• August 16, 2022

How Will The Offense Look With Nick Foles On Sunday?

NickFoles1Can’t we be happy that we won our second game of the season?   Find some closure in sharing a lead for first place in our division?  No, we can’t, we have a record under .500, our starting quarterback is injured, and there are still noticeable flaws not being corrected on the offensive and defensive side of the football.

Quarterback controversy has returned, even though there should not be one.  Vick is injured; Foles is second on the depth chart.  When Vick is healthy, he regains his starting quarterback status.   Look too deep into what the coach says, and you could come away with the notion that if Foles has back to back 300 yard games like Mr. Kolb did a few years back; we may have a changing of the guard.  Kelly has a lot of fun with the media; it’s entertaining to say the least.

Foles is a game-manager who has nice touch to his throws.   I feel our offense simplifies when he is the signal caller, as the coaches are lest forceful with trying to make the big play only.  When McNabb went down and Garcia became our quarterback, the play-calling changed but the offense was still able to be successful because it still had weapons that could beat the opponent.  Foles does not have the ability to create plays with his legs, but he is able to keep plays alive due to his size at the quarterback position.

No longer should the run-option be featured.   Foles can’t run and other teams know that.  Our offensive line and running backs are talented enough to continue being a top five running team without featuring run-option formations.   Spread the receivers and put players in motion.  Increase the screen-passes, and utilize players that are not getting the snaps needed to make a weekly contribution to this team.  Casey and Ertz must be featured as part of this offense.  We know what Cooper and Avant bring to this team.  The film on these two veteran players is simple and short.

I just can’t point my finger to why we continue to ignore the multiple positions that Ertz and Casey play.  Wasn’t the reason we drafted one in the second round and signed the other to a substantial contract was to disguise” and create the miss-match.  This was supposed to be the one area that Chip Kelly would bring, the one we saw in the up-tempo and new style of player, several weeks ago.  We expected changes to be made from that Redskins game, but not for it to be something completely lost moving forward in Kelly’s first season.

On the defensive side of the football, it’s no secret that our secondary is bad.  We are going to see everyone get their fill-in at the safety and cornerback positions.  Besides Boykins who I really think has played solid throughout the season given what he has as help around him, the rest of our secondary depth are merely stop-gaps. I understand Kelly’s philosophy is to not let us get beat on the “deep pass” but the middle of the field remains open for feasting like a returns trip to an all you can eat buffet.

We need to blitz not from the inside gaps where players are still learning the 3-4 technique, but from the outside and with the overload looks.  Blitz with the athletes on the field.  Barwin and Kendricks need to be utilized better.  Curry and Logan showed us a lot in the pre-season, where have they gone? Cox was the most “polished” we felt was on this defense, and he has not been utilized correctly.  Making the “transition” to the 3-4 does not mean abandoning the 4-3.  Mr. Bill Davis who unlike Kelly has the NFL experience, needs to slow down on what he “plans” to do with this defense, assess what is best for the present, and relieve the constant pressure on the offense to score every time they have the football.

I get that Kelly is going through the “learning cycle” of the NFL, but his veteran coaches should be assisting, instead they are passive almost fearing their future could be in jeopardy if they speak up to the all-mighty Chip Kelly.  Do the job that you were paid to come in here and do.

If the Eagles utilize the pieces necessary to best suit what their current roster actually is, they win Sunday and the three games to follow.  Whether it’s Foles or Vick, a combination of the two, the Giants win was the start to our five game winning streak.  I’ve attempted to erase the tease that was the Redskins game.  I almost wish what we all observed was never shown to us.  I’m tempted to allow myself to believe that could once again be what our offense looks like for an entire season.

That moment has come and gone, but the season is still new.  A very strange five game start to a season with already so much up and down.

Did we expect more or less from the first season post Andy Reid with a rookie coach in charge?


Jeff Kolsky

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  • Answer: The Eagles offense will look like a professionally coordinated offense where in each player understands their role and should have a reasonable understanding of where everyone needs to be on the field in order to make a play work.

    This will be in great contrast to an offense that looks like a Sandlot with hybrid players taking over roles that do not fit the other players on the team and causing confusion once in the tight quarters of the red zone.

    • yea an offense that was/is 2nd in the league in total yards and 8th in scoring before Foles got in the game…By the way Foles scored one TD in the redzone, against the Giants and that was to DJAX…in which a big part the defense has to be given credit, as to the reason why we were in the red zone in the first place…

  • I predict that Foles will make this offense look like a poor man’s Denver offense. Foles is no where near to Manning (he’s a 3rd rounder in his second year) but from a style and pace of play that is what I expect to see.

  • Look for the space vacated by LBs during blitzes to be exploited by TE and RB on screens that pick up 7-20 yds a pop. Then look for passes down field when the safeties step up to take the void in the middle away.

  • While I of course want Foles to play (for all the reasons you stated Regal)…I can wait one more week.

    Vick was in 7 on 7s today. So I’m crossing my fingers that he plays.

    Because that will be one of funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Will be ridiculously funny. Aren’t we all do for a good laugh after the past few years??

    A Vick who can’t run.

    Lowest comp% in the league + highest sacks in the league – running ability = pure comedy.

    (notice no vickpologists commenting on this point – they know that without his legs, vick is a joke at qb)

    So I am all over Vick starting this weekend. Just for the pure entertainment value.

    Real Qbing can wait another week.

    • Vinnie while I understand how you want folks to see the truth. The Cult of Vick will NEVER see the truth.

      I do not wish for Vick to further injure himself and / or be embarrassed trying to prove in one game what he couldn’t in 10+ years. I simply want him released or traded off my beloved eagles.

      I want the birds to Win as many games with Foles as possible because I would love for the dream of having a Pocket passer going into his third year with an improved defense and maybe a Big and Fast WR next year make a run at actually winning something and competing for a SB the next year.

      If Foles is not the guy we are at least 3 more years away from competing for anything.

  • Vinne I could not disagree with you more.

    I want my team to win.

    If Vick is completely healthy, then Kelly will play him. If he is going to hurt the team, he will play a QB that is healthy.

    I could not disagree more.

  • Tampa Bay has a good DL and a good Secondary
    They are vulnerable to the run and mismatches versus their LB’s..
    Eagles offense needs to be pairuent and take what the Buc’s Defensgives them.. A few Screens, Bubbke Routes and utilizing the TE’s on safe intermediate routes is the way to go to get an early jump on them and for e Biluc’s Offense and Rookie QB Glennon to pass mire often than they like
    I see the Eagłes winning 23-16

  • Good job Jeff.

    I am also wondering why we dont use those te/rb/fb’s like we thought they would… it would confuse the D and thats whay we need.

    The SS/FS will continue to get lit up, I hope we can put up points this week and I worry that the run game will suffer from not having the option as a threat.

    Vick will sit, and that is most likely a good thing. Look for him to rest up for our game against dallas.

    • They do try to use them. Your hero doesn’t throw to them.

      It is no suprise that each Qb began very differently:

      Vick – desean, desean, desean, ertz, desean, ertz, Mccoy

      Foles: McCoy, Avant, McCoy, McCoy, Ertz, Brown, Desean, Desean

      If you want to see backs and tight ends, well, you are crossing your fingers for the wrong QB. All Vick wants to do is feed his favourite player deep.

      Under Vick, the offense is a one-dimentional deep throw fest to the speedster. Always looking for the big play. Its what he does. He’s been doing it his whole career.

      You want to see a balanced, controlled passing attack with the backs and tight ends involved, with the occasional shot deep. Then you better hope for the one Qb on the team who can run those plays.

      • oh…. why not….. I am bored… ill slap you around for old times sake….

        1) “one-dimentional”- um dude…. the Eagles lead the league in rushing. LEAD THE LEAGUE. they are also 8th in passing. So…. how can a team that does both VERY VERY WELL be “one dimentional”?

        2) All this “hero” crap is crap. I have 2 “heros” in this world. a) A doctor in town here that uses his vacation time to travel to Asia and Africa to check the hearts of poor people. b) MLK- who was as good a pastor as he was a leader for african americans.. and yes… he can be a hero for white people too.

        I ask you to find 1 post where i have ever said he was my hero or even mention liking him at all. Its crap and you know it…. the difference is… I dont hate the man.

        I dont like what he did… i dont like how he has acted most of his pro days and I wont buy his jersey because of my own beliefs on the subject BUT…. im not going to hate the man.

        I (like 99% of the other posters here) want to see the eagles win and you play your best players to do so.

        • btw…. heres where stats crush you again….

          I asked about the Fb/Te hybrid players and Vinnie says “They do try to use them” and Vick “doesnt throw to them”

          lets look…..

          Snap Count


          chargers game


          broncos game

          Giants game

          Is the starter supposed to hit casey on the bench? Hes not been in the game you twit. My question to G was WHY?? and you (as always) turn in into a comment about your obsession.

          Ertz is playing TE and he’s in about 30-40% of the game and ALMOST never as a fb. so… my q to g is valid and a good one.

          • Crickets now… right?

            • LOL. Crickets – I was eating dinner bucko.

              Now who is cherrypicking?? YOu mention you’d hope the Birds use the TEs and RBs in the passing game…..I point out they do, but your hero doesn’t throw to them…..

              Here’s your line: we dont use those te/rb/fb’s like we thought they would

              Then you cherry pick (isn’t that what you accuse me of) posting Erts and Casey’s % of plays……

              Ummmm….where are Celek an McCoy you meathead? They are the starters aren’t they?? You only bring up a rookie and a free agent guy….IGNORING our starting RB and TE.

              What a joke.

              Suffice it to say there is a TE and a RB in on EVERY PASSING PLAY.

              They run routes on EVERY PASSING PLAY.

              (I hate to use the caps lock, but its apparent you need a sledgehammer to slam some simple concepts into your head)

              Vick does not throw to them.

              Now to your points:

              1 – They are one dimensional in the passing game (is that specific enough). Vick’s pathetically low comp % + his 2nd highest in the league yrds/catch are evidence of this.
              But screw stats. Re-watch the first 4 passes last week. 3 of 4 over 20 yrds in the air. Deep, deep, deep all the time. No backs, no TEs…just deep to Desean all the time. That;s one dimensional.

              Deny it all you want. It happens. I was told by you clowns that this was Andy Reid’s playcalling fault, but now only people who willfully deny what their eyes tell them realize its Vick’s fault.

              As for the running game…take away the stupid QB runs (never will win a SB like that) and they drop to about 8th in rushing. The Falcons always ‘artifically’ led the league in rushing with Vick running around. How did that work out for them?

              2 – If he wasn’t your hero, you wouldn’t be in here defending him to the end of your days the second anyone points out he is shit.

              You may not say he is your hero, but I doubt you’ve ever written a 50,000 word dissertation about MLK or your doctor friend.

              Anyway, Vick now says he could play, so I’m hoping to see that happen, if one to finally expose you clowns when, without the ability to run he goes about 42% for 198yrds, no tds 1 int, 1 fumble and 9 sacks.

              I wonder what your excuses will be then.

              • Lesean has 13 receptions. 6 from Foles
                Brown has 4 receptions. ALl from Foles

                So RBS; Vick has 6 completions to RBs in 4.5 games. Are you trying to say that these guys never ever ran patterns on Vick passing plays???

                About 40% of Vicks passes have been thrown at Desean.

                That’s ‘one dimensional’

                If you want to see TEs , and Rbs getting passes thrown to them. Look somewhere other than than Vick.

              • This dumb ass…You can’t comment if you don’t know the exact number of called plays, where RB was an option…or if dont know how many plays where a RB was an option and another reciever was targeted and a catch was completed…again more half ass stats…means absolutely nothing…other than possibly there are more options to the flat being called for Foles….or he simply would prefer checking down more often than Vick…that’s the bottom line…what is your excuse of why you are still here?

              • you were in such a hurry to jump on this… re read what I was writing about…. the hybrids!!!! not mccoy or bc. the hybrids!!!!

              • great post with lots of substance realtrash777

              • Ooooo you hurt me feelings…wa wa wa….you silly shit turd….

                it exactly shows I know something about the game of football unlike your dumb ass…all you do is comment to people about their comments…never bring anything to the table other than your normal negativity….

  • Defensively, I would have LB Jendricks follow and spy RB Martin to everywhere he goes, if he goes in motion or is split outside the tackle box, then have Kendricjs go wherever he goes.. Martin if he get hot early can be a bear to contain, take him out of the equation and get him frustrated and force Rookie QB Glennon to have to look downfield and pass more than Tampa Gaje plan would call for..

  • Rest Vick for Dallas. No reason to play him against the lowly Bucs. Let Foles get his rocks off against Tampa and lets ride out. This isn’t the same Tampa secondary as last year tho so I hope he doesn’t think it is. Lead us to victory Foles and then grab the clipboard in time for Dallas.

  • This amateur writer just wrote the biggest piece of trash I have read on this site

    Foles went into the giants game stone cold before the half and went 7 for 8 starting from the 7, with less than two minutes-yet this clown throws around game manager, clue yourself in, your boy Vick who is now only asked to throw less than 40%, he’s the game manager, who can’t find the end zone in the red zone, hes so bad that even writers that have half a clue are suggesting the ultimate insult that relegates Vick to game manager: that foles come in the fame during red zone opportunities because of Vick’s abject failure in the red zone, but let vick run around and make some plays before you need the field general to close the deal

    It just figures that such trash journalism is praised by the likes of stevo, the biggest pandererer on this site, bona fide fraud and pussy

  • Also, to prove what an agenda laden garbage article this is, the headline asked how will the offense look with foles on Sunday but this punk never addressed that question, just sowed his garbage

  • Jakedog,
    Boy are you the angry elf of the week. I see you are very heated and emotional about the article and the posts for the article….. But what exactly are you trying to say?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • haha…JViola13…come back more often!

      • great post with lots of substance realtrash777

        • took you this long to come up with that nickname for me, MHeShe…as I thought, you have no creativity. Guess that’s what a 4th grade education will do to ya…

          • Is that you 7? From Eagles 24/7

            Wow…there’s you and Big Butt doing double duty…protecting and defending your hero on multiple sites. That’s a full time job you’ve got going there.

            Again….do you guys get paid for your good work?

  • Wow seems someone have their panty”s in a bunch this morning. I actually think Jeff “the writer” was pretty accurate with his column. I mean since mcnabb we’ve been dumbing down the offense whenever the back up comes in, and will somebody, perhaps jakedog, tell my why in the world would we still be running read option with foles in the game. makes no sense to me

    P.S. I think we all love a little pussy(cat) now and then…….

  • Back to Football,

    This Game versus the Tampa Bucs will really gives us Fans a good look on how good or not good this 2013 Eagle Team is.. The Defense goign against a stuggling Bucs Offense led now by Rookie QB Glennon in his 2nd NFL Game must make stops, apply pressure and make Tampa earn their Points.. Offensively, the Eagles need to ride the momentum of last week where again, they moved the ball pretty well but had to settle for too many FG’s until Foles 2 TD Passes in the 4th Quarter to seal the Win
    Eagles need a Complete Performance by Offense,Special Teams over an overmatched TB Bucs Team and anything less just shows that the Eagles will be an up & down Team all Season.. If the Eagles Defense can’t contain this Buc’s Offense, and play a solid game, then who can they contain…
    Eagles 27 – Bucs 13

  • All Foles and the Eagles have to do is not turn the ball over. Mike Glennon is not scoring 17 points without eagle turnovers. Foles had the fumbles in the preseason, which cost him the week one job. Easy win this week.

  • Where in the line: “I am also wondering why we dont use those te/rb/fb’s like we thought they would… it would confuse the D and thats whay we need.”

    Did you use the word “hybrid”.

    You asked why the rds tes and fbs aren’t getting the ball.

    So stop trying to backtrack now. They don’t get the ball because your hero drops back and stares at Desean.

    You want to see Rbs and TEs catching more passes. Then hope for a QB who actually throws to them.

    As Irish so rightly said, Vick doesn’t check down to safety valves, because he is his own checkdown. Instead of tossing it to McCoy he runs. Its not a long term winning formula. Never has been. Never will be.

  • Sigh…vinnie- ill break it down for you stupid style…

    Jeff the writer said

    “I just can’t point my finger to why we continue to ignore the multiple positions that Ertz and Casey play.  Wasn’t the reason we drafted one in the second round and signed the other to a substantial contract was to disguise” and create the miss-match”.

    So i said

    “I am ALSO wondering why we dont use THOSE… ”

    I was agreeing with the writer. Do u see that? It had nothing to do with Vick. I dont care about your obsession. I dont care who plays this week. All i know is that u jump on anything i say as if i am talking all about vick.

    If i say the d sucks- u say something about vick.
    If i say i like the coach- u say something about vick.

    and… for the record… not only have i written anout MLK… ive heard his sermon preached on his church. And ive written many things on my dr friend and his work.

    • Sorry I didn’t read your question about rbs and tes and cross-reference it with a specific sentence from the article.

      It still however stands. If you want to see an offense where there are throws being made to the tes and rbs, then you don’t want to see an offense led by your hero.

      Congrats on your writing. Why don’t you provide some web addresses where we can read your work.

      • No thanks. You would prolly make my papers somehow about your obsession.

  • Stevo is a female, “sigh”

    • I’m embarrassed for anyone who writes that nonsense male or female.

  • You fools rehash the same tired and worn out arguments that my have applied to mcnabbs substitutes, but not foles

    Nick Foles is the real deal, as a rookie against the same depleted offensive line that Vick played with last year, Foles not only outplayed that scrub Vick but put up some of the best numbers as a rookie in nfl history

    Nick Foles has elusiveness and intelligence in the pocket, unlike scrub Vick, who will always either look for the receiver to be wide open or wait for the long ball, or will just stupidly make an abrupt move to his left or right getting the bell rung.

    That’s why this article enrages me, as a life long eagles fan to see such stupid journalism is a disgrace, he just throws around buzz words that the nationally enamored media has for a quarterback like Vick

    But truth will always win out, just watch this Sunday

  • @jviolin player, is tht clear enough or you to understand, if not, shelve the Mozart

  • Mr, jcheezeit, the eagles amped up the offense with foles under center, the pass to celek was the first time it was called, the eagles dumb down the offense when scrub Vick plays, just check out the pass numbers..

    Lay off the cheese dude, your girlfriend will appreciate it

  • Wow Jackoff I mean jakedog is giving out free nicknames!!!!! This is awesome I shall return for more of his intelligent and humorous banter.

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