameplan and speeds to always keep the D guessing.

    • STOP TROLLING IDIOT. Foles only scored because the Pats #2 defense was in and they ran no huddle cause Foles sucked his first series so chip had to help him with a run game that Vick didnt need during his series. Polk got stuffed over and over again. The first series was all Vick. Nick had 0 TD passes and needed help from Bryce Brown

  • Couple things..

    Vick did look excellent. However, some things scare me. Bomb to Djax was a thing of beauty. And Vick looked really relaxed. But hes looked like this in prior preseasons. Yes he can hit the home run play, and can surely sling it. But they were unable to covert a 3rd down pass on the second drive. Its nice to hit the homerun but we need to be able to sustain some long drives.

    Foles looked really good too. Does a much better job of running the hurry up and he put together a nice drive. However, does he have the homerun capability? Or is he just a solid game manager?

    Bottom line, you need both in a QB. Look at Brady. Can dink and dunk and pick apart a defense. But he can also stretch the field like no other. Lets hope one of these Qbs can put it all together, because the way this defense looks, we are probably going to have to put up 40 to win games

    Oh and Matt Barkley…. lets be positive. He’s got some talent. But this guy SHOULD NOT start this year.

  • First play of the game Fletcher Cox got pancaked big time at the point of attack. Defense cannot handle the run with that front 7. Barwin looked good prob bc all of Andy Reids player are so corney. Barwin looks like the rest of the NFL looks. I wish we spent that second rd pick on a defensive player. Ertz prob will be good but we really don’t need a TE! Brandon Grahm was horrible on that Blount run. Exactly why he can’t play MLB or OLB really besides rushing the passer. He is horrible in space! I can see teams finding ways to get him isolated to make the tackle all year. Kendricks will end up outside and Mathews prob will start this D fits his style better than tge 4-3. Chung looked serviceable. I think the competition on defense it about to heat up. Jobs are going to be up for grabs early.

    Excited about the offense. Bad play by Foles on the fumble Patriots got cheated out of a touchdown. Just take the sack. People would jump off a bridge if Vick did that on his first drive. Everybody would say the second TD drive didn’t matter bc he proved he is T.O prone lol. I told everybody tge Eagles would still run the read option regardless of who is at QB. So if Vick wins I don’t want to hear it’s BC of the read option. It works either way to set up the pass and to freeze the defense, If you can run out of it. Vick would have scored if he got that hole Matt Barkley had lol. It’s nice to know the coach has a plan that doesn’t require one kind of guy or situation to work. I think Kelly will be good at playing the game within the game. I don’t like him not taking field goals. I don’t mind going for it but when you have the opportunity to get points in the NFL you can’t not take them.

    Excited about the offense

    • I think he chose not to for field goals was more because he didn’t have Dorenbos available to him, and Brent Celek had already botched one field goal snap.

      I agree with you on Graham.

      • Dennis you are a well known Vick hater. Vick can throw 8 tds and you would still want Foles to start. Dont be a hyprocrite sir. Vick is clearly better than Foles and Foles ran the no huddle cause Chip wanted to make him look god after he stunk it up on that first series. They didnt run the no huddle with Vick because they didnt have to and last season Vick was great in the no huddle look up his stats. He is clearly the better qb when he actually has some damn PROTECTION. Which he didnt have last 2 years i think its funny that you didnt mention Vickj struggled the last 2 season because of Howard Mudds stupid protection CALLS. Castillo calls were easier and less complicated. Vick mentioned this after the season. Funny how his idiotic haters thinks a qb can suddenly forget how to play after 2010.

        • Ok, did you read anything I wrote at all? I’m pretty sure I just praised the heck out of Vick, and even stated that this is clearly his job to lose. Based on what he’s done throughout his career, I don’t like his game and I think the Eagles have nothing to gain by hanging on to him for another year but that doesn’t mean I’m incapable of taking my hat off to the man when he does well, like I would for any player. When a player plays well, he gets praise. When he doesn’t, he gets criticism. In the last two years, there’s been much more to criticize about Vick (and most of this team for that matter) than there is to praise.

          I know this is a difficult concept for some minds to absorb, but believe it or not, just because I don’t believe in a player’s ability doesn’t mean that I sit here and actively root against them or “hate” as you say.

  • Nu you are so right, Chip has got to learn to take the points. Reality check. Barkley looked ok, Foles looked good, Vick looked very good, and of course Brady looked like the HOF. And now a special segment for our sick friend Vinnie. To quote Paulman, (my sources tell me), Vinnie was the campaign manager for Mitt Romney. So whenever (I HATE MICHAEL VICK) Vinnie references said same, just think of the video that cost Vinnie’s best friend the election. Enough said? Well actually no!

    Hey Vinster, Good day, Good Sports
    P.S. Many of us are really concerned about your Michael Vick fixation.

    • Get used to it! He has a chapel in his basement, with an entire wall collage, with pictures, posters, old jerseys, articles, & a copy of his criminal record, with darts, red X’s on them & burning candles all over, to view. I think Vick is a phony, fraudulent, person, & a stiff of a QB, but Vinnie has an unhealthy, obsession, & hatrid for the man. Get some help Vin, before we see you in the news!!!!

      • Totally have a dartboard with his face on hit. Throw a dart every pick or fumble.

        The thing is mutilated!

      • HEHEHEHEHEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Its time to stop worrying about he QB position. Vick/Foles. Vick stated earlier in week you have no idea what we have and wont see it until Washington. Cant wait until Shady and Peters are in lineup. Wow! If Foles can play like that Im fine with him, if Vick plays like that Im fine with him. In the last 20 years(even the 1st play TO was her) I haven’t seen a Eagles offense hum like that in the preseason and that’s only after a few weeks in a new system. Just imagine when Chips whole program is in place for a few years.Maybe its true, Chip doesn’t need a blue chipper at QB just like at Oregon to run his system. Lane Johnson, that’s what Im talking about, nice job young man. The defense is horrendous. I didn’t think it could be worse. Nate Allen is horrible. He cant do anything. Clearly the focus for the next 2 years should be defense defense defense. When Chip gets his personnel there it is on. Very very happy from what Ive seen.

  • Same $#!t, different year! Secondary & LB’s blow, & they can’t stop the run, or quick reads! Be prepared for alot of 30-40 points against. I see nothing at QB that impresses me. Same old pre-season champ in Vick, & pop-gun, slow footed QB’s in Foles & Barkley! 4-12 again. Better FA pickups, & top defensive players in the draft, looks good right about now, huh?
    Thank you, drive through please……

  • That defense might get them Clowney.. I think the problem definitely lies with the linebackers and safety’s. I think they will he serviceable at corner and serviceable with a little emotion is def a step in the right direction from lasts years clowns.

    • Clowney, health permitting, will be the next Superstar. Bank on it! The corners are mediocre at best. Like I said, be prepared for alot of 30-40 points against. Like I said all off-season, Kelly gone by 2015. Gimmick coach, $#!t coaching staff, bad decision making= bottom of the division, for the foreseeable future.

      • DCar I mean what do you ever say other than “Eagles suck Eagles suck!!!!”? Why dont you go root for the Cowboys or something. We looked a Helluva lot better than we did last preseason. Vick couldnt make it out of a series without getting utterly blown up. This offense is gonna work. Not too much pressure on any of our qb’s. What gimmicky about that? Nate Allen needs to go, its just not happening for him. And Trent Cole, great career but he’s not a fit here in this defense. Chips a smart coach, and i guarantee the Defense looks a lot better next game.

        • I dont know what you are talking about, but all I’ve heard DCar say is that some of the talent on the Eagles sucks..Which is true….FLAT OUT TRUE

          Even Lane Johnson, is a reach in my opinion. Get used to him getting pushed around, and I disagree with you that the Defense will look good next game. They won’t look good ALL SEASON!!

          It seems to me that DCar, has a more realistic prospective on this team than you do.

        • 210, why don’t you go root for go f^#@ yourself? If you can’t handle the truth, you’re on the wrong site! Go wave your pom-poms somewhere else. The defense blows, & is no better than last year. If you can’t see that, take off your green colored glasses. I’m a Philly 4 fan, but I don’t live in a world of delusions, like of you @$$holes. Gimmick coach! $#!T staff! $#!T defense! Unsettled QB position! Bad FA pickups! Stupid drafting! As long as Vick is here, & we don’t totally rebuild & start over, it’s the same old, same old! If you don’t like what I say too bad! Open your eyes!

      • I agree with you DCar on Clowney. I feel we need him more than a Quarterback next year, along with some High Profile veteran Secondary help like Charles Tillman……Get rid of Graham, Cole, Barwin, Nate Allen, and our CB who BTW, are worse than DRC, and Nnamdi.

        • gm, you just do’t like Barwin. LOL! Give him a chance, he just got here! BWAHAHAHA! I don’t think he’s Babin 2.0 like you say. He’s alot better than you credit him for. I agree about Cole, & Allen. Rosebuds dropped the bal BIG TIME, not getting any impact FA secondary help, & defensive draft picks! This was the deepest off-season, in regards to good impact secondary FA’s, & high draft picks, & they got neither! Rosebuds, is as big of a moron, as Ruin 2morrow Jr. If the pom-pom wavers can’t handle that, IDGF! They’ll be lucky to be 4-12 again!

          • No DCar Brother, I don’t like him. Howie feels he can resurrect the 11 sack season he had in Houston. That year was as big an aberration, as Jason Babin’s 17 sack season.

            Look, Ziggy Ansah, is killing it in Detroit, and was much better than some thought he was on this site. He will have a better year, and career than Lane Johnson, who will get pushed around for a few years, because he is an overhyped combine warrior project.

            Defense has to be a priority, next draft, as well as better free agents.

            • Damontre Moore, looking good too!

              • Yup!!

            • They’re going to be in worse shape next off-season. They’l still need Secondary, & LB’s, on top of needing DL, WR, & QB. Maybe in 3 years, we’ll compete again. By then, Kelly’s failed experiment, will b over.

    • Thank You Big Frank!!! Do you see what I was talking about now about why the Defense had to be fixed?

      Graham, Cole, the Linebackers, and the Secondary has to all be upgraded.
      We also could use a bigger, more athletic NT like Louis Nix, to play the middle of the talent we have on the Defensive Line. We need Linebackers bad.

      • Cliff, I thought the birds would be improved on D, man was I wrong. Linebackers and safeties are a must.

        • They have some talent on the Defensive Line Frank with: Cox, Vinny Curry, Thornton, Square, and Logan, but we need Linebackers, and Secondary help badly. Cole, and Graham can’t play those roles..JUST STOP IT!! Graham, was terrible in coverage all night.

          I see a situational pass rusher, no more no less, that should have been traded like I said he should.

          • Logan blows. Stop it!

        • Frank , I told everyone when Davis was hired that the defense would continue to stink. Davis is a failure with every opportunity he was given. Davis must be real good in job interviews. Dallas gets a real DCoordinator, we get another loser trying to create a hybrid defense when he haven’t mastered the 3-4 or the 4-3 but pitched his idea knowing kelly preferred the 3-4 but inherited players who were drafted for the 4-3.

          This team will continue to stink until a real defensive mind is brought in.

          They could have hired Horton and gave him top dollar and a fancy title but decided to go the cheap, experiment route once again.

  • get used to a lot of high scoring games this year… .37-35 etc… the defense is polluted with mediocrity and has beens on one year contracts… its going to be a roller coaster ride…. .7-9 record

  • Fine lets talk Defense.

    They are going to be terrible. Really bad. For at least the first 8 games. And a disappointing newsflash, I think next year you are going to see early draft picks on more oline and Dline….they’ll get around to the secondary in the 2015 draft, so its going to be like this for a while.

    The 3 minute drives aren’t going to help the D much either, in Oregon they were 6 or 7 mins behind in the time of possession battle almost every game, even when hey won by 50 points.

    Not only is the D not any good, they’re going to get run down on top of that. Again, because they’ll be giving up 30 pts on a regular basis, and the birds aren’t going to win many games, it is stupid to start an old man at QB. Let the kids play.

  • They got ran over on the 1st drive yes. But thats also how the coaches can figure out who they’re players are. They weren’t getting gashed like that after the 1st drive. The second drive was Tom Brady being Tom Brady and we were running pretty vanilla stuff which Tom’s gonna eat up. Cmon man, I know the last few years have been tough but damn. Square and Curry will start along side Cox

    • What game were you watching!!!!!???? They got ran on all night, and this was our “1st TEAM DEFENSE”

      Tom Brady didn’t need to throw a pass, because he could see that we couldn’t stop the run, their first 3 plays were simple hand offs, and we couldn’t stop them……..Your dreaming if you think this Defense is good.

    • They weren’t gashed after the first drive? LeGarrette Blount and his 102 yards, two touchdowns, and 51-yard run beg to differ.

      • Many first teamers were still in the game when Blount had his long touchdown run.

        • Denny did you see Brandon Graham on that play? Thats the player I see overall on this defense. He is a situational pass rusher to me, and is completely overvalued because of his efforts toward the end of last season.

          • Yeah GM, I don’t believe in Graham at all. I believe you’re spot on when you say he’s nothing more than a situational pass rusher, and even then I think his best chance to get to the quarterback is if he gets through untouched because he’s not big or strong enough to take on blockers.

            • Then you also agree with me that his trade value couldn’t have higher than last year when GMCliff was screaming for him to be traded.

              Nate Allen, should be traded if possible for a 5th, or 6th round draft pick if possible.

              Also, I am totally disappointed in Myckal Kendricks, he just looked overmatched, and lost.

              • Gm, great minds, think alike, as always! I wish we were wrong, but they are, what they are.

              • Explain to me DCar how some still feel Graham, and this defense has promise, outside the Defensive Line, after watching that game??!!!!!

              • I think we can all agree that the biggest weakness to this revamped Eagles Defense is mright up the Gut
                The Starting and Vack-Up ILB’s
                (Ryan’s, Kendrick’s, Matthews and Cheney)
                We’re beat at the point of attack, were slow to she blockers and then had sloppy technique’s and all 4 were outplayed by undrafted Free-Agent J Knott and then when you get to the back end of the Defense (Safety Position) the Eagles are one of the most “soft” Safety Groups in the NFL
                Chung is the best of the group but a back-up on most Teams..
                Alken & Coleman are not NFL Starters in my opinion and Kenny Phillips is damaged goods and can’t play at a 100% any longer with his bad and swellen knees.. Eric Wolff has potential but will need a year or 2 before fully developing..

              • Paulman bet me $10 that chase wouldn’t sign for more than $10 million a year with the loser sending the proceeds to the charity of the winners choice. Then 2 hours after chase signed for $27 million over 2 years said that he was not paying and basically said fuck you to cancer and Children charities.
                And for that you are a classless, poor, piece of shit lowlife Squelchers who has no integrity. I truely feel bad for every single parent, teacher, sibling and family member who had a hand in raising such an asshole. You should change your name from Paulman to Paulscumbag as you certainly have no manly qualities.
                I would love nothing more then to spit in your face in real life, but since I cant the above will be my spit all day every day.

            • Good hearing from you Denny…Great Job on the article!!

              • Thank you!

                And if the Eagles had any offer of any kind for Graham, Allen, or any of the stiffs that are on that defense they absolutely should have jumped on it.

    • Yeah, I guess they gave up 248 yards rushing & 3 TD’s on that 1st drive? The stupidity on this site, never ceases to amaze me! Get your head out of your @$$!

      • Bwhahahah!!!!

  • I do not want our backs to get banged up too much on practice. However, our D needs tackling practice big time. What about the idea of a sparring partner? Use folks from the practice squad to be Rudy! Practice tackling on them for Pete’s sake. Can someone enlighten me as to what the practice squad does anyhow? I have zero idea.

  • Crap. Let’sjust give up now after one preseason game. Everyone knows how good the team is after one game. You guys are ridiculous. The gimmick offense looked pretty good last night. Thought Polk looked great especially his block on Vick’s td. Brown had some nice runs and he actually caught the ball. This team has 3 talented rbs. Avant played well and loved Salas. Thought that the TEs were not great. O line played well without Peters. I think that we all know that the d is gonna struggle. Lots of new players and a new system. The lbs were non existent and the secondary was bad but I would like to see Williams if he ever decides he wants to play. The one thing I do worry about is if the offense is this up tempo then the d will be on the field a lot.

  • The practice squad practices but cannot be used in a game unless activated.

  • I hear you Bugsy but after the draft and free agency I was on here telling everyone that the plan seems to be we’ll out score them because we can’t stop them. Don’t matter who the QB is, this was fixable and they whiffed big time. I hope I’m wrong I really do and I hate to say this but Barkley is the typical USC bust at QB.

    • Thank you Biggie on Barkley..You see what GMCliff has always known…

    • Thanks, Big, I thought gm, & I were by ourselves. I don’t think we will outscore anyone either. Who are we going to throw to, if DJax is double teamed. Every receiver we have, run like we are in quick sand. I know this offense is a quick read, quick decision offense, but you also need YAC receivers for it to be successful. Johnson is a smurf, & going to get killed. Cooper, Momah are lumbering oafs. Avant has decent hands, & that’s it. Celek & Harbor are serviceable at best. Ertz might be a good TE? I never thought I’d miss Maclin. Benn was a waste from the get go. Too late now. The time to upgrade the WR’s, LB’s & secondary, has come & gone.

  • 4th round pick. What were you expecting? Can’t fix a 4-12tell in one off season.

    • Agreed bugsy

  • Even though the run defense looked bad last night, I still think our problems are going to be defending the pass. In fact, I have more confidence Jerry Azzinaro and Rick Minter than any of the other coaches on defense.

    I think we will get the run defense straightened out…. the pass defense is another story. We have enough talent up front to play good run defense. I think we will get to the passer too. Our defensive backs will be our downfall this season.

    I agree on Barkley – he will never be a good pro quarterback. He don’t pass the eyeball test. Oh, and Dixon is no better….

  • Great technique by Vick in the photo posted with this article. Turning your back to defenders and away from your receivers is solid fundamentals

    • I saw that too and chuckled. Ball outside in his left hand as he circles left….never seen that before. LOL

      • And a right handed QB would circle right with the ball in his right hand. Geez you dudes are unbelievable.

    • LOL who fumbled and who didn’t Friday night?

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