• January 25, 2022

Phillies Re-sign Carlos Ruiz To A Three-Year Deal

cruizCross catcher off of the Phillies’ off-season needs.

The team announced on Monday that they have come to terms with Carlos Ruiz on a new three-year deal worth $26 million.

The deal means that the Phillies will have over $8 million committed to yet another player in his mid-30’s.

The free-agent market at catcher wasn’t deep at all, and Ruiz’s familiarity with the team certainly made it an obvious fir for the two sides to come to another deal, but its a little concerning that the Phillies are counting on so many guys that are on the wrong side of 30.

Denny Basens

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  • Ruin 2morrow Jr., needs to be run out on the rails, immediately! This team is going to suck for the foreseeable future, because of the mess he put together! He is neither creative, nor proactive, & only knows how to throw out ill-advised, unwarranted, overpaid contracts, to AARP members, past their primes. It’s embarrassing & nauseating! Same old, horrific team as the last 2 years. For this dunce to still think this team has snowballs chance in hell to compete, is all you need to know about that inept, delusional loser, POS! How this waste of time, still has a job, is mindbogglingly insane to me!

  • Waiting for the other shoe to drop, with the re-signing of the injury plagued Halladay & Madsen! Can’t wait! GOOD TIMES!!!!

  • When his overdue, inevitable firing DOES come, the next GM’s hands are going to be tied, with all the albatross contracts this JO signed off on! On top of that, our Minors are barren, with very few difference makers on the horizon (Franco & Crawford are good prospects. Biddle? Joseph?). It’s a bleak future, so get used to it, pom-pom wavers!

    • DCar and Paulman called this back in 2011, when the Phils Run was essentially over.. LAst 2 Off-Seasons were poor where the Team failed to get Younger, More athletic to be able to compete in a better overall NL
      Now fast Forward to 2013/2014, the Team is still old, average and will Win
      about 75 Games and battle the Marlins/Mets for the bottom of the NL East
      The Phils have had their Run, now it’s time for mediocrity and worse for the next 10 Years.. It’s Philly Sports, it’s in the water and fabric of everyday life in the City of Brotherly Love… This is what occurs when managed Poorly from the Front Office which Amaro has provoed over the last 3-4 Years

      • We have been right for 3 off seasons now. Ruin 2morrow has officially sucked the life out of me, & for the 1st time in my life, makes me not want to watch them next year. They won’t get a dime out of me until this POS is fired!

  • Utley($14), Byrd($8) and Ruiz($8) = $30 million ouch!

  • Sandberg (20-22) .476 winning % and 4th place
    Manuel ( 53-67) .442 winning % and 4th place

  • No manager is going to make a difference with this team as it currently stands. The future is bleak.

  • His approach is to retool instead of blowing it up, he’s counting on older players coming close to their productive years, will it work,mprobably not

    In retrospect, the better approach should have been blowing it up, but with his approach of retooling the Ruiz signing is not that bad, especially since the pitching staff really likes him behind the plate

    • I think most of us can be in agreement that Amaro’s biggest error was trying to build the Phils Teams around “Starting Pitching” while playing in a Hitters Ball Park (CBP) and lost some Punch/Firepower in the line-up, and having crappy Bullpens since all the $$$ went to the Starting Rotation .. Add some Injuries to key Productive Players over the last couple of Seasons (Howard & Utley) poor Free-Agent Signings (Thome,Young’s), poor Trades (Victorino & Pence) Extended COntracts to Players at the end of their Careers (Rollins,Utley & now Ruiz since they have no replacements ready at the Minor League tells you all you need to know about the State of the Phillie Franchise.. Where’s the Minor League System & Player Development been the last 5-6 Seasons.. It’s not like Rollins,Utley,Ruiz all Secretly woke up at 34-36 Years Old
      Look at Teams like the Red Soz, Cardinals, Braves, Rangers,A’s where they continue to Develop Players and bring them up as underperforming, aging and injured Players have past their Peaks..

      • after 2011? the year they won 102 you would have gutted the team? how specifically

        • Would have made a change away from SS Jimmy Rollins,
          Pursued and sign 3B Beltre or Aramis Ramirez to solidify 3B
          Pursued OF Cuddyear and Attempt to Trade with the Orioles for either CF Adam Jones or RF Nick Markakis
          Upgraded Bullpen which would not have included Jon Papelbon

          The Phils 2011 was a Good Team but in a very weak NL East and even the NL as a whole was down that Season… The Cardinals won the WS after only winning 86 Games in the Regular Season and clinched a Playoff SPot the last day of the Season.. The amount of Wins the Phils had was hollow and meaningless for they showed their weakness in the Postseason as a bad situational hitting team that strikeouts too much, deterioating Defense and a inconsistent Bullpen… What has improved since then about the Phils Teams…

        • Do we have to rehash this 102 win 2011 BS again! Do we have to go through every f^#@ing idiotic move again! Didn’t you get proven wrong a 1000 times, with your blind, misplaced loyalty to that failure! Stop being so f^#@ing irrational, & stupidly argumentative! This team needed to get younger, with an infuse of young talent. Re-signing Rollins, signing Thome, Wiggington, Nix, instead of Ramirez, Cuddyer, Willingham, was a major mistake. That’s just the 2012 off-season. Do we have to go year by year, of failure, after f^#@ing failure! It blows my mind how you still irrationally defend, & argue for this loser, inept, waste of a GM. You are a dumb@$$! Seriously!

          • all moot points without a healthy howard– this whole collapse is really the result of two things: pence not being what was advertised and your mvp, power hitter, rbi man not producing… all other points are completely irrelevant!

          • dcar its ok to write fuck & ass here dude

            • All PEnce has done over his 7 Year Carrer is Average 25 HR’s and 80RBI and Bat about .285, he’s probably been one of the most COnsistent Playersin the MLB over the last 7 Years.. Note, I said Consistent Player, not the most Productive.. If Phils has false hopes of him being a 35-40 HR 120 RBI guy, then that was their Phillies fault .. Give me a Hunter Pence and his consistentcy and reliability and fundamentally sound in all phases on my Team every day ..

              • i agree with that and if he had howard in the lineup he should have stayed here. he signed for 90 million…. thats the econcomics of the game.

              • NO! Your comments are irrelevant, irrational, full of lame @$$ excuses, & idiocy! GTFOH you imbecile! You don’t have a f^#@ing clue!

              • That’s the economics of my @$$! If we didn’t have all these unwarranted, albatross contracts, that your hero ill-advisedly gave out, bidding against himself, this $#!t wouldn’t be happening! You’re a fool, & an imbecile! GTFOH! Economics of the game? Injuries? BS!

            • I try not to, since I got reprimanded by gcobb, a few years back. That’s why I use symbols. LOL!

  • I just want to focus on 2 things. RH power bat and the bullpen. When he traded Pence, he had nothing to replace him in the OF except for Ruf (butcher in the OF because not his position) and Young (butcher in the OF even though it is his position). Neither one of those worked out well enough, so we are back where we were before. Now Byrd is supposed to be that guy because he had a PED filled career year and he is supposed to continue that now at 36 or 37? And if there is another move coming in the OF, then where does Byrd fit in?

    In the bullpen, he overspent on Papelbon who Boston didn’t want for the reason that I don’t want him. He is inconsistent and he seems to be losing some zip on his fastball. And they have no 8th inning pitcher, because he thought that Adams was going to magically stay injury free even though he is on the wrong side of 30.

    I guess that I don’t blame him for Ruiz still being here, because I think that he thought Joseph would be ready to go by now, but signing Ruiz to 3 years doesn’t make any sense.

    My overall problem is that we continue to have to fill the same holes all while hoping that the older core players will rebound.

  • I really like this bunch of Phillies, they are a good bunch of guys ( Rollins, Hamels, Utley, Howard, Ruiz, Lee, Halladay, Burrell, Werth ) but come on I liked them at 28- 32 not 34-38 years old. I like to boo as much as cheer but since I won’t boo this bunch because they actually won a Championship, I’ll just do what I did last year and not watch them. sorry Amaro I have no interest in the phillies I don’t believe in them.

  • Let’s talk about Amaro’s genius tenure.
    Takes over World Champion. Signed Paulino, then traded him for Taschner. Trades for Lee & Francisco. Loses Burrell, & replaces him with 2 good months of an ancient Ibanez. Doesn’t upgrade the BP. Signed pitchers Baez & Bowker. Loses in the WS. December he trades for Halladay, to give us a possible 3 aces for 2010, then trades Lee for garbage, while under contract for $9M, & wanting to stay, & saying he’d take less to renegotiate, before FA. Signs Herndon rule 5. Resigns Romero.
    Then admitting his failure of the Lee debacle, he re-signs Blanton to a asinine 3 year.-$24M. Re-acquires Figueroa. Then trading before the deadline, 3 good prospects, needing another starter, for a good month of Oswalt. Ill-advisedly re-signing an aging, declining, out of shape Howard, to an unwarranted, albatross contract, while still under contract, for 2 more years. Lost NLCS. After season, signed Orr, Martinez rule 5. Let Werth walk without even an offer. Replace him with Mayberry & Francisco. While needing outfielders & a 3b, he does not improve the lineup at all. Re-signs Lee to a massive FA contract, when he didn’t have to trade him to begin with, & he wanted to stay for cheaper. Letting Vogelsong walk for nothing. Lose in NLDS.
    Sign Podsednick. Letting Grilli walk for noting, while he was our best minor league pitcher, & we were in dire need of BP help. Mid season traded good prospects, for less than a year of a good fit in Pence, then trading him for garbage. Losing Brandon Moss for nothing. Don’t upgrade 3b, nor BP again, & Lose in 1st round. Offseason.
    Sign Pineiro, Willis, ancient punching Judy hitting Pierre, Frandsen, Fontenot, re-signed Rollins, signing Thome, Wiggington, Nix, Qualls, instead of Ramirez, Cuddyer, Willingham, no BP help. Traded Pence for crap. Traded Victorino for crap. Traded Blanton 2 years too late. Offseason. Don’t make playoffs.
    Get Revere, the Youngs, Durbin, Adams, Lannan, Byrd, re-sign Ruiz, & Utley.
    The minor leagues are barren, no talent evaluation, & an inept gm. He took over a champion in 2008, & has drastically regressed it every year, with an open checkbook, made the team even older, & have very few young options. He’s a complete waste of oxygen, & if anybody defends him need to go & commit themselves into an asylum.

    • ibanez average 24 hr .275 and 85– you are an idiot– would you take those numbers at a corner outfield spot?????? no?
      stop focusing on the money nitwit– its funny money!
      signing howard was standard operating procedure– all teams sign their big boppers while arbitration eligible.
      siging rollins… who was your SS when you see what Drew and the other SS’s get this year rolllins is a bargain
      i admit the minor league system blows
      and i don’t defend him and believe if this doesn’t work he should and will be fired
      i just point out that he had to make certain moves…

      • Blah, blah, blah! BS! We got 2 good months out of Ibanez! Rollins, & Howard should have never gotten those contracts! End of story! Anything you say is verbal diarrhea, excuses, & BS! Funny $$$$ my @$$! Don’t see any of the other successful winning teams with funny $$$$, just good talent evaluators! GTFOH! You don’t point out certain moves, you have defended this JO, for 3 years, irrationally fighting with me, like a petulant little school girl. You refuse to criticize the inept waste, & you bring up BS I never said, & call me a negative non-fan! You are a pom-pom waving Ruin 2morrow lemming. Other than the Lee, Halladay, & Pence moves, he’s botched, & f^#@ed up everything. He even managed to even f^#@ up the Lee, Pence situations. Get lost!

        • 75 homeruns and 250 rbi’s in three seasons = 2 good months! you defy logic and obviously don’t know the game or the ins and outs of running an organization….
          f.ed up the pence situation….. you were on here yesterday talking about what a good prospect we got for pence…. i believe you favorably compared him to posey…. maybe without injury the choock thing doesn’t happen– so which is it is joseph a good prospec that got injured or did he botch pence????

          • I know more about running a business, a lot more than your delusional @$$. Your stupid comments reflect hw much you know about money, business, & evaluations! Funny money? Standard operating procedure? You DO NOT overpay, to old players, bidding against yourself! You DO NOT re-sign an aging, declining player, pushing his 30’s, while still under contract for 2 more years. You do not pay 3/5 of your starting pitchers $70M, who only pitch every 5 days! You do not bring back a non-hustling, mutt, who’s past his prime, & pay him an albatross contract, when he’s going into his 10-5 years! You DO NOT re-sign 2 injury prone, declined players, in Utley, & Ruiz, because of nostalgia! WTF, kind of business would you run, you’d be bankrupt in a year? You a completely clueless, delusional, & irrational! We traded good prospects for Pence, & then traded him for less. I compared Joseph to Poseys minor league stats, & his scouting reports from when he was in SF, as a prospect. He was known as a Posey type clone, minus the BA. Don’t put words in my f^#@ing mouth!

            • f^#@ing=FUCKING

              • Yup! You’re bored, aren’t you? LOL!

              • no clue how im supposed to get through the day anymore without anymore morons telling me how awesome mike vick is

              • Good, maybe they’ll stay the f^#@ away! But I got a feeling they’ll be back. They are like roaches, in the cracks & crevices! Wait until Foles has a hiccup, all the alter bowers, will be out of the woodwork, with all their verbal diarrhea.


  • Per Rosenthal, Phils are kicking the tires on Grady Sizemore, & Bronson Arroyo, today! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to have an aneurysm.

    • Halladay throws harder than Arroyo

  • Amaro has been a disaster.

    Ibanez & Pense signings were good: Pence trade was not.

    Byrd & Ruiz signings not so good.

  • Phils and Amaro’s Top Pitching Targets
    Bronson Arroyo, Barry Zito, Joe Saunders and Edinson Volquez
    OF Targets – Jerry Hairston, Jeff Francouer
    IF Targets – Placido Polanco, Nick Punto, Dave Roberts
    Bullpen – Brett Myers, Brad Lidge, Chang-Wang-Hang-Low

  • I’ve got to say, I was patient the last two seasons and gave Amaro the benefit of the doubt because I was ok with trying to add to some veteran pieces to an aging nucleus to make one more run. Well, it didn’t work and as of last trade deadline I was of the opinion that a rebuild was in order, using Lee as the main cog. Not because I don’t like him, but because he’s the only “superstar” that was performing well and would bring the most young prospects in return. Build the team around Revere, Brown, Franco Etc. So what’s Amaro do, he keeps Lee, re-signs Utley, signs a 37 y/o Byrd (a fourth OF) for 8 million per, who’s only quality season is magically sandwiched between a minor league stint and a PED suspension & than signs 35 Ruiz (PED suspension) to a 3 YEAR deal for 26 million/no trade. Basically, we go into next season with the same not good enough team as last year, except worse, because we have two more un-tradable contracts to go along with the Rollins & Howard ball n’ chains. This team needed to get younger and rebuild. Instead they got older and are delaying the inevitable rebuild. Amaro lost me this off-season.

  • I became 1000% sure Amaro is a moron when he didn’t trade utley at the deadline when virtually every team in contention could’ve used him and would’ve gave up a ton.

    Rather than be smart and get a haul for him and then if u really felt like he still gives you a lot than resign him in the offseason he just resigned him. Complete idiot .

  • Great break down dcar and a thorough indictment of Reuben amaro, and it’s deeper than his piss poor gm decisions from a macro level

    His scouting instincts are bad, or he relies upon bad scouts, as the phillies minor league system is comprised of mostly organizational players, very few legitimate MLB prospects in their system, especially position players, how do the cardinals, braves, get it right, other organizations as well, pirates, although they have had the benefit of perrenial losing seasons, but they still drafted quality major leaguers , mccutchen , Cole, and they have an abundance of legit prospects in their system, taillon, etc. the phillies haven’t had an impact player from their farm since the core players, drafted under the tutelage of different gms, mostly under the much un heralded Ed Wade

    So it’s more than bonehead decisions at the MLB level, it’s far deeper than that, he has no system , feel for scouting, , evaluating drafting legitimate major league prospects , so he relies upon the old core that he had no part in drafting and curious if not stupid gm moves as exhaustively set forth by my good friend dcar above

    • He makes me long for the days of Wade. At least Wade built our WSC nucleus, & had good minor leagues. Didn’t make many off-season upgrades, because he was under salary constraints, by the .300 club, until the new park was being negotiated. His trades were less than thrilling though. Amaro is a complete waste, & the only reason why he has his job, is because of Montgomery’s blind loyalty to his family. It’s asinine, that he is still employed! Absolutely, mindbogglingly stupid!

      • Wade was a good Talent Evaluator and had a Good Scouting and Player Development Ggroup under his Direction.. He was not a $$ or good with Economics and didn’t have the purse strings that Amaro fell in the good fortune of having with World Series Success and the New CBP brought to the Franchise
        All have to remember how weak the NL was too from 2007 to about 2010 where the Mets,Dodgers,Braves,Cubs were mostly irrellevant and the upstart Reds,Pirates,DF Giants were not all that good yet..
        Basically it was the Phils, Cardinals, Brewers, Rockies, and a revolving Team out West, 1 year the Padres, the next Giants, the next the Dogers,etc,etc
        Phils Dominated for 3-4 Seasons in an inferior League and should have won more than 1 World Series, but they didn’t as they choked in game 3 with a 3 run lead at Home with Hamels on the mound who couldn’t rise to the occasion versus the hated Yankees and neither Team has won anything since… and both the NL and the AL have gotten much better with more depth in Talent all across the board while th ePhils and Yanks stayed mostly the same until their players starting getting injured, stops using HGH,PED’s failed to developed young Talent and try re-tooling with aging Players past their Primes…. Both Clubs kind of mirror each other when you thing about it while the rest of the MLB have gone to work to improve their player developm,ent, their scouting and drafting and their style of play…
        Both Teams going nowhere for a while

  • the 2014 Phillies will be the same make and model as 2013 except a different paint color…. Amaro is a douche!

    • From “Diarreah Brown to Puke Green” per local Sherwin Williams Dealer
      computerized print-outs of the Phils Roster and off-season moves this far

  • Just got done reading all of the above posts.
    Brings back some memories of watching a very good thing being slowly smothered by the incompetence of one man.
    I thing I’m gonna throw up.

  • “Yes, they’re older,” Amaro said. “But they’re also very good when they’re playing.”

    “We may look to try to improve our lineup somehow or tweak our lineup somehow,” he said.

    “I think we can win,” he said. “Really it’s a matter of getting guys on the field. If they’re on the field, they’ll produce. Unless something drastic happens over the next few months, I fully expect them to be on the field and performing.

    “I believe in our players. There’s no question they’re getting older, but if they’re on the field, they’ll produce.”

    Master of the verbal diarrhea, & King of ineptness & delusions! F^#@ you Ruin 2morrow! F^#@ YOU!

    • Amaro continues to live in a Time Warp
      The Core of the Phillies have been past their Prime for a few Seasons now as
      DCar & I have been stating for a 2 + Years..
      You don’t Teeak an old Roster for sentimental reasons,
      These guys won a WS in 2008 whi h is ancient history as far as Sports goes,
      Time to blow it up and rebuild, not tweak it as Amaro has done every off-season as they continue to become worst and worse each year and another year older.. They are all multi-millionaires now with their big contracts that most were given, but their energy, drive and passion to compete have long been gone..

  • I don’t know what you guys are worried about. He is going to take the money from the tv deal and buy the hot tub time machine.

    • My bad Bugs, I forgot about the TV Deal..
      Go ahead Rueben, go sign all the Players past their Prime’s for the 2014 Version of the “Wheeze-Kids” .. Good Times for Phillie Fans

  • Not to change gears.. Is anyone excited about what GM Amaro has been able to do so far this Off-Season.. See lots of Teams making moves to improve while the Phils aquisition’s have been OF Marlon Byrd, RH Relief PItcher Brad Lincoln and Back-up Cather WIll Nieves for a Phils Team that won 73 Games and were 15 Games out of Playoff Contention..

    Washington Nationals obtained RHP Doug Fister giving them the Best Starting Rotation in the NL East (Strasburg,Gio,Zimmerman,Fister & Detwiler) with the Mets/Braves right behind them and even the Marlins have h some very good young arms in the Rotation..

    Whats the Phils have after Hamels & Lee ??

    • F^#@ Amaro, & his lineup of senior citizens! Instead of gatorade, they are going to have Ensure coolers! POS GM!

  • You can’t spell championship without Will Nieves.

    Anyone else get excited about the fake Brown for Cespedes deal? That would be a great deal for the Phils to get the RH power bat that they were looking for in the OF plus Cesepedes is a better OF because everyone is a better OF than Brown (except Delmon Young).

    As far as the Nats go, that rotation was awesome last year, but it just got better with Fister. Braves rotation could be interesting without Hudson. They would need guys like Minor and Teheran to take another step forward and for Beachy to come back as well as Medlen potentially return to form. The Mets took a huge hit with Harvey, so I am not worried about them. The Marlins are still way young.

    • What Number’s will Nieves & Bronson Arroyo wear , anyone know ?
      I was thinking of getting my Dogs a Phils Jersey for Christmas…

  • haha.

    2 year, 9.5 mil deal for Mujica with the Red Sox. Would have been nice not have committed this same money to Adams, so that they could have taken a run at him. Guess he is satisfied with Brad Lincoln.

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