• July 5, 2022

Harbor, McCoy, Shepard And Robinson Catch On Elsewhere

ChrisMcCoy1It didn’t take long for four of the players the Eagles released this weekend to be picked up off waivers.

Backup tight end Clay Harbor and outside linebacker Chris McCoy were scooped up by the Jaguars, ASAP.  It’s understandable since they both got the chance to display their talents to the Jacksonville coaching and scouting staffs in the third game of the preseason, plus they’re both impressive athletes with good combinations of size and speed.

The release of Harbor was a surprise to many Eagles fans, since his role on the offense seemed to be expanding.  The former fourth round pick was being utilized at the wide receiver position in addition to the tight end duties.  Head coach Chip Kelly had pointed out Harbor’s speed as a reason to give him some work at the wide receiver spot, but when all was said and done, things didn’t work out for him here.

McCoy was another surprise cut of the Birds.   The youngster had recorded 3 1/2 sacks in the four preseason games, but that still wasn’t enough to keep him here.  I had figured they would have him backing up Connor Barwin, since they were about the same size.  Like Barwin, he seemed to be a good matchup against the league’s tight ends, but the Birds thought otherwise.

Russell Shepard was on fire at the beginning of training camp.  He was catching any and everything thrown his way, and the quarterbacks were throwing his way a great deal.  He eventually cooled off, but was expected to make the team, but now he’s a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Adrian Robinson really never got the chance show what he could do for the Birds.  He was acquired in a trade late in the preseason.  He played his college football at Temple, but now he will get the chance to play in Denver after being claimed by the Broncos.  Denver isn’t a bad place to be when you think about how good of a team they have.  Robinson might find himself lining up for a real Super Bowl contender.

If he winds up in the Super Bowl, it won’t be the first time I’ve seen a “player cut into the Super Bowl”.


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  • Meanwhile Casey Matthews, Colt Anderson, Kurt Cokenan, Nate Allen,
    Brandon Hughes & Justin Poyercare still on the Eagles..
    And the Question still remains for a couple of these Players..Why??

  • Gus Bradley is gonna make out of Chris McCoy what he did with another former Eagle, Chris Clemons, a player you wished you never let go.

    • You have to give some Credit to Pete Carrol also, who remains very active on the Defensive Side of the Ball Scheme and Player Personnel wise and like the agressive and attacking Style of Defense that Seattle Plays

      • I hope the eagles can get Gus to be the dc here when he is canned in 3-4 years.

  • I love how all you guys think you know more than chip and Gamble.. I forgot u guys have son much game tape to base your analysis off of.. F$kn lame a$$es

    • Sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will never hurt us. LOL

    • No more Commenting forever by order of The Silencer10.

  • According to Kelly,he and Roseman are always on the same page, so when these frivolous 53 man roster moves come back to bite them in the rear end,.(win / loss column) at least they’ll both have to equally deal with fan criticism and fan ire.

    Good Day, Good Sports.

  • Hind sight is 20/20… When I comes back to bite them.. Ok and I’m guessing ur decisions on player personnel would be perfect. No fact is, somebody always releases players of value to someone else. #lames

  • It

  • Matthews is Chip Kelly’s Reno Mahe

  • Matthews, Cooper and Coleman are still on the team while Harbor, Acho and McCoy got cut? WTF? Go away for a long weekend, come back to a not so positive confirmation that the same crew is running things, shooting themselves in the foot and it’s no easier…

    The fact that Harbor got no pre-season time as a WR with the 1s on offense told me this was going to happen even though it shouldn’t have…same thing with Acho and McCoy.

    • Do you REALLY think that Cooper shouldn’t make the team? With Maclin on the IR, who do you think played better in the preseason?

      • Is Acho even on a team right now? I think that says all you need to know about him. Harbor had years to make a name for himself and never did a damn thing. He blows and will likely be out of the NFL in 2 years.
        Don’t get me wrong I think Mathews, Cooper, Coleman, Allen all should be off this team too because they all suck as NFL players. But would it really make a difference if those other guys were here instead? They are all bums that cant play.

        And I really cant stand Mathews either. The only reason he is here is because of the Oregon connection. Its just like bringing in a bum like Dennis Dixon. Even though kelly wants to help his guys, its all just a waste of time since they don’t belong in the NFL.

        • I cannot stand Matthews either, probably not his fault, but the way the drafted him and inserted him as the starter before he had his first mini-camp really made my expectations of him very high. Needless to say, he has not performed any where near what those expectations lead us to believe.

          I have also been disappointed with Cooper’s lack of performance. We were told about his speed and size coming out of Florida, but he has never used his size in the red-zone like we needed, and hasn’t shown to be a reliable target for Vick, like Avant has proven to be. If Maclin had not been injured this year, I believe that it very well may have been Cooper’s “fish or cut bait year”, but with Maclin out for the year, and Cooper performing well on ST’s, I believe that they need Cooper to step up this year and finally do something.

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