• August 8, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Buccaneers

folesqbStrong Showing For Foles

Nick Foles had a tremendous showing in his first start of the season, throwing for three touchdowns and rushing for another.

Foles began the game by taking the Eagles on an 8-play, 85-yard drive that ended with a touchdown run for the second-year quarterback.

In the second quarter, following a couple of Tampa Bay scores, Foles engineered an 8-play 54-yard drive that ended with a 12-yard touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson.

In the second half, Foles did his best to quiet some of the concerns about his arm strength, connecting with Riley Cooper for 47-yard touchdown to take a 21-17 lead, and then DeSean Jackson for a 38-yard touchdown.

Foles looked comfortable and poised throughout the game. His mistakes were minimal, and he never gave the Bucs a chance for a turnover. The former third-round pick did a great job getting a lot of his weapons involved, spreading the ball around to eight different receivers.

You couldn’t ask for a better showing from Nick Foles today. He ran Chip Kelly’s offense very well, almost to perfection. He was up against a quality defense today with a strong pass rush and a solid secondary, and he produced over 300 yards, four touchdowns, and a 133.3 quarterback rating.

Who Starts At Quarterback Next Week?

Let’s now address the top question on everyone’s mind. Who should start at quarterback next week if Michael Vick is ready to go?

There’s certainly a case to be made for both players. After the great showing by Foles today, a lot of people are going to want to go back to him, and understandably so.

Foles played a great game this week. The offense was incredibly efficient, especially in the redzone, where the Eagles have really struggled to produce with Michael Vick. After a game like today’s, how could you not want to see more?

However, you could make the case that the right thing to do is to go back to Michael Vick, if he’s healthy.

It would be one thing if Vick had been playing poorly through the first five weeks, but with the exception of the Kansas City game, he’s played pretty well. He’s kept his turnovers down, and while there are still some things he could improve upon, he hasn’t done anything to lose the job yet.

If Vick comes back and struggles, it would be easier for Kelly to justify pulling the plug on his veteran and going to his young quarterback as opposed to going with Foles, seeing him fall apart, and then being forced to turn back to Vick.

On the other hand however, look at the situation last year when Colin Kaepernick replaced Alex Smith.

Alex Smith didn’t play poorly by any means, but the coaching staff felt that Kaepernick was their future and that it was time to turn the page.

Michael Vick is not the future of this team. He’s played well this year, but at the end of the day…he’s a stopgap. Nick Foles may very well not be the future either. But he’s young, and has shown some upside. I’m not in love with him and his physical skills, but he’s got more of a chance to be this team’s future than Vick.

Its time to find out what you’ve got.

Quick Thoughts


  • The Eagles gave Tampa Bay a heavy dose of screen plays throughout the game. They began the game by running one to LeSean McCoy that went for 44 yards. They went back to McCoy and later to Brent Celek in the first half for a couple of screens that also picked up first downs.
  • McCoy finished the game with 171 yards from scrimmage, but did have a costly fumble in the first quarter that allowed Tampa Bay to pick up some momentum.
  • DeSean Jackson was not shut down by Darrelle Revis, catching six passes for 64 yards and two touchdowns. Its the first time that Jackson has scored multiple receiving touchdowns in a game in his career.
  • Riley Cooper finally emerged with Foles at quarterback, catching four passes for 120 yards and a touchdown.
  • Zach Ertz only caught three passes for 13 yards, but he seemed to be seeing the majority of snaps at tight end over Brent Celek.
  • Jason Avant caught for passes for 21 yards. He appeared to be Foles’ safety valve, working mostly underneath routes.
  • It was surprising to see the Eagles keep Emil Igwenagu inactive in spite of the fact that James Casey was out.


  • For the first time in six games, I’ve been legitimately impressed with Bradley Fletcher. Fletcher made a game-changing play in the beginning of the third quarter, intercepting a pass from Mike Glennon that put a stop to a Tampa Bay drive and set up the Foles-to-Cooper touchdown pass. Fletcher also defended several passes throughout the day.
  • DeMeco Ryans led the team with 12 solo tackles.
  • Patrick Chung rejoined the secondary after missing two games with a shoulder injury. Chung made a nice play in the first quarter, stopping Doug Martin for a two-yard loss.
  • Connor Barwin came up with a sack in the fourth quarter that really sealed the game. Barwin’s sack came on third down and forced the Bucs to punt the ball away down by eight with only a couple of minutes left in the game.
  • Defense allowed Mike Glennon to run 16-yards for a first down, keeping the touchdown-scoring drive before the half alive.
  • Roc Carmichael got a chance to see his first significant action of the season, and he cost the team with a costly pass interference call in the fourth quarter.
  • Earl Wolff broke up pass in endzone for Tim Wright.

Special Teams

  • Special Teams allowed Eric Page to have a big punt return to set up the Bucs with good field position.
  • Colt Anderson downed a punt at the 2-yard line in the second half.
  • For just the second time this year, the Eagles had DeSean Jackson back to return punts.
  • Alex Henery hit his only field goal attempt of the game.

Final Thoughts

I think this was the best that the Eagles have looked all season.

Throughout the game, you had a number of different guys on both sides of the ball step up and make plays. Nick Foles was great today, but it was more than just him. A lot of his skill position support from LeSean McCoy, to DeSean Jackson, to Riley Cooper stepped up and made plays for him.

Defensively, while the Eagles still allowed rookie Mike Glennon to put up 20 points and throw for two touchdowns, they were opportunistic for the second straight week and made some plays in big moments such as the Fletcher interception or the Barwin sack.

At 3-3, the Eagles have picked up two straight road wins. All of their wins have come against the NFC. Two of them have come against division foes. All of their losses have come against AFC teams.

Next week’s game against the Cowboys is a tremendous test for where this team is, and it could be very telling as far as how likely this team is to make the playoffs.




Denny Basens

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  • “Barwin’s sack came on fourth down and forced the Bucs to punt the ball away”

    read that again and see if it makes sense

  • Chip coached a good game today, managed the clock great on that last drive, the man learned from his past mistakes and it didn’t take him 14 seasons. We are the third team in NFL history to rack up over 400 years in the first 6 games of a season, our 4th game of scoring 30 points or more, only had 1 game all last year, I didn’t hear Lane Johnson’s number called today, that’s a good thing! I was glad to see Riley Cooper step up today, what a difference it makes for this team and for DJack when you have someone on the other side contributing, just have to keep it going.

    • I agree, this was by far the best coaching job he’s done to this point.

  • Chip coached a good game today, managed the clock great on that last drive, the man learned from his past mistakes and it didn’t take him 14 seasons. We are the third team in NFL history to rack up over 400 years in the first 6 games of a season, our 4th game of scoring 30 points or more, only had 1 game all last year, I didn’t hear Lane Johnson’s number called today, that’s a good thing! I was glad to see Riley Cooper step up today, what a difference it makes for this team and for DJack when you have someone on the other side contributing, just have to keep it going.

  • The argument I have for going back to Cick is that there are only 10 Games left and the time to seize control of the NFC East is right here and right now and not wait for 2-3 weeks to see if Vick can lead them to Victorues.. Time and the mystique that you can’t lose your job due to I jury mean nothing anymore in a 16 Game Season where every Win or Loss is crucial to your Teams Playoff aspirations.. Go ask Harbaugh of the 49ers if Akex Smith should have been given his Starter’s job back when Kaepernick took over for him when he was injured.. The mast 6 Quarters of Foitball in 2 Fanez the Wagkez had to win to get back to .500 and a legitimate chance for Post-Season were lend by Fokes,
    Ride the hot hand ..

  • I don’t think Foles is the future either. But Kelly is not a rash dude. Unless Vick plays himself out of the starting job it’s his. Kelly is littel methodical..he has QB comps for a reason…Foles played a great game. If Vick is out for next week, I feel better ’bout Foles being in there. Though against Dallas, I def still prefer Vick.

  • However…3-3…I’ll take it.

    Woo Hoo!!!!

  • The Eagles offense scored the most points against the Bucs D…The Bucs D gave up 23 to the patriots in New England and 16 to the Saints. The Eagles 31…that’s good work against what everyone calls a stout D. I want to see if Nick can continue his efficiency against the cowbums. Three passing TD’s and one running TD, no int’s133.3 QB rating…impressive!

  • Yep I don’t know if there is any future for a QB who is 24 years old, 6’5 245 that can lead his team to 30 points against a god defense. No a QB who has gotten BETTER in every performance and shows he can play the game has no place behind center in Philly. That place can only be filled by QB’s who run fast to hell with the notion that pocket passers win SB’s.

  • And I do give Credit to Coach Kelly/OC Shurmer for a good Game Plan & adjustmemts in the 2nd half to get D-Jax the ball and spreading the Ball and to mabaging the Time/clock on thmat final Drive,
    thatcwas a thing of Beauty and lolts of McCoys runs came around tgat Right side (off LT Johnson’s side) so he is improving with each week
    With LT Joeckel out for the year for the Jags
    RT Eric Fisher playing so-so for the Chuefs as is Fliluker for the Chargers
    The Eagkes have gotten a good OT who will only get better and better
    With Playing Experience, Good Coachibg and getting stronger..
    A good 1st Round Pick who should be a staple at OT fir the next 8-10 Years if he remains healthy ..

    • They don’t make adjustments according to your sorry ass. Please respond

      • I just responded above you sorry sack of shit!!
        I was not able to watch the game for I was out and about and I caught
        The ESPN written action but have since caught some highlights

        • You said Kelly should go to college for lack of adjustments! The birds made EVEERY adjustment dick head

          • And I still don’t like Kelly as an NFL Coach
            As he will find his way back to College Ranks before his 5 Year Deal with Eagłes is up, but who cares… Eagles Win Baby!!

  • ***Breaking News***
    Some Reports from Tampa is that Mile Vick may have caught the
    MRS Infection bug from the Stadiym Sidelines/Lockerroom and may be out a couple of weeks … More details later…

  • TS Johnson – “I don’t think Foles is the future”

    After he goes 70% for 300 yrds and 4 tds (don’t running tds count??)

    In his 7th start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    He’s 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HE WILL ONLY GET BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lades and gentlemen, the starting QB for YOUR Philadelphia Eagles…..Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick Fooooooooooooooooooooooooles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • while I love Foles performance today mike Vick is our qb unfortunately

    • You still making Nick Foles predictions?

      How well has that been working out for you?

      • ‘eagles won’t be able to run with Foles at qb anymore ‘


        ur retarded

        • “Eagles will win the game”


          ur 9.

          • 9>40 year old unemployed retard

            • that leaches the govt for $

            • Yeah…not 40. Not unemployed. But keep up with that.

              • I know ur not 40 I’m Rounding up. yes u r unemployed. and yes you take govt assistance and yes u said eagles wouldn’t be able to run anymore with Foles at qb

              • You can’t even round me up to 40. Not even close.

                And no I’m not unemployed. But thanks for that.

                I also said the Eagles would win. But okay.

                But you do keep showing what a vile human being you are.

              • just being real but I suppose with ur situation real equals vile. sad.

                great call on McCoy no longer being able to run

              • Even better call that the Eagles would win.

              • @mhenski….lay off the attacks on Sherel…at least the overly personal ones. I know that I have done it in the past with other posters…EagleSucks comes to mind….but show a little respect for Sherel as a woman….we all know that she goes way overboard with her defending Vick….it drives me crazy too..I get it…but some of you attacks get pretty personal. Think about your mother, sister, wife or daughter…..Sherel is not a bad person, just a blindly devoted fan. I just ask that you think about it next time and maybe cut her some slack. This team is playing better right now, no need to start tearing at other Birds fans….lets enjoy the new coach and his new team. Just a suggestion, unsolicited.

              • ur right green. its a character flaw of mine. the personal stuff doesnt belong here and ill try to stop. but i will continue to call out the idiotic football stuff she says… and if she replies by calling names like she did yesterday i will most likely stoop to her level…

                by the way her name isnt sherel it is tamika.

              • she is quite the fraud fan tho. who says mccoy would get shut down? then denies it?

              • Had this been last years coach, the running game would not have been existent…however, this coach stayed at, there were times on consecutive plays/drives, where the run game wasn’t all that effective but the coach continued to call the play…Then being up two possessions, there’s no other way, run the ball!

  • Not so fast Henski,
    Chip Kelly back pedaled in his post-game Press Conference when asked if Vick would Start next week if Healthy, his reply “we’ll evaluate everything and see where Mike is” which is a big difference of what he said last week when asked the same question and responded “Mike will Start if Heathy”
    Let the QB Controversy Begin in earnest…

    • hey I hope nick proved he is the man I just know we’ve been down this road and typically that’s not how it works

    • He also said…

      “did he go 100 for 100”

  • When was the last time we had a QB go for 71 % completions over a whole game???

  • V

  • Foles looked great against the 0-6 Giants
    Foles looked even better against the 0-5 Bucs
    but they are winless teams
    do I think Vick would have won both games against the Giants and Bucs if he played those 6 quarters that Nick just played … HELL NO!

    • You honestly think Vick was gonna lose against the Giants…though he was up 2 scores…and that he was gonna lose against Tampa Bay with all that damn Zone they were playing?


      • Vick is a weakling –
        Pinata, hit him and incompletions, fumbles, interceptions, and losses fly out of his hands

        • True that he’s been throwing INT’s and fumbling all over the place this season…if this was 2012, I might agree with that comment but he’s not been how you described in 2013, and any one who has an unbiased perspective would agree!

      • Yes, we believe that

    • that’s just a dumb comment!

  • What a choke by Sean Payton and the Saints versus the Patriots

    • and then there were two undefeated teams left —
      Broncos &
      KC ( chiefs D gave up only 7 points, 10 sacks, 3 interceptions, and a touchdown)

  • Great job general Foles!! Way to rally the troops together and come up with a great win! Lets keep up the momentum for next week… E-A-G-L-E-S!!!!

  • There is “0” incentive to go back to Vick at this point.

    For whatever reason, a number of opinions have been created and argued as fact in reference to Foles skill-set, when in reality, we have not seen enough of him playing to form such absolute opinions. Many of these opinions are now being disproven, simply because he’s getting a chance to play and play with a healthy offense. IMO it makes very little sense to go back to a veteran QB, who we have seen play enough in 11 seasons to form the opinion that he has a middling ceiling, when you can access a young QB’s skills moving forward and still “win games now” in the meantime.

  • Great game by the eagles O scoring 30 points again. Great job Foles for picking rheir D apart. Good job D. Need more from ya bit u held them off.

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