• July 4, 2022

Vick Has Earned The Starting Job

vick patsThe title will be the words spoken by head coach Chip Kelly.  The question is now when does he say them?   Chip, the coaching staff, you and I have seen enough from Vick to declare him as the starting quarterback moving forward.

This offense to work at maximum level requires a quarterback who will provide the defense, mainly the edge defensive end or cornerback positioned at the line of scrimmage; the threat that the quarterback will run with the football.  Foles was able to scamper in for a rushing touchdown last night and on a few other occasions this pre-season has been able to rush for a respectable gain when the running lanes became available.   Even with Vick one hit away from needing assistance to the side-line; his athleticism opens up the door for Kelly to do that much more with this offense.

Foles has looked good staying calm under pressure, showing the ability to make his reads and carry-out the new offensive looks that Kelly has introduced to the new Eagles offense.   He does however have two turnovers so far this pre-season, one in each game, including the interception in the end-zone that halted what would have been a nice scoring drive.  Chip Kelly wants a quarterback that minimizes mistakes, especially turnovers, which was a major contributing factor for media and fans to think Foles would get the starting job over Vick.

Vick has looked spot-on during the first two-preseason games; I’m discounting the interception prior to halftime.   The clock is ticking for all of us as to when he will go down with an injury.  It is only a matter of time before Vick fumbles attempting to gain an extra yard, takes an unnecessary hit or throws a ball into triple coverage for an interception instead of throwing it out of bounds.

What if the Eagles continue to run the ball more, consistently, and do it more than they actually pass?  I really believe that with the emphasis to run the football as part of the Eagles identity, there will be fewer opportunities for opposing defensive players to hit Vick.  The passing routes called by Kelly have Vick getting the ball out quicker.  When Vick is scrambling, one receiver goes long while another cuts their route shorter to allow options for Vick.  The offensive packages are hardly recognizable to what we were used to seeing the past few seasons.  Vick is not the athlete or play-maker that he once was.  The difference this year is that Chip Kelly is looking like he understands this.  Our coach understands the actual and not potential talent of his players.   Kelly will maximize the positives Vick still has left to offer.

It’s time to name Vick the starter, period!  For everyone’s peace of mind, for the players and coaching staff, media and fan base.  There are enough question marks left on this roster, focus your time and energy on that.  Michael Vick is your starter for the 2013 NFL season.  He gives the Eagles the best chance of winning.  It may no longer be the “Michael Vick Experience” with the flashy roller-coaster ride commercials; but he has just enough left in the tank for a few “did you just see that” conversations.

Jeff Kolsky

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  • Great job Vick. Now go and get us a superbowl!

  • Wait to see if the 2011/2012 Vick, aka “the turn-over machine” shows up, but I agree it looks like we should go with Vick – for now.

    • Thats what you will do wait and see every week to crticize him. Well let me put your mind at ease. He will fumble, he will throw ints, he will get hurt. But guess what so does Captain checkdown. He fumbled, threw ints, took sacks and oh yeah got hurt. Now fast forward to this year. Captain checkdown in 4 series, 1 fumble, 1 int, and 1 sack. Looks like a pattern to me.

      • I thought you were bitching about No Excuses come the Redskins game. If Vick starts he better play lights out…he better not fumble, throw ints, take stupid sacks that are comparable to young players in this league. Vick is no young player. He better play like the top vets in the league.
        Rmbr No exusues he better double the passing/rushing yards that RG3 has in that first game. He has much more experience and wont be coming back from serious injury. better play lights out rmbr no excuses whatsoever. If Vick starts, this team better make a playoff push. Better be in contention come December or there was no point of going with the veteran. period.

  • Wtf dag, and you wait and see every year like linus in the pumpkin patch waiting for the great pumpkin, like magically Vick will be the good nfl qb he never was, two preseason games don’t mean shit, we will root for the birds, Vick, but we are not part of this cult that can’t see things for how they are

    • good post Jake and very True. This is ground Hog’s day to 2010..same speech, same great play ect….I will hope because I am an Eagles fan. I just fear realistically we know exactly how this will end. Plus 5 drives..not even a half yet. Realtalk is optimistic that Vick’s skill set fit’s this offense, I am pessimistic that his mind set trumps all other factors.

      • Agree. I haven’t been on this site much lately but damn since when do we take preseason games so seriously..Really preseason haha…Yea lets give up our next five 1st rounders for Weeden. He looks like the best QB in the league from Preseason. People losing their minds over preseason.

  • Vick earned the spot, as an Eagle fan I wish him the best this year. Love our back up Foles, he has shown to be a talent at Qb. He just has to work on his arm strength. Hey Rocko take him to gym with you, let him work those tri’s and bi’s lol. Matt Barkley also has ability, I guess it’s nice not to have flat out scrubs at the position.

    • Pdiddy doesnt work like that. If it was that easy every major league pitcher would go to the gym and they all would be pitching at 98 miles per hour. Its god given.

      • I know dag but I figure with Foles he just needs a tad bit more velocity to his throws. Maybe a bit more arm strength would help him out but overall your right about that.

  • As an Eagles fan I think we should all hope that Vick does well. It seems that getting caught up in personal feelings about an individual blinds us from reality. Protection is the key no matter who is the QB. Peters has yet to play. This system is tailor made for Vicks skill set. Kelly is taking advantage of this. Reid tried to change Vick, it didn’t work. I’m not impressed with Foles at all. He is not a rookie. He seems to be more like Kolb ie arm strength.

  • Five series of downs in August might get some people excited, but most people know that the same Vick we been watching for 11 years will show-up at some point soon. So enjoy it while you can.

    Vick will likely be named the starting quarterback to start the season, but the Eagles aren’t going anywhere until they find their future quarterback. Maybe he’s on the team now….maybe not… but it’s not a 33 year-old.

  • I love seeing you Vick haters choke on ur own words. Those of us that supported Vick knew from the begining he wasnt the main problem. The offensive line was the problem. The playcalling was as well. Both those tthings improve and Vick looks like a superstar again. Hmm. Tack one up for the good guys

    • Lmfao @ Vick haters. Did you just start watching football this preseason? Cuz u damn sure haven’t watched Vick the last decade. More than half the league beat Vicks career highs in yards and Tds last year. He’s alwayS stunk at qb but this is finally the year it all changes lmfao.

      • Also mike was never a true superstar. Also it’s been less than 1quarter of work and in that 1 quarter he really hasn’t set the world on fire. And even if he has so what it’s preseason. Weeden looks like one of the best qbs in the league so far

      • Man you dudes just don’t quit, if Vick continues to play well then what? Will you watch every Sunday hoping something goes wrong? Right now it looks like he’s a perfect fit for this offense who cares if he’s 33 or what he did playing for another coach in a different system. I have been saying for 6 months there is a reason Kelly wanted him here and I think we can see why. Oh by the way if he gets hurt Foles has the ability to step in and play well. Injuries are a part of the game of football period. Maclin got hurt without being touched. Why all the but just wait nonsense? Or they won’t win anything anyway crap? Its only preseason, nobody is game planning. Guess what neither are the Eagles.

  • Just get ready chump. Keep hating on ur leader.

    • I should add that if everyone who has been critical of Vick because of his history of poor play and underachieving makes us haters what has he done to gain your support and make u a lover?

  • mhenski- thats why ive been saying that we need to get behind him but pump the breaks a little.

    The question is… who has the lead on this QB comp? The answer is clearly Vick. No Doubt. Thats it. Thats all. If this were the start of the season… Vick has to be your starter. But outside of that…. we need to just relax. We can dream.. we can hope.. sure. But we need to relax about what he will do.

    The D still has holes. We need to just beat the skins and not think about 1 game further. They need to bond this year. Perhaps hearing that they suck will keep them humble.

    I see big things for this O IF…. IF…. IF… Mike Vick keeps his focus, stays with the system and trusts Chip.

    But… thats alot of IF’s.

    We are behind you mike.. keep your focus.

    • agreed with everything u said stevo I feel much more confident because he have a capable backup that’s for sure

  • Stevo, he did step it up, he’s had an excellent camp, but Vick was better, that’s not a big surprise, when Vick was in that contract year ’10 for about 5 games he was the best qb on the planet, but he lack consistency, discipline for an entire season, his record demonstrates this, I know the weather conditions are finally ripe this year, and the great pumpkin will finally arrive, that’s what the cult of Vick believes,, this is the year he finally arrives

    • Just like Elway finally arrived in year 11. We can always hope.

      • Lion I hope and actually lose sleep at night hoping that this is the real Vick. That what we see now is what we see in December, January and even February the same way I did a couple of years ago until the giants printed the blueprint to beat him. Maybe in this system it’d not a mirage … But to compare his first 11 years to Elways that is an apples to oranges comparison

        • Not to argue cigar, but just reputation wise he was looked at as a under performing overall number 1 pick. So what’s different?

          • He won and won in the playoffs. He was 5 … A great QB that came up short. But great nonetheless just like5. Vick is not 5 or Elway. Win something soon then we can debate but at this point no

      • Haha big lion , you are a funny delusional dude to compare Vick to elway, elway was one of the greatest, but a punk, pussy, Vick the opposite of elway, I say elway is the biggest pussy to ever wear an nfl uniform, next to Favre , but you are more delusional to think Vick is the best option this year

        • Not following you Jake, it took Elway 11 years to do anything he won 2 SB’s late in his career thanks to Terrell Davis and suddenly he’s one of the greatest ever. But I digress hopefully Vick stays healthy and has a great year in Kelly’s offense and the defense stops enough people so the Birds can win some games.

    • sorry Jake… I mean… I was hoping Foles would leave no doubt that he was the guy. It didnt happen that way.

      Im not part of the cult group Jake.. and I really dont see any cult members either. Benching the best player at the position just doesnt make sense unless the next guy in line just needs a chance to take his game to hte next level. I am not a believer that Foles will SOAR if given the chance. To me… he seems (and has since day 1) to be a very good backup.

  • Birdo, leave your girly “hating” lingo at the door

  • Jakedog, suck these testes. Hop on the vickwagon asap.

    • what has he done to gain your support and make u a lover?

  • EAGLE Co 32 and Birdo, good stuff guys. I root for the eagles and see success with Vick at the helm as long as he stays healthy. These new generation bandwagon fans are a buncha fakes who would rather lose as long as they can hate on a person because of their personal dislikes of him. Who would want their qb to fail? Who would wish the lesser qb with arm strength and awareness to lead the team? Only a bunch of fake slack-jawed maggot so-called fans who aren’t real fans of this football team.

    • Rocko- It comes from the point of you that Mike Vick cannot win in green.

      It comes from the belief that the QB is all that matters and that THIS qb cannot win so why bother trying with him.

      It comes from the belief that Foles is better simply because Mike is the worst of all time.

      AND ABOVE ALL THINGS… being right is more important than anything else. They would rather be right than see Mike Vick succeseed.

      I’ll say it again. The best qb starts and it appears… as of now… that the best qb on this roster is Mike Vick. Thats not Love…. thats reality.

      • Hyperbole much?

        “It comes from the point of you that Mike Vick cannot win in green.”
        No, it comes from the fact that Mike Vick cannot win anywhere. His history shows that with only 1 season with more than 8 wins.

        “It comes from the belief that the QB is all that matters and that THIS qb cannot win so why bother trying with him.”

        No. It comes from the belief that QB isn’t “all” that matters, however QB matters the most. You can win with a shitty free safety, you cannot win with a shitty QB.

        “It comes from the belief that Foles is better simply because Mike is the worst of all time.”

        No one ever said MV is the worst of all time (well, except for fumbling where he is 4th worst all time – but I digress). I don’t know why you set the bar so low. MV isn’t the worst of all time, but he is a bottom half of the league QB, and has been for a decade.

        “They would rather be right than see Mike Vick succeseed.”

        Incorrect. I just know I am right about this. Good D or Not, the Eagles do not sniff the SB with Vick at the helm.

        MV is a short term “solution” to a long term problem. This Eagles’ team is at least a season from competing for a SB. (and with the state of the D, probably 2) All starting MV does now is take away important development time for the younger QBs.

        • See what i mean rocko?

          • See?

            I expose all your ridiculous exaggerations and all you’ve got is “see?”

            • How many winning seasons does your boy kolb have? You were POSITIVE he was the man. Whats foles record? You see.. as always you change the q…the q is not… can mike vick lead the falcons to the sb 7 years ago. Or.. who has more wins…. vick or 10 other guys in the league? The q isnt will mike win the sb this year… clearly.. with this team it would be hard… even with brady at qb. The q isnt even.. will vick be the qb next year.

              The q chip kelly is asking is… WHO GIVES US THE BEST CHANCE TO WIN GAMES THIS YEAR. And my guess… as of now… would be that u are gunna have your tissues wet.

              Im not a vick fan. I wont own his jersey and i dont care for him much. but… i want to win games. And it seems. Judging by my own to eyes that mike vick is not goingbto be cut 2 months ago. That chip didnt just keep him here to let him go in aug. He is… as i told you he would be…. playing for the starting job.

              • See?

              • Your comparisons are pathetic.

                Just because Kolb is bad, do not in any way mean Vick is good.

              • I never said vick was any good. Just better. Hes just better than Foles right now. Tomorrow? Who knows… but right now…. vick is the best Qb we have. And… as ive said.. and kelly would prolly agree… your best guys play.

        • Vinnie, please break down the time between each play for us again.

          The ever so important seconds between plays you emphatically insisted was in Foles favor.

          Give us those stats if you don’t mind.

          • I haven’t seen the play by play video yet, but as soon as I do I’ll post the times.

            BTW – You do know that Vick only able to lead scoring drive because panthers tired out by the 18 hurry up plays run by Foles earlier. Carolina D was exhausted. Glad Vick was able to take advantage of that.

            • check this out vinnie…csnphilly reporters from the last practice.

              All three quarterbacks stood out in one-on-one’s, but for different reasons.

              Vick launched a pretty pass 30 yards down the right sideline that was reeled in by Clay Harbor, while Foles and Barkley combined to throw three interceptions.

              Barkley threw a pass intended for James Casey in the flat, but linebacker Mychal Kendricks stepped in front of the tight end and picked it off. Barkley later tossed another pick to rookie cornerback Jordan Poyer, who was covering recently acquired wide receiver Jeff Maehl.

              Foles was intercepted in the end zone by Brandon Boykin after throwing a pass intended for a double-teamed Riley Cooper.

              Vick was under center with the ones in the team’s 11-on-11 goal-line drill, and connected with Ertz for a touchdown on his lone rep. Both Foles and Barkley tossed incompletions with the second and third teams, respectively.

              what’s your thoughts on this?

            • “You do know that Vick only able to lead scoring drive because panthers tired out by the 18 hurry up plays run by Foles earlier. Carolina D was exhausted. Glad Vick was able to take advantage of that.”

              I knew you were going to get creative, but even that’s a stretch for you. smh.

              • I’m glad you are excited by Vick’s performances throwing 14 passes in preseason.

                Somehow I lend more weight to the 3000 passes he’s thrown in his rather mediocre career.

                As for that quote TS, you guys really have to work on recognizing facetiousness.

              • “Somehow I lend more weight to the 3000 passes he’s thrown in his rather mediocre career.”

                lol. Way to move those goal posts. His past (as Foles) was irrelevant here. Those 15 passes are what mattered as well as performance in camp.

                Foles had every opp to win this comp. And (like Vick) was solely judged on his current performance not past.

                “As for that quote TS, you guys really have to work on recognizing facetiousness.”

                Coming from you..that’s laughable.

  • I don’t believe Chip Kelly will name Vick the Starter yet for a few reasons .

    1) He hasn’t made the Decision Yet..
    2) 2 of the Eagles first 3 Regular Season Games (in 11 Days to open the Season) are against Shannahan & Andy Reid who are very familiar with Vick
    So keep them guessing would be my approach
    3) I stated and still believe that Kelly may employ playing both QB’s the first month of the Seasin to again, change things up, fierce Defensive Coirdinators to have to game plan for both Vick & Foles and with their first 3 games to open the Season in only 11 days, this may help keep Vick more fresh for when the meat of the Schedule comes in October and also keep Foles very engaged and focused in case of injury and to be honest, this may be the way to go to open the Season and would be an excellent way to really set a course of change in the NFL of potentially playing dual QB’s based on Opponent, Score and situation of the Game…

    My own personal view is that Vick does deserve and most likely will be the Startwrcas he has earned it this far, but mrwmember, Camp is only halfway done and Kelly is going to keep both QB’s and his a offense as engaged as possible, which is not a bad way to begin his era as the Eagles HC

    • Agreed. Why name him now? He gets the start this week anyway right? If he plays great…. he doesnt play more than a drive in game 4. It will be clear at that point.

  • I just love how the clowns look for any reason to hate Vick. “He cant run the no huddle offense!” But yet he DID run it and looked better than Foles. MUCH better.

    Keep looking for reasons tho fellas, its humorous.

  • Thanks “G Cobb!”

  • Vick should start but naming him the starter now would be counterproductive, because he has to have his back to the wall and not feel secure in his position to play well. I don’t know how Kelly is going to do do it, but he’s going to have to somehow convince Vick that he’ll yank him with a moment’s notice if things start going downhill and Vick has to believe it before he steps out on the field every game.

  • ****NFL News****
    Bills QB EJ Manuel to have minor Knee Scoping procedure
    done and will miss remainder of Pre-Season after an impressive first 2 Games
    It appears he will miss 3-4 Weeks
    Kolb to get the Drarts as Bills only have 1 other QB on int’s Roster
    (maybe a Dennis Dixon Trade could be worked out)

    Browns Stsrting Guard injured Knee and out for 4-6 Weeks
    (Maybe a trade involving Danny Watkins could be worked out)

    Raiders lost a back-up TE and DB Tracey Porter to serious injury
    In last nights game vs the Saints

  • I do see Stevo; the rat vinnie comes out of his “rat hole” to fart and steal crumbs then go back into hiding…smh.

  • Biglion – Good stuff buddy…

    August 17, 2013 – 11:13 pm

    “Not following you Jake, it took Elway 11 years to do anything he won 2 SB’s late in his career thanks to Terrell Davis and suddenly he’s one of the greatest ever. But I digress hopefully Vick stays healthy and has a great year in Kelly’s offense and the defense stops enough people so the Birds can win some games”.

    I totally agree with you on this one buddy; let the haters keep on hatin!!

  • John Elway first 11 years

    98 wins. 5 seasons with 10 or more wins. 7 playoff wins. 3 superbowl appearances.

    Mike Vick first 11 years:

    56 wins. 1 season with 10 or more wins. 2 playoff wins.

    SO ya, I can see why we might want to compare those 2 players.

  • LOL if Elway’s first 11 seasons are considered nothing by some people out there, then what would you call Vicks? But yea the fact that people are even trying to put Vick in the same sentence as a HOFer after 14 passes in the preseason just speaks volumes to their IQ/racial biases (cant explain it any other way when it comes to stupid statements like that) of some of the people on here. Did you see Weeden’s preseason performance against the Lions…the next montana. Get it together people, its preseason football. Once this season is over we will know where most of these players stand in the future of the team.

    • Didn’t say they were nothing, said he didn’t win it all until 98 he was drafted in 83 so basically until then he was McNabb with worse stats. But he won 2 Super Bowls and he’s considered an all time great. I used him as a guy who won the Super Bowl late in his career so if it was done before it can be done again in the right circumstances, for another reference see what the Rams system did for Kurt Warner an after thought until placed in the right system. Why must you guys take everything so literal?

      • You said he didn’t do anything in his first 11 years. So you basically said he did nothing until he actually won super bowls (and you dont even give him the credit for it when he plays the most important position on the field). So if he didn’t do anything in his first 11 years then what what do we calls Vicks…

        I have to take it literal Biggie, its a computer blog haha. Im sure you’re a cool dude in real life tho

        • I hear you pheags, I don’t want to diminish what he did. HOFamer even if he would have never won a Super Bowl.

  • All man vinnie. Gotta give to ya. I was dying. Just cause kolb is bad doesn’t mean vick is good. Histerical.

    We going to the playoffs.

    Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs? Mora voice

  • Vinie is not intellectually honest. Its one thing to be little a player if your truthful about it. I will never respect a statistic manipulator.

  • Think whatever you think. I don’t care. Just know this:

    When Vick falls on his face this year. And he will. When he keeps turning the ball over at the same rate he always has. When he keeps fumbling at the same rate he always has. When he keeps both teams in the game like he always has. And when he gets hurt like he always has….

    When these things happen, I do not want to hear one:

    it was the oline
    it was the playcalling
    it was the system

    etc etc etc

    Is that a dael? All I’ve heard from you misguided fools who think that 14 preseason passes somehow negates 11 years of mediocrity, is that THIS IS IT. THIS is the right system. This is the right oline etc etc etc.

    After 11 years of being the unluckiest NFL player on earth, always being saddled by the shit around him, he FINALLY has a team and system that suits his “skill set”. Right?

    So I don’t want to hear a friggin’ peep when he shits the bed as he’s done every other year of his career.

    • Vinnie, I’m still waiting for that ever so important seconds per play stat you put together after the Pats game. When can we see that?

    • Bitter much Vinnie? You are missing the entire point. We don’t care who starts Foles or Vick but if its an honest competition and the best guy starts so be it. J know for one my day isn’t going to be any brighter if Vick starts or darker if he doesn’t life goes on.

    • Someone can’t admit when he’s wrong can he?

      This isn’t about Vick’s past. Vick’s past is what had him in a open comp for QB. He won. Fair. And. Square.

      You’ve been telling us for MONTHS that Foles would wipe the floor with Vick – or if it was close Foles should get the nod. Well guess what:

      1. Vick wiped the floor with Foles
      2. It wasn’t close

      One guy: 7.1 ypa 3 fumbles (1 lost) 1 INT
      Other guy: 13.3 ypa No fumbles No INT (meaningless hail mary aside)

      Not close. Not even a little bit close.

      • If it wasn’t close like you suggest Vick would have been named starter by now. Think before you type. Truth is the complete stats say it has been really close, with Vick slightly better which is pathetic considering the guy has like 100 games of more experience. But hey congratulations Vick, your a vet that is still in competition with a young player going into week 3 of preseason. Nothing like being in the same boat as a vet like Sanchez lol.
        But regardless I always said Vick would be the starter, never bought the competition crap anyways. And I always said all 3 QBs will likely get starts this year which I still believe. I just cant believe ppl take preseason so seriously all of a sudden.
        The truth is we’ll see exactly where all the players stand for the Eagles future come December. I cant wait to see how the actual real games play out for every position on this team.

        • lol.

          Kelly hasn’t named the starter yet b/c it makes NO SENSE too.You’re just going to advertise to the Redskins who your guy is going to be? You’re going to stop prepping your back-up and have him not work as hard?

          Come on.

          Not only that Kelly wants everyone else to know who the starter is before he says it. He wants the players clear. He wants the media clear so by the time he says it…everyone will be “yeah…that’s not news”

          Kelly’s not stupid. You think the rotation ended up the way it did on accident? Vick (based on rotation) is guaranteed to start the 3rd game – even if they split reps.

          But yeah…beleive a stater hasn’t been named b/ it’s “close”

          • Thats one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read on here. 95% of teams have revealed who their starters are for the 1st game. The only teams that haven’t are the ones with bottom of the league vets. To suggest its a secret plan about not giving the other team an advantage is nonsense. Its actual a major insult to the vet, its embarrassing which is probably why Vick bitched about being in a competition until someone told him in his camp to shut up and say the right things.

    • Your not qualified to talk American football.

  • I am just happy to see 2 QB’s playing well for the Eagles thus far in Camp
    It’s been a few Years that the Eagles had their 1st Unit Offense and key back-ups playing this well during the Pre-Season so I am optimistic for the Futurwbatz in the past is in the past, new Coachez, Schemes, Pkaters and Wlattitude and so far, I like what I see and is a 180 Degree improvement of the last few Summer Camps and apre-Season under Ar & Co which got so predictable, stake and yes, boring to follow at times..
    Now everything is wide open and I like what I see so far..

  • Kelly’s downfall will be his trust in Vick

  • Jake… I will agree with u If Kelly puts all his eggs in the qb basket like Reid did. But my guess is that he will run and pass and mix it up. I don’t expect more than 6 wins regardless of who the qb is.

    • 6 wins would be a disaster if you go with the 30 something year old vet. Even though I think its more important who is starting games in December then Sept…if Vick starts now we better see playoffs. There is no point to start a vet at the position to win 6 games. I remember people on here saying no excuses come Sep 9. Well Vick better play 16 games, better have top 10 stats, and we better be playing meaningful games come Xmas making a playoff push. Luck/RG3 took worst teams to the playoffs the next year, Vick is no rookie better do better than that. No excuses.

      • this is what you have to look at when determining wins and losses.

        First off you have to throw the last two seasons out of the window.

        Juan Castillo as defensive coordinator, Washburn dividing the defense, corners that refuse to tackle, keystone cops secondary with pathetic safety play.

        That’s just the defensive side of the ball, so keep in mind when the offense did their job is was all just to lose it on the defensive side of the ball in the 4th quarter.

        Howard Mudd’s system that was built around an immobile Peyton Manning.

        What made Reid think a blocking system made for a statue would work with Michael Vick?

        Peters injury coupled with Kelce’s injury, coupled with Danny Watkins turnstile or matador type of play.

        No offense can work with opposing defensive players in the backfield as soon as the ball gets there.

        Andy Reid

        Same playbook since the year 2,000 coupled with throwing the ball 70% of the time even when the offensive was decimated.

        This team had better talent than the record showed on the offensive side of the ball but could do nothing without an offensive line.

        The Eagles did lose some very close games last year you know.

        So, now that the offensive line is in tact with a run first mentality.

        Now, that it seems the defense is done with gimmicks like the wide 9 and are now implementing sound football fundamentals, you can expect a more structured defense that could possibly secure a lead.

        Chip Kelly’s team will win more than 8 games with this last place schedule.

  • Paulman, you are so full of shit, take your right hand, your left might do, dig down, do you feel a pair?, you are not in the media, it’s okay to speak the truth, you said earlier and you spoke honestly,mvick just doesn’t have it to be a good nfl qb, nothing has changed don’t be ball less , be a man, speak the fucking truth

    • Some of you Guys (Jake) like to complain about every damn thing..
      The Eagle 1st Team Offense looks pretty good right,
      Vick has looked excellent in both games and Foles has looked good too
      The OL looks light years better and has Played without It’s best Player in Peters.. The RB Corps with McCoy, Brown & Polk is deep, talented and hungry and the Eagles finally have An athletic and TE Corps,
      So yeah As a Fan, I am excited about this Team’s prospect’s whether it’s Vick or Foles leading them and am behind whoever it is and still believe that we will see both of Play during the Regular Season..
      So what’s your beef, your like a woman who has to bitch about something,
      Go fu*kn crawl back in your hole..

      • Bingo

      • Tell’im how you really feel!!!

        • I post a couple of Postive thoughts and comments on how I like how the direction of the Team is going and this Jake-Ass, unprovoked, is going to bust my balls, , I don’t think so.. Jake, you want to talk Football, then lets talk football like adults, and at least be cognizant and a real Football Fan of paying attention what’s happening with this Team right here in the present…

          • Well said Pman.

            The fact is, both QB’s in this competition were injured at some point last year. Both are playing well in the preseason, and have shown a grasp of the new system and an ability to move the team, is a necessary position for this team related to the liklihood of injury. Vick has played better to this point, so combined with his overall experience, Kelly will start the year with him and if there comes a point where he needs to turn to Foles, it looks like we have a quality backup waiting.

            I really believe that, much like Reid used to have us thinking that he could take any (read AJ, or Garcia) QB to run his “system”, and it was “his system” that was the star, that Kelly’s system will be constructed and implemented in such a way to take advantage of the abilities of what ever QB is running it, and will look to a solid OL, smart and tough RB’s, versitle TE’s and WR’s that are willing to block to go along with an up-tempo style that will keep the defense off balance. IMO this offense will be fun to watch this year and be difficult to defend, but the key to the Birds season this year will be the play of it’s defense and the ability for it to stop the opponent from scoring in big chunks.

  • Haha paulman, you took my advice and felt something down below,

    What is it about Vick and roughly two quarters of football that would change your opinion that he should have been cut before otas started there is nothing new here, Vick has looked great before, but he will suck again, he lacks consistentcy, tbemark of any great athlete, you are a panderer to tbe Vick cult, you want to be popular instead of right , maybe mhenski got to you, but your new found love of Vick will end

  • You crack me up paulman with all your tough talk, lol

  • Vick looked like the best qb on the planet for about five games in 2010, he praised Reid like he’s now praising Kelly, nothing is different, including your flip floppy bullshit, you are no longer ” vicked out”, your phrase paulman, until he sucks again, and then you will ride the public sentiment against him, whatever you felt below must have been small

    • Don’t need your clueless advice Jake..
      Yes I wanted Vick gone too after last season,
      But guess what, Chip Kelly had other Plans and has Vick, Foles and most of the Offense Playing well, fast and with purpose, so I excited again as an Eagle Fan, and as long as Vick protects the Ball, himself and makes smart decisions, he’s still the best QB at this time to lead to Eagles to Wins, what’s so complicated about realizing this.. Get on board, or get the f out of the way..

      • Haha, your alright Paulman, paulman on board the mv7 express, ” get on board, join in, on the mv7 train, mv7 train”

  • You guys make things so complicated. Debates as to who vick is like… endless stats about time between snaps… lets just let em play and so what happens.

  • Btw… im excited all over that reid is gone. This team doubles its wins just because of that.

    • I see them as an 8-8 team. Vick and crew did that in 2011 with a lot of variables working against them.

      The early schedule isn’t bad. If we can rack up the wins early I feel better about the ones going down the stretch.

      • I agree TS, but they must start fast (3-1 is very possible with the opening month) Raiders, Detroit, Tampa & Arizona are out there and then split their NFC East games and a 7-8-9 Win Season is very possible, but they need a fast Start.. I think we will see Kelly play lots of Players in the first 3 Games (in 11 Days) to help keep players fresh, engaged and to keep opposing Teams guessing , then settle in with his Best 11 out there on both sides of the Ball..

        • Arizona’s D is no joke.

          Todd Bowles was dealing with a shit show here – but he has that defense firing on all cylinders. Those fools don’t even look for interceptions – they just rip the ball out of your RB/WR hands.

          I might be a little scurrred.


          • That’s true.wonders what you can do with real safeties.

            I’m still trying to understand this organization’s fascination with Nate Allen?

            He’s straight garbage and bring absolutely nothing from a physical stand point.

            Why is he stil on the team?

  • Nothimg complicated from my end stevo, they should have axed Vick when.they axed Reid, long as Vick is here there is not a clean break, no new start, which every new coach needs when following a losing season, Vick may, probably win some games, but he will ultimately revert to how he plays, and the eagles will be pushed back another year or two, the eagles should have cut this dude Vick, pure and simple

    • Oh ok.. so your gunna bitch and moan from hear on out … ok..gotcha.

  • How about this guys?

    How about wanting the best player on every position of the team?

    It makes no sense to want a lower caliber player which translates to more losses.

    Should we start a lower talented receiver over Djax?

    What about a not as talented player over Shady to start at running back?

    So, why believe this is the way to go for the most important position on the team?

    It really makes no sense.

    Some might claim a lesser talent is worth it if there’s less turnovers or to have a player that can make it through a whole season, but the problem is the argument is for a guy who got injured when he was given the starting job, and turnover the ball.


    If it’s not about ball security or being injury prone then what is it?

    Some argue age and upside.

    What upside?

    Have Foles done anything to show he’s better than what we’ve seen last year?

    Foles is flat out a lesser talent than Michael Vick and the truth is we can find a Foles on the bench of half the teams in the NFL.

    He’s serviceable at best and Chip Kelly is not going to sacrifice his system with an opportunity to show the world his offense works, only to see if Foles is the quarterback of the future.

    Chip Kelly can care less how long Vick have been in the league or Foles age.

    He have a small window as a head coach in the NFL and he’s not going to spend the first 2-3 years of his first NFL shot waiting for Foles.

    He’s preparing Foles in case Vick goes down.


    Now, I see why the haters wanted Vick cut before the competition because you all knew the better Quarterback would win the Job.

    GO EAGLES!!!!!!!


    • Go Eagles??? You are a FRAUD.

      You are not an Eagles Fan. You are a Mike Vick fan. If Vick were to lose the job tomorrow you would be bashing the team and wearing your Redskins RGIII jersey around your basement.

      You are not a fan of the Eagles, you are too busy sucking the balls of your favorite players. Leave the site like you promised so many months ago, true Eagles fans would be better off not having to skip over the bullshit that you throw out there everyday.

      • i made it clear that i wouldn’t buy a shred of merchandise until Reid is gone….He’s gone and i’m purchasing my new Vick Jersey online as we speak buddy!

        GO EAGLES!!!!!!!

        • BULLSHIT…you are a FRAUD.

          You made it clear that you were no longer a fan of the Eagles. You announced that you were a fan of the Redskins and RGIII.

          • go back a read it buddy….

            in the meantime…here this chant

            E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!!!

            GO CHIP

            GO MVP

            GO SHADY

            GO DJAX


            GET ON BOARD BUDDY!

            • Fraudsong, no thanks. I don’t want to be anywhere near you, a fan who quits on his team and then tries to sneak back and act like no one was watching. You are a loser who will bail again once his favorite players go down….go play with RGIII and the Deadskins like you announced. You are a loser and this fanbase is better off without losers like you.

  • Cant argue with that songs.

  • You guys are clowns. Eagles are going to make the playoffs and contend this year. Just wait and see.

  • Talking about the Vick situation and spouting lines like “should we sit Djax, should we sit shady” is stupid.

    There is no comparison because Djax and Shady are entering their primes. Replacing them with younger players who have ‘upside’ would be a mistake.

    Vick is not in his prime. In the NFL, QBs peak from 27-32. Then fade. Vick is on the downside.

    The only suitable comparison to make is Trent Cole and Brandon Graham.

    One is an established vet who is on the downside of his career and the other is a mostly unproven young player who may turn out to be something, or may not.

    I clearly, believe the Eagles should play Graham over COle….despite the fact that COle is clearly the more decorated player. There is no future in Cole. There may be in Graham.

    Obviously, the MV7 fans on here would prefer Cole over Graham. They are loath to the idea of replacing a ‘proven’ vet with a younger player with upside.

    Anyone who does not, at this point, see potential in Nick FOles is clearly bind. Yes he’s tossed a couple more picks than Vick….ok. Whatever. Over his career he’s played 6% of the snaps Vick has.

    Go compare Nick foles first year and a bit to Mike Vick. People above talk about hos the competition this year “wasn’t close”. You know what isn’t close? How Foles and Vick performed over their first year and a bit. Foles ANNIHILATES Vick ove that time period. It isn’t even worth comparing really.

    Foles is light years ahead of where Mike Vick was at this point in their careers.

    But it doesn’t matter that FOles has potential and should play so that we can find out if we have a QB when he enters his prime in a coule years.


    Instead its a completely selfish, short term, misguided “win now” furor that has taken over you clowns because Mike Vick has looked good for 14 pre-season passes….like they somehow magically erase an entire career of nothingness.

    Starting MV7 is a joke that sets the Birds back another year.

    • Vick will be better than Foles when is 36 years old…Vick’s age means absolutely nothing…At 36 years old he’ll still be faster, stronger, more athletic than Foles…he’ll even at 40….Eagles future is brighter with Vick than any other QB currently on this team..
      You guys have one agenda, and that is shitting on Vick no matter how well he plays…
      The competition is/was 1 vs 1,,,Foles has had every opportunity to take the starting job…unfortunately for him, he hasn’t done so.

      • Vick will be better than Foles when is 36 years old…Vick’s age means absolutely nothing…At 36 years old he’ll still be faster, stronger, more athletic than Foles…he’ll even at 40….Eagles future is brighter with Vick than any other QB currently on this team..

        Bullshit – At 36 years old Michael Vick will be on the lecture tour, or on the radio like 36 year old Donovan McNabb, In fact, if Vick makes it through this season it will be a shock to everyone.

        Anybody who had to sit and watch Vick quarterback the Eagles over the last two years doesn’t have to make excuses for wanting him gone.

        If five decent offensive series in the per season is enough for you to forget Vick’s piss poor play for two years that’s fine. My advice to you Vick apologists is to start formulating your excuses now, because Vick will be Vick when the defenses get in his face.

    • You’re so full of it.

      you swore Up and Down that Foles was going to beat out M. Vick. No way Vick wins the competition. Vick would be off the squad [insert date here]. And now that that is OBVIOUSLY not the case it’s:

      “Obviously, the MV7 fans on here would prefer Cole over Graham. They are loath to the idea of replacing a ‘proven’ vet with a younger player with upside.

      Anyone who does not, at this point, see potential in Nick FOles is clearly bind. Yes he’s tossed a couple more picks than Vick….ok. Whatever. Over his career he’s played 6% of the snaps Vick has.”


      Last year Foles looked good in pre-season against 2nd team scrubs and everyone was ready to anoint him King of the Eagles.

      This year he is clearly outplayed and all of a sudden those measly 15 pre-season snaps don’t matter. Uh Huh.

      And this right here is classic:

      “Yes he’s tossed a couple more picks than Vick”

      Seriously? 3 fumbles – 1 lost and 1 int in what a quarter of football?

      Had Vick committed half of that we’d be hearing how he’s a turnover machine and shouldn’t start.


      There was a competition. One QB won. One QB lost. The End.

  • Vinnie,

    I said in another thread – No matter how you slice it, Vick has the body of a 33 year-old running back. He is not your typical QB… Michael Vick has about 800 rushing attempts in his career. The only players from his draft (2001) who have that many attempts are RBs – and NOT ONE OF THEM IS STILL ACTIVE.


    Your point about Elway is a very good one, but not for the reason you gave. Terrell Davis is not what improved Elway’s game. Elway’s game improved drastically when Jim Fassel installed the WCO in Denver in 1993.

    The WCO revitalized Elway’s career, and his QB rating went from the 60s to the 90s for the first time in his career.

    Chip Kelly’s offense could do the same for Vick. Unfortunately the Eagles are not perennial super bowl contenders like Denver was at the time Elway’s career improved. And – the WCO made Elway stay in the pocket more…. Kelly’s offense will expose Vick to more pounding.

    • no matter how you slice it….

      with all Vick faults he’s still better than every QB on the team.

      So, if he’s everything the naysayers claim then what does that say about the QB’s on the team that can’t supplant him?

    • Your right on Elway, Irish. Now let’s just watch this play out with Vick if he continues to do things Kelly’s way he’ll be fine this offense should do wonders for a guy with his skill set, we heard over and over how dumb of a QB Vick is how he cannot read defenses well Kelly has him reading and reacting and he’s doing fine remember for every wrinkle d-coordinators come up with this offense counters it. Should be a fun offense to watch hopefully the defense stops people and this team wins the NFC East.

  • with all Vick faults he’s still better than every QB on the team

    No – Vick is better than every other quarterback in the practice games so far this preseason. Last year in the regular season Vick was supplanted by a 3rd round draft pick.

    • yeah? Vick supplanted?

      Care for a little wager here?

      If Vick is chosen by Chip to start the season then you can never post here again and i’ll never post if it’s Foles.


      • Are you talking to me? I totally expect that Kelly will give Vick the starting job. I have said from day one that Vick would beat-out Foles in a tryout. Vick would beat-out Eli Manning, Big Ben, and a lot of other quarterbacks too – it doesn’t mean Vick is a better quarterback, but he moves better and throws the ball better in practice. The competition is a training camp competition. When Vick wants to impress everybody all he has to do is beat all the running backs in a foot race…

        Let’s talk about how great Vick is doing after week 4 of the regular season. I have a feeling you will be back rooting for RG3 by then…

  • It’s a shame. The Vick-haters gone hate. You guys remind me of the guy in Major League who was the Debbie Downer in the stands while the Indians where making their run to pennant.

    At the end he finally stopped hating. But I think some of you guys would be steamed if Vick were to lead us even to the SB.

  • Taking my two sons to the game Saturday night down here in Jacksonville, can’t wait to see what this offense looks like in person.

    • Big,

      It’s fun to watch, no matter who the quarterback is. The only time the Eagles aren’t moving is during TV timeouts. The tempo is more impressive in person.

      The contrast from the Reid days is great. When you see them run on 3rd and 4 it catches you by surprise….lol

      Have fun man!

      • I will Irish, I will be the first to admit I was skeptical of Kelly’s hiring didn’t understand a lot if the moves made in the off season, but seeing this offense is like a breath of fresh air and yes Foles will be just as successful in this offense in my opinion.

  • Knock it off songs, be real, your man , with over a decade of experience, former no. One overall in the draft has shown better in two preseason games, by two turnovers, compared to a so called third round scrub, who are you bullshitting, either Vick sucks that bad that he is barely beating out a third round pick or maybe foles is the real deal, but just stop with this berating of foles like you did with kolb, to this day kolb and Vick are great friends, just like foles and Vick are, at least publicly, but deep down I know foles wants to beat his ass

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