• May 26, 2022

Nick Foles Leads The Eagles To Another Victory

NickFoles1After listening to Chip Kelly answer some questions after the game, I think Michael Vick is going to remain the team’s starting quarterback, but anybody who has eyes to see and knows anything about football, will have to admit that Nick Foles played an outstanding game today.  He does a good job of seeing the entire field and getting the ball to a myriad of receivers.  It’s simple, if you get open, then Foles is going to throw you the football.  He completed passes to eight different receivers in the first half of the game.

It was an outstanding performance by Foles.  He completed 22 of 31 passes for 296 yards with three touchdown passes and zero interceptions.  The young quarterback did it against a good defense.  He started the game out with a quarterback draw for a quarterback draw for a touchdown.  Remember Tampa Bay held Drew Brees and the Saints to only 16 points.

He was very accurate with his deep throws, which is a definite improvement by Foles because he struggled throwing deep a year ago.

He hit DeSean Jackson on a crossing route in the end zone for another score.  It seemed like Buccaneers cornerback Derelle Revis and safety Mark Barron were on different pages on that play.   Jackson beat Revis inside and he seemed to be expecting Barron to be in there.  Whatever Foles read it and got to the ball to Jackson for the touchdown.

The Eagles are doing a better job of helping their receivers get open.  They were running screens early in the game, which is a good move if your other receivers are having trouble getting open.  Kelly and his staff are making adjustments to help his offense move the football.

The second Jackson touchdown was borrowed from Andy Reid because the former Eagles coach had Jackson run that same route for years.  I remember Kevin Kolb connected with Jackson on that route for a touchdown years ago during one of his better games.  The speedy receiver lines up in the slot on the right side of the field, then comes across the field on a diagonal and gets in back of the other safety who is focusing on the tight end on the left side, who is running a medium depth route.  Jackson winds up in basically a foot race with the other safety, who is deep on the right side in the two-deep coverage.

Defenses don’t jam enough any more.  The only way you can stop that route is to jam Jackson as he starts his release on the other side of the field.  If he gets into a foot race with the  safety, it’s no contest.  It’s good play design. Foles put the ball on the money.

I wouldn’t get too worked up by Riley Cooper’s day today.  He basically made two plays which gave him a big day.  On the touchdown, he pushed off on rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks.  I don’t blame him for doing it because that’s what he’s supposed to do. Usually they call offensive pass interference when you push a guy up top on his shoulder pads.  You’re supposed to push off below the waist, in the hip area.  Normally they call offensive pass interference when it’s so blatant.  Still you’ve got to give him credit for making the play.

On the other long play, I think his size and strength made the difference. Cooper caught the hitch route, then gave a move to Banks to avoid his tackle attempt.  After that move, he outran the pursuit for a while before he was caught some 40-yards downfield.

I saw LeSean McCoy staying after practice this past week and working on running routes out of the backfield and catching the football.  I expected them to try and throw the ball to him out of the backfield.  Going forward the Eagles need to use McCoy as a pass catching threat because he’s a good football player and capable of making big plays any time he touches the football.

McCoy had a big day on the ground and in the air.  He gained 116 yards on 25 carries on the ground and added 2 catches for 55 yards.

Anytime Jackson is being doubled and they’re facing man-to-man coverage, McCoy has the best chance of getting open against the linebacker, who is covering him.

Foles took advantage of that matchup when he came in the game at the end of the first half in the Giants game.


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  • “I wouldn’t get too worked up by Riley Cooper’s day today. ”

    No one is getting exciting about Cooper.

    No one at all.

    • Nope not at all!

  • V I N N I E
    W E – A R E – S O R R Y
    Y O U – A R E – S M A R T E R – T H A N – U S
    9 > 7

    • Lol-no.

  • Cooper finally has a big Game and you Guys including G-Man diss him personally.. What Racism there is on this Site, and what a Joke it has really has become..

  • That dig was totally uncalled for G-Man and you should be ashamed of yourself and aopologize and retract that part of your article for your supporters on this site .
    You should know better than than this.. Man-up GCobb!!!

    • Riley Cooper is the 5th option behind McCoy, DJax, Celek, Avant — he doesn’t make foolish penalties or fumble when involved –
      he is making the minimum and is underpaid.
      Jason Peters was the worst Philadelphia Eagle on the offensive side of the field today. ( the highest paid Philadelphia Eagle)

  • Nick Foles has 6 touchdowns in 2013
    Mike Vick has 5 touchdowns in 2013

    • actually I think it’s 7-7

  • I just want to see how 9 plays the year out. Is hat too much to ask for in a REBUILDING year. Maybe we keep winning maybe he starts to fall off (doubt it). The Defense is a risk for blowing any game.

    What do you gain with Vick??? I have been asking since they resigned him. There is no reason to play a 33 year old. Play Foles and see how he progresses. Troy Aikman stated that it was not until his third season that he got a good feel for deep ball passes.

    1st Game all year we started with a TD on first drive. First time in years we had a passer over 71%.

    We can still run the ball. Receivers that could not get open are scoring against better defenses.

    Kelly is gonna watch the film and Vicks Hammy is gonna need a-lot of extra work.

  • Wouldn’t it be Ironic (and AWESOME) if the Eagles were able to trade Vick to Houston to take over for Shaub.

  • Nick Foles is the real deal. Build a defense around him and you have a super bowl team

    Can’t wait until the cowboys come in with Nick Foles

    • Did I not say, we don’t need a QB in the draft;, and that Foles was the future of this team Jake?

      Now that he has been given the opportunity, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

      Now fix this defense……Linebackers, Offensive Guards, and Secondary should come from Free Agency, the draft is weak at CB this year. We can get one in the later Rounds 2-3 to groom. I do like Marcus Roberson, but the rookie drafted, won’t make the defensive secondary better immediately. We have to get that from Free Agency, and everything else from the draft.

      But again, we don’t need to draft a QB, in the first 2-3 Rounds.

      • WR has to be prioritized as well in BOTH, the draft and Free Agency. There is some real talent in the draft at WR this year. I’d like to grab one of those guys from Baylor, and or the kid from Texas A&M……..

        • You mean Mike Evans who is a beast. I’m still looking at Anthony Barr at OLB…he’s just balling out. Another very good OLB is Ziggy Ansa’s old team mate Kyle Van Noy. I know a lot of people don’t want linebackers in the first round but these guys are worth it IMO.

          • I agree Eagle. Its time a Linebacker be drafted in the first round by the eagles.

          • My linebacker draft choice, along with Barr is Khalil Mack out of Buffalo University.

          • Penn State WR 6’3” 210 Allen Robinson is a junior and perfect complement to DJax available around 3rd or 4th. Go D in 1st and 2nd.

      • Diddy Too Gm let me get on that one LOL>

  • Where was all the chirping how with foles in the game the eagles and shady were hopeless. I see what I see ..I saw a 45 plus yard throw for a td ,perhaps we can stop the question as to wether nick can throw deep? He often showed awareness of the entire field ,and picked up hot blitzes with precision check offs. His throw where he lead desean was trumpeting his skillset.3 tds no turnovers and a rushing td …times his ..

    • throwing deep in a humid place with little wind…every NFL QB should be able to do…just saying!

      • getting DJAX the ball in the red zone is something every nfl QB should be able to do…just saying!

        • DJAX scored one TD in the redzone…DJAX has scored TD’s with Vick…and for a simple minded fan like yourself I could understand…Kelly stated himself in the press conference yesterday, that he hasn’t done as good as a job calling plays in the red zone as well…You seem a little easily defended, I wasn’t shitting on your boy Foles like you do Vick, simply stated a fact…Arm is tested in when faced with some windy conditions and that is a fact!

          • i would never point out something as stupid as weather conditions. and by the way in 6 quarters jackson has caught 2 TD’s in the RZ– with vick 0! — Foles has been far superior in the RZ.
            as for kelly– coaches speak- can’t believe a word they say

            • Eagles 2nd in the league in offense, 8th in the league in points…with Vick and?……Offense was still productive, no matter how you slice it…defense has been the constant as far as inconsistency….I want the Eagles to win games and will give credit when due unlike yourself. We can talk about what one, QB does different from the other all day. Foles has played very well, no question about it…But its still a small sample size, you’re throwing your chest out there a little too much..you aint do shit…you aint throw no damn TD’s…settle down! have you ever been to the Linc, ever notice how windy it can get there?
              Weather conditions play a part into many NFL games, no matter if you want to admit it or not, it plays a factor bottom line.

              • whether in a doom, sunny California, or Frozen tundra Vick will get hurt. Vick is as durable in 2013 as Koy Detmer.

              • dome

  • What I didn’t see bothers me on defense ..it’s maddening to assume a 3man rush is going to get there …our linebackers and graham need be set loose ,especially with a rookie qb …instead he looked cool as the other side of the pillow in there . ITS MADDENING…With a qb who controls the offense and takes care of each possession ,and a disciplined dedication to the running game ,I like the balance .Defensively we are light years behind and that’s got to be of concern next week ..pressure wins …

  • Hats off to Nick Foles…..It’s a great situation to have a back up who can come in without the offense missing a beat. Let’s go Eagles!!!!

    • And it’s better that Foles can actually lead this Offense to Scote TD’s and not Settle for FG’s like when Vick is in there
      Foles has accounted for 6 TD’s in 1 1/2 Games
      While Vick has accounted for 7 TD’s in 4 1/2 Games
      Your smart enoug Songs to do the Math..
      It’s about Scoring TD’s and not settling for FG’s

    • Hey Songs, that is real right there, we have 2 QB’s who can get the job done, maybe next year we won’t have to draft another QB and concentrate on the defense.

  • Wholeheartedly agree desert eagle, this defense is beyond bad, light years behind the offense, it’s time to build the defense through the draft

  • The eagles defense made gave the rookie all-time to throw, even with blitz packages they c still couldn’t get to theqb, yet theqb for the eagles is undecided?

  • Welcome back songs

  • Nick clearly made a case for himself for the starting job. But I think what would really make up my mind if I was coach would be the fact that nick does a better job at keeping our d on the sidelines. By fighting and getting first downs, chunking up plays and Not going bombs away. Keeps our biggest weakness on the sideline. This fact has to be considered.

    Too much 3 & outs with Vick or 6 and outs

  • Agreed G. The youngster played a very good game today. If he keeps up his heady and mistake free play the eagles have a very good problem. Two competent qbs who don’t look like hot shyt i.e. Eli and Shaub. Kudos to the clown in KC for getting it right with Foles. As I’ve said in previous post; the kid passes the eye test unlike that bum Kolb.

  • Fraudman you better be kidding with that bullshyt you’re trying to start. G nor any other fan with two good eyes owes Cooper nothing more than guarded optimism at best. If his play shows some level of consistency then maybe he’s earned a little more than G is giving him. He’s proven nothing to earn anything more. Shame on you for playing the race card.

    • I call them as I see them Brewski,
      Cooper has 4 Catches for 120 yards, blocks his ass off for the running game downfield, Plays decent Special Teans and G-man goes out of his way, unprovoked to throw a dig at him in his article when Cooper perhaps had his best day as Pro and for the Eagles.. It was a bullshit comment by Gobb and I had to ca him out on it plain and simple…
      Believe me, I am not a big Cooper Fan, but really, he has best Game and the Offense had their most balanced effort all season and G-man disses the guy.. You figure it out…

      • No you are an attention whore with no integrity. Nowhere in G’s article did he make mention of any player’s race. The comments by the poster’s about Cooper’s play made NO REFERENCE OF RACE. The only POS that introduced race into this thread was you. That’s not calling as you see it. please quit while you’re ahead. You’ve already shown yourself to be of questionable character entering wagers and lying about the parameters of said wagers.

  • GTFOH !!!!! NICK FOLES HAS PLAYED THE GISNTS AND THE BUCS. Arguably the two worst teams in the NFL, rite there with the jags and raiders!! Foles hadn’t done shit, I don’t wanna see Foles stays vs Vicks ALREADY! U fuks are lames

    • Maybe if your unintelligible post, was more legible, you’d have a little credibility & understanding. Get some hooked on phonics, you Vick lover. Although I agree, that Gnats & the Bucs offenses blow right now, both the Gnats & the Bucs defenses were solid-good. The Bucs were a top 10 DF, going into the game. So, you don’t have a f^#@ing clue! Just agree, you are one the Vick slurpers, & won’t give credit to the kid, because he ain’t him. I’m not convinced with Foles, but not giving him credit, is BS, & shows the biased thought process on here!

    • Stop it Marcus…..you sound down right stupid and you are embarrassing your brother.

  • I remember a few of you on here mentioning that Foles can’t run Kelly’s style of offense, and that Kelly would struggle in the NFL (yes, jury is still out on him) and that hiring Davis as our defensive cord was the biggest mistake the Eagles have made this off season…well, looks like your all wrong. I believe Foles is our future (yes tsjohnson I said Foles, not your BF Vick that your so infatuated with) Foles makes better decisions than Vick, he’s taller than Vick, he’s younger than Vick, and he doesn’t attract negative publicity like Vick. I love watching Vick play, but it just might be time to pass the torch to the hotter hand..

    • DMAN, Let the record show, that GMCliff, stated ALLl offseason that Foles was the future.


      • GMCliff, what up! Jamie Collins replaced an injured Jerrod Mayo yesterday in the middle of the 4th quarter. If Mayo’s shoulder injury is serious Jamie Collins might be the full time starter for a while. We will get to see him in extended action. I believe he was drafted to play an Outside Pass rushing LB but NE for personnel reasons is playing a 4-3 this season. He had 2 tackles yesterday, I don’t know if they were defensive 4th quarter tackles or special team tackles.

        • Like I said E0S, he plays for a perennial playoff team, and sits behind/ amd plays with All Pro’s, his impact on his team, would be different, yet more impressive than any player drafted by the Eagles, because of who he plays for the Patriots.

          Just like Blidi Wreh Wilson, plays behind All Pro Alteurn Verneer, who is in the last year of his contract.

          …And Ziggy Ansah starts, and has as many sacks as Ndomukung Suh , and Suh is being considered for a Defensive Player of the Year.

          Their impact will be much greater than any player drafted by Howie. I don’t really have to say anything. Let their careers speak for themselves.

        • My point to DMAN was the GMCliff was one, if not the only one to confidently say that Foles was the future, and we don’t need to draft a QB, THAT WONT BE BETTER THAN FOLES NEXT YEAR ANYWAY…..

          Get smart front office, and fix the Defense……Just like GMCliff said last year.

          • Ditto

            • Here’s a couple of OLB’s to keep an Eye on that Poject as 2nd thru 4th Round Selections
              The Players GMCliff All Project as 1st & 2nd Round Talent at this time but we all know that LB’s have a tendancy to drop as Draft Time gets Closer (Barr, CJ Mosley,Mack & Shazier are the Top 4 OLB in th is Class)

              Here is a list of OLB’s that will be mid 2nd Rounders to 4th Round Selections
              1) Kyle Van Noy – BYU 6-3 235lbs
              2)Adrian Hubbard – Alabama 6-5 255lbs
              3) Morgan Breslin – USC 6-2 250lbs
              4)Carl Bradford – Arizona State 6-1 245lbs
              5) **Jeremiah Attaochu – Georgia Tech 6-3 245lbs
              6) ** Boseko Lokombo – Oregon 6-3 235lbs

              I really like both Attaochu and Lokombo for upside Potential and Coach Kelly is very familiar with Lokombo since he helped recruit him at Oregon..

              • That is all true Paul. My point is we HAVE to get some real defensive talent in here…..

                I like Hubbard but I also like Ha Ha Clinton Dix…..

              • Didn’t Ha Ha Dix get injured for Alabama ?

                Check out this Lokombo from Oregon, raw and has the frame to put another 10-15 lbs in a Pro Strength & conditioning Program in 2 Years time, long wingspan and can run..

              • haha got suspended

              • Van Noy will go in the first round. Hell if the Eagles could draft Barr and then Van Noy in the second I’d do it in a heartbeat!

              • @Eagle, trust me you want Khalil Mack on this team

              • He and Anthony Barr would vastly improve the intensity of the defense.

              • Clinton Dix being suspended doesn’t scare me off…He’s a player

  • Tsjohnson…give Foles a chance…you just might end up liking the guy…lol

  • On a side note, another good game by Songs 2nd Favorite running QB RGIII,
    and agaibst a 2nd String DL of the Cowboys with all their injuries (Rarlrkiff,Soencer & Ware)
    RGIII can run again, but his passing is questionable..

  • Shout out to Foles for getting a shot at #8 on 21st and Prime!! Keep up the good work youngsta! Lets goEagles!!!!!!

  • Troy Aikman gave props to Nick Foles yesterday while doing commentary yesterday. He spoke about his development and how it took him 3 years to be able to read defenses and have a grasp of the offense. He said that he likes Foles game and the way he commands the offense. I like Foles efficiency and red zone performance, something this offense has been sorely lacking for a while….I’m watching with guarded optimism, but Foles’ poise and deep ball accuracy was nice to see. As far as the check downs, he’s just taking what the D gavehim, that’s why he gets rid of the ball so quick. When the d backs crept up to shut down the short under passes he went deep.

  • Look! I want to win games. I think that Foles gives us our best chance to do that going forward. The Bucs Defense was not soft. They were getting to Foles alot especially early on in that game. Foles didn’t allow the pressure to ruffle his feathers. He stayed calm, made good decisions and put this team in a position to win. At the end of the day the kid did everything he needed and more to prove himself and thats all you can ask.

    I am also not convinced that Kelly is not reconsidering his decision he didn’t come right out and say that Vick is 100% the starter no questions asked. I respect Vick and what he has done but at the end of the day it comes down to who gives us the best chance.

  • Here’s a hypothetical question: If you were GM or coach of a team, who would you choose for a QB between Nick Foles and Tony Romeo?

    • Foles- Romo is already at his Peak Foles will be as good if not better by his peak!

      • Romo has 2-3 Years left in him,
        Foles has a 8-10 Year Career ahead of him if he remains Healthy,
        If your a GM it would depend on what Type of Team you have
        If your Built to win now or next year, you probably pick ROmo
        if you are rebuilding for Future Success, then you go with Foles which is why I never understood the Eagles Decision to re-sign Vick last Off-Season to begin with…

  • Lots of Injuries piling up around the NFL and will impact many Teams this coming week and Fantasy Leagues as well

    Cowboys lose RB D Murray (Knee) & DE D Ware (Hamstring)
    Packers lose WR’s Jones & Cobb to leg//knee Injuries
    Texans lose QB Schaub to Ankle/Foot Injury
    Patriots lose WR Amendola to Concussion
    Saints lose TE Jimmy Graham to Foot Injury
    Broncos RT Orlando Franklin to Knee/Ankel Injury (Torn MCL)
    Giants RB Brandon Jacobs to Left Hamstring pull
    Patriots CB A Talib to a Hip Injury
    Patirots LB Jerrod Mayo to a Head/Concussion Injury
    Patrioits Guard Dan Connelly to Head/Concussion Injury
    Cardinals DE Calias Campbell with Neck/Back Injury
    NY Jets M Goodson with Knee Injury
    Steelers lost OL Levi Brown (whom they just acquired from Cardinals) for the Season with Torn Triceps and back-up TE David Johnson with a Torn ACL
    Jaguars WR Cecil Shorts suffered a Sprained Shoulder
    Bills QB Thaddeous Lewis injured his Foot and could be out for a few weeks

    Most expect Ware to be ok for this SUdnay’s game versus the Eagles but the rest of these players listed above are probably out 1 to 2 Weeks and some potentially for longer..
    The Broncos could not be without both Starting OT’s with LT Ryan Clady and now RT Oralndo Franklin out with Injuries.. (Former Eagle Winston Justic is expected to replace Franklin at RT)

    • cowboys rb Murray out? he gashed the birds last year for 200 yards.
      what word on Jason Peters and Patrick Chung?

      • Peters needs to step it up with the Eagles
        at $15 Million Per Season, he will either have to return to his All_Pro Days or take a major pay cut next Off-Season if he’s to remain an Eagle..

        • Yea… and djax is gone too. Right?

          Keep throwing stuff against the wall…. at some point something sticks.

          Pman u flip more than a pancake.

  • On a side note and not to jinx the Eagles,
    but they have remained one of the more “Healthy Teams” this Season and need to use that to their Advantage, as many Teams have had multiple injuries and have missed Contributing Starters miss games every week..
    Outside of Maclin who was gone since 1st Week of Camp, maybe Bradley Fletcher for 2 Games nad Chung for 2 Games, that’s been about it…
    Most Teams are missing 2-3 Starters every game and some even more
    Eagles had their share of injuries last Season so maybe it’s payback time but I do think that the Strength & Conditioning Coaches are doing a nice job with the Team so far..

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