• May 19, 2022

Eagles Will Receive A Good Test From Carolina

MichaelVick25Thursday’s matchup with the Carolina Panthers will be the most important game of the preseason.

No matter what the Eagles do in the third game (their opponents are the dreadful Jacksonville Jaguars) one of the worst teams in the NFL.  The final preseason game versus the Jets is for the back-ups, at-least they are for most NFL teams, Chip may approach it differently.  The matchup with the Panthers will allow fans and media to see specific areas, testing “key” players that we are counting on for the 2013 season.   The Panthers have player personal and an offensive and defensive identity that will really test us.  By no means am I saying the Panthers are a good team.  I just personally see matchups they will bring that will test the Eagles in areas we need to see.  This is a great matchup; and the reason being?  The Eagles will be tested; and we need a better idea of what this roster has moving forward.  Below are five areas the Eagles need to prove themselves in.

1.  The impact of Eagles tight-ends versus the Panthers good line-backer trio

Luke Kuechley had a terrific rookie season, and will emerge as one of the best all-around NFL linebackers during his sophomore campaign.  Unlike the linebackers of our Philadelphia Eagles, he is a terrific tackler, but one of his biggest attributes is his ability to defend the pass.  Chip Kelly will have the opportunity to showcase his tight-ends when the opposing defense has the arsenal to stop it.  In addition to Kuechley, both Beason at the strong-side and Davis at the weak-side will look to take the middle of the field away from the Eagles quarterbacks.  This is a great early test for Kelly; and a big stage for Ertz, Celek and Casey to demonstrate their ability to create space when covered by the better linebackers in the league.

2. Eagles offensive line holding their own by a strong and athletic defensive front four

Lane Johnson and the offensive line will defend versus a big, physical and athletic defensive line.  The Panthers defensive front seven is a very solid unit, and was under-rated last season.  They bolstered their front line by drafting defensive tackle Star Lotelelie in the first round.  Their secondary is where the Eagles want to attack.

3.  Will the Eagles show the ability to stop the Panthers from running, running and running some more? 

Panthers are a run team first.  We were gashed last week by the Patriots.  Williams is a shifty back, Tolbert big and physical.  6th rounder Barner adds depth to the backfield depth chart.   Should we mention the best ball carrier on the team is their 6’5” 245 lb quarterback?  If the Eagles are thinking long-term about returning to a respectable status, they will see more than just RG3 twice a year.  Seattle and San Francisco are going to be top of the class for many seasons to come, and although Kaepernick is big in stature while Russell Wilson is undersized, both will force the new hybrid 3-4 to show the ability to stop the run-option.

4.  With the Panthers having a poor wide receiving core past the aging Steve Smith, will the linebackers be able to contain a very good tight-end in Greg Olsen?

Olsen is fast, athletic and is able to play both the tight-end and wide-receiver position.  Who takes on the assignment of covering him?  We saw Kendricks get torched by a 5’9’ running back.  Olsen doesn’t have the speed of Vereen, but he can move and has excellent hands.  The Eagles have really struggled with the tight-end coverage for much of the past decade.  With an athletic and fast linebacker in 2012 2nd rounder Kendricks, Davis and his unproven defensive resume must show the ability to get the most out of their most athletic linebacker on the roster.

5.  Gap awareness by the Eagles defense

The 3-4 requires players to play smart, sure-tackling defense.  The secondary must be able to jam their man at the line of scrimmage and handle 1:1 coverage.  The 3-technique defensive ends must stick to their gap assignments.  Critical timing must be second nature, so the aggressive blitz schemes can put pressure on the quarterback.  As is stands, the Eagles defense looks awful in most areas.  There are more positions open on the Eagles defense then definite starters.  Who wants to start the season-opener?  Starters will be decided after Thursday night’s game.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Don’t fall asleep on Panthers other WR’s
    # 2 WR is the big, strong Brandon LeFell
    Who has improved in his first 2 years and now in Year 3 is poised to have a nice solid season, big Target (6-4) not very fast but deceptive
    They also added Dominick Hixon from the Giants who has had a nice Camp per all reports and 3rd Year Receiver David Gettis who had a great Rookie Seadon and missed all of last Season with knee injury.
    Armanti Edwards and 2nd Year burner Joe Adams round out their Receiving Corps so it’s not just Steve Smith
    Adams also returns Punts/Kick-offs and has world class 4.3 Speed
    So watch for Special Teams coverage play as well

  • Looking for improvement on tackling. Also want to see more of Logan, Curry, Graham and Square. If Alen plays like he did last week cut him as soon as the 4th quarter clock reads 00. Also can’t wit to see Cary Williams. O line will be tested. If they mke out good here O-line will be solid. QB battle will become a little clearerI am hoping.

  • This could be a long game for the D. Williams better be awesome at this point since he thinks that he doesn’t need to practice at all.

    Wolf is gonna steal that job and Allen will be gone.

    • bugs, Allen should have been gone in the off-season, when they had a prime opportunity to upgrade the entire secondary. But, that ship has sailed. New year, same $#!TTY secondary problems! Get used to it. Damn shame, when you get beat out by a rookie, low round draft pick, who isn’t all that himself.

  • I think 2-3 Players on the Bubble and need Strong Games tonight are
    Trent Cole, Jamar Cheney, Antonio Dixon, both K Coleman & N Allen
    The only thing saving Allen is the fact that Kenny Phillips is simply not healthy anymore and appears to be out again for Thursday’s game and looks like another off-season Safety signed with a good resume, but is damaged goods (like Safety Atogwe was last Season) and won’t play a down for the 2013 Eagles.. I think Kenny Phillips gets released next Week

    • He’s just as bad as a scorned broad… He is not in the spotlight any longer and he says outlandish things so he is talked about by the media. Fame whore…

  • Did you guys see that #5 said that RG3 is being brainwashed in Wash and that is why he doesn’t want to talk to him?

    This is my favorite quote though:

    “I hope the best for the young man, but the direction he’s going in is really a direction he does not want,” McNabb said. “He does not want to go there with me, especially when I got the last word.”

    What does that even mean? Does he really think that people care or even respect what he says anymore? Does he think that anyone, including fans, in DC would take his side over RG3?


    • I don’t know what Donovan meant by that, but I do think RGIII is full of himself and should focus more on team then everything being about him.

    • I am not sure what’s happened to McNabb.. For being a Class Player all those Years as the Eagles QB and being abovethe fray and cordial with the meida, and then soon as he Retire’s, he’s become an ass and continually making a fool of himself which his comment’s… .
      It’s kinds of like wathching what happend to Tiki Barber when he retired.. remember the stupid things he said after having a nice Career with the GIants and was set up pretty nice for a good TV Career and he blew it after saying supid things that were unsolicited and uncalled for..
      I believe to many of these Athletes just have such a hard time coming to terms about their post Athletic Careers and their place amongst their peers whether it’s in the past or in the present.. Let it go and enjoy your post-Football Career, you have good potential as an Analyst, but your blowing it with these off-color comments about how this player or that player or Coach should be conducting themselves…

  • The more interesting comment out of that series of topics came from rg3’s father,,he’s not happy with his son running the football so much and said any quarterback that would rather run than throw is a “loser”

    • Didn’t the former superstar say he was excited about the possibility of rushing for 1000 yrds in Kelly’s offense??

      • Why’s it always gotta be about Vick…….

        Just kidding… great job pointing that statement out. I seem to remember we talked a-lot months ago how when running is your QB’s greatest asset you are already behind the power curve.

        I wish Foles had that spiral cannon for the long ball… oh wait I think I remember Aikman saying it took him like three or four years to develop his long ball… hmmm…

  • A howitzer arm is not necessary in chip Kelly’s offense, besides foles has plenty of hose to make the big NFL throws, big hose just watch

    • I completely agree. I was really just pointing out that Foles is a work in progress and he is plenty good enough to play in the NFL and will LIKELY only get better over the next few years.

  • I think this game is extremely important and I think it will tell us a lot about who this defense is. Will they respond to a miserable performance against The Patriots? or will they show us just how bad they will be going into the regular season?

    I think Cary Williams will finally play so we will see just how good he is as an Eagle.

    I think they respond well tomorrow.

    What ill be watching for is not only if the defense plays well but if they can create TURNOVERS. I cant remember the last turnover this Eagles defense forced going back to last year. Kenny Phillips, Cary Williams, Trent Cole Fletcher Cox needs to show up this game and in a big way.

  • And to think….I’ll be high over the ocean during the game and won’t be able to comment on Vick’s ineptitude.

    I’m sure you’ll miss me!

  • Vinnie,

    Don’t believe the hype you can still get arrested for smoking pot on a cruise ship!

    • Just kidding dude have a safe journey!

      • Ty regal.

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