• August 16, 2022

Newbury Recalled as Laughton Returned to Juniors

Rosehill_HallIt seems that all that talk about young forward Scott Laughton making the Philadelphia Flyers’ line-up was a bit premature.

Laughton was a healthy scratch for the Flyers’ season opener against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday, replaced with veteran centerman Adam Hall. While the Flyers had made it clear on multiple occasions that they did not want to start Laughton as anything but a centerman, the decision to dress both Jay Rosehill and Zac Rinaldo as the fourth line wingers seemed redundant and disadvantageous.

The Flyers announced this afternoon that in lieu of keeping Laughton in the press box, they have decided to return him to his OHL team, the Oshawa Generals.

The decision to keep him up for just a single game didn’t seem to make much sense at first, but John Saquella of The Hockey Guys appears to have uncovered the mystery.

Per Saquella, via twitter: “The Flyers had to be cap compliant by 9-30 to maximize Pronger’s LTIR benefits, and they also needed to be as close as possible to the cap. Laughton got them closer to the cap than Hall did.”

Laughton makes $1.107 million against the salary cap compared to Hall’s $600K, which is likely why the latter was placed on waivers over the weekend.

No one seems to know why Hall was placed on waivers in lieu of Rosehill, considering the former has much more value as a special teams fourth liner, but Flyers something something goons.

Replacing Laughton on the roster is forward Kris Newbury, who was acquired in a trade over the summer for defenseman Danny Syvret.

Newbury, 31, has proven over his ten-year professional career that he is a top line-producing forward at the AHL level. In 72 NHL games, though, he has tallied just 4 goals and 9 points.

Newbury’s game in the big leagues is that of an energy, bang-and-crash fourth liner. Over the same number of NHL games, Newbury has amassed 132 penalty minutes. Those who followed the Flyers during the shortened 2013 season may recall his bout with rookie Tye McGinn (which didn’t go so well for Newbury).

Newbury also has experience as a penalty killer, giving the Flyers another alternative to tiring out top six forwards like Claude Giroux, Matt Read and Jake Voracek.

The Flyers play twice over the weekend- on the road in Montreal on Saturday and in Raleigh on Sunday. If Newbury is inserted into the line-up, he will likely replace Rosehill on the fourth line.

Josh Janet

Josh Janet was raised in Northern New Jersey, but by an odd set of circumstances, is a Philadelphia sports fan. While recently converted to the Phillies, Josh is a diehard Flyers fan and can be expected to stay on top of the latest NHL news.

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  • Think it’s better for him to play junior and focus winning and also on making world junior team. Kid is too much upside to be playing 4th line minutes. Flyers played well and ran into a hot goalie last night but I am not liking the coach. They need a new system, if the slide over the first few weeks he will be replaced. Team is looking good but, lazy is not the answer with this team.

    • Beat me to the punch Lew. Let the kid dominate and develop and then bring him up when he is ready. He is wasted on the 4th line. That will not develop his game the way that they want him to playing with goons.

  • should have sent Sean Couturier with Laughton back to juniors or at least AHL —
    I’ve grown accustom to Holmgren losing every trade he makes, the only thing Newbury is good for is making the rest of the non goalscorers look good

  • In his first game back with the Generals last night, Laughton scored 2 goals and earned 2 assists. If he keeps up this kind of pace, he should be a lock to play in the World Junior Championship in Mälmo.

  • Got a feeling, Holgren & Lavy will be gone by next season. Homer has been whiffing for 3 -4 years now, & Lavy’s system is horribly flawed, especially with the bunch of pylons we have on DF! 2014, welcome back Ron Hextall & Terry Murray.

  • Both should be fired for how they have tried to handle the goalie situation. Lavs mishandled Bob while he was here which led to him being traded. Then they signed the cosmonaut to an outrageous contract which shockingly didn’t work out. This off-season they should have given the Kings whatever they wanted to get Bernier, because the Leafs stole him from the Kings.

    Whoever takes over this team (coaching and gm) has their work cut out for them

  • Franchised is mired is medicority and the Local Media and Fans continue to be in denial have been Blind to see or to Admit it.. The NHL has changed quite a bit over the last 20 Years but the Flyers Organization has been very slow to react and need rebuild their Roster with more athletic Type of Players, and especially along the Defense and Back Line..The Good Teams have Defenseman who can skate, transition the puck from Defense to Offense in a moments notice while the Flyers have to continually regroup and start out the old way behind the net as everyone clears which allows Defense’s to set up their Zones as they bring the Puck Up.. Who was the last real good Flyer Defenseman who had Offensvile Skill and Talent ?? Mark Howe… and How many Years ago was that ?? …The Flyers continue to get a Free-Pass from everyone in Philly from the Local Media and Fans , probably because it’s a niche Sport where 99% of the Players and Fans are White, but that’s another Story for another Day ..

  • You know you keep saying that the flyers get a pass Paul, but honestly what the hell are you talking about. Do you think that anyone is happy with the current make-up of the team or is fooled by Homer continuing to sign big names past their prime?

    You think that anyone is happy with the statues (as DCAR states) that they have on defense? The person who is getting a pass is the GM. He is the one that hasn’t changed and the team is suffering for it.

  • Owner Ed Snyder calls all the Shots for the Flyboys just like Al Davis did for the Raiders and how Jerry Jones has done for the Cowboys.. Holmgrem is just a “Patsie” for him and anyone who doesn’t realize this over the Years is in Denial… Until Snyder stops being a “GM-Wanne Be” and gets out the way and let real “Hockey People” make the Personnel decisions, the same old shit will continue to happen as they fall further behind with how the SPort is played in Today’s NHL.. it’s about having the Combination of Size,Speed and Skill and the Flyers lack this big time .. Their Big Players lack Speed and Skill, their Skill Players lack Size and Strength and collectively,and they cannot Develop Goalies or Defensemen to save their lives in the Minor Leagues..
    DCar and I have been harping about these same issues for the last 3 Years
    It’s Ed Snyder who needs to be called out but Philly Media are too chicken shit to challenge him and that my friend is the reality of the Flyers.

    Almost after every Phillie,Sixer & Eagles Loss, many Fans are jumping to put blame on Vick, Nate Allen, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins,Papelbon, Evan Turner, S Hawes, and almost every Player on those Teams, but not the Flyers… except their Goalies of Recent Season’s .. Snyder has insulated ted the Young Players on the Flyers so much than many in the media and fans don;’t even know how to analyze a Performance correctly… maybe because most have never played the Game of Hockey, but the Flyers have had a “Double-Standard” with the Media and Fans for 40 Years now and it’s Bullshit in my opinion..
    The Other Teams get hammered every loss, every failure of not making the Playoffs or Winning a Championship, but not the Flyers, and the “We’ll get them next year attitude that’s comes from the Media and Fans”

  • You guys aren’t the only ones to be complaining. This started happening when the rules changed and they still signed a guy like Hatcher at the end of his career. You don’t think that there was a lot of buzz when people thought that Richards and Carter couldn’t get it done, so they got moved? You don’t think that people were mad about Bryz last year? Or about drafting Morin when there were more skilled and polished defensemen still available. You don’t think that people know that Lavs handling of the goalies probably cost us the cup against the Blackhawks? You paint yourself and DCAR as the only knowleagable NHL fans in the city which clearly isn’t the case. It may be the 4th (maybe 3rd because of how bad the Sixers are), but the fans no what the heck is going on. What the heck do you want them to do? How do they hold the GM and the owner accountable besides not going to games? Calling in on radio shows where none of the media has time to talk about the Flyers because of all of their Phils/Eagles shows. As far as we’ll get them next year, yes I watch them even when they are bad, because I love the game.

    Nobody is too chicken to challenge Ed Snyder. Are you nuts? The PHilly media just doesn’t care about the Flyers or hockey in general and that may be a reflection of the fans in Philly. They cater to the audience who wants to talk about the Eagles and the Phillies. A lot of the hosts on both sports talk radio stations flat out just make fun of hockey in general. You think that this is all that they are scared of Ed Snyder?

    Just look at this blog to prove my point. Phils and Eagles posts get 50-100 responses and the Flyers posts get less than 10. Does that mean that we are afraid of Ed Snyder or we give the team a pass? No, that just means that this is a football blog in a football town.

  • Bugs, there are too many So-Called flyer Fans who simply don’t understand the Sport of Hockey, maybe that’s why the SIlence, The Flyers have become a “Woman’s Fans Sport” in Philly just like the Phils has..
    The go to the games for Social Reasons and to be seen, but know very little about the game or really follow the Sport.. The only Hockey that 90% of Philly Fans know or have ever watched is the Flyers.. their Views get distorted but this is Typical of Philly Fans in general who can be Ignorant and in Denial how their home-Town Favorite Teams are, in relation to the rest of their Competition and the Sport in General.. bu tthat’s not uncommon in the NOrtheast where the same can be said in New York and Boston..
    Too many think the Sport revolves around their own Team..

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