• August 19, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Chargers

vick chargersDefense Shows Its True Colors

Apart from the electric offensive showing from Monday night, what many people were impressed with was the effort of the defense, which created a handful of turnovers and didn’t allow the Redskins to score any offensive points until the end of the third quarter.

However, the Eagles faced a completely different animal today. They faced an average NFL quarterback with a history of turning the football over. They faced average receivers and running backs. They faced an offensive line that featured the likes of King Dunlap. And the mediocre Charger offense demolished Billy Davis and his defense for 33 points and over 500 yards.

This was probably the worst defensive performance that the Eagles have put on in recent memory, and that’s saying a lot.

Even when Rivers’ top receiver, Malcolm Floyd, left the game with an injury, the Eagles couldn’t do anything to slow the Charger passing attack down.

Davis called a very timid game, rushing just three and four defensive lineman for most of the game. As a result, the pass rush wasn’t nearly good enough, and Rivers’ timing was seldom rarely challenged or disrupted. The pass coverage was soft, and anytime Rivers needed to make a play he was able to pick out the weakness in the Philadelphia secondary and exploit it.

The Eagles gave up 33 first downs. The Chargers held the ball for an absurd 40 minutes and 13 seconds. San Diego converted 10 of 15 third downs. They allowed two touchdown drives of 80 yards or more. When they needed a stop, the defensive coordinator and his unit came up short, time and time again. The defense forced just one punt, and if not for a couple of clumsy turnovers by the Chargers before the end of the half, San Diego could have easily lit them up for more than 40 points today.

Vick The Shining Star

Michael Vick was far and away the Eagles’ best player today.

The veteran quarterback threw for a career-high 428 yards and two touchdown passes, and also added 23 rushing yards a touchdown run.

Vick was absolutely electric. He looked relaxed and focused throughout the game, and had no problem finding open receivers. Most of his passes were things of beauty today, hitting his targets in stride for big strikes and the quarterback provided the spark that brought the Eagles back into this game and gave them a chance to win.

Vick picked the San Diego defense apart through most of the day. The turnovers and mistakes that have plagued him in the past have been nowhere the be found. He’s been sensational through the first two games.

General Sloppiness

As a team, the Eagles just weren’t mentally sharp today.

Lack of focus, mental mistakes, and penalties killed them today in all three phases of the game.

Possibly the most critical mistake belonged to DeSean Jackson, who drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty following the Vick touchdown run that helped give the Chargers a short field, setting up a late San Diego score. Jackson needs to his attitude under control, and act like a professional. Acting like a tough guy is all well and good, but when you take it too far, you wind up with nonsensical penalties like this.

Cary Williams was a hero in Week 1, but he had an absolutely horrendous game today. Williams drew three penalties, extending several San Diego drives, one of which led to an eventual touchdown. The former Raven was also caught overpursuing at times, and missed several tackles.

Newly-signed tight end James Casey dropped a touchdown pass on third down on the team’s opening drive, forcing the Eagles to settle for a field goal instead of a touchdown. Casey was unhappy with his playing time in last week’s game, but was unable to come through when his number was called this week.

Nate Allen was awful as well. The safety was run over by Ryan Mathews on first Chargers play, and was only able to take Mathews down by drawing a 15-yard facemask penalty. Allen was obliterated by former Eagle King Dunlap on Eddie Royal’s third touchdown of the game.

Alex Henery missed a field goal before the first half that wound up costing the team.

Quick Thoughts


  • LeSean McCoy’s touches dropped dramatically this week, falling from 31 against Washington to 16 today. But the running back still had a strong impact on the game, picking up 167 total yards, including 114 receiving yards. McCoy had 70-yard catch and run in the first quarter, the longest reception of his career.
  • Apart from his foolish penalty, DeSean Jackson had another strong day. Jackson caught nine passes for 193 yards and a touchdown. The Chargers had no action for Jackson, who got behind defenders throughout the day.
  • Zach Ertz had two receptions for 58 yards, including a 31-yard reception in the fourth quarter that put the team in position to tie the game.
  • Riley Cooper made a tough 13-yard reception for a touchdown in the first half.
  • Nick Foles made a cameo in the fourth quarter, throwing an incomplete pass after Michael Vick had to come out of the game for a play.


  • There weren’t a lot of positives to take from today’s defensive performance, but I thought Brandon Boykin did pretty well in his first career start. Boykin did a good job taking away his man (Vincent Brown) and came up with a great play to strip Antonio Gates on the goalline before the half. Boykin never gave up on the play, saved a touchdown, and created a turnover.
  • For the second straight week, Trent Cole created a turnover by stripping the opposing running back. Cole fought through a hold from King Dunlap, and knocked the ball out of Ryan Mathews hands.
  • Mychal Kendricks had an awful game. Kendricks missed a number of tackles, including one on Antonio Gates in the fourth quarter that turned into a first-down to keep a drive alive.
  • Patrick Chung had a poor game, missing a tackle on Eddie Royal in the redzone.
  • Royal torched the Eagles for seven receptions for 90 yards and three touchdowns.
  • Antonio Gates caught eight passes for 124 yards. The Eagles had no answer for him.

Final Thoughts

A week ago, I wasn’t impressed at all with what the Eagles’ defense had done against Washington. I thought that the defensive success was more a product of the Washington Redskins shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly than it was done on the Eagles’ own merit.

We saw this week that the Eagles’ defense is still very much an issue, and the fact that they were gashed this bad by such an average offense is really alarming. Its the pinnacle of ineptitude and inefficiency, and this is the defense that you’re going to see more often than not.

To be fair though, the defense isn’t entirely to blame for how badly they performed. Part of their struggles has to be attributed to the Eagles’ offense as well. The high-powered, fast-paced offensive is all well and good, but I think today they actually scored too quickly, not giving the defense enough time to rest and recover.

Look at the amount of time that the Eagles’ offense was on the field for during their scoring drives. The first drive that ended in a field goal took only 1:56. The Riley Cooper touchdown drive lasted just 1:20. The DeSean Jackson touchdown came on the second play of a drive, and only ran off 26 seconds. The Michael Vick touchdown run only took 3:14. The tying field goal at the end of the fourth quarter only ate up 1:20, and left the Chargers with two minutes to work with.

The fast-paced offense was the reason the Eagles were in the game today, but it was also a bit of a detriment. Chip Kelly needs to change his tune on his beliefs concerning the importance of time of possession. The game isn’t all about how many points you can score and how quickly you score them. You must consider the state of your defense as well.

Denny Basens is the editor of GCobb.com. Email him at dbasens@ycp.edu, or follow him on Twitter.


Denny Basens

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  • Chip Kelley offense had nothing to do with this lost this defense gotta get off the field on 3rd down the only way the Eagles are gonna have a chance to win games is the offense.

    • The defense is terrible. Legitimately terrible. But it just makes things even worse when you’re forcing them to go right back out on the field just minutes after they’ve been worked for long, grueling 80 and 90-yard drives.

      Kelly shouldn’t have to lean on big plays and fast-paced scoring all the time. There’s got to be a point where you recognize what’s going on in the game, and dial back the speed a little bit.

      • Did I or did I not say this defense needed to be fixed, as first priority.

  • absolutely brutal game today by chip Lombardi. brutal. didnt lean on the run nearly enough especially on the last drive it was obvious to everyone we scored to quick. u gotta get in some runs there or screens especially when we got to midfield in seconds.


    missed opportunities sealed our fate today:

    Vick missing desean early when there was no safety back and Vick throws to the sideline shoulder of desean instead of midfield shoulder which would’ve resulted in a td

    Vick overthrew desean by about 4 inches later in the game a 6′ receiver makes that play but desean isn’t 6′

    bad throw by Vick on the play to Casey he was wide open and Vick threw at his feet. Casey should’ve caught, Vick should’ve threw a better ball, 2 mistakes costing us 4 pts

    must have been a greasy football on the chargers fumble on the kickoff return we should’ve got on that. that kicker needs to man up.

    awful game for the d.

    awful game by coach

    • “bad throw by Vick on the play to Casey he was wide open and Vick threw at his feet. Casey should’ve caught, Vick should’ve threw a better ball, 2 mistakes costing us 4 pts”


      Casey caught that ball. Then he dropped it. That’s solely on Casey.

      • vick overthrew DJax 3 times when the Chargers stacked the line to stop McCoy for TD
        vick also had the ball in his hands with the game on the line in the last 2 minutes and his fragile little body let him down.

        • lol.



    • Out of your 5 paragraphs you mentioned Vick and what he didn’t do 3 times. Whats your deal? 430 yards and 3 tds should be plenty.

      • when ur 1 play away from winning the game u look at the plays u missed. I know it’s a hard concept to understand but it’s what happens u win that game today u talk about how great he was u lose u look at the missed opportunities those singular plays if u have Em back u win.

        • lol.

          OR you could look at the D who forced three stops. THREE. 1 punt and 2 turnovers.

          So what you’re saying is Vick chould play perfect ball and then we will win the game. But hey..Vick coulda made all those plays and then San Diego still would have won ’cause our D couldn’t stop them for SHIT.

          • d was awful but there wasn’t that many individual plays on d where if we make them the game would’ve came out different, there were 64 awful plays on defense and 3 good plays pretty much. the plays I noted are those that could’ve in my opinion.

            through 2 games vick has proved much of my critisism about him wrong. whether its chip getting him to play MUCH better this year or not its mike making the plays no doubt.

  • Denny, here you go again down playing our opponent, first of all, that new coach is the one who has worked wonders with the last few QBs he’s worked with, Rivers, Matthews, Gates, Floyd, Royal is not average, they lit it up last week and should of won if not for a late turnover, to lose time of possession, have them drive up n down the field n lose by three speaks volumes! Our kicker makes that FG before halftime n were heading to OT, but I’m not gonna sit here and talk about what ifs, our D needs to get off the field on 3rd downs. To think our O is a problem for our D cause they score too fast is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard! Again, not getting off the field on 3rd downs was the problem, not coming out with anything on blitzes was the problem, all those holding penalties by the D backs were the problem. I will say this, every time we had the ball, I didn’t have any doubt we were gonna score,whether we do or don’t, what a great feeling that is! And one more thing, to all the Vick haters, like I said last week, get use to it fellas, he’s not going anywhere! I know you guys were jumping up n down when Foles came in but those little Knicks are the worse that’s gonna happen to him, the man is playing brilliant and is gonna play like that in this system all year!

    • Andrew, don’t misunderstand, in no way am I saying that the offense was the primary reason that the defense sucks…they sucked on their own merit. But the fact is that sending a bad, tired defense back to the field all too quickly without much time to recover and make proper adjustments is one of the drawbacks of the way this offense is run. That doesn’t take away from how good or impressive the offense is, because you’re right every time they touched the ball you got the sense that they could score…but its just a drawback that bit them a bit today.

      And let’s be real here, no one, and I mean, NO ONE thought highly of the Chargers offense before today’s game. No doubt McCoy has been a guy who has done wonders with different quarterbacks in his coaching career…but what happened today was just ridiculous. Rivers hasn’t been special for a couple of years now, Mathews has been by and large considered an injury-prone first-round bust, Gates was great at one point but he’s been in decline the last few years, Floyd and Royal are just guys, no one’s even thinking about these two in the top 25 or even top 40 receivers in football.

      Now, I don’t think a lot of people considered the Chargers an awful offense…but just an ok group. In the pregame pick article, saw I them scoring around 21 points, and doing enough to move the ball and be competitive, but they should never have looked like they did today. They looked like the most efficient offense in football today against this defense, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rivers goes the rest of the season without another 400-yard game.

      • You gotta score when you can score.

        They took the run game away…and many short passes…they wanted Vick to throw and he did. All over the damn place.

        The defense forced 1 punt and 2 turnovers. That’s it. Didn’t matter what are O did,..San Diego was gonna score at will.

        • ts, I don’t disagree with you when you say you gotta score when you can score…and Vick was great today, you couldn’t ask for a better performance, he was as sharp as he’s ever been and did everything that was asked of him.

          My issue is that Kelly didn’t even try to give his defense a break, he kept going for the big strikes right away. And don’t get me wrong, its great that the offense was able to do what they did, but the big strikes were there all day, and they still would have been there even if he tried to slow things down because that San Diego secondary had no answer for DeSean Jackson and the plays that they were dialing up….so knowing that you’re offense can score at will, why not try a little more some slower, more methodical drives to give his defense a bit of a blow?

          • The D was horrible all day. The offense was behind the whole time until late in the 4th quarter. You can’t run clock when you’re behind. You score to get the lead then you control the clock.

            The problem on D is they keep benching their best pass rushers in order to run that 3-3-5. Curry and Graham need to play.

            • Graham would not have helped in this game. He’s not good enough, and should have been traded last off season period.

          • That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!!!! Score slowly?? How about the defense stopping someone? They can help themselves by getting some three and outs, then give the ball back to the offense. Rinse and repeat. The reason why the defense is on the field so long is not because the offense scores too quickly, it is because the defense cannot get off the field!

            • PCrow, you miss the point entirely.

              Its not as though the offense scored quickly just once and sent the defense back out there with short rest…this happened throughout the entire game, especially in the second half…with the ball deep in San Diego territory with just over 2 minutes left, why in the world is the offense still hurrying up trying to get more plays in? You have the field goal in your back pocket at that point, you can pick up another first down, the worst thing you can do at that point on a day where your defense is already terrible and worn out from being on the field for 40 minutes, the coach decides to run three quick plays and leave the Chargers with 2 minutes and a full compliment of timeouts to work with. It turns into an easy field goal and game winner for them.

              In a perfect world, the defense would be good enough to rise up and get stops. But they aren’t that good. In fact, they’re actually pretty terrible. They need every advantage they can get, and the coach hung them out to dry yesterday and made a bad situation worse.

              • Denny is right for once

      • Denny, is it our fault if Vick is hitting recievers in stride and the plays are going for 25, 40 yards a pop? Lol, but seriously, we have big issues on D and even us die hards know that, all I’m saying is, it’s a pleasure to se this team adapt so quickly to Chips system and once the D catches up to the O n ST, it’s gonna be lights out! After tonight we will still be in first place, lets hope we can get this win thurs

        • Absolutely…they’ve been a lot of fun to watch through two games, and it does make you wonder what the team could be like if the defense could play a little bit haha…you know Andy’s salivating at the chance to throwthrowthrow against this defense, so hopefully they can straighten things out quickly.

  • Nate Allen can’t play safety in this league. Period. Aside from Boykin, the entire secondary stinks. No way in the world should a secondary be this bad. Unacceptable. You can have all the “edge” and “attitude” you want, if you can’t cover, you can’t cover. 30 points should be more than enough to win a football game in the NFL. They have been killed by bad drafts and talent evaluation. This has to change

  • swiss cheese

  • Once Sheppard comes back, start him and Boykin at CB and put Cary at Safety….Sit Nate.

    • I mean Bradley Fletcher

      • Haha I’d take Lito in whatever shape he’s in over what the Eagles had out there today.

        • Lito says he’s in shape and can still play.

  • Was Andy Reid calling plays today?
    2:08 left in the game.
    1st down. Incomplete pass. Clock stops, Vick goes out.
    2nd down. Incomplete pass by the man who hasn’t seen real game time in a month. Clock stops. Okay, okay it’s the two minute warning.
    3rd down. Incomplete pass. Clock stops.
    Knowing your defense can’t stop anything all day, don’t you at least run on first down to get to the two minute warning? Maybe give your D a break once in a while and put together a drive instead of these long shots downfield? You don’t want to get into a shoot out when you are the one behind…………..
    And how far back does the secondary need to be when the ball is snapped? On the short passes, there was no one on my TV screen to help until the receiver ran for what seemed forever.

    • yep u have to mix in some runs there 100000%

      awful job by chip

    • The fact that the Eagles as a Team were outplayed and probably didn’t even deserve the “W” the sequence list above by motivrag is what list the game
      1st & 10 from the 14 yard line with 2:38 left,
      You pound the rock right into the end-zone and score the winning TD
      And if you don’t get the TD, thrn you run 3 times, get the clock to down ti less than 1 minute, then kick the tying FG ..
      Chip Kelly gets a big “F” today in my opinion..
      What were the a defensive Adjustments at half-time
      Why was DE V Curry their Best Pass Rusher inactive against a Passing
      Coach Jelky got a ride awakening gtoday and hoped he Che JS his ego at the door and focus’s on getti g his Team to perform at a high level
      Vick & D-Jax cannot do it alone..
      Why did RB McCoy get only 11 Carries and Bryce Brown only 3 Carries
      This my friends for a Teans Defense that was sucking from the get go us what cost this game… I put this loss squarely on HC Chip Kelly…

  • I just hope the defense can figure something out before they go to Denver. Because Manning will carve us up… hell, Alex Smith will carve us up.

    Andrew P – Rocko – Songs – Skayne…. are we still going to the playoffs? Are we still winning the NFC East? Are we still a 10-6 team?

    Oh, sorry… I’m being a fraud fan again because I won’t drink the kool-aid.

    • You do realize that we’re still in first place right? Skins 0-2, Giants 0-2, Boys also lost. So yeah, 10-6 is still in the cards.

      I’m sorry they didn’t go 16-0. Somebody fire Kelly already. He’s got some things to figure out on D, mainly that it’s not a good idea to not play you’re pass rushers.

    • IrishEagle, Absolutely!!! I guess cause we lost that means we might as well pack in the season. Were still in first place and after we beat the Chiefs this week we”ll remain in first place. I guess your one of those that is still mad we got rid of Andy and still have Vick, you know Vick, the guy I told you weeks ago was gonna light it up in this system. If the Colts n Redskins could have turn around years in one year n make the playoffs then so can we, its already starting. Bring on the Chiefs!!!!!!

      • Andrew…… Do you think I pay 4K every year so I can go to all the home games and root for the Eagles to lose?

        There’s nobody who wants the Eagles to win more than me. But I learned long ago that no matter how hard you hope, a bad team wont play good.

        This team has some serious deficiencies that can’t be overcome by a good offensive scheme.

        The only way this team makes the playoffs is if they can find a way to cover receivers for longer than 2.5 seconds. If they can do that maybe the pass rush can get to the QB occasionally. I don’t see that happening with this group of defensive backs.

        The only games we will win are games against teams with bad QB’s

        • Amen Irish….

    • LOL!!

  • Birds shit all over my window….I was just getting euphoric,that some how I’d rid myself of a team more of shame than fame…the defensive ineptitude and lack of a formalized in game adjustment to the pace of your offense to allow for your gassed toothless defense is breath takingly awful.d jack shut the fuck up and play smart football ..punking guys cost us huge …as great as you are playing ..rise above that stuff ..don’t get suckered in …the chargers punted ONCE…come on man ….at home in our house …awful. …bird shit …fat mans coming ….in with house money at 2-0 ….watch the special teams early …and right this thing now ….there isn’t a qb back there ….he was a statue and picked us apart …embarrasing..show some desire …or get off the field…why is Nate Allen playing ?

  • Hey look on the bright side…we could have Gus Do your job Bradley who is about to go 0-2, scoring a total of 5 points thus far in two games. 2.5 average per game. Anyway, moving on to the chiefs. Looks like the deadskins and the midgets will be 0-2. So things could be worse.

  • funniest play of the day is a tie between:
    Vick’s fumble, LOL
    Nate Allen getting stiffed armed, trucked over and a 15 yard face mask personal foul on the same play bwahahahaha

  • Denny: The defense is terrible. Legitimately terrible

    TS: Nope.Casey caught that ball. Then he dropped it. That’s solely on Casey.

    TS; Our defense just didn’t do shit.

    Reed Richards: the entire secondary stinks.

    Mhenski: awful job by chip

    Desert eagle: (Paraphrasing) “D sucks”

    Rocko: Our secondary and no pass rush lost the game for us. our offense is on point but our defense is terrible…psssft I’m done.

    Songs: Nick Foles is shit!

    Daggolden: Fletcher Cox? He stinks.

    To review: Kelly, Casey, D, Oline, Playcalling, Nick Foles, Seconday. Lots of reasons for this loss.

    Strange….just wondering why no one mentioing backwards ‘passes’ for -10 yrds, throwing OB for wide open deseans, overthrowing wide open deseans, throwing into feet of wide open TEs (for potential tds), or over throwing other wrs.

    Why mention any of that when its everyone else’s fault.

    Everyone….we KNEW the D was terrible…I told you all offseason that this was going to be a historically bad B. They looked good last week because Washington is terrible and had a QB who hasn’t played a down in a year, and that’s it.

    This team isn’t going anywhere with ths D….playing 33 yr old Mr. Great play – bad play is stupid.

    Wait….I wasn’t supposed to do this was I……whatever…18 holes today in the wind….then 19th hole, then game at 6:00 pm….there has been single malt.

    • Strange….just wondering why no one mentioing backwards ‘passes’ for -10 yrds, throwing OB for wide open deseans, overthrowing wide open deseans, throwing into feet of wide open TEs (for potential tds), or over throwing other wrs.

      guess I’m a nobody to u vinnie

    • Because most people don’t have so much of a hate for Vick to kill him on a day he goes 22-35, 429yds. passing.

      Only the two people who hate him the most, and have nothing else to offer to the thread, would do that.

    • “Strange….just wondering why no one mentioing backwards ‘passes’ for -10 yrds, throwing OB for wide open deseans, overthrowing wide open deseans, throwing into feet of wide open TEs (for potential tds), or over throwing other wrs.”

      Weren’t you banned from these boards?

      -You mean the TE who caught the pass and then dropped it?
      – The VERY questionable backward pass that was a real result of Shady being out of place.
      – Or the fact that 1 DeSean throw he was hit. 2nd DeSean throw was under pressure. And one he missed, but then scored on the same drive. Also the one off his fingertips (thrown under duress) Desean could have got if he laid out for it…but he was looking for YAC which is fine.

      But the defense who had THREE stops – THREE – 1 punt and 2 turnovers not their problem. But the guy who put up 400+ yards responsible for 3 touchdowns and no turnovers…he’s the problem.


      • you forgot to address Vick’s weak fragile body failing him in the final 2 minutes remaining 1st and goal down by 3 in the 4th. Winners seize the opportunity and shine and Vicks crumble and end up in jail

        • lol/smh

    • In what world didn’t they look good this week?

      Oh I know. Vinnie land.

    • Vinnie, I’m 1 of Vicks biggest critics, & even I can’t find any fault with his game today. Dude was on point all day. The defense is an atrocity. WTF game did you watch! Your hate & obsession with Vick, has completely clouded your judgement.

    • For real….Vinnie, why are you still posting?

  • Look at these hire oboe Defenses in the BFC Wast
    Packers Rodgers throws for Almost 500 yards against the Redskins Secondary
    Bronco’s moving ball up and down the field versus the Giants
    Eagjes giving up 500 yards to the Chargers and making QB P Rivers look like a HOF.. Just brutal
    Which is why I think the hated Cowboys will win the dreadful
    And embarrassing BFC for at least their Defebse makes some plays..

  • hopefully eagles can get Gus Bradley to be are dc when he gets fired for going 0-16

    • Lol, you got Bradley fired already. If the Jagscontinue on the pace they are he problably will be. I was thinking Rex Ryan for D coordinator, but if bradley is available..hey. I just wonder if Bradley or ryan could do a better job with the defensive talent as it presently stands.

  • Of I am the Eagłes,
    I would Release Nate Allen and one of DL tomorrow morning to wake up the 20 other Pkayers on Defense
    Then bring up the Safety down on the Practice Squad that the Eagłes signed after he was cut by the 49ers and activate DE Vince Curry
    on Game Days

    • Nate Allen led the team in tackles LOL with eleven. Hehehehehehe!

      • Tackling the line markers, is all he tackled!

        • hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    • I wouldn’t have a problem with that!!!

  • I won’t go all Dcar here but I have been saying all off season that the defense will lose us more games then the QB. Today was lesson number one.

    • Unless you’re Vinnie.

      It’s all Vick’s fault.


    • Big, it’s okay to emulate me. There’s no problem with being right.

  • I guess this offense is going to have to score 45 a game to win this division geez.

    • the entire division lost so the Eagles are still in first place

      • Thank god for small miracles.

        • Exactly. We don’t have to go 16-0 to win this division.

          • I know that Skayne we just have to win those 45-38 thrillers every week.

            • I wouldn’t say that either. It was one game. I’ll keep saying that they eventually will get Graham and Curry on the field.

              Forget the safeties and CBs. Today was about the lack of a pass rush. They thought that they could rush the passer with what that garbage 3-3-5. Graham and Curry to the rescue soon.

              • Yes no way Curry should have been inactive today, if they can’t hurry the QB this will go on all season. They should beat KC on Thursday night but you know that Denver game is going to be one of the all time offensive displays I’m thinking 52-45 the only thing slowing either team down will be the altitude.

            • Against Manning, sure. But every Qb isn’t as good a passer. People forget, Rivers can deliver the football if he has time. We gave him all day.

              Don’t forget Fletcher was hurt this week. When he’s healthy, and Prater gets up to speed, our secondary will be better. Prater got playtime last year on a good unit. Combine that with them seeing the light on Graham and Curry, the D will be better.

              • Skayne, Brandon Graham isn’t shit. He’s would have hurt us more than helped us. If he was all that, don’t you think he would have been in a game by now? Don’t you think he would be starting? LOL!!!!

                I have said this all off season, A lot of you guys have TOTALLY OVERVALUED Brandon Graham.

              • Graham is way better rushing the passer then anyone they are playing right now. So is Curry. They have too many two gappers activated on game day.

                Graham isn’t playing cuz they think the scheme is more important. They are wrong and they will figure it out sooner or later.

              • We absolutely agree on Vinny Curry. He has been my guy since before they drafted him.That being said, I also like Cedric Thornton, but he should be used to spell he or Fletcher Cox during the game, and let Damien Square, who I also like, learn from the sideline.

                We are miles apart on Graham. He is terrible in coverage so he is a serious liability, this was obvious during the pre-season,and his pass rush is totally overrated. He just doesn’t have the tools to be consistent enough to make a real impact. HE IS A SITUATIONAL PASS RUSHER; someone used sparingly, not often.

  • anyone hear an update on Charger WR carted off field to hospital, Malcolm Floyd?

  • Can we be reasonable here?
    The Eagles and the Chargers are about on an equal level: the Chargers got lucy this week and hit a late 3 pointer…I predict a victory by the Chiefs next game.

    • The short week…and Eagles defense can’t get it done when well rested. So I’m not particularly optimistic about it.

    • we went from Jim Johnson to Sean McDermott to Juan Castillo to Todd Bowles to Billy Davis each time replacing the previous Defensive Coordinator with a worse option

  • BTW: Vick played very well.

  • Guys ( and some Girls I guess) this is pretty much what we can expect this season. We were a 4-12 team last year, they are not going to be able to turn things around overnight and be perfect. Lots of room for improvement, especially on defense.

    For all that Cary Williams did right last week, he was the player that Baltimore let walk this week.

    Young coach still getting his feet about him in the NFL.

    We have a short week with our Ex-coach coming to town 2-0…now is where we find out what some of these guys are made of.

    Go Birds!! There is plenty of work to do this short week…I still have a high level of confidence in Kelly, he will make some mistakes for now, but no doubt he will learn from them.

  • Hopefully Kelly learns from this game. Those Timeouts at the end were inexcusable. And no way Geathers and Thornton are better than Curry. Our dline was invisible today, we have to do something different there.

    • Concrete — Vinny Curry is not an interior D lineman —
      The eagles can blame this loss solely on the decision to switch to a 3-4 defense this off season. No class free agent wanted anything to do with Howie, Chip or Billy Davis so the bag of crap signed in Free Agency is playing like what they payed for, reject mercenaries

      • On a 4-man line he can rush from the inside. He and Graham need to be on the field in pass rush situations.

  • Vinnie Curry needs to be activated, they need a pass rush, Vinny is quick enough to swim past the interior o linemen to get to the QB or stop the run. After today, they better try something different and not think the same scheme and players are going to work. SD Oline is nothing special. There should have been more penetration than a hooker gets on Saturday nights in AC.

    • Ryans and Kendricks made no plays today. Billy Davis blitzed both relentlessly and they couldn’t get the job done. Kendricks and Ryans are too small to play 3-4 ILB and Nate Allen is too weak to back them up on blitz pick ups.

  • Our D sucks watching Eric Reid hurts my heart that’s what a safety should look like Nate Allen has to go and Trent cole gets no Pressure at all if I was howie I be on the phone with the bills ASAP Cary Williams sucks as I knew he would

  • Well that didnt take long. Welcome back vinnie… i told youd ignore it.

    Did vick play good enough? Yes.

    Did the d play good enought? No

    I know… im a broken record.

    • What did Vixk do to win the Game on their Final Drive??
      An o-fee in the Red-Zone so now he was not good enough to Win for the game could have been Won right there with a 1st & 10 at the Chargers 14 and all he led then to was a tying FG, not good enough..
      Sorry, it’s about winning..

      • How many of you nimrods are going to criticize a guy who accounted for almost 450 yards of offense?

      • How about running the ball to run clock or force SD to use timeouts? Even if one of those passes are completed for a TD it would have left too much time on the clock everybody knows the D wasn’t stopping nobody today. But hey let’s blame Vick. LOL

        • It will always be his fault…doesn’t matter what anyone else does.

          I beleive if they consistently put up 30+ points…we should win more than we lose or at least hit my prediction of 8-8.

        • Hey Big, I know people wanted Kelly to run clock, but you can’t do it from behind. We were behind all day.

          You have to get the lead, then you can burn clock. The clock is your enemy when ahead, your friend when behind. If behind, you can’t deliberately not score in order to take time off the clock.

          • I am talking last possession Skayne, that field goal should have been kicked closer to the one minute mark. I actually would have ran the ball first and second down to either run clock or make SD use timeouts but hindsight is always 20/20. On to the next one let’s get this win Thursday night.

  • We need to run the ball a lot just to keep the D off the field cause they suck I can’t stand our D I said at the start of year we would hav a top 5 offense and top5 st and a bottom 5 D

  • Someone mentioned this morning that Eaglex were #1 in Rushing Offense after last weeks game with Redskins and today chip Kelly Calks 14 Running Pkays to McCoy/Brown.. Assanine Gane a plan,
    They should have slowed the pace down, broughtt in Double/Tripke TE Sets and pounds ed the Ball.. The only chance the Cgaregers had was Rivers getting into a nice Rhtym early and that’s exactly what Chip Kelly Played Selection allowed him to do.. We can blame the Secondary until the cows cone home, but the Eagłes Front 7 sucked today and was just to blame as the Secondary and especially early in the game..

    • What’s asinine is you refusing to understand that you take what the defense gives you, run or pass.

      • They don’t get that.

        Chargers were stacking the box all night. It left folk open all over their field. It wasn’t like it wasn’t working. They put up 30 for goodness sakes.

        You don’t just run the ball to run it.

        • Yeah, the gripe with Reid is he wouldn’t run even when the defense was giving it to him, not that he should run just to run.

          Next week, we might get 200 yards again if the defense puts their nickel on the field. If they give Desean one on one’s again, we’ll throw for another 300-400 yards.

      • The Good Teams and Great Coaches have their Teams
        Press their “Will” on their opponents and do what they do best..
        Not the pussy, take what they give us garbage.. You force your will by Pounding the Rock when the Game is on the Line..

  • 2 names-
    Jairus Byrd.
    Kerry Rhodes.
    Problems solved!

    • Jarius Byrd has chronic Foot Issues, Stay away and was yesterday’s news..

      • Jarius Byrd would become the ire oEagles fan towards Howie and the Eagles. He hasn’t played yet. This health issue goes back to last year.

        • I brought up Rhodes the other day. Supposedly, he is being blacklisted from the NFL cause he is gay. He is average at best but thats a major improvement from Nate Allen. We have about 20 million in cap, if they actually think this team has a shot a division title, they should sign him. Hell give him a couple million to sit on Nate Allens face for every blown coverage we have seen over the past couple of years. Make the dude terrorize Allen in the shower. Fuck it, I want to see Allen punished for being terrible all these years. He has killed my team week after week, cant take it anymore. He needs to pay.

  • The Eagles will lock up Vick with a 2–3 year deal soon to keep the high octane offense in tact for the foreseeable future, while Chip put his final brand on this team during the offseason that will make it a serious contender.

    What pisses me off more than anything is the team is now 20 mil under the cap and didn’t want to spend extra coin on a real starting safety.

    What are they getting out of trying to prove Nate Allen can be what they drafted him to be for?

    He’s straight garbage it’s crazy that the fans see it clear as day yet they continue to trot garbage on the field which tells me Andy Reid was not the only core problem here.

    Nate Allen was all Howie Roseman’s idea it’s really telling now that all the high drafted fat is being cut.

    Another thing……

    Why is Casey Matthews still on this team again?

    We waste valuable roster space on bums and ignore the big gaping dysfunction right in the middle of our defense.

    The Chargers did nothing less than what other tens did to us the last couple of years. They just ran on 1st and 2nd downs and targeted any area being running or passing that Nate Allen was responsible for on 3rd down.

    It’s quite that simple.

    Spread out the “D” and run it on 3rd and short where Allen is.

    Throw it to the slot receiver or send a bunch right to Nate Allen so he can choose to double team while a player runs free al alone.

    That’s how you beat this defense by playing to it’s weakness at the last line of defense.

    If fas on the couch can see this then why can’t the Eagles?

    The Eagles will win the NFC East by outscoring teams but we can’t expect going far until Chip makes the safety position a strength opposed to a liability because teams are just too good down the stretch, and they salivate with an opportunity to run over or past our weak “safeties”, or properly call them “liabilities”.

    Don’t feel too “safe” with Nate Allen on the field.

  • Eagles need 2 more DL, another ILB and move Kendricks to Outside where he belongs, and at least 1 CB and 1 Safety of Starting Quality and another Nicke DB show can be versatile and play both..

    • Kendricks is to short for OLB in the scheme they are scheming to run. Next off season, heavy on the DB’s, Safeties and OLB.

      • Then take a look at Safety Karlos Williams of Florida State 6-2 218 4.47

        • Alright I’ll check him out, what year is he in? Since you watch the Florida State, what do you think of their OLB Christian Jones 6′ 4″ 235 ? I don’t have a 40 time but he covers and rushes the QB.

          • He is a junior Eagle.

            • Thanks I’ll be watching for him

              • Ehl, next years draft could as deep as this years, if all of the underclassmen, that are eligible come out. DL, QB, & WR will be deep also.

  • By the way, Did Trent COle even Play yesterday??
    After an active 1st Game versus Redksins, and claiming this week that conversion to LB was easy and that LB is much easier to play and learn than playing DE, then he puts up a goose-egg.. Just another one of the Typical Eagle Players talking big shit before accomplishing much…. serves him right… Oh and to add insult to injury, who was taking him out most of the Game.. That’s Right, LT King Dunlap.. You F’n Kidding Me…

    • Paulman- when you get a chance, watch the safety from LSU Craig Loston and the safety from N. Carolina Tre Boston and tell me what you think.

      • Tre Boston, can also play CB, but is a better Safety. Loston is looking at the 3-4th Round depending on a good combine,and team needs

        • Yeah, honestly Boston is a better FS and Loston a better SS. I’d take both, especially ovet the bums we have back there.

          • Anybody would be better. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for this to be addressed until free agency.

            Jarius Byrd, and Malcolm Jenkins should be in play, and I go strong after Charles Tillman.

  • some of you dudes are the biggest jackoffs I’ve never met. How can you possibly be wrong when your always right? The dude that wrote this article is a total hand job and about 20 of you dudes don’t know shit about football. How can you complain about a game plan when the offense scored almost every time they touched the ball. Anyone of you jackoffs that watched yesterdays game and think Vick was the problem don’t even know what the fuck your looking at. He played a great game end of story. The loss is squarely on the D and the coach and a timely missed opportunity on special teams. The only time they scored to quick was at the end of the game, should have killed the clock or at least made S.D. use remaining timeouts. The Defense’s job is to stop the other team from scoring, period. So Vick shouldn’t throw a touch down pass to an open receiver or Shady should fall down if no one tackles him so he doesn’t score to quick. Priceless. I didn’t see Vick forcing passes yesterday you know why that was Pualman? because the receivers were wide open, because? That’s what they were giving up. F U Jackoffs figure out what your looking at before you come up with your fucked up conclusions.

    • Some of the people who complain about Vick, not all, but some just have ire and disdain in their heart towards Vick, it’s more so personal cloaked in the disguise of professional. Don’t let it get to you. Some people are as transparrent as jellyfish because they never find any good in him and he can do no right. Even a broken clock is right twice a day!!!

    • Beautiful clueless, exactly, the coaches and the defense lost that game, anyone who sees it differently is a hand job

  • Denny you are so wrong about the offense. If they slowed down like they did in second half to Washington then they wouldn’t be scoring any points. Eagles D gave up a ton of points against Redskins and it had nothing to do with fatigue.

    The only way Eagles win any game is a shootout. Vick and Chip are playing great on offense. Vick has zero ints and 4 passing TDs and 2 Rushing TDs. What else can you ask from him.

    We all knew this defense would be terrible this year. Next off season they will target secondary and true 3-4 lineman’s.

  • Eagles are a bottom half Team in a soft and weak
    NFC East.. But at least they are fun to watch..
    The NFL has become what Defense can make a Stop
    And right now, besides the Seahawks, I really haven’t seen another NZfZl Defense with a Front to Back strong unit out there
    The Bengaks, the Dolphins look like they have a chance to be solid Defensive steams, but who else???

    • Add the KC Chiefs to the list of decent Defense
      DT Poe is playing very well, LB’s are active and have a solid Secondary with Smith & Berry

      • What Paul?….Did you just give my man Poe some props!!!???

        Welcome aboard partner…

      • How is our guy Jamie Collins doing, he would look good in an Eagles uniform right now.

        He would be on the field more than Brandon Graham also.

        • The New DC that Andy Reid hired Bob Sutton (from the the Jets) is an excellent 3-4 Coach and is getting the most of out Poe, even DE Tyson Jackson is playing well for the Chiefs..
          Another Great Hire by Andy Reid was David Toub, Special Teams Coach fom the Bears ..
          I think the Chiefs have a real chance to not only make the Playoffs but to make a deep run in AR’s 1st Year…
          It’s a Shame that Chip Kelly didn’t hire Bob Sutton as his DC,
          Chip Kelly waited too long waiting on his buddy from U of Georgia who turned down the Eagles Job and got stuck with Billy Davis…

          • Thats OK. We’ll have Gus Bradley in 2 years.

  • ***Chiefs Release Safety Bradley McDougald who was an undrafted Free-Agent from the University of Kansas and may be worth a look…
    He Started 33 Games and played in 47 DUring his 3 Year Career at Kansas

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