• August 14, 2022

Eagles Offense Is Great Out In The Field But Poor In The Red Zone

In four regular season games, the Eagles offense has gained a total of 1835 yards, which is an average 459 yards per game.  That’s second in the NFL, about 25 yards per game behind the Denver Broncos, which is very impressive.  Still the Birds record is only 1-3 because they average twenty points less than Denver.  That’s three touchdowns a game.  The Broncos are averaging 45 points a game while the Eagles are averaging only 25.

The Eagles are nearly as good as the Broncos when it comes to moving the football out in the middle of the field.  The difference in these two offenses can be found in the red zone and that’s a big difference because winning and losing involves points, not yards.

The Eagles score a touchdown less than 50% of the time when they get in red zone.  That’s terrible and 26th in the league.  It’s the main problem on the offensive side of the ball.

It may seem like an easy problem to solve if you’re an Eagles fan, but it’s not.  Offenses that do better in the red zone are tougher mentally, more focused and more disciplined.  They’re able to concentrate more in the red zone, while offenses that make mistakes in that area, lose their concentration in when they get near the end zone because there’s more pressure and less area to work in.

This isn’t a one year thing for this Eagles offense and that’s very problematic information.  Usually people form habits and have a tough time changing them.  Unfortunately, there seems to be something that has passed from the Andy Reid regime to the Chip Kelly era and Chip must find out what it is, then eliminate it.

Peyton Manning and his Broncos offense get better and more effective in the red zone, while the Eagles self-destruct.   The Birds offense winds up getting a holding penalty or they drop the football, or they do a poor job of executing the play.  I will also give credit to Manning and the Denver Broncos game planners over Chip Kelly and the Eagles game planners, in that they have a better game plan for the red zone than the Eagles have been putting together.

This problem in the red zone started on the first drive of the season when Michael Vick tried to hit LeSean McCoy on a wide route.  The ball was tipped by Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan and picked up by  Dante Hall and returned for a touchdown.  I thought it was a bad call by the referee, but that still shows the problems the Eagles has had in the red zone.

It’s tougher to gain yardage in the red zone than out in the field.  The Broncos have three big receivers in wide outs Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, as well as tight end Julius Thomas.  The Eagles don’t have that level of size and ability amongst their receivers. Manning is more accurate than Vick and is able to get the ball to all of his receivers with fade routes, slants and out routes.

Denver’s smallest receiver Wes Welker might be their most effective red zone receiver, which says something about the value of play design.  They put him in bunch formations and allow him to run “pick and rub routes” which get him open all the time.   The Eagles have little DeSean Jackson running fade routes which makes no sense.  Why aren’t they letting Jackson run crossing routes off of picks like the Patriots are doing with Welker?

“It’s a lot of things,” Chip Kelly said on Monday while putting all of the responsibility on the players.  “You look at specifically [Sunday], penalties and drops, we are in the red zone, we drop the ball.  We are in the red zone or potentially in the red zone once, get a penalty.  In the red zone another time and get a penalty.”

“So when we get in the red zone we talk about no sacks, no turnovers, no penalties and no drops and those are the things that are hurting us, right now it’s been the penalties and it’s been the drops.”

Vick has completed only 3 of 15 passes in the red zone.  That’s pathetic and everybody has to take responsibility for it.  Vick has only one touchdown pass inside the red zone.

On the positive side of things, I’ve been really encouraged by two things that have happened between the game and yesterday at the Nova Care Complex.

I liked the fact that Vick didn’t throw the ball up for grabs on Sunday.  Yes, he’s old at 33 to be just coming to the realization that you can’t turn the ball over in the NFL and win.  On Sunday, he had plenty of chances to throw the ball up for grabs against the Broncos secondary and help Denver rout the Eagles.  He showed discipline by refusing to give in to that impulse which has hurt his career year in and year out.

Most of the time that Vick has been in those situations, he has decided to try to force the throws and that would get the ball picked off.  If he had helped the Broncos, the Birds would have been down 35 to 13 at the end of the first half.  Instead they were still in the game.

Yes it wound up 35-13 early in the second half because the Eagles aren’t on the same level as the Broncos, but Vick showed some growth on Sunday and that’s going to help the Birds as the season goes along.

This is what you call looking for something good in the middle of the garbage.  The Broncos are right now the best team in football and the Eagles have no business trying to play on their level.  The Denver offense didn’t even stress themselves in scoring 38 points in three and half quarters.

Yesterday Jackson was interviewed by the local media for what seemed to be about ten to fifteen minutes.  He was given numerous opportunities to take shots at his wide receiver teammates who can’t get open against man-to-man defenses.  Despite ten to twenty opportunities to take shots at his teammates, Jackson avoided criticizing his teammates and answered the questions like a leader should do.

The Eagles season isn’t about beating the Denver Broncos, it’s beating the teams they can beat and benefitting from playing in a division that is one of the worst if not the worst in football.  Let’s be honest a bad football team is probably going to make the playoffs, the Eagles might as well be that team.



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  • Vick has completed only 3 of 15 passes in the red zone. That’s pathetic and everybody has to take responsibility for it. Vick has only one touchdown pass inside the red zone.

    SAY WHAT???????? everyone has to take responsibility for that??

    no way

    • yea passes aren’t getting completed, cuz we all know Vick can’t throw…our receivers are beasts and get separation on every passing play….Plus our TE’s catch every pass thrown their way…

      • 3 of 15 to nfl receivers and nfl te. this is the nfl not pee wees dude. that is a disgrace and on the qb.

        imo its much harder to get 3 yards wide open in tight windows (ie inside the 20s) hence the putrid completion rate. he just isnt accurate in tight places and thats one of the main reasons why he sucks and always has.

        take probably any qb in the nfl including 3rd stringers and put them in those same situations and id bet 95+% of them completed at least 8 of the 15.

        • if its harder then the receivers should work harder to get open…I’m not saying Vick shouldn’t have any blame…I’m sure at times this season, he didn’t make a great pass to complete the TD…But I’m also sure that a few drops have occurred, as well as the inability of receivers to get open enough to even create a “small” window…..

          Also, since when does the ball have to be thrown into the end zone…?

          • real why change the subject. if you wanna make a point that we arent running enough in the redzone then do that

            but you are responding to my post that is criticizing the facts presented in the article above that discussed vick being 3-15 in the redzone.

            thats what we are talking about vick and his inability to put up 7s when and where it matters most

            • yes and I still say that our WR’s and TE’s are part to blame as well not just the QB….we’ve seen a drop inside the redzone by Celek in last game, early on…We seen swatted passes to DJAX as well…the window has to be there, small or big…and the receivers may not be creating those windows…But you sound like your suggesting that the receivers are doing a great job of getting open….I’m talking about it being a team game where everyone has a job to do…

              • im not suggesting anything other than 3-15 is unacceptable, pathetic and the results of a loser in the NFL period. im also suggesting 95% of nfl qbs if not 100% would complete more than 3 passes out of 15 in those exact same situations

              • unfortunately what you suggest can’t be proven, unless the other QB’s your refer to have the same exact personnel….also the QB we have would have completed more than 3 if not for a few drops, too….

            • Vick’s 93.2 passer rating after four games not only is more than 10 points higher than his career rate, it would be the second-best rating of his nine seasons as a starter if it remains that high.

              Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/eagles/20131002_Eagles_coaches__Don_t_blame_Vick.html#VUV4RLzTIYV3p8OB.99

    • He has run for 228 yards and two touchdowns, with a career-high 61-yarder that helped boost his average per carry to 8.8, which would be the best of his career.

    • Perhaps most important, Vick has learned to both throw the ball away and to take sacks – he has only two interceptions; and to avoid contact – he has zero concussions and no broken ribs.

    • With great earnestness and with pointed words in well-prepared statements, they will quash any hint that Vick’s play caused 1-3 to happen.

      “I thought Mike played well,” coach Chip Kelly said after Sunday’s loss in Denver, where the offensive line again foundered. “We’ve got times when he’s at the top of his drop and putting his foot in the ground, and there’s pressure on him. I thought he threw the ball very accurately. I thought he put the ball in good places. I thought Mike played very well.”

    • Short Target in the Red Zone in DJAX, Riley Cooper cant catch a friggin cold, and Avant has been steady but inconsistant in the red zone. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON YA BOI BRENT!!! No Argument Here!

  • It’s Simple.. G-Man, the Eagles are “Soft” as the Team and Organization
    Forget the Bronco game for they had no realistic chance at all in beating a far superior Team.. but re-watch the Charger Game… 1st & 10 at the Chargers 14 YArd Line with 2:38 to play trailing by 3 Pts with the Chargers having 2 Time-Outs left… What should the Strategy be, does it take a Genius to figure out that you pound the Rock right into the end-zone nad burn the Time left on the Clock or at least make the Chargers use their final 2 Time Outs.. Eagles have RB McCoy for God’s sakes who is one of the Top 3 RB’s in the entire NFL, and what does “Jelly Kelly” call, 3 F’n Pass Plays in a row.. Are you Kidding me, this is the Eagles 2013 Season in a nutshell.. It was time to Man-Up and go right at the Chargers Defense.. (We are not talking about the Steel Curtain, Midway Bombers from the Bears or even recent Ravens Defenses, it’s the F’n Chargers)
    This lack of balls and physical, smash mouth Football that Kelly choose not to run in the most critical part of the game tells me all I need to know about him and is lack of common sense and Overall Confirdence in his Teams ability to win the Physical Battles at the Line of Scrimmage is not a Good SIgn from the 1st Year Overmatched Coach..

  • Again. In math, and in life, there are variables and there are constant.

    The Eagles sucked in the red zone last year. They suck in the redzone this year.

    What has changed (variables) and what has remained the same (constants).

    Your constants are the answer.

  • Last season in the red zone:

    In 9.5 games, Vick Completed 20 of 44 passes for 140 yards with nine TDs, two INTs and was sacked six times. That amounts to a 45.5 completion percentage and a 73.9 QB rating.

    He also fumbled 2x.

    In 6.5 games, Foles: Completed 11 of 27 passes for 75 yards with four TDs, no INTs and was sacked two times. That comes to a 40.7 completion percentage and an 88.1 QB rating.

    Foles ranked 22nd in Redzone passer rating, Vick ranked 31st

    Foles was a raw rookie.

    This preseason:

    Vick led O scored tds on 2 of 5 trips to the redzone.

    Foles led O scored tds on 4 of 5 trips to the redzone.

    Kelly clearly made the logical informed choice…..because Vick “clearly outplayed” Foles, and gives the Eagles the best chance to “WIN NOW”

    And now he’s paying for that silly move.

    This year the Vick led offense is pathetic in the redzone and Vick has completed…what is it….20% of his passes???? Vick’s redzone passer rating is 66.8….lower than last year.

    Good times….but hey, the defense is also terrible, so no point in making a change at QB is there?

    • This preseason:
      Vick led O scored tds on 2 of 5 trips to the redzone.
      Foles led O scored tds on 4 of 5 trips to the redzone.

      how many TD’s passes did Foles complete in the redzone?
      I don’t think Foles had a TD pass in preseason…..
      So how did he get the ball in the endzone? The ball was ran………he ran one or two and Bryce ran the others….correct?

      again you and your half assed stats….

  • great article! penalties, drops, sacks, swatted laterals
    I didn’t realize it was that bad, the birds scoring less than 50% of the time they get in the red zone.
    3 game losing streak, 52 point lashing, and the efficiency of the offense in the cellar. At least the Giants are up next they probably already imploded

  • But hey:

    “We just had a conversation that got me going,” Vick said. “He just told me I’m the catalyst for everything, and guys feed off me. Sometimes, I forget about that. But at the same time, I understand that I’ve got to be a leader that God put me on the Earth to be.”

    So its all good.

    The Catalyst for everything is about to become the leader that God put him on Earth to be.

  • The experts say Vick has played lights out football.These smuts obviously dont read, but they offer thier own fantasies of thier percieved putrid reality, and bitterness towards Michael Vick, and his past off the field issues. I say Lets get Vinie, and MHenskie(Hiesenburg) a dog.

    • ur right theone1 3-15 is totally good. not putting up 7s is totally good qb play as is settling for 3 on the final drive of the chargers game.

      thats what winners do.

      winners rack up yards and go 3-15 in the redzone. thanks for helping me understand

      • Ya, Im right, But the real experts are the ones i usually pay attention to not the bull shit you write. You obviously fucking blind!

  • It’s a lot of things,” Chip Kelly said on Monday while putting all of the responsibility on the players. “You look at specifically [Sunday], penalties and drops, we are in the red zone, we drop the ball. We are in the red zone or potentially in the red zone once, get a penalty. In the red zone another time and get a penalty.”


  • The other intangible. The more Chip Kelly protects his QB, The more this media in Philly will turn on him, and call themselves representative of the fans.

  • G what interview were you looking at when u say jackson didnt blame his team mates! les Bowens article in daily news jackson blamed no blocking or improper blocking by teammates not that the overrated 90lb rabbitt cant get open with just drc on him oh and if he ever gets open and makes a catch he runnnnnnsssss for the sidelines or drops to the ground before he can get him. Thats a leader!!! I dont think so G.

  • I haven’t commented in a week because that game drained me. It drained me because I called exactly how this season would play out…Defense will get better, but I don’t think we will make 6 wins. Ok we all know the defense stinks…but the offense is exactly the same as last year…long passes to desean runs by shady (more of em though) and not a dman thing in the redzone. 3-15 is funny 20% is hilarious for an NFL QB….I dont even wanna be realistic anymore…too depressing.

  • Mike Vick has settled the quarterback question with his solid play and his avoidance of turnovers. Improved play from offensive line and receivers is all that Vick needs to resolve red zone issues. What has to get better is the defense.! Defense improves we will win !

  • Where is the innovative Kelly offense, this guy Kelly is a rank amateur or snake oil salesman, exactly xevious, there is nothing new, Vick running around, bombs away, no precision, nothing but the same old minus critical turnovers

    • Jake, Xevious. With very very limited talent, and not enough right personel to run this offense at full bore, do you think it wise for Kelly to display his entire playbook during the evaluation season? Yeah Lurie, Roseman, and Kelly sold us all at some point on this not being a rebuild/re-evaluate season, I mean my God this is a business. You still have to put asses in the chairs. With that being said. I am very comfortable with Vick running this offense. He will only get better with it and he is only 33. Atleast 2 years left on the tires. EVERYBODY ELSE CAN GO! DJAX TOO!!!!!!!

  • Not buying it theone, in fact i recommend a quick dump of all positions in smoothies before that stock really plummets

  • I would love to know when all the die-hard Vick supporters decided that the Eagles Offense has no talent?

    I could go back and get post from before (and after) the Redskins game where you guys are going on-and-on about how DJax and McCoy and Vick are made for Kelly’s offense.

    You guys were saying that Kelly (unlike Reid) would put players in a position to succeed. You guys were telling me that Kelly would put DJax in motion and move him around so that defenses couldn’t double team him.

    You guys told me that Kelly would establish the running game to keep defenses off balance. Then we could run play action passes.

    Now all at once the Eagles need three pro-bowl receivers for Vick to get his completion percentage up around 60% like most other starters.

    And before you start bitching about dropped passes, understand that the Eagles receivers have dropped fewer passes than most any team in the league.

    • To continue that thought Irish,

      weren’t we all told (1,000,000x) that this would no longer be the “bombs away” offense that we had under Reid. (not true). That all Reid did was call deep passes (not true) but Kelly would not.

      Weren’t we told that Kelly would produce a quick hitting, short passing game, and employ screens etc that would help Vick?

      Explain why Vick leads the league in “depth of target” at 11.7 yrds (basically the average distance the wr is from the LOS when ball is thrown).

      Highest in the league.

      Also that he’s sitting at 3.4 secs per throw, well above his 3.14 secs/throw from last year.

      Why is he waiting so long to release the ball in this “quick hitting” offence? I thought that was Andy Reid’s fault.

      As usual, WRs are sent to short, medium, long routes, and Vick chooses the deep ball.

      • That’s what I was saying to Denny yesterday – the Eagles RBs a all good receivers, yet Vick has targeted then less than any team in the league.

        One thing has not changed, and it will never change – Mike Vick is his own check-down… he rarely checks-down to a RB. Vick checks-down to himself by running the ball.

        McCoy has 11 targets this year – compared to Danny Woodhead 22, Jamaal Charles 23, Matt Forte 23, Pierre Thomas 19, DeMarco Murray 21, Darren Sproles 23….

        There’s no question that Vick would have a higher completion percentage if he stopped looking downfield. AND… our defense would spend less time on the field.

        Things will change soon, because this won’t work.

  • Ranked 1st!!!!!!!

    Mike Vick is ranked first in longest average time to throw in the NFL at 3.4 seconds.

    Or wait….wouldn’t that be ranked 32nd! Whatever….after years of toiling at the 4th slowest, 3rd slowest, 2nd slowest, the Catalyst For Everything has finally achieved his goal, and now averages the slowest QB to get rid of the ball in the entire league.

    Congrats Catalyst. Onwards and upwards!!

    And especially amazing in an offense (supposedly) designed to get the ball out in 1.5 secs!!

    Keep looking deep for Desean Mike (37 targets), even though deep passes are Andy Ried’s fault!!

  • “Vick has thrown five touchdowns to just two interceptions, and he’s rushed for two more scores. His 9.1 yards per attempt is the second-best rate in the NFL, which more than compensates for a low 55.6 completion percentage. Vick is 14th in the league in ESPN’s QBR statistic, which is a solid enough ranking given the impressive quality of quarterbacks right now.

    Vick is also running as well as he ever has. He’s accumulated 228 rushing yards on the ground, amounting to nearly 60 per game. That puts him on pace for nearly a 1,000-yard season. His 8.8 yards per carry average is his best mark ever as a starter, even better than the 8.4 average he had the year (2006) he did rush for 1,000 yards.” These solid numbers come despite numerous drops by wide receivers and tight ends. They come in the face of poor offensive line play where Chip has openly acknowledged that Vick is getting instant pressure. Instead of forcing throws to covered wide receivers…he has held the ball in many instances and made wise decisions. Vick is getting the job done and if the defense does anything to improve VIck will lead this team to the playoffs .

    • and the Eagles are 1-9 in his last 10 Starts.. It’s about Winnig Games Koolbreeze..
      The Eagles Record back to the end of 2010 stands at 13-26, not very impressive and good enough for this Eagle Fan.. A losing Home Record over this span also which is inexcusable, remeber Teams fears to play the Eagles at the Vet and this was even when the Eagles were not very good, but at least back then, they had a Defense, played with Passion, were sound fundamentally and at least well prepared even if they weren’t very Talented.. Recently, they have had all this Talent with disappointing Performances again and again and especially at Home.. Owner Lurie needs to Sell out or get a real Sheriff in Town for the GM Roseman thing is not working and so far, either is Coach Jelly Kelly in my opinion

      • Paulman there is not a QB in the league who can win with the Eagles defense! You can throw the win-lost stat around and then give the standard blame the QB response easily. But when you look carefully it is easy to see that the QB is playing well…the problem with the Eagles is elsewhere

        • Then as A Coach and knowing this, you devise Fame Pkans that shorten the game by taking more clock off between plays, you run the ball more,
          You limit the Amount of time your opponents can get the balls d you keep your vulnerable Defense off the field as much as possible..
          Get 4-5 yards a clip, keep the chains moving and the clock running..
          That’s what you do as a Coach when you know your Defense sucks
          Not the opposite..

    • lmfao getting instant pressure yet taking 3.4 ticks to fire. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yea ok…

      dont ya get it its easier to throw ur oline under the bus there are 5 of them instead of the captain of the ship. when you throw the captain under the bus the ship sinks.


      some guys would believe the earth was flat if someone told them

      • again…if WR’s are covered would you rather he forced the ball and get a pick….what am I talking about, of course you would rather he throws picks!

        • Pointless dude. Obvious these bums are jerking with one hand, and typing with the other.

    • Talk to me when Vick hits 16 touch downs.

      Manning a true QB has 16 in 4 games that is impressive. Hell 8-10 TDs is pretty friggin awsome. But 5 in the perfect offense for him hahahahahahahha

  • gotta love this IDIOTS talking about dropped passes.


    denver leads the league with 15 drops

    we are tied for 16th

    get a clue and stop making exuses for this loser mike vick and offering BS nonsense as to why he is completing 20% of his passes in the redzone. HE CANT THROW

    take away space and he cant run as easily nor hit deep throws which is his ENTIRE GAME

  • “Vick has thrown five touchdowns to just two interceptions, and he’s rushed for two more scores. His 9.1 yards per attempt is the second-best rate in the NFL, which more than compensates for a low 55.6 completion percentage. Vick is 14th in the league in ESPN’s QBR statistic, which is a solid enough ranking given the impressive quality of quarterbacks right now.

    That’s what you think!

    I have a prediction for you – if the Eagles continue to average only 63 plays/game – and if the Eagles opponents continue to average 72 plays/game…. Your hero Mike Vick will be sitting on the bench. And when Kelly sits him down it will be because of his low completion percentage and inability to get the ball out of his hands.

    Kelly want’s to run a lot of plays… To do that you have to sustain drives… to do that you have to complete short passes at a high percentage. NOT complete long passes at a low percentage.

    I’m not saying Vick is playing bad… but he’s not playing the way Kelly want’s to play. I don’t care what Kelly says publicly. And I’m not saying Foles could do any better.

    But there will be a change if there is no change!

    • other teams are averaging 72 plays a game….because the defense can not get on the field….Vick plays defense too? give this bullshit a rest already…problems with this team extend far beyond Vick…who is the last of this teams worries…

      • *off the field

      • other teams are averaging 72 plays a game….because the defense can not get on the field….Vick plays defense too?

        We your offense can’t sustain drives and keep the chains moving you keep putting your defense out on the field. The Eagles average time of possession is 24:58/game – that’s dead last in the league.

        Kelly says that he doesn’t care about time of possession, only number of plays….well the Eagles are losing in both areas.

        • you just don’t get it…if the defense gets off the field the Eagles time of possession will go up….along with the number of plays…you can’t just look at it one way. In a team game all areas impact the outcome of a game(s)….

          • top it off the Eagles are 11th in the league in scoring…and as you said, are last with time of possession…I think that tells you something….offense is scoring points, defense gets off the field, offense can score more points

          • I think it’s pretty safe to say that our defense sucks.

            If you can’t understand how the offense can help the defense by keeping the ball – and keeping the defense off the field, then we might as well not discuss it anymore.

            Let me see if you get this – the Eagles had 11 offensive drives against the Broncos. The Broncos had only 9 offensive drives… The Eagles had more opportunities with the ball than the Broncos. Why didn’t they do something? Because our defense sucks?

            • no need to discuss anymore…I see where you are coming from…but you lack the ability to understand what I am saying…how both can help each other….but no, you’d rather put it all on the offense…I get it

              • so tell the offense don’t be aggressive, hold off on scoring so the defense doesn’t get on the field…

              • I totally understand your point as well…. I just don’t think we can realistically hope for this defense to do any better – they don’t have the talent.

                But I don’t think it’s too much to ask the offense to play a more ball controlling style. My point all along has been this – Vick must start looking for the higher percentage passes. His completion percentage is low because he throws to DJax so often. (37 times so far) I don’t blame Vick as much as the coach.

                If the Eagles use the RBs more in the passing game Vick’s completion percentage will improve, and we will extend drives. AND the shitty defense will spend less time on the field.

              • Can’t disagree with you there!

    • Lol, Thats what real sports reporters think Ass hole! That article is from philly.com

      • Thanks Theone1…. Would you like me to find articles that say bad things about Vick?

        Here’s an Idea, I do my own thinking and you can copy and paste other peoples thoughts.

  • Problem is Vick is too small to see and throw over linemen both offensive and defensive in red zone. Field is compressed and a 5’10” can’t see over 6’5″ plus in short field. He can’t see receivers open or defenders until they are 10 yards past line. Manning can.

    • I would be all for Vick between the 20s and foles inside them

      • You would love to see Foles between the sheets too probably…..

        • what kind of man talks about guys jerking off (above) and gay sex with a qb????

          who even thinks like that?

          only type of person i can think of that thinks like that is a real gay guy.

    • NOW THIS I TOTALLY AGREE WITH. if there is legitimate criticism i can accept, then this would be the one.

    • There’s more ways to get the ball in the endzone than throwing it…but you also have to factor in receivers…yes, every time Vick drops back in the redzone, Cooper and Jackson are man handling the DB’s and are open every single time…So is Celek, and he also catches every damn pass too….Vick’s def, the problem…

  • Another set of damning pictures on the Philly.com “film breakdown” for the Catalyst.

    Dropping right back to where the DEs are converging (haven’t I/we been saying this for 3 years??)

    Waiting until wrs are open instead of anticipating.

    Slowest release in the NFL.

    Same as it ever was.

    Kelly seduced by one strong half in preseason, and one strong half against the pathetic Skins.

    • Yep and now we have to pay for it by stunting the growth of the future or the growth of a trade to get us the future.

  • Oh wow… we are covering QB’s today. cool. Tomorrow will be? Oh QB’s…. ok, hmm.. must be a series or something. Whats on tap for friday? Oh wow….

    About the article- I love that we are racking up the yards… but we HAVE to punch it in. We have seen this problem before… over the last 5 years or so we have been bottom of the barrel in the red zone. We’ve had this problem under Dmac, Noodle arm and also under vick. Here are the reasons…

    1) Run the ball. We had LOTS of time and PLENTY of downs at the end of the chargers game. We had throw throw throw.. and lost because of it.

    2) Bigger bodies- they need to get Djax out of there or… allow him to take the big hit across the middle on a slant. (not a good option most of the time). We should be seeing 3 TE’s or.., get one of the “hybrid” guys out there.

    3) Need to read the play faster. Vinnie is right about this…. Vick waits till the player is open. That does not work in the red zone.

    4)READ OPTION!!! This is where the RO really hurts teams. I dont get why we dont see more of this down there.

    btw- all this talk about amount of plays… its simple…. If the D can get off the field… or if the Eagles can sustain a drive… we have more plays. BUT…. as Kelly has said before…. he doesnt care about number of plays…. he cares about tempo… if they score on 3 plays and do it in 40 secs.. GREAT!!!

    • as Kelly has said before…. he doesnt care about number of plays…. he cares about tempo…

      Bullshit – Kelly never said such a thing. There is nothing more important to Kelly than number of plays. What Kelly said was that he didn’t care about time of possession – he cares about number of plays.

      In the NFL he better start to care about both – he almost lost the Redskins game in the end because he didn’t keep the ball and run the clock out. Time of possession is important in the NFL if your defense stinks, like ours…

      • Nope. Wrong. He said he didnt care how many plays… as long as they kept the tempo up and scored… he doesnt care. Its what he said. Look it up.

  • The only awsome Tempo I saw was the steady beat that Manning Kicked our asses to.

    Another game down another game down Vick is a total Bust!

  • It appears that the Flyers started where they finished last Soring dropping home opener 3-1 and that another long Winter will cast it’s Shadow on Philly Sports
    Can the City go another Xalender Year without a Sports Team making the Post-Season.. Good Grief.. Not enough Offense again for the Flyboys..

    • We may go 0 for 4 again this year. Andrew Wiggins is our only hope for winning any kind of title in the next ten years.

      • david stern said a couple weeks ago the Sixers are not guaranteed a high draft pick, sounds like he already promised Wiggins to Boson or LA Lakers

  • “They carried over more than $23 million of unused cap space from 2012, which was their only league-leading category”. In other words, they won the Lurie Cup again! Another CHAMPIONSHIP that goes unnoticed by the media and the Fans!!— cooperhawk

    Could not have said it better. Bunch of low paid losers from the Browns coaching the defense.

    burned out de at outside linebacker
    mr. softy nate allen at safety.

    a low drafted rookie and free agent scrubs filling out your secondary
    in a passing league…Yet we draft a TE when we already had 2 decent
    TEs. We use a high draft pick on a tackle when we had 2 decent tackles….

    You would have thought we were returning with a championship level defense…

    Honestly…Some things are just common sense. Andy Reid’s “do it the hardest way possible” philosophy must have rubbed off on Roseman.

    Roseman, you’re an idiot and you stink!!!

    • bsm, A+ post as usual.

    • BRAVO BMS!!! BRAVO!!!

  • Eagles in 2014 are close to Cap # if they return their high Saleied players like Trent Cole, Jason Peters, D-Jax, L McCoy, Herremans
    Barwin, Casey, Ryans and a few others plus remember that they would have likely Re-signed/Extend Maclin & Vick if they were to Play well in 2013
    Now I think many of the Players I listed will be goners
    Come next Off-Season..

    • cole will be gone, peters deal will get redone, djax cant get cut at this point so he will prob get a restructured deal to reduce his 12.5 million cap #. demeco will be gone or restructured

  • I’m a little confused the defense and special teams give up a 50 spot and you have dudes on here talking about the QB? Is this the twilight zone? I guess Foles or Barkley would have put up 60. Something’s never change. DCar we were right no matter how many points the offense generates you can’t win giving up 40 plus.

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