• January 17, 2022

What Could The Eagles’ Roster Look Like After Tonight’s Game?

ClayHarbor7My final 53-man roster includes 5 players yet to be determined.  Players such as Poyer (practice squad) and Coleman/Anderson should not make the final 53 man cut.  I’ve never been a fan of players getting a roster spot due to injuries.  There will be players cut by others teams that could be depth players on this team.  I expect the Eagles to attempt to trade Watkins and not just release him before the deadline.  Sheppard has not shown me enough to be our 5th receiver.  I wanted to see if Marsh could be a factor at the cornerback position this year, but unfortunately he got injured.  Momah has the size, but he is a practice squad player until his skills are polished for the NFL.

Guys like Cole, Graham, and Ryans who will be important elements of our 3-4 scheme, I have seen very little from throughout the preseason.  If Boykins had the size of Fletcher this decision would be easier, but Boykins will be the slot guy to start the season.  The Eagles made a lot of off-season signings for the defensive side of the field.  They were low risk high reward type signings that will give us depth to start the season and see what we have.  I remember the New York Giants getting away with a marginal secondary in route to a SuperBowl title because of a dominant front seven.  The Eagles can’t allow teams to throw on this secondary, pressure on the quarterback will be essential.

On the offensive side, I’m confident with our ability to run the football.  I like what I have seen from our tight-ends and wide-receiver Desean Jackson.  Cooper and Avant have shown they can catch the football.   Their potential to do anything with it afterwards is suspect.  Johnson is return specialists and bubble screen type guy, and not someone who could step in as an every down receiver if an injury were to occur.

Does Chip keep players that are marginal but are those he has watched and coached?  Will Chip be aggressive and sign players from other teams who he believes have more to offer even though he is unfamiliar with them?  I truly expected to be more comfortable with deciding the 53 man roster.  I thought I was going to have trouble with deciding the last few roster positions.  I actually have kept guys like Brown and either Coleman/Anderson who I feel only give you minimum contribution.

What are we really going to see tonight that earns roster spots?  I’m not pushing the panic button as I feel the Eagles have their starters for week one on this roster.  With injuries and the speed/rotation that Kelly wants to use this season, back-ups are extremely important.  A lot of work left to be done, so where do you see the needed help coming from?

53 Man Roster

QBS(3)- Vick, Foles, Barkley

RBS(3)-McCoy, Brown, Polk

WR(5)-Jackson, Avant, Cooper, Johnson, Player X

TE-(4)-Celek, Casey, Ertz, Harbor

Tackle(4)-Peters, Johnson, Kelly, Kopa

Guard(3)-Barbe, Mathis, Herremans

Center(2)-Kelce, Reynolds

Defensive Tackle/Nose Tackle(6)-Cox, Thorton, Sopoaga, Geathers, Curry, Logan

Linebackers/Defensive Ends- Starters (10)- Cole, Barwin, Kendricks, Ryans, Backups- Graham, Acho, Knott, Brown, Player X, Player X

Cornerbacks- (5)Starters Williams/Fletcher  Backups-Boykins, Player X, Poyer

Safeties-(5)Starters Chung/Allen   Backups-Wolfe, Coleman/Anderson(one of these two “special teams players who shows more versus the Jets), Player X

Specialsits(3)- Dorenbos, Henry, Jones

Jeff Kolsky

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  • There will be no firearms – No Remington – No Winchester & No Colt.

  • 5 cb’s and 5 safeties? Umm… i dont think so. More like 5 and 4 or even 6 and 4. Its going to be basically open try outs all year in the secondary. They really screwed the pootch on that one.

  • Can someone tell me why we didn’t go for Pollard or Huff at safety? This doesn’t make any sense having to go with Allen again and a 5th rounder, just have to hope we can make a trade or someone like Seattle lets one of their overstocked arsenal of safety’s or corners go.

    • Howie Roseman ,is not that good at talent evaluation. Thats the answer Drew in a nutshell.

      I wouldn’t have wanted Huff either though, he’s a name that’s just not that good, and injury prone, but Pollard would have been serviceable.

      • All I have to say-
        Free agency
        CB- Sean Smith, Keenan Lewis, Derek Cox, Grimes
        Safety- Goldson, Quin, Landry, Pollard

        CB- Millner, Trufant, Rhodes, Slay, Banks, Amerson, Matthiew, Wreh-Wilson, Ryan, Webb
        Safety- Vaccaro, Reid, Elam, Cyprian, Rambo, Swearinger, McDonald, Wilcox, Williams, Shamarko Thomas, Philip Thomas
        All better, & upgrades to the off-season garbage signings/ picks we have.
        OHHH, & by the way, we are still $20M+ under the cap. Off-season Salary cap Champions again! 7 years running! GTFO! Enough said! Period! End of story!
        5-11. Same $#!T, different sewer line.

  • Trent Cole needs to go. We don’t need him if our D is going to be horrible anyway. Acho, BG, McCoy can fill that spot even Brown. Cole does not have lateral movement in space needed to change direction and make plays outside. Mathews time is up Knott out played him and is more of a thumper. Colt Anderson prob gets cut he just can’t play safety good enough. Coleman may stick around and take Colt’s spot on special teams. Damn shame Kurt is not that good in coverage bc he plays the way a safety should otherwise. I like Russell Shepard’s versatility and Mohma is a giant. Please god convert Mohma to TE. He looks like he likes blocking and he would be more affective with LB’s and S trying to cover him. As usual another team will prob reap the benefits once he gets cut. Ertz is a regular TE and a waisted pick that should have been spent on a defender it’s official. He will prob be good but he basically is a first rd TE that’s going to be a backup. Please keep that other giant offensive tackle. To be that big and move like he does, he was not blown away by the step up in comp shows his potential. Clay Harbor can go too he is a teaser. He has enough talent to make you think he is going to break out and just doesn’t do it ever. Something like Little John Smith use to do at TE. I’d rather keep Shepard Mohma or even one of chips Oregon rejects that seem to know the offense like the back of their hand.

  • I’m watching Vanderbilt vs. Ole Miss. Vanderbilt WR Jordan Mathews is a beast. 6’3″ 205 lbs. He has 10 catches for over 178 yards and a TD. Also not afraid of over the middle contact. He’d be a solid replacement for Maclin. I think he’d look great opposite of Desean in 2014.

  • Trade Vick after he gets hot, dude is gonna be a goner anyways.

  • Only 6 Defensive Line is awful thin??
    Keeping 10 LB’s is too many

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