• May 22, 2022

Four Predictions About The 2013 Eagles

MichaelVick11It’s that time of year.

The dawn of the NFL regular season is upon us, and its time to go on the record with final predictions and projections before the season. Last year I made four predictions about the 2012 Eagles, correctly projecting that the Eagles (who at the time many were expecting to win the division at 10-6) would not make the playoffs. That being said, I also missed on another prediction where I believed that King Dunlap would be fine as the team’s left tackle.

So what good are my projections? About as good as yours or anyone else’s. It’s all just for fun, so read on, agree or disagree, and throw out some predictions of your own in the comments below!

Michael Vick Will Not Flourish Under Chip Kelly

The Eagles have committed to Michael Vick as their starter for at least one more season.

When Chip Kelly decided to bring the veteran back, the idea was that the new head coach could make Vick flourish in his offense.

Vick’s physical potential has always been off of the charts, but he’s always been his own worst enemy. Vick’s mentality is to be as aggressive as possible, and never give up on a play. That means that instead of throwing the ball away, or protecting himself from unnecessary contact, he’s going to make a aggressive (and often reckless) decisions that will provide opposing defenses with turnover opportunities, and leave himself open to crushing hits.

Vick will benefit from a rebuilt and stable offensive line, but he’s also going to suffer from the Eagles’ lack of depth at wide receiver. Jeremy Maclin has already gone down for the season, DeSean Jackson isn’t a true number-one receiver, and Jason Avant/Riley Cooper are just role players.

I expect more of the same from Vick in 2013. He’s going to have his moments. There’s always going to be times where he looks great and he may even have an exceptional moment or two like he against Baltimore last year where he led the team on a game-winning drive in the fourth quarter.

However, the flaws are always going to be there. He’s going to turn the ball over. He’s going to lean too heavily on his legs to try to do too much on his own instead of going through his progressions. His injury history strongly suggests that he’s going to miss a handful of games.

Dan Reeves couldn’t get the best out of Michael Vick. Jim Mora couldn’t either. Andy Reid gave the league a brief taste of what Vick could have been during the 2010 season, but ultimately was unable to get the former Falcon to sustain that level of success. The odds are against a first-year head coach succeeding where others have failed over the last 11 years.

Eagles Will Be One Of The Best Running Teams In The League

If there’s one thing that I expect to go exceptionally well for the Eagles in 2013, its the running game.

The offensive line gets their most powerful run blocker back with Jason Peters’ return to health, and they’ll also benefit from the addition of first-round pick Lane Johnson along with the healthy returns of Todd Herremans and Jason Kelce. That’s a massive upgrade from last year’s line which featured the likes of Demetress Bell, King Dunlap, Dallas Reynolds, and Danny Watkins, all four of which are no longer on the roster.

The rejuvenated line combined with a head coach that seems much more likely to commit to a running attack could set the stage for a top year from LeSean McCoy. McCoy was regarded as one of the top three running backs in all of football just two years ago, but his numbers dipped dramatically last season thanks in part to the absence of some of his best blockers along with a pass-happy coach that didn’t deem it necessary to put the ball in the hands of his best weapon regularly.

This is the year that McCoy could truly be unleashed on the league, and even backups Chris Polk and Bryce Brown have a chance to get some nice looks in the process as well.

The Eagles Defense Will Finish Ranked In The Bottom Five

I’m not all optimistic about where the Eagles defense is going to be headed in 2013.

I’m not at all a fan of the Billy Davis hire. His history as a defensive coordinator has not been good at all, and I don’t expect that to change in Philadelphia, especially not this season. But that being said, I’m going to give Davis his shot before I write him off completely. This is a season that I’ll give him a pass for. The talent and depth on this defense is so bad, and he’s trying to make a switch over to a full 3-4 scheme, and that process is going to take time. I’m not confident in his ability to succeed long term, but we’ll see what happens.

Davis only has so much to work with right now. He’s got absolutely no secondary whatsoever, and the Eagles are going to get torched against the pass this year. The fact that Nate Allen is going to be on the field for Opening Day is alarming, and I don’t expect much from Bradley Fletcher, Patrick Chung, or even Cary Williams either. The linebacker situation is also a concern. I don’t think DeMeco Ryans is a fit in a 3-4 scheme, and Trent Cole is going to have fits attempting to cover anyone.

The best that I can say about this defense is that there are a handful of players that I think could have some really nice years and give the team some hope for 2014 and beyond. Mychal Kendricks could potentially be this team’s best defender. Connor Barwin looks like he’s going to be a solid addition. I like what I’ve seen out of Cedric Thornton. Young guys like Vinny Curry and Bennie Logan will hopefully take on larger roles before the year ends.

But even the players that I like on this defense may be nothing more than complimentary pieces. There isn’t a single guy on this unit that I view as a game changer, and with major question marks looming at nearly all of the starting positions, that easily translates into one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

The Eagles Will Have Another Top-10 Draft Pick Next Year

I think when all is said and done, the Eagles are looking at another rough year.

This team is going to have enough trouble strictly from a talent standpoint, but they’re also going to be going through growing pains while they attempt to master new offensive and defensive systems. And what a lot of people don’t realize is just how grueling and demanding this schedule is going to be for this team.

The season begins with three games in 10 days. Opening up on the road in Washington is no easy task. Coming back home for a game with the Chargers is certainly a winnable game against a mediocre west coast team playing a very early game, but I could just as easily see it being a trap game with former head coach Andy Reid’s return to Philadelphia looming just a couple of days later.

The Eagles must then go on a three-game road trip, beginning with a visit to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos out west. Then the team will go through a stretch where they play three division games in four weeks, starting with a visit to the New York Giants. Breaking up the slew of division games is a road trip to Tampa Bay, which I expect to be a tough young team.

Kelly’s group finally gets a couple of home games, with Dallas and New York coming to town in consecutive weeks, but then its right back on the road for two weeks for games against Oakland and Green Bay. Oakland promises to be one of the worst teams in the league, but even that is a game that you can’t expect the Eagles to win. West coast trips are always difficult, and the last time the Eagles visited Oakland (2009) they had a pretty good team, but lost to a Raider squad quarterbacked by the likes of JaMarcus Russell.

The Eagles then have one home game before the bye-week against Washington.

I don’t see a single game in the first 11 weeks that I can confidently say that I expect the Eagles to win. That being said, I certainly don’t expect them to go 0-11 either, but the fact is that these games are difficult matchups for a team like the Eagles that is in a rebuilding phase. If they win more than three games in the first 11 weeks, I’ll be shocked.

The schedule finally softens up a bit over the final five weeks. The Eagles play three of five games at home against the likes of Arizona, Detroit, and Chicago, and have road trips to Minnesota and Dallas. If the Eagles had these games scheduled early in the year, I think there’s a chance that they could win two or three of them, but who knows what state this team will be in after their first 11 weeks. Record wise, if things go as poorly as I foresee, then this is the part of the year where the Eagles will be playing a lot of younger players (such as quarterbacks Nick Foles or Matt Barkley) to try and see what they’ve got for next year. When you reach that point, it normally doesn’t translate into competitive football.

Given the challenges that lie ahead of this team in 2013, I see a 5-11 finish with the silver lining of another top-10, potentially even top-5 pick in next year’s draft.

Denny Basens is the editor of GCobb.com. Email him at dbasens@ycp.edu, or follow him on Twitter.

Denny Basens

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  • Denny, you kinda play it safe on Vick aren’t ya? He’s gonna have his moments? so if those moments last a few games what do you say? See I predicted he would have some good moments, if he has a few bad games ( which all QBs do) you turn around and say you predicted he would revert to his old self, anyone can predict that! Here’s my predictions,the Eagles are gonna be better then you think! Their O is gonna light it up and keep us in every game, as long as they do that we”ll always have a shot. Our special teams is gonna win us a couple games from a combination of some returns for TDs, putting us in great field position or causing some turn overs, our D is definitely a work in progress but I doubt if theirs not gonna be a few changes between now n the next week, they end up 9-7

    • I think even if Vick sustains a good level of turnover-free play for a couple of games, it doesn’t make much of a difference. He’s not the reason why this team is bad, but he’s not going to be an answer for them either. He just kind of is what he is. An average starter…the point of the Vick prediction wasn’t so much to focus on Vick himself, but rather has more to do with the idea that Chip Kelly isn’t going to be the guy who parts the clouds for Vick and helps him sustain a high level of play with minimal mistakes for entire season.

  • I have to disagree Denny

    1) I think Vick will play well in this new System,
    No I am not talking All-Pro Level but I think he can complete 60% of his Passes
    throw 22-24 TD’s also get another 6-8 TD’s with his legs..
    The Eagles WR’s Corp has taking a hit no doubt, but with an impressive TE Coros, 3 solid rB’s and a Game Pkan where they run a more balanced attack, I think Vick will pkay well and not be expected to carry the burden and throw 40 Times a game.. A key thing to look for early in the Season
    Is how does D-Jax react to not getting 8-10 Targets a game and not gaving ad many deep routes and be expected to block and make tougher Catches
    A disengaged D-Jax is bad for the Offense & Team so they need to make it a point to get him the call early and often

    2) I love the opening Schedule of 3 Games in 11 Days,
    Do remember that the Mon Night Road Trip to DC is a short Trip
    Where they are home that evening.. So not a big deal at all, and the fact the RAfIII may play after seeing no live a toon since last January is an advantage
    To the Eagles.. Then the Chargers have to travel acromss the Country for a 1pm Start (10am West Coast time) then the Chiefs have to Travel on a short week to aphillybto pkay Thursday evening so the have practically been home at Nova Care Center since the Jaguars game when you think about it..
    How much travel time have these others Teams had are about to have..
    Couple this with early season cramps that many players get for not being in shape or used to a high- fast Tempo that Eagles Offense will employ and it should be a huge advantage over the Chargers/Chiefs in my opinion from a conditioning point…

    3) I do agree the Defense is a real work in progress and will struggle early and often so the Sagkez Offense and Soecial Ateans will have have to play well to help them out.. You didn’t mention Soecial Teams AT&T all which I think can be critical to Teams early success.. They gave looked 100% better this Summer over the putrid Bobby April’s ST’s of recent years.. Their Coverage Teams have been excellent, the Lunger Jones has a big leg and their Return game has had their best results in years.. Soecial Teams can change momentum, field Position and possibly add some points with big returns and I like how Kelly Stresses the importance of Special Teams as opposed to previous regime

    4) with all this being said, the middle of their Schedule is difficult, no doubt but I expect a fast Start of 2-1 and possibly steal the opener and be 3-0 which creates momentum, confidence and team belief that they can win
    Anything less than a 2-1 Start will be difficult to overcome
    Turnovers, Stupid Pebalties and scoring TD’s in the Red-Zone will be the key for success for this early version of the 2013 Season for we all know the Defense will give up big pkays and points so every opportunity the Eagles are moving the ball need to be converted into TD’s and not just FG’s or even worse, turnovers in the scoring Red-Zone which has killed the Saglez the last 2 Seasons and just takes the wind out of a Team

    5) the NFC Sast has no dominant Team this Year
    Most project the Cowboys/Redskins & Giants as all right there but I see no Team with a better than 10-6 Record winning the NFC East and I also see no wild-car Team making it glfrom the NFC Sast as the NFC Wezt, North & South are all stronger Divisions from Top to Bottom, so a fast start by the Eaglez is paramount to remaining in the hunt and being able to play meaningful games down the stretch then who knows what happens..

    • I agree that the special teams will be much improved under Dave Fipp, but for the unit to really be a factor in terms of deciding games, that means that defense has to be at least some level of decent…the defense will need to get stops to set up punt return opportunities.

      • I agree with that but good Kick-off Returns, Punt Returns and Coverage Teams are all crucial to any Teams Field position and momentum and we have to agree at least they the Pre-Season that they are much improved from recent years and offers some hope moving forward..
        You win the battles in 2 of the 3 Phases of a game
        (offense, Defense & Special Teams) you can win some games
        We’ve seen the Saints win a Super Bowl and the Zbears get to a Super Bowl by winning 2 of these 3 Phases consistently even though the Saints were marginal on Defense and the Bears marginal on Offense
        Heck, even last Year with the Ravens win, with a Shaky Defense that gave up big plays and points but was bailed out by It’s pecial Teams ..

    • I disagree Pman I think Vick has an issue running the read option. Yes I think Vick is not fluent with when to keep it or give it to the running back. You heard it hear first. LOL

  • andrew, I think Denny was pretty straight forward with his assessment of Vick. It’s clear to me that Denny expects Vick to be the same player we have seen over the years. Vick will be great in a game or two (just enough to keep his fan club excited) – he will be ordinary in a few – he will suck in a few – and he will miss a few…. I agree with that…

    • Now I agree with that. So Irish what do you think Foles and Barkley would be?

  • Sorry for my atrocious Spelling on this I-Phone

  • I think it’s pretty telling that many of the people who argue that Vick will thrive in this new system never thought for a second about drafting him as their fantasy QB.

    In the leagues that I’m in with these folks, Vick was on the board till well into the hundreds. lol

    • Yeah, he didn’t come off the board in our GCobb leagues until around pick 115 or so I believe.

    • That’s funny he went in the 15th round in my league too. That’s too funny.

    • Pssst Foles isn’t even on the list on our board lol

      • Foles isn’t the starter why would he go dag, Vick is the man. So your starting him on your team dag?

        • Week 1 I am in the one league just like Romo is gonna get me a lot of points in my money league. This is about fantasy numbers. No reason to believe Vick cant give me 300 yards a couple tds and 70 yards rushing and a td until he gets hurt. The defense stinks so we will be behind and Vick will give me a lot of come from behind garbage numbers.

          • So in your money league he get’s no play. LOL I don’t blame you bro.

  • Irisheagle, I’m not saying Denny is wrong on his prediction of Vick, what I’m saying is, that’s all QBs! They all have peeks n valleys, we all know Vicks past but keep in mind, the O line is gonna b 100 times better, the pass/run ratio is gonna be more balanced which doesn’t put the pressure on Vick to have to feel he has to carry this O, I do think he’s gonna have a year more like 2010 then 2011,12.

  • Just proves that many who think he will benefit from this system aren’t driven by some blind loyalty. Proves that maybe the many just felt compelled to combat the outrageous negative threads by his many detractors.

    • What it proves is that many who want Vick as the Eagles QB have no real confidence that he will be successful.

      You can spin it any way that makes you feel good, but I draft players that I think are good. I assume others do the same. When Vick is on the board at pick 115 I know what that means. Lol

      • Hey Irish what that might mean is that many Vick fans don’t play fantasy football. So to Diddy, Denny and yourself what does that truly mean? Or you can look at it this way if real General Managers had to start from zero with a real live draft, where do you think guys like Manning and Brady and older QB’s would get drafted? And no I’m not comparing Vick to those guys. On a funnier note where did Foles get drafted in your leagues?

        • Biglion,
          I talking about leagues with GCobb posters – some of whom are Vick supporters.

          Michael Vick is ranked in the 70s among all offensive players…. He was chosen 114th by one of our “Vick Supporters” as a backup to Ben Roethlisberger.. – Ben = 8th round… Vick = 10th round…

          What difference does it make what a real life GM would do starting a new team? We are talking about a single season, not the future. It’s all about how well you expect a QB to play in 2013. And clearly even Vick supporters don’t expect much from him.

          Who knows (or cares) where Foles was picked, he is not a starting quarterback.

          • Gotcha Irish, I’m not a big fan of fantasy football as you can tell, even if it was gcobb posters it still doesn’t mean much to me. Or if Vick will be successful this year. Just take this with a grain of salt the Foles comment was for gcobb posters who thought Foles was the second coming.

          • Well, actually, I think the ‘real life’ scenario is interesting. What if they did have a draft of available NFL QBs for one year. I figure Vick would go around 20 in such a scenario (best case)….definetly behind Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Manning I and II, Kap, Wilson, RGIII, Flacco, Ryan, Stafford, Romo, Rothless, Dalton, Luck…probably behind Newton…coin toss between him,Rivers Locker, Cutler and Schaub and Tannehill……not sure about Weeden I suppose, but Vick would definetly be selected ahead of Ponder, Smith, Bradford, TB guy, and whoever it is they’re rolling out in Bets, Bills, Raiders, Jacksonville land.

            Gorrd times. Ladies and gentlemen the starting QB of your Philadelphia Eagles!

        • Big, Foles is the back up to Vick the man. He wouldn’t go in any round. He would only take on value if Vick the man got hurt. I hope I answered your question.

          • Just being sarcastic Diddy, question for you though if Vick was injured would Foles be picked up right away? Fellas this is a serious question I’m not big on fantasy football.

            • Honestly probably not, his value wouldn’t be that high either.

              • Okay Diddy good to know I was just wondering how that worked.

      • Where did Nick Foles go in your draft?

        • Had he been named starter, he would have gone higher.

          • Oh yeah his 22-30 for 155 yards a game would be off the charts.

            • Lmao. Spot on

    • Brewski it proves absolutely nothing because you know fantasy football is the way you can effectively predict how a player will do. But I wonder where McCoy went in these leagues because if Vick cannot perform in Kelly’s offense then McCoy was a wasted pick as well. Just my thoughts.

      • It’s distasteful to listen to your ridiculous responses to this..

        It’s very simple – if you want to win your fantasy league, you chose players who you think will produce fantasy points. Obviously people (Vick supporters included) don’t expect Vick to produce,

        Justify it to yourself with whatever words make you feel good but I done talking nonsense.

        • My McCoy question is legit, if Vick fails then teams will stack the box on McCoy so how useful will he be? If Vick has a great statistical year then the guy who picked him 114 or whatever makes out like a bandit. And following that reason then McCoy should have a big year so what doesn’t make sense about that? I like Shady but he’s no AP who can get his without a QB who can keep defenses honest.

        • Or, check yesterday’s threat. There were Vick supporters debating the merits of Boyd and Bridgewater for the Birds. Lots and lots of confidence in their hero if they’re already planning on replacing him asap.

          • Looking at the two Boyd and Bridgewater, Kelly would probably prefer Boyd because the Bridgewater kid is a more traditional QB. Vinnie you know I’m on record as saying if the defense is as bad as we think then the QB doesn’t matter they’ll just lose a bunch of high scoring games.

            • They don’t need a QB in this upcoming draft. They need to fix the defense, like I said last draft. We compromised doing that reaching for Lame Johnson, and Zach Ertz, who I still say we didn’t need.

              I didn’t see him do anymore in the preseason than Clay Harbor did, and he can’t block. I don’t see what all the hype was about him..

              Oh I know, just another NAME hyped by the GCobb family as something special that really isn’t, and BTW, didn’t overtake Brent Celek, the superior player, as the starter, and won’t as the season ends either……All hype, no action, no results.

          • Hey Vinnie the biggest Vick supporter in Philly is Chip Kelly but you wouldn’t know that tally ho!

            • He’s also apparantly a Nate Allen supporter, and a Casey Matthews supporter….so I’m not sure if I’m all-in on Kelly’s decision making at this point.

              Impossible for you to fathom he’s made a big mistake at the QB position.

              It may – or may not be a mistake, but it certainly looks like he’s all-abord with short term ‘fixes’ to long term problems on this Eagles’ squad, and I don’t think that bodes well for the team going forward.

              • It’s not about short term fixes. It’s understanding that developing for the future and competing to win can be done at same time.

                Succesful franchises master balancing the short and long-term. Loser franchises talk about 3 year rebuilding plans.

              • The roster isn’t about short term fixes.

                Good franchises balance the short and long term. Loser franchises talk about 3 year rebuilding plans. Too people think tanking is a viable way to run a franchise.

                Competing to win now while developing for the future aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • Well like I said there’s no way a Chip Kelly team will be 5-11 sorry Denny I’m not buying that this team will get 7-9 wins this season. They will get wins over Washington, Dallas, Giants, San Diego, Oakland, Kansas City, Arizona that’s 7 right there.

    • There’s no way a Chip Kelly team will be 5-11? I’m sorry what has a Chip Kelly team accomplished in the NFL again? You’re talking about the guy as if he’s a top coach in this league and he hasn’t even coached (let alone won) his first regular season game yet…This isn’t the Pac 12, this the NFL. Kelly has a lot to prove at this level, and we haven’t even tasted how he handles adversity in this league yet..

      7-9 isn’t completely ridiculous though…I think its very, very optimistic, but its not as absurd as some who think even 9-7 is a possibility.

      • I see our record as being 2-14, 3-13……….realistically.

        Although they will make some games competitive, because of our Offense. But our defense will be our achilles heel all season.

    • Missed both the Detroit & Bears games which are winnable Games
      Bleats game is late in Season, if Bears are out of Playoff cgase and Cutler was having a so-so Season, then Eagles could face their young QB since Cutler would be a forgone conclusion on remaining with them after the 2013 Season

  • I actually believe that this Eagles offence will average 28 to 30 points per game. However I am all but certain that this Eagles defense will surrender 30 to 35 points per game. Answer to this equation (eagle o-eagle d=6wins).

    Good Day, Good Sports

  • Denny I wouldn’t mine 5 wins if that means Vick is gone because 10 or 11 wins means he comes back.

    • 11 wins is a playoff game…. youd rather see 5 wins than the playoffs. Stupid. Screw that…. ill take 11 wins as a bird fan any year.

      Im telling you… some young fa s are spoiled. They think 11 wins is easy… cause we did it for so long.

      Ill take vick over bobby hoying anyday.

      Do you know how many yearz we had go watch rodney peete/bubby brester?

      You idiots are killing me.

      • “Im telling you… some young fa s are spoiled. They think 11 wins is easy… cause we did it for so long. ”

        Say it again.

        Hell 10 wins is a playoff game…9 wins possibly can win you the division and a wildcard. Anyone rooting for anything less isn’t truly a fan.

    • That’s the dumbest thing Ive ever read. I would rather win 5 games so Vick isn’t here next year instead of 10=11 and be a playoff team. Are you serious?

  • What kind of REAL fan roots for their team to lose so they can see a certain player taken off the team? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard! You root for your team to win every game, PERIOD!!’ If Vick is the starting QB then you pull for the guy to have a great year and lead us to the playoffs, anything less then that is not a true fan.

    • Andrew P, now I agree hundred with you on your statement. I am not rooting against Vick, I want him to prove me wrong. I just don’t like him very much that’s all. I would love to try to pry Cam Newton from Carolina if possible. He is young enough to still be saved.

      • Pdiddy, I was really talking about daggolden, he was saying he dont want us to win 10-11 games cause that would mean we would have to keep Vick, to me, that’s crazy talk! I personally don’t like Vick either, I also don’t like what shady did by throwing that girl off his party bus in the middle of nowhere but this is not about what I feel about those individuals, it’s about the Eagles Team, their on it and I root for them to win every game, that’s what real fans do!

        • You weren’t talking about me.

          • I was talking about everyone who said they don’t want the Eagles to win more then 5 or 6 games so they could get rid of Vick, You were the one who put the number at 5 so Vick isn’t here next year.

  • 5 Keys to BeT the Redskins

    1) O/L Protect Vick versus a good Def Front 7
    And allow to pick on Redskins shaky Secondary

    2) Run the Ball Effectively and keep Tempo fast

    3) Defensively, stop Alfred Morris before he gets started
    And keep an eye on Scat back Ray Helu

    4) Keep/Contain RGIII in the Pocket and hit him around and take your chances, Don’t let him break containment and extend Plays

    5) Minimize Penalties/Negative Plats & Turnovers which goes without saying

  • Top 10 pick?? Try top 5.
    My predictions
    1. Vick will be his usual disappointing, underachieving self.
    2. Our DF will be epically bad.
    3. We win 4-5 games.
    4. End up with top 5 pick.

    • Oh well I guess he will get in line right behind Romo, Palmer, Rivers, Shaub, and slew of other never won anything in the Nfl QBs. Damn if we replaced ever under achieving never won anything QB thier would only be about 5 QBS in the NFL worth a shit besides last years magnificent 3.

      • Nobody brings up the other stiffs, but you dag. Go troll somewhere else. Your boy Vick sucks, no matter how many other QB’s you compare him to. I don’t give a f^#@ about anybody else’s QB’s. I care about my teams QB. Go troll someone else, because you are one of the main culprits on here, that slurps Vicks sack, & gives him a pass, because you worship at his alter. You are one of the racists, that always brings up all other non-black QB’s, anytime someone says a negative word about your hero. Just STFU!

        • It’s not giving Vick a pass to say he’s a productive QB. Too many know-it-alls who actually know very little getting irrational because Vick isn’t perfect.

          Comparing Vick to his contemperaries is how you figure out how he stacks up. People like you stay whining about Vick, but when he compares favorably with other QBs, you can do nothing but spout insults.

          You’ve got a raging hate-on for Vick. Sucks for you he’s Qb again. Become a fan of another team since Vick is so horrible. Might do wonders for your blood pressure.

          • skayne, you don’t have a f^#@ing clue of what you are talking about. Never in any of my past posts, have I had a “raging hate” for Vick! WTF, are you talking about? Again, in case you are another worshipper, Vick is a fraud, a disappointment, & a disappointment. If his supporters can’t see that, & call realistic, non-biased, fans like me a hater, IDK WTF to tell you. I’m no band wagon, front running fan like Songs! BTW, don’t f^#@ing tell me what team to root for. I stick with my team regardless, who’s QBing. I have no choice. But that doesn’t mean I have to have on green colored glasses, like @$$clowns like you, who can’t have an open mind, & see things for what they are. If criticism is warranted, I will give it, no WTF, imbeciles like you think. Also, my BP is fine. Next time mind your business! The convo, was between me & dag.

            • I’ll comment wherever I want, on whatever I want.

              You don’t hate Vick? Every single thing you post about Vick has several insults, curse words and a million exclamation points. It’s clear you hate Vick, why deny it?

              Just being negative all the time just makes you a Negadelphian. Doesn’t make you knowledgable about the Eagles or football in general.

          • Hey. Its just an opinion. Time will tell.

    • I say 3 wins…..Top 2 pick

  • Top 5 Draft Positions of 2014 Draft

    1) Oakland Raiders (3-13)
    2) Jacksonville Jaguars (4-12)
    3) NY Jets (4-12)
    4) Detroit Lions (5-11)
    5) Buffalo Bills (5-11)

    • Paul, IMHO, no way Detroit, only wins 5 games. Buffalo will windup with the worst record.

    • I don’t think the Raiders win 3 games and I think the Lions win 8 games. Otherwise I agree. The poor stay poor.

  • We win 6-7 games if O-line stays healthy. Very few games that we don’t have a shot to win as NFC east is not the beast it was. In fact might be the weakest division in the NFC. I do think that Kelly is a big upgrade over Reid as far as game planning and game management (all of the coaches we interviewed would be). The D is the glaring weakness. Converting to a 3-4 or even a hybrid 4-3 in the first year or two can be miserable. Green Bay still hasn’t figured it out going into year four. That said I look for 6-7 wins and a top ten pick again. The issue will be how to fix the secondary and the QB position in the same FA/draft year. Having said that, I think these were expected growing pains after the dismissal of the previous failed regime. I say failed because if we really look at the talent that Reid had for those years it is disappointing what he did with it. It also depresses me to think of all the good coaches that got away that I wold have much preferred coaching the Birds than Fat Andy.

  • Too many doomsayers.

    People just don’t seem to understand Reid’s ineptitude. His flaws were covered up by JJ and John Harbaugh’s STs.

    Same offensive skill weapons that took us to the playoffs in 2010, but with a far superior o-line.

    A lot of front seven talent, which was wasted by having an o-line coach as DC and an insubordinate d-line coach.

    And STs that are given the attention they deserve. Big time returners in college like DJ and Brandon Boykin sucked with the previous regime. This year they’re ripping off big returns.

    With Chip Kelly as coach, this team will play at a high level. Guys are in the NFL that Kelly was killing in college. See Jim Harbaugh, his DC, Carrol, Monte Kiffin, who’s now Dallas’ s DC. He’s gonna beat them here too.

    With a last place schedule, we’ll definitely win double digits.

    • Dream on. 5-11 or worse.

  • Silver lining. Think Teddy Bridgewater or Boyd from Clemson.

  • Like I said, Reid was just awful the last two years.10 Wins is more than doable.

    People are overreacting to Reid screwups. When you hire an d-line coach to install his system without regard to how that system fits your players, alienate prospective DCs by wanting them to run that system instead of their own, and compound everything by hiring your o-line coach as DC, screwups are inevitable.

    Reid offense is outdated and he was clueless on defense. He was the main reason for failure the last two years. This team is way better than 5 wins.

    And Boyd and Bridgewater is no consolation for a bad eagles season. To many want to lose in order to get guys who aren’t guaranteed to succeed in the NFL.

  • Ill say it again… this O should be much better this year now that reid is gone. We have a good Oline and we have moved on from the fireman. We have a great rb and the qb should play better. On D… we have a dc. Its the first time in years that we have had 1. He might not be good but he is a dc. Im getting behind this team.

    • O/Line is still a ? To me, better than last year no doubt, but Kelce, GerremNs and with a Rookie Johnson still concerns me a bit, though I do like how Lane Johnson has played and should only get better & better but Kelce/Herremans have peaked in my opinion and Herrenans especially has not looked good at all in my opinion .

  • Reading some of these posts, man it is hilarious, same mistake riddled qb, worse defense, but the great guru chip will turn it around….

    This team is a disaster, not a true no. 1 receiver, piss poor defense, terrible decisions by Kelly thus far with first restructuring Vick, keeping Allen, Mathews,

    2-3 wins

    • Check. Unless Running Game provides cover and then maybe 4-5 wins

  • Reid will come to town and embarrass Kelly

    • We’ll beat KC by two touchdowns. Reid will have Smith throw 45 times and run Charles about 10 times. We’ll have 6 sacks against them and give up about 17 points.

      It wasn’t Vick who was mistake riddled. Over the last two years 3 other Qbs played for Reid, and mistakes and turnovers continued to happen.

      Reid was the constant. He’s gone and you’ll see how a team should be run by a guy who actually knows what he’s doing.

  • Fuck Denny Basens

    • Haha is that really all you have to bring to the table? Come on now, I’d like to think you’ve got something a little better/deeper than that!

      Why don’t you explain to me why you think Vick is going to be great under Chip Kelly? Why don’t you tell me why this Eagles defense is going to be ok? Why don’t you try to convince me that this Eagles team is more than a 5-11 squad?

      You’re just clearly overflowing with all kinds of well thought out, brilliant insight, I’d love to hear more!

      • Don’t bother Denny. Consider the source. SMFH!

  • Who cares what Chiefs do? Not me.

    Andy did well when he had a D. He has not had that here for years.. all his doing.

    He has a RB now and prolly wont use him. Actually… he will use him for 2 years and then go back to Bombs away.

    I dont even care if he wins a SB bowl. The fact remains… it was time for him to go. He WAS a a good coach but could not get out of his own system.

    Thanks Andy… Bye.

  • Jake.. i agree the Eagles will take several years to get back to good ball. But we will win more than “2-3” games…. care to bet on it? If the Birds win more than 3 games you follow Vinnie into the sunset? if they dont.. ill go away? Deal?

    • Why censor anyone let alone a voice of truth, I would never make such a stupid bet, vinnie should never have bet on logic, what’s best for the eagles, getting rid of Vick, over the illogical, agenda driven front office and owner, and now what also appears again to be a puppet coach

      Although you may hear less of me, it will be on my terms

      • It was worth a try… im not sure what line is funnier… “voice of truth” or “agenda driven owner”. Haha.

        • Why get rid of anyone, especially those with a divergent, critical view, if everyone is in agreement with no controversy something is wrong, you want agreement to validate your opinions, i think dag, tsjohnson, you, etc. have no clue, but your opinions are important to the dialogue, but I bet that tsjohnson is still a sexy bitch

          • Only reason i would want to get rid of you is because you are clutter. Your arrogance is outdone only by your ingorance. You waste space by turning everything into a conversation about race and say outlandish things to get attention. Its anyoing. Sadly… i get sucked into the stupid and… that is my own fault. Not yours. I disagree with paulman about most things but yet we have respect for one another. We joke back and forth and poke fun but… he adds to the conversation. you swear and pick fights… its childish.

            • That’s a great reply to censor ole jake, great job stevo, a lot will agree with you, some, perhaps many may disagree, good job brother

  • ***********************Breaking News*********************************

    The Eagles just released Sam Acho and claimed Linebacker Najee Goode 6’0″ 242lbs. I don’t know if this is a good move (pun intended) KC Mathews has pictures. It seems they are getting rid of the backers who made plays and keeping those who didn’t. Well, they are the proscouts. I’m just a guy who enjoys trying to scout talent from my liiving room looking at tv.

    • A nice Pick-Up, Goode played IKB at West Virginia alongside pass-rushing demon Bruce Irvin if some of you recal..
      Quick, Athletic & Physical and an excellent Special Teamer as well..
      and I will predict right now and here, that he will be Demeco Ryabs replacement by late Season or by 2014 for sure..

  • **Report for Corvalis,Oregon***
    Eagles HC is checking with University of Oregon Officials about returning back
    to the University as their HC.. He was reportedly on the phone with Phil Knight (CEO of Nike and Oregon’s biggest Booster/Financial Contributor) about getting his old job back and the fact the 2013 Oregon Ducks have more Talent than the Current Eagles do and that he was lied to by GM Roseman about having Full Control in making Personnel Decisions and Draft Choices, Free-Agency, Roster Choices, etc,etc ..

    Stay tuned, this saga is not over….

  • “WILL THE REAL EAGLES FANS STAND UP”?????? Skayne and Vick supporter please stop wasting your time with these idiots on here who’d rather lose in hopes of getting a higher draft pick. Andy reid was always the problem here. He rode off of the backs of talent like Mcnabb, westbrook, Dawkins, JJ and J harbaugh. He was in a fortunate position with a defense that Ray Rhodes left him and he had players who were hungry. If he got McNabb some receivers we would of been had 2 SB’s. These wack so called fans who wish for their QB and new Head Coach to fail are the most ridiculous bunch of horse crap that I have ever been around on a thread. Glad I ain’t around any of these idiots when The Eagles are playin. “WE WILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR AND POSSIBLY THE SUPERBOWL”; MARK MY WORDS!!!!! I believe in Chip and his scheme AND i’M ALL IN…WILL THE REAL EAGLES FANS PLEASE STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! REAL fans?? Playoffs??? Super bowl???? Come on Rocko! I can see being a positive fan, but don’t join the delusional, irrational crowd! BTW, I agree about Reid, JJ & McNabb points. His early part of career, when he was very good, was wasted, with garbage for offensive weapons. Also, I don’t think many people are rooting for the Eagles to lose, so Vick is gone. Some people like like me, are bittered by the ineptness & smarts of this FO, & are not blinded by a biased frame of mind. Being a positive fan is 1 thing, but you are a little out there bruh!

      • Dcar we are surrounded by Stooges….Sigh!!

  • I wont say SB but im standing up Rocko. There is enough negativity in my life. Im going to give chip and vick a chance to show me what they have. We got rid of andy… thats a step in the right direction for me. I want to see hard work and few turnovers.

  • What’s the over/under for how many yards Rushing against the Eagles by the Skins.. With Morris,Helu & RGIII I would be surprised if Shanahan has RGIII drop back more than 20 Times to Pass
    I see Chung with double-digit Tackkes which is never a good thing
    When your Safety leads the Team in Tackles

    • Funny you say that paulman. Ive been told how we have such a good young defensive line. Ive been told about this Cox and how he is a keeper yet I watch RBs gash us up the middle for 70 yard runs. We then sit here and blame the LB. We sit here and blame the safties. When are the dlineman accountable? Dont tell me they are holding up the olineman. What was the excuse last year? They must play better.

  • There’s no reason this team shouldn’t start the season off 2-0. The Monday night game against the skins, I can see Kelly wanting to make a statement and tell the rest the league that he belongs here. Then against SD He’s going to want a good showing for the home crowd. As for the rest of the season I see mostly up and down, but pointing more towards the down side. At the end I see 6-10, or 7-9. Major improvement over last season, but not enough to make the playoffs. With those records it should take us out of the running of Boyd ( who I don’t want because he’s a side arm QB), and Bridgewater. So, that will leave us with a defensive player or the guy who I want that I know I’m going to get blasted for in Johnny Manziel. I know the guy has issues ( who doesn’t), but the guy can straight ball. This will be his last year at A&M because he wants to make that $$$. Chip did recruit him to Oregon, so he knows his talent is there. I think with the right attitude adjustment, like Dez Bryant got, he should turn out to be a great player. His size my be an issue for some but he’s only an inch smaller than RG3. The talent is there, just might have to adjust some attitude problems first. If they go defense I see either the best LB or Safety left on the board. Safety could be an issue come draft time because its not very deep this year.

    • eagles have no chance against the skins. take washington in your survivor pools

      • It’s the same shit every season, the same culprits plus a few…Call themselves Eagles fans, but bash their team to no end…”he sucks, this sucks, that sucks, we suck….” “wa wa wa wa wa” whiny little bitches..Most of the cats on here wishing for the Eagles to have a terrible season, are those with an agenda, who doesn’t like the QB…Bottom line that is real talk!

        • spoken like a total idiot as always. bet the eagles if your confident they win monday.

          picking a winner and understanding where your team team stands isnt really that hard if your not an idiot

          • I’m not saying the Eagles will win or lose…But I’m not counting ‘my team’ out against any team…bottom line…that’s why I root for a squad. I like to enjoy the season with optimism, I can’t be a negative prick nitwit like your dumb ass.

            I know not to count any team out before a single game is played, especially my team. Players have pride and if you have enough of those players good things can happen..I don’t bet like an idiot, I bet on probability and not unknowns…winner of Eagles vs Redskins is just that, ‘unknown’ you dumb ass! May go either way…Redskins could be slowed since RGIII hasn’t played in the pre season, hasn’t formed much chemistry with O and may be rusty…Maybe the Eagles have a great game plan and execute…Maybe Eagles get great special teams play. Maybe the Eagles defense doesn’t show up at all and allows the Skins to run all over the football field. Maybe the Eagles offense has turnover issues…I don’t know, its all ‘unknown’..The Eagles offense may jump out front early. Now my bet with Vinne about who will be the starting QB, in 2013 was known! Just ‘unknown” for the thick scull ignorant dumb ass excretions like yourself!

            All you do is talk negatively while bringing no value of knowledge to any of the boards. One thing for sure, you are consistent. But if you want to bet something, how many wins do you give the Eagles this season? if we are far apart, which I know we will be, then we may be able to bet…

            • got em 8-8.

              sweeping giants, getting swept by skins, swept by cowboys.

              beating chargers, queefs, arizona, detroit, raiders & minny. losing to denver, bucs bears and packers.

  • here are a few predictions…

    2013 Eagles will finish 6-10
    2014 Eagles will finish 5-11

    Chip Kelly will resign as coach of the Eagles after the 2014-2015 season and become the head coach at the University of Texas and replace Mack Brown.

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