• July 6, 2022

Young Eagles Will Try To Finish Strong And Make The Team

ClayHarbor7The “Turk” is loose this time of year in NFL locker rooms and that includes the Eagles.   He’s the guy, who comes up behind a player and says, “The coach wants to see you and bring your playbook”!!!  Unfortunately the Turk is going to bring out some tears from some disappointed players on Friday and this weekend.

Excellent special teams play and versatility are ways to avoid the Turk.  Making a couple of tackles on the punt or kickoff team, then proving to Chip Kelly that you can play two or three positions are all ways to keep the Turk away.

Everybody has been talking about backup tight end Clay Harbor being on the bubble, but I disagree.  I don’t think Harbor is going anywhere.  The fact that he’s been playing both tight end and wide receiver gives him a huge advantage.  He’s the fastest tight end they have on the roster, plus he’s done a good job on the special teams.  If they cut him, I’ll be shocked.

Harbor will play both tight end and wide receiver tomorrow night in North Jersey against the Jets.

I think you’re going to see a number of plays each game out of that four-tight end formation all year long.  It’s going to be a problem for league defenses to matchup against.

Harbor’s value will likely cost one of the wide receivers a job.  The Birds will be a bit heavy with tight ends and light on wide receivers.

Backup quarterback Dennis Dixon is likely to wind up on the Birds practice team.  If Michael Vick goes down, he’s the only remaining quarterback who could still run Chip Kelly’s entire system and help the running game with his mobility.  Remember this offense is all about the running game.  If you stop the Eagles running game, the offense is in trouble.

I was disappointed to see that the Birds waived outside linebacker Phillip Hunt, but chances are he will wind up on their injured reserve list and be back next year for another shot at a job with the Eagles.  He showed flashes at times, but didn’t stand out like I think he might capable of doing.

Backup outside linebacker Chris McCoy seemed to be a sure thing for most of the camp, but he was awful against the Jags.  They were targeting him, running right at him and the young linebacker didn’t put up much resistance.  It should have infuriated him but there was no fire from the young man.

The Birds didn’t solve the problem on that side of their defense until Emmanuel Acho came in game and put an end the problem.

Somebody needs to let McCoy know that he had better step it up tomorrow night or he’ll be on his way home soon.

Young free agent defensive lineman Damion Square needs have a solid performance tomorrow night at the defensive tackle spot.  He didn’t do much against the Jags, so he needs to finish strong against the Jets. His versatility will likely help him keep a spot on the roster, but he needs to show that the poor Jacksonville outing won’t be a common thing.

Safety Kurt Coleman isn’t going to be a starter at safety, so he needs to showcase his ability to play special teams.  Colt Anderson could Kurt Coleman’s chances if he Anderson plays well at the safety position.  They could hang onto Coleman, if Anderson, the team’s best special teams player, is unreliable at the safety position.  If Anderson plays well at safety on Thursday, it could mean good-bye for Coleman.

Former number one pick guard Danny Watkins is in trouble.  He started out strong during training camp, but he has faded and Allen Barbre has caught him and surpassed him.  Kelly has no allegiance to him because he didn’t draft him.  I’ve heard that Watklns doesn’t love the game of football as much as he loves firefighting.  He might soon get the chance to firefight full time.

Huge free agent offensive tackle Michael Bamiro has shown some promise but he’s a project, who will wind up on somebody’s practice team or bench.  I know the Birds would like to be the team that develops him, but a team might grab him off the Eagles practice squad.


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  • Center/Guard J Vandervelde has had a nice Camp and Pre-Season as has OL
    Matt Tennant & OT Matt Tobin ..
    I think 2 of these 3 make the Roster with Danny Watkins and Dallas Reynolds being released ..
    It will be interesting on what happens with OL Dennis Jelly who has been injured and played in no Pre-Season Games..
    How much of the New System has he gotten down..
    Maybe they place him on the PUP list for 5 Weeks and see what happens
    But it’s hard to count on him in case a Stsrter goes down and he’s not even had a snap this Pre-Season.. I like Matt Tobin..

  • I think They keep 5 WR’s and Clay Harbor
    D-Jax, Avant, Cooper , D Johnson for sure
    And probably Russell Sheppard who has more upside than Salas or Momah and has played well on Special Teams
    These 5 WR’s along with Harbor plus
    TE’s Celek/Ertz are plenty enough of Receivers
    Harbor in final year of Rookie Deal so he’s Cheap and would be foolish to get rid of him at this point

  • Is it true that when a player is traded from a team, and it was not an amicable situation, that the player will sometimes give the playbook and or plays and tendancies to the new squad???

    • Pretty rare, goes against the Code of Conduct
      As Professional Players.. Remember that Most Players
      Besides QB, MLB and perhaps Safety are engrossed in their own responsibilities of their own Position
      Most Teams have Personnel who watch and break down Tapes after stapes to find out Teams tendancies, etc, etc which is going to be more helpful that what a Player is going to tell Coaches..

  • Is James Casey on the team? Talk about invisible. I havent seen him catch a pass in preseason. Hell I haven’t heard about him catching a pass in TC. The Ertz pick and/or the Casey signing was a luxury.

  • Casey will make this team. He’s one of the players that preseason wasn’t necessary for to make this club. He’s going nowhere!!!

    • So since hes been here so long he really didnt need a preseason. Since him Foles and Vick have had great chemistry in the past he didnt need to show nothing. Hes been in Chips offense how long? 4 months lol. He wasnt a pro bowler before he came. Another potential player is what he is. He has showed nothing thus far. What actually makes him better than Harbor?

      • He’s a Chip Kelly guy, he wanted him, he got him. Sometimes it’s that simple. Chip already knows what he can do. From the wyt Casey was used, he was not asked to do much in terms of running routes and catching passes. He did makesome very good blockd during running plays!!! That will be part of his duty.

  • Kurt coleman is better than nate allen.. why is nate allen given the opportunity over and over..

  • Casey is not an NFL player..

    • Coleman is ass too…That’s comparing apples to apples, one is rotten the other has a worm in it…Don’t matter, wouldn’t want neither.

      But I will say Coleman is more physical. But coverage skill, reading the run Coleman can do neither. Allen doesn’t make enough plays, he isn’t around the football enough for me. Instincts is big playing safety…

      I think you’ll see Casey come out of the backfield as FB mainly…with some TE. Ertz will be utilized all over the field, some WR, TE, FB…Eagles have players on this team that can do multiple things, the depth on offense is refreshing.

  • Not everybody is just going to light it up during pre-season. Let the season start and then judge the player with an understanding as to what their role and responsibilty is.

  • He needs to show something because Harbor is out playing him

    • He would need to show something if he was brought in
      as direct competition or to fight for a spot. I don’t think that’s the case given what was said about him when he was signed. Harbor Knows Casey is already on the team. That’s why he said if they only keep 3 Tight Ends he knows he will be cut. Casey is already penciled in with Ertz and Celek.

  • Casey had Knee Scooped in mid May, missed many of the OTA’s and is just now rounding into Football Shape.. He will be a productive versatile player in Kelly’s Schemes.. He’s fine and as I Stated earlier, Harbor still makes the Team as 5th/6th WR.. Kelly going with best 53 Nan Roster and will adjust his Schemes accordingly.. Even at 4TE where Harbor is, he stool is better that whoever the 5th or 6th WR is on this current Roster..

  • Interesting battles amonfg DL and LB’s

    DL — Cox,Thorton,Soapaga,Curry, Geathers & Logan all are locks
    which leaves Square,King, Dixon, Kruger battling it out for 2 Spots
    (my $$$ is on Square & King)

    LB — Barwin, Kendricks, Ryans,Cole,Graham,Matthews are probable locks
    which leaves Everett Brown,Emannuel Acho, Chris McCoy, Jake Knott, Travis Long & Adrian Robinson battling it out for 2 Spots..
    (My $$$ is on Acho & Knott with Everett Brown a darkhose to make but only if Cole/Graham are traded or released which is unlikely for Cap Hot and their Current Contract’s)

  • I think acho is playing great and casey is playing good knott is playing good too. From what ive read its between these 3 guys for only 2 spots

    • Like to see what LB Adrian Robinson looks like tonight..
      He came to Eagles from the Steelers in the Felix Jones Trade and has experience in the 3-4 scheme and plays fast & physical.. now whether he can make a strong impression in relatively short period of time is left too see..

      • Paul, tend to disagree with you on Evertte Brown.. hes looked like a bum so far..

        I question whats up with Vinny Curry? Seems to be really productive when he is on the field, but he hasn’t had a chance to run with the 1’s..

        • Nice play there by Brown

  • The Eagles woked out former Ravens D Tackle now MLB Brian Hall 6’0″ 255.
    If signed; it will be interresting to see how the MLB position pans out. Obviously the Eagles still feel they have room for improvement there.

    • I would not be surprised to see MLB DeMeco Ryans Cut…
      He’s been very disappointing this entire Camp/Preseason, makes a ridiculous Salary of $6.7 MIllion with no Cap Hit to the Team if Released
      His Contract runs thru the 20154 Season, and if he does make it as an Eagle in 2013, this will no doubt be his final year in Philadelphia, so his successor will probably need to be on this Eagle’s Roster this Year

      Everett Brown had an excellent 2nd Half verus the Jags last Week
      making some Tackles and getting 2 Sacks.. I believe he has 4 1/2 Sacks in 3 Pre-Season games and has only played 50 Snaps this Preseason..

      • “this will no doubt be his final year in Philadelphia”…

        Paul… this means nothing coming from you. You have a long history with this phrase and sadly…. its a bad history.

        • At his Salary, he’s a goner unless he restructures his remaining year left and extend him for less $$$ per Season

  • Coleman is better than allen… But wolff will be better than both.. I just think it should be between coleman and wolff

  • Demeco had a bad pre-season last year too. He’s another player who will not be judged for his pre-season campaign. If Shady or Desean had subpar preseasons they would still be given starter status. For some players preseason is just to work on things, not to make the club ala a Nate Allen or Casey Mathews. Preseason has different purposesfor different players. Jimmy Johnson said it best. All players are not treated equal.

  • There is no way that they are gonna cut Ryans. Not this year with no replacement for him.

    • Ryans played very well for the first 5-6 Weeks of last Season then hit a wall and really struggled the last half of last Season in m y opinion..
      At $6 Million per Season, his production is very easily replaceable.. He will be pulled off the field in Passing Downs which is why Houston Texans Traded him.. I just have not been impressed with his overall play..

      • Ryans does not get cut. That D last year was a mess from the start. The lb’s were the best part of that D BY FAR. Ryans stays this year no doubt.

  • Nick Foles is ass!!!!!!

    I don’t want to see another thread hyping this damn bum.

    He looks like ass against scrub subs.

    • come on songs, you know the kid just needs to be given the keys to the franchise without having to earn anything and then he would succeed well sheesh.

      All kidding aside… i havent been able to watch a single snap yet. Its just 1 preseason game…. foles is a fine backup and will be needed this year.

  • Simms ia better than Foles and he is a damn 3rd stringer.

  • Bennie Logan looking good again

  • Songs and stevo, idiots, one didn’t watch a play , the other wants to say something as stupid as Simms is better than foles, songs I liked you but you are a clown, stevo you are a fraud, you pander, you have no balls

    • Jakedog Foles isn’t a established player in the NFL he was 1-6 lol. Don’t act like its beyond comprehension that another backup can be as good or better than him. You act like Foles was a number 1 pick, made millions, had his own commercials and has been to multiple pro bowls.

    • I dont understand how this is hard for you… i pander? Here is what ive said from day 1…

      On the field… the best guy starts. Period. This only changes when you have a first rounder waiting in the wings or the season is over and u want to give others a chance. None of that is true for us.

      Vick earned his starter spot. He was the best on the field all pre season. Regardless of tbe b.s. “time between snaps” myth your little brother tossed out.

      Those of us with a brain KNEW he wasnt going anywhere AFTER Kelly said as much BEFORE preseason.

      That said…. i wont own his jersey because of his past and his attitude. Im not into the me me me crap that he has shown in the past. But i for sure will root for him both on the field and off. For the record… i wont own a shady jersey for the same reasons.

      I believe that Vick CAN do great things here if he satys focused. But i wont hold my breath because… ive seen that other vick show up too.

      So…. instead of making snit up or hating him because i wasnt held long enough as a kid or whatever the reason you hate him (as well as that bum we beat off this site)…. im gunna sit back.. watch… and root for Vick, Foles… and the rest of my birds. I will call them out… and praise them… i will scream and cheer… cause im a fan… and i care more about them winning than i do looking like the smartest guy in a blog.

  • Colt Anderson continues to be the best safety on this team. All he does is hit.

  • Lol. I throw support for his guy… hes too stuid to undestand it but im the idiot.

    • * stupid

  • Songs… get behind foles. Hes good. Dont let frick and frack sway u to hate our guy. Hes an eagle…

  • Just like I knew Emmanuel ACHO IS A STARTER

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