• January 22, 2022

Monday Night Football Picks

San Diego Chargers @ Houston Texans

The Chargers just don’t have enough talent to keep up with the experienced, playoff-savy Houston team.

Phillip Rivers is likely to struggle against the Texans’ defense, which is still one of the better units in the league.

The Charger defense is also mediocre, which opens the door for a huge night for guys like Arian Foster and Andre Johnson.

Pick: Houston 27, San Diego 17

Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins

I think Billy Davis’ quote from late last week says a lot about the state of this Eagles’ defense. “I am very anxious for the Redskins to show us who we are and where we are,” Davis said. “I don’t know what’s coming. The truth will be at the end of that game we’ll know defensively how far along we are.”

That’s not an attitude that inspires a lot of confidence. If the defensive coordinator of this team is expecting the Redskins to come in and educate him about how good his defense is and where they’re at, then I don’t know how I can expect the unit to be competitive at all against the Washington offense, regardless of the state of Griffin.

The Eagles’ offense may put up some points, but I expect them to also go through some rough patches, with some three and outs and turnovers. I think the defensive problems are going to be the Eagles’ undoing on Monday night.

Pick: Washington 31, Philadelphia 20

Denny Basens

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  • I saw a lot of shoddy and poor play from around the NFL yesterday on Defense and Soecial Teams.. The Cowboys/Giants Game, though entertaining,
    Showed that both Teams have as many question ? defensively as the Eagles
    The Packersz Defense couldn’t make any Stops either,
    The Vikings & Falcon’s Defenses gave up big plays, yardage and points as well
    It’s wide open in the NFC East this Season..

  • RG3 is going to be rusty early on, and I can see them running a lot of the read option. If that’s the case he needs to be pounded on. Whether he is handing the ball off or not he should be hit regardless. I can see a lot of flags in this one, as the NFL will try and protect RG3. If the eagles can get out to an early lead they got a shot at winning.

  • How good will RG3 need to be? Why won’t the Skins just run it all night long right between the tackles where the Eagles defense had zero success in the pre-season. I suppose at some point, they will stack the box, but then that leaves a lot for the suspect secondary to do. The D is gonna have a lot of problems tonight.

    On offense, I am optimistic, but who knows what will happen? Tough game to win for the Birds tonight.

  • Because the DC didn’t predict the defense will play like the ’85 Bears you think that ‘s not a good sign, Denny?

    After the numerous posts you’ve written blasting coaches or players for boasts before the season, now when the DC downplays what he expects you take it as a sign the D won’t play well? Sounds like confirmation bias.

    Coaches usually downplay what will happen. There is no way he’s expecting the D to play bad and be the reason we’ll lose. What Davis had to say didn’t influence you one way or the other.

    The fact that Vick has killed the Deadskins in his career doesn’t rate? His career Qb rating is like 110. He’s also 9-4 against the division the last 3 years.

    Eagles 35, Deadskins 24

  • Eagles 30 – Redskins 24

    Offensive Stars of the Game
    QB M Vick, RB Bryce Brown, WR/Returnman D Johnson, TE Z Ertz
    Defensive Stars of the Game
    DL Thornton & Curry, LB Kendricks & Barwin and Safety Chung

    • I hope you are right Paul. I think this could be a great game.

  • I say it’s 30-24 either way.

    Both teams defenses are suspect. Both teams offenses can be explosive. It’s a pretty good matchup.

    The the with the defense that sucks the least…wins.

  • Its the start of something new in philly… a welcome one at that. Philly 35 skins 20

    • hey Stevo up in Viking land. How pissed are the locals to see Kapernick and Andy Dalton succeed while Ponder is garbage from the same draft. Carson Palmer and Alex Smith both available during the off season and they march Ponder out there again.

      • VERY!!! They are defensive today. I mentioned the fact that they could have had RG# if they lost to the skins a few years ago. And that they passed on Kap and Wilson

  • I don’t expect much of the Eagles defense tonight but Juan Castillo carried the Eagles last season and that shocked the hell out of me for a 3-1 early record. I have the Redskins destroying the Birds 35 to 17.

  • *********** BREAKING NEWS *********************

    The NFL has announced that the Washington Redskins have offered to play the second half of tonight’s match-up without helmets in order to level the playing field with the Philadelphia Eagles.

    In an unprecedented show of sportsmanship Mike Shanahan stated that his team will leave their helmets in the locker room after the first half.

  • Eagles 35 Skins 27

    Vick and Shady takes over tonight.

    The beginning of greatness!!!!!!

    • et tu brute—

      songs snap out of it, this is Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman pulling the strings behind the scene. for every dollar they say they spend they really only spend .75 cents by the time the year ends

      • Songs, I thought I read that Vick & Shady recently had “Vaccine Shots” ..
        I wouldn’t count on them for them too long..

  • Well everyone. Have a wonderful night and season. Its been fun talking with you for the past couple of years, and especially amusing watching the levels the Vickpologists will go to to defend their flawed hero.

    I am very excited about the potential Chip Kelly brings to the table, but its all for naught as long as the fading former overly-hyped never was is still at the helm.

    The Pats were stuck with a go nowhere vet until luckily for them he got hurt. Clearly the jets were going nowhere until their go nowhere vet got hurt. The 49ers were going nowhere till their pedestrian vet got hurt. The Bills were go nowhere until their go nowhere vet got hurt….and on and on and on. All those franchises, and fanbases re-ignited when the vet (that deep down everyone knew couldn’t get it done) was replaced by a young kid through injury.

    Here’s to the Eagles having their very own Bart Scott event tonight. It will bring rejuvenation and hope to a franchise going nowhere with MV7 at the helm.

    And even you die hardiest of diehard Vick fans who mistakenly think “this is the year!!” (when deep down you know you are only lying to yourselves) know this.

    Vicks bestest bestest best ever

    Comp %; 62.6 would have ranked 12th last year.
    Yards: 3303 would have ranked 20th last year
    Yrds/game: 254.1 would have ranked 10 last year
    TDs: 21 would have tied for 18th
    Fumbles 9 would have ranked 1st.

    And I took his best ever numbers from different years of his career.

    Even at his bestest bestest bestest best, he’d be a middle of the pack scrub.

    I know, I know, this is because, for his entire career Vick has been the unluckiest player, surrounded by terrible skill players, terrible olines, and especially terrible coaches….every single year. Poor guy….if only.

    But this will be the year….the most perfectest offense ever designed for Vick. Built specifically for his most amazing skill set. Just wait!!!!

    And he’ll have his moments – no doubt. There will be a game or two where he looks unstoppable (and always in the first game against an opponent – in fact he should look good tonight), but its always an illusion….and the old habits will always return.

    It will all end the same as it always does. Master of keeping both teams in the game with ill-timed ints or fumbles, failed blitz recognition, his body will break down, teams will study film and break down his weaknesses, and good D co-ordinators will eat him for lunch as they always do. And so the season will end with everyone wondering “what happened – he had so much potential” and the Vickpologists, always and evermore more interested in watching Vick succeed than the team as a whole, will break out their tired and worn (oline, playcalling, coaches, solar eclipse) excuses once again.

    I was happy Kelly was hired. I watched a lot of the Oregon games. It’ll be fun watching the tempo. Fun watching the innovation. Though I am worried about an offence that chewed up 11 qbs in 66 games in college. Unfortunately, if Vick plays more than 10 games, that we’ll head into another offseason without a QB, and the hope for the future will be put off for another year.

    Here’s to our Bart Scott moment. We need it.


    • bye. Peace to you.

    • Take Care Vinnie…!

      VinnietheVictor – Gcobb Eulogy
      Sunrise – sometime in 2010
      Sunset – Today – 8:00pm

      Today is a sad day in Negadelphia. Negadelphia loses someone very important to the movement. Although, he was a bit irrational, selectively ignorant, and biased, his commitment and dedication can not go unnoticed. We could always count on Vinnie to remind us of how bad a QB Vick is, with turnovers, age, height, half assed stats, release, Vinnie tried getting his point across over and over again. To let him tell the QB is the only one that plays the game. Unfortunately, it was Vinnie’s bias that clouded his visions and ultimately caused his demise… Maybe he was just more hopeful than confident about who will be the starting QB…but whatever his motives, fact is he was wrong…

      But this isn’t to bash Vinnie in anyway, this is more of a celebration of his time here on GCobb. Vinnie would be proud of the mention of Vick and turnovers. If he reads this and gets to that part he’ll smile for sure. Vinnie may not have had a good grasp of the reality that determined his fate (who would win the QB competition)…but one thing Vinnie was, he was “real”, he believes in what he believes and never backed away from it….But now is the time, “Its time” Negadelphia, “Its time” to support you QB. Are you an Eagles fan or are you an Eagles fan as long as Vick isn’t the QB? Will you cheer for the Eagles and the QB? Or wish ill thoughts to the QB, for an injury INT or fumble? Will you choose the Eagles success over your personal feelings of an Eagles player? If you were a player would you have the same mentality and believe your team won’t win, has no chance? if so would you be a player that any team would want… I know one things for sure Vinnie is gone but there are still others that will try and spread his message until Vick himself silences the critics. Vinnie, I wish you well. You won’t be forgotten, and you won’t be missed.


    • See ya Vin. Enjoy the UK.

  • Ok yall— its almost time. Whos ready for the birds?

  • Eagles need to shut the run game down early. And get the quick reads our early. Should be a good game.

  • Lets Go E-A-G-L-E-S!

  • Eagles must win the turnover battle. They have to get some turnovers if they are going to win the game.

    Also, they can’t allow the Skins to go on long drives that end in TDs – make them settle for FGs.

    I think the Eagles can win is the defense can do those things…

  • No matter what the out come if this call, I love what I see so far.

    • I concur Concrete, It is exciting thus far

  • one fumble for Mike Vick already LOL
    Vinnie told you all that would happen

  • Touchdown DJAX from Vick
    Go Eagles

  • I guess now that vinnie is gone somebody had to carry the moron torch. Congrats E0S. If u can’t tell the difference between a fumble and a lateral then you should just shut up and leave the posting to actual fans.

  • Anyone know what Songs has done with his RGiII Jersey??
    Defense and Offense looking great so far..

  • TD Celek from Vick Kaboom The Birds are flying 19-7

  • TD Vick on the ground, ouch The birds are unstoppable 26-7


    • Amen!!!

  • Rocko I’m with you brother! This is 10X better than I expected on both sides of the ball. I’m impressed. You can’t even get up to go to the bathroom!

  • How about that O, and oh how about that D. Pitched a shut out in the first half

  • I’m so pumped up, I know I’ll be able to stay up to get a look at the Chargers post game — but do I watch Eagle interviews post game on Comcast or watch Charger Texan game?

  • Eagles looking great on both sides of the ball
    Defense playing with energy and confidence
    Lb’s Coke, Kendrick’s & Barwin pkaying fast & furious
    Which means the 3 DL are doing their jobs…
    McCoy with a 100 yards already, D-Jax with 100 Yards
    Briwn running hard TE’s Cekek & Ertz making plays, WR’s Avant & Cooper blocking well down the field and playing physical..
    Keep the pedal to the medal Chip start the 2nd half and this game is over by the 3rd Quarter..
    Vick playing well and very smart ..
    Very impressive 1st Half of Eagle Football

  • Williams is backing it up right now.

  • Wherew’s those Cary Williams bashers!!!

  • TD McCoy — the birds are gobbling up yards and points 33-7

  • 2-14 3-13. LOL

  • DCar, your thoughts please…….

    • LMBO!

  • Lets see…..
    run game- check
    Smart passes- check
    No bombs away- check
    D that is brining it- check

    Yup… this is what i ordered.

  • This shows us the waste Andy Reid was because the right coach could have won big with this talent offensively.

  • kicking asses and taking names!

    Eagles will win the NFC East and win at least 1 games.


  • Game is over, should put in Foles, Polk and back-ups and get ready for week #2 vs the Chargers who are traveling east for a 1pm Game next week after playing tonight.. Be smart Chip Kelly..
    No need to get mStarters injured here in the 4th Quarter

  • Time to bring in foles.

    • keep Brown and Foles on the bench — turnovers is the only way the skins can win this game — and those 2 have been coughing up the ball all preseason

  • Poyer is playing the slot, Boykin out wide — Cary Williams Hurt?

  • Our squad looking good tonight fellas…one game at a time…Believe….


  • The Eagles defense has fallen apart since Cary Williams was replaced —

  • The D showing there true colors now.

    • They actually went into that stupid prevent defense.

  • Whew.. close one.

  • They got the turnovers and the win. Nice.

  • Certain posters are mysteriously missing in action on here. I’m sure they will be back when the Eagles lose!!!

  • if Clay Matthews gets disciplined for the Kaepernick out of bounds hit
    Deangelo Hall should get double because that horse collar out of bounds hit was twice as worse

  • Clay Mathews was much worse IMO

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