• July 3, 2022

Eagles-Panthers: What I’m Watching For


  • Michael Vick has a chance to further secure the starting job with another quality performance. Vick made quick, effective decisions against the Patriots and he needs to continue to do that against Carolina. The starting job is Vick’s to lose. Another quality performance could put an end to the battle, but he could just as easily prolong it if he falls back into his bad, turnover-prone habits.
  • Nick Foles needs to show a lot to keep himself in the running for the job. Foles looked very good running an uptempo offense last week, but its not going to be enough to convince Chip Kelly to give him the nod over Vick. This week will be his best chance to impress; Foles begins the game as the starter.
  • Matt Barkley showed some good things last week, but I wasn’t overly impressed with him. Granted, it was his first taste of NFL game action, and at this point he’s still very raw. I want to see how much more comfortable, if at all, he looks now that he’s experienced what its like to quarterback in the NFL.

Running Backs

  • Is Chris Polk still ahead of Bryce Brown? Polk got the start ahead of Brown last week, and did some good things (particularly in pass protection) but Brown is the better overall talent, and the former seventh-round pick looked pretty good once he got into the game.
  • Felix Jones didn’t help his cause at all last week, and he’s got to bring something to the table this week in order to have any legitimate shot of sticking around. Jones is an explosive talent that is a threat to take the ball to the house anytime the ball is in his hands. If he can show that he can hold on to the ball and make some things happen, he could still force his way onto the roster.
  • Matthew Tucker looked pretty good last week. He’s got little shot of making the team, but he’s a prime practice squad candidate.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

  • Can Greg Salas keep his level of play up? Salas had a strong showing against New England, and he appears to be in the lead for the fifth receiver position.
  • Can newcomer Jeff Maehl make a good impression? The Eagles acquired the receiver this week from the Texans in exchange for offensive lineman Nate Menkin, and he’s familiar with Chip Kelly from their time together at Oregon.
  • Are we going to see any flashes from either Russell Shepard or Ifeanyi Momah this week?
  • I’d like to see Zach Ertz play a little with the first-team.

Offensive Line

  • The Carolina Panthers have a very talented defensive line. Ends Greg Hardy and Charles Johnson combined for 23.5 sacks last year, and the team added Star Lotulelei in the first-round. We’re going to get a good look at how much better the Eagles’ offensive line is this year, as they try to hold up against this tough line.
  • It sounds like Jason Peters is a no-go again, so we’ll get another look at Alan Barbre at left tackle.
  • Todd Herremans needs to have a better game than he did last week. Herremans has been having some problems, and if he struggles again it might be time to start getting a little concerned about the veteran who has a great deal of mileage on him.

Defensive Line

  • The starters need to be much more impactful than they were last week. Fletcher Cox, Isaac Sopoaga, and Cedric Thronton were all dominated by the powerful New England offensive line. The Patriots ran the ball at will, and had no problem protecting Tom Brady.
  • Vinny Curry was the team’s most active defensive lineman last week, and he could make a push for a starting job with another strong effort.
  • Damian Square and Bennie Logan both performed pretty well against New England, but did it against the second and third teams of the Patriots. I’d like to see both of these guys get some looks with the starters.
  • Is Antonio Dixon going to make this roster? He was invisible against New England, and with guys like Square and Logan emerging I’m not sure that Dixon is going to fit here.



  • With the exception of Connor Barwin, the starters we’re all brutal last week. DeMeco Ryans needs to have a better game and provide us with some optimism that he can succeed in a 3-4.
  • I want to see some evidence that Trent Cole can at least look passable in coverage.
  • I don’t want to see these guys overpursuing plays or missing tackles like Ryans and second-year man Mychal Kendricks did last week.
  • Rookie Jake Knott was the team’s most impressive linebacker a week ago, will he continue to play well?
  • I want to see more of Phillip Hunt. I thought Hunt had some nice moments last week, and I hope he gets more of an opportunity to show what he can do in this scheme.
  • Jamar Chaney was awful last week, and he’s going to be out of here soon if he doesn’t shape up.


  • Bradley Fletcher can’t get abused like he was a week ago. The Eagles are in trouble if he can’t be one of their starters.
  • Someone needs to step up and take the starting job away from Nate Allen. I don’t see any evidence that suggests Allen is going to be anything better than what he’s been throughout his career. The guy just can’t tackle, and he’s a serious liability.
  • If we don’t start seeing some strong play from Kenny Phillips soon, we may never see it at all. His knee still hasn’t been right, and he could very well turn out to be this year’s version of O.J. Atogwe, a former playmaking safety with a bad injury history who the Eagles similarly gave a one-year deal to a year ago only to release him before the regular season.
  • Earl Wolff got some first-team reps in practice this week, and he may have the best shot to sit Allen down.
  • Patrick Chung was the one guy in the secondary that I was actually impressed with. Chung was around the ball, and hit hard. I need to see more positives from him though.

Final Thoughts

Defensively, the Eagles are going to have their hands full.

Cam Newton tore this defense to shreds in 2012, picking up over 300 yards through the air and 50 on the ground, scoring four total touchdowns in last year’s Week 12 matchup. After getting absolutely embarrassed by the New England Patriot starters, defensive coordinator Billy Davis needs to make some adjustments fast. The starters are set to play for the entire first half, and considering the Patriots torched this unit for over 160 yards and two touchdowns in less than a quarter, we could be in for a great deal of defensive ineptitude tonight.

I want to see some kind of improvement from this group; at the very least I want to see that this group has a little heart. Even if Carolina scores on every possession, I want this defense to at least make them fight for every yard.





Denny Basens

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  • I want to take a look at Danny Watkins for some reason. I want to see if he’s gonna pan out or not.

  • Let’s remember that teams don’t “game plan” for these games. I will be looking to see how quickly Vick and Foles get the ball out and how well they read the Defense. Think this will determine who the starting QB will be – not who scores more TDs in a practice game.

    • How can you possibly know how the QB reads the defense from your living room? I always get a chuckle out of fans who cant read a defense themselves but can determine if someone else can read one. Its almost like me telling someone they arent speaking French the right way and I dont even speak French.

      • I can see who is holding the ball. I can see if a QB throws to the open WR or tries to force the ball into coverage. Besides I played football in HS and college.” I don’t speak French…

    • “not who scores more TDs in a practice game.”

      If you think that’s not a factor – I got some land in Florida to sell you.

      • The QB of the future is not on the roster and you aren’t getting him with the 12th pick of the draft next year.

  • Good Outline Denny and agree with your highlights you listed
    I see about 5-6 Veteran Players who need solids games or the Eagles Staff/Kelky and Roseman are going to have to start thinking about
    Finding replacemts off the waiver wire or some trades
    (isn’t DL Richard Seymour still out there??)
    OL Herrenans & Watkins
    RB F Jones
    DL A Dixon
    LB’s Ryans & Cole & Cheney
    Safeties Allen & Coleman & Phillips

    I see a couple of Players from this Group getting released this week

    As far as what I will be watching for
    OT’s barbre & L Johnson
    Interior OL versus Dwan Edwards, Star Lotuleike & Kwann Dhort of the Panthers
    The Eagles TE’s versus the Panthers LB’s
    & Safeties (Godfrey from Carolina is a good one)
    Can the Eagkes WR’s get open and make plays outside of D-Jax, Avant & Salas.. Panthers CB’s is their weakness
    Of course, good QB Play from Vick (who looked great versus the Pats) and Foles who looked pretty good also..

    Defensively– looking at everyone and the 2nd Stringers who may elevate to Starter Status by Week #1
    Cox, Thornton & Soapaga need to step up
    V Curry, B Logan and D Squares need some reps with the 1st Team
    The Stsrting LB Corp must play downhill and aggressive and not so passive as last week.. Secondary needs all Players to step up
    I will be looking for LB Knott, Hunt & McCoy and DB’s Boynkin, Marsh and Wolff to see if they can continue to put pressure on the fisrt Teamers

    Should be an exciting and interesting game and I believe it will give us Fans at the halfway point of Summer Camp on what to expect from this 2013 Team
    But changes and Player Personnel moves will be needed..

  • I know what I’ll be looking for:

    “That’s what we want to model everything after,” Foles said. “The tempo. That’s what we want to do.”

    Right now we know that one guy has been able to handle the Chip Kelly tempo. Can they both?

    I’m outta here.

    • lol.

      What you should hope for is no turnovers for your boy. Push the tempo all he wants – keep turning the ball over and there will be problems.

      • And Vice-versa.

        • Oh wait…who was turnover free last week?

          Oh Okay.

          • And who is 4th all time fumble % in NFL history?

            Much like arguing mv’s weight gain, trying to pimp him as some ball security expert is laughable.

    • So, what does any of this mean Vinnie if Vick gets the start and do well?

      • or the other way around.

        Hey, if Vick does well against the Panthers in the 2nd Q….will you say “its only because it was against Carolina’s 2nd stringers” Like you did with Foles last week?

        Go watch an RGIII highlight film and get yourself off turncoat.

  • Foles gets blasted, looks horrible with another turn over….Vick comes in and takes the show and put all this asinine rhetoric to rest.

    “Paste it”

    Remember I was the guy who told everyone Kolb had a 2 game maximum.


    • You also declared that you were no longer an Eagles fan….you are a Redskins . PASTE IT

    • earlier^^^^^^^^^^^^


  • Remember I was the guy who told everyone Kolb had a 2 game maximum.


    You were also the guy who said that you were no longer an Eagles fan – until Vick came back that is… Which just proves that you are not an Eagles fan at all..

    So who cares what you think…

    • Couldn’t agree with you more….As soon as Vick was back so was he. I wonder if he returned the RG3 Jersey’s he bought his kids? Im sick of the non Eagle Vick first fans.

  • I think both QB’s are playing well and having good Camps thus far so my Focus will be on the Rest of the Team that has lots of question ? and holes to correct… The OL will have a stiff Test, After D-Jax/Avant who are the other Receivers that can be counted on to consistently make Plays and the Entrie Defense needs a lot of improvement and play together as a Unit …
    The Starting QB (Vick or Foles) is way down at the bottom of needs for this Team for I think the Eagles can move the ball and be productive with either of them at the helm… The Rest of the Team and especially the Defense, I am not so sure about ….

    • “The Starting QB (Vick or Foles) is way down at the bottom of needs for this Team for I think the Eagles can move the ball and be productive with either of them at the helm… The Rest of the Team and especially the Defense, I am not so sure about ….”

      Completely agree

      • Why worry about a problem that cannot possiby be fixed right now? The D will be terrible this year…terrible. New players. New coaches. New system. stopgabs signed everywhere in the secondary. They are going to be cover your eyes bad for at least the first 8 games.

        “Fixing” the D will be a 2 to 3 year endeavour.

        More DL and LBs next year. Cbs the year after that.

        Hopefully good next year, and hopefully very good the following.

        Grooming a QB is also a 2 to 3 year process. If you don’t begin now, well then, its going to be a long long wait till we see any success.

        What would be the point of hanging on to the fading superstar for one or 2 more years? By the time this D gets good, you going to then drop a rookie QB in and watch the team flounder on the O side of the ball for 2 more seasons.

        I guess that’s the TS qway. Hang on to the old man now whhile the D is pathetic, then start a rook when the D is ready….2 years of shit now, followed by 2 years of shit later.

        But you don’t care. All you care about is your schoolgirl crush at QB.

        Lets get grooming those kids at QB so they’ll be ready when the D becomes competent in a couple seasons.

        It is in the long term interests of the team.

        • I am so sick of this QB situation I won’t even read the stories anymore. I like Foles but he is looking more and more like Chad Pennington to me. A check down master that is not dynamic what-so-ever. And Vick is too old to build around. I used to think Kelly would either be Spurrier or Bill Walsh but not in between. A failure or a champion. Now I fear he may end up being that 10-6 guy that can’t win the big one because of course we only have a top five pick in the year without a QB. And now he will never draft that high going forward to get that franchise QB. I really don’t think Foles or Barkley is that guy in the future. They are both just seviceable starters that can maybe get you to the final four with the right supporting cast. But you aren’t winning a title with them unless you have a HOF defense. And that is unfathomable at this point in our history.

        • What?

          I don’t have a problem with Foles starting…hence my “agreed” with what Paulman said. He can run the offense. Vick def makes it more dynamic but he (Foles) can get it done I think.

          So what the hell are you talking about?

  • You know, with the defense looking as bad as it does I’m almost wondering if Vick and Foles stay as close as they are now if it makes sense for the Eagles to try to trade Vick and a draft pick to say Buffalo for Mario Williams or to Chicago for Julius Peppers before the season starts. I want to see what the D looks like tonight knowing Carolina is dependent on the run, but it obviously seems like a personnel problem. Something has to be done about this defense.

    • Butch Vick is up in age, right?

      So, it would make more sense to trade Foles to the Bills for those players and picks you mentioned knowing they would give up more for a player with a greater upside. right?

      Based on what i’m hearing from you guys, Foles is the more valuable asset.


      • Yes. He is. That’s why you can’t trade him. Trading away youth and holding on to old fading players so they can have “one last chance” is a disasterous way to run a franchise.

        Besides, nither Buffalo or Chicago would want Vick. Buffalo just spent a 1st round pick on their QB of the future and Trestman just won 3 CFL championships with a statue for a QB. He likes his statues. Besides, why would Cicago trade for one turnover prone fading guy to replace their other turnover prone fading guy anyway? Makes no sense.

        The Eagles can’t trade Vick because there is no market for Vick. (maybe TB. Maybe. Of course the Raiders would always be in play I suppose. They like to do dumb things.)

        • Vinnie, take a breath of American Fresh Air..
          Mike Vick is going nowhere, in fact, he will be the Starter for the Eagles in 2013 and depending on how he and the Team do, maybe even in the future as well.. Meanwhile, this Team has issues everywhere else on it’s Roster (outside of RB & TE) so let’s focus on the other Positions and Players that can round out this Roster

        • Vinnie?

          Why wouldn’t Buffalo or Chicago want Vick over Foles?

          Don’t the league GM’s see things as you see them?

          Why would they want Vick over Foles?

          • Hmmm….you just asked 2 completely opposite questions. Makes no sense. but if u look above I explain clearly why chic and buff would not want vick.

            Chic might be interested in files, buff would not.

            No fresh air here…trapped In an airport.

    • Those trades wouldn’t happen and those guys are not good scheme fits in a 3-4 defense either. But I agree the defense is prety awful and several drafts away from being good. We are going to need someone to step up because we don’t have four years to count on first and second round picks. Guys like Logan, Curry Knott, Wolf need to be diamonds in the rough. Not all of them but some here and there. We need good players after the second round to show up.

  • Everyone probably agrees the Eagles defense stinks. My question is how many players do we have right now that could be part of a defense good enough to help the offense win a championship? I will be optimistic and figure Cox, Kendricks (maybe) and Boykin (only in the slot) are building blocks fro the long term. Barwin and possibly Fletcher (at RCB) are adequate on a team with title aspirations. So that would mean we needed eight more guys. That’s a lot of guys. I left out Ryans because I think he becomes cost prohibitive after this year and he is another quiet lead by example guy like Cole that we need less of. We need a little more fire and vocal leadership with a little psychosis like B Dawk.
    Are there guys that might be a valuable piece moving forward? I would love if Cury and Logan could become our other two starters on the line. The big piece though is whether Graham could ever become the other OLB and be an impact player. Barwin is solid but you need an impact guy at one of those spots. And if Graham is not it then its a double whammy because 1) you ultimately wasted that pick once you trade him for a fourth round bag of beans and 2) now you have to spend your first round pick on that next year or write a really big check that eats up most of your cap. And the problem with using the first round pick is that then you can’t get the stud safety we have been needing in the first round. I have become of the opinion in the modern era safeties have now become more important than shutdown corners. I would take Earl Thomas over Richard Sherman any day because safeties just give you more on defense. They are what LBs used to be to your defense.
    So even if Fletcher is serviceable and the young guys on the line fill the holes we may need five more starters after this year and we need two of them (at OLB and FS) to be PB impact players.

    • I see 3-4 Solid Defensive Players Currently on this Team that appear to fit this 3-4 Scheme moving Forward (F Cox,C Barwin for sure) then maybe Curry, Graham, Logan, Hunt & Chung but only after 1 Game it’s impossible to say with any cetrainty..
      I do have a pretty good feel for who is not a fit for this 3-4 Scheme
      Trent Cole, D Ryans, M Kendricks (as long as he continues to play ILB)
      J Cheney, A Dixon, Safeties Allen & Coleman
      Jury is still out on C Thornton,and all the Younger Players

  • I am so sick of the QB situation I won’t even read the stories anymore. I like Foles but he is looking more and more like Chad Pennington to me. A check down master that is not dynamic what-so-ever. And Vick is too old to build around. I used to think Kelly would either be Spurrier or Bill Walsh but not in between. A failure or a champion. Now I fear he may end up being that 10-6 guy that can’t win the big one because of course we only have a top five pick in the year without a QB. And now he will never draft that high going forward to get that franchise QB. I really don’t think Foles or Barkley is that guy in the future. They are both just seviceable starters that can maybe get you to the final four with the right supporting cast. But you aren’t winning a title with them unless you have a HOF defense. And that is unfathomable at this point in our history.

  • I really don’t think Foles or Barkley is that guy in the future.

    Well, we will never know if they don’t play. What we do know is that Michael Vick is 33 years old and his legs are going. He is not a good enough QB to make it without his running abilities. So, his time in the league is coming to a close… Which is why it makes no sense for him to play on a 6-10 rebuilding team.

    Kelly will do the same thing that Reid did last year – bench Vick when the Eagles a out of contention… So Foles and/or Barkley lose a year of experience and there is very little chance we draft a QB next year.

    Jeez, I wish Gus Bradley was our coach – Vick would be a forgotten memory…

    • He was the safer choice.But I am not sure you win a SB with those guys. He is more likely the next Jack Del Rio than the next Bill Cowher. And Cowher failed a lot in embarrassing fashion before winning one on bad calls. Everyone forgets that as the years go by. This guy was a bit of a gamble but I’d gamble on getting Bill Walsh over Bill Cowher if you know what I mean. Chip’s upside could be HOF revolutionary. I don’t see that from Gus.

  • I don’t know… Bill Walsh had 10 years of NFL experience when he got the head coaching job with the 49ers. It works both way > With Kelly you gamble on getting Steve Spurrier. > With Gus Bradley you might get Bill Belechick!

    • Good point. I just don’t know how much of the crazy stuff Seattle is doing was Bradley or Carroll.

  • “Vick will be the starter and get us to the playoffs. Remember Rocko said this when the end of November rolls around”. Mark my words…

    • Lmfao. Not in this lifetime bro.

      • They just have to go 4-2 in the division. Den, GB definite Ls. I feel pretty good about SD in 1 pm east coast game and KC is one you should get also. Oak has to be a W. I feel prety good about playing Det and Ariz outdoors in December especially with Ariz playing at 1 pm. Get Chi or Minn and its not crazy.

  • I’m re-watching the game on NFL Network and I must say, I usually drink during games so I’m rather intoxicated halfway through the 3rd quarter…..but I like what I see from Matt Barkley. Rookie in the game. First taste of NFL action. I think he did ok. I think he’ll be our starter of the future, real talk. He won’t play this year, but next year he will have a chance to compete for the starting spot vs. Nick Foles.

    That is of course, if Vick doesn’t go off this year. If we see Vick play well, I see another contract extension.

  • Defense…That’s what I’m watching for…I want to see if this defense looks improved from a week ago. Especially watching for how the LB;s fill the gaps on the run. I expect to see more 3 safety sets tonight as well from whats being reported, Eagles been working more on this.
    On offense want to Salas gets some reps with the first team…

  • Are you ready for some football? !!!
    It’s the sport of kings better than diamond rings… FOOTBALL

  • I want to see Nick Foles throw LEFT.
    He is a one side of the field QB from what I have seen. 10 to 15 yard outs to the left side of the field — if he can’t complete that pass he can’t play in the NFL.

    • Foles can and will show you he makes that pass all day!

  • will Mychal Kendricks get run over again?
    I am looking at Kendricks and Foles tonight.
    Will any of Howie Roseman’s 2013 free agent signing make a play? Chung looked OK but the rest of the lot has been less than impressive after one game.

  • the most interesting thing I saw last week against New England was DJax lining up on the right side especially with Mike Vick. Coach predictable Reid always had DJax on the left. Djax is playing the right side and catching 40 yard TD’s ——— Go Chip Kelly

  • I hear you about the bombs but DJAX and D Johnson both lined up behind Celek and Ertz in the stack give you mad YAC (on a bubble screen) if the D doesnt flow to cover. If they Do cover Shady or Brown own the gut for 4-8yds a clip maybe bust one long!

  • Ummmm…i can’t access Fokes ‘splits’ on my phone, but if memory serves he was about 30% passes outside left hashes, 32% between hashes, and 38% outside right hash something like that…., very normal…slightly higher tendency to his ‘open’ side….very tropical of rooks…esp ender duress.

    What direction did Kaps last fateful pass go in the sb?

    The “Foles only throws right” is another one of the many myths you guys like to float on here.

  • Foles is a turnover machine!!!!! lol

  • Ouch! after one series Nick Foles 2 fumbles and one Int.

  • You cant go 80 yards on 5 yard passes. The odds are you will eventually make a mistake. Chips offense at Oregon avg 40 points a games not on 10 play 8 min drives.

  • I enjoyed that first drive A FUCKING LOT. Not the result I wanted but to see but was great to see a Oc mix the fucking plays up , pound the rock, play with urgency , play smart and fast.

    The days of Reid are long gone and this guy chip is very refreshing

  • Nice plays by Geathers and Logan to make that last drive 3rd and 6. Williams is not impressing me much tonight. He can lay the wood but he looks hesitant and slow.

  • Vick looks pretty comfortable when the o line gives him time.

  • Mhenski I concur except Foles mistakes… Remember; “Vick will be the starter and get us to the playoffs. Remember Rocko said this when the end of November rolls around”. Mark my words…

  • Damn Vick is looking to good out there!!!!!!! Good job o line for protecting our QB! Now is the time and Vick is hitting guys down field and he looks relaxed in the pocket…Kudos to the Oline and O coord!

  • ” In the evaluation process you have to be impressed with what Mike Vick is doing” (Brian Baldinger). DO YO THANG VICK!!!!!!!!

  • Foles also can’t get the ball to Desean second drive was all Shady and it was a short field. 2 drives 2 fumbles 1 that was close 1 INT and a rushing TD Vick would have scored easy. Vick has the better arm and can extend plays. Foles showed some poise but he can’t take care of the ball lol. Competition over. Foles wil be a good backup.

  • Competition over. Game set match. It is what it is. It looks like a athletic player vs a non athletic player.A 10 min drive vs a 2 min drive. A #1 pick vs a 3rd round pick. A 4 time pro bowl QB vs a QB just happy to be in NFL.

  • must we say anymore?

    Vinnie please put up your stats showing seconds per play, pleeeeeease!

  • Mike Vick is playing better than Foles because:
    1.) Turnovers
    2.) Arm Strength
    but Mike Vick is just not durable. He only played a quarter and was hit like 5 times. He won’t last 8 quarters like that.

    • I agree with the last two points. Turnovers will come as the season progresses.

  • Its over. Vick was perfect except for end of half heave. Your starting QB folks : Michaeeeelllllll Vick!!

  • Patrick Chung was outstanding. Nice to see a safety lay some wood.
    Kendrick shook off last weeks game and had a good game today.

  • How is that no name LT a journeyman? Barbre? I’m impressed

    • Barbre looks better than Lane Johnson.

  • Anyone check on Vinnie?

    Making sure he’s not hanging himself or preparing to leap off the nearest bridge.

  • Special teams have been great so far too. Actually have a return game.

  • Foles looked very good. Vick looked better. Same as last week. Good comp.

    • there is no comp.

    • There is no comp.

      There was sorta kinda one after last week.

      After this week…it’s done.

      Vick’s the starter or Kelly is smoking some POWERFUL ish.

  • Matt Barkley is a work in progress, so I would have him at the 3rd string with Dixon backing up Vick.

    Foles could be trade bait or numbers casualty.

    • Barkley was a wasted pick. Better use of the 1st pick in 4th round on a 3 rd string QB.. Should of went with best defensive player on board. Barkley looks just like every other 3rd string QB in NFL.

  • Vick is ur starting qb no doubt. But IMO I was impressed by foles enough that he can lead this team when his number is called. The fumbles were a lack of concentration and are correctable the pick he was being hit on the shoulder/ arm and he needs to be smart enough to pull the ball down when he feels that. I thought other than that play he has good pocket awareness and solid footwork and makes good decisions. He is clearly still growing but his time will come.

    On the other hand Barkley doesn’t pass the sniff test at all. I keep hearing about he could’ve been a top 5 or 1st round draft pick if he came out early – well if he did come out early and that happened you would be looking at Matt Blaine gabbert Barkley.

    • I should add Vick hasn’t shown me enough so far to make a believer that he can improve on last year. Vick is a vet and should be carving up vanilla offenses but when blitzes get exotic and the pressure is on what will happen? I’m optimistic mostly because everything chip is calling on offense looks very good… We shall see week 1

      I’ve seen enough of this offense to put shady as my #2 fantasy rb at this moment ahead of Doug Martin and Arian foster. Slightly ahead of Doug mostly because Doug plays San Fran Seattle and zona

    • I wish Vick would get the same lead way when his fumbles are from a lack of concentration which is correctable, or throw a pick when he is being hit on the shoulder.

      • He has for a decade +

  • Where are all the Foles butt lovers at?

    • I know you’re not a Vick fan Dag.

      But you gotta admit..dude looked good. Real good.

    • What I’m saying is I know you think they both suck. lol

  • Im very excited about this team. With Vick running offense we should aberage 40 ppg. With Foles, 30 ppg. Either way, we are in goid shape.

  • I feel like as of right now Vick has earned the starting spot. He has shown sharpness and wise decision making. I feel he is very impressive because I am not a Vick supporter. Foles will be a more than competent backup to start the season. Vick will miss a few games due to injury in which Foles will come in to do an adequate job. Matt Barkley is making typical rookie mistakes(Regarding rookies from last season, some people will be surprised how overrated some of them are). The defense will ultimately hurt this team in the long run giving up leads late in games. I predict 6-10 / 7-9.

    Tonight Vinny Curry is a bright spot on defense with Vick and McCoy shining on the offensive side.

    Fly Eagles Fly

  • where’s Vinnie?

    • Choking on his own puke lol

  • Hes on a plane getting drunk coming up with another excuse as to why Vick shouldnt start.

  • You can always tell the true fans from the false ones. Glad to know at least all of the Foles lovers are on board with who will be the starter. We’ll see what Vinnie has to say. Remember, you can always tell a true fan from a fake and see what Vinnie has to say. He’s either true or fake. i don’t believe he’s honestly a real eagles fan as well as some of you on here but we’ll see…

    • How much can you know about American football when you dont live here anyway. If I need hockey anylsis I think he has more clout.

      • Thats true. No damn Canadian is going to tell me who the qb should be.

  • You all are nuts. There is not enough difference between an aging veteran and a young guy to start Vick. Foles should be the guy moving forward…The pass to Celek that was a dink over the defender does not happen with vick….vick would instead scramble and TAKE A HIT. Vick will not hold up getting crushed more and more and more. Still think foles is the guy.

    I have stated along time ago though that I would rather a yellow dog than Mike Vick!

    • Well…at least you’re consistent.

      • Regal I kind of agree but u can’t not give Vick the job now. He has outplayed nick not by a large margin but he has and Vicks comradely with his teammates is really 2nd to none.

        Coach chip has said in the past the players will know who their qb is before I say it and from the looks of it that’s mike…

        Now I see the masses all over mikes jock right now and I think it’s way to early to go there because the sample size is extremely small and mike has done this in the past only to let everyone down but I am real excited about the running game and scheme and that will lighten the load on whoever are qb is. But again keep in mind mikes had great running games before and failed miserably.

  • Well…

    Vinnie can’t use the stopwatch excuse. Vick got the plays off faster this go round. lol

    We’ll see what else he’s got, I’m sure.

  • Thats it!! im a Vick fan now!!

    im sorry for doubting you Michale Vick

    Ill never do it again.

  • Vick has NEVER played like this in an Eagles preseason. Im excited. Hes only going to get better.

    Foles is a competent back up.

  • Sure guys you can beat up micheal vick at 7 million a year but here is the reality. If he starts he will want a new deal. If he gets a new deal there is a problem. You do not pay a guy 10+million (most vet QB’s are close to 18+) to get hit every 15 to 30 seconds. How long will he last? How long will the speed stay? How many more concussions? IT IS FOLLY to RUN your QB consistently.

    Secondly we can all see that FOLES can play – yes he is still a bit raw but he has not played a full season in the NFL yet. McNabb was trash his first year. Play the young guy who may develop into something in a years time. Vick is going to get worse over time not better (FACT)

    • The fact that any argument can be made for a guy 10 years younger as being able to command the offense as well as a veteran says that the youth wins.

      A move to Vick is holding on to the past at the expense of a possible future. Have your shortsighted cake if you want it but be advised that Mike Vick cost you either Andrew Luck or RGIII by not letting the Kolb era implode the way it needed to. If vick starts he will put this team behind by 2 to three years again!

      • If Foles is good he will still be good when his number is called. right now he doesn’t take care of the football period. So far with Kelly Vick has and that’s the key because both of them can move the ball. Right now having Vick or Foles won’t slow the development of any other Eagle so im not sure why you are so worried about the future in the NFL every season is wide open play your best players and right now at QB its Vick.

      • Man what are you talking about? This isn’t the NBA in the NFL you don’t tank you try go win nobody can predict what’s going to happen this year or next. Stop being bitter and be a fan.

  • Vick is looking real good and has the Starters Job locked up in my opinion, but I do feel comfortable with Foles as the Back-up and besides the bad decision and throw in to end-zone , I thought he pjayed very well..
    McCoy & Polk looked good (except for Polk’s Fumble)
    LT A Barbre had another strong game while Lane Johnson is leaning and pkaying pretty weel as a Tookie and will get better and better as he refines his technique and improves his strength
    Thornton, Kendrick’s & Chung all had Strong Games
    2nd Unit saw Curry, Everett Brown, MCCoy,Knott and Acho lookied pretty good
    A huge improvement in their energy, tackling and overall attcking the linw of Scrimnage, filling the faps and running to the ball
    A nice job by the entire group and the Coaches
    Boynkin had nice coverage and should have had 2 Int.’s

    • the defense is interesting. I want to see if they can find a way to get guys like Curry, Logan, knott, McCoy, Acho on the field. Trent Cole looks lost in space a better offense carves us up in the flats a few plays were there if Cam would just trust his arm. no way Cole can cover the underneath flat area on the wide side of the field. Chung is a player he just needs to know when to go for the knockout, he missed 2 ints going for kill shots. Our corners are mediocre in a good way however. they don’t try to be spectacular so even if they give up the catch they at least don’t compound it by missing the tackle.

  • I agree with paulman his diagnoses is spot on. Ill add that I think boykin should start on the outside and fletcher should be moved inside unless fletcher cannot play inside.

  • It was really good to see both vick and foles have time.. make quick reads and deliver. Lots of screens..oh how i missed screens…. and lots of runs.

    The biggest joy is not seeing andy out there. It was a true balanced attack. I know guys like vinnie dont believe in the run game but… i sure am glad to see its return.

    The d looked much much better this week… although im not sure carolina has any serious fire power. But..they tackled much better and hot well.

    I cant wait to see what crazy stat vin uses this week to show his boy in the lead… im guessing it will be the obscure stat…. amount of time hat is turned sideways… truth be told… foles is doing a good job but… i think vicks got the job.

  • Seen Foles scoring drive and he was garbage. Didn’t complete a pass and the ball was driven from the Carolina’s 40 by Shady McCoy before the Foles run in.

    Not even close

    • Could your analysis be anymore slanted? Instead of saying both QBs played well but your guy has played better. You go with the garbage comment and overhype. Vick is winning the starting job, but it’s preseason whomever the QB was this team isn’t ready to do a lot. Go watch RG3 with your kids and leave this conversation to eagles fans without an agenda.

      With that being said Foles played tight last night, Vick played relaxed and looked good. Vick will be the starter but realistically this team isnt a playoff contender. IF and I mean IF we are lucky enouh to contend we are gonna need Foles to win us 2-3 games when Vick is out hurt concussion, ribs whatever may be….cause he did take hits last night. That being said Cam Newton is not Tom Brady so lets not go overboard with the defense…work in progress big time. Remember we have 2 of the shitiest teams from last year coming up also….so we wont be able to tell much. I didnt like this preseason schedule when I saw it.

      In summary Foles good, Vick Better…cautious optimism towards the season and take this preseason with a grain of salt, Songs Hail to the Redskins.

      • Don’t you realize that Songs is only concerned with being right. Personally I think that Songs and Vinne are the same person that trolls in GCOBB to get things riled up.

        • Yes with his agenda…

  • Same thing applies, if Vick starts and stays healthy this is one of the best offenses in football, if the defense actually stops people every so often they can win the NFL least. I was critical of how this defense was put together but man this offense is going to be lights out this year.

    • If Vick gets hurt and doesn’t play this team will have a good offense too. Preseason defenses havent stopped the starting unit yet. PRESEASON though.

  • One other thing, forget Vick for a second Shady is going to be a monster in this offense.

    • Dude seriously, your going against some bad defenses this preseason. Bad defenses looking for players. Shady is great and will be, but once you get to the regualr season and DC’s get to game plan things change. Every year people get over confident from the preseason.

      • Yep but name one good defense in the NFC East, the Eagles defense was scary bad and the Giants finished 31st in defense. So whatever the preseason doesn’t matter I guess. This is the time to be optimistic.

        • No it’s the time to be realistic. We only play 2 decent defenses till October. KC and Denver….San DIego could be respectable but who knows. Eagles are always superbowl champs, dream team, Dynasty in September…..I remember Jeff Lurie once calling Donovan Mr September as a compliment….Idiot. I have no doubt that this team could come out of nowhere ala San Fran….but it takes consistancy against good competition. Well see but the hype machine needs to chill right now.

      • Xevious – you’re also forgetting that the offense will get to game plan as well…This Eagles offense is going to be potent, if the O Line remains solid and with the players they have at TE, RB, WR and QB…There are numerous plays that could be ran with this personnel, the head coach is an offensive genious…..I see it, the possibilities are endless. Different formations/set to spread the field.
        Considering how the defense played last night and how this offense can move the ball, there is nothing wrong with an EAGLES fan being optimistic.

        • I agree. There always has to be one guy who is being “realistic” when others are excited.

          There is a lot of reason to be optimistic even against 2 bad defenses. It is the tempo and creativity of the offense that has me excited. It is how it presents mismatches.

        • Real this happens every year and Im personally not doing it this year. Im suggesting caution but to each their own man.

  • When you think about it, there is no reason for Chip Kelly to name his Starter right now, he has Vick focused and being pushed by Foles which is a good thing for both Pkayers and the Team.. I am sure in his mind, Kelly knows it’s Vick he’s going to Start with for the Regular Season, but no sense is slowing down the momentum for both QB’s and this Offense..
    Keep the pedal to the floor…

    • Vick will stay focused until he gets a contract. Year by year contract is the only way to go.

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