• August 12, 2022

Notes From The Phillies’ 6-3 Loss To Atlanta

Dominic BrownThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their second straight game on Wednesday night, falling to the Braves 6-3. Their record drops to 53-66.

  • John Lannan got the start, but left the game early after pitching just 1.1 innings. Lannan was pounded by the Atlanta lineup for five runs on four hits and three walks. His ERA has increased to 5.33.
  • Lannan left the game early due to a knee injury.
  • Domonic Brown was the one bright spot in this game, going 3-4 and finishing a triple shy of the cycle. Brown knocked in the team’s only runs with a two-run shot in the sixth.
  • Michael Young also had a multi-hit game, going 2-4 and scoring a run.
  • Jimmy Rollins went 1-4 with a double.
  • Darin Ruf went 1-4 with a solo home run in the ninth. Ruf worked an eight-pitch at-bat before launching his bomb off of Atlanta’s David Carpenter.
  • Cody Asche went 0-3 with a walk, dropping his average to .196.
  • Zach Miner took over for Lannan and gave the team 2.2 innings, allowing three hits.
  • Caesar Jimenez pitched 1.2 innings, allowing a hit and a walk.
  • Raul Valdes pitched the seventh inning, and allowed a run. Valdes also pitched the eighth.

Final Thoughts

John Lannan is doing all that he can to make sure the Phillies have no interest in bringing him back next season.

Lannan has only made it out of the fifth inning once in his last five starts. He’s been injury-prone, and doesn’t have the most impressive stuff.

Lannan seems destined to go down as just another one of Ruben Amaro’s unimpressive roster moves that were unable to make a positive impact on the team.


Denny Basens

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  • They might not even win 70 games. LOOOOL!!!! What a cruel joke!

    • Absolutely, an embarrassing disgrace, this organization is! Mr. .300 Monty, must be proud. That’s the only reason why, I can think of, why Ruin 2morrow still has a job! SMH. Very sad.

  • Listen, gents, on Rueben Amaro Jr: Amaro graduated from Stanford U, like John Mayberry…Now, you must be very intelligent to go to and graduate from Stanford.
    However, Amaro didn’t major in baseball and he has made a mess of the Phils and doesn’t understand how to handle the kids coming up: putting Ruf in RF and Brown in LF is just dumb…The way the Phils handle their young arms is out of kilter too…I have a few ideas for fixing this but not tonight.
    Phils need a major attitude adjustment…Look at the Cards…

    • frank, let me know when you’re ready, I have alot to offer too. Starting with the the ax falling on Ruin 2morrow. That should be #1 priority, right after letting the love child of Porky pig & Elmer Fudd walk.

  • Wait a minute DCAR. Show some respect. Charlie was an integral part of 2008. Yes it seems to be time for him to go, but lay off brother. He is not the reason that we are in this mess. That lies squarely on the shoulders of the GM and the overall scouting/talent evaluation.

    • bugs, where in any statement, that I’ve ever stated on here, did I solely blame Charlie. His times up! He has to go. His stammering, stuttering, excuse making, & off- the-wall frame of mind, is old & tired. No kiddng about Ruin 2morrow! I’ve only been ripping him for 3 years, while numbnuts on here, make excuses for, & worship at his alter.

  • Lots of Poor signings over the last 2-3 Off-Seasons has doomed the short-term Future of the Phils… while the “Core Players” all have had injuries and are not the Players they once were 3-4-5 Seasons ago…
    Building the Team with a Top Heavy $$$ Committment to Starting Pitching,while disregarding the Outfield, Bullpen,& the Bench, was not the way to go when Playing in Citizens Bank Park which is a Hitter’s Park..
    Less resources for the Starting Pitching, and more resources spent on a OF and Bullpen would have been the way to go when looking back at Amaro’s last few Off-Seasons..
    Trading Pence was a mistake, Re-Signing Rollins was a mistake,
    Signing Cancer J Papelbon was a mistake, Signing Roy Oswalt was a mistake , Signing Jim Thome, M Young & D Young were all mistakes since they are players better suited for the American League since they are Defensive liabilites..
    In defense of Manuel, this years Team was destined to fail from the outset
    Players like Howard, Doc & Relief Pitcher Adams should have all stayed behind in Florida until they were 100% and come up in June when the real season and jockeying for Playoff position’s begins in full earnest…
    Charlie’s never been a Small-ball type of Manager which is what the Pihllies Line-up has become.. Too many Batter are way to undisciplined and strike out way too often…
    One thing that was a real setback and not talked much about was the loss of CF Revere who was just killing it from late May until his injury in early July and to be honest, the Phils Offense never has gotten back on track since his departure so moving forward, with a Revere,D Brown, D Ruf and maybe Asche, the Phils have some Young Talen to become their next Core of Players, and if Howard,Utley & Rollins can just be decent and healthy, maybe they have a shot next Season but that’s a big if..

  • I want to be clear that I think that I think that he should not be the manager next year, but I do get tired of people focusing on the negatives including the way that he talks.

  • I also think that letting Davey Lopes go was a mistake.

  • Excellent point Bugs.. The Phils under Lopes had the highest Succesful Stealing % during his Tenure as 1B Coach..He was also an excellent mentor to the younger Players, who would also help with HItting,Fielding and just an overall Winner and important Coach that helped Rollins,Victorino,Utley and the entire Team to be aggressive, alert and fundamentally sound.. Big mistake letting him go for $$$ Reasons..

  • Well, many people got their wish today. Sandberg is the new coach of the Phils.

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