• August 19, 2022

Notes From The Sixers’ 97-94 Loss To Dallas

evan turnerThe Philadelphia 76ers lost their third straight game on Monday night, falling to the Mavericks 97-94. Their record drops to 5-7.

  • The Sixers opened the game with a strong defensive effort. They held the Mavs scoreless through the first five minutes of the game, and only allowed 16 first quarter points. The rest of the game was a bit of a different story. Dallas got stronger as the game went on, and had three players score at least 20 points or more. The Sixers played the Mavs tough through three quarters, but Dallas closed the third on a 14-4 run that really helped them take control of the game.
  • Last weekend, Atlanta’s Jeff Teague gave the Sixer defense trouble with his dribble penetration, tonight it was Monta Ellis. Ellis scored 24 points, and took 13 shots from the free-throw line.
  • Former Sixer Sammy Dalembert grabbed 14 rebounds and scored eight points off of the bench.
  • Evan Turner led the Sixers with 26 points. He flirted with a triple-double, collecting nine rebounds and handing out seven assists.
  • Thaddeus Young scored just 12 points on 18 shots, but also grabbed 11 rebounds.
  • Spencer Hawes had another double-double with 10 points and 11 boards, but shot just 4-11.
  • Tony Wroten made another start for the injured Michael Carter-Williams, and scored 19 points with five steals and three assists.

Final Thoughts

The Sixers have now hit a season-high three-game losing streak. They’re 1-4 without Michael Carter-Williams in the lineup.

They’ll play their next game Wednesday night against the Toronto Raptos.

Denny Basens

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  • Riggen, for Wiggens! SHOW YA LUV PHILADELPHIA!!! SHOW YA LUV!!!!

  • Keep building up that trade value ET & Thad. Riggen, for Wiggens! SHOW YA LUV PHILADELPHIA!!! SHOW YA LUV!!!!

  • Lane open for business in Philly — hope Nerlans Noel is a real defensive presence because the Sixers have many a thoroughfare toward their own basket with no tolls

    • He’s legit E0S, Nerlins just needs time to develop but he’s the real deal.. He’ll be a defensive anchor for years to come, he is the future of this team along with MCW.. and 2 maybe 3 Lottery picks this upcoming draft (after they trade ET,Thad,Hawes). The best draft in almost 10 years..

  • the Duke SF Parker is a scoring machine — guarantee 20 points a game, looks like Danny Granger

    • Bad comparison. Granger is stiff in his movements and cant beat you off the dribble, hes just a gunner. This kid has more talent and potential.. Parker plays ALOT like Carmelo Anthony, the way he slashes to the basket, can shoot the ball (He’s actually a better shooter than Melo) and has the ability to post you up.. But with all of that said,I still go with Wiggins over both Parker and Randle. My top 3..

      1. Andrew Wiggins
      2. Jabari Parker
      3. Julius Randle

      • Parker doesn’t play anything like Melo! Melo is a ball hog, that does nothing but score! Parker is the best all around player, to come out of the draft, since George, & he’s better. He distributes, rebounds, scores from everywhere, & makes his teammates better. He’s going to be the stud of the draft. Randle is going to be a monster PF. Although I think Wiggens will be a star too, he needs to eat a sandwich, or two, & work on his all around game. Stop reading press clippings, & mock draft comparisons, & try actually watching them play. Again you are clueless!
        1- Parker
        2A- Wiggens
        2B- Randle

  • The likely top 4 players in this upcoming NBA draft will be in action tonigh all games on ESPN. Wiggins, Parker, Randle and Gordon tonight.

  • Yes, but they are all playing bad teams, so not that interested to see Wiggins destroy Iona.

    • I worry about the level of competition and how they perform against them when it comes to the Ncaa tounament,but for now im just interested in seeing all their skillsets. Their strengths and their weaknesses. Right now im not focused on the opponents.. These kids are one and done anyway..

  • My point is that I saw the top 3 play against quality opponents already once. Just missed Gordon. I will wait until their conference schedule starts. Doesn’t show me anything when they play NE Pigknuckle State A&T

  • Marcus Smart impresses tonight, set a career high 39 pts against #11 Memphis.. He’s another lottery pick. Dude can score the ball but is really a facilitator, he passes. An athletic freak at the pg position. Is 6’4 with an nba body and can jump out of the gym. He blocks shots, rebounds, has a great all around game. He only came back another year to improve his shooting pct. Reminds me of Russell Westbrook.. Hes a legit pg with talent talent talent.. If I were the Sixers and even though we have MCW and he runs the point, id still draft him. You cant pass on a guy like that. You find ways to play this kid.. If we have the 6th overall pick, you draft him.. period

    • ” If I were the Sixers and even though we have MCW and he runs the point, id still draft him.” Again clueless moron! Yeah draft another PG, when we need everything else! XD

      • You draft the best player available and at #6 that may not even be Smart because he may go in the top 4 or 5. Hes a great talent. You don’t just draft for need. If you knew anything you’d know that.. Instead you wanna come on here and yell and rant like a woman on her period. Relax brokeman… And at 6’6 and incredibly skilled, MCW can be a 2 way guard. He can score the ball, shoot and create his own shot off the dribble. Does it hurt to have 2 guys that can handle the ball and run the point? Not a little. The Miami heat have 4 guys that can handle the ball and run the point. James, Wade, Chalmers and Norris Cole. And they all can score, so get in touch with the nba game today. You need versatility at every position in order to win games and championships..

  • Very unlikely the 76ers got a Top 3 pick in 2014 Draft..
    But there a lot of good Players who will help the Team
    Talking about Granger who has some injury issues,
    Isn’t he a Free-Agent after this Season,
    The Pacers don’t seem to really need him with the other good players they have,
    Granger is stil in his prime age wise also and always liked his game

    • Why is it unlikely? The year is far from over.. Yes this is the last year granger has on his current deal making 14m this year and will be a UFA this summer. Not someone id pursue. He’s injury prone and shoots way too much, he cant create off the dribble. He’s 30 years old. He’s reached his peak potential, he’s not getting any better. And with a injury riddled career, sadly its only down hill from here for him.. I expect him to be traded at the deadline.. Possibly to a team like the Sixers, and if he is, I expect them to let him walk at the end of the year allowing that 14m to come off the books freeing up more cap space (SN, Granger is from NJ, he has family there, his mother and others so he may try to finish his career on the east coast, closer to home)..

      • It is far from over, but there are some Teams who are really struggling and will probably win less games than the 76ers like Utah,Milwaukee, Washington,Sacramento.. Some Talented Teams like Brooklyn, Knicks are just not getting it done with the big ego’s they have on their Rosters and may be blown up as they look to rebuild ..
        Now if the 76ers do trade a ET, a Thadd Young and or Hawes, then Yes, they could end up with less than 25 Wins, but if they remain intact, I think they will finish with 32-34 Wins or so and ahead of most of the Teams I just mentioned .. could they still get a “Lottery Pick” yes they could, but Chances would be very minimal ..

        • Well the Sixers loss their 4th game in a row tonight and seem to be fairing the way that many fans thought they would. Imo, I think the organization has looked at the current landscape of the league and see that alot of teams are struggling, the majority are struggling on purpose in an effort to tank for a spot in the top 3. The Sixers see this so they wont stop losing but unfortunately, now even teams that we thought would be contending are losing and possibly tanking..

  • Jon Hart if Marcus Smart is 6’4″ than so is Allen Iverson — that guy is like 6’1” tops.
    I’d like to get a look a Nerlans because it is obvious to any one watching the Sixers need a rebounder and low post scorer. Does Nerlans play on the low post or High post? Rudy Gay and Zack Randolph couldn’t play on the court at the same time. I’d like to know Nerlan’s skill set. Can the Kentucky low post scorer Julius Randle and Noel play at the same time. Iverson and Stackhouse couldn’t play together. Looks like now Evan Turner and Holliday weren’t a good mix.

    • Marcus Smart is 6’4. Look up his height and weight. 6’4 200 pds, He’s an athletic freak and can jump out of the gym. He has a ton of potential.

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