• May 24, 2022

Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

foles redskinsEagles Hang On For Home Win

First they made it look easy. Then, not so much.

Through three quarters, the Eagles dominated the Redskins. They built up a 24-0 lead, their offense was moving the ball efficiently, and the defense was doing a beautiful job holding the Washington offense in check.

Then in the fourth quarter, the wheels began to fall off. The Redskins scored two touchdowns on a couple of busted coverages, and and followed them up with a pair of two-point conversions to make it a one-score game.

The Eagles offense was unable to close out the game, and gave the Redskins one final opportunity to tie the game. Washington got into Eagle territory, but ultimately were unable to get it done, with a terrible pass from Robert Griffin III picked off by Brandon Boykin in the endzone.

It might not have finished pretty, but the Eagles have finally proven that they can win a home game.

Defense Makes Clutch Plays

Billy Davis’ defense put out another great effort this afternoon.

The defense kept Washington scoreless in the first half. They held Robert Griffin to just 26 passing yards through two quarters.

Even though the group gave up 16 points in the fourth quarter, they were able to tighten up in the final moments of the game, and Brandon Boykin’s interception sealed another victory.

This is another explosive offense that Davis and his defense have held in check. And they did it on a day where they were missing three starters, and were forced to go with Najee Goode, Roc Carmichael,  a combination of Patrick Chung/Kurt Coleman to make up for the absences of Bradley Fletcher, Mychal Kendricks, and Earl Wolff.

The unit is playing some great ball right now, and they’re improving and growing more confident with every game.

Evaluating Foles

Nick Foles had another pretty good start.

Foles finished with 298 yards, and also added 47 rushing yards on nine carries and a touchdown.

It was a nifty move by Foles on a touchdown run in the redzone. Foles ran a read-option play, kept the ball himself, spun through a defender and into the endzone.

Foles put great touch on a pass to LeSean McCoy that went for 49-yards. He made some great throws, and connected with seven different wideouts. He had seven passes that went for 19 yards or more.

I thought Foles tried to run a little too much today. Foles isn’t a quarterback that needs to be taking nine carries a game. We saw the best and worst of his running abilities today.

In order for him to be effective as a runner, he’s got to use his legs sparingly. If he does it too much, you’re going to see situations like today where his lack of explosive speed is going to cause him to come up a yard or two short of what he needs for the first down.

All in all, another good showing for the young passer.

Barwin Dominates

I have to single out Connor Barwin for an absolutely outstanding defensive performance today.

Barwin was a one-man wrecking crew today. He made a number of impact plays in the first half alone.

Barwin had another batted ball today, knocking a pass down on third down on the first Washington drive. Barwin has done a great job getting his hands up and knocking own passes at the line this year. As a rusher, if you can’t always get to the quarterback, you can still make an impact by knowing when to get your hands up and bat down a ball. Barwin has been doing that all year.

Barwin was stout against the run as well. He helped make several stops in the running game, and the former Texan later had a nice open-field tackle on Leonard Hankerson.

Barwin’s biggest play of the game came when he forced a fumble from Griffin the redzone in the second quarter, which was recovered by Fletcher Cox. It was a game-changing turnover for the veteran linebacker.

Quick Thoughts


  • The Eagles utilized the screen game a great deal today. The team hit on screen plays to Brent Celek and Bryce Brown in the first half.
  • LeSean McCoy had his biggest game of the season, picking up 150 total yards and scoring two touchdowns. McCoy injured his hamstring before the half, but was able to return.
  • Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, and Jason Peters all did a great job blocking on LeSean McCoy’s second-quarter touchdown run.
  • Lane Johnson was flagged for holding in the first quarter.
  • DeSean Jackson finished with four grabs for 82 yards.
  • Riley Cooper cooled off a bit this week, with only three catches for 37 yards. Cooper nearly scored on a pass at the goalline in the third quarter, and was targeted frequently by Foles once again.
  • Zach Ertz had two catches for 31 yards.


  • The defense played without three starters today, with Bradley Fletcher, Earl Wolff, and Mychal Kendricks all inactive.
  • Patrick Chung got the start, but was injured on the second defensive series.
  • Fletcher Cox called for a roughing the passer penalty on Washington’s first play from scrimmage.
  • Cox came down with a fumble recovery in the second-quarter, stopping a Washington redzone opportunity.
  • Brandon Graham sighting in the first quarter. Graham stuffed Alfred Morris for a loss of three.
  • Najee Goode got the start for Kendricks, and picked up a sack on Griffin in the first. Goode had a chance to bring Roy Helu down in the second quarter, but missed a tackle, allowing the runner to pick up 29 yards. The young linebacker missed a tackle on Jordan Reed one play later, allowing the tight end to pick up a first down.
  • Bennie Logan showed great speed for a nose tackle, running across the field to help Connor Barwin bring Morris down for a short loss.
  • Trent Cole picked up just his second sack of the season towards the end of the first half. Cole picked up a second sack in the third quarter.

Special Teams

  • Brandon Boykin made a great play to keep a Donnie Jones punt from going into the endzone. Boykin dove after the ball, and made it possible for the Eagles to pin the Redskins inside their own five-yard line for their second drive.

Final Thoughts

It was a banner day for the Eagles.

They put the 10-game home losing streak to rest. They got their record above .500 for the first time since they were 1-0. They moved into sole possession of first place in the NFC East. They completed a season-sweep of the Washington Redskins, and at 3-7, they’ve effectively buried a division rival in the standings.

The Eagles are in the driver’s seat. With two more home games on the horizon, they’ve got a chance to really pick up some momentum and separate themselves from the rest of the division in the coming weeks.

Denny Basens is the editor of GCobb.com. Email him at dbasens@ycp.edu






Denny Basens

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  • 1st place!!

    Win at home.

    Skins at the bottom

    Young QB playing lights out.

    D rockin right now.

    I am a happy happy fan.

  • I think the 4th quarter had more to do with the play calling then the wheels falling off, Chip should of never took his foot off the pedal, I know it worked last week but he should of known after they stopped them on two straight passions that it wasn’t going to work, overall though were looking very good, this is three straight games we played a complete game. We’re peaking at the right time, I know we need this bye week and its coming at a good time but I hate that it’s coming when were playing our best football. As far as the Foles talk? It’s over! Theirs nothing more to talk about, he’s the QB this season and the QB of the future.

    • I completely agree. This coach has to learn that playing “not to lose” destroys momentum. New Orleans didn’t do this last week. Kelly went to conservatism way too early. He needs to adapt to help his team play well in a slow down or just put the game away. Second game he almost gave up. Everyone was terrific until 4th quarter. How do you let guys get behind you?

  • Good write up Denny.

  • Classic Eagles Skins game, just like the first one this year. I love these kind of games against the Skins.

  • This team plays different for Foles.. You could make the case that it’s Chip but I think it’s both and more so for Foles. Vick could give a spit

  • Minus those 2 long TD’s Passes, the Easgles D played well ..
    The Eagłes Offense seemed to get off the gas pedal where very few pass Pkays were called their last 4-5 possessions..
    The Redskins Defense did not put a heavy pass-rush nor solid they cover the receivers well out of the backfield or the intermediate routes across the middle playing 2 Safeties back often to not give up a big play to D-Jax who has scorched them throught his Career..
    I thought Kelky got a little conservative too early Foles and Offense was rolling in first half and early 3rd Quarter. The firt down play action pass plays were working all game and they seemed to get away from it late in the game trying to protect their lead instead of scoring points..
    You have to keep scoring in Today’s NFL and against the Top Teams & QB’s so hopefully some lessons learned and now a bye week to get some Plauers healthy for the stretch drive
    Games vs Arizona, Bears & Lions will be challenges and even the Vikings are playing a little better of late, but what I like is that all 3 phases are improving
    As the Seadon has gone along
    D-Jax/Cooper are making Pkays, Celek
    & Ertz are making some big catches, the OL is playing better as a Unit and staying healthy which is huge and McCoy is playing at his usual All-Pro level leaving Foles just to execute and manage the fame plan and thus far, besides the clunker vs Cowboys, he’s played very well
    With quick decisions and accurate throws and protecting the ball which is most critical in this up-tempo Offense..

  • You are correct Denny

    Foles had only a “pretty good start”, compared to setting nfl records in his previous two starts, this one was only “pretty good”, when the bar is set so high for this qb, when we are used to hall of fame worthy performances, his start today is only “pretty good”

    How did it compare to his contemporary and opposing qb, and much more heralded qb prospect Griffin, in comparison, it was a great outing, he far out performed him, but with what we expect from foles, a much better qb than griffin, in context, you are correct, it was only “pretty good”

    Damn that special reserve knob is tasting good

  • Chip said his mistake the first time they played the Skins was that he took his pedal off of the metal. He did it again as you folks said. It will bite him one of these times. Overall, very exciting in the end with the big w. Foles was very good, and could have been even better had the Birds not slowed down. He completed 68% of his passes. I would say that is a very solid stat. Also, what was McCoy going off on Cooper for? Ol’ wounds surfacing?

  • First thoughts: Kelly HAS to get more creative with the running game and where are the three tight ends to open up the middle?

    It was 24-0, and then became a nail biter.

    Excellent D, but they were on the field too long.

  • I wondered that too Jim chunk, no mention of that at the press conference

    And one more thing to you Denny

    Many of us got tired by the more prominent local media, some national, downplaying foles’ achievements , your analysis of foles play today is a last tribute to your bias and agenda, and failed abilities

    If you want a career in journalism you better be right when you attempt to sabotage a young player.

    • @ jakedog

      I guess Denny giving credit to Foles for making seven throws of 20 yards or more didn’t happen right? I guess you just convienantly looked over that part of his write up.

      you want to talk about bias and an agenda, just look at yourself. you and others only see what you want to see, but thats ok. you just get all butthurt when you dont hear what you want to hear from writers

      and i also have to lol at your last comment too. you offer a man who already has a job in this field career advice. i’m sorry, what hall of fame for writing are you in again?

  • Clearly NOT ENOUGH!

    • LOL! Let it go Vin! LOL!

    • CLEARLY your word is not enough to get you off this site. LOL

  • I agree Denny, it was a great game. It was nice to see a win at the Linc for a change.

    Foles looks more comfortable every time you see him play. He took what they gave him – he didn’t try to do too much, with the exception of one too many runs, maybe.

    But, this game was all about the defense… Do you remember (early in the season) me saying that I had a good feeling about Billy Davis, and you couldn’t understand why? I just had a feeling he would turn things around, and maybe he has..

    I hope the bye week don’t take our momentum.

    • Yes, Irish I do remember that quite well! Great call by you. You were one of the only people that I can remember that were optimistic about what Davis could bring to the table.

  • Pretty good? Why when we are subjected to local media the adjectives flow like drying sap ,whereas the national media ,see the greatest thing since sliced bread..It’s humorous ,let’s stop with this bullshit and concentrate on game analysis in which by the way was just pretty good by you ….where was the mention of Chips bonehead call to singlehandedly change the momentum and get every bettor and Eagle fan to sit on the edge of his couch…why go on 4th down with shady on the sideline? Also when they had the spot of 4th and inches send foles out over center and try a hard count,perhaps you draw them off sides ,you already showed you were crazy enough to go once on 4th down ,at least decoy them ? Foles missed an opportunity for a 300 yard game ,only. Because coach decided to take his foot off the gas…the only one that had a so-so game was coach…one last bone of contention on spots or bad spots why is there no challenge co-ordination with upstairs and coach,it happened last week as well.We are supposed to assume we learn from ,these transgressions,rather we repeat them…Shout out to the Defense again …it’s blue collar ..it’s Nasty and reminiscent of Not in our Fucking House…football..this team has evolved of late the calm of leadership offensively at the QB position ,and the best back in football ,combined with dee jack who’s seriously ballin ….Yo Adrian I did it..nice home win birds ….go enjoy the holidays and get ready for a tough defensive Arizona team whom we owe major payback …If foles was just so ..so ..that’s like the prettiest girl at the bar at last call ..it just don’t add up..

  • that yo Adrian reference was cool.

  • Desert eagle… It’s easy for you to say that chip made a bonehead call by changing the momentum, but he clearly understands the game as a NFL head coach. Remember there is only one McCoy one Foles. Risking injury to any starter can break the link in the chain. It’s easy for everyone to be back-up coaches but Kelly clearly knows where and when the Tempo is needed. If you disagree I think you should apply as an assistant and show up what your made of.

  • Dluneburg. Shady was on the sidelines on the 4th and 1 play..get your shit straight before you sling it my man ..

  • Not one mention of this by Denny ,that was so-so…that was more my point ,he and G Cobb have tried as they may ,but here’s the numbers 16 tds –0 int 2rushing tds …a qb rating north of 126 …a bunch of guys out there having fun ,smiles all around…If it quacks like a duck it’s usually a duck …right now I’m tuning out the local biased of negadelphia journalism ,who think controversy sells …what sells is winning football and number 9 …

  • Haha desert great post, yo Adrian.

  • Kudos to paulman bar win was pointed out correctly by you ,to be a catalyst ,today he was. A monster …

  • Foles is playing like he was a top 3 pick in the draft with this offence.

  • Jim chunk. Last 3 games foles has 152.8 rating..best. Since 1960″ before JFK ..that’s a while ago..so Denny is correct he’s just so -so.

  • The 4th quarter was a mirage, much like the first game of the season. As long as they don’t give up the whole game, I will just write it off to a young team that is still maturing and learning to stay on task. Foles is still ass, just continues to throw the ball to the other team and drop it when he gets hit. Oh wait, that is totally wrong, he actually appears to learn from his mistakes. As long as he continues to only make a mistake once, then move on and improve, he will have a chance to grow and mature as an NFL calibre qb. I have no clue if he can be good enough to win a SB one day, but I am not yet willing to say he absolutely cannot. That still puts him ahead of 1/3 of the teams in the NFL that have confirmed stiffs playing quarterback. Better crowd at the stadium today, it was almost like the fans didn’t hate the team, pretty refreshing experience.

  • philly fans egged the redskin team bus while it entered the Linc, LOL pic at redskin’s player twitter site Chris Baker

    • I heard all about it haaha! Looks like were starting to develop the same fear factor we had in our favor when opposing teams came to the Vet. I love it.. We need that.. Birdgang’s back!

  • Shady McCoy was doing some sick spins and cut backs,
    although that taunting for a penalty has to stop
    Foles and Shady abused ryan kerrigan. Foles hit Shady on a wheel route with kerrigan hopelessly trying to cover Shady. Then Foles kept the football on a bootleg Read Option for a TD when Kerrigan bit on McCoy fake diving down the line.

    • That taunting call is high school harry BS and should be removed from the rules. If it is not a delay of game let it go. Non play oriented penalties that might change games are BS!

  • Did it even seem like we had backups in the game today? This team is clicking on all cylinders and like I said a week ago, this is the first time in a long time that we can be comfortable even if a starter goes down, which we hope wont happened.. That’s a sign of great coaching, great depth and of players buying into the system..(Side note: I love the size of this defense, these guys look huge, esp that defensive line, beats having small dlinemen and linebackers like in years past)… I digress, great team win today. Now they can lick their wounds.. But they will be coming in Monday and Tuesday of this week then they will have off until the following Tuesday..

  • This win was about the defense…excellent job..to hold a high powered offense like Washington to 16 points and come up in the clutch with a key interception!

  • More importantly,

    How did “more upside” Geno Smith do in his 10th start compared to our very own “limited upside” Nick Foles in his 11th?

    • I don’t know Whelcher how did they compare after there 8th starts? And by the way if the season ended today they would both be in the playoffs so what’s your point?

    • vinnietheevictor
      November 18, 2013 – 3:38 am

      “More importantly,

      How did “more upside” Geno Smith do in his 10th start compared to our very own “limited upside” Nick Foles in his 11th?”

      Geno was 8-23, 0 TDS, 3 INT, 1 FUM

      In Geno’s defense the Jets stink, and I give him credit for managing to play
      every game…He could be an accident statistic on the Jets.

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