• May 16, 2022

Eagles-Redskins Pregame Thoughts

MICHAEL VICK ON STAYING COMPOSED FOR GAME ONE [media id=320 width=480 height=360]How The Eagles Can Beat The Redskins

Robert Griffin is going to see his first real game action since injuring his knee in last year’s playoff loss to Seattle, and the Eagles’ defense needs to take advantage of that early in the game. It’s highly unlikely that Griffin is going to be sharp right away. He’s been working for months to get himself ready to play in this game, and once he finally arrives on the field he’s going to experience some intense emotion. To Griffin, the game is going to feel like its going by way too fast early on. The former top draft pick may need a quarter or two to calm himself down and shake off the rest before he really begins to play at a high level.

The Eagles need to test Griffin early and often. They need to take some chances and send some strong blitzes at him and try to force him to make mistakes. The defense has to make some kind of positive contribution, whether it comes from a stop, a couple of sacks, or a timely turnover. It won’t matter how well the Eagles’ offense plays if the defense is horrible.

Its going to be very important for the Eagles to start fast. An early touchdown followed by defensive stop and a another score would go a long way towards helping this team pull of an upset. The Eagles need some strong early momentum to build off of and give them the confidence that they need to keep up with Washington.

Why The Redskins Will Win

Although there are some legitimate questions about how ready he’ll be to play, you can never underestimate the talent of a guy like Griffin.

Griffin is a guy who just doesn’t make many mistakes. He threw only five interceptions last season, and he hasn’t had a multi-interception game since he was in high school. Last year he completed 30 of 39 passes and threw six touchdowns in his two starts against the Eagles. He’ll face a Philadelphia secondary that looks only marginally improved from what it was a year ago, and he’s got a chance to put up some very strong numbers again.

The Washington pass rush is going be a problem for the Eagles. Top pass rushers Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan, and Adam Carriker are all healthy, and will present a strong challenge for the offensive line.

Final Thoughts

I think Billy Davis’ quote from late last week says a lot about the state of this Eagles’ defense. “I am very anxious for the Redskins to show us who we are and where we are,” Davis said. “I don’t know what’s coming. The truth will be at the end of that game we’ll know defensively how far along we are.”

That’s not an attitude that inspires a lot of confidence. If the defensive coordinator of this team is expecting the Redskins to come in and educate him about how good his defense is and where they’re at, then I don’t know how I can expect the unit to be competitive at all against the Washington offense, regardless of the state of Griffin.

The Eagles’ offense may put up some points, but I expect them to also go through some rough patches, with some three and outs and turnovers. I think the defensive problems are going to be the Eagles’ undoing on Monday night.

Pick: Washington 31, Philadelphia 20

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Denny Basens

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  • I’m sorry I disagree with your pick Eagles 27-23 I’m gone

  • This a division and most of the time these game between these 2 teams are decided by 5 points or less everybody hyping up Washington we’ll see but RGIII hasn’t played in a while so I see a very close game.

  • Eagles 30 – Redskins 24 in an exciting fun Game…

    Eagles Offensive Stars of the Game
    QB Vick, RB B Brown, WR/Returnman D Johnson & TE Ertz

    Eagles Defensive Stars of the Game
    D/L Thornton & Curry, LB’s Kendricks & Barwin and Safety P Chung

    Eagles Punter Jones has a Great night, booming Punts with lots of hang time and pinning the Redskins deep in their zone early on in the Game..
    Kicker Henery converts 3 out of 4 FG’s only missing a 62 Yarder just before halftime ..

    PLay of the Game is late 3rd Quarter on a 4th Down & 4 from around mid-field..The Eagles Fake a Punt and up man Emil Igwenagu rumbles down the left end for 18 Yards & First Down and real momentum changer.. Eagles Score 4 Plays later with a 4 Yard scamper by RB Bryce Brown

  • Skins by 10+. Its going to be a long night. But there is always next week. Work in progress that will take a while to develop. I will just try to enjoy the good parts and not get too upset about the not so good parts.

  • the betting line is 3 and a half? Seems real low —
    I don’t see Allen, Kendricks, Ryans and Chung pushing the redskins backwards. I think the redskins consistently fall forward on tackles for an extra 2-3 yards after contact moving the chains

  • ****** BREAKING NEWS *******

    The NFL has announced that the Washington Redskins have offered to play the second half of tonight’s match-up without helmets in order to level the playing field with the Philadelphia Eagles.

    In an unprecedented show of sportsmanship Mike Shanahan stated that his team will leave their helmets in the locker room after the first half.

  • PUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Ya……. Davis is Soooooooo Worried. LMMFAO!!!!

    • trent cole with a forced fumble and a safety

  • So that’s what play action looks like. Smh. Andy Reid should be slapped!

  • Denny how you like the Eagles now 31-20 not happening

  • Peyton manning will throw for 700 yards and 9 TD versus this defense

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